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Mrs. Hannity’s Next Lesson

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College classes are bad enough without falling behind. Between the sheer volume of classes and my work obligations that barely covered my living expenses, it was inevitable that something would give. Biology became the threatened species of my class load.

Mrs. Gail Hannity was my Biology instructor. Smart, precise, and really quite beautiful, it was entirely possible that she was a major contributor to my in-class distraction.

Scratch that; she was the reason. It was extremely difficult for me to focus on the classroom discussion whenever she was up from her desk and moving around the room.

Mrs. Hannity stood about 5’8″, but appeared much taller with the elegant high heeled shoes she usually wore that made her already long legs appear even longer. I don’t recall her ever wearing nylons, leaving the almost perfect pale skin of her legs available for view — and view I did — aided by her dresses and skirts that were almost always cut above the knees. While some might think her short skirts a fashion faux pas given that she was at least in her early 40s, she definitely had the legs for it. The same couldn’t be said for a lot of girls my age.

And the rest of her was equally beautiful. She had golden blond hair that was cut just above her shoulders. She tended to always stroke her hair in a futile attempt to get it to rest behind an ear, only to have the silky tresses fall back into her very pretty face. She had piercing green eyes, a smallish nose and lips that were thin and businesslike, but were still very, very desirable.

And, like her legs, Mrs. Hannity had a body that the girls would kill for, and the guys would kill to get to. She had full, but not too large, breasts with a creamy cleavage that was usually home for a low dangling pendant, tight abs and a trim waist that rolled into full hips and one of the most incredible looking asses in creation. Even her voice distracted me from hearing the words during her lectures as she spoke with a melodic voice and crisp diction that made me want to just close my eyes and drift off to the soothing sound. But, in keeping with her striking appearance, she wore a prominent wedding ring that indicated a very lucky husband existed somewhere out there.

The guys fantasized about Mrs. Hannity and the girls were jealous of her. Me? I think I was stupidly in love, or at the very least suffering from a really bad case of lust. You might even say that my condition was terminal; her husband would likely kill me if he knew how much I hungered for his stunning wife.

Lost in my reverie, the bustle of a class being dismissed shook me from my dreamy state and told me that again I had missed another day’s lesson. I lamely gathered up my books and started for the door.

“Tyler,” called Mrs. Hannity sternly from a spot near her desk. “Take a seat.”

Oh, crap.

I did as I was told, sitting back down while the class filed out of the room. Once they were gone, I looked at Mrs. Hannity meekly while she stared back at me in cold silence.

“You’re failing my class, Tyler,” she said in a motherly, admonishing tone.

“Yes, ma’am,” was all I could say. I mean, she was one hundred percent right.

“Shall we talk about it?” she asked me, hands on her hips.

I kind of just shrugged my shoulders, suddenly feeling like I lost nearly 10 years of my life under her scrutinizing gaze and was 11 again.

“Okay,” she said in a tone that now sounded a little more compassionate, “a large, empty classroom can make this sound a bit intimidating. Come back into my office.”

I got up and followed my teacher into her private office off the end of the classroom. She held the door open for me and then shut it once I was in the room. She sat in a chair on my side of the desk while I remained standing.

“I won’t beat around the bush, Tyler,” Mrs. Hannity began, looking up at me stern and businesslike. “You’re failing your class. Worse yet, you’re failing MY class, and I don’t find that acceptable. You’re not stupid, so something is lacking. Please explain yourself.”

“Maybe,” I said weakly, “maybe I need to transfer to another class.”

“Give up?” she asked. “What for?”

I strained to find the words, and figured it was better to just let it out. I took a deep breath.

“Mrs. Hannity,” I said, “I’m just unable to focus in your class. I don’t hear the lectures and I don’t follow the lessons because…”

“Because?” she prodded.

“Because I really, really find you attractive and…” Oh, God, here it comes, “…sexy. I come to class and all I see or hear is you.”

Well, there it was. If Mrs. Hannity was bothered by my admission of lust, she wasn’t showing it. In fact, a trace of a smile began at the corner of her beautiful lips.

“Thank you for the compliment, Tyler,” she said, her voice soft. “I have heard of this happening between a student and teacher, but I haven’t had to deal with it myself.”

That I couldn’t understand. Mrs. Hannity had to have affected a number of her male students before me unless they were all blind or gay. Or both.

“But,” she continued, “I sensed that in you. And I think a smart, good looking young man such as yourself warrants some tutoring to keep you from failing my class.”

“If you think it would help,” I replied.

“Let me put it this way,” she said, leaning back and looking me hard in the eyes, “I demand a lot of my students. I have high expectations for them. And, I get what I want.”

As if to punctuate her last remark, Mrs. Hannity, slowly pulled at the hem of her already short skirt until she revealed herself to me. Her dress glided along her smooth thighs until it was above her crotch and her sex came fully into my view.

Unhidden by any undergarments, Mrs. Hannity’s snatch was fully shaven; smooth and hairless and dick-hardening. With my eyes still fixed upon her barren nest, she opened her thighs just enough to expose large, puffy vaginal lips that separated slightly in concert with the spreading of her milky thighs.

“Ever sucked a cunt before, Tyler?” she asked.

“Uh, y-yes ma’am,” I replied, my heart racing.

“Ever sucked a bald cunt before?” she asked with greater emphasis.

“N-no, ma’am,” I answered with growing anticipation.

“Do you like sucking cunt?” she asked again with a hopeful smile. “Would you like to suck mine?”

“Yes, ma’am!” I replied eagerly.

“Get on your knees, Tyler,” she said. “You’d better do well. This is going to count on your grade!”

I did as I was told, kneeling on the floor before my beautiful teacher. She spread her legs wide and I bent my head down. As my face neared Mrs. Hannity’s pussy she reached down with her long fingers and spread her cunt lips wider, pulling her thick labia and revealing her engorged clit to me. My nostrils filled with her intoxicating scent, sweet and inviting. I eased my face down to her hairless beaver and closed my eyes as I took another deep breath, inhaling Mrs. Hannity’s heady sexual aroma.

Mrs. Hannity grabbed the top of my head with a hand and pulled my face into her snatch as she anchored her calves on my shoulder, immediately smearing my face with her almost sticky, sweet nectar. I opened my mouth, and stuck my tongue deeply into her hot honey pot, probing and lapping up the juices that flowed freely from her gaping orifice.

“Your grade is a B,” she said. “You can do better.”

I withdrew my face from her deepest regions and gnawed at her thick labia before I dove back in and started to work on her cock-like clit. I swirled my tongue around and around her bud, flicking my mouth muscle at the edges of her clitty as my sexy teacher rolled her hips to match my rhythm.

“You’re up to a B-plus, Tyler!” Mrs. Hannity moaned.

Most of the girls I dated weren’t comfortable with the idea of spreading their legs and having me dive in and eat their young pussies, even in pitch dark. Mrs. Hannity, on the other hand, unashamedly exposed her beautiful sex in bright light. She welcomed it, reveled in it, and thrilled me with her openness.

I pushed my tongue back into her vaginal opening and patiently licked again at her labia while I alternated with tender nips of my teeth, then returning to lapping at her juices. I mentally pictured every detail of her sweet womanhood and made sure my tongue found at touched at every bit of her tender, delicious vaginal flesh.

“Let’s work on that A,” she said, her voice rising slightly.

Driven to excel by her continued encouragement, I returned my focus to Mrs. Hannity’s swollen clit, working my tongue around it again and pinching it between my lips. When I sucked her bud into my mouth her hips bucked and she let out a little squeal.

“Ooh, extra credit!” she purred.

I sucked a little harder on Mrs. Hannity’s clit and her hips rocked at me more. I began to carefully gnaw on her sensitive nub with just the barest edges of my teeth and Mrs. Hannity’s hips worked into my face as she forced her outer labia as wide as possible for me to take in every bit of her sex bud as was humanly possible. I reached up and grabbed her hips to hold us both together. She let go of her pussy lips and grabbed my head from both sides and dug her heels into my back as I happily tormented her clit with my sucking mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Tyler!” Mrs. Hannity moaned. “Oh, yes!!”

Mrs. Hannity shook all over. Her thighs clamped around me alongside her hands as her fingers grabbed at my hair until it seemed she didn’t know whether to pull my face into her hairless piece of heaven even harder or to push my face away. Then her body went completely rigid and then she relaxed again as she trembled all over, finally releasing her death grip on my head.

I quit sucking on Mrs. Hannity’s sweet clit and slowly, reluctantly, pulled my face back from her steaming cunt. She let her legs slide off of my shoulders until her feet rested on the floor once more. She was panting heavily, her eyes closed, a smile fixed on her pretty face.

“A-plus, Tyler,” she finally sighed. “A-plus.”

Mrs. Hannity stood and smoothed her skirt, then kissed me, licking some of her juices off of my lips.

“Mmm,” she purred, “I do taste good, don’t I?”

I was sent on my way and told that I had another lesson coming the day after tomorrow. With my dick rock-hard in my pants, I carried my books low in front of me and had to stop in a restroom just to jack off. What an explosive climax! What a mess to clean up.

I spent two long days fantasizing about what I might get to encounter with this incredible, sexy older woman. Oddly, I was able to focus a little more in her class as if some barrier had been broken down. Still, the clock seemed to turn agonizingly slow as I waited for class to end and my next private lesson with Mrs. Hannity to begin.

Finally, the session was over and the students filed out with their renewed enthusiasm since our Biology class was the last class of the school day. Me? My enthusiasm was growing with anticipation.

Now back in her office, Mrs. Hannity locked the door and turned to kiss me. Not one of those deep, passionate kisses like a couple in love, but a kiss that was more a sign of her welcoming me to her exclusive little world.

“Come close and drop ’em,” she said almost clinically as she sat in the chair again. I obediently stepped up close to her. She watched, her eyes focused on my crotch, as I undid my pants and pushed my jeans and shorts to my knees.

Once freed from the prison of my clothing, my dick began to rise, bobbing and growing in size with each heavy heartbeat in me.

“Nice,” she purred. “Very nice.”

Without further adieu, Mrs. Hannity leaned forward and took my pulsing member into her beautiful mouth. I nearly came from the suddenness, but feared that doing so would jeopardize tonight’s “grade”.

Her tongue glided sweetly along the underside of my cock like velvet. Back and forth she slowly worked, expertly sucking me like she had known me all along and sending shivers through me. Once she had me fully hard, she withdrew her mouth from my straining tool.

“We’ll save that for another time,” she said coyly.

Mrs. Hannity stood and lifted her dress until it was around her hips. Again, there were no panties or even a thong to hide her sexual paradise as she turned her back to me and bent over her desk, unashamedly exposing her full, rounded ass to me. There was nary a blemish or imperfection in her glorious glutes.

“You put yourself in a tight spot with your grades,” she said, looking over her shoulder at my stunned face, “now you get to put yourself in a tight spot with me.”

She reached with a hand and pulled a butt cheek aside to reveal her puckered ass bud. I could only imagine how tight Mrs. Hannity’s pussy could feel around my wanting dick; her anus had to be nearly vise-like in its grip.

“Tongue me. Wet my back door, Tyler,” she said, her voice getting demanding. “Get me good and ready for that sweet man-cock of yours.”

I stared at Mrs. Hannity’s beautiful, round ass while her bung hole stared back at me. “Lick it,” she hissed at me over her shoulder.

I knelt down behind my sexy teacher and began to run my tongue along her ass crack. I found myself salivating over the thought of entering into her taboo tunnel and I proceeded to fill her ass with my slick spit, probing her with a stiff pointed tongue in between passes of my mouth muscle that I ran from her clit through her wet pussy lips up to her sweet butt hole. I repeated the full-length licking, drawing Mrs. Hannity’s own vaginal lubrication up and mixing it with my saliva in preparing my desired target.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “Rim my ass good, Tyler.”

I eagerly rimmed my teacher’s incredible ass, even reaching up and slipping a finger into her dripping pussy while driving my tongue hard into her anus. My dick remained rock-hard in anticipation. Once Mrs. Hannity began pushing her ass hard into my face, I knew we were ready.

“Straight A, Tyler,” she moaned. “Now get up here.”

I stood up and took my place behind my teacher’s gorgeous ass. Mrs. Hannity turned her head to face me once more and smiled as she looked down at my raging hard-on.

“Okay,” she said, her smile turning absolutely evil. “Get that sweet thing in me.”

My teacher’s little ass bud glistened, generously lubed and waiting for me. I got closer and took my cock in my hand, pointing it at my waiting target.

“Ready?” I asked, rather unnecessarily.

“Mm, hmm” I heard her answer. I placed the edge of my manhood against her hot flesh. I eased forward and after the barest bit of resistance my cockhead popped neatly into her slick but tight orifice, sending a chill through her body.

“Ooh, yes!” she said with a slight start. “You’re there!”

I waited for Mrs. Hannity to relax a little and then I started to pump slowly into her rectum, pushing myself a little deeper into her with each new stroke. Within a few short moments my teacher began to rock her hips back toward me, driving my rod deeper into her incredibly tight tunnel with each roll of her satiny ass. I met her backward thrusts with my own strokes, excited over the intense sensation of Mrs. Hannity’s hot ass as her anus yielded little by little to my cock as it gripped me like a vise.

“Fuck me, Tyler,” she moaned. “Fuck my ass you sweet stud.”

A few moments later and Mrs. Hannity and I were slamming into each other. I was trying to hold onto her full hips and only barely succeeding. My balls were smacking into her pussy with every stroke and picking up threads of her dripping juices while grazing her clit with each swing. My testicles quickly tightened up in anticipation, driven further by the audible panting of my teacher as her own orgasm built up. She threw her head back in apparent bliss, her golden blond hair flailing as I pummeled her harder and harder in her shapely ass.

“Oh my God!” she abruptly shouted as she grabbed the opposite edge of her desk as we threatened to slide it across the room. “Cum in me now!”

Nearly at her demand I found myself unable to hold back and I let out an animal-like groan as my intestines convulsed and my cock erupted into her with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever felt, firing a massive load of my semen into Mrs. Hannity’s tight ass-cunt. Spasm after sweet spasm rifled through my body as my balls strained to empty their contents into her incredible ass. I swear I nearly fainted from the pleasure and I fell forward onto my teacher’s back as we both panted in near-delirious bliss.

It was just the start of a semester-long recovery of my grades thanks to the understanding of my wonderful teacher. A teacher who was instilling in me what would be a lifelong appreciation for the open-minded experiences of a sexy, older woman instead of the virginal trepidation of girls my own age.

I do so look forward to my lessons now, and the higher grades aren’t hurting my GPA, either!

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