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Jennie and Mike

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‘Where’s my mom?’ Jennie asked Mike.

Mike opened his eyes groggily and rolled over to see who had disturbed him. He looked in the general direction he’d heard the voice from and tried hard to focus. It was no good. He blinked once and tried again; still no good. With an effort he sat up in bed and put his hands to his face. He vigorously rubbed his hands over his eyes and then blinked a couple of more times. He looked to the side of the bed once more and then saw Jennie.

Jennie was his girlfriend’s eighteen year old daughter and Mike had spent the past five years discovering what a brat she could be when she wanted to.

She was dressed in a denim mini-skirt and some sort of double pull-over top combination. The shirt underneath was pink and had spaghetti straps going over her shoulders. The over-shirt was red, had big blousy sleeves and seemed to have a lot of holes in it; they almost looked like knife slashes and they seemed to be a part of the design.

‘I guess that’s why she has to wear the undershirt,’ he thought to himself.

‘Where’s my mom!’ she asked once more, this time in a louder voice. ‘She was supposed to take me to the mall today!’ she said in exasperation.

Mike blinked again, not quite understanding. He looked to the other side of the bed to confirm that Debbie wasn’t there, but then again, she hardly ever slept with him anymore, then he looked back at Jennie and shrugged.

Jennie swore and smacked her hand down on the bed. Mike gave a yelp and his hands went immediately to his groin. Jennie’s hand-smack had caught him square in the testicles and it hurt! Jennie stepped back from the bed with a start. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open. As Mike massaged his testicles through the blankets he muttered to himself and swore loudly.

‘Jesus!’ he shouted. ‘What did you do that for?’

Jennie put her hand to her mouth and gasped when she realized what she’d done. She stepped forward slowly and blushed.

‘Sorry Mike.’ She said quietly. ‘I didn’t mean to do that.’

Mike grimaced. He threw the blankets back and sat on the edge of the bed. He put his head in his hands and tried to wake himself up. He rubbed his eyes again and sighed heavily. He looked up and saw Jennie grinning at him.

‘What?’ he asked grumpily.

She giggled and nodded toward his waist. He looked down and realized that he was naked. His cock was semi-hard as it usually was first thing in the morning and it stuck almost straight up from his lap. He grimaced again and looked back toward Jennie.

‘So what!’ he snarled. ‘It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.’

That was true. Just a week before, Mike and Jennie had gotten high together and had ended up fucking each other’s brains out on the living room couch. Considering Mike was Jennie’s mother’s boyfriend, it would have been considered a risky venture; at least under normal circumstances.

Debbie however was not a very good mother and these were not normal circumstances. Absentee would be the best word to describe her. She was hardly ever to be found at home. If it was daytime, she was likely visiting one of her sisters. If it was nighttime she was probably at bingo. Even when she was home she may as well have been somewhere else. Mike had seen her completely ignore her on several occasions when Jennie had come home from the mall, eager to show her what she’d bought. This made him feel badly for Jennie. As for himself, Debbie slept on the couch most of the time, so she had made ignoring him into an art form as well. It was only natural then that Mike and Jennie had turned to each other in Debbie’s absence.

Jennie giggled again when Mike stood up and went to the bedroom door to fetch his bath robe. She was blushing bright red but she didn’t turn away or stop watching him as he limped to the doorway. She smiled at the way his semi-hard cock bobbed from side to side as he walked and then realized that his testicles were probably still hurting and so forced the smile off of her face.

‘What time is it?’ he asked her blearily as he walked out of the bedroom on the way to the bathroom. He had to piss badly.

‘Ten o’clock.’ Jennie said cheerfully as she followed him.

He walked into the bathroom and parted his robe and started pissing into the toilet. Jennie giggled again and looked away as he urinated. She glanced sideways at his cock a few times while she waited and she started to tingle a little bit, remembering how it had felt when his cock was spurting its cum inside her.

Mike grunted as he flushed and then limped down the stairs. He really needed some coffee. He stepped into the kitchen and started rummaging around for the coffee machine and the rest of the paraphernalia.

Jennie watched him with a half smile on her face as he made the coffee. She knew it wouldn’t be easy but she was determined to get Mike to take her to the mall now that she knew her mother had let her down yet again.

‘Why do I ever believe anything she says?’ She asked herself.

Mike looked at her and frowned. Seeing her smile he knew something was up. He frowned more deeply and muttered to himself that it was just too damn early to have to deal with this crap!

‘So do you know where my mom is?’ Jennie asked after Mike had taken a couple of sips of coffee.

Mike looked up at her and grinned.

‘Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?’ he said. ‘I never know where she is! Even when she tells me where she’s going, which isn’t very damn often, I still don’t know for sure where she is.’

Jennie pouted and sat down heavily across from Mike.

‘Well, what am I supposed to do now?’ she asked in frustration.

‘What do you mean?’ he said, still frowning.

‘She was supposed to take me to the mall today!’ she said in a whiny voice.

Now Mike knew where this was going. He groaned quietly to himself as he thought of all the plans he’d had for that day; a Saturday all to himself with nothing to do but watch hockey. With the playoffs on there would be at least three games on and he wanted to watch all of them.

‘She always makes promises.’ He said morosely. ‘She never keeps them.’

Jennie pouted again and just looked at him. She looked down at the table and then back at him. Mike saw her frustration and he knew she must be hurting.

‘Damn it!’ he said to himself. ‘She’s not my daughter!’

‘Alright,’ he said to reluctantly. ‘I’ll take you.’

Jennie brightened and she gave him one of her winning smiles. With her big bright teeth and cute face framed by wonderfully long brown hair, she could win over anyone. Mike smiled slightly too as she came to him and hugged him hard.

‘We are back at 2 pm!’ He said sternly. ‘Not a minute later!’

She didn’t really hear what he said. She was too busy going through all the things she planned to buy that day to pay much attention.

Shortly after 4 pm Mike pulled himself wearily out of the car and plodded to the front door. Jennie had grabbed her packages and practically flew through the front door as soon as he’d stopped the car. Mike knew she was probably already in her room ripping her clothes off so she could try her new clothes on. He knew too that she would be trying those new clothes on pretty much for the rest of the afternoon and then she would likely be wearing at least some of them when she went out tonight.

He dragged himself up the front stairs and through the front door and went to the living room. He turned on the TV just in time to see the last two minutes of the first game of the day. He shook his head tiredly and plopped down on the couch with the remote. After the final buzzer, he surfed through the channels only to discover the next game wouldn’t be for two more hours. He put his hands over his face and groaned quietly.

He clicked off the TV and sighed. He got up and went to the kitchen and proceeded to make some coffee. He didn’t normally drink coffee in the afternoon, especially at home, but being wakened up an hour before he had planned on getting up was taking its toll. He turned the coffee machine on and sat at the table when he heard the shower come on.

‘And so it begins,’ he said quietly to himself.

He knew that Jennie would now monopolize the bathroom for the next two or three hours as she got herself ready to go out. He smiled a little as he thought about the enormous amount of energy she put into her appearance. She’d be a grade-A student if she put half so much energy into her school work he knew. He sighed again and reminded himself yet again that he was not her father.

He went to his own room to change out of the clothes he’d worn to the mall. He threw on a loose pair of track pants and an equally loose T-shirt and then began to return to the kitchen.

The bathroom door was firmly closed but Jennie’s bedroom door was open. Looking through the door he saw piles of clothes scattered all over the room. He paused to look more closely and saw that her closet was practically bursting with clothing. Her dresser drawers, most of them open with various items of clothing hanging out of them, were also full. He shook his head and wondered if she realized just how many clothes she actually had.

He stepped through the door and looked down to see the mini skirt she’d worn to the mall. He picked it up and put it to his nose. It smelled pleasantly of the perfume she always wore. As he smelled it he caught a glimpse of white. Opening up the crumpled fabric he found her panties which had been bunched up inside the skirt. He put those to his nose and caught the unmistakable scent of pussy. He knew he shouldn’t really be sniffing Jennie’s underwear but, after all, she wasn’t his daughter. Also, she was eighteen; and it was just a week ago that he had fucked her silly on the living room couch. He felt his cock growing in his pants and smiled. He put the panties to his nose once more and inhaled. As he pulled them away from his face he turned to see Jennie staring at him.

Her mouth was open and her brows were creased together. It was clear that she was surprised to see Mike smelling her underwear. It was also clear that she was confused. With a mixture of shock and bewilderment she took the panties from his hands and went to her bed. She was wrapped in a towel so that when she sat down her legs were completely exposed and her pussy could just barely be seen, the tuft of dark hair peeking from between the folds of her wrap. She looked down at Mike’s crotch and saw the bulge pushing out the front of his track pants. She looked down at herself and shifted uncomfortably, trying to hide her bush. In the end she settled for turning sideways.

She looked down at the floor for a moment and then looked back at Mike.

‘What were you doing with my panties?’ she asked, her voice trembling a little.

‘I was smelling them.’ He said matter-of-factly.

She nodded slightly and looked at the floor once more. She was in turmoil and she wondered if Mike might be some kind of weirdo; some kind of weirdo that she had fucked like crazy not too long ago. She looked up once more clearly puzzled.

‘Why?’ she asked in a quivering voice.

‘Because they smell good,’ he said. ‘They smell like you and I like the way you smell.’

She stared at him wondering if he was teasing her.

‘Go ahead,’ he said. ‘Smell them. They smell like you.’

She sniffed at them tentatively and caught the scent of her pussy in the fabric. She placed them on the bed beside her, trying to decide whether it was a good thing that he liked the way her pussy smelled.

‘I’d rather smell the real thing though.’ He said taking a step toward her.

Still she stared at him not knowing how to react. Mike fell to his knees in front of her and put his hands on her legs. He gently pushed them apart and then leaned in to kiss her. He put his lips against hers softly and put his arms around her back. He gathered her against him as his tongue began to push past her lips. She opened her mouth slightly to allow his tongue entrance and sighed. Their tongues swirled together and Jennie relaxed into his arms. Her body was pressed against his and she could feel his cock pushing against her through his track pants. He untied the loose knot that was holding her towel up and the towel fell in a small heap around her. Tenderly he slid his hand up her tummy. When he reached her right breast he cupped it lovingly and softly rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Jennie sighed again and then moaned softly.

She was feeling thrills and tremors travel up and down her body as he touched her. With his one hand tweaking her nipple, his other hand was caressing her back and softly squeezing her bum. His lips grazed across her lips and cheeks. He kissed her eyelids and brushed his lips down to her neck. He pushed his tongue gently into her ear and breathed her name sensually.

He lowered his lips to her left nipple. As he kissed and licked at it his hand was still rolling her right nipple and caressing her tit. She moaned again and let her head fall back. She put her arms behind her and leaned back. He began tracing his lips down her tummy, kissing and licking his way down. When he reached her bush he pushed her backward until she was lying flat with her legs spread on either side of him. He nuzzled her pussy lips with his nose and teasingly pushed his tongue in a little bit. She moaned loudly and he put his hands under her bum. He pulled her toward him and buried his face into her vagina with a soft growl.

Jennie had never felt anything quite like it. None of the boys she’d fucked had ever done that to her before. Most of them resented even putting their hands on her mound or pushing their fingers in her pussy. It would never have occurred to any of them to put their mouths over her like this or to put their tongues inside her.

As Mike was swirling and turning his tongue around her clitoris and pussy lips she felt a fluttering like butterflies in her belly. She lifted her legs and put them over his shoulders and groaned. For what seemed like forever he nibbled, nuzzled and licked at her. He never seemed to tire and the fireworks in her head seemed to go on and on and on.

He sucked her clitoris between his lips and nibbled at it hard. Jennie gasped and Mike increased the pressure. By now her hands were grabbing his hair and pulling him in as if she could swallow him whole. He nibbled and nibbled and her back began to arch. She started bucking and grinding against his face. Mike’s face was covered in her juices and he smiled to himself as she thrashed against him.

She came with a scream and spasmed all over. The tremors in her body went on for a full twenty seconds and her scream faded to a throaty growl. She fell back into her bed breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling in wonderment and awe.

As she recovered from her climax Mike smiled at her and slipped the waistband of his track pants down to his upper thighs. His cock was standing straight out and he put his hand on it, stroked it once or twice and then repositioned Jennie so she lay full out on her bed. He crawled on top of her and slipped his cock inside her. It slipped into her easily and both of them sighed as they merged together.

Still shaking from her orgasm, an orgasm unlike any she’d previously experienced, Jennie spread her trembling legs wide to allow Mike better access. Mike responded by driving his cock into her with long slow strokes, withdrawing until the head was almost slipping out and then pushing back in until their pubic hairs were matted together and the head of his cock was as far inside her as it would go.

As they fucked, Mike put his lips to hers and kissed her long and soulfully. He intertwined his tongue with hers and reveled in the feel of her lithe body under his. He gripped her tightly by the hips and then rolled over so that Jennie was now on top with her legs straddling his hips. Mike smiled as he looked her up and down; the sight of her naked and impaled on his cock made it twitch slightly. He reached for her tit with his hand and gently cupped it, teasing the nipple with his fingers. Jennie leaned forward; hanging her small breasts over Mike’s face and Mike took her nipple into his mouth and suckled it lovingly. He nibbled on the hard little nub and sucked and squeezed it with his lips. She moaned and quickened the pace of their fucking. Mike dropped his hands to his sides as Jennie placed her hands on his chest for balance and began riding his cock furiously. She was biting down on her lower lip and grunting with every down-stroke. Mike put his hands on her bum and caressed it as he growled his own pleasure.

Jennie sighed loudly and then cried out as she experienced the first tremor of a renewed orgasm. As she lifted her hips and his cock slipped almost out of her, she felt a wonderful slipping sensation inside her. As she thrust downward to bury his cock inside her, she felt like stars were exploding behind her eyes. With each stroke up and then down more tremors began to build and she was starting to feel a trembling in her thighs and a flutter in her belly.

Mike flipped her to her back suddenly and then began ploughing into her. While she was experiencing the beginnings of an orgasm, Mike knew he was close too. He felt like his cock was twice its original size and his testicles were on fire as the cum built up inside them. Jennie cried out again and let her head fall back on to the bed as he mercilessly plunged into her again and again. When she felt like she couldn’t breathe and that she just couldn’t take anymore, Mike suddenly buried his cock inside her and then went stiff. She felt his cock twitching against the walls of her pussy and felt the hot cum as it filled her hole. She gasped and came again, her arms and legs quivering and shaking as she held him close to her.

Mike sat up after a few minutes, his breath coming in gasps and placed his hand on her tummy, kneading it softly. He smiled at her and then kissed her tenderly.

‘Wow!’ she said breathlessly. ‘No one’s ever done that to me before!’

Mike grinned and continued to caress her tummy, rubbing his hand softly from the tuft of her dark pubic hair to just below her breasts.

‘No one’s ever licked you before?’ he asked.

‘Never!’ she said with a blush.

‘That’s too bad.’ He said. ‘It feels good doesn’t it?’

Her eyes went wide and she giggled excitedly.

‘Oh yes it felt great!’ she said, blushing again. ‘I couldn’t believe the sensations; especially when you nibbled on my clitoris!’

‘You mean this thing?’ he said, playfully brushing his fingers against the hood at the top of her pussy lips.

Jennie squirmed and giggled again.

‘Do that again.’ She said, her eyes glazing over with lust.

‘On one condition,’ He said as he took hold of her hand and placed it on his cock which was semi-hard again.

She grinned and wrapped her hand around the thickness of his shaft. She began a slow stroking, moving her hand from the base of his cock to just under the head, then back down to the base again. Mike put his palm over her mound and squeezed gently causing her to gasp softly. He rhythmically clenched and released his hand, stimulating her clitoris with his palm and sliding his middle finger just inside the base of her pussy, withdrawing it after only penetrating a quarter inch or so.

Jennie sighed again and raised her knees slightly, pushing her thighs far apart. Once again, Mike marveled at the sight of her. Her tiny breasts were standing almost straight from her chest, the nipples bright red and puckered with desire. Her tummy, flat and firm, undulated with her breathing. Her legs were a work of art, the thighs fine and chiseled and her calves tapering neatly to her delicate feet. Her hair, wet from her shower fell behind her on the bed in a tangled spray of fine brown tresses. Her eyes were half closed, the lids drawn down as the feelings of pleasure sent thrills through her body; her mouth was opened to a small “o” as she sighed and cooed.

Her sighs of contentment coupled with the wonderful body laid out beside him were driving Mike crazy. As her hand motions became steadily quicker, he could feel another orgasm building up. He grunted and crawled up on to the bed to kneel beside her, his track pants falling to below his thighs as she continued to stroke him.

She opened her eyes and smiled, redoubling her efforts and cupping his testicles with her other hand. She bit her lower lip in concentration and smiled again as she felt his cock grow in her hand. The skin covering his testicles suddenly puckered and it felt to her as if his balls were drawing up inside him. He grunted and let out a long groan and then he was cumming. The first spurt landed on her neck just under her chin. She giggled as she felt the sticky white cum flow down to her chest. The second spurt landed on her tit and she suddenly realized how hot it was, hotter even than his cock. The third spurt landed on her tit too and her nipples puckered again at the thought of his cum landing on them. The rest of his cum dribbled out and flowed over her fingers to land on her tummy. On a whim, she reached down to her tummy and rubbed it into her skin. She then reached for her tits and massaged the cum into her skin there as well. Her cum-covered fingers she placed at the entrance to her pussy and she rubbed them up and down along her slit. She smiled when she saw Mike’s cock twitch.

‘It’s still alive?’ she asked in surprise.

‘Seeing you finger your own pussy did that.’ He said.

‘Really?’ she asked. ‘You like seeing me do that?’

‘Oh yeah!’ he said. ‘Do it again.’

She smiled and blushed a little but she once again began running her fingers up and down the length of her pussy lips. She watched in awe as Mike put his hand on his own cock and started stroking it.

‘Go ahead,’ he said. ‘Play with yourself. I want to watch you masturbate!’

Her nipples hardened again as she realized how much this was turning him on. She watched him stroke his cock in fascination and it drove her to masturbate herself with more abandon; with one hand she stroked her pussy lips and with the other she tweaked and flicked at her clitoris.

Mike’s cock was now fully hard, though not as hard as it had been before; he’d already cum twice so trying for three was definitely pushing things a bit. He watched her in amazement, asking himself if this was really happening. Her beautiful body was a wonderful thing to see under normal circumstances; seeing her naked and heaving as she masturbated, strictly for his pleasure, was a sight he didn’t expect would ever be surpassed.

As he felt his third and likely last, orgasm in the past hour approaching, he leaned forward and aimed his cock at her pussy. She watched him reposition himself and began breathing more heavily herself. When he came this time, the cum drooled out over his hands and plopped down onto her fingers as she traced them up and down against her lips. The warm fluid seeped through her fingers and into her vagina as she continued to masturbate. Although she had started this to please Mike, there was no turning back now. She was close to cumming herself and she needed to finish.

She smiled as he reached down to stimulate her clitoris. He flicked at it and rubbed it and she started grunting and moaning as her hips started bucking. With a gasp, she came again and lay back contentedly, watching him as he gazed at her naked body. When some of her boyfriends had stared at her like that after sex, she had felt embarrassed and dirty; like she was nothing to them except a place for them to put their cocks into and shoot their sperm.

When Mike did it, she felt a shiver of delight, knowing how much he appreciated her and how the sight of her body affected him. Seeing his cock had the same effect on her and she was happy to let him look as much as he wanted to.

Mike heard the front door of the house opening and he stood up quickly and went to his own bedroom, closing Jennie’s bedroom door behind him as he went.

By the time Debbie walked into the house, Mike was removing his clothes and heading for the shower in his bathrobe. She looked at him and breezed past him to the bedroom without a word.

Mike smiled to himself as he glanced at Jennie’s closed bedroom door and then went for a nice relaxing shower.

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