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Under the Influence

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My lover and I are both half-naked in bed. I am wearing a g-string, he is only clad in his boxers. We are both slightly tipsy, and the wine has loosened my inhibitions. We have had a good day, and I am anticipating a very good night. Earlier that evening, we had had a few hits of marijuana with a friend, something I hadn’t done in years, and I was feeling very horny.

“You know, I’ve never been stoned with a boyfriend” I hint, nuzzling my cheek against his chest, appreciating the feeling of soft skin on soft skin.

“Really? Why not?” my lover asks while he rubs my neck.

“Well, in college, my boyfriend didn’t smoke, and then I stopped smoking after graduation. But marijuana always made me horny, and I always wanted to know what it would feel like to do it stoned.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Of course…” I decide to stop beating around the bush and just go for what I want. “We’re both here, and…” I turn, and start planting small kisses on his neck.

“Is that what you want?” he asks as he slides his hand down my back and slides a finger into my very wet pussy. He chuckles at how wet I am already. “Well then, come over here and suck my dick.”

I look and his cock is already completely erect, a glorious 8 inches, poking out of his boxers. I smile up at him, then move to engulf his penis in my mouth.

“That’s right, grab it with your hand. Focus your sucking on the top part where it’s most sensitive” he directs. I do exactly what he tells me to do. He moans.

I bob my head up and down on his cock, feeling it grow even harder in my mouth. I can taste the faint afterthought of my love juices from a fuck earlier that day.

“Move your butt up here so I can touch you” he says, and I comply. He takes a hand and immediately slides two fingers into my pussy. I moan around his cock. He softly rubs his thumb over my clit, and I shudder.

“Put another finger in me. I want to feel full” I beg. I let go of the base of his cock to steady myself on the bed.

He sticks a third finger into my pussy. It feels so tight, so full, and he has a difficult time moving all three fingers. He takes that finger out of my pussy, and quickly pushes it in my ass. I am not expecting it, and the alcohol has dulled my reflexes, so his finger slides right in with no resistance. I am surprised by the intrusion and my mouth slides down farther on his cock. His pubic hairs tickle my nose, and as I moan, the head of his cock is massaged by the vibrations in the back of my throat.

I keep his cock deep in my mouth, moving my tongue around to tease it, while my lover continues his finger assault on my pussy and asshole. I am in heaven. He keeps slamming his fingers into me until he feels my pussy start to contract around his fingers. Quickly, he motions for me to turn around and mount him. He slams his cock into my wet pussy and fucks me. I orgasm quickly, and my body goes limp.

He allows me to rest for a moment, then he starts moving my body on top of his, fucking upwards. I am dripping wet with love juice, I can feel it trickle down my leg. I feel paralyzed, unable to move. I am at his mercy. His strong arms hold me tight, pushing my pussy onto his hard cock which he thrusts upwards deep inside of me.

He manipulates my body to fuck his cock until I begin to regain my senses. Then I start moving again to my own speed.

“Who is in control here?” he asks.

“You” I answer.

“That’s right” he replies. Then he takes my arms and holds them behind my back in one of his hands. I relax and allow him to use my body as he will.

With his other hand, my lover reaches around and sticks a finger into my pussy alongside his cock. He sticks this lubed up finger into my ass. He wets another finger and slides that one up my ass. He starts to match the rhythm of his cock in my pussy with his finger in my ass. I moan, defenseless. “You know that this means” he whispers.

I nod consent and whisper “Please, slide it in slowly, I want to feel you make love to my ass first.” With that, he pulls my body upwards, off his cock, releasing my hands. I wrap my arms around his neck and brace myself. My lover keeps his two fingers in my ass to guide his cock, then removes them quickly and aims inward.

He does as I asked and slowly eases his cock into my ass. My ass is well lubed by his fingers and my ample juices, and his cock is still wet from fucking my pussy. He slides past the sphincter, then slows down and has me sit up so I can control the speed that he fills up my ass.

I sit upright and push down slowly, savoring every inch as it slides into my ass steadily, until he is completely inside of me. We have not had anal sex for months, so my ass is unused to the invasion, and it stings slightly, but I welcome the pain. I love letting him violate my body.

Completely inside of me, my lover again takes control. His hands grab my ass cheeks and start to move my body. He moves me slowly at first, then picks up the pace. Each time, he thrusts his cock all the way inside of me so that my clit comes into contact with his belly. I can feel an orgasm well up.

“Touch yourself” he urges.

I shake my head. “I want to come just from you fucking my ass, I love what you are doing to my body.”

By now I have loosened up around his cock, and he fucks me without any pain. I just feel full, complete somehow, and I allow him to move me over his cock. “I’m going to cum!” I wrap my arms around him, changing positions so that my clit is in better contact with his body. He increases his speed and fucks me with abandon, feeling my ass contract around his cock, and he doesn’t stop until the spasms stop.

I don’t feel as exhausted after an anal orgasm, so I immediately start kissing his mouth and moving my ass up and down on his cock to show him that I don’t want him to stop. “I want you to come in my ass now.”


“Yes. I love how it feels when you fuck my ass.” I start talking dirty to him, which reinvigorates him, and he starts moving me up and down again. “I don’t want you to stop fucking me until you cum and fill up my ass.”

I don’t usually talk dirty to my lover, usually I just tell him how much I love him and how much he owns me. Hearing me talk about how much I love having him fuck my ass sets him off, and he starts fucking my ass with abandon. His hands are around my waist, and he slams my ass down on his cock, over and over again, only for his pleasure. This rough fucking turns me on too, and before long, I am screaming out, begging him to cum with me, crying because my orgasm is so intense.

He takes no notice. This is his show now, and he does not slow down for my orgasm or post-orgasmic state. He is just using my body. My breathing is ragged and my body has collapsed on his completely, all of my weight is on his chest, and still he pumps me up and down on his cock, almost masturbating with my body. My ass remains well lubed and he moves easily in it.

“Tell me how it feels to fuck my ass like that.”

He grunts, still fucking me at break-neck pace. “It feels so tight around my cock, and smooth, and dry, even though I can drive my cock in your ass easily. There’s so much friction.”

He takes a deep breath and keeps on fucking. “And it’s all mine. This ass is mine.” My lover has always loved it that he is the only one who has ever taken my ass.

Upon declaring his ownership of my ass, he starts slamming me down with incredible force. I see the veins in his neck bulge. He roars as he shoots a huge load into my ass. He continues to slam me down on his ass until his orgasm ends, then his arms fall to his sides, and we both relax our bodies completely.

We both doze off for a moment, then I feel his hands trying to push my body off of his. “No” I moan. I don’t want him to leave my ass.

I hear him chuckle, and I raise up my head to kiss him. He kisses my mouth passionately, rolling his hips around so that I can feel his cock move deeper into my ass again. I can feel his cum leaking out of my ass around his cock as his cock softens and shrinks.

“I love you so much” I sigh, kissing him again. With that, I raise myself off of him, and go to the bathroom to clean up.

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