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Miss Sanders’ English Class

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Miss Sanders settled her class down after coming back from a break so she can start the English class with everyone calm and quiet. It never took more than two loud firm orders from her to get all of her students to hush up and pay attention. They were especially attentive ever since her sex-ed classes a couple months ago and they were all the more eager to please her and do as she says.

A rare thing for being a group of eighteen and nineteen year old students. But they do it in hope of her possibly giving more shows and pleasurable views. She had promised them more at the end of each week if they were good, had perfect attendance, handing in work on time, and/or overall obedient.

She lived up to her promises and sometimes she would teach class in her bra, which was usually lacy, flimsy and made her breasts jiggle for the students to look upon. Another time she rolled her dress skirt up past her underwear and would teach like that showing off her legs, hips, and butt. Not to mention if she happened to of worn matching lacy underwear for better frontal views and then sometimes ride up and show off more of her lower butt cheeks. The last time she had stripped down to just her underwear then would walk up and down the aisle of desks while teaching. Allowing the students to casually touch her or grope her as she slowly walked by. By the time she got back to the front of the class the back of her underwear was pulled up between her cheeks exposing her butt, her pussy sopping wet and soaking through for all to see either through or just the dampness, and her nipples hard from wandering hands reaching up to touch, squeeze, or grab.

Not to say she didn’t touch back though. Often times when she did this she would touch a little here and there as well. She had asked Gary a question relating to a chapter they had just read and as she went to lean forward topless in front of him. She placed her hand on his crotch and the other on the edge of his desk, fondling his erection on the outside of his pants. He had answered correctly and she allowed him a few moments to fondle and lick on her breasts before moving onto the next question for a student.

Today, however, she was feeling more turned on than usual and was wondering if it should, or if she would, continue towards more daring and exciting grounds with the class. It was one thing during sex-ed but another like this. She had found it questionable and often wondered if she ever should. Nothing had leaked so far and her students were doing very well never slipping below B-grade in the class.

Already her pussy was becoming wet as she would think more and more about it dampening her cotton panties. Running a hand through her loose charcoal-black hair and adjusting her glasses she opened her English book to the marker to start class. She straightened out her black khaki pants then took a seat at the edge of her desk, crossing her legs.

“When we had last left off,” Monica paused to make sure everyone had their books readied, “where the main characters were being tempted and was questioning whether they should indulge or not with the offer they were presented with. Does anyone know what a temptation is?” She asked them.

The students looked at one another to see if anyone was raising their hand and then back up to her. Hillary raised her hand and Miss Sanders gave her a nod to answer.

“Isn’t it where someone has a choice to make that usually ends up with a consequence?”

“Yes, that is a decent explanation of it. Anyone else?” No one attempted it. “Now come on, a word that is used quite a bit and said quite a bit, and you do not know the meaning of it?” She tried to coax them into at least trying to define the word to fully understand it. “Ok, what about tempter? Or Temptress?” She lingered on that last word and arched an eyebrow following a smirk.

“Aren’t those usually related to bad things?” Kelly chimed in.

“Well, yes, it can be. . .or it could be related to enticer or simply entice.” Monica tried to explain so they will understand. “How about this: I will tempt you with a view of my butt if you can tell me exactly what entice means.” She wanted to end the lesson to be honest and get naughty. She could barely concentrate on the subject at hand she was so incredibly turned on and full of lust. “Anyone?”

Kelly raised her hand to answer and hoped to get it right. Ever since sex-ed when she was used as a Miss Sanders’ sex-ed body to show female anatomy. She has taken a liking to her and always wanted more from her. She will never forget the touching and everything else that went on during that course, or this year even, and continues to want to try get more out of it if she can. “Entice is to seduce or try to persuade, or a kind of charm. Right?” She held her breath, hoping she was right, looking her in the eyes.

Monica was actually thinking more along the lines of lure, but whatever, close enough with charm and seduce. “Yes that is correct, Kelly.” She walked to the front of Kelly’s desk and turned her back towards her. In front of Kelly, Monica pulled her light pink shirt out, unzipped her black khakis and pulled them down to middle of her thighs. Her cotton underwear in Kelly’s view, her thighs partially exposed. “Since you got it correct. You may pull my underwear down for your reward.” Monica looking over her shoulder at Kelly who is eyeing her butt in awe. “Today that is,” Smirking at her young student’s still apparent shyness.

Kelly broke out of the gaze and slowly reached out for her teacher’s round, petite butt and took hold the top of her soft underwear. Feeling her fingertips slide across her silky skin inside the waistband, Kelly pulled down revealing Miss Sanders’ bare butt. Moving her fingers to the sides of the underwear to her hips she continued to pull the underwear down completely off. Monica knew the class was staring, she was turned on even more now, she knew her students were turned on even more and she was wanting taken right at this moment.

Having the underwear completely off and pulled down to her khakis a few inches below her butt. Kelly felt a brave fire inside her and she pulled them down to her knees until the edge of her desk prevented any further. Monica scooted over to the side of the opening where the student takes their seat to give Kelly better ease to finish what she started.

Mouth dry and eyes glued on the bare flesh in front of her. Kelly admired the roundness and petite butt in front of her, looking through the opening space between her teacher’s thighs as well. She was turned on by her body frame of how it is curvy and so fit and tight. Leaving the khakis and underwear above her dress shoes. Kelly turned back around facing straight in her desk but kept her eyes on her teacher’s ass.

“There you go, Miss Sanders.” She quietly confirmed her finishing.

“Mmm, thank you, Kelly.” She placed her fingers on the side of her face and gently ran them down taking in the softness of her skin.

“You’re welcome.” She felt a slight chill run up her spine from the touch and her pussy felt the same way it did when she was on display for the class being touched by her.

All eyes once again on their teacher’s exposed body parts and she knew it. They were either looking at her bare butt, pussy, or legs, but she knew she had their attention and they would do whatever to keep her happy and naked. Walking awkwardly to the front of the class from the limited stretching of her khakis, Monica made it to the front of her desk and class once more. Keeping her back facing the students, eyes glued to her butt, admiring the cheeks and crack and her legs. Their eyes nearly came out and mouths went agape as they witnessed her bending over to take off her slip shoes to take her khakis and underwear off completely.

“That’s better.” She calmly confirmed turning back around to face the class. Her shirt fitting firm, but loose, around her hips inches above her navel.

Her fanned out black pussy hair still looking the same as always, as if it never grows, from her keeping it trim and neat. Legs tight and firm looking as ever and her breasts pushing out against the fabric of her soft looking cotton pink shirt.

The class has seen her naked enough times now to not stay frozen and dry mouthed as long, but still seeing their teacher doing this still gets them in a state of awe and shock. The boys felt their dicks hardening, if not already hard, and pushing against their pants. The girls enjoying it as well, admiring, getting wet or just simply enjoying the views while gradually getting turned on. No student was left turned off and they all always enjoyed this as if it was the last.

“What about the shirt?” Holden bravely called out.

“What about it?” She grinned, lifting it up past her bellybutton then back down. “We have a story to read and examine last I checked.” She wanted the tease to continue on more to where the students were in a begging state of mind and left so aroused they couldn’t think straight. Monica turned around to get her book off the desk and continue on with the story figuring they had enough of a catch up from where they last ended off at.

A couple chapters later and even more deeply aroused students. They tried their best to keep up with the story and their eyes on the pages while reading. They all finished and came up to a review point for questions regarding the chapter they just read.

“Before we start the chapter review questions, I have a proposal for you all. For the first student to get all the questions including the bonus questions right will get a reward from me. I’m not saying what it is so don’t even think about asking now. Just get the questions all done, hand it to me, I will grade it and when they are all handed in I will announce who the winner is. There will also be rewards for the second and third students to get them all right too.” She couldn’t wait until they were all handed in and she already had her picks of who she hopes gets them. But at this point not even caring who does just as long as one of them gets it. “Agreed?”

“Yes!” They all excitedly let out. Wanting to hurry up and get the review sheet now to finish quickly and get, in their own respective minds, reward.

“Oh. And as you all take your quizzes,” she thought of another lesson they can take from today in what they learned from the story, “I am going to be ‘tempting’ you all with me sitting at the edge of my desk playing with myself a little bit. So who will be tempted in watching me play and not concentrate on their test? And who will overcome the temptation and possibly get every question right and a reward on their test?” She heard them lightly groan and mumble as she presented them with a challenge regarding examples from the story.

Propping herself on her desk after having passed the quizzes out. She started off keeping her legs spread far apart to where the side of her knees were touching the desk’s edge. Monica kept looking at the students with lust-filled looks and looks of desire while rubbing her soft, silky legs up and down. There were thirty questions on the quiz plus two bonus questions. The bonus questions consisted of two paragraph explanations from certain parts in the story. She knew her students were all A capable students and she figure three of them were bound to get the hundreds. She read the questions the night before and again during lunch when she thought of all this. They would do good, she thought.

A few of the students would look up quickly to see what she was doing and to see her legs open and exposing her pussy for all who chooses to give into the temptation of it. She grinned as they stole glances at her, wondering if they would concentrate more on the quiz or her now. She was rubbing her hands over her legs still up and down, squeezing them rubbed her upper thighs. Dipping her hands inside her thighs too brushing the edges of her palms against her pussy lightly. She could feel her wetness trailing on her palms to her inner thighs.

Few more minutes went by and she noticed a couple of the students flipped over to the second page of the quiz and she was now pulling on her pussy hair a little. Pulling to where her skin would come up with the fine, soft curly hair and she would let go letting it go back into place. Or running her fingers through her pussy hair down to her wet pussy lips, spread them exposing her shiny, glistening hole, and back up rubbing against her pubic hair getting that wet as well. Running her fingers back through to separate them from sticking together from the wetness back down to her pink pussy lips. Students constantly looked up to see what she was doing next, some already lost focus but tried to do their quiz while others never once looked up no matter how loud the gasps were they heard around them.

Ten minutes went by and the quizzes were finally being handed in. She had the master quiz beside her and, keeping her legs open, she looked at the quizzes with her still wet fingers and the master quiz to grade. So no one would figure out who had or didn’t have a complete hundred, Monica put the quizzes all in the same pile after grading. But keeping the corners sticking out of whoever won the first prize reward.

Her class thought they would be smart and see if she put them in two different piles but were let down when they witnessed her putting them all in one pile and no signs of grading marks or anything.

After fifteen minutes passed all the quizzes were handed in and she graded each one upon first arrivals and she was still grading the last remaining ones putting them all in the same pile. Few moments and she hopped off the edge of her desk, back facing the class and she pulled the first three perfect quizzes out by the corners sticking out of the pile and read off the names to come get their reward.

“They are all graded and I am holding here the first three perfect papers.” She grinned, seeing their anticipation building up in their eyes. “You all think you did well and think you getting the reward?” She stalled their winnings a bit more.

Groans and moans erupted as they were being led on at the moment by their always playful, teasing teacher. She enjoyed watching them get beside themselves during something like this. She always dragged the big moment on until she figure they had enough and she would deliver.

“Come on,” Hillary clasped her hands together in excitement. “Who got it?”

“Ok. Ok.” Miss Sanders lifted the three quizzes up to read off the names. Smiling, she read off, “Ben is the first to get a complete hundred and bonus right. Marie is second to get it following Hillary.” Rest of the class slumped and groaned in disappointment as they either were too late in handing in their quiz or didn’t get all of them right. “It’s ok for the rest, you know. You all still get to witness, just not partake in.”

Ben, Marie, and Hillary had smiles ear to ear and were eager to find out what their rewards were. Ideas raced through their minds as they thought of the possibilities. Ben thought of being allowed to undress her completely and then allowed to touch and lick wherever he wanted. Hillary was thinking of her reward as being allowed to strip for the class again and finger herself or something along those lines. Marie was wondering if she would be told to strip or strip Hillary since she was in second place, following her fingering herself for her teacher’s viewing pleasure. Their minds all on one thing just about and all racing with eagerness.

Monica placed her hands on Ben’s shoulders placing him in front of her and Marie and Hillary stood next to him looking at the class and at their teacher. Nervous and still wondering.

“Ok, Ben, you are first place and your reward is going to be of course the best. And hopefully with future quizzes this can possibly become an incentive of getting hundreds. I am going to suck you off and you get to choose either I swallow, spit, or take the load on my body.” She watch him get pale from being told his prize. He couldn’t think rationally anymore until she put his hands on his shoulders again and brought him back to the classroom reality again. “Well? Which is it?”

“Umm, uh. . .swallow. Yeah. I want you to swallow.” He stumbled over his words. Nervous of getting his first blowjob not only by his teacher, but in front of his friends and classmates to top it off. He tried to get a hold of himself and felt him calm down and settle himself a little.

“For you and Hillary.” She turned facing them. She had all the rewards planned out according to mixing and matching of who would end up winning so she wouldn’t be stuck trying to figure out what to do if it was either two girls, two boys, or boy and girl. And if the first place was a girl. “Since you two seem to not only be good friends, but also, well, you seem to take a liking to whenever another girl, or me, gets naked. You two will strip each other completely naked while I am sucking on Ben’s cock and then get on top of your desks and finger in front of each other. You can place them on both sides of my desk, still facing each other though, so you can both watch me better while sucking his dick or you can just face each other closer while you finger. But have to be facing each other.” She pointed towards their desks to bring up and put wherever they wanted as long as they were facing each other.

The class was still in shock about their teacher sucking Ben off, they never thought she would do something like this. Even though they would think and wish it they never actually thought it would happen.

“Ok desks are in place.” Hillary and Marie both informed their teacher. Letting her know this is where they want the desks at. They were still close, leaving a little space for Miss Sanders to put Ben on the desk and her to kneel down and suck him off. While at the same time still close enough for both Marie and Hillary to clearly and closely watch them finger their pussies.

“Nice positioning.” She noticed the desk positions and where she would obviously be. Facing the class again she informed them, “Well, since you all are not apart of the top three. You cannot watch me suck his dick, but only hear and watch me from behind. You still get to see my butt and my head go up and down and hear it all. But can’t have it all since you did not get in the top three. What is the motto of success again for a reminder in future challenges that will be along these same lines?” She asked the class.

“Winners get it all and losers watch in envy.” They all said together with a hint of disappointment in their voices.

“Better luck next time and you all did pass in high nineties or perfection, by the way. Better luck next challenge.” She turned to face Ben. Who was now back to normal and over the initial shock, kind of, about his reward. “Take your pants off and hop on the edge of the desk.” She grinned. Looking at Hillary and Marie now, giving them the go ahead to strip each other.

Ben had his jeans off and on the ground in no time, sitting on the desk before Monica could even squat down to level her face to his cock. Ben had been lucky in this class since he was the male anatomy student for sex-ed and had already came in her hand, now it would be in her mouth! His mind racing, he jerked slightly when he felt her soft hand take hold of his already hard cock. Lightly stroking up and down. Monica looked over at Marie and Hillary to see them taking each other’s shirts off and exposing their bra covered breasts.

Marie in a blue bra and Hillary in a white one. Hillary slipped her hands inside of Marie’s bra and felt her big breasts fill her palms up, she situated her hands inside the bra taking in the softness and plush feeling of her breasts, sliding up to her straps and pulling them down her shoulders to her arms. Marie did the same to the less slightly skinny Hillary. They were both standing in front of each other, the sides of their bodies facing the class so they can watch the stripping. But most were busy watching Miss Sanders’ stroke Ben. They couldn’t see it, but did see her shoulder move up and down at a fast rate since she picked up speed. Her head went low and then up as she licked the underside of his cock. Ben closed his eyes, went stiff, and then normal again from the feel of the warm tongue touching his now rock hard, pulsing dick.

The two girls were hugging each other, their breasts pushing against each other as they unclasped the bras and pulled away, sliding each bra strap off outreached arms. Topless for the class once again, baring their breasts and beautiful teenage bodies. Monica was trying to watch it all. Glancing from Ben’s cock to the two girls stripping. She moved her other hand to Ben’s balls and cupped them as she gave him another lick. Stopping now, she looked up and smiled at him.

“I don’t want you cumming quite yet.” She stopped playing with his dick and balls to let him calm down some. She is actually surprised he is lasting this long, but glad, too, since she doesn’t want his blowjob ruined from an early ejaculation.

Marie reached to the back of Hillary’s head to undo her ponytail and let her long blonde hair down to feather all around her back and shoulders. Leaning her head in, Marie took a breast in her mouth and sucked on the nipple a little while she was reaching down to unbutton the buttons on the side of her orange skirt. Licking and softly nibbling on the erected, but soft, pink nipple. Marie slowly pulled off of her nipple and gave it one final lick before she let the skirt go to fall to her feet. Hillary opened her eyes and took hold of Marie’s left breast and fondled her large, soft breast then pinching and pulling on her nipple. Taking the other one in her mouth as she was reaching down, feeling around her tight jeans for the snap and zipper.

Monica informed the students watching they were allow to masturbate, but were not allow to touch each other or anything, only masturbate while watching. Going back to Ben after she figure he calmed down a little bit. She circled her tongue around his thick cock head feeling the softness becoming wetter from her saliva. Stroking his dick with her hand, the other on top his leg, until she reaches the top and pinches the little bit of skin beneath his head on the underside while flicking her tongue on his peehole. He was enjoying it all, never before experiencing another hand, or mouth even, on his dick. He wanted more and more, he wanted her mouth completely on his cock now, no more of this licking and stroking. He was excited and his heartbeat backed his excitement up since Monica could hear it beating even.

Hillary and Marie were now only in their panties and began a rhythm of moving while stripping. They went in very slow, gradual circles to give a full view of their bodies as they were only left in their underwear. Hillary in white with pink heart design cotton panties and Marie in lime green panties. Marie wrapped her arms around Hillary’s waist and dipped her hands into her underwear, grasping her bare butt and pulling up hooking her thumbs on the outside then pulling down on them. Exposing her cute little butt to the class as she went down to her knees with her hands pulling the underwear down completely exposing all of Hillary’s nude body. Lifting her feet up a little bit allowed Marie to pull the underwear completely off.

Standing naked and holding Marie’s hand as she was getting back up. Hillary wasted no time in taking Marie’s underwear off. She took hold of the side and dropped down to her knees as she pulled the underwear off. She was staring at Marie’s pussy, mainly her plump pussy lips between her parted legs. Keeping her hands on the outer sides of her legs, her hands trailed up the soft tan skin as Hillary came standing back up.

Ben was finally becoming brave and he ran his hand on the side of his teacher’s face to her black, soft hair and then on her shoulder. He felt the soft fabric against his hand, the hardness of her shoulder, and the tongue now licking on his balls and back up the under part of his shaft back down to his balls. He felt the urge to cum and it was almost as if Miss Sanders sensed it, she stopped again, smiled, and asked him, “Are you enjoying your reward?”

“Y-yes.” He managed to choke out of his slighter dry mouth. She looked over at both Hillary and Marie who were hugging and grabbing each other’s bare asses. “I see you two girls are done. Get on your desks and start fingering.”

The rest of the class were already masturbating. Some had already came but still touching themselves. The girls either had their hands in their shirts touching their breasts, in their paints, or both. The guys had their cocks out stroking slow, some fast, and others squeezing their balls with their thumbs pushing under their dick heads against their stomachs or navels. Gasping, sighing, and heavy breathing was coming from the desks as Ben was breathing the heaviest feeling Miss Sanders wrap her mouth around his cock head, sucking on it and licking under it with her tongue. His eyes wide and mouth open. Hands hovering over her head, afraid to touch her while doing this.

Marie and Hillary were on their desks, legs parted, and hands rubbing up and down their wet pussy lips. Marie was shaven and Hillary had a little bit of sparse blonde pubic hair scattered across above her pussy lips. Their fingers sliding between their pussy lips getting ready to soon slide their fingers inside.

Hillary was the first to push her fingers inside her pussy. Starting off with two she felt her fingers stretch her pussy hole open as they went further inside up to her second knuckle. Her head tilted back, staring at the ceiling, she let out a faint moan feeling her pussy stretch even further apart as her fingers pushed more into her slippery, sopping pussy hole.

The students saw Miss Sanders’ head go down more into Ben’s lap, knowing she had his whole cock in her mouth now. They masturbated harder now thinking of the sight of her mouth wrapped around his dick, pulling up, leaving behind a trail of glistening saliva. But all they heard was sucking and slurping sounds. Her head started to move up and down faster, her shoulder moving quicker and the other moving too from squeezing his balls again. Some of them looked down at her bare ass bouncing up and down in the air, a exaggerated show for them that Miss Sanders was giving them to view. Her cheeks slightly parted and legs parted, squatting down, butt and upper body bouncing up and down for them.

Marie finally pushed a finger inside her plump pussy and quickly felt the hot, moistness surround them. She went deep inside, closing her eyes, tilting her head back as Hillary did. Her other hand creeping up her slightly plump stomach to her breast, pinching and pulling on her nipple. She pushed a second finger inside her pussy, and then a third, pushing easily past the second row of knuckles. Her fingers were as far as they would go and she started pumping her pussy. She fingers herself often so is used to it and enjoys it just as much. She would alternate between watching Miss Sanders’ mouth bob up and down over Ben’s delicious looking cock to Hillary’s two fingers sliding in and out of her blonde furry pussy hole. She quickly noticed Hillary looked over and they locked eyes for a moment before looking back down at each other’s fingers sliding in and out.

Ben couldn’t hold it anymore. He started to mutter when he felt his cock head damn near in her throat as she held his cock all in her mouth for a long time. Her hand between her legs now rubbing her wet pussy. He was also feeling her tongue wriggling side to side despite the lack of space in her mouth to fully tongue him.

Marie was beginning to breath faster and her hips were starting to buck as she felt her orgasm build slowly up. She looked at Hillary’s pussy again and really started to pump her own pussy faster and as deep as she can push her fingers. She then went from Hillary to Miss Sanders and Ben, just in time too, as he bucked his hips and Miss Sanders quickly pulled up from the gagging of his cock going down in her throat. His first load hit her in the mouth before she quickly engulfed his dick back in her mouth to do as he requested and swallow his cum. She felt the hot cum fill her mouth as she pulled back on his dick and left all of his cock head and a little bit of his shaft in her mouth as she stroked the rest. Swallowing his cum, he was trying to push more of his dick into her mouth, but with her grasp she controlled if she were to take more or not. Marie gushed her juices out onto the desk and floor as she witnessed that losing all control now.

“Oh God. . .ugh! Mmmmm,” She tried to stay quiet while doing this, keeping in mind the best she can she is still in a classroom and a school. “mmmm! Oh God. . .” Gritting her teeth now. Her fingers still deep inside her dripping pussy hole.

Her eyes closed tight, fingers not moving inside her pussy, she held them there and then pulled them out. Cumming and gushing more cum and pussy juices out, some of it seeping out between her pussy lips to between her butt cheeks, and the rest either soaking the desk or floor. Hillary missed the cum shot on Miss Sander’s face, but did catch onto her swallowing Ben’s cum and still sucking lightly on his dick. She looked across to Marie who is relatively close despite their half naked teacher being between their desks. She saw the juices and cum soaking Marie and her surroundings. All of this making Hillary even hotter and more aroused. She felt her orgasm building up. Not able to take it anymore and wanting to feel the complete and utter pleasure of a public orgasm. Turning her head to the students still masturbating, cumming, or playing with themselves despite already cumming. She finally came after sliding a third finger inside her tight pussy hole. Stretching it farther and her fingers rubbing on her soft, plush wet insides even more.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Ugh! Mmm.” Hillary was a bit quieter than Marie. But still a little bit too loud for comfort. She managed to just breath heavy and let out hard but quick moans and groans. Her cum and juice quickly seeping out to between her butt cheeks and drenching her hand she is cupping her pussy with tightly, fingers out.

Ben watched both girls orgasm and his cock still slightly hard. He noticed his cum is still on his teacher’s cheek and chin who had just sucked and licked his cock. He smiled, taking it all in. The students who were denied full view of the dick sucking were pleased for they all had came either during or moments after Hillary and Marie had. The floor under and around Marie’s desk was wet from her along with the tabletop. Hillary had just her desktop wet since she was cupping and squeezing her pussy while she came. Miss Sanders gave one last lick under Ben’s dick and topped it off with a kiss on his dick head as she got back to her feet.

“Marie,” She looked over with a smile. Having an idea of something she can do since she came in second place. “Since you won second place and all. You can lick this cum off my face if you would like to.” She offered.


“Yes.” She walked over to Marie. Figuring she was still getting over her orgasm. She is surprised she even kept on top of the desk with the way she was bucking and carrying on. Good thing the other classrooms are further down the hall they are stuck in the boonies of the hallway away from the others, or else, they would probably been all caught. “Here.”

Marie took in the scent of what she figure was dick and then Miss Sanders’ scent as well. She placed her hands on her teacher’s bare hips and pulled her little bit closer, then started to lick the cum off of her lips, cheeks and chin. It tasted pretty good, Marie thought. Licking across Monica’s lips, who slightly parted them and slid her tongue out to meet Marie’s as she did so.

“Tastes pretty good.” Marie smiled. “And you taste pretty good yourself.”

“Thank you.” Monica went back to front of her desk and the class. Becoming a teacher again in her mind. Authority figure, if you will. She told Hillary and Marie to get dressed and then go to the restroom to get cleaned up some. Rest of the class was half naked or still touching, she got them back in order and dressed and proper. They cleaned their hands at the sink they use for chemistry or other class reasons. Ben put his jeans back on and took his seat after thanking her. She nodded and smiled, giving him a wink. When Hillary and Marie came back, they moved their desks back where they sit and took their seats.

“Well, as I said earlier, we will do this more often for quizzes and tests. It may or may not be necessarily what we just did, it might be something different, I don’t know. But I am sure something can be thought up. Once again, though, I am very pleased with how you accepted the loss, and win, even, and conducted yourselves with civility and respect. You all really do make me proud and I wouldn’t be doing this stuff to reward you all if you didn’t.” She praised them. Surprised how well, in fact, they do handle themselves during moments like these in the classroom.

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