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Megan’s Secrets Revealed

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I sat at the kitchen table and stared into my coffee like it was an oracle that could tell me what to do next. I honestly had never even considered this possibility. Not that I felt bad about that. Who could possibly have expected this?

When Cathy appeared in that doorway, I thought I was going to die. My first thought had been that she was catching me in the act of cheating on her.

Of course, that was wrong since I had broken up with her a week before. Then I thought to protect Megan by claiming it was entirely my fault. What a joke that had been…

“Cathy? Um, this isn’t what it looks like I swear, I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t be silly, Kyle. Of course it is what it looks like.”

“Ok, yeah, I guess it is. But it is really all my fault. I led her on and created this. Megan would never do this if I had not pushed her to…”

“Kyle Miller! Don’t you even try to take credit for this! I worked too damn hard to set this up,” Megan backed away as she said it and sat up to look down on me. “You had absolutely no clue, and you know it. Your stupid attempt at being noble is just getting you into more trouble. This could have gone a lot easier.”

“Ok, I’m really fucking confused now. I don’t know what to say, and I don’t know what to do. Either of you want to help me out here?” I looked from where Megan was sitting next to me on the bed over to Cathy in the doorway as I said it. I was still trying to think straight. The only thing I could really grasp at that moment was what a mistake it would be to open my mouth again.

Cathy moved into the room and set the tray down on the hope chest at the end of the bed. For a moment the rising sun shone through the white lace of the robe and I couldn’t help but respond to how beautiful she looked. Then I remembered she was my ex, and the girl I had broken up with her in order to chase was sitting in bed with me.

I glanced over at Megan only to find her staring at Cathy with a look that I was certain had just been on my face. Cathy must have seen it, too.

“You like it, baby? I bought it special just for this weekend. I wanted to look pretty for you.” As she finished speaking Cathy moved forward and leaned over to kiss Megan. Not a light, friendly best girlfriends kiss either. My jaw must have dropped a foot.

“So you obviously didn’t tell him last night, then. Did you, Meg? Couldn’t fit it into the, umm, conversation?” Cathy gave Megan a sweet, knowing smile.

“I’m sorry, sugar. I started to, but I chickened out. So I told him something else.”

“Really? That fast?” Cathy giggled, “It was months before you told me. Judging from Goldie there on the nightstand he didn’t run away either, did he? I told you he wouldn’t. Did you have fun, baby?”

As Megan grinned and nodded, Cathy once more leaned in to kiss her. It was too much. I couldn’t take it.

“Now hold on just one fucking second! Months? Months, Megan? Cathy? The whole time you and I have been together? How the fuck is that possible?” I found my voice rising despite willing it not to do so.

“It’s easy, Kyle. You saw what you wanted to see; heard what you wanted to hear. Neither of us ever lied to you. And the whole time we’ve been together? Excuse me, but didn’t you dump me? Didn’t you think it was a little odd that Meg and I got friendly so quick? Oh no, not God’s gift to women. Not possible that any girl could want more than you could…”

“HEY, I wasn’t seeing another GUY behind YOUR back, Cathy!”



“CATHY! KYLE! Knock this shit off now!” Megan didn’t say it harshly, but she had to yell for us to hear her over our own argument. “Cathy, sugar, we can’t do it this way. Remember what we talked about? Kyle, get your ass out of here and let me talk to Cathy for a minute. Go down to the kitchen and have a cup of coffee. And calm down. Remember what I said last night? Nothing is different about that this morning. Please?”

“Yeah, Mr. High and Mighty! Get the fuck out of here for a minute! After what you pulled last Sunday…”

“What I pulled? WHAT I PULL…”

“KYLE! Please? I swear I will be right down. Just let me talk to Cathy for a minute.”

“Meg, I…”

“CATHY! Shhh, sugar, just give me a sec. Kyle, I know you’re confused and probably hurt. So is Cathy. And it is all my doing. So give me a second, ok?”

“But I…ok. I will go down and have a cup of coffee. But I want an explanation. And it better be good.”

“Honey, I promise you, it will be. Just let me calm Cathy down, ok? This has been really hard on her.”

“Yeah, I can believe that. It’s already the weirdest morning I’ve ever had…”

So I grabbed a robe that was hanging on the back of the door and went downstairs. I grabbed some bacon off the griddle and poured a cup of coffee for myself. Then I sat down alone at the kitchen table, trying to make sense of it all. Upstairs I could hear Cathy and Megan talking. I couldn’t hear the actual words, but I could sense the rise and fall of the conversation through the pitch of their voices. I could tell Megan was reminding Cathy of things they had already talked over. I could tell when a decision was reached. They stood up; one set of footsteps walked towards the bathroom and the shower was turned on.

I took my coffee and moved into the living room to sit on the couch where things had started last night. Our clothes were still here, but Cathy had folded them and set them off to one side on a rocking chair. How long had she been here? How had she known where to come?

“Because it’s my house, Kyle.”

“Huh?” Oh god, I hadn’t realized I was talking out loud. “Cathy, I’m sorry I yelled. It was just such a shock. So I lashed out. I’m used to responding that way, you know. Something unexpected happens and I start looking to hit somebody.”

“You were shocked. Well, now you know how I felt on Sunday. Do you have any idea how much your little attempt at being noble almost cost? I must admit, I thought I knew you better than that. But no, Megan was the one who predicted it. It just hurt so much. It caught me by surprise. I didn’t think you could surprise me, and I sure as hell didn’t think my girlfriend would know my boyfriend better than I did.”

Cathy came over and sat down on the couch next to me. It was awkward. I didn’t know what to do. I mean, it had only been a week. I still kinda felt like she was my girlfriend. I even started to put my arm around her. She made the decision for me. She leaned over and put her head on against my neck and my arm just naturally fell off the couch and draped her shoulders.

“By the way, you look really cute in my purple and pink bathrobe.”

The laughter was healing. It relaxed me, and I started to just talk.

“I don’t get it, Cathy. How did this happen? I mean, I never even suspected.”

“Of course you didn’t. We didn’t want you to suspect. We played it like we met through you. Besides, it is not exactly the first thing that would pop into your mind. Megan and I don’t exactly look like a couple of raging bull dykes, eh? Wake up, Kyle. There ain’t no such thing. Anymore than all football players are brain dead he-men woman haters.”

“Well, I don’t know, Cat. You don’t know a lot of the guys on the team.”

“Shhh. Listen, I flirted with you first, remember. I wanted a man; you were cute, and smarter than you looked. Megan knew you were thinking about pledging, so she checked with some of the guys. They said you were a little distant but basically honorable and an ok guy. So I made you take me out. But I didn’t count on falling in love with you, you bastard. You weren’t supposed to be so decent. You were just a fuck toy. But then you turned out to be so much deeper than that.”

“So I started spending a lot more time with you. Megan got jealous. She had always known I was still interested in guys, but the sharing things other than sex was harder for her. So she started thinking about boys again for the first time since high school. She went out with a couple of guys, and I realized what was happening. So I came up with this plan. I could fix everything. Megan would have a chance to play, and I would get to keep both of you. But you started backing off before I could do anything. Then you pledged, and Megan talked Gina into making sure she got you as her little brother. I thought she could fix it all. I was going to get my cake and eat it too.”

“Then it all went to hell when your Grandpa died. You were hurting, and I couldn’t see you. When Megan got the phone call from Darren, we thought it was perfect. She could help even though I couldn’t. But then things got really weird.”

“I know. Because I started telling Megan things I never told you. Like how I don’t sleep with the girls I really let in to my heart.”

“Which really fucking hurt me, by the way! That you could say that about me…”

“But don’t you see, Cathy? That’s why. That’s why I was pulling away. I started wanting to tell you things. I wanted more from you. And I didn’t think I was ready for that.”

“Oh but you were ready to do it with MY girlfriend!”

“Not at first. Not until she kissed me…”

“Which I had not planned on. I wasn’t lying Kyle. I got a little drunk and things got out of control. I shouldn’t have kissed you. You’re the first man I’ve kissed in almost two years.”

I hadn’t even heard the shower turn off, but Megan was standing at the bottom of the stairs wrapped in a towel.

“So after you took off on me, I went and told Gina what I had done. Gina knows about Cathy and I, and she was a little surprised to say the least. Even though she had warned me I was playing with fire. She gave me the ‘I told you so’ look and then told me to go home. That she would fix it.”

“FUCK! Does everybody know about this but me?”

“Really, Kyle, I promise it’s not like that. Gina and my roommate Linda are the only ones that know anything, and Linda knows a lot less than Gina. Otherwise, it is just the three of us.”

“Anyway Kyle,” Cathy said as she got up and started walking over to the stairwell, “We thought we had it under control. But then you did the one thing we had never even suspected. You broke up with me. Suddenly, all my plans were for nothing. And you dumped me for my own girlfriend! I was hurt, I was shocked, and I was furious. I thought Meg and you had been up to something behind my back. As soon as you left I went over to confront Megan with my proof that she had been cheating on me.”

“Which is why I had been crying when you showed up,” Megan said, taking over as she put her arm around the shorter girl. “I thought Cathy and I were through. We finally managed to get calmed down, and we were going to go see you together. But you came to my room first. To tell me what Cathy had already figured out. That you were in love with me.”

“So all along you were going to just add me as a third to your couple? Tell me something girls, did you ever think to ask my opinion about this?”

“Well, yes.” said Megan. “But we didn’t really think you would refuse us. I mean, it’s every guy’s fantasy, right? Two gorgeous girls at the same time? Besides, we knew that once you realized that we were ok with it, and that we wanted it that way…I mean, you already wanted us both. We already knew that.”

“So c’mon back upstairs, lover boy,” Cathy said, crooking a finger at me before turning and giving Megan a deep slow kiss. As the two girls tongues darted together, I felt the inner confusion and misgivings start to melt away.

But my pride wouldn’t let me give in so easily. I had been played for a major fool. All of my own personal bullshit about being in control of my emotions and my life and these two girls had completely twisted me in a knot and made plans to just use me. Even thought the anger was pretty much gone, I still felt perplexed at how easily I had been deceived.

“C’mon upstairs? This isn’t a bad porno flick! The two of you have been incredibly cold and calculating about all of this and now I’m supposed to just give in and follow you upstairs like a little boy after the candy?”

Cathy gave me a grin that could have sold a thousand used cars. “You’ve tasted us both. Aren’t we a little sweeter than candy?”

“Until last night I would have said you were the best lover I ever had, Cat. The only girl who has ever made me feel it more intensely is the one whose ass you’re grabbing. But you know what they say about if something seems too good to be true then it probably is? It’s too easy and too hard at the same time. How is this supposed to work in the long run? How am I supposed to trust either of you ever again? Yes, the two of you together would be everything I ever wanted but…”

“Kyle,” Cathy interrupted, “Do you remember the movie we watched the other night. Do you remember what Willy Wonka said happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted?” She leaned over and whispered something in Megan’s ear.

“No, Cat,” I replied, “what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted?”

As Cathy smiled Megan slipped her head down to Cathy’s chest, moved aside the white silk and began sucking on the pink nipple beneath the lace. Cathy’s breath caught before she turned back to stare me dead in the eyes.

“He lived happily ever after, Kyle…”

She said it and then pulled Megan back up to her face and slipped her tongue into Megan’s waiting mouth. Megan moaned as Cathy’s hands ran down her back to grasp those wonderful ass cheeks and squeeze them hard. Megan dropped back down to lick Cathy’s nipples one more time and then they both looked in my direction.

What am I, nuts? Any guy I know would kill to be here watching this. Let alone being invited upstairs to play.

I got up off the couch and walked slowly across the room to where both Megan and Cathy were reaching out for my hands. They pulled me into their embrace, and suddenly I was kissing them both; turning my head to kiss Megan and then back to Cathy, then pulling away to watch them kiss each other. I let my hands roam up and down their bodies and then come to rest with one on each girl’s ass. Cathy’s was much smaller and tighter than Megan’s, in dramatic contrast to Cathy’s almost oversized chest.

Cathy giggled suddenly and pulled us in tight.

“I’ve been wanting this for so long. It was so hard, being with one of you one night and the other the next. When the whole time I was dreaming of both of you. I can’t believe this is finally happening, especially after I came so close to losing you. I couldn’t bear to lose either of you and yet I almost lost you both.”

“Cathy, love, just because Kyle was being an idiot don’t think I was going anywhere. I was never leaving you, you have to know that.”

“No, Meg, you’re wrong. I saw the look in your eyes. It came close. If he had said so, you would have left me.” A single tear started to trickle down Cathy’s face.

I kissed it away. I didn’t say anything, just kissed away the tear and then looked deep into Cathy’s eyes and then into Megan’s. I straightened my shoulders with a little shake and tried to thrust out my jaw and look strong.

“I think I’m man enough for you both.”

The quasi-serious statement broke both girls into fits of laughter and some of the tension lifted away. Cathy recovered first and put a scowl on over her grin.

“I guess we better take you upstairs and let you prove it then.”

She grabbed the lapels of her own purple and pink robe and pulled me up the stairs, walking backwards, her eyes locked on mine the whole time. Deep in her eyes there was something new there. Call it intensity, or a sharp focus. She had made up her mind about something and now it was going to be hers. Deep in her eyes there was something new. It was almost feral. Carnivorous. It being the first time I’d seen it, it scared me a little. I’ve learned, however, that the look presages something special, and if I just let it happen I will be made deliriously happy.

She was channeling the emotional energy that had led to tears only a moment before. Making it work for her instead of against her. It was the first time she ever really took command.

Megan was following me up the stairs and her breathing was a lot harder than the short flight could account for by itself. I glanced back as we entered the bedroom again and the sun reflecting off her face made her look something like a child on Christmas morning, a child that was just coming around the corner and discovering that Santa really had visited in the night. Cathy’s voice interrupted my dream state. “Oh god. I’ve been dreaming about this for two months. Why don’t you two get rid of those things?”

I let Cathy’s robe fall backwards off my shoulders as Megan let the towel drop to the floor. We both stood naked in the light of the early morning sun while Cathy cast her shadow across us. She still wore the white lace robe and silky teddy and with the sun behind her she looked like an angel if not a goddess.

“Come here and get me out of this. I want to feel your hands and lips on my body. I’m the one that didn’t get laid last night, remember? I want to be spoiled…”

I looked over at Megan and then motioned with my eyes towards Cathy. Megan nodded and moved forward to stand on Cathy’s right while I stood on her left. We made eye contact again before pushing the while lace robe off Cathy’s shoulders to fall to the floor and then we stared at each other while we slipped the straps of the silk and lace teddy aside. We had to pull it forward a bit so it would not hang on her chest. As it fell to Cathy’s hips, I reached down and slid it the rest of the way. Megan took Cathy’s chin and turned to kiss her once more.

I slid the teddy into a white silken puddle at Cathy’s feet and then ran my hands back up over her thighs and belly to rest on the underside of her tits. I moved my thumbs over each nipple and leaned over her. Megan sensed me, pulled her mouth away and used her hand on Cathy’s chin to turn her into my kiss. As my tongue lanced out to slip over Cat’s teeth I felt my left thumb pushed aside and Megan began to suck on Cat’s right nipple.

The breath left Cathy for a moment and she began to lean forward into me. Then she straightened, as though she had remembered her desire to be the one in control. I filed the lapse away in my mind for use later as Cathy stepped forward out of the teddy and moved her hands up to control both Meg and my chins, using the tip of the nail on each index finger. Cathy spun and walked backwards to the bed, her nails digging into our soft skin as she used only that hard tip to compel each of us to follow her. When her legs came to rest against the bed she eased down and moved her hands behind our heads. She tangled her fingers in Megan’s hair and pushed down upon my shoulder to bring us to our knees on either side of her.

Megan bent her head down and began kissing down Cathy’s leg to her right foot. I watched as Meg her tongue across the top of the foot and slipped Cathy’s big toe into her mouth. Cathy’s whole body shivered as she continued to lick and suck at her big toe. Megan glanced up at me and raised her eyebrows. I took the hint, and began kissing my way down from Cat’s left leg as Meg had done with her right.

Cathy’s hands squeezed the edge of the bed hard as I joined Megan in making love to her toes with my mouth. It was something I had never thought of doing. I found it fascinating the way Cathy was alternating between deep moans and little giggles as one of us touched her in a way that tickled. The whole reaction from Cathy was interesting. She was definitely feeling this in more places than just her feet and I decided that this could be a fun game to play later. But right now I wanted something more direct. I began to re-climb the leg with kisses.

I made my way slowly up to her knee, concentrating on each nibble and sucking her flesh into my mouth as though to give her a series of mini-hickies. As I reached the inside of her knee I felt Megan’s head beside mine, and we fell into a natural rhythm, alternating our small nips as we both moved towards the dark triangle of hair that pointed like an arrowhead towards our shared goal.

As we both began moving Cathy’s legs wider apart, her breathing became deeper and she began to lift her hips up to meet us. I watched as Megan slipped her head inside Cathy’s thighs and jutted her tongue out to run along the wet folds. She stopped at the top and sucked Cathy’s clit into her mouth for a moment, then moved back down and pushed her tongue as deep inside as she could, her face pressed against Cat’s pussy. Cathy’s hands once more found their way into Megan’s hair and she arched her back to try and drive Meg further inside. I was in awe at what I was seeing. Porn in no way prepares you to see the woman you love eating another girl’s pussy.

Megan pulled back suddenly and thrust her mouth hard against mine. I kissed her wildly, the wetness of Cathy’s arousal covering her. I drank in the taste of Cat’s pussy all over Megan’s lips and tongue, using my tongue to try and get every slight spot of flavor.

Megan pulled back and then put her hand behind my neck to push me down into Cathy. Cat’s breathing became even harder as we switched places and it was I driving my tongue inside her. I duplicated Megan’s trick of sucking Cathy’s clit so hard and was rewarded with a sharp gasp from her. Cathy’s legs began to tremble in a way that I remembered and suddenly my ears were being squeezed as Cathy came with a sudden rush of fluid and a little half-scream of pure lust. I couldn’t remember her ever coming so quickly, but then the situation was pretty intense. I knew that Cathy was one of those lucky girls that could just keep going, so I didn’t back off but decided to try for a second orgasm.

Cathy had other ideas. She grabbed one of my ears between her thumb and index finger and pulled me up towards her face. She kissed me and then looked hard into my eyes.

“Now, suck my tits and watch. Watch as our girlfriend licks my pussy. Because I never gave you permission to break up with me, so you are still mine. Just like Megan is. You both belong to me. And you will do whatever I tell you to do. Won’t you, Megan?”

“Yes ma’am,” Megan giggled. She was looking at me, not at Cathy, as she said it. There was a glint there that warned me she had more to say; one that I saw but was pretty sure Cathy didn’t.

I did as instructed. I took Cathy’s nipple into my mouth and sucked at it while I looked down to where Megan was kneeling between her legs. It was hard to concentrate on what I was doing while this was going on. Megan did not seem to have that problem.

She attacked Cathy’s pussy with abandon, putting her hands under Cathy’s little butt to pull her up harder into her mouth. She went back and forth. For a while she would lick at Cat, running loops and swirls with her tongue before flattening it out and pressing hard, wiggling her whole face gently around as the pressure of her tongue on Cathy’s cunt made her cry out in little gasps. Every so often she would suck Cathy’s lips into her mouth or move up and purse her lips around her clit while she sucked on it so hard that her cheeks went concave. Whenever she did that she would glance up at me to see if I was enjoying the show. I responded by using those times as a cue to use my teeth a little more on Cathy’s tits, something she has always enjoyed.

I lost track of time for a bit, completely enveloped in the game that Megan and I made of manipulating Cathy’s body. We worked together to keep pushing her right to the edge and then backing off lightly so that she would not quite go over. We played with that plateau for quite some time before Megan gave me a signal with her eyes.

I bit down on the nipple I had in my mouth while squeezing Cathy’s other tit hard in my hand. At the same time Megan pulled her clit as far back into her mouth as he could and closed her eyes to concentrate on sucking hard. This time Cathy was pushed over and fell hard. Her body jumped up off the bed and her mouth opened wide in an almost silent half-moan/half scream. Every muscle locked and tightened until she collapsed back down in release, momentarily exhausted with the effort. Megan moved her head up with a huge smile and without thinking I put my hand up to high five her like I would after a sack or a vicious hit. Megan moved to meet me and Cathy looked up at us bemused as we celebrated our new athletic endeavor.

Megan stood and moved over to the opposite side of the bed. She leaned over and I kissed her while Cathy looked up at us contentedly. Megan sat down and leaned against the headboard. I pulled the pillows into a backing and lifted Cathy up off the bed to move her there also, and then kissed them both before leaning against the headboard myself. For a time we just sat there in the morning light, occasionally turning our heads to kiss each other, giggling as we tried somewhat unsuccessfully to try a three person French kiss. I ran my hands through Cathy’s hair and through Megan’s still damp locks, still a little wet from the shower but drying quickly.

“Now what?”

It was me who said it. I was a little surprised to hear myself speak, but I probably should not have been. If anyone could ruin this moment it would be me. But neither of the girls seemed disturbed.

“Now we go downstairs and actually eat the breakfast I spent so much time making. Then, Kyle and I can have our shower. Then we just spend the day naked and getting used to this. Does that make sense to both of you?”

“The food part makes sense to me,” said Megan. “I’m starving!”

“But, Megan,” I protested, “You just ate!”

I expected at least a little laugh. Instead my two girlfriends just looked at each other and shook their heads.

It was a slightly strange if still wonderful day. Like Cathy had suggested, we spent the day naked. It was still weird walking around with two nude women, but I think I adjusted pretty well. We watched a couple movies and made out a lot, sometimes all three of us. (Like when Megan joined Cathy and me in what turned into a very cramped but very fun shower. The hot water ran out before things got really interesting, but it was still very fun.) I must admit it was a little disconcerting to turn a corner and find the two of them acting so familiar with each other in that way. In a sense, they had still had way more time to be prepared for this. They had planned for this eventuality, had felt out each other’s misgivings or apprehensions. I had been surprised with it only hours ago.

There did seem to be one bone of contention. Several times I caught them discussing something only to change the subject suddenly when I came into the room. It seemed as though Megan was pushing something and Cathy was looking for an escape. I found out what it was about soon enough.

That night was odd. Even who was going to sleep in the middle had already been determined by them before we actually left campus, and my anger at being manipulated was still there. I wanted Megan in the middle. With all due respect to Cathy, my reasons for breaking up with her were still there. Megan was who I was in love with. Cathy also seemed focused on Megan, but Megan was absolutely torn. To her, the three of us were completely equal in importance. I consented to sleeping in the center. We lay there, both girls heads on my shoulders, with their hands on my chest, fingers entwined. Again I wondered at my good fortune. We all kind of knew what was going to happen in a few minutes, but for a little while it was nice to just lay there and anticipate it. I had not expected what did happen next.

“Are you ready, sugar?”

Megan was not talking to me. One thing that had been established during the day was that “Sugar” meant Cathy. It seemed very important to Cathy that it stayed that way.

“I don’t know Megan. I know what we said, but it is just so…”

“Sugar, you promised. Before we ever started this you knew how bad I wanted it and agreed to it…”

“I know. This whole day has just been so weird. Wonderful, but weird.”

“So? Are we doing this? I could live with it being another night…but I really want it to be now…”

“Um, excuse me? What are we talking about?”

Both girls’ fingers found my lips in a shushing manner at the same time. They stared at each other over me for a moment, and then turned together and began to kiss me. I could sense a decision had been made. I tried to be pissed about it, really. But it was so distracting, what they were doing…

Two sets of fingernails trailed down my chest to my already hard cock. Megan moved in to kiss me while I felt Cathy begin to kiss her way down my chest. Cathy’s warm mouth slipped over the head of my cock as Megan moved up on the bed to thrust her nipple into my mouth. Megan threw her leg over me and then I felt Cathy leave my cock and move over to lick Megan’s exposed pussy. We continued this for a while; with Cathy occasionally slipping me into her mouth long enough to keep me hard before moving back to Megan.

Megan looked down at me and caught my eyes with a smoldering gaze for a long moment. Then she bent down to whisper in my ear.

“Help me move Cathy up here now. I want you behind me, inside me as I get her off. I want her relaxed, but I want to have my fun before we…. switch.”

I lifted Megan up as she swung her leg back over. Cathy glanced up at us, my cock in her mouth. She gave it one long last sucking pull that brought the air out of me in a rush before she moved up to kiss Meg again. I moved to the side and grabbed Cat by her slender hips and slid her across the quilt to lean against the headboard while Megan began crawling between her legs. She slipped her head down to kiss Cathy’s pussy and I just watched for a second as that incredible ass of hers was thrust up into the air.

I ran my fingers lightly down Megan’s back to take my position behind her on my knees. Cathy’s eyes were fluttering open and closed. She wanted to see what was happening but the feelings in her pussy were overwhelming her vision and she kept throwing her head back, eyes closed and mouth open.

I slid easily into Megan’s wet cunt and rocked back and forth in time with the movements of her head in Cathy’s lap. Both of Cathy’s hands were now clutching at Megan’s head and shoulders. Megan knew exactly what she was doing. In almost no time she had Cathy squirming beneath the assault of her tongue and lips. I watched in fascination, sometimes forgetting to move until Megan would remind me by wiggling back against my hips. Soon Cathy could hold out no longer and I watched as her orgasm gently built up and then sprang its release across her face and shoulders. It was more subtle than her one this morning, like an old friend slipping in a side door.

Megan slid her way up Cathy’s body and kissed her softly. Then she gripped her by the shoulders and rolled over so that now it was Cathy’s ass that was jutting up in front of me. It didn’t seem right that it had been almost a month since I last was inside that juicy cunt and my instincts took over and I leaned forward to thrust my cock inside Cathy’s pussy. Cathy pushed back to meet me and I watched as she took the path down to return Megan’s recent favor. I kept my movements long and slow, savoring the view and trying to commit all of it to memory in case I woke up and it was all one crazy, incredible dream.

You could tell that Cathy and Megan were long-time lovers: the ease between them and the way each knew exactly what the other liked. Cathy leaned into her lap and kissed around Megan’s lips before sliding her tongue from bottom to top and then sucking Megan’s clit into her mouth. Cathy quickly brought Megan to the same kind of comfortable climax that she had experienced. Megan slid down from the headboard to kiss her girlfriend and whispered something I could not hear. Cathy shook her head “no,” but the look in Megan’s eyes was not one to be denied, and soon Cathy’s shoulders slumped forward as she simply said, “OK.”

“Kyle, I want you to do that special favor for me now.”

“What is it, Megan? What could you want that we aren’t already doing?”

“Oh, you’re going to do something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. See, Cathy loves to do things to me that she never lets me do back. So now she is going to get it, like it or not. She just agreed to this, didn’t you, my little slut?”

“Yes,” Cathy spoke in a very subdued voice. “Megan is in charge Kyle. Do whatever she says. I’m game. Barely.”

I was already suspecting what was next and when Megan reached for the little tube of Astroglide that was still on the side table I knew I had guessed right. Megan poured a little into her palm and began running her hand up and down my hard cock before she squirted some right onto Cathy’s asshole.

“Cathy’s never had anything bigger than my finger up here, Kyle. But in a second I’m going to guide your cock inside her little virgin hole. I want you to pound her ass the way she does mine with that fucking huge dildo of hers. I want her to scream into her pillow and cry. I want you to fill her ass the way you did mine last night, and I’m going to make damn sure she comes while you do it. And we’re going to keep doing this every night until I say stop.”

“Megan, I don’t want to hurt her…”

“Don’t worry, baby, you won’t injure her. But it will hurt. I want it to hurt her.”

All this time she had been rubbing her hand over my cock and Cathy’s ass. Now she grabbed me almost roughly and pulled me forward to rest against the little puckered rosebud of Cathy’s asshole.

“Are you sure you want this, Cathy? I won’t do it if you say “no,” even if it does piss Megan off.”

Megan looked like she was going to clock me a good one but Cathy spoke up and saved me.

“Just let’s get it over with. I did promise her I would do whatever she asked.”

“That’s the position I’m in, too. But I won’t lie to you Cathy. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“So do it, Kyle. I can handle it. Please.”

Megan held my cock steady as I slowly pushed forward. It wasn’t like slipping into Megan the night before. Cathy’s body fought me. The strong muscles of her ass didn’t want me there and even though I was easily as hard as I’ve ever been, it was so hard to push in that I was bending away a little.

Megan slipped her fingers down around the head of my cock and circled the little rosebud it was pushed against. She had put a little more lube on her fingers, and the extra bit of glide must have been just enough. I felt the head of my cock as it passed a tight ring that dragged over it and pushed into it from all sides and then I slipped into her far enough that the ring slid over the my glans and onto my shaft.

Cathy’s shoulder’s and back were rigid with tension; I thought about running my fingers up to pinch some of the hardness out of them with a quick massage but as I eased my grip on Cathy’s hips she started to lean forward and I began to be pushed back out of her ass. Remembering my promise, I grabbed her hips and slowly moved deeper. Cathy’s face was turned away from me but I could hear her giving a high-pitched vibrato of a cry that was managing to force its way past hard clenched lips. This really was hurting her.

I looked over at Megan. She was looking down at where my cock had started to disappear, the head and maybe an inch and a half of the length of it now pushed inside. The look in her eyes was quietly intense, as though she was concentrating on enjoying and remembering what she saw before her. Her jaw had dropped slightly and her lips were barely parted. I couldn’t quite decide if the look of satisfaction on her face had more to do with arousal or revenge.

I leaned over to Megan and kissed her gently, slipping my tongue inside her lips and feeling her respond and give in to kissing me back. Then I pulled away and captured the stare of her eyes. I slid my eyes over towards where Cathy had now turned her head to one side, hoping Megan would look the same direction. Cathy’s eyes were shut in concentrated force, as though she could make all the pain retreat by pushing her eyes together harder. Her forehead and cheekbones were coming closer together and her eyes seemingly retreating into the folds. Her throat was vibrating with inwardly held sobs as the pain of my invasion registered.

Megan’s posture suddenly softened and she fell onto the bed next to her lover and raised her hand to stroke the side of Cathy’s face, and kissed her gently.

“Cathy, sugar, you have to relax. It won’t hurt so much then. Try this; stop trying to close off your ass. That’s what you’re doing right? You can feel Kyle’s cock and you want to shut off the way. Don’t clench from the sides. Focus on it higher, up behind your stomach and between your hips. Ok, sugar?”

The pressure against me eased a little as Cathy listened to Megan’s voice and I guess that she did what she was told with the muscles. But it might have been just as much the way that Megan was talking to her and that she was listening to Megan stole some of the concentration on clamping down. That hard ring of muscle still gripped me, but it moved back from the edge of pain and became a little more like it had been inside Megan, a pleasing grab of tightness. I looked down at where the first third of my cock was buried. It seemed otherworldly that as I looked down there was not another hole above the one I was in. Cathy’s pink skin was pulled tight around and it looked as though I were literally splitting her in two, as though I were being sucked right inside her body instead of slipping into an opening that had already existed.


Megan’s voice brought me back to the moment and I looked up at her. Cathy’s face was more relaxed, and her eyes were open and gazing at her girlfriend with a mixture of fear and trust. Megan turned her face briefly to kiss Cathy and then looked back at me.

“Cathy, Kyle is going to move forward when I tell him to, OK? When I tell him, I want you to push down on him like you are trying to push him out, OK? It sounds wrong, I know, but it will be easier. Once we get him all the way in, then we’ll give it a second for you to get used to it before he starts to go back and forth.”

Cathy gave a slight nod, her eyes locked on Megan the whole time. Megan looked back at me and stared into the back of my eyes. The air seemed to crackle with the intensity of that gaze.

“Push, Kyle. Go slow, but don’t stop until you can’t go any further.”

I leaned into Cathy and did as Megan told. I felt the change inside as Cathy responded to Megan’s whispered instructions. I began to ease in with much less resistance and it became more of an effort to hold back and move slowly than it was to push forward. I couldn’t see Cathy’s face because Megan was kissing her cheek and whispering in her ear, but I could tell that this was easier for her. She still had little shakes in her throat but the held-back high-pitched whine had gone away.

I kept slipping forward until finally I looked down and realized that there was no more of me to slide in. I was completely engulfed by Cathy’s asshole. The firm grasp of her was at the base of my cock and I could feel the gentler but still insistent hold the inside had on the rest of me. I held still there, leaning slightly over Cathy’s back while Megan stroked her hair and gave her little kisses. Megan whispered something that I couldn’t quite make out and Cathy gave the slightest of nods and put her head back down into the pillow.

Megan got up on her knees and ran her hands lightly down Cathy’s back until they were resting on her ass cheeks. She put her face right up to me so our noses were almost touching and I could not quite focus on her eyes because they were so close. She kissed me lightly and settled back on the backs of her legs, never losing eye contact as she ran her hand to where she could circle the edges of her girlfriends tightly stretched anus and tickle my cock.

“Now, I want you to pull back a little bit at a time Kyle, understand? I want to feel your hard prick moving back out of her, ok?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Move back nice and slow…”

I leaned back just a little and watched and felt as my dick slipped out slowly. Cathy’s virgin ass pushed at me as I moved back, but I stayed firm and gentle in my movements. The pressure was so firm; I had to almost push back in to keep from going too fast. Cathy started to lean forward but Megan’s hand reached out behind her and grasped Cathy’s shoulder in a message against that movement.

“Oh god, Kyle, yes, I have wanted to see that for so long. He looks so big in there, Cathy. Your little asshole is so stretched out. Now stop Kyle, don’t go too far. Stop before your head gets too far back, or she’ll push you right out. Now hold still for a moment. Here, wait, let me grab some more of this…”

Megan grabbed the Astroglide off the side table and poured some more around the opening, using her fingers to rub it all around the edges and back on the shaft of my cock. It felt wonderful, almost like she was jacking me off while the head of my dick was still inside Cathy’s ass.

“Ok, baby, now start going back in. Even gentle pace but don’t stop. Go all the way in. Cathy, sugar, how are you doing?”

Cathy could do little more then whimper. “It hurts Meg, it hurts. I don’t want sex to hurt.”

It seemed to be the wrong thing to say. A fire lit up in Megan’s eyes again, the same one that had been there a few minutes before when she had talked about the dildo Cathy used on her ass before, the look she had when she said she wanted me to hurt Cathy.

Megan grabbed the hair at the back of my head and slammed her lips down on mine with almost bruising force. Her tongue pierced my mouth and ravaged it, scouring the sides and exploring the inner edges of my teeth. Then she pulled away and looked me dead in the eyes.

“Don’t you dare stop, Kyle. Don’t you let that little soft streak of yours stop you from pounding her fucking ass for me. Pretend you’re on the goddamn football field or something, but don’t you stop fucking her. She’ll loosen up, and I am gonna make damn sure she enjoys it.”

So saying, Megan dropped back on the bed and kissed Cathy on more time before slipping he head beneath Cathy’s body. Suddenly I felt her hair on my legs, and I looked down to see Megan staring up at me from below us. She winked at me through the little space between Cathy’s body and mine and then her tongue snaked out to lap at Cat’s exposed pussy.

Cathy popped forward at the touch of Megan’s tongue and I had to grab her by the hips to keep myself inside her ass. I held still for a moment but the Megan’s hand snuck up behind me and gave a meaningful little push. I did as directed, and started burying most of my length inside Cathy again. Cathy gave a low moan, but slightly different this time. You could very definitely still hear the pain in it, but now something else was starting to awaken there too.

I slid in smooth and pulled back, never quite coming to the edge where I was in danger of popping out. As the tension eased a little in Cathy’s back I was less reluctant and I started to focus more on how good it felt for me and less on how it might feel for Cathy. The whole time Megan was nibbling and sucking at her, occasionally teasing me with a quick wet swipe across my balls or at the base of the shaft of my cock. We began to develop a smooth rhythm and more of the pain left Cathy’s voice and a little more pleasure crept in. I let myself get lost in the new sensation of this so much that I was quite surprised to feel Cathy’s back arch a little beneath me as Megan sucked her clit hard into her throat. I slowed my motion to almost a stop for a moment and was rewarded by a sharp slap across my bare ass from Megan’s free hand. I don’t know how long we were like this but Cathy now began to sound like she was enjoying it instead of enduring it.

The look on her face had changed dramatically. The pain still danced around the edges and the tears still leaked from the corners of her eyes, but at their center was a look of discovery. She was concentrating hard on both feelings. There was a third element as well, embarrassment or shame even, as though she still felt incredibly exposed and the fact that part of her was enjoying it just made it worse.

Then her eyes closed and I was surprised to see the little drop of her lip and the collapse of her cheeks that I knew meant Cathy was coming. In answer I felt her legs stiffen and her hips thrust down on Megan’s face beneath her. A long low moan escaped her with the orgasm and it was too much for me. The sight and sound of it combined with the way her contracting muscles were grabbing at me. It pushed me too far to hold on, and I fell into my own orgasm, filling Cathy’s ass with more cum then I would have thought possible after the last twenty-four hours.

Beneath us Megan grinned in triumph.

It was a good long time before either Cathy or I could say anything coherent. When I finally had found enough grounding to speak, I looked at Megan hovering over our prone forms with that grin still grasping her face.

“So? Get what you wanted, little miss slave driver?”

“Oh yes. It was awesome. Incredible, watching from there…”

“You okay, Cathy?”

“It hurt. I feel like I’m gonna be sore for a week. But, ok, maybe I could get used to it every once in a while. It is very different then being fucked normally. No need to ask you how you felt about it Kyle. I felt it. You got so hard just before you came.”

“So,” said Megan, “We are agreed then? All three of us, together? I don’t know how we’re gonna explain it at school, but I don’t really care. We’re not a couple, we’re a trio, right?” She bounced down beside me and I had Megan snuggled in under my left arm and Cathy under my right.

I glanced from one side to the other.

“Who gives a fuck what they say! I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

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