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Teaching a Lesson

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We had been in a relationship long enough to begin to find it just a little too settled. Everything was losing its shine and things seem to be much more mundane than even two weeks ago.

I remembered a conversation that we’d had about fantasies and what we would like to have happen sometime, but had never had the courage to ask for it. I couldn’t see letting our life together get old and boring so I resolved to do something about it as I remembered one particular fantasy that I thought I could make happen without too much planning.

As you dressed, I reminded you that we had a “thing” to go to the next evening and to make sure that you were home in plenty of time. I was letting you know now, so you could get done some of the smaller things on the job today that wouldn’t have to be done later. I saw you looking a little perplexed when you could not remember the plans that had been made. I let it pass.

I did some essential shopping for my little fantasy. I bought stockings with the seam up the back, you know the kind that makes your cock remember to stand up and take notice. Along with those I bought a new belt and bra. Being the basic kind a lady I am, I remembered that black goes with everything.

I also bought some sinfully red lipstick and co-ordinated nail polish. Just the thing to make the black pop a bit. To add to the effect some nice gold jewelry and a knock-em dead pair of red high-heeled shoes. Oh and a brand new hairbrush with a lovely wide head all done up in cool brushed gold toned metal.

I was set I had everything that we would need for your first fantasy. And I think if the truth be told, it was one of mine too.

You got home late from work because you were trying to get things done so tomorrow would be a short day. Throughout the day you said you had tried to remember what this thing was tomorrow but you just couldn’t remember us planning on going anywhere.

“Darling, “I said. “We talked about this a month ago, and we both decided that it was something we should attend. It will help you at the job and will get you some more exposure to people who might be interested in hiring you.” How could you argue with that statement? Your fledgling company was something you were very proud of and you knew that I had some people that could help you.

“OK, I don’t remember this party, but I know that you are trying to help me so I’ll go, I just wish I didn’t have to prance around in front of people and sale my self and my company to get job’s.”

My heart went out to you, but I understood what you meant. ” You won’t have to do it very long, just land one person from this crowd and you will have other’s falling all over themselves to get to you. Trust me on this, baby, please”

You gathered me into your arms and kissed me. “I do trust you. And that is one of the things that makes it so frustrating to me, you are always right, and then I feel badly that I ever doubted you in the first place.”

“Don’t feel like that, there are times when I am sure that I will not have the right answer and that I will fail you in someway, just remember that I am on your side and only want you to be happy.”

I kissed you and we found better things to do.

I spent the day getting ready for the evening. Cleaning the bedroom and re-arranging some furniture so the room would be just right for what I had planned. I set some candles around and some fresh flowers too. You are learning to live with the frou-frou stuff, as you call it. But lately you have been admitting that it does alter the mood and set the tone for the moment.

I love that about you, you aren’t so set in your ways that you must always have things a certain way. You are willing to let me be who I am and you don’t feel emasculated when I make choices that affects both of us. And that even though some people see me as a bitch, to you I am ultra feminine and completely a lady. You treat me with respect and gentleness, always.

I take a wonderful bubble bath and do my hair and nails. I have my make up on by the time you walk in the door of the bedroom. You notice the changes in the room.

“This looks nice arranged like this. It is more intimate this way.” You say.

I get up and kiss you. Leading you to a newly positioned chair I push you back into it and hand you a cold drink. I want you to unwind a little and enjoy the show I am going to put on for you.

As you begin to sip at your drink, I sit down at the dressing table. I push the robe off of my shoulders and let it fall down my back a little. I have bared just enough of me to put lotion on my shoulders and neck. I pull the robe back up and then put one of my legs on the dressing bench. I put lotion into my hand and then onto my leg, lifting it up and smoothing the lotion all the way to my thigh. I repeat the process with my other leg. I notice that you are watching intently. I stand up and shrug out of the robe. I walk to the bed and throw the robe across it. I pull something off of the pile of clothing. It is a black lace panty, the kind that you had commented on when we watched the lingerie show the other night. I bend over, showing you a very lovely view of my ass as I draw the panties up my legs. I turn around when they are at my upper thighs. You notice that I have shaved all of my pubic hair. Something you have wanted me to do for a while. You make as to get up but I put a hand on your shoulder to hold you in the chair.

“Darling, would you put lotion on my back for me?” I ask.

You shake your head and set your drink on the floor. I get the lotion from my dressing table and come back to the chair. I know that you think I will sit on the floor so you can put it on, but I push your legs apart and sit in what is left of your lap, making sure that I wiggle around. I hear the hitch in your breath and feel your excitement. I hand you the lotion over my shoulder giving you no time to begin anything. You pour some lotion onto your hand and then take your time rubbing it onto my back. Large circular, soothing motions. Eventually you begin to rub up and down my ribcage, moving your hands further and further to the front. I allow you your way and lean back onto your chest as you begin to knead my breasts. You begin to twist and pull on my nipples, something that you know I love. But I move your hands away and stand up.

“We don’t have time for that, go take your shower we have to be there in an hour.” I said as I walked back to the dressing table and sat down. You sigh and get undressed. I watch you as you move into the bathroom to grab a shower.

While you are in the shower I apply a favorite scent; one that I know you enjoy and associate with the first time we made love. I put on the new bra, something that I have not worn before, a shelf bra that cradles my breasts and lets the nipples peek out of some very soft lace. There is a large expanse of my chest that is bare. I don’t want you to miss my nipples, so I pick up the new red lipstick and apply some to my nipples, rubbing it into them and making them a striking red contrast to the black lace. When you look you will see two luscious berries lying on a bed of black lace. Satisfied with the effect I move on to the garter belt and fasten it into place.

I hear the water shut off and soon you are walking out of the bathroom toweling yourself dry. You are just about to speak when you look at me and find me just putting on the first stocking. My leg is bent at the knee and I am just slipping the foot onto mine. As I extend my leg, I pull the stocking up until I have it all the way up in the front, still siting there I fasten the front to the garter. I gather the next one up and do the same thing. I stand up and move across the room to the mirror. I turn and look to see if my stocking seams are straight. I sneak a peek at you and notice that even though you managed to get yourself under control in what I am sure was a cold shower, you have now become rock hard.

I look at you now and say, “I need some help. Would you mind fastening the garters in the back so I don’t mess up the seam? ” I love the look on your face. It is one of sheer ecstasy and lust and I know that you are falling right in with my plans. You come over and go down on your knees. You slip some fingers under the top of the stocking to get a grip and then you catch the garter end with the other hand after you get that done you place a kiss on the back of my leg just where my leg and ass meet. You repeat the process with the other one. Then you try to turn me around so you can kiss my mound through the panties, but I push you so you have to reach back to use your hands to stop from tumbling onto your back. ” I already told you no, we don’t have time for that, if you keep this up I will make you regret it.”

I have never threatened you with anything so you think that I am playing. You get up off your knees and come toward me as I bend over to slip the red high heels onto my feet. I hear you groan as you see them and my ass sticking up in open invitation. You grab my hips and run your cock up and down the crack in my ass, enjoying the feel of the silk against the hardness of your cock. I feel pre cum as it is absorbed into the panties.

I push your hands away from me and turn around, you think that I am ready to let you have what you want and you think nothing of it when you feel me running my hand down your chest to you penis. I cup your balls and pull down on them until you wince.

“Do I have your attention now?” I ask.

You shake your head yes because you can not speak for fear of your voice breaking. I move my hand up even though I still have a firm grasp on your balls. I walk to the dressing table and you have no choice but to follow me. You can not see what I pick up because my body blocks your view. Whatever I have picked up I hold it down to my side so you can’t see and then I turn and pull you along to the chair. I sit down and some of the pressure is taken off of your scrotum because I am sitting lower than they are. I put the item that I was carrying on the floor under the skirting of the chair.

” Darling, you have been such a bad boy, I am afraid that you have to be punished now. How will you ever learn when I am serious if you don’t listen to me when I say no. Your are just like a naughty little boy who sees the candy and wants some so he reaches out to grab as much as he can and doesn’t worry about anyone else. Like all naughty little boys you have to be taught a lesson and I hope that after your punishment you will behave better. If you don’t we may have to keep repeating this lesson until you have learned it.”

I pull you down by your balls until you are kneeling on the floor. You are eye to eye with me now and I love the look of confusion in your eyes. You aren’t quite sure of what is happening but you know that you like it.

I put my hand behind your back and push on it until you understand that I want you to lie across my lap. On your way down you notice that my nipples are nestled in their bed of lace and that they are very hard. Yes, I am enjoying this tremendously. Again I hear you groan as you try to settle. But I want you off balance so I pull your balls until I can slip your cock in between my legs. I open them and pen your cock in the vice of my legs. This will give me added insurance that you won’t go anywhere.

It dawns on you what is finally happening and I can feel your cock become even harder, if that is possible. I begin to feel a small stream of pre cum as you leak with your excitement.

” Do you know what is going to happen to you?” I ask.

Yes, mistress”, you say. ” You are going to spank your naughty boy so he will learn that when you say no, you mean it.”

” Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do, but first I want you to tell me how may times you need to be spanked before you think you will remember.” I say as I am rubbing you ass, enjoying the friction of it against my hand, all the time making it more sensitive.

You seems to be considering this way to much so I give you a quick stinging slap across you right cheek and then one across your left. “How many naughty boy, don’t keep me waiting any longer or I will decide for you.”

I look down and I love the red print of my hand taking shape on your lovely backside. I can feel my juices begin to flow.

“Ten, mistress,” you say, ” five across each cheek,”

I pretend to consider this as I run my fingernails back and forth over the handprints on you ass. It keeps you sensitized and will help you feel the pleasure pain that you should get from this.

“No, I think ten on each side is a much more fitting punishment, you will think twice about trying to take what you want when I say no. The lesson will stay with you longer. And darling boy, you will count for me, each spank that you receive you will count. If you cum then you will have to clean it up and do as I tell you for the rest of the weekend. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” you said.

I sat and just rub your lovely ass, while you try not to wiggle. I want the anticipation to build for you. I can feel your cock exuding a steady stream of pre cum. You are so ready.

I draw my hand back and bring it down with as much force as I can on your left check. I wait for you to begin counting, quickly you groan out, “One.”

Down comes my hand again, on the right cheek. “Two” I hear. Then I go in rapid succession until I have reached ten. Your ass in a bright shade of red and is beginning to give off a very pleasant warmth, this is what I have been waiting for. I reach under the skirting of the chair and pull out my new brush. It is cool to the touch and I lay it against you ass so you can feel the coolness. I watch as goose flesh rises on you ass and up your back. You are perfection lying there across my lap learning your lesson, but I know that you will not succeed; I have made sure of it. You are beginning to enjoy the smooth feel of the brush back on you heated skin, I know it is time to show you what else you can feel from it. I raise my hand again and bring down the brush on your butt, there is more of a sting now and I hear just a little grunt of pain before you resume your counting. Nine more times I bring the brush down on your bottom and each time you manage to get the count for me. You think you punishment is over but I know better. I turn the brush over and begin to run the soft bristles up and down your over sensitive skin. You start squirming because you are fighting to stay in control of your body. I finally play my ace card; I pull a small tray from under the chair and pick up the butt plug that I had hidden there before you got home. It is well lubed so I know that I will not hurt you. I open your cheeks with one hand and feel you tense just a little as you feel the coolness of the lube on your anus. Gently but forcefully I apply pressure until it has slipped all the way into you, stopping only when it reaches the flange.

You relax thinking you have won. But I begin to rotate the plug rubbing it around the inside of you until I hear you suck in your breathe, this tells me that I just rubbed up against your prostrate. I have found what I want and I begin a subtle in out fucking motion. I love to hear your moaning, it sounds like music to my ears. I hear the raggedness of your breathing and know that even though you are fighting yourself to keep from cumming you can not last. I rub your back in soothing circular motions as I piston the butt plug in and out of you always making sure to hit your prostrate. You are so valiant my darling, but soon you can not hold back and you cum. Long spurts time and time again until you empty yourself.

I allow myself one small smile of success before I push you off of my lap and onto the floor. You sit at my feet and look at me waiting to see what I will ask of you now. I am surprised to see the wetness in your eyes. I know that nothing I did was hard enough to hurt you for long, but I did not realize how deeply you wanted this fantasy to play out.

Slowly I open my legs so you can see the cum glistening off of my skin, panties and stockings.

“Look what you have done, naughty boy. I told you that if you came I would punish you further. You have made this mess, now you have to clean it up…….. with your mouth and tongue.”

You look like you might bulk at this, but I give you time to work it out. You have remembered our long ago conversation and your remember that it was agreed that if a fantasy was begun it was to be played out unless one of use called a stop to it by saying, I surrender.

I see that you are not willing to surrender as you get on your knees. You put your head on top of my shoes and kiss each one. Then you move up my legs kissing here and there on each until you reach the beginning of your cum. Your tongue comes out and you begin to lick it up. Again you move from leg to leg until you reach my crotch and see the cum soaking my panties.

I open my legs wider so you can have better access and gently cup the back of your head as you begin to clean them. I feel your hot breath on my cunt and I feel the moisture of your tongue through the silk of the panties. Soon it is not your cum that stains my panties but my own. You keep working your mouth against me until I am spent.

I loosen my hold on the back of your neck and lean down. I kiss you gently and completely.

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