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Work Relief

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The whole thing started about a month after I started a new job. One day a fellow co-worker by the name of Burl, who took a liking to me almost as soon as I started there, came up to me after work one day with a most unusual request. He offered to give me a blowjob anytime I wanted it. Burl pretty much had free run of the top floor storage room so if I did agree to it we sure wouldn’t be interrupted.

Normally I’d be sticking my eight-inch dick between a nice big pair of tits or a nice, snug pussy. I didn’t even understand why Burl would make such an offer as I never made any kind of overt gesture that I wanted a blowjob. I know that I was an easy to like guy and I occasionally walked around with a woody in my pants. Hell, if I could I’d blow myself off before I’d let another guy put his lips around my big dick.

I told Burl that I wasn’t into gay sex and wasn’t interested. Burl didn’t seem upset by my response and that the offer was still out there if I was interested.

Then came the day when I had one of the biggest boners of my life. I don’t know what the hell brought it on but I limped around the building like some sort of gimp. I tried going to the men’s room to find relief there by jerking off but there were other employees in their stealing quick smokes. In fact, there was no other place in the building that I’d be able to find relief, except one. When no one was looking I quickly snuck upstairs to take Burl up on his most generous offer.

“Burl,” I called out as soon as I reached the second floor storage area.

“Yeah?” Burl yelled from the back of the room.

As soon as he realized who it was he came running out of the back area with a huge grin on his face.

Closing the door securely behind me, I blatantly cupped my hand over the huge bulge in the front of my pants. “I need a little help, buddy.”

“Well, come on back here, Frank, and lets see what you got for me.” He said and quickly led me down one of the aisles until we were all but invisible to anyone coming in the door. Within seconds he plopped down on a packing crate and was fumbling with the front of my pants. He quickly fished my eight-inch cock out and was sucking the whole thing down his throat.

Burl was soon sucking my dick for all it was worth, working his lips up and down my painfully throbbing shaft until I was ready to spew my hot load down his throat. As if sensing that that was about to happen Burl yanked my dick out of his mouth with a loud plop. Before I knew what was happening Burl spun me around, yanked my pants down and shoved his face between my ass cheeks. Holy shit, I thought. I had never experienced anything like this before. His hot tongue felt so fucking good lapping against the puckered ring of my sphincter. Then he started to run his tongue up and down the crack of my hot ass, constantly zeroing in on the wrinkled rim of my virgin asshole.

“Holy Christ Almighty!” I gasped as Burl tongued my ass. He was driving me crazy and closer to an explosive ejaculation when I heard someone come up the aisle.

“Goddamn,” A deep voice barked. “I gotta come up here more often. I been missing out on all the fun.”

I turned my head just as Marcus; the black manager of the loading dock came walking up to us. I could only imagine his surprise at finding two male co-workers going at it like we were. I was mortified to be standing in front of him half-naked, my dick hanging out while Burl knelt behind me licking my ass. I stammered to answer him.

“I……..I’m not gay….!” I said in my own defense, standing up straight and pushing Burl away from me, removing his slobbering tongue from between my ass cheeks. “Burl wanted to suck my cock……….”

“Hey, don’t make no difference to me, man,” he said as he slowly walked up to us, groping himself through his work pants. “And no one else will find out, just as long as I get a piece of the action.”

Suddenly he yanked out one of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen. The 10 inch cock looked massive as he held it in his fist and looked even bigger when he place it next to mine, gesturing to Burl to help himself. Burl’s eyes grew feverishly wide as he opened his mouth as wide as he could and swallowed several inches of the black man’s huge dick. Then he moved back and forth between our two cocks, first sucking Marcus’s, then mine. Then opening his mouth even wider he actually managed to take the both of us in his mouth. My aching cock actually felt strange pressed up against another man’s cock while sliding in out of a third man’s mouth.

Marcus, who stood a little taller than I was, wrapped his big muscular arm around my shoulder as we stood next to each other. I glanced over at him and smiled nervously while I was enjoying my blowjob, he smiled back at me then slid his arm down until I felt his right hand firmly cup one of my butt cheeks. I gasped as he worked his fingers between my crack until he was firmly between them, the tip of his middle finger poking at the tight ring of my sphincter. Little by little Marcus began to worm his finger into the tight orifice, which had been so well lubricated, by Burl’s tongue and saliva that his finger popped past my anus effortlessly. I tensed as his finger slipped deeper inside my ass, moving much more smoothly then I would have thought possible. Slowly he began to thrust his middle finger in and out of my asshole.

In the meantime Burl was doing an excellent job of satisfying both of us with his mouth, sucking our cocks for all they were worth, working up a lot of saliva until both of our disks glistened with spit.

Then Marcus abruptly yanked his cock free from Burl’s mouth with a moist pop. Burls looked up curiously at the sudden lose of cock, but he continued to suck contentedly on my own hard dick. I grew a little nervous when Marcus suddenly moved up behind me, his big finger still thrusting in and out of my ass at a steady pace, then he introduced a second finger into my bunghole and churned my ass even harder. After several minutes of hard plunging my ass was noticeably wetter and looser than before. Marcus slowly pulled his fingers from my rectum until they came free, then he crowded in behind me and shoved his cockhead into the crack of my ass, pressing the swollen gland against my sphincter.

“NO, wait!” I exclaimed as I felt Marcus start to press into the crack of my ass, his huge cock tip bearing down on my tiny anus. I didn’t sign on to get my ass fucked, but with Burl sucking my cock deeper into his throat it was hard for me to move. Then I felt Marcus dig his fingers in my butt cheeks and spread them apart, at the same time he pulled me toward him as he started to push harder against my ass. I started to squirm around in panic as his huge cockhead began to force its way inside. “No, don’t, ugh, goddamit, ugggh . . . no, it won’t fit!”

“Relax, man,” Marcus said in a hoarse voice, gripping my ass even harder as he pulled me up against him, grinding his hips hard against my buttocks as he forced more of his cockhead through my virgin asshole. “It will go in fine if you just learn to relax. Otherwise, it’s going to be real painful.”

I found myself standing up on the tips of my toes to get away from the piercing pain that was starting to shoot through my bowels as Marcus’s dick violated my ass for the first time. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, I’d come up here to the second floor storage room to get my cock sucked and now my asshole was being abused by another co-worker at the same time. I don’t think I could live with myself if any one else were to discover us now it was fucking humiliating. I suddenly jerked in pain as the massive cockhead ripped through my anus and fully penetrated my ass. But instead of stopping for a moment to rest my black co-worker continued to drive all ten inches of his cock into my bowels. I bit my bottom lip hard as the big black cock filled my ass, the head lodged deep inside me. I stood there quivering as stabbing pain shot through my ass, slowly it started to fade until it became just a dull ache. Slowly I relaxed against Marcus as his huge hot black cock filled my ass, slowly he started to pump his massive phallus in and out of my painfully stretched ass.

“Oh, mothefucker, that hurt . . . goddamn…” I managed to say through tightly clenched teeth in response to this unbelievable turn of events.

Marcus, judging from the way he was moaning and groaning in my ear, was actually getting off on fucking me in the ass. The black dock foreman had a girlfriend in the front office and I’d seen them having lunch together many times. Hell, I even caught them feeling each other up in the back of the loading dock, but what he was doing now was totally against character. Or so I thought. Glancing over my shoulder at him I could see the look of pure lust on his rugged features. Moving his hands around to grip my hips Marcus really started to roll his hips, plunging that thick black dick of his into my ass with real desire. It must have really made his day to be plugging a white boys ass. His thick full lips curled back away from his teeth, grimacing fiercely as put all his effort into plowing my ass with his huge cock.

“Oh yeah, man, that’s one tight hole you got. Ugggh, you even tighter than my girlfriends’ ass. Mmmmmmmm, yeah, that’s it! Just relax and open that sweet ass up for me. Yeah……yeah, that’s the way, man, oh yeah, take it up the ass! Take it all the way up the ass!”

The big black man’s words, breathed hotly in my ear were definitely having an effect on me. I could feel my ass start to relax around his thick thrusting column of black flesh as he started to fuck me faster. I gripped Burl by the shoulders for balance and spread my legs further apart. I arched my back and stood on the tips of my toes as I raised my ass higher, giving Marcus total access to my stuffed hole. He could fuck it anyway he wanted. I didn’t care anymore. My own mother could have walked in and I would have begged Marcus to keep fucking me!

My rectum was on fire as it was continuously stretched to the breaking point by my co-workers massive cock. I could feel the muscles of my asshole pulled taut as Marcus pulled his wide cockhead almost completely clear of my hole, only to have him savagely ram it all the way back in, his swollen balls slapping against my butt cheeks. He was so forceful that I nearly fell over Burl who was still kneeling in front of me with a mouthful of my swollen cock. But after gripping Burl more securely I was standing firmly in place while Marcus pummeled my ass. My rectum soon adjusted to the thick girth of his cock until it was now a wide, wet O that could easily handle the long hard strokes Marcus was dishing out on my asshole.

“Holy fucking shit, Marcus! Ohh, goddamn! Ram it in me, Marcus! Fuck me harder! Ohh, shit! Ohh, goddammit!”

“Yeah man, I’m fucking you alright. I’m gonnaa cum in your white ass, too. Where you want me to? huh?”

I was a little confused by his statement. I knew he was fucking my ass but good and didn’t have time to slip on a rubber. But I was so hot for his big black cock that it didn’t even think about consequences of his shooting his hot load in my ass. My mind was a whirlwind of lust and desire. I couldn’t think straight. Was he really ready to shoot his load? Should I even attempt to stop him? Could I even make him stop if I wanted?

But the whole thing became moot when I felt Marcus suddenly grew rigid behind me, his fingers dug harder into my hips as pulled me backwards, completely impaling me on his huge boner. He held me hard against him as his entire body started to shudder from head to toe. I felt his already hard cock turn to steel inside me chute as he held himself hard against me, his swollen balls pressed hard into the crack of my ass.

“Aaggggggghhhhhhhhh! FUCKK!” Marcus growled into my ear.

I suddenly tensed my body in anticipation as his cock shaft jerked and throbbed wildly inside my tight anal passage. His cockhead suddenly swelled up as the first load of white hot cum spurted from the tip of his black cock. My asshole trembled as it was bathed with Marcus’s thick, hot man seed. I gasped out loud as my black co-worker dumped load after load of his churning cum inside my shit chute. His harsh breathing grew louder in my ear as he leaned forward and started to bite the lobe of my ear. Then Marcus began to savagely ram his cock in and out of my ass as he sperm continued to spew from his pisshole, churning my asshole into a sodden mess of hot, stickiness.

Meanwhile Burl realized what was happening above him and began to deep throat my cock with a new sense or urgency. His mouth sliding all the way down the swollen length of my cock until his nose was rubbing against my pubic hair. Again and again he swallowed my cock until it was slick with his hot spit. Before long the combined stimulation of Burl’s cock sucking and Marcus’s continued cum eruption in my ass was more than my senses could handle and I started to cum. I threw my head back against Marcus’s muscular shoulder and cried out in ecstasy as thrust my cock down Burl’s throat one last time.


My cock stiffened inside of Burl’s mouth just as I, too, started to spurt hot cum from the end of my dick. I grabbed Burl by the hair and jerked his face into my crotch, slamming my spewing cock all the way down his throat at the same time. Hot sperm thundered from the end of my dick and flooded Burl’s mouth until his cheeks swelled with my hot load.

“Uuuummmmmmmmhhhhh, uuummmmmmmmmhhhh, uuummmmhh” He murmured around my pulsating cock shaft, working his throat as he swallowed load after load of my precious seed. I continued to fuck his face for a few minutes more until my eruptions of cum began to subside. I tried to pull my cock out but Burl continued to nurse my softening cock like a baby calf at its mother teat.

Marcus drew in a long deep breath behind me once he had stopped hosing down my ass with his cum. Still gripping my hips he pushed me forward while pulling back with his hips, allowing his rubbery slab of cum-soaked meat from my ass. Then he gave me a playful slap on the ass.

“Best ass I ever fucked,” he said as he buttoned up his shirt and pulled up his pants. He looked at me and smiled. “I’ll see you downstairs.”

I stood there for a few seconds until I heard Marcus close the door to the storage room, and then looked at my watch. Damn, I was already five minutes late getting back from lunch. People were going to start wondering what happened to me. What if they saw Marcus then me coming from the storage room minutes after each other? It wasn’t like we socialized on the floor. I had to take the chance that nobody would be paying attention. Burl was still enthusiastically sucking my dick, so liking the taste of my dick that he didn’t want to let it go, as I placed my hand on his head and gently pushed him away. I knew I didn’t have to worry about Burl keeping this a secret, not if he wanted to suck my cock again. Or face the wrath of both Marcus and myself.

I quietly made my way down to the first floor and returned to my workstation without incident. No one seemed to notice that I had even been gone. I somehow had convinced myself that my co-workers had only to look at me to know that I had just gotten fucked. But nobody even raised his or her head when I sat down. Relieved I went back to my pile of work. But as it turns out that wasn’t the end of the incident.

It was only the beginning.

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