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Blind Date

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You get that occasional blind date where you both seem to just click. You like the same things, you find you have friends in common, you’re opinions are similar, and there’s a romantic hue cast over the entire date. You rejoice and bless the person who set you up.

This was not one of those dates. My neighbour and friend, Karen, had set me up with Janet, assuring me we had a lot in common, she was a nice girl, easy to get on with and, if I played my cards right, I might even get lucky.

I picked up Janet and off we went. I’d booked a place at a well-known restaurant, but it was not the one Janet would have gone to if she’d had a choice. We had different political opinions, and different artistic opinions.

We hadn’t even finished the first course and I knew that the entire night was a bust.

“Janet,” I said, as soon as we’d finished the first course. “No offence, but it seems to me that this whole evening is going to be a waste of both your time and my time. May I suggest that after we have our coffee, I’ll escort you home and we’ll leave it at that? If nothing else, you’ll have enjoyed a good meal.

Ah, if you’ve already texted someone to come and rescue you, you might like to cancel that.”

She blushed and took out her phone.

Subsequently I took her home and dropped her off. She didn’t invite me inside. If she had, I wouldn’t have gone. I went home.

Karen must have seen me arrive home. Alone. She came charging around to my place almost before I was inside.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded. “You’re supposed to be out with Janet. Have you stood her up? How can I face her if you’ve gone and stood her up?”

“Come on in, Karen,” I said. Maybe that was a little sarcastic. She was already inside, having barged in with only a pretence of knocking.

“No, I didn’t stand her up. We agreed that we wouldn’t suit, so I took her back home as soon as dinner was over.”

“But why?” wailed Karen. “I’d have thought you were perfect for each other.”

“Let’s see. I think part of the problem was that Janet seemed to be under the impression that I was an intellectual and artistic moron, a brow beating redneck who’s taste in music never got past low dive ditties. I, on the other hand, thought that she was a pretentious idiot, swallowing whole any garbage fed to her as long as it was delivered in an authoritative and pompous voice.”

“Artistic moron? Did you let her know that you play classical music on the violin, and that you’re very good at it?”

“The subject never arose. She was too busy contradicting everything I said.”

“Um. I guess she can be a little dogmatic, can’t she.”

“Somewhat. Actually, I’m glad you dropped over. There’s something I’ve been considering a lot lately, and I’d like your opinion. Come on. I want to show you something.”

I turned and wandered down to my bedroom with Karen trailing behind, curious as a cat. Standing at the end of the bed I had a Cheval mirror. Quite a good one.

I sat on the end of the bed and invited Karen to stand in front of me, facing the mirror. Now Karen wasn’t dressed to go out. She was dressed for knocking around the house, because that’s what she’d been doing. She had on a sort of short shift and tights.

“Now tell me what you see.”

“Ah, I see myself in the mirror.”

“Uh-huh. And what do you see now.”

My hands slid under the hem of her short shift and took hold of her tights and with one smooth motion I brought both them and her panties down.

“Michael,” she shrieked.

My hands were on the front of her legs, moving smoothly upwards. (And preventing Karen from pulling her tights back up, by a happy coincidence.)

“I said, what do you see,” I reminded her.

“Ah, myself with your hands on my legs.”

Strictly speaking they were no longer on her legs. They’d come together at her groin and were not rubbing smoothly over her mons, lifting her shift as they came.

“This isn’t funny, Michael. Let me go.”

“Oddly enough, I’m not smiling,” I pointed out, steadily lifting her shift higher. As soon as my hands reached her bust line I moved them behind her and unhitched her bra.

“Michael, enough is enough. You are not taking off my clothes, so cut it out.”

“Karen, after tonight’s debacle with Janet, I’m not too happy with you, so just be a good girl and stand there. And lift your arms, please.”

She did as she was told and her shift and bra came right off. Now my hands were travelling back down her body.

“The mirror, Karen. Are you watching what’s happening.”

If she was she’d be watching my hands close over her breasts and begin gently massaging them.

“Michael, you’re being ridiculous. I’ve told you that I don’t date neighbours and I definitely don’t sleep with them. Now let me get my clothes back on.”

“Mmm. No, I don’t think so. Not just yet. Your objections to dating neighbours are silly. I’m only renting and can always move away. As for not sleeping with me, that I can accept. But as I have no intention of sleeping, it’s also irrelevant. Just watch the show in the mirror.”

The show in the mirror had moved on, with my hands now massaging her mons and dipping between her legs. Karen instinctively moved her legs together, protecting herself. I shrugged and moved further down.

I pushed her tights and panties down further, tapping her ankle and telling her to lift. After a moment’s hesitation she did so and I eased the clothing right off. A tap on the other ankle, a lifted leg and the discard tights were tossed to the side while I kept her foot slightly raised.

Now my hand was able to travel up the inside of her leg, moving up to close possessively over her mound. I started gently massaging.

“Michael, you’re being silly. You don’t really want to be doing this.”

“If I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t be doing it,” I pointed out. “Take a step to the side and tell me what’s in the mirror.”

She moved sidewards one step, watching the mirror. She could now see me sitting on the bed and my cock was out and blatantly erect.

“Oh my god. You’re serious. You seriously think I’ll let you have sex with me.”

I moved her back between me and the mirror, my hands dancing over her body. I brought one round and ran it over her bottom, then let it dip down and slip between her legs, gently probing her womanhood.

“Very soon, my love, I’m going to draw you back and you will settle down onto me, watching yourself get taken in that mirror.

My hands teased and tormented while Karen watched in the mirror. And she was watching. I could see her eyes in the mirror, tracking the movements of my hands. Her breathing was getting harsher, and her face was flushed.

Her protests were so ineffectual and unconvincing that even she realised it and stopped trying to make them. She was squirming slightly as she stood there, her body undulating in front of the mirror.

Finally I put my hands on her hips and drew her towards me. There was no resistance. She just moved easily under my control until she was straddling my legs. Reflected between her parted legs she could clearly see my erection rearing up, waiting.

I didn’t need to tell her what to do. She reached down and moved me forward slightly, then sank slowly down. Her lips pressed against my cock, parted, and slipped down and around me, Karen settling lightly on to me, but letting me sink in deep.

I watched her as she settled, her eyes never leaving that junction where my cock was invading her person. My hands were on her breasts, holding her firmly against me, and gradually I filled her, joined with her completely.

We just sat there for a moment or two, then I settled back onto the bed, my movement driving me just a little deeper into her. I encouraged her to turn to face me, which she did, still straddling me. Reaching up I brought her down so that she was lying on top of me and held her there, my hands rubbing her back while I kissed her.

We stayed like that for some little time, effectively just cuddling one another and kissing, the fact that I was inside her almost irrelevant at that point. Almost.

We were both very much aware of that point of contact, both of us knowing that our awareness would only increase.

Eventually I began to move, pushing up against her and relaxing, pushing and relaxing. Karen responded, rocking in place as I gently urged her on.

The gentle coming together didn’t stay gentle for very long. I started moving more strongly, and Karen moved with me, her body eagerly accepting me and coming back for more. She pushed up until she was in a sitting position again, bouncing up and down with a flattering enthusiasm.

I just lay back and let her continue. Hah! I was going to stop her? This particular activity had been way overdue between us and I was going to enjoy it. I gave what assistance was required but, on the whole, let Karen take the lead.

Karen bounced and squealed, her excitement plain on her face. My excitement may or may not have been plain to see on my face, but the size and rigidity of my pole spoke volumes.

There was no way that I was going to let Karen have all the running, of course. I let her bounce, but kept a sharp eye on both my and her reactions. For similar reasons, too. I didn’t want either of us firing off before the other was ready. This was, I’ll admit, mainly aimed at myself to stop me firing too early. The watch on Karen was a desperate attempt to judge her vulnerability to a well-timed final thrust.

Finally, deciding that the frenetic activity she was starting to exhibit was a sign of things to come, I rolled over, taking her with me. Karen gave a startled squeal, followed by a few more when I started driving lustily home.

It turned out that I’d timed things well. I started to hose her down and Karen screamed and climaxed, clinging to me as if I rode her through to a finish.

Afterwards I just held her, gently stroking her back as she cuddled up against me. We didn’t say anything, both of us content to just lie there. After a while Karen broke her decision not to sleep with a neighbour. She just nodded off. I held her for a little longer, then did the same.

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