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Making Friends

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Amber dabbed the corner of her mouth with a tissue as she finished applying the blood red lipstick she was testing.

“That’s a great color for you,” the girl behind the counter said, “very sexy.”

Amber smiled and thanked the girl. She was pretty sexy herself. She stood as tall as Amber herself, who was a solid 5’10” and had curves that were barely disguised by the smock she wore to keep makeup off her clothes.

Her black hair fell straight past her shoulders and framed a stunning caramel complected face with stunning green eyes.

“I’m Leah,” the salesgirl said, offering her hand.

Amber took her hand and exchanged the customary greetings while thinking to herself about the way those soft hands would feel on her body. Her pussy started tingling and she could feel herself begin to get wet at the though. Damn. She really needed to get laid. Amber quickly pulled herself out of her reverie as she realized Leah was speaking.

“Look, I don’t know if you’re busy, but I’m having a party tonight. Maybe you could stop by if you’re free? You can bring a friend if you want.”

“Sure,” Amber replied, “I don’t really know anyone around here yet. I just moved here. Bad breakup with my long term boyfriend and I needed a change of scenery. ”

“I know the feeling,” Leah replied, “but I have a feeling we’re going to become great friends.”

She winked at Amber and Amber felt herself blushing. Could Leah know what she’d been thinking about her just a few moments ago? She quickly got Leah’s information and said goodbye, hurrying out of the store with her purchases to get ready for the party.

When she got home she slipped into a bubble bath, scrubbing her body with lightly scented scrub to make her skin soft. As she massaged the soap around her DD breasts she imagined someone else’s hands on her body, rubbing, squeezing, tweaking her nipples and moving down…

She toweled off and got dressed for the party, then checked her reflection in the mirror before she left. Her fiery Auburn hair hung in its natural waves down to her waist and her ivory skin was still glowing from the warmth of the bath. She had squeezed into a classic little black dress since she was unsure of the dress for the party and it hugged her full hips and rounded ass like a glove. Her perky tits were straining at the low neckline and since she’d forsaken a bra her nipples were peeping out. She applied a little mascara to accentuate her big brown eyes, checked her lipstick, and was out the door.

She opted for a taxi in case she had too many drinks and was soon pulling up in front of a large building downtown. She rang the bell and was immediately buzzed in. Leah met her at the door and pulled her into the noisy room filled with people talking, laughing, and dancing to the music that thumped over the speakers.

Leah looked amazing. She was wearing a leather bustier that showed off her perfectly round tits and bared a few inches of her hard tanned stomach above a tight black miniskirt. Amber knew she couldn’t possibly have any underwear under that smooth skirt and licked her lips at the thought. Leah had legs for miles and the 5″ fuck-me heels she had on only accentuated that fact.

Leah leaned in to talk into Amber’s ear, her tits brushing Amber’s arm, making her nipples tighten in response.

“Come meet my boyfriend!” she shouted over the noise.

Amber felt a stab of disappointment. Leah wasn’t available. Well, maybe she had a guy in mind for her. Lord knew it had been a while since she’d had any action. Moving to a city where she didn’t know anyone had created quite a dry spell which was hard on a girl like Amber. She found herself masturbating several times a day to curb her sexual frustration.

Leah pulled her into a hallway and led her into a bedroom, closing the door behind her.

“Sorry,” Leah said, “it’s so noisy out there I can’t hear myself think. I wanted to be able to make a proper introduction. This is my boyfriend Drew.”

Drew stood up from where he’d been seated on the bed. He was tall-towering over the both of them. He wore a tight t-shirt that accentuated his obviously cut torso and expensive jeans. He had a shaggy mop of dark hair and a beautifully white smile as he greeted her.

“This is the girl I told you about,” Leah said to him, coming to put her arm around Amber’s waist.

“You were right,” Drew responded, “she’s amazingly sexy.”

Amber felt herself blushing and laughed off the compliment as she followed them back out to the party.

She was worried that she’d be a wallflower in the crowd, but Leah stuck to her side all night, putting drink after drink in her hand. She was soon feeling a nice buzz. So did the rest of the party apparently, as people soon began getting wild and losing their clothes. Before long, there were people coupling up everywhere she looked while the crowd cheered them on.

Just to her right was a tiny blonde riding a huge black cock while another one sprayed her face. Her pussy was dripping wet from watching all the action around her. Wasn’t there somebody who would help her out tonight? She was tired of getting off by herself.

She wandered away a little bit and came upon another group-two girls and a guy this time. There was a full figured brunette on her hands and knees getting fucked doggy style while she ate another brunette’s shaved pussy. Amber was so horny she started to squirm to try to alleviate the pressure in her pussy.

She jumped when she felt a hand on her lower back and turned around to see Leah had returned. Leah was smiling.

“Like what you see?” she asked, lightly rubbing her hand over Amber’s ass.

Amber’s heart jumped; was Leah coming on to her? She hoped so. Amber smiled and brushed Leah’s hair back from her ear as she leaned in.

“This is a great party!” she purred into Leah’s ear.

Leah smiled, “the party hasn’t started yet. Come with me honey.”

Amber held Leah’s hand and let her lead her back into the bedroom where she had met Drew earlier. He was waiting in the arm chair by the bed when they entered. He had a big smile on his face and asked if she would mind if he joined them. She assured him she wouldn’t mind and climbed onto the big bed with Leah.

She peeled Leah out of her clothes starting at the top. Her tits were even bigger than she’d imagined with big brown nipples that begged to be sucked. Leah moaned as Amber sucked and fondled her. When Amber pulled Leah’s skirt off she saw she’d been right about her not having any underwear on underneath.

She dove right in to taste that beautiful pussy, licking the length of her cunt up and down, then swirling her tongue around her hard little clit. Juices flowed from Leah’s pussy as she got close to coming. Amber sucked and fucked her with her tongue, then began working her fingers in and out of Leah’s cunt. Leah moaned in ecstasy and put a hand onto Amber’s head to stop her for a moment.

“Wait Amber,” she panted, “I’m a squirter. If you keep doing that I won’t be able to help but cum.”

Amber smiled. How lucky did she get with this amazing woman? She resumed eating Leah’s pussy feverishly and worked a wet finger into her tight asshole. That did it. Leah started screaming and bucking as she came. He cum squirted all over Amber’s face and into her mouth as she continued licking and fingering her.

“Cum for me baby. I want your juice all over my face. Squirt your jizz into my mouth. I want every drop from that dripping cunt.” Amber continued fucking her with her fingers until Leah stopped shuddering on the bed.

Leah smiled and said, “I haven’t had my pussy eaten like that in a long time…maybe ever…no offense honey.”

Drew shook his head and smiled back, “none taken. I’m about to bust a nut just from watching. You are such a filthy slut. I love it. ”

Drew climbed onto the bed with them and helped Leah undress Amber. They each took a tit and suckled like babies. Amber was so horny already her pussy was making a pool of wetness on the bed beneath her. They were relentless though, and didn’t seem in any hurry to ease her need.

She turned to Drew and took his rock hard cock in her hand, pumping up and down the large shaft. “Please fuck me,” she begged.

Leah grabbed her hair and yanked. “Did I give you permission to touch his cock you little whore?” she asked.

Amber almost came both from the stab of pain and name Leah called her. She loved to be dirty. It was one of the things her ex didn’t like about her. Sex had been dull with him. But Leah seemed to get her.

Amber whimpered with desire and played along, “I’m sorry. Please can I have some of that cock? I need to cum so bad!”

Leah smiled and tweaked Amber’s nipple hard. “You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” Amber nodded eagerly, moaning as Leah roughly manipulated her nipples. They were standing erect and turning red from the abuse.

“I’m a filthy whore,” she cried out, “use me however you want. I’ll be a good girl for you.” Leah pushed her over onto her hands and knees and got behind her. She smacked her ass until it stung, then bent down to tongue her pussy. Amber ground against Leah’s face as she lapped at her cunt like a hungry cat, but just when she was about to cum, Leah pulled away and slapped her ass again.

“Please,” Amber begged, “please fuck me. Please let me cum.”

Finally, she felt Drew’s fat cock pressing against her pussy lips. She tried to shove herself back onto it but Leah held her in place while she kissed her deeply. She tasted her own pussy and moaned. Drew eased his dick into her slowly, then started fucking her in earnest.

He grunted as he pounded her cunt. She was so wet his huge cock slid into her tight pussy with ease and he shoved the whole length of it into her again and again.

“You’re a good little slut. Do you like that big cock? I’m gonna fuck you til you can’t walk tomorrow. Did you like drinking Leah’s cum you little whore? I’m gonna cum all over you tonight,” Drew accentuated each of his words with a hard thrust, each one feeling like it was stabbing clear up into her belly.

Amber screamed into Leah’s mouth as she started to cum. Drew grabbed her hair and yanked her head back so he could see her face while she came all over his cock, then he eased out of her still throbbing pussy. He rubbed his soaking dick on the rim of her asshole and she arched her back to give him easier access to her virgin ass. She’d never had a lover willing to try ass play before and she was eager to feel Drew ass fucking her.

Leah moved to slide under Amber, coming to rest in a 69 position with her head under Amber’s pussy. She leaned up and started to eat her battered pussy while Drew fucked her ass. She fondled Drew’s balls while she ate Amber out and they both were moaning and grunting like animals.

Amber eased onto her elbows to eat Leah’s pussy too. Leah thrust her pelvis up to Amber’s hungry mouth. They both sucked each other wildly while Drew pounded Amber’s ass.

Amber came first and when Drew felt her asshole tightening around his cock with her orgasm he started cumming too, filling her asshole with his spunk that dribbled down onto Leah’s face. When Leah felt the juices from both Amber and Drew on her face she started bucking against Amber’s tongue. Amber sucked her clit and Leah started cumming, squirting pussy juices all over Amber’s face again.

They all collapsed in a sweaty mess and passed out in a tangled pile on the bed without a second thought for the rest of the party outside their door.

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