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He was 34 and had been in her sandwich shop a few times now. And he was handsome too; but running a busy shop and with a family of her own, most conversations with customers were cordial. So when the franchise company had their annual meeting at the hotel and she saw him there, they had a laugh but it was all very cordial. At 42, she didn’t think she had much appealing about her but she was wrong.

Smooth skin, a young face, buxom but good with it at size 14 and a latent desire roiling under the surface.

Once the conference was finished, she was considering retiring to her room for an early night before heading home the next day, when he approached her.

“Sorry, I don’t think we’ve ever even swapped names. It’s David” he said with a smile.

“Claire” she said back with a smile.

“So you’re on the annual meet up? I had a meeting down here and am heading back tomorrow” he explained.

“Yeah, I’m back tomorrow too” she countered.

“Well, listen. How about a drink before you head off to bed or wherever?” he offered.

She could see no reason not too and nodded. They found a quiet table away from the bar and got chatting. He explained he was down to pitch for business but that was him finished for the day and she told him it was great to have a night off from work and family. Before long, they procured a 2nd drink and Claire found herself relaxing. Neither of them planned it but the conversation turned a little more interesting and David made an entendre about giving and receiving.

“What are you then?” Claire said, surprising herself she had actually just said what she was thinking!

“Truthfully? Well, very much a giver. I don’t mind receiving but I’m a bit addicted to giving. Um, well, in terms of you know, um, foreplay. Oral” he quickly blurted, a little embarrassed and his shyness at that seemed to embolden Claire as she laughed.

“What about you?” he asked suddenly.

“Um, I’m not sure” she said.

“Okay, well put it this way, if you had all the time in the world, even just a free day, what would you lean towards? And no answer is the wrong one” he added reassuringly.

“Well, seeing as you put it like that, I’m maybe a wee bit selfish” she smiled.

“So you like to be on the receiving end, or the pleasured end” he joked.

“Yeah” she added with a giggle.

The air felt a lot warmer and Claire reckoned she would be relieving herself in her room after this chat, when David spoke again.

“You know, I always think Clinton’s excuse had a ring of truth to it. Having full sex is more like cheating, but oral’s more of a fun liaison. But one that can last for hours. And especially if it’s just one person doing something to the other” David said.

Claire listened intrigued and David looked at her, before continuing.

“I mean, if a woman say just happened to be lying back, or any other position and a guy just happened to be doing something to pleasure her and she just happened to enjoy it a lot, she couldn’t be accused of having sex with anyone. If she happened to enjoy lying there, or standing or sitting, then that’s her business” David added.

Claire’s mind was whirring now. Was he implying something between them? His bizarre logic had her thinking of how ideal that would be, but he was so good looking, surely he wasn’t offering himself? And would she honestly do anything?

“I see your point. I suppose, yeah, since you put it like that, it sounds ideal for at least one of the party!” she joked.

“Oh, I know the guy would enjoy it too” he said with a smirk.

“Would he now?” Claire threw back, by now very aroused.

“Could I walk you back to your room?” David asked her.

Claire was about to say yes when an idea formed in her head; by now, it was clear what he was suggesting and the alcohol was helping her decision.

“No. I’ll head up now to my room. It’s 122, nice and easy to remember. Come up in 10 minutes and knock 4 times then 4 more so I know it’s you, okay?” Claire said.

“Sure thing. You won’t regret it” David added.

“At this moment, probably not” she said into his ear as she got up to go.

Claire was soon at her room and with her decision made, she undressed, pulling on the short nightie and after cleaning her teeth, got into bed having made sure the button for the door was near the bed. A few minutes later, the door went, 4 times, then 4 again.

“Come in” Claire said.

David entered and saw her in bed, covered by the duvet. He was wondering how to begin things and looked at her.

“The duvet might be a bit hot for jeans?” he suggested, beginning to take them off.

Claire wondered what he meant then it dawned on her and she smirked. He was really serious!

Once he was down to just a t shirt and boxers, he slipped into the bed and before Claire could get nervous, he ducked under the duvet. Moving himself into place, he realised Claire’s nightie was positioned around her waist and she had no underwear on. Perhaps she was bolder than she was making out. Throwing caution to the wind, he found her slit and his tongue trawled slowly up and down it. Then he kissed and licked her thighs before going back to her pussy again. Above him, Claire gasped in pleasure.

“Could I ask a favour?” he said.

“Um, depends” Claire said with lust.

“Well, if you really enjoy this, would you please sit on my face?” he asked her.

“Eh? Um, yeah, okay. I thought you were going to ask me to do more and that’s what I was worried about, if we did more I’d feel it was more like cheating” she admitted.

“No, no. Just oral for you, nothing else. We can both enjoy that” he assured her.

“But won’t you get frustrated and you know, want something back” Claire asked.

“I get a real kick out of doing this, the longer the better. It’s a turn on being denied a bit. And I can always go back to my room in the morning” he reminded her.

“Okay then. Why not” Claire said, relaxing now and smiling as she let herself lounge on the pillow, a gifted hunk between her legs licking her pussy slowly and willing to stay there most of the night!

If her friends could see her now they would be insanely jealous and she smiled at that, even as she felt his tongue slip inside her and thrust deeply. His skilled mouth and tongue had her fully aroused now and she felt a lot more relaxed about what was happening and decided to just enjoy it.

“Ah. Could you do that for a bit?” she said to him, as his tongue was thrusting in and out of her.

“Mhmm, a woman who issues commands. Yes Ma’am, anything you wish” he said and continued his efforts.

“You taste delicious. If your juices escape my mouth and trickle down I’ll make sure I get them all and do this” he said and suddenly, his mouth moved and she felt his tongue lick her asshole then attempt to spear it.

Quickly, he moved back to her pussy as she sighed.

“Ugh, you would do that?” she asked.

“Just try and stop me. This is a special night. Just enjoy it” he assured her.

“Why not?” she said a little more boldly.

He was still under the covers and she would probably need an orgasm before she would have the confidence to pull them back and watch him at work. He was back at her pussy with his tongue inside her again but she needed relief immediately.

“Suck my clit” she gasped and as he moved up her legs began to shake and her hands descended to press his face into her as she came hard, yelling out in pleasure.

He bathed her lower pussy in kisses and tongue flicks until she regained some composure then spoke again.

“Would you be up for sitting on my face now?” he asked.

“Yeah. Lie on the pillow” she said and once he emerged from the duvet and lay out, she mounted his face and let her pussy descend onto it, his tongue immediately seeking her warm hole.

Claire let herself press down until it felt like his whole tongue was inside her. She was never usually this wanton! A transformation was taking over as her confidence increased after her initial orgasm and she was soon grinding herself against that magical mouth which never seemed to tire. It was a huge turn on, knowing he was willing to do this for as long as she wanted, stay the night and with any luck maybe do it again in the morning! It was giving her a lot of confidence too.

“Aah that’s it, keep moving it around inside me” Claire gasped excitedly, as his tongue brazenly licked inside her wet cunt.

“Yes Ma’am” he mouthed again, continuing his magical work, his hands on her breasts above him as he continued to feast on her pussy.

The orgasm when it hit was powerful. Claire felt it building and then her legs clenched against him.

“Ohmigod, I’m going to cum again. Suck my clit now” she gasped and began to grind harder against his mouth.

David stayed with her right through it and eventually she slumped off his face, lying back in bed. David was already slipping down to her pussy again.

“I don’t know if I could handle another climax yet” she half joked.

“I don’t want you too. Maybe I could just bathe and soothe it with my mouth, really gently, nothing that would have you building up just yet. Please?” he asked.

Claire was astounded but nodded as he descended. True to his word, he kissed her pussy, her thighs, her asscheeks, gave soft, slow gentle licks of her pussy lips and occasionally darted inside but seemed contended to avoid building her up too much. An idea formed in her head and she beckoned him up her body. When he reached her breasts, Claire told him to suck them and David took to the task with relish. It was relaxing and enjoyable but it also had her beginning to feel more aroused again and after a while, she pressed on his head to go lower again. When he did so, Claire decided to be bold. He was trying to lick her pussy when she held up the duvet.

“Lower” she said and David seemed to understand, as with a slight smile, he let his tongue descend further.

Once he was at her asscheeks, he kissed them, then licked gently towards the middle. Claire relaxed and felt his tongue slowly move to her asshole. He didn’t stop and began to lick it lightly but fast. Then with a firm thrust, he attempted entry. It took a bit of effort but as Claire felt herself relax, his tongue found purchase and he was past the tight ring and probing her gently and slowly.

“That feels great. I could get used to this. But not doing it though” Claire added swiftly as she discovered how enjoyable analingus was.

“I prefer doing it so no worries there” David assured her, keeping up the steady rhythm inside her now.

“Mhhmm, might have to keep you handy for future” Claire mused jokingly.

“Anytime Ma’am” he told her back.

“Put your whole tongue in” Claire said full of lust as she let the duvet fall back and relaxed to the sensations of being rimmed.

A little while later, Claire was smiling at nothing in particular. She was having her ass thoroughly pampered while his hands were on her breasts and she thought about his demeanour overall.

“Are you being a bit kinky with all this Ma’am stuff?” she asked him.

“Um, well I like you being a little bit demanding” he admitted.

“Oh right. Mhmm, well, maybe we could do a bit of that later” she said, surprising herself again at how bold and self focused she was being.

“I would love to Ma’am” he said, keeping up the act.

It was some time later when she finally told him to move up to her pussy. His tongue immediately went to work, his hands still on her breasts as he began to build her up again towards another orgasm.

Afterwards as he kissed her pussy gently, she recovered and felt a little tired.

“I’m not used to this much pleasure, not oral anyway! I might have to have a little nap” she admitted.

“Hey, understood. As long as you’re enjoying it. Tell you what, we could get some sleep but please, please if you wake up during the night and feel a little turned on, I would be happy if you woke me so I could help you go back to sleep again” he offered her.

“Okay. I’ll wake you if I wake and you can give me a bit more of that tongue. I definitely want some in the morning when I wake up too” she reminded him.

“Oh, if we’re awake early enough, we could fit a good couple of hours in” he assured her again.

They turned in and although David was aroused, he was focused on just Claire’s pleasure. Claire was purring like a kitten and although she was being selfish, it was really enjoyable. About 2am, she woke up and it took a few moments to take in her surroundings. Then she remembered she was in bed with David and making her mind up, she shook him awake. They were both half asleep but he understood her intent and slipped below the duvet, immediately sliding his warm tongue inside her. It was a mission to make her cum and it only took a focused 10 minutes before she climaxed against his face. Pushing him away, she curled up again and was soon asleep. David managed to drop off again despite his arousal.

About 6.30, Claire woke up and used the bathroom quickly. Returning to the bed, she lay for a moment and thought about the night before. It had been absolutely amazing and despite the orgasms she was eager for more. Then she remembered all his remarks about obeying her and pleasing her and having been intimate with him now, she felt very emboldened. She also figured that it might be a one off as she was married, so any fun this morning might be their last and she wanted to remember it. Shaking him awake, she waited until he was fully alert.

“I thought you might have wakened me up” she gently chided him.

“Sorry, let me make it up to you” he said and kissed down her body.

He was soon licking her out again and she let herself relax and enjoy the sensation.

“Get your tongue right up me” she gasped and he seemed to do so, burying his tongue all the way inside her.

The first orgasm wasn’t long in coming but Claire wasn’t done yet. She got up and told him to get on his back. As soon as he was in position, she sat on his face with a triumphant look.

“You can stay until about 10 so lets make full use of the time. More of the deep tongue stuff” she insisted.

“Yeah sure” he said, although his tongue was a bit tired from doing that to her so much already.

“Yes what?” Claire surprised him by saying.

“Oh. Um, Yes Ma’am?” he offered.

“That’s better. Okay, do it” she told him and sighed as he complied.

At one point, she found herself riding his face and became carried away with the incredible arousal of it all. Her orgasm when it hit was powerful and she bucked against his face hard, grinding against it as she tried not to scream too loudly. She slid onto her back again and absentmindedly indicated her breasts. David was on top of her again and moved up to suck them while she recovered from her orgasm. It was a while before she felt ready to push his head down again but when he began to lick her pussy again, she grabbed his head.

“Slowly. I want a long build up this time. Show me how much you’re enjoying it” she said, by now fully enjoying her role of being in charge and having all the pleasure.

David didn’t disappoint her. For over an hour, he devotedly licked her pussy, probed her asshole and massaged her breasts, while she let herself drift on a sea of pleasure. It was too much in the end and she came hard one last time, or so she thought. Getting up on shaky legs, she went to the sideboard across the room and took a long drink of water. As she did so, she felt something behind her then David’s unmistakable mouth was kissing her asscheeks. He kept doing so and slowly began to tongue her whole ass crack. Claire was already aroused again and leant against the wall, as he began to rim her again.

“You’re so dirty. I might have to get you to do this more often” Claire said to him.

“Will there be a next time Ma’am?” he asked.

“Depends. I’m married but I have every Wednesday off. Maybe I’ll have you doing this” she announced haughtily.

“I’m freelance so I’d be happy to be at your service” he shot back.

“We’ll see. Now get that tongue up me asslicker” she ordered and groaned as he did so.

They remained like that for some time before Claire felt she might just manage one more orgasm. Turning round, she felt a flush of heat as the arousal of watching the hunk on his knees in front of her licking her pussy was incredible. She was definitely going to cum again! But she was enjoying this element of control too.

“If we do this again, it’ll be just oral probably. I can’t imagine cheating just now. My work colleague Bev is newly divorced and she’s been on about some of the sex she’s had recently and she’s been getting a lot of oral at any rate. It’s about time I did too. Now make me cum then we’ll call it a day. I need to shower and join my colleagues” she told him.

“Yes Ma’am” David said and 10 minutes later, she was holding his head to her crotch as she came one last time.

David left as she mumbled something about him turning up at her sandwich shop that Wednesday and when he left Claire checked the time. Check out was 12pm and it was only 10am. She knew David had to be off by 11 though or she might have even managed another one. Despite all the oral sex, she was still turned on at the thought of what the young hunk had done to her and then on a sudden impulse, she threw on a skirt and top, left her room and went up to his on 223. Knocking, David answered and was surprised to see Claire there. He was already dressed to go when she waltzed in.

“One for the road” she announced.

It was clear she expected it to happen as she moved to sit on a chair in his room and held her skirt up. Despite being dressed to go, David knelt in front of her and let her hands pull his head in. He licked and sucked like crazy until Claire’s legs over his shoulders tightened and she came hard against his face.

“Right then. Well I need to shower and dress for going. 9am Wednesday. See you then” she said matter of factly and left.

David stayed on his knees for a few minutes. It was clear the prim and proper sandwich shop owner was a closet oral fan and he was very much her oral douche every Wednesday for the foreseeable future it seemed. And he didn’t mind one bit!

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