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Later Saturday Afternoon

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I don’t know how long I had slept, when I was pleasantly awakened. Jennifer was softly running her hand up and down my thigh. As I awoke, I saw Jennifer’s beautiful blue eyes gazing down into mine. They were sparkling with excitement. Her eyes drifted down as she drank in the sight of my nude body. Her gentle caresses continued as a look of passion and wanting started to fill her eyes. I had seen that look from many men, but never from a woman.

I lay there on my back. Jennifer was above me, raised slightly on her left elbow. Her right hand continued to move up and down my thigh. The hunger in her eyes made my body tremble in anticipation. I could feel my body responding to her gaze as much as her touch.

Her fingers started moving higher up my body. She slowly trailed her tantalizing touch up my thigh until she almost touched the bright red hair above the juncture of my legs. At the last moment, they went very close, but did not touch. Instead, they teased lightly across my hip and moved across my abdomen, making it tremble and jerk in response. Moving softly upward, she watched as her nails lightly grazed the bottom of my left boob. I gasped as her nails skimmed up the side of my breast and approached my hard pointed nipple. It was already throbbing in anticipation of her touch. Her nail flicked my erect nipple. I gasped and arched my back. The tantalizing caress almost making me cum. My eyes closed as I moaned with excitement. Her touch was so different from David’s. He also used a gentle caress to drive me crazy, but coming from a woman, it was different.

Jennifer used all of the long pink nails on her right hand to grip my nipple between their sharp edges. She lightly pulled my nipple. Even though it was as hard as it had ever been, my nipple felt as though it got even longer in response to the sweet agony as her hard nails scraped my nerve endings.

By now, I was gasping in response to her touch. My chest was heaving upward, seeking more contact with her teasing fingers. I opened my eyes and looked at Jennifer. Her eyes were staring into mine with a desire so hot I could almost feel the heat. I watched as she slowly leaned forward. Her blonde hair tickled my skin as she neared my nipple. I arched my back again, offering her my throbbing point that needed to be suckled.

Jennifer’s pink tongue darted out and flicked across the tip of my nipple. I moaned at her warm wet touch. Jennifer watched my response as her tongue fluttered across my nipple. I was going crazy. My hands gripped the sheets in tight fists as I cried out in painful delight. My long red-blonde hair flew across the pillow as I writhed in ecstasy. My head twisted from side to side as I felt the erotic frenzy building within me.

Finally, Jennifer sucked my nipple deep into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. Holding my nipple between her teeth, she danced her tongue across it. I could not be still beneath her assault. Moans filled the room as my legs kicked across the sheets and my body heaved in passion.

Holding my nipple in her mouth, I felt Jennifer’s hand slid across my lower belly. I opened my legs in anticipation as I felt her fingers near the core of my sexual being. My hips eagerly rose to meet them as her fingers slowly slid between my legs.

Even before her fingers touched the pink folds of my pussy, I could feel my juices running down my ass onto the bed. Jennifer did not push her fingers into me. Instead, she went around my clit and slid them up and down the wet slit surrounding my soaked opening.

As she massaged the outside of my pussy, Jennifer let my nipple escape from her mouth. Looking deeply into my eyes, she leaned forward. Her lips grazed mine slightly. Rising back up, she looked at me again. The love in her eyes was apparent. Then slowly, her lips met mine in a warm passionate embrace. I felt the tip of her tongue flicker across my lips like a hot flame. Parting my lips, I allowed her tongue to slip inside my mouth. Our tongues dueled in a lover’s tryst as she continued to rub my pussy. I could feel her large heavy breasts pressing against mine. Her nipples were like hot coals burning into my eager points. My first orgasm ripped through my body as I felt her slip a finger inside me and rub my g-spot. I moaned into her mouth as my hips bucked in a fucking motion eagerly seeking her probing finger.

As she broke our kiss, she raised up and watched my face as she inserted a second finger deep into me. I was now riding a tide of passion that had my whole body burning with fervor. My body trembled all over as she stroked me with her fingers. My pulsing pussy was wide open to her as I thrust to meet her stroking hand.

My eyes burned into hers as she slowly moved her head down below my view. I felt her rain of kisses as she nibbled my neck. Her tongue licked my skin as she moved between my breasts and down onto my belly. My whole body tensed as I felt her breath enter my pubic hair. My body was rigid as my ass rose off the bed to meet her. I felt her warm breath flowing across the wetness between my legs.

Jennifer knelt between my legs as she gripped my ass in her hands. Holding my pussy before her, she breathed in the aroma of my passion. Jennifer looked up into my eyes and smiled, then with her tongue she started licking up and down my slit. My body strained against the bed as her questing tongue found and stroked every fold and crease of my pussy. When she sucked my swollen pussy lips into her mouth I thought my body would ignite with passion. I was pumping my hips up to her mouth as she let go of my lips and looked higher. She could see my hard clit protruding from its hood, begging for attention.

Pulling the hood gently away, she exposed my clit completely. I jerked as she blew her breath across it. Looking upward at my eyes, she flicked the tip of her tongue across my throbbing clit. I screamed in release as I felt her tongue flutter across my pulsating shaft of arousal. My juices squirted out and bathed her mouth and chin as her tongue started a regular steady friction against my clit. I was heaving in orgasm as she rode my thrusting pussy. Pulling my ass toward her, she kept my flowing fountain of passion against her eager tongue. My orgasms were rolling through me in a continuous series of multiple releases. Only my shoulders and feet were touching the bed as I strained to receive the tongue that was giving me such intense pleasure. My entire body vibrated with the intense sensations.

Eventually, my body sagged to the bed in exhaustion. Looking at me, Jennifer smiled. Her mouth and chin were shiny from my hot juices. She rubbed my hip gently as my body trembled in the afterglow of sexual satisfaction. Sliding back up beside me, Jennifer leaned forward and kissed me. I could taste myself as her tongue slid between my lips. Eagerly, I pulled her tongue into my mouth, sucking my juices from her mouth.

I could feel passion building within me again, as we kissed and rubbed our bodies together. Grinning in her eagerness, Jennifer rose above me and slid down my body. I lay back and closed my eyes in surrender to her touch. Kneeling between my legs, she started to lick my eager pussy again.

Jennifer’s ass was raised up into the air as her face dove forward into the wet cleft between my legs. Lying back on the pillows, I gave myself over to the sensations of pleasure I was receiving from her. My thighs clenched the sides of her head as she eagerly sucked and licked me. I was totally lost in the throes of passion. We were not aware of anything but one another.

The football game was over. Ted and David returned to the condo. As they walked in the door, David thought he heard something. Grabbing Ted’s arm he placed his finger to his lips and motioned for Ted to be quiet. As they listened, they could hear moans of pleasure coming from the bedroom. Tiptoeing quietly to the bedroom door, they looked inside.

Like most men, they had fantasized about watching women making love. They never thought that Jennifer or I would have sex with another woman. Yet, there we were. They were awestruck by the sight that greeted their eyes. Jennifer and I were both naked on one of the beds. Jennifer’s ass was raised up into the air and pointed toward the door. They could see her open wet pussy as she knelt between my legs. Her face was buried in my wet cleft as she licked and sucked my pussy. Lying back on the pillows, I was moaning and pulling my nipples as I responded to the sensations of pleasure I was receiving from her. My thighs clenched the sides of her head as she eagerly sucked and licked me. We were totally lost in the throes of passion. We were completely unaware that the men were in the room.

They watched in silence for a few moments. Ted was the first of the men to react. Removing his clothes, he quietly walked up behind Jennifer. She jumped in surprise when she felt his hands on her hips. Looking over her shoulder, she saw it was her husband. Scared of what he would think, she started to move off of me, but Ted held her in place. Pushing gently against her back, he encouraged her to lower her face back down. As she obeyed, he sank his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. Jennifer arched her back and moaned as she felt her pussy filled. Holding her hips, Ted started long slow strokes as he fucked her.

Jennifer bent back down over me. This also pushed her ass back up and made for a better angle to receive Ted’s rigid cock. Pushing back to meet Ted’s cock, she placed her mouth on my pussy again and started licking my juices again.

I had noticed that she stopped eating me. But, I was still in that special place where I was approaching orgasm. As she started sucking my pussy again, I raised my hips up to encourage her. When Ted’s thrusts started to rock her body, I felt the motion. My eyes popped open and I saw Ted standing behind Jennifer as he fucked her. I could see Jennifer’s ass rocking as his cock sawed in and out of her willing body. Worried about David’s reaction, with wild eyes, I looked for him.

I saw him standing a few feet away. He was slowly stroking his thick cock. I could see the arousal glowing in his eyes. He had been watching the erotic scene before him as he removed his clothes. When he saw Jennifer passionately taking Ted’s cock, he moved over to the bed. Lying down on the bed beside me, he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. As he kissed me, I knew I had his approval. My body slowly started to relax as I responded to both his and Jennifer’s thrusting tongues.

As David and I broke our kiss, I was gasping in pleasure. Jennifer was sucking on my clit as she flicked the tip of her tongue across it. Reaching out, I found David’s hard cock and stroked it as Jennifer feasted on my pussy.

I needed a hard cock, and I wanted it now. Pushing gently against Jennifer’s head, I raised her off my pussy. She left my pussy reluctantly as she looked at me. I winked at her as I slid out from under her body. Leaning forward, I kissed her. As my tongue entered her mouth, she moaned from the double sensations she was receiving from Ted and I. Standing up, I pushed David over onto his back. His cock stood at attention and waved in the air as I looked at it and licked my lips.

Jennifer saw what I had in mind. Leaning forward on the bed, she pulled Ted’s cock out of her pussy. She quickly got off the bed and turning Ted around, she pushed him backwards until he lay on the bed next to David. Standing between their legs, Jennifer and I looked at one another and smiled. Simultaneously, we lowered our heads to our men’s hard cocks and began giving them blowjobs.

Both of the men groaned as they felt our warm mouths engulf them. As I sucked David, I looked over at Jennifer. Her head was bobbing up and down on Ted as he arched his hips up to meet her. Her blonde hair swirled as she rotated her mouth on his cock.

Pumping David’s shaft with my hand, I sucked on the head. Then, twisting my mouth on his cock as Jennifer had done to Ted’s, I moved him deeper and deeper into my mouth until I had taken him to the base. As I deep throated him, David was raising his cock up to meet my mouth. I could taste the sweet saltiness of his precum as it leaked onto my eager tongue. He was moaning in pleasure as I worked my mouth on his cock.

When I felt David’s cock start that telltale throbbing, I knew he was about to cum. I wanted him to last awhile longer, so I slid his cock out of my mouth and pressed tightly against the base. As David backed away from orgasm, I looked over at Jennifer and Ted.

She was holding his cock up while she used the tip of her tongue to flutter against the bottom of his shaft, right where the head is attached. Ted’s whole body was tensed as he arched his body in reaction to the pleasure he was receiving. The muscles in his body stood out like corded ropes as he strained to reach the pleasure of her tongue’s touch. As Ted approached orgasm, Jennifer backed off and held his cock in her hand. She looked at me and we both grinned. We loved the fact that the men were responding so well to our touch. It was also obvious that they liked the sight of us naked together as they entered the room.

I looked at David for his unspoken permission. He gave me a smile. Stepping over next to Jennifer, I brought my mouth directly to Jennifer’s and met her in a slow, deep kiss. David and Ted stared in wild excitement as our mouths pressed together in obvious pleasure. Jennifer’s mouth opened and her tongue licked across my lips. I parted my lips and engaged Jennifer in a wild kiss. We let our tongues play back and forth for several long moments as the men watched in awe.

As we broke our kiss, I pushed Jennifer down onto the bed. Leaning down, I took one of her nipples into my mouth. She threw her head back and moaned as my teeth gently scratched across her hard nipple. I was bent forward at the waist as I went from one nipple to the other. Reaching down, I felt her pussy. It was hot and dripping wet.

As I slid a finger inside her, I felt hands gripping my hips. Spreading my legs slightly, I opened my pussy to receive a throbbing cock. I continued to finger fuck Jennifer and suck her nipples, as I felt the long hard cock slid into my eager pulsing pink bed of desire. I moaned in pleasure as I felt the cock sliding deeper and deeper into me. Suddenly, I realized something was different. Letting Jennifer’s nipple slip from my mouth, I raised my head and looked to my right. David was standing next to the bed with a big grin on his face. The cock inside me wasn’t his, it had to be Ted’s.

Worried about Jennifer’s reaction to her husband fucking me, I looked down at her. She smiled up at me and then pulled my face down to hers for a deep kiss. I groaned into her mouth as Ted started pumping my pussy with long deep strokes.

This had never happened to me before. I had fucked other men, but not a friend’s husband. And, certainly not while she was kissing me. I was so turned on I felt as if my insides were going to melt. As Ted’s cock rocked in and out of me, I felt my orgasm building like a tidal wave of desire. I raised up on my arms and arched my back. This placed the head of Ted’s long thin cock against my g-spot.

Jennifer slid out from under me and crawled across the bed to David. Taking his cock in her hand, she lowered her mouth down onto it. As my best friend sucked my man right before my eyes, her husband’s cock was filling my pussy. The sight and the sensations were just too much. I cried out in wild abandon as my orgasm moved through me.

Ted sped up his thrusts as he felt me cum. With the increased speed and power of his thrusts, my body seemed to explode as my orgasms started coming continuously. I lowered my face to the bed as I turned my pussy up at a better angle to meet his plunging tool. Ted held my hips and pulled my ass back to meet him as he pumped me harder and faster. I could feel his balls slapping against me as he neared orgasm. As my chain reaction orgasms continued to wash over me, Ted suddenly thrust deep into me and then held as I felt his cock pumping its hot load into my grasping quivering pussy.

Ted and I slowly sank down onto the bed as we struggled to get our breath. Looking over at Jennifer and David, I saw them sitting side by side watching us. They both had big smiles on their faces. Jennifer had David’s cock in her hand. She was slowly stroking it as they watched us recover from our climax.

As my breathing returned to normal, Jennifer moved over next to me. Leaning down, she kissed me gently. Then, looking me in the eye, she said, “I never realized hot erotic it would be to watch Ted fuck another woman. I am so glad it was you.”

I reached up and pulled Jennifer down for a deep wet kiss. I looked at David. After watching us, his cock was hard and standing straight out. I pushed Jennifer over on her back. Reaching up, I took David’s hand and pulled him down on the bed with us. He started to move over me, but I placed my hand on his chest and stopped him. I looked him deeply in the eyes and then looked at Jennifer lying beside me. I gently pushed David toward her. He moved over between her legs. Jennifer opened her eyes and looked up at David. She spread her legs wider to give him room. As he positioned himself between her legs, I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit, I watched her juices coat the head. I finally held his cock in place outside her pussy. Watching her face, I felt him slide his cock through my hand and deep into her. Her mouth opened wide as she groaned “OOOOOOOHHHH” as she felt David’s thickness fill her. David started fucking her with deep steady strokes as she raised her pussy to meet him and matched his tempo with her own thrusts.

I watched them closely as their bodies slapped together in a steady rhythm. The sight of David’s cock pumping in and out of Jennifer’s pussy was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. David looked at my eyes and saw lust and desire burning within me. I was so turned on watching him fuck my friend.

As David fucked her with long deep strokes, I reached down and began playing with her tits. Jennifer moaned in approval as I pulled and twisted on her nipples. As I leaned down and sucked one of her long nipples into my mouth, I felt David’s fucking become more heated and a little faster as he felt himself building to his orgasm. Watching me and having my approval of his taking Jennifer was really building him up fast.

I got off the bed and moved around behind David. He groaned loudly when he felt my hand between his thighs. He parted them as much as he could. He groaned as I cupped his balls and started to gently massage them. He was now fucking like a man gone wild. I could feel his balls swaying in my hand as he pumped himself deep into Jennifer. I moved my hand forward. I could feel Jennifer’s wet pussy lips pushing in and then coming out as David’s thick cock slid back and forth in my fingers as he drove in and out of her. The mere thought of me helping them fuck, combined with the intense sensation from both my touch and Jennifer’s pussy caused David to throb on the threshold of his orgasm. He grunted loudly and drove himself hard into Jennifer as she pushed herself up onto his rampaging cock. His balls pulled tight against his body and then jumped in my hand. I felt cum surge out of them and down his cock as he emptied a big hot load inside Jennifer. As she felt his cum splash inside her, Jennifer screamed in ecstasy as her own orgasm shook her.

Seeing and feeling them cum was a new experience for me. I felt my pussy squirting its juices as I also came. We all three collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Ted had been watching us as he lay exhausted on the bed. We all four snuggled together in orgasmic bliss as we enjoyed the afterglow of what we had just done.

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