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Punishment & Passion

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It was Friday night and Mark was enjoying some quiet time and a pleasingly sweet wine. Many thoughts crossed his mind but they were only momentary flights of fancy. He poured another glass of wine, and went to the computer to see if he had received a note from Kimberly.

Yes, there it was, titled “Weekend.” He opened it quickly and felt a rush of warmth as he read. She asked if he was still planning to go to the lake this weekend, mentioning that she would like to have a quiet weekend to just “putter around.” He began to think about spending a weekend with her at the lake house.

His thoughts became swiftly focused on how much they could enjoy being there, for they had become close, caring friends and lovers who greatly appreciated how they made each other feel when they were together. Both of them had come to wish they had met years before, and chose each other as lifetime partners instead of the choices they made.

The day finally arrived and a sunny morning found them driving north toward Marble Falls. Their conversation was light-hearted and full of humor. At one point, he asked her to open another soda for him and she asked, “what if I refuse?” Knowing what she was thinking, he told her she would be “punished.” She said “fine” and, grinning, handed him the soda to open himself.

They continued to enjoy their conversation and held hands. It wasn’t long until they were silently communicating their sensuous thoughts with squeezes and caresses. By the time they arrived at the house, they were ready to be much closer together.

As soon as he closed the door behind them, he pulled her against his body, kissed her roughly, and told her she was his and he would do with her whatever he wanted. She said “yes. I am yours.” He told her to kneel and wait.

He lit several large candles in the room, sat on the sofa and told her to stand and begin undressing. She removed her blouse and pants to reveal the black lingerie he loved to see her wear. He got up and moved behind her, kissed her neck, took off her bra, and told her she must remain still and silent. She nodded her head in submission.

He placed a red satin blindfold on her and tied it securely, taking away her sight so she may enjoy the anticipation and uncertainty of what was to come. He then took her wrists, placed them together in front of her, and secured them with a leather cuff.

She heard him open a closet door and when he returned she felt rope passing through the cuff. He threw the rope over one of the large crossbeams supporting the high ceiling and he pulled the rope to raise her hands and arms above her head and secured it. He stood back to admire her body, and he told her she was his beautiful slut.

He caressed her breasts with his hands and mouth until her nipples were as hard as they were sensitive. She took a sudden, deep breath as he placed a clamp on one nipple, then the other. Though the pain was only slight, her excitement increased greatly. She did not know what was going to happen next, but her helplessness and desire to please him made her want more.

She heard him walk away, but he soon returned. He told her to spread her feet wide apart. She did so and felt him attach each of her ankles to a leather cuff at opposite ends of a spreader bar. Again, he stood back in admiration of her statuesque and bound body, feeling an increasing tightness in his pants.

He held her head with both hands and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing his tongue into her throat. She returned his deep kiss and moaned softly. He told her she was now ready to give and to receive pleasure. She nodded yes as her clamped nipples moved up and down with her heavy breathing.

With one hand he pulled her ponytail, drawing her head back, while the other traced a trail from a nipple to the waistband of her panties. He slipped his hand inside them and continued until he felt her swollen, wet lips. She lost her breath for a moment and he stroked her slowly, up and down. He put one finger, then another, into her pussy and massaged her, lightly brushing her clit. With his other hand he released the ribbon holding her ponytail, feeling her hair and admiring its fall to her shoulders.

He moved away for a moment and she heard him open a drawer. She then felt a smooth object sliding up and down her thighs, pausing at her lips and clit to tease them through her panties. She moved her hips to try and capture the object with her pussy. All of a sudden, the object began vibrating and its head moved her panties aside and penetrated her lips. She moaned loudly as he stroked it in and out of her, increasing the depth slightly each time.

He took her close to the edge of orgasm, but he stopped before she could cum. He put the vibrator aside and cupped her breasts in his hands, enjoying their softness, and he kissed each clamped nipple to further stoke her excitement. He then told her she deserved a spanking for her refusal in the car, and that it was time for her punishment. She replied, “I know; I am ready.”

She knew he owned a long leather paddle because she had felt its delicious sting once before. Suddenly, she had a split-second warning that manifested itself as the sound of a broad object flying through the air. Then she felt the full brunt of the paddle on her ass cheeks. She cried out involuntarily, and felt more pain in her nipples as they swelled against the clamps.

Again, again, and again her beautiful, now reddening, ass received his punishment. And with each swift, painful stroke, her juices flowed more copiously out of her pussy and down her thighs.

Mark paused and stepped in front of Kimberly, kissing her softly as he tightened the clamps on her nipples. Tears of pleasurable submission trailed down her cheeks, and he said her punishment was near its end. He resumed his position behind her and delivered three more blows to her ass, the last of which induced her collapse.

He reveled in the sight of her, bound, hanging with arms high above her, magnificently swollen nipples, and her cunt shaped as a full, wet blooming flower.

He released her wrist and ankle bindings, removed the nipple clamps, and untied the blindfold. He led her to the sofa and told her to lie across his lap. When in position, he lightly rubbed her ass cheeks, caressing them softly with lotion to ease her discomfort. He told her she took her punishment well, but she must now please him with her mouth. She smiled and kissed him.

He stood and removed his clothes, revealing his large, stiff cock. He told her to kneel in front of him. He held her head with both hands and guided her mouth onto his cock. With his hands in her hair, she stroked, licked and sucked his cock as only she could.

When he felt the irresistible urge approaching, he told her to look into his eyes. As he smiled down at her, his felt his cock spasm as his entire body shuddered with his orgasm. He filled her mouth and throat with his cum and she swallowed all of it. When he had finished, he savored her mouth caressing his cock until he became soft. He helped her to stand and then hugged her tightly, and told her she is the most beautiful and desirable woman on this earth.

And, now, it would be his pleasure to pleasure her.

He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He removed her soaked panties and laid her down on the bed. He lay down with her and began to kiss her mouth. Her breathing became deeper as he kissed a trail between her breasts. He took each of them into his mouth and caressed each nipple with his tongue and lips. He increased her pleasure by stroking her pussy, brushing her clit each time.

He moved his mouth from her breast and traced a path to her pussy. He pleasured her with soft kisses and penetrations with his tongue. Then he put his mouth onto her pussy and drew her clit and her lips into his mouth, alternately licking and sucking them. She felt him wrap her thighs around his face and she began moving her hips up and down to increase her pleasure.

He continued feasting on her for long minutes and her head tossed from side to side as she moaned and encouraged him verbally. When he sensed she was close to cumming, he thrust both hands under her hips and squeezed her ass. She then moaned loudly and bucked her hips and thighs throughout an intense orgasm. He was equally excited by her fulfillment, and he continued licking and sucking her until she grasped his hair and asked him to stop.

He moved up on the bed and took her into his arms, kissing her mouth and neck. He told her she would always be safe and happy in his embrace, and he would always please her as no other man could. They both were blissfully contented and happy, and hugged and kissed each other for a long, delicious time before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Later during the night he awoke and felt the stiffness of his cock, and he wanted to become one with her. His mouth awakened her, licking and probing her pussy as before. She felt the same desire as he, and she spread her legs wide.

When she was ready, she pulled him on top of her and told him, “Fuck me now, Mark, bury your cock in me and fuck me hard.” He pressed the head of his cock against her open lips, and she moaned loudly as he filled her with his size. They moved together slowly at first, as his long strokes created increasing mutual pleasure. As he put his hands on her shoulders and began to pull her harder against him with each thrust of his cock. he told her, “I am going to fuck you harder now, my sweet Kimberly.”

He found his greatest pleasure in seeing how much she wanted and enjoyed what he was doing to her. Her breaths began to come in gasps and he felt the muscles in her pussy tightening around his cock. She flexed her legs around his waist and cried out as a wave of lustful satisfaction overwhelmed her. Her orgasm induced his, and it was equally powerful. Never before had he felt the extraordinary passion and gratification they shared at that moment. As he collapsed on her, neither said a word. Their bodies had spoken in ways that left no doubt about their feelings.

The next morning brought them another day to enjoy being together; walking along country paths, sharing dreams and secrets, catching more fish than he ever had, speaking volumes with their eyes and touches, and savoring each moment as a rare and special gift.

As the day passed, they became more excited by thoughts of what the evening would bring. Kimberly had introduced Mark to the joys of “kink” and they were very much in tune with their roles and desires. Yes, the night would bring more adventuresome thrills, and they could hardly wait.

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