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Lap Dance

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I had grown accustomed to the ordeal of waking up to the electrifying sensation that accompanied the sight of Jason’s beautiful pink lips wrapped around my cock. He was, undoubtedly, the most gorgeous man that had ever come into my life. A ruggedly handsome face, framed by a French beard that always smelled of my cum and spiky jet black hair that made me melt each time he ran his fingers through them; all that was just an added bonus to the extremely lovable personality that I had fallen for.

That had been a year and a half ago. But even now, nothing turned me on more than seeing his starry brown eyes peering into my own, as the bobbing of his skillful head periodically cast a shadow on my grinning face, thanks to the morning sun against our window.

“This guy is crazy”, I thought as our first encounter made its way into my mind. I met him while auditioning ‘eye candy’ for our new line of sex clubs. As a young and active member of the Directorial Board at a very popular gay sex toy brand, my suggestion to start sex clubs around America garnered a lot of praise and, of course, the opportunity to meet Jason. After a few boring candidates, whose demeanor screamed that they’d rather die than be here, came Jason. He walked in with a crisp air of confidence that suited the formal attire he donned.

“You sure are dressed to impress”, I joked as I laughed at the cruel irony that he was here to become a stripper. The two other board members in the panel chuckled as we waited eagerly for a reply from Jason.

That’s when I saw it. The little piece of flattery that I had flung his way had pulled out the prettiest blossom of a smile. A smile that made his pink, blushing face so much more cuter than it already was. My heart skipped a beat and before I knew it, I had another throbbing organ filled with blood. My mind had wandered off to multiple frames of our naked bodies intertwined in an array of steamy position when Jason wet his lips to speak.

“It’s hard to look good with your clothes on when everybody wants you naked. I’m glad you like it”. My colleagues were visibly impressed. Not too cocky, and not too sissy. Delivered in just the right tone, with that oh-so-deadly smile of his.

The rest of the interview proceeded the same way. The confidence on Jason was something that we were longing to see in the candidates today. His smile and the way it pitched a tent in my pants was just the icing on the cake. I was having a very hard time keeping my thoughts to business matters, when I noticed my colleagues staring at me, giving me the green signal to have a go at him. The pornographic images in my head coupled with a fully engorged cock made me a tad more adventurous than I normally was.

“How about a lap dance?” Dammit, that came out before I could replace it with something more suited to the two people sitting next to me. Peter and Mitch stared at me like I had farted at a Board Meeting. Thinking on my feet, I went with – “His job will obviously involve, um… these kind of… meeting the clients’ every wish and, you know, satisfying them.” I had to clear my throat to cover up for the lack of blood to my vocal cords before I continued, “Maybe we should have a look at his…”

“Talent?” Jason was the one who completed my question, his gaze completely fixed on my eyes. From that look, I could sense what was coming, but I was in now way prepared for it.

He walked towards me, nice and slow. The brown pool of his eyes unflinching, as he neatly dropped his blazer. His muscular frame was covered by a tight fitting white dress shirt, pretty much transparent in little spots because of his sweat; the aroma of which soon had the whole room in an overdrive. He undid two buttons to reveal an evenly haired, sculpted chest, all the while touching himself and squeezing his dark brown nubs from outside the shirt. I pictured how I wanted to worship his body, leaving no spot untouched as I licked through his virile musk, acquainting myself with every quiver and whimper, dedicating all my energies into pleasuring this man until he was satisfied beyond compare. 

The sound of his deep breathing distracted me for a second, a second which he wisely used to reconnect the eye contact that had been lost while I fantasized about him. This time, his deep brown eyes were long gone. Instead, I could see the lust swirling in his eyes, igniting the same passion in mine. My cock was in top gear, pushing against the shackles of my pleated pants. None of that mattered because the gravity of his eyes reassured me that I would get my satisfaction. The look on his eyes set the ambience of a beast closing in on its prey. But deep inside those glimmering brown wells, I could see a compassionate longing for someone who looked at him like I did. I could see a lonely hand stretched out for the caress of another. I could see, in its most pristine form, love.

That’s when I decided that he was the one. I didn’t care about the people in the room. I wanted him to use me. To victimize me. To show me what paradise would feel like. I wanted him to be the guide to my own body, caressing me, exploring me and satisfying me in ways only he could have done. I let out a soft moan and my eyes shut of their own accord. The visual imagery in my head grew more vivid with each passing second. The adonis of his body pulling mine into a deep embrace. Our tongues fighting for entry into each other’s mouths, inhaling the potent scent of our combined sweat as my hands revel in the softness of his ass cheeks. My robust manhood in the caring grasp of his strong hands. Erect, aroused, begging for gratification.

I opened my eyes to the change of pace in Jason’s breathing. There he was, an inch away from my face, with that smile of his. Sharing his lustful breath sent jolts of ecstasy to my brain. He wedged his knees on either side of my thighs, skilfully balancing himself on the chair, taking exceptional care to not break the connection our eyes had kept for this long. He knew exactly how to drive me crazy. In fact, I could predict the furious restroom masturbation session that was about to follow after all of this. But Jason was better than that. In a swift motion, he undid his belt, flinging it around my neck to show me who exactly was boss in here. He pulled me closer to his groin and I rest my face on the suave stain of his crotch. Only then did I realize that he was enjoying this just as much as I did. His groin radiated the warmth of a fully aroused cock that was throbbing in sync with mine. 

I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to tear away from this suffocating business clothes and have him fuck me six ways to Sunday. Knowing that he too was turned on just made the task of holding back that much difficult. My carnal instincts were kicking in. My willpower was beginning to fade. My perception of right and wrong was getting cloudy; all I wanted was for those two pairs of peering eyes to leave so I could open wide and salivate on Jason’s cock through his satin trousers.

Making good use of my handicap, Jason began to grind his crotch on my face. His hands knowingly massaged my shoulders where it hurt from wearing the blazer for too long. “Yup, he’s a keeper”, I confirmed as I let my mind wander further to the multitude of fantasies I could fulfil if I made him mine. Jason saw that he had a window to change things up, and turned around. This time, teasing me with his ass sniff-length away from my nose. I envied the tailor who obviously had to grab a feel or two to stitch those hugging trousers, which accentuated the roundness of his butt cheeks, leaving little to imagination. Yet again, the only thing that was preventing me from ravishing his ass “All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet-Style” were the two shocked men bearing witness to our little taboo. As I wondered how his ass would feel minus the trousers, he lowered them ever so slightly to rest them on my lap. He jumped a little when he felt the tent through two layers of clothing, but rejoiced when he realized that it was the sign of his victory. From the way the air around him changed, I think he probably felt even more responsible to finish off what he started. I would later figure out that that’s just how Jason was, always putting my pleasure before his own.

Jason ground his hips on my blood filled member, occasionally flexing his butt cheeks to engulf a little of my cock. Each subtle movement pushed me further into the peak of my arousal. All I needed was a little push, and I knew I would be falling into a deep and endless orgasm. Beads of sweat had begun to trickle down my forehead. My breathing was shallow and quick like my heart beat. Every ounce of blood my heart pumped was rushing to rinse my cock. I clenched every muscle in my body, in a desperate attempt to avoid the embarrassment of cumming inside my pants.

Jason turned to face me again. His breath culminating in short bursts on my sweating face, created a coolness that perfectly contrasted the heat that our bodies were in. I tightened myself, clenching my teeth in the frustration of not being able to calm the raging orgasm that was on the brink of explosion. He pulled my head up to meet his eyes. I could have stayed like that forever; at the brink of a shuddering climax, staring into the eyes of the man I knew I was in love with, revelling in the tenderness of his gaze.

And then it happened. A single gesture that shattered whatever hopes I had of holding back.

He smiled.

A simple smile that pulled me way past the point of no return and threw me into an orgasmic abyss. Even the final attempt at clenching my cock was futile. Feeling me tense up, Jason took my face into his hands and lightly flicked his tongue over my lips. That was all the motivation I needed.

I simply let go as I took his hovering tongue into my mouth, kissing him as I shot jets of warm cum that trickled their way through the thin pore of my trunks and down my thighs. Jason timed his grinding to each spurt, paying equal attention to my lips that were craving for his flavour. The taste of the man who had just made me cum with my clothes on overshadowed only by the gallons of warm man-milk that was starting to make my underwear soggy. My head was reeling with the feel of being truly spent, trying to comprehend what had just happened. When the pleasure subsided, I was left with the best orgasm of my life. Then it dawned on me that Jason did that without even touching my cock.

I let out a low, guttural moan that was drowned in the tunnel of Jason’s mouth. We kissed for ages, parting our tongues to give each other a smile. A smile that confirmed that this wasn’t the end. 

It had gotten consistently better since then. Of course, Jason didn’t get the job. Partially because I couldn’t bear the thought of other men swooning over him, but mostly because Peter and Mitch were too conservative to enjoy his recklessness. As sweet as they were, I still regret holding back my true desires for those two narrow minded men. But I was thankful that the days of holding back were long gone now. Jason had moved into my apartment after three months of being together. Even now, as he pursued his passion of writing, he always had time for me. Time, of course, often translated into sex. We’d fucked out all our fantasies with each other, and the climax would always leave us too spent to move. But no matter how drained we were from the night before, mornings always started with Jason’s trademark blowjob – wet, warm, and wonderful.

Jason swallowed me down to the base in that swift manner which always caught me off guard. He moaned and gulped, making each vibration of his throat clearly felt on my twitching cock. The slick and shine of his spit on my cock faded in comparison to the glint in his eyes, as he worked towards building up another great climax that I knew would have me dehydrated and begging – for more.

“I’m close”, I let out amidst the increasing pace of my breathe. He circled his tongue around my penis, nibbling and licking the foreskin like a little kid with a lollipop. He withdrew, giving me time to catch my breath, but quickly took my balls in his mouth; sucking hard to pull them away from the sexual release that was in turn pulling them closer to my body. “It won’t be long now”, I thought as I fell back into my pillow and clenched the sheets anticipating the eruption that this morning ritual was about to begin with.

Jason knew exactly what he had to do to get me shooting, and this fact – that he knew everything about my body made me love him even more. In a swift gulp, Jason wrapped his gullet around the entire length of my cock. My body tensed as my heart went into a pumping frenzy to expel the bud of the orgasm that only Jason could set in full bloom. The jolt of his warm and wet mouth around my cock sent little blossoms of pleasure that found their way to every nook and cranny of my body. As I looked down, I saw Jason’s brown eyes gleefully taking in every sign of my pleasure and making them his own. My cock exploded in his mouth, releasing geysers of cum that he was more than happy to swallow. He missed a few spurts that neatly coated his French beard, putting on a childish face because he’d missed a few drops of his favorite “Travis Juice”.

I leaned back up and moved to Jason for a tight, passionate kiss. The flavour of my cum mixed with Jason’s sugar sweet tongue was already sending telegraphs to my cock. I wanted him to invade me with his tongue, the tongue that had made me go wild just seconds ago. But even more so, because I wanted to submit to someone who could make me feel this way all my life. I had always been the calm and stoic business man who always thought twice before he did what he wanted. Even though I worked for a sex toy brand, I had always been worried about what people would think about me. I was a slave to the society.

“Not anymore”, I declared. Jason’s arrival into my life had strengthened that conviction. His carefree attitude had given me a new found direction. I was at the peak of my career, all thanks to this handsome, young man who loved me for who I was. Our lips parted as we paused to take a breather. Jason was grinning, clearly communicating all the things he wanted to do to me. But my eyes grazed over to the clock. I had a meeting in half an hour. “That’s enough time”, I thought to myself as I went in for another kiss, more passionate than the last since I was desperately tonguing him to get another taste of the potent mix of our fluids.

While his saliva bathed my tongue, I could feel his hands tugging at my fully hard stick. His own cock was wagging furiously, occasionally making its presence known on my thighs and balls. Jason lifted my legs to his shoulders, pushing me back onto the bed, and rubbed the head of his slick cock against my entrance. I hadn’t even seen him lube it up, but I wasn’t going to complain. He began to thrust slowly, taking time to allow my body to convert the initial pain to boundless pleasure. The sensation of being filled by Jason’s cock was definitely something that put me into a daze. I lost track of time in the ecstasy, and when I finally came to, I felt myself glancing over at the clock.

Just like that day, Jason pulled my face up to meet his eyes. I was already on the brink of my second time, and I knew that he planned on doing exactly what he did best.

Déjà vu. Our bodies in heat. Submitting to him. Our eyes locked in, speaking a language only we knew. Brink of release. Hands caressing each other. Shallow breathing. Throbbing cocks. 

“I called your office. You’re having a flu and you won’t be able to get out of bed anytime soon.” He revealed. It took a while to register the implications of what he was saying, but it soon came to me crystal clear. A whole day with the man I loved. He pulled my lips up to his and kissed me, pouring in all the love that he harbored in his big heart. I slipped my hands behind his head and pulled him closer. I wanted this to last. I wanted US to last. His hands had retreated to my swollen nipples, gently flicking the erect tip with unflinching affection. I realized that I adored this man much more than I knew.

“I love you, Travis.”

It was the same shuddering feeling, but with Jason, it somehow felt different every time. Mustering up all the strength he needed, he jabbed into me one last time as he moaned into a thunderous orgasm. Against my sensitized prostate, each rope of his cum was so forceful that they felt like a thrust on their own. The simulation on my love chute instigated in me a feeling that I had become so accustomed to since Jason. Even after he was so drained, his cock sloshing around in my ass full of his love juice, he still pounded forward until I came. “Putting my pleasure foremost”, I thought as the first shot hit Jason’s beard and then dripped into my open mouth.

With the next few spurts, I was pretty sure of what he meant when he said that I wouldn’t be getting out of bed anytime soon.

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Bob wrote

Thank you for this story so hard here till the end nice when you find true love.