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Jim’s Fishing Trip

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Big Jim lived in the mountains of western Washington, where the rocky peaks were snow covered in the winter, with a lush evergreen forest covering their bases. In the summer he would throw his sleeping bag, cooler full of food, and fishing tackle, into his Bronco and explore the back country near his home.

He did this alone, because he had never met a lady that enjoyed the solitude, beauty, and the rugged purity of this country. If the truth was told, he couldn’t find anyone that could put up with him. In his 62 years, his experiences in life had helped to create his philosophies of life, which were the cornerstone that his world was built on. Some might say that because of this, he was a narrow minded, or set in his ways, but just the opposite was the truth.

That was why he loved the back country so much. When he was out there with the scent of the forest mixed in with the fresh air, his mind was free to fantasies about life.

On one of his trips last summer, he was driving on a Forest Service road, when a flash of light caught his eye. As he let the Bronco roll back down the hill slowly, he searched for it again. Suddenly he stopped, ah yes, he thought, there it is. By using his binoculars he could see that there was a body of water down there reflecting the sun. When he checked his map, he couldn’t find anything like a lake or any roads that went near the lake.

After driving around the area for a while, he found an old logging road that seemed to go in that direction. The road was grown over with brush and narrow, and had been cut out of the side of the mountain. Thirty minutes of moving very slowly down the side of the mountain, he spotted the small lake with its crystal clear water. It was very easy to see the fallen trees lying like jack straws on the bottom. The lake was nestled between the tall trees and several very large rock formations. The road ended at a fast moving little creek that splashed its way down the mountain through rocks the size of car tires. It ended up falling about thirty feet from a rock ledge into the lake. Jim gathered up his gear and began making his way down to the lake. He made his way down to a large rock overlooking the entire lake.

After dinner, Jim collected a small pile of wood for a camp fire and then settled down to enjoy the view. It was only about 100 yards to the far side of the lake and he guessed 150 yards across it the other way. And to his right and behind him was the sound of that creek falling into the lake. Jim decided it was too late to do any exploring, so he lay back on his bedding and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he saw three deer drinking from the pool at the bottom of the falls. The sun was just coming up and was directly in his eyes as he looked out over the lake to the east. He grabbed his thermos and poured the last cup of coffee and began to rig his fishing pole for some rare sport.

It wasn’t until later that morning, as he was fishing, that he noticed a small column of smoke rising from behind another large rock formation, further around the lake to his right. He wondered how they had gotten up to the lake. He hadn’t seen any other cars on his drive the day before. Oh well, the fishing was good and he was about ready for some fresh fried trout and eggs for lunch, so he pulled in his string of fish and began to clean them as the fire got hot. Three twelve inch trout, four eggs and six biscuits seemed to fill him up and make him think about hiking around the lake. He decided to stay away from the other campers. It was about mid afternoon when he started to work his way around their campsite. Just when he crossed the trail that they had used to get up to the lake, he heard a lot of laughing and carrying on. He moved further away from the lake so as not to disturb them. Just as he climbed over a large rock, he ran smack into them.

” Ah hello,” he said with a bit of surprise.

“Hi and where did you come from?” she asks.

“I’ve got a camp over there a ways,” said Jim.

“We’re just up here for the warm springs,” she added.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been to this lake,” smiled Jim, “A warm springs you say.”

“Yes. Right over there,” they said in unison.

The two girls were about fortyish, and wrapped in robes, and dripping from their trip to the springs. From what Jim could see, they were very pretty and well built, which caused him to develop a speech problem, (he couldn’t speak, girls you know). But something else was starting to respond, and he hoped that they couldn’t see his little private problem.

“Well I was just kind of exploring,” he said.

“We’re going to go to camp and fix some dinner and take a nap,” said one of the girls. “We always go to the warm springs just before bed, so we’ll stay warm all night. You can join us if you want.”

“Oh, well, ah I don’t know,” stuttered Jim. “I have a good sleeping bag, and it doesn’t need any warming up. But thank you any way.”

“If you change your mind, just come on over,” they added.

And with that Jim continued his trip back to his campsite. He was steady talking to himself all the way back too. ‘You silly old fart, two nice looking girls ask you to join them in a warm springs and you get all messed up in the head and don’t know what to say, boy you need a tree to fall on you. I wonder what they wear in the springs, I don’t have anything to wear, and I just swim naked. It works for me anyway. Oh hell, I’ll just fry up the rest of my fish and get a good night sleep.’

A little later, as he fried up his fish, Jim noticed the girls swimming in the lake. Out of curiosity, he sat the skillet on some rocks and looked at them through his binoculars. Damn! They don’t wear anything while swimming either. Geeeeeze that red head has a nice back stroke, he thought as was noted else where on his body. And that brunette isn’t bad either, real smooth in the water. As his problem began to get bigger and his fish began to burn. Damn, he thought as he tried to rescue his fish. Dinner didn’t take very long, and he was thinking about something else entirely the whole time. ‘(Well I don’t suppose it would hurt to wander over there tonight, after all they did invite me, so it’s not like I’m snooping or sneaking a peek or anything)’.

Jim finally talked himself into going over to the warm springs for a while, just to be sociable, (right). Just then he noticed that the girls had climbed up on the large rock that hid their camp from his view, and were waving for him to come over and join them. He stood up and waved back and pointed to his watch and held up one hand showing all of his fingers. They signaled that they understood and disappeared behind the rock again. He quickly finished what he was doing and started in the direction of the warm springs, steady wondering what was going to happen next. As Jim walked towards the forest, up that same rock that the girls had been on, he spotted the girls in a pool surrounded on three sides with ferns and a rock wall built across the other side. The water was overflowing over some boards built into the front and then running down to the lake. As he started to climb down, his boot heel caught on something and he rolled the rest of the way down into the little creek of warm water. Laying there with all his embarrassment hanging out, red faced, the girls came running over to see if he was all right.

“Nothing hurt but my pride I guess,” said Jim.

“That’s good,” she said. “But look at you clothes, they’re all muddy now. You take them off and I’ll rinse them out and hang them by our camp fire.”

“Oh, they’ll be ok,” said Jim. “I’ll just let the mud dry and knock it off tomorrow.”

“Not going to happen,” said the red head. “Ann will take them and get them dry for you and you and I can settle into the springs and let the bruises get some good therapy.”

“I don’t want to be a bother,” said Jim.

“Star, I guess we will have to take charge of this situation,” said Ann. “You take off his boots and I’ll get this shirt.”

“Now wa…,” started Jim

“Oh just hold still for a minute and it will be all over,” smiled Star. “Ann I’m about ready for you to get to his pants.”

“All ready on it Star,” said Ann. “Will you just sit down for a minute so we can get these pants pulled off?”

“Yes ma’am,” said Jim, almost afraid to argue with them. Damn, he thought, they’re taking my drawers too, as he clumsily tried to hide himself.

Ann picked up his clothes and headed down the trail shouting over her shoulder, “I’ll be back shortly so you kids play nice or else.” It was getting dark and Jim was getting cold, so he started to get into the pool of warm water. Star was right there to make sure he didn’t fall again. “This will make you feel a lot better,” she said. “Ann and I come up here every chance we get because it makes our skin so soft and makes us feel so good inside too.”

“It’s not as hot as I expected,” commented Jim. “Hey this is pretty nice? he added as he begins to relax. And then he became aware of the fact that the girls were naked and his original problem came up again. He was glad that it hadn’t been in evidence when they were undressing him.

“It’s really nice up here with the fresh air and the aroma of these big cedar trees hanging over us,” explained Star as she joined him in the pool.

“I sure do appreciate you girls sharing it with me.” said Jim trying to make conversation. Trying to hide the fact that he was enjoying the view of what was in the pool as well, her long legs, nice figure, full breasts, and hard nipples, and beautiful lips, and …… Oh my god was she beautiful.

“Do you come up here often?” she asks.

“No. This is the first time I have seen this lake,” smiled Jim.

“We’ve been coming up here for a few years now,” explained Star. “We built this wall and put the boards in for the benches. It’s taken a lot of hard work packing all this stuff up those two miles of trail.”

“I drove to within 100 feet of where my camp is,” said Jim.

“Really,” said Star with surprise.

“Ouch!” shouted Jim. “I stepped on something sharp.”

“The springs spit out some sharp rock from time to time,” warns Star. “Here let me have your foot and I’ll see if it’s cut.” As she takes his leg and holds it in the air to inspect it. “Looks OK, I’ll just rub it for a while so it wont start swelling or something.”

“Oh yeah, that feels good,” smiles Jim. “I’ve got to exchange the favor though.”

“Now that can be arranged,” smiled Star as she looked straight into his baby blues with her deep green eyes. “Come over here and I’ll show you how we do a massage,” as she led him over to an old cedar log with all the bark peeled off. Then she laid down on it and folded her arms under her face and crossed her ankles.

Jim started with the back of her neck, gently rubbing up and down. Then from her head down the neck and across her shoulders, nice and slow and gentle. And on down her arms to the elbow, over and over again, ever so gently. Then starting from the back of her head he drew two fingers, one on each side of the back bone, all the way down to its end. And again. And from the top of here shoulder slowly slowly down her entire back all the way to the back of her knees. And again and again slowly, gently as she moaned with pleasure.

“I have been doing this for years for ladies,” said Jim, “but I must not be doing it right, because they never turn over and let me do the front of them,” he says as he slowly strokes her back.

Star didn’t say a thing for a while just lay there and enjoyed the relaxing touch of his hands. Then when she had had enough, she slipped off into the water to warm up again. “That was great, where did you learn to do that?” she asks.

“Just graduated from the school of hard knocks I guess,” smiled Jim.

“As soon as I get warm again you are going to do the front for me, OK?” she asked.

“It would be my pleasure for sure,” snickered Jim. “But I don’t use only my hands for the front.”

“OH?” she said, “this might just get interesting then.”

The twinkle in her eye was very sexy and put a little worry in Jims mind. Had he overloaded his plate or could he deliver the goods. I guess we’ll find out he thought.

Star took a deep breath and slipped under the water, and stayed there for a good while it seemed. When she came up, she pushed her long red hair back out of her face and lay down on the log again. This time it was on her back and that made Jim’s problem even harder to deal with. There she lay, oh so nice, so very pretty and Jim was going to try to make her relax or something.

With her hands folded under her head for a pillow, she closed her eyes and waited for his touch. He put his thumb on the tip of her nose and slowly moved it up to her hair line. Again and again, slowly and gently from the tip of the nose up to the hair line and off her head. Then with a very little pressure he moved his thumb up her nose to her brow with his palm following as the thumb moved into the hair line this time the palm rested on her forehead and stopped there for a while pressing gently, then slipping off though her hair.

He was having a lot of trouble with his rock hard dick rubbing up against the tree as he was tending to Star. However he continued by rubbing from her neck out both shoulders and down her arms slowly an gently as he told her in a soft voice that he was going to take all the tension and stress out of her body. That it was going to flow down her arms and out of her fingers into the water. And again across the shoulders and down the arms and the palms and then the fingers. Then he began to draw his fingers down from her shoulders across her breasts, letting the hard nipples drag across his palms as the fingers slowly drew down and onto her rib cage, belly and then down her legs to her toes, taking all the tension and stress with them. Then he took his index finger and started drawing curves and circles on her shoulders and began to move down her body. First the breasts, slowly drawing around each one, all the way around them, then smaller circles, until he arrived at the nipples. Then He leaned over her and touched each one on the very tip with his tongue. Then he gently kisses each one and allows his tongue to drag down the breast to her belly button. Drawing a circle around it and then into it and out and down her right leg slowly to the knee. He was watching the goose bumps rise up on her as he progressed down her leg. And could hear a slight moan as he moved even farther down her leg.

When he started at the belly button again to go down the other leg, his straining dick drug against the log, and he had to grit his teeth a little to reach her left leg, but she didn’t seem to notice as she began to wiggle a little as the tongue moved down her leg. Then he felt a hand around his dick and then a warm body against his back. Ann had made it back and was joining in on the fun. She didn’t say a word, just began to rub his dick and stroke my chest from behind him. He could feel her hot breath on his back and then Star sat up on the log and faced him. She pulled him to her and kissed him gently but very passionately, long and deep. When they parted, he pushed her back gently and put her legs on his shoulders and slowly traced his way down her leg with his tong. First one leg then the other, tickling her inner thigh with his long beard and mustache as he slowly approached her very hot pussy. Stars hands were stroking his bald head as she moaned with each dart of his tongue, until he finally touched her tender lips. They were so hot and moist, and smelled so good that he had trouble taking it slow and easy at that point. He could see her belly button going up and down with each touch or hot breath he gave her. As he parted her lips with his tongue she gave out with a groan and pulled with her legs to get his face tighter into her pussy. Ann was slowly stroking his dick and massaging his balls to the point that he was about to cum in her hand. But when he took Stars clitty into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue was dancing all over it Star let out a deep groan of pleasure and her whole body tensed up as she came in his mouth and wiggled all over the log.

After she had settled down again, Ann turned him around and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up and locked her legs around his waist and slipped down slowly onto his still rigid dick. She let him know by her actions that she was going to have her way with him, and he better not resist, (as if he would). She began to grind around on him once she was all the way down on him. The warm spring water was splashing all around the two of them as she began to slowly rise up a little and then slip back down just as easy, driving him crazy. Making him grip her butt even tighter and making it harder for him to stand upright. But she didn’t slow up a bit. Star wasn’t helping him either, by reaching around and tweaking his nipples, and nibbling on his ear lobe, sticking her tongue in his ear, whispering erotic things between licks. His moans of pleasure could be heard all across the entire state he thought. When Ann rose nearly off of him and then dropped all the way back down hard and fast, he nearly lost it. And when she continued to repeat this action, it only took a few times to bring him to a massive explosion within her that sent her over the top too. They held each other tightly as the natural spasms and joyous pleasures raged through their bodies for what seemed a wonderfully long time. After a brief rest in the spring, they all moved to the campsite and the three of them slept in a double sleeping bag til noon the next day.

To this day, Jim hasn’t told anyone of this story because he is still having a hard time believing it himself.

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