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Kate Puts Herself on the Menu

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Staring down the lane, the air shimmering in the baking sun, Kate let her mind wander for the first time that morning. She had spent the last few weeks of term looking forward to the summer break as the end of her first year at university drew to a close. Just three long months of lazing around in the sun and catching up with old school mates. Well that had been the plan, but now, just ten days in, all that seemed a distant dream.

Instead of hitting the town with her pals, she had returned to find the summer already planned out. Summertime in her mum’s catering business was the busiest time, preparing and delivering buffets for parties and weddings was a constant process. It had started as a hobby, but had been a real success and had grown to include a deli and a van with a pitch on one of the local business parks. It meant long days and early mornings and Kate’s return meant her mum could finally enjoy some down-time and escape on holiday.

Over the years, Kate had enjoyed many hours in the shop. It was clean, tidy and busy enough that the days disappeared, but it was fully staffed. In contrast the catering van was hot and stinking. Stuck in the middle of nowhere all day, baking in a tin can and being leered at by a stream of truckers was how her mum spent her weekdays. Compared to the shop, it was too much like a long, hard and sweaty days work.

The vans biggest drawback, however, was also its biggest positive. Parked opposite a large haulage firm on a huge industrial estate, meant there was always a constant queue that made the days vanish. Besides, it was the money from the business that meant all her university bills were paid without her needing a term-time job.

So as she stared out into the shimmering heat and leant on the hatch, the radio announced eleven o’clock. Four hours in and it was the first time she’d had a moment to herself. The till was stuffed, the fridge running low and it was with reluctance that she had to admit to herself that the banter in the van was better than the old women’s shop gossip. Besides, wearing low-cut tops underneath her apron and flirting with the drivers was fun. She also found that being her own boss, being free to do what she liked and play the music that she wanted was cool. And it could be worse. Your day was done by three and in the lull between breakfast and lunch, you could grab some rays and read the ‘paper.

The first few days on her own flew. Being the boss was new, the truckers worked their old lines as if they were too and the new found responsibility made her feel like she was actually making a difference. But above all, collapsing into bed at nine o’clock made her appreciate just what her mum went through every single day, whilst she sat in the union bar and drank the proceeds.

As she cleaned the griddle, hot steam billowing in the van, pop music crackling from the battery powered radio, a deep, husky voice startled her. She turned to see a smartly dressed suit of about thirty, the dark bags under his eyes contrasting against his colourless skin.

“Bloody hell, late night?” She asked, flicking her pony-tail back over her shoulder as she leant onto the hatch and looked down on him. He nodded and groaned.

“Yeah, something like that.” He said. “I’d better have a bacon sandwich, no butter.” He finished almost reluctantly.

“Are you sure? You don’t look like it’ll stay down?” She teased as she started to fry a couple of fresh rashers. He shook his head slowly, not trusting his watering mouth. Her usual small talk was easy enough as it was so one-sided, her own chatter punctuated only by his feeble grunts and groans as he nursed his throbbing head and rolling stomach. Eventually, she handed him over his foil-wrapped cure with a smile and he disappeared silently back to work, glad for the breakfast, but even happier to be away from the greasy bacon and sausage aroma.

“If you throw that up, it’s not my cooking!” She hollered as he sauntered off. He waved at her without turning his back and after a slight shake of her head, she turned back to cleaning the griddle.

The rest of the week consisted mainly of the same old truckers and the same old lines, but the suit returned again on Thursday just before lunch and seemed to have the knack of catching her on her own.

“Well, well,” she said as she watched him approached. “I hope you’ve not been over-indulging again.”

“Leaving party. Very messy.” He said shaking his head and offering her a resigned shrug. “Just hungry today.”

“Glad to hear it.” She responded. “I’m trying to build a reputation for fine cuisine here, I don’t need drunken bums hanging around and scaring off the clientele I’m trying to attract.”

This time he perched on a stool and ate his sandwich whilst they chatted. After a good night’s sleep, Kate could not ignore that he was a rare sight at the van, a nice looking guy who was fifteen years younger and 3 stone lighter than most of the drivers. He’d even managed to put his tie on straight today and unlike the drivers was capable of talking to her face every once in a while.

The third time he arrived, she leant across the hatch towards him, using her forearms to push her ample cleavage into two mountains.

“You either really like my cooking or can’t resist staring at my tits.” She teased, pushing them at him as she rested them on her folded arms.

“I didn’t realise you were on the menu.” He said with a twinkle in his eye. “If you are, I’ll have some.” He said, returning her flirt with a grin, as he slid onto one of the high stool.

Kate knew she pushed the boundaries back each time he came over, but there was something different today. Not only was he giving as good as he got for a change, her mind was still in idly picking over the remnants of a filthy dream which had woken her just minutes before her alarm, and whilst the details were tantalisingly just out of reach, it had left her with an unmistakable itch.

Since her parents had escaped to the Caribbean she had done nothing but work, which compared to her university ritual felt like a lifetime. On top of that, it was three weeks since the last night with her boyfriend, which in terms of abstinence over the college year, was more like an eternity. Flashbacks to last nights dream only served to make things worse. She placed his package on the counter and he nodded appreciatively.

“With how hot it is out here, I’m surprised it’s chilly in there.” He said with a smirk.

“It fucking isn’t.” She said then realised her erect nipples had betrayed her mind. “Well, look what you’ve done to me now,” she pouted, leaning again on the hatch, “I’ll have to spend the afternoon rubbing myself against the cupboards.”

“Lucky cupboards.” He said as he scooped up his breakfast and turned away. She watched him go and couldn’t help notice the way his tight arse looked inside his suit trousers and how his shirt, sleeves rolled up, tapered into his waist.

“Bugger.” She thought she said under her breath, but he turned back and raised an eyebrow.

“See you later?” It was a question, accompanied by a shrug, having sensed that she had spoken but not hearing what she’d said.

“Yeah, anytime until three. I’ll be here and if you see the van rocking, it’ll just be me and the cupboards.” She blurted out as he continued to walk away, but fortunately this time he didn’t turn back to see her face flush with embarrassment.

The lunchtime rush had finally gone and her day was done. The place was spotless, even her mum would admit that, and she was ready to scram, a bottle of Chardonnay calling from the fridge at home, when there was a knock on the closed hatch.

“Sorry, we’re closed.” She called.

“So it’s just you and the cupboard corners then.” Suddenly a thousand thoughts flashed through her mind. What the fuck am I going to do now? Why is he here? Then indignantly, what kind of girl does he think I am?

For some reason she brushed her grease-splattered apron down as if that made her more desirable, opened the side door of the van and stuck her head out.

“And what brings you here in the middle of the afternoon?” She asked him, making him jump by appearing suddenly.

“Well you obviously and your fabulous breakfasts.” He said straight-faced. “I didn’t like to think of you here on your own with just stiff nipples and cupboard corners for company.” She laughed, he laughed. He stood, hands in pockets and she stood on the top step of the van, one hand on the door, the other on the frame.

“So did you think you’d just come over here and take advantage of a young single girl? Did you think she would just drop her knickers and let you have your wicked way with her?” She asked, one hand playing with her blonde pony-tail. “You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re twice my age.”

“You cheeky cow. I’m only thirty, which means you’ve got a very lived in face for a girl of fifteen.” He said, enjoying the shock spread over her features.

“A lived in face. You cheeky bastard!”

“A lived in face for fifteen,” he repeated defensively, “and you’re not fifteen. Anyway, the kind of girl who parades around a place like this with nipples like that, is not the kind of girl who wears knickers.” Shaking her head, Kate untied the apron and threw it into the van.

“So you must have the wrong person then.” She said as she hooked her thumb under the waistband of her jeans and tugged her pants up so he could see them. He shrugged. She looked at him from the top of the steps and suddenly realised, her heart was hammering, her stomach was tied in knots.

“Shame. There was a big part of me hoping you were exactly the kind of girl who needed taking advantage of.”

“Which big part of you is that?” She asked peering down at him, as she chewed on her bottom lip. She’d been here before, it was like the point of no return. When the silence broke, he would either make his excuses and leave, or he was going to come in, and if he did, she was suddenly sure that she would let him fuck her. Without waiting for him to make the decision, she beckoned him towards her, pushing the door open so that it banged against the side of the van. “It looks like your lucky day, old-timer.”

The van was lit by one naked bulb that made the lit parts bright and unlit ones black as night. Standing on the same ground for the first time she realised that he towered above her – by about 12 inches she guessed. He stood just a few feet away and looked down at her through the gloom, the sexual tension sparking like electricity. Her heart in overdrive, she seized the initiative before she lost her nerve. She stepped towards him, stretched up on the very tips of her toes and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back, his tongue brushing her lips and his arm snaking around her slender waist.

She moaned at his touch and he kissed her more passionately. The tension and excitement of a stranger’s hands sent shivers shooting down her spine. She wrapped her arms around his neck and practically jumped into his arms, curling her legs around his waist. He pinned her up against the door and kissed her deeply his hands now supporting her weight under her thighs. She wanted him badly, wanted to feel him inside her and she ground her crotch against his stomach.

He tore his lips from hers and carried her to the work surface by the cooker. He started to pull her t-shirt off over her head and she held her hands high to help him. He unclipped her bra and when her pendulous breasts fell free, he bent over and took each nipple in turn into his mouth, his tongue circling lazily until it stood proud and so erect it ached.

He kissed her lips again and she felt the back of his hand run over her stomach until it found the waistband of her jeans. He popped the top button, but could not free the zip, so she slid off the work top and wriggled her jeans over her hips, before he lifted her back onto the counter.

Kneeling down, he removed her trainers and socks, then kissed her slowly and gently from her knees to her thighs, first up one leg, before swapping to the other. He could smell her excitement and as he reached the top of her thigh, she parted her legs so he could tease each kiss a little higher.

She felt his breath through the thin cotton of her knickers and moaned in anticipation of what she hoped was to come. She wanted him inside her, but he continued to tease. She felt his tongue touch her knickers and she was suddenly conscious of her early start and long day inside the baking van. Yet in the same instant, it struck her that she’d only ever enjoyed oral sex once before, her boyfriend always more keen to be administered to than to administer and she thrust her hips forward to encourage him to go that one step further, eager to feel his hot tongue against her flesh.

He tugged her knickers aside with one finger and ran his thumb down the length of her swollen lips. She gasped, flinching as he found her clitoris, parting the flesh and homing straight in on her sensitive button.

“Oh yeah, that’s good.” She whimpered as he rubbed her bud with careful precision, then felt the electric whip of his tongue on her pussy. “Fuck!” She gasped, flinching, but he persisted, his wet tongue flicking against her, circling her moist hole. He stood briefly to pull her knickers down, then crouched again and buried his head between her legs, holding her knees and pulling her legs apart. He explored every fold of her cunt, inside and out, licking her clit, around her hole and then simply enveloped her swollen labia in his mouth and sucked greedily until her orgasm exploded.

She grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed him into her, moaning as he sucked her cunt hungrily. Waves of pleasure washed over her, her orgasm relentlessly budding and flowering until she quivered at his every touch and could stand it no longer.

“Stop, stop, stop.” She panted and pulled his hair to drag him away. He looked up at her, his lips and cheeks coated in her honey, a look of triumph spread across his face.

He kissed her, letting his tongue wander around her mouth. She tasted pussy for the first time and even though it was her own, the sensation blew her mind.

With every nerve at red alert, she sat helplessly on the worktop until he scooped her up in his arms. He carried her to the closed hatch and she felt her naked back press against the warm metal as he lowered her carefully down onto his throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her pussy ready to accept him and immediately felt his helmet nuzzle against her dripping lips.

She groaned as he applied more pressure and slowly but deliberately he continued to lower her onto his length. She could feel her cunt relaxing, anticipating his girth and when his fat head popped inside her she cried out in sheer relief that he had finally penetrated her.

“Oh. God. Yes.” She stuttered into his ear as his seven inch cock filled her young pussy. “That. Feels. Amazing.” As he began to thrust into her, he pushed his hips forward to drive his length in whilst bouncing her up and down, ensuring his cock thrust deeply into the warm, wet depths of her tight little hole.

The van was stifling and sweat ran freely down their bodies as he pinned her against the wall. She whimpered and groaned every time he filled her, egging him on and begging him to take her, fill her, fuck her.

He turned her around so her hands were flat against the hatch and holding her hips tightly he drove his rigid meat back into her from behind. He was deeper than ever and every time he drove forward she felt as if he would split her in two. Despite him being a stranger, in fact, despite not even knowing his name, she had felt before, in a strange way, that he was making love to her. Now he fucked her and the sensation was amazing. With each thrust her forehead bumped against the side of the van. She could hear his breathing getting shorter and his rhythm increasing as he pounded into her time and time again. Her knees were weak and shook as they tried to hold her weight, but the firm grip of his hands on her hips held her firm.

She looked back over her shoulder and urged him to fuck her harder. Sweat glistened on his face and chest and he responded, hammering into her and driving the air from her in grunts each time he drove his cock home.

He kneaded her buttocks with both hands and with a sudden shiver she felt his thumb press lightly against her moist anus. She moaned in ecstasy as his rhythm dropped to long, slow strokes and he used her own juices to lubricate her arse, gently circling it with his thumb, each time applying slightly more pressure.

It was a new sensation and she concentrated her mind on enjoying his touch, but when the tip of his thumb disappeared inside to the first knuckle, she yelped in surprise, her muscles twitching involuntarily in an attempt to expel the intruder. Despite that, the sensation as he toyed with both her holes was incredible and she was powerless to resist him.

The pressure of his cock in her pussy and his thumb now all the way inside her arse was driving her wild and when her final orgasm hit her, her knees gave way completely and hot tears prickled her eyes as he held her up by the hips like a rag doll.

As she regained some composure, she slapped his hand away from her arse.

“Too much,” she gasped, “just fuck me.” She managed and as before, he re-established a rapid rhythm of long, hard strokes. She braced her hands against the van and pushed her hips back toward him, gripping his cock in her pussy like a vice. She could hear him panting and feel drops of sweat drip onto her back.

“Fill me up.” She urged and then whimpered as he did just that. She could almost feel the pulse of his heart running through his cock and she felt it grow harder as he pounded her pussy until his balls slapped against her legs.

As he fucked her, their grunts and moans filling the baking van, filth spewed from her mouth as she willed him to screw her ever harder.

As he reached his peak, he whipped his cock from her and turned her around so that she was kneeling before him. She reached forward to take him into her mouth, but he held her head firm and stroked his cock just inches from her face.

She flinched as a long thread of semen leapt from his cock and hit her forehead, following through into her hair, then gasped as a second splashed across her cheek. What missed landed on her tits, quickly mixed with her sweat and ran down her stomach into her blonde pubic carpet.

When his cock finally emptied, he stepped forward and pushed it between her lips. Greedily, she sucked up the last drops of his cum, mixed with her own honey, from his sticky, glistening shaft.

Still kneeling, she watched him dress, his body slick with sweat, her face and hair plastered with his semen. Without a word, he bent down and kissed the top of her head, unbolted the door and stepped out into the dazzling sunshine. The door swung open and let in a waft of hot air that nearly matched the baking heat of the van.

“Hey, I don’t even know your name.” She called weakly, but he was gone. She crawled over to the door and tried to reach around to close it without flashing her naked flesh to the estate.

She sat against the van wall for what seemed like an age and slowly mopped his cum from her face, neck and tits with a coarse piece of paper towel. Her body was spent and tired but gripped tightly to a rich, satisfied glow.

“I don’t even know your bloody name.” She said to no one, then giggled at the sound of her own voice echoing inside the big tin can. With a strangers’ spunk drying slowly all over her body, she wanted to feel cheap, but instead felt sexually alive for the first time in her life.

Katie spent most of Friday searching for her suited stranger. She spent so long between customers stretching out of the hatch and staring at his office that in the end, she just propped the door open so she could see it all the time. Even when her day was complete, she hung around until nearly 4 o’clock, but he didn’t show.

Having looked forward to the weekend since 5am on Monday morning, it dragged by and by Sunday night, his image, touch and taste filled every minute. The way he had made her feel, the way he treated her and the release he had brought was way beyond anything she had ever experienced and she couldn’t get him out of her mind. The more she thought about the way he’d licked her, the way she’d felt as if he’d made love to her, the way he’d fucked her, cum on her and then just left, all excited her for different reasons. In just one sordid encounter, it made her realise just how one-sided and one-dimensional her sex life had been.

Monday morning dawned and she was over-tired from a poor nights sleep. Her concentration was shot from the minute she opened the hatch onto another baking day and propped open the side door so she could keep an eye on his office.

By the time the breakfast rush was over she was considering trying to find him, yet without his mobile number, or more importantly, his name, she couldn’t just stroll into reception and ask for him. It even crossed her mind that he might not actually work there, maybe he had just been a visitor who could just disappear. She realised that she found the thought of not seeing him again almost frightening. It wasn’t the total lack of self-control, in that she had let someone fuck her without even getting their name, which should have made her feel cheap, but more the thought of not seeing him again so he could do it all over again, that made her feel empty.

A steady stream of the usual drivers and a healthy number of casual customers fed the till but her banter had dried up and the knots in her stomach, when mixed with the smell of frying sausage and bacon meant she was permanently riding the very brink of a wave of nausea.

“My name’s Max by the way.” She spun around so fast, she almost fell.

“Hi!” She fired back in a shrill voice she thought made her sound about twelve. To top it all she blushed furiously. She was powerless as the heat climbed from her chest and crept slowly up until her pale cheeks glowed like hot coals and sweat broke out on her brow. She opened her mouth to speak but just croaked. Great, just the perfect introduction, she thought whilst this Max just stood and looked quizzically at her. “Erm. Hi!” She tried again, finally wrestling control.

“Er, hi!” He repeated, making her laugh more nervously, still at a complete loss for something else to say.

“I thought you’d just cum and gone.” She managed finally. He just shrugged.

“Sorry. I was out and about at the end of last week. Why did you miss me?” He asked and she sensed surprise in his voice. She responded by blushing again, but leant on the counter towards him.

“You’d be surprised.” She said, trying to be cool.

“Surprised at how little you missed me.” He repeated smiling. “Anyway, you ignored me earlier, you were too busy blushing. I’m Max, if you’re interested.” He said and offered her his hand. She reached out and shook it briefly.

“Really…Max? Is that your real name or a pet name so I never quite find out the real you?” He regarded her again with that lop-sided smile.

“Yes. Max really is actually, honestly my real name. Maximillian to be precise, and if you want to sound like my mother. And if you’re genuinely interested my pet’s name is Colin. He’s a big ginger tom-cat., but you’re not really grasping the protocol. I say Hi! My name’s Max by the way, and offer you my hand. You in turn, shake my hand with your greasy paw and say Well, hi there Max, my name’s Bacon Betty. I give you my order and we pass a few minutes discussing the weather, why you look so tired after your weekend off and whether or not you’re busy later.”

Rather than lean out across the hatch, she bounced down the steps and went around to meet him one-to-one. She had forgotten just how tall he was and as she stood looking up at him, he towered over her.

“Actually, for your information, old-timer, my name’s not Betty Bacon and my delicately manicured paw is not greasy.” Smiling, teasing he looked down at her and put his finger under her chin, titling her head back so she looked him in the eyes. Her heart skipped as she thought he was going to kiss her, then plunged when he didn’t. Instead, he stared deep into her green eyes.

“Look, it’s really very simple. You must have done this before. Hi I’m Max.” He stepped away and offered her his hand. She looked at it and didn’t move. He shook his head slightly. Finally, she took his hand. This time he brought it up and kissed it lightly, just above the knuckles. It made her giggle and still he stared at her with his steel eyes.

“Hello Max,” she giggled, “my name’s Kate, Katie if you prefer as you’re nearly old enough to be my dad.”

“Well, if I’m that old, I should slap your legs, Katie.” He said.

“Is that a promise?” She pouted.

“If you like.” Then he did bend down and kiss her firmly on the lips. “It’s very nice to meet you, Katie. See, easy isn’t it?” She smiled waiting to see if she would melt into a pool on the tarmac. “By the way,” he said whispering conspiratorially, before wiping the back of his hand theatrically across his lips, “your delicately manicured paw is greasy.”

“You cheeky…” she started, then just launched at him and beat her fists on his chest. She stopped when he grasped her hands around the wrists. She blushed again. Jesus, what is happening to me? She thought, frightened at the feelings coursing through her.

“You’ve got customers, I think.” He said, nodding down the road towards an approaching car.

“Usual?” She asked as she headed back into the van.

“Now and later?” He ventured.

“You never know.” She said as she constructed his sandwich and handed it over. Now they had company, he just thanked her and walked away. As she watched him go she hoped he did not drop his napkin. She’d made him a second offer she hoped he couldn’t refuse.

By the time the radio announced three o’clock she had closed, cleaned up, packed up and cashed up. Her day was done and she was sat on a cheap white plastic chair at the side of the van, soaking up the sun with a newspaper spread across her lap.

By the time she heard the radio announce 4pm, she’d read the newspaper cover to cover and was convinced he’d stood her up. She was just about to admit defeat when his voice made her jump for the second time that day. She twisted around in her chair as he arrived at her side, squatted down and kissed her cheek.

“I’m done for the day.” He said. “Do you fancy a drink?”

“Umm. Good idea.” She nodded. “Why don’t we go back to mine and see what’s in the fridge?”

She parked Max on the patio in a puddle of sun with a cold beer and headed for the shower to make herself a little less greasy and a little more desirable.

She was stood with her back to the door, soap suds lathered through her hair when she heard the cubicle open, then close. She rinsed the soap from her eyes and felt Max’ hands on her shoulders, taking her breath away.

“Couldn’t resist the temptation.” He whispered into her ear, his breath sending shockwaves through her marrow. As she rinsed shampoo from her hair, he gently massaged her shoulders and neck with his strong hands.

She turned towards him and groaned with satisfaction at the site of his thick erection pointing expectantly towards the ceiling. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it slowly, hearing him moan in response.

She needed him inside her now. This was not a time for foreplay. She turned her back on him and braced her hands against the back of the cubicle, wiggling her pert bum at him provocatively, before looking back over her shoulder.

“Stuff that in me and make her howl.” She commanded.

Briefly, he ran his fingers between her legs, but she was already very ready. She felt his helmet nuzzle against her swollen lips and pushed her hips back towards him, not prepared to be teased and immediately felt her pussy stretch and swallow his fat bell-end. With one hand, he grabbed a handful of her hair and placed the other on the small of her back. Slowly, he pushed himself into her until he was buried deep within her willing snatch and she felt his balls squeezed against her body. “Oh yeah, baby.” She moaned. “Fill me up. That feels fantastic”

Contrary to their first time, he maintained a very slow, very deep rhythm. Using his full length expertly, he withdrew until just the very tip of his helmet was between her lips, then when she wriggled impatiently towards him, he smoothly pushed back into her until his public hair tickled her buttocks.

He maintained this slow pace until he teased a beautiful orgasm out of her body which built inside until it spread warmth through her like a fine brandy.

The cubicle filled with steam and the piping hot water drummed on her head and back. With her body enveloped in a rich post-orgasmic glow she felt so relaxed, it all seemed like a dream. At that moment, he could have done with her whatever he wished.

His pace picked up steadily and he grasped her hips with both hands. His thrusts were shorter as he pummelled her with increasing force. She was moaning and gasping continuously as he pleasured her hot and hungry cunt until a second, and this time, huge orgasm ripped though her leaving her legs weak and her consumed with a lust as hot as the sun.

He led her out of the shower into the humid bathroom. As he had in the van, he lifted her up and dropped her down onto his rigid pole. He pinned her against the bathroom door and held her by her buttocks. He filled her completely and the sensation was exquisite. Having had her pleasure she just wanted him to fire his cum into her and share his with her.

“Fill me up.” She breathed into his ear, biting down on his hanging lobe. “Shoot your cum inside me. Fill me up.” She encouraged and he groaned louder and thrust deeper until his cock twitched and his balls let go. She felt his hot seed flood her tight cunt, filling her until it oozed out of her pussy and dribbled out over his balls.

“How about that drink?” She whispered as she stretched her legs back onto the floor. “I’ve not finished with you yet.”

They sat on the patio which was still bathed in sunshine, the afternoon heat had baked the slabs until they were uncomfortable on their bare feet. Teasingly she was dressed in just a white cotton t-shirt that hugged her breasts and covered her pussy by inches. She sat with her legs stretched out in front of her, a cool glass of Pinot Grigio resting on the wooden table between them. Max sat beside her in one of her father’s t-shirts, the outline of his cock clear beneath his boxers, a cold beer clamped between his thighs.

The air buzzed with conversation, broken only by the occasional sip and it dawned on Kate again that it felt like they’d known each other for years.

By the time she had polished off the bottle, Max had made his way through a four-pack and as they chatted, she could see him running his eyes over her body and the bulge in his shorts grow. She shifted her chair and uncrossed her legs so he could see her freshly trimmed golden thatch and dark pink petals and she smiled as she saw his cock twitch in appreciation. Draining the last of her wine, she stood briefly to pull her t-shirt off over her head before kneeling on the hard slabs in front of his chair.

She tugged off his boxers and threw them across the patio, his semi erect penis lay lazily across his leg. She flashed him a wicked smile and picked it up in her fingers. Slowly, she licked along his length from his balls to his tip. Peeling back his foreskin, she licked around his helmet, enjoying the feeling of his constant hardening. She tasted both her cum and his and the flavour served only to heighten her need.

As his stiffness grew, she stroked him gently whilst she licked every inch of his meat clean until it shone with her saliva. Taking his smooth helmet into her warm mouth, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and slowly sank down taking more and more inside her. She shut her eyes and relaxed, trying to accept his huge tip as far back as possible. As she enveloped his solid shaft, he pushed gently on the back of her head, urging her deeper. She gagged as he filled her throat and was forced to come up for air. Gasping, she winked at him and tried again.

She knew she couldn’t swallow all of him. His cock was both too long and too thick, but she built a long, slow pace where she swallowed as much as she could, whilst constantly exploring his shaft with her tongue, feeling every bump and ridge of his veined pole, whilst delicately tickling underneath his balls with her spare hand.

Each time she swallowed his shaft, she revelled in the deep groan Max emitted. His pleasure was hers and her pussy was hot and wet as she enjoyed his rising excitement. Content that she was taking as much of him as she could he laced his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

After just a few minutes her mouth was tired and she could feel cramp in her jaw, but she could already taste his slick pre-cum, the forerunner of his full orgasm and she wanted to take him all the way, suck him dry and feel him explode in her mouth, but Max had other ideas.

As she came up for air and stared up into his face, he leant forward, pulled her to her feet and led her by the hand into the kitchen.

He picked her up and laid her across the tiled worktop. The ceramic tiles were cool on her warm skin and she wriggled to make myself more comfortable.

Standing at her feet Max admired her lithe young body. Enjoying the attention, she spread her legs and bent her knees, placing the soles of her feet flat on the tiles.

“Does that improve the view?” She asked and he nodded, taking her hand and placing it on her moist pussy. She was suddenly self-conscious but slowly rubbed her swollen petals with her fingers. She had never masturbated for anyone before, but this had been a week of firsts. She parted her lips and found her swollen button and flicked it gently, squirming exquisitely beneath her own touch.

“This won’t take long.” She groaned as she dipped a finger easily into her dripping pussy whilst Max enjoyed the show. She slipped a second finger inside and as her muscles tightened around them, her pussy practically sucked them in. She groaned as her excitement built, but she knew an orgasm would not satisfy her lust, only heighten it further. She thrust her hips forcefully onto her hand and worked her fingers deeper inside herself, massaging the walls of her vagina, and as she came she watched Max watching her.

Max took her hand and placed one cum-soaked finger in her mouth. She sucked it clean, and then swapped it for the second, before licking the palm of her hand, sticking her tongue greedily between her fingers, tasting her own cunt once again and loving it.

She lay on her back and let Max take the lead, eager to experience whatever he had to offer. She felt his tongue briefly pass over her labia, making her shiver, before he dragged it down until it tickled her puckered hole. She flinched at his touch. Another first. Involuntarily she clamped her thighs around his ears, but he parted her legs with his hands, and pushed back her knees until her thighs were pressed against her chest.

She felt his tongue painstakingly circle her anus in ever-decreasing circles until he tickled the centre of her ring. She shivered, savouring the sensation and wondered how far he would go.

He splayed her buttocks with his hands and licked deliciously around her star, applying steadily more force until he began to probe inside her. She whimpered, loving the attention, and cried out as a filthy, unbridled lust spread through her as she felt his thumb slip inside her ring to the first knuckle.

“Jesus.” She gasped, shocked at the intrusion but then when he simultaneously slipped a finger into her cunt and she came without warning, she grunted in a primeval pleasure. Max continued to loosen her with his thumb, and helped by the relaxing effect of her orgasm, swapped it for two fingers, slowly working them around, widening her virgin hole.

He pulled her off the worktop, led her back into the garden and bent her over the back of a patio chair. With her hands placed on the seat, she looked back at him quizzically.

“Something you’ll always remember me by.” He said, his fingers immediately returning to her loosened anus. She groaned with pleasure but her stomach tightened as she realised that this was just a temporary arrangement. In such a short space of time, Max had taken her places she could never have dreamed of. She had not considered what would happen tomorrow. She was happy living for today, but actually being told that their time together was not just limited, but already nearing its end left a dark void inside her.

Her daydream was broken as his huge helmet stretched her sphincter wider and wider.

“Fucking Jesus.” She cried out involuntarily. “No Max, it won’t go.” She whined, but he was almost there and was not going to be denied.

“Trust me.” He said simply, then pushed again with a little more force.

She opened her mouth to say something smart like ‘that’s easy for you to say’ but suddenly her virgin star yielded, stretched that extra little bit and swallowed his bulbous helmet. She shrieked in shock and pain as he impaled her arse. Her muscles spasmed around his cock and fought to reject it, but he was already busy burying the rest of his shaft inside her.

As the initial pain subsided, she was overcome with a feeling of pure filth. The rising pleasure far out-weighed any dissipating pain, whilst the thought of letting this strange man fuck her like this drove her wild.

“Fuck it.” She urged, her lust taking control. “Fuck my arsehole, you filthy bastard.” She couldn’t believe she had said that, but when Max administered a stinging slap across her buttocks, she moaned and gave in to her passion.

“Is that tight?” She whispered and he grunted as he used his whole length, pushing it in as far as possible before drawing it out until her muscles tried to spit out the last of his cock.

“Is that tighter than my little cunt?” She continued as he fucked her. She could tell his cum was rising as his breathing turned to rapid gasps. “Are you going to fill my arse with your hot cum? Are you gonna fuck my virgin ass until you blow?” His rhythm began to increase and he pushed more forcefully inside her.

“Screw me. Fuck my arse. Fuck it hard, you filthy bastard.” She tipped them both over the edge simultaneously. She came as his hot cock twitched and his seed pumped inside her arse. Her legs shook and she whimpered with pure satisfaction gripping his cock until it was spent, only then did she relax and allow him to withdraw.

Kneeling on the hard slabs, she took his softening cock and licked it lovingly, tasting his cum as she cleaned him up, his seed dripping from her arse and running down her leg. Her ravaged hole was awash with his cream and her pussy still tingled with the after-burn of her orgasm. She savoured his taste and the feelings that controlled her. In a matter of days he had taken her places she could never have imagined, but she knew their time was at an end. She was desperate for the moment to linger, but when she felt his hand on her shoulder drawing her away from his cock, she knew their time together was coming to a close.


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