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My First Time

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He looked around the dark parking lot nervously and smiled when he was sure we were alone.

The sound of his zipper echoed inside my head as he reached into his pants and fished out his cock. It was still just semi-erect but already long and thick with a bulbous purple head that glistened with a sheen of precum. I could feel my mouth water with anticipation. I had never seen another man’s hard cock before and before I met Holly I had never imagined I would want to but she had changed that in a big way. 

Holly and I met on line and it was immediately apparent that we had tremendous chemistry. The first time we met in person we had a marathon weekend where we had sex eight times in 36 hours. We fucked hard and fast. We made sweet sensuous love. When we weren’t having hot passionate sex we were talking about it. We explored our fantasies and talked about what turned us on and what didn’t. She admitted to being bisexual and told me that she would love to watch me with another woman and then share her with me. 

“What about the other way,” she had asked as we lay in bed covered with sweat. “Would you watch me with another guy?” 

“That could be hot,” I answered honestly. I had never dreamed of a threesome with another guy but at that moment it seemed very hot and not just because my beautiful girlfriend was naked beside me with a lust filled gaze on her pretty face. 

“Would you double team me with another guy,” she asked as her hands slid down her curvaceous body from her huge natural 36dd tits across her nearly flat tummy to her wide hips and smooth shaved pussy. Her body was thick and curvy in a way only god could create. “I have always wanted two cocks to play with,” she continued, ” would you do that for me.”

“Yes,” I replied as my recently spent cock started to stir. 

“You know what would be really hot?” She continued as her fingers danced across her pussy and she looked deep into my eyes. 

“What?” I answered hesitantly as my hand started to rub my growing dick. I didn’t know where she was going but I was getting into it and was willing to go where ever she led me. 

“If you guided another guys cock into my pussy,” she panted softly. “Would you ever do that? Would you grab another guys dick and help him slide it into your girlfriend’s wet cunt?”

I knew she was excited because whenever she got excited she used the word cunt. It was her tell and I loved it. She was sexy, dirty and a little crazy but god was she hot. 

“Yes I’d do that for you baby,” I said as I got caught up in her excitement. I had never dreamed I would agree to something like that but her words and the tone of her voice was so sexually charged that I would have agreed to anything. 

“Oh baby,” Holly moaned as her fingers dug into her soaking wet pussy. “That would be so hot. Maybe we could get him hard together,” she groaned loudly as a small tremor shook her body. “Would you do that for me?”

“Yes,” I said excitedly. In my mind I imagined my sexy girlfriend and I stroking another man’s cock getting it ready so he could fuck her. I had never had a homosexual thought or fantasy before that moment but her excitement was infectious. 

“Would you put it in your mouth baby?” She continued. Her voice trembled with excitement and she looked pleading into my eyes as her finger rubbed her hard clit. 

I moaned and wrapped my hand around my throbbing cock as I pictured myself taking another man’s dick into my mouth. “Yes,” I hissed loudly. My hand stroked my cock as I watched Holly pleasure herself to the image of me sucking cock. 

“I’m gonna cum baby,” she moaned loudly. “Tell me you’d do it baby. Tell me you’d suck cock for meee.” Holly cried out loudly as wave after powerful wave crashed through her body. 

“I’ll do it baby,” I told her as I furiously stroked my throbbing cock. “I will suck a cock for you and with you baby.”

“Will you swallow his cum?” She asked excitedly. Her eyes were closed tight and I knew she was picturing me swallowing a load of hot cum from our fantasy lover. 

“Yes baby,” I groaned as cum flew from my spasming cock. She scooped up my cum with her finger and pushed it into my mouth. 

“Here, taste it,” she said softly. Here pretty green eyes were wide with excitement as she watched me clean my cum off her fingers. 

Sadly we never lived out our fantasy because we broke up a month later. The passion we had in bed was intense but our relationship was volatile and we fought constantly whenever we weren’t having sex. I continued to date other women after we broke up and while the sex was good it paled by comparison to what I had with Holly and I continued to fantasize about cock. 

“Is this what you want?” He asked softly snapping me back to reality. My eyes widened as I looked at his cock. He had pushed his pants down to his knees revealing his smooth well groomed cock and balls. We had met less than an hour earlier in a bar just a few hundred yards away. It was a straight sports bar but somehow he had known that I was willing prey as I sat alone watching a football game. 

He had sat down beside me and struck up an innocent conversation about sports. When I finished my beer he bought me another. It was an unfamiliar gesture. I had never had a man buy me a drink and despite the fact that he didn’t seem gay to me I was pretty sure he was trying to pick me up. When he bought me a second drink I asked him if he was trying to get me drunk. 

“Would it work,” he had responded as he looked into my eyes. He had a serious look with an intriguing sparkle in his eyes. 

“It might,” I had confessed. I had never imagined being picked up by a guy. In my fantasies there was always a girl present directing the action. There was no girl but opportunity was staring me right in the face. “Or maybe,” I hesitated as I debated my course, “you don’t have to.”

Five minutes later we left the bar together. I didn’t know what surprises the night held but I was ready to take a leap and fulfill a fantasy or two. 

“God yes,” I answered his query as I slowly reached out to touch his hard cock. It jutted straight out from his pelvis and begged for my attention. 

My fingers trembled slightly as I touched his warm flesh and he moaned softly when I squeezed his thick shaft. I was nervous but incredibly turned on. 

“So you’ve never?” He asked as he saw me wrestling with the concept of a taboo fantasy becoming reality. 

“No,” I said quickly. My voice was unsteady and it sounded foreign to me. “But I have thought about it a lot.” I confessed. “You have a beautiful cock.” I continued. 

“Get down and take a closer look,” he said playfully as he held his dick in his right hand and slowly waived it in the pale moonlight. 

I slowly sank to my knees with my eyes glued to his long thick cock. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was about 7 inches long and maybe 2 inches in diameter with a small silver hoop through a piercing at its base. I moved my mouth toward his cock slowly. My body tingled with anticipation. 

“Not yet,” he teased. “Touch it first. Get familiar with it,” he coached as his hand ran slowly up his hard shaft. It was an incredibly lewd yet sensuous gesture and it made my body shudder. 

I wrapped my fingers around his throbbing cock and slowly stroked it. The skin was incredibly soft and its juxtaposition with the granite hardness of the shaft was very erotic. My fist worked up and down the shaft as a drop of precum ran from the tip. It begged for my lips. I looked up at him and he smiled brightly. 

“Go ahead,” he nodded as he sensed my desire. 

I stuck my tongue out and licked the precum from his spongy purple head. The taste was familiar yet different from my own. It tasted similarly salty yet much sweeter than the many times I had licked and swallowed my own cum. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. The reality of the situation made the experience much more powerful than any fantasy I had created since my moment of discovery with Holly. 

“Its good isn’t it,” he asked as his hands found the side of my head. It was a simple gesture. He established his role as the person in control and that simple act calmed my nerves. 

I looked up at him and smiled. “Yes, its delicious,” I answered honestly. My lips parted and his cock head slowly eased between them as I continued to look up at his smoldering dark eyes. He was a good looking guy with chiseled features and a bright smile but I wasn’t interested in his face. All I wanted was his cock. 

I pressed my lips against his thick cock and slowly moved my head down taking half of his rod into my mouth. I could feel the tip against my throat and the sensation was incredible. My hands slid around his body and grabbed his strong muscular ass. 

“Oh fuck,” he whispered. It was clear that he liked what I was doing and that sent a wicked thrill through my body. I was finally doing it and it was better than I had ever imagined. 

I backed my head off his cock until just the head was in my mouth and my tongue swirled around it as I sucked hard drawing more blood to his engorged cock. 

He moaned loudly and for a moment I worried that someone would hear us but my worry passed as my head sank back down on his big beautiful cock. I felt his cock slid deeper into my throat as I took 3/4 of his long shaft into my mouth. I could smell his essence as my nose neared his pelvis and my own dick throbbed incessantly inside the confines of my pants. 

“Just like that,” he groaned as I backed off his delicious dick again and swirled my tongue around the drooling head. The world around me disappeared. Precum drooled steadily from his cock and it flavor spurred me on. I forced my head all the way down until my nose was buried in his short well groomed thatch of fur. 

His hands held my head keeping his cock buried down my throat. 

“Oh god,” he moaned loudly. 

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I fought my gag reflex. My hands held his ass cheeks tightly and pulled them apart. My fingers ticked his tight puckered asshole before I released his cheeks and backed off his cock so I could take a deep breath. 

“You are a natural,” he praised as I swirled my tongue over his cock head and sucked hard on the thick throbbing meat. 

“Thank you,” I moaned softly between loud wet slurps of his big dick. I forced his entire cock back down my throat and started to fuck his cock with my mouth. My hands grabbed his ass and I pulled his cheeks apart again. I pushed a finger from my left hand inside him and bounced my head on his hard rod. 

“Don’t stop,” he moaned loudly. Anyone nearby would surely hear him but I didn’t care. I was a cock whore, a cum slut and I wanted his seed. 

His hands held my head steady and his cock thrust into my mouth hard and fast. His pelvis touched my nose with each powerful thrust. His breathing was ragged and unsteady. 

“Cum for me,” I thought as he fucked my mouth hard and deep. “God please cum for me.” I was wanton and randy. I wanted his seed more than anything I could ever imagine. 

“I’m cumming,” he cried out as he buried his dick deep in my mouth and pumped gobs of hot cream down my throat. 

I sucked hard on his cock as it spasmed in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of cum and sucked more cum from his cock like a straw. 

He pushed me off his dick and tucked it back into his pants as I slowly came down from the euphoria of my sexual high. I hadn’t cum yet but I felt completely satisfied as I savored the flavor of his cum in my mouth.

“Thanks,” he said curtly. 

A myriad of voices around me snapped me out of my euphoric state and my head snapped around to see five women watching me on my knees. One had a plastic tiara and a veil and the other four were dressed in short skirts and low cut tops. My cheeks flushed red and I wanted to disappear. I wiped my mouth and looked up at them unsure what they would say or do. 

“Best bachelorette party in the history of EVER!” Exclaimed the chubby blonde girl in the tiara. 

“That was so hot,” the other girls expressed as they staggered toward a long white limo parked at the parking lot entrance. “Thanks for the show.”

I slowly got to my feet and noticed that he was gone. I looked around but saw no sign of the man who had just changed my life forever. I walked slowly to my car with a raging hardon straining in my pants. I knew I would suck cock again. I had to, I was hooked.

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