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Hot & Bothered

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I heard the front door open and close, and my wife came barreling into the living room. I barely had time to take in her petite frame, muscular thighs, and small breasts before she grabbed me by the arm, pulled me up from the couch, and dragged me toward the bedroom. She was dripping with sweat — why on earth would a person go for a run in the middle of the day in August? — and as we passed through the bedroom door she said, “I need you to fuck me right now.”

With that, she turned her back to me, yanked her running shorts down, and bent over at the waist, resting her forearms on the bed. Her dark bush was peeking out from between her legs and I leaned closer, smelling the sweet scent of her arousal mixed with the sour, salty tang of sweat. I tried to lick her, but she said, “No! Just fuck me now.”

I stood up and opened my jeans, pulling out my half hard cock. I stroked it a few times, trying to get myself fully hard, and reached out a hand to rub my wife’s pussy.

“What’s taking so long!” she practically shouted. “Stick it in me already!”

I wasn’t entirely sure what had gotten into her, but I certainly didn’t want to piss her off further. I spread her soft ass cheeks with one hand and gripped my shaft in the other. I still wasn’t all the way hard — barely a minute had elapsed since she pulled me off the couch, and I was just catching up — but I placed the head at the entrance to her slit and pushed. It didn’t go in; despite her arousal, her outer lips were still more sweaty than actually wet. All things being equal, I would have eaten her out for a few minutes to get the juices going, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

Instead, I leaned forward, pinning my dick between our bodies, and grabbed her hips with both hands. I took a quick breath in and then, with all my might, rammed by cock forward. I heard her make a sound that was half grunt, half whimper as I forced myself through her dry pussy lips and into her cunt. I could feel the difference between the warm, silky wetness around my cockhead and the sticky, dry, sweaty skin clamped on the base of my shaft. I slowly drew back and then rammed forward again, entering her more easily this time. By now my dick was at full mast. I made a third thrust and I was all the way in, my pubes crushed against her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh-ungh,” she moaned as my hard cock rammed against her cervix. Normally she would have gotten mad at me for bottoming out like that, but today it seemed she wanted it rough. OK…

I started thrusting against her as hard as I could, and she started chuffing with each stroke like an old-time train engine. The harder I went, the more she seemed to get off on it. I decided to see how far I could take this. Like I said, she’s not normally one for rough sex but the usual boundaries seemed to be out the window today. I kept pumping into her as I drew back my right hand, then smacked it against her ass, harder than I thought she would like but not hard enough to really hurt.

“Eek-mmmmm,” she moaned, egging me on. I lifted my left hand, and this time took it up to shoulder level before bringing it down as hard as I could on her sweaty behind. The sound was nearly enough to startle me, and I heard her gasp in pain. My hand left and angry red mark on her ass.

For a moment I wondered if I had gone too far, but she started moaning again, deep and slow, and I figured in for a penny, in for a pound. After a few more minutes, I gave her another full-force blow on her right butt cheek. Again the gasp of pain followed by more moaning. Another slap on the left, another gasp. I was definitely hurting her, and she was definitely getting something out of it.

I spread my left hand out across her ass cheek and squeezed hard, right where I had just hit her. She groaned. I reached underneath and touched my right index finger to her clit, as gently as possible.

“Mmmmm, yessss…” she moaned, clearly thinking I was going to start rubbing her clit while I fucked her. Think again… without warning I grabbed a handful of her thick hairs and yanked as hard as I could.

“Aaagh!-fuckfuckfuck-ungghhh,” she let out all at once. Looking down, I could see that a bunch of hairs had come away in my hand. While she was still processing the fact that I had pulled her pubes while fucking her, I spanked her again, hard, with my right hand. Gasp, groan — I was beginning to get the hang of this.

I started to reach underneath her body to see if I could get inside her sports bra and twist a nipple, when something else caught my eye: there, on the bed table, was the jar of vaseline she used on her lips before going to sleep. If we’re pushing boundaries today…

Keeping up my rhythmic pounding of her dripping slit, I grabbed the vaseline and dipped two fingers from my left hand inside, coming up with a sizable dollop of goo. With my right hand, as roughly as I could manage, I pulled her ass crack open. Before she got wind of what was happening, I spread the vaseline across her puckered brown hole, coated both fingers, and jammed them inside up to the second knuckle.

“Aaaunggh!” This time the gasp of pain and groan of pleasure were all rolled into one. I shoved my cock as far in as I could and started twisting my fingers around inside her asshole. My cock could feel my fingers moving around in her back door as she whimpered repeatedly into the mattress.

As I felt her ass start to relax around my fingers, I slowly started spreading them apart as I resumed pumping in and out of her pussy. I pulled my fingers back a bit, increasing the spread of her butthole. She was moaning like a foghorn now — I couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or pain, and frankly I don’t know if she could tell the difference either. Now it was time for phase 2.

Without interrupting my stroke, I pulled my fingers out of her ass. I heard her sigh with relief as I once again picked up the vaseline and dipped my fingers in, taking an even bigger glop than before. Timing myself carefully, in one smooth motion I pulled my cock all the way out of her hot cunt, smeared the vaseline all over it, and shoved the first inch or so straight into her virgin butt.

“AaaaAAAAAAahhhh,” she screamed, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. It hurts. It hurts. Holyfuckithurts. Ahhhh. Ahhhh.” I practically came right then, what with the feeling of her sphincter squeezing the hell out of my dick and her screaming and moaning from the pain. Looking down at her face half-pushed into the bed, I could see tears running onto the mattress.

Her breathing slowed, and I felt her asshole relax around my shaft. She opened her eyes and met my gaze. I tilted my head slightly, and she nodded slowly, never taking her eyes off mine. I nodded back, and then looked down to where my dick disappeared into her tight ass. The unexplored frontier. Not for much longer…

I pulled back until I could feel the head of my cock just inside her puckered ring, then pushed forward again, sliding a third of my dick inside.

“Ummmmmm,” she groaned, the same low tone she used when she was birthing our kids. I realized how much this must be hurting her, and just as quickly noticed how much the fact of her pain was turning me on. I stroked in and out a few more times, slowly increasing my depth, until my rock hard member was buried inside her.

Time to add some pleasure into the mix. Keeping my dick pressed all the way in, I reached my right hand down to her pussy. I slipped my index finger into her pussy — still dripping wet and hotter than ever — just to get it slippery, then pressed it against her clitoris and started rubbing. She started panting, and I took that as my cue to start fucking her ass.

I built up speed, going after her clit as hard as I was pounding her ass. She started to alternate moaning and shouting and then finally came, and extra trickle of her juices running down between her thighs and onto my knees.

On my next out stroke she leaned forward just far enough for me to pop out of her ass and climbed up onto the bed, rolling onto her back. She spread her legs and started fingering herself, gently, and motioned me up closer to her head.

“Cum on my face,” she said. “Please jack yourself off and shoot your hot cum all over my face. I want you to cover me.” Still fingering her soaked pussy, she pushed up her bra with the other hand and started pulling on her nipples. Her eyes locked onto mine.

“Please cum for me. Your cock is so nasty, it was in my ass, it was all the way in my ass, and I want you to cum for me, all over my face. You fucked me in the ass, you fucked me so hard in the ass, I want your cum.”

All her dirty talk was having the desired effect. Between her nonstop stream of filth, her fingers running in and out of her dripping snatch and over her clit, and her one pert little breast peeking out of her sports bra, I was about to go over the edge.

I swung a leg over her so that I was straddling her chest and leaned in close to her face. What with all the vaseline on my cock, my hand glided smoothly up and down, up and down, up and down on the third stroke I blew my load. It’s entirely possible that I have never cum so hard before in my life.

The first shot hit her directly in the center of her face, some of it shooting into her left nostril. She grimaced and her mouth opened slightly, just in time for my second jet to shoot between her teeth and hit the back of her throat. She started choking and instinctively rolled on her side, exposing her right eye and ear to my next blasts. I shot one last time, across her cheek and into her hair, and I was done.

I laid down on my left side and spooned in behind her. She was still coughing as she turned back toward me and came in for a kiss. I could feel my jizz squishing between our faces as she probed my mouth with her tongue. Pulling away, she said, “I need a shower — care to join me?”

You don’t have to ask me twice.

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