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Spanking Karla

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Karla, Professor Daren’s trouble student, was asking for another spanking. He didn’t want to give it to her though, he’d spent hours wracked with guilt and worry after they’d had sex. Plenty of his dreams were filled with her wrapped in nothing but her luxurious straight red hair, pretty pink pussy leaking white cum with her big white ass cheeks turning bright red under his brutal hand.

The 35 year old professor worried anxiously that she would tell someone, or that he’d hear gossip around campus about a professor having sex with a student. For the rest of that week, even her girlishly slutty outfits couldn’t really tempt him, he avoided her completely by rushing out of the classroom as soon as the lesson was finished.

After the first week he relaxed a little when no angry parents or apartment head came barging into his office demanding answers. Apparently she had meant it when she said she’d wanted to have sex with someone in authority, and now maybe she’d leave him alone other than teasing for the rest of the semester.

Not that she stopped teasing him in class. She always sat in the back of the classroom now, and never wore underwear under her ridiculously short skirts. Constantly his eyes were drawn to her spread legs where her pink pussy was peeking out at him during lessons. It always payed to watch her walk up the stairs to her seat, because she always found some reason to bend over, giving him a tantalizing view of the curving underside of her pale white ass.

He’d started having constant erotic dreams about her, where she was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl and he paddled her ass for one transgression or another. It always culminated with her apologizing for being bad, and sucking his cock in her mouth, riding him with her pussy, and (most excitingly) occasionally taking a pounding in her ass again. Still, he mostly tried to ignore her in class.

One day in particular was very hard on him when she came in with a lollipop in her mouth. All throughout the class she sucked on the lollipop, licking it with her tongue and popping it in and out of her pert pink lips. His voice was on complete auto pilot when she lowered the sticky pop to her juicy pink slit and rubbed it up and down in her pussy, going so far as to push it into her hole and pulling it out again. Pushing the coated lolly back into her mouth she grinned wickedly at him as his face grew flushed, his voice droning on about schizophrenics. He wondered vaguely what her pussy would taste like with the sticky lolly’s flavoring mixed with the musky juices.

All in all, Karla was driving him mad.

He was in his office grading papers when the door opened, he looked up and froze as Karla stood there posing in the doorway. It was a Wednesday, so it wasn’t a class day and he hadn’t seen her all day. Her hair was in pigtails again, she was wearing a button down shirt which she had rolled up and tied under her perky, milky-white breasts; she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra as he could see the light pink of her nipples poking through the thin material of the shirt. The pale skin of her midriff pulled his eyes down to the red plaid skirt, pleated and incredibly short. Just under the hemline were the tops of her thigh-high white lacy stockings, held up by a white garter belt; those long white stockings led down to black Mary Janes. Her young face was framed by her beautiful red hair, flowing from pigtails again.

Under his desk, his dick was standing at fervent attention; she was the very image of a school girl, young and innocent faced with the heart and body of a whore.

She shut the door behind her as she strutted forward, the pleated skirt fluttering around the tops of her stockings, “Hi Professor… I’ve been trying to talk to you after class, but you kept running off, so I figured I’d come in to office hours to get my extra help.”

He cleared his throat and tried to inconspicuously adjust the large bulge in his pants, “And uh, what kind of extra help do you need?”

“Well, you see I’ve been a very naughty girl,” she fluttered her eyelashes innocently, the husky tone of her voice was anything but, “I keep playing with myself all the time, and I need someone to punish me so that I’ll stop being such a bad girl.” As she spoke, she undid the knotted shirt between her breasts and slipped it off her shoulders, her light pink nipples quickly hardened in the cool air, “Do you think you could punish me Professor?”

Daren moaned as she leaned her chest over his face, and as his mouth opened she dropped her right nipple into his open mouth. He closed it instinctively and sucked on his student’s perfect pink nipple, his other hand flying up to grasp her other breast in his hand, squeezing the pale globe roughly in his palm. Moaning, Karla straddled his lap and undid the button and zipper on his pants, letting his extremely hard dick pop out into the air. Munching on her nipples like a starving man, he sucked on her exquisite young flesh. After her nipples began to turn reddish from his intense attentions, she pulled herself off his lap and bent over the desk enticingly, the firm globes of her ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt.

“Punish me, please Professor,” she practically moaned, “I’m such a dirty girl, I need you to hurt me.” Something in her voice and her words completely broke Daren’s control. He grabbed the yardstick on his desk and stood up, lifting the red skirt he stared at the pale firm flesh of her heart-shaped ass. It was just as he remembered.

THWACK!!!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

The yardstick left two red burning stripes across the pale flesh of her ass, Karla jumped and howled, her ass cheeks jiggling at the impact.

He smacked the yardstick hard against her ass, placing stripe after stripe, turning the pale white ass before him into a canvas of red welts, criss-crossing beautifully. Harder and harder he hit her, while her ass danced before him, her sobs and cries filling the air.

Finally, with a terrific CRACK!… the yardstick broke across her bruised and pain-filled ass. He groaned with the intensity of it all, and stepped forward, taking her pale slim hips in his hands. Pushing his dick into her dripping pussy, he pumped the sopping tight hole a few times, moaning as it convulsed around his turgid member. Then he pulled it out, and without mercy slammed it hard into her even tighter ass.

Karla’s back arched and she squealed like a stuck pig as his throbbing cock brutally stretched her tight hole, his body slamming painfully into the burning flesh of her brutalized ass. Daren moaned at the tightness of her back hole, as she whimpered in pain it clenched around his dick. He began to move in and out of her ass forcefully, making sure to rub against the hot flesh of her cheeks, getting painful revenge for all the teasing she’d done to him. Moving his hands up to her pale, bouncing breasts, he pinched the nipples between his fingers as he thrust in and out of her ass, using them as leverage to fuck deeper and harder into her ass.

Between her leg’s, Karla’s fingers were rubbing her little clit. Her skirt flitted and waved in the air as he mercilessly pummeled her ass, stretching it over and over again. Karla clenched her ass tight around him, reveling in the ravishment of her own body, the feeling of his dick deep in her hot hole. It was everything she’d always wanted.

Daren could feel his balls tightening as he milked her pink nipples, her asshole making the most incredible convulsions around his dick.

“OH GOD PROFESSOR,” Karla was rubbing her little clit frantically, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!! OH GOD, I’M DIRTY!!!!! FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MY DIRTY SLUTTY ASS!!!!! FUCK YOUR BAD GIRL’S ASS!!!!!!!!”

Holding her milky breasts tight in his hands, he thrust hard one last time into her red and burning ass, filling the tight hole with a week’s frustration. His body jerked weakly as her ass clenched around his dick, milking every last drop of cum from his balls.

Daren pulled away from the young student, stumbling back against the wall. She remained bent over, her heart-shaped ass was now bright red, with angry looking stripes across it. A thick glob of cum fell from her gaping asshole and slid down the milky thigh onto the white lacy stocking top.

Karla reached back and collected the glob of cum onto her finger, turning, she placed it in her mouth and sucked her finger clean.

“Thanks Professor,” she blew him a kiss and grabbed her shirt and pranced out the door, pony-tails bobbing merrily as she re-clothed her upper body. Daren groaned and sat back in his chair, he had no idea what to do about Karla.

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