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Was It You?

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I’m not always in the mood to have sex with other men, but when I get in the mood, it hits me pretty hard. I’m a thirty-one year old guy living in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and as far as all my friends know, I’m a straight guy. I love women, but sometimes I really want the feelings that only another man can give me.

My taste has always run toward older, masculine men, and so sometimes I have used Silver Daddies to try to find someone local. I suppose you’d classify me as a bi-closeted guy, although I love kissing and intimacy — yes, with men – more than most that fall into that type. I’m 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, solid with a bit of extra weight from working in an office, with green eyes and brown hair, of mixed European ancestry.

I was online last night, and noticed a guy from a town only five miles away, so I thought I’d take a shot. We got to chatting, and I asked him about what he liked to do, and if he’d met anyone from the site. He replied that he liked to play around in the woods, and that he’d met a guy from the site.

“I took a guy out in my SUV one time, and we went out to a quiet spot in the woods. The whole way he gave me road head, and it was so hot having my dick in his mouth while I drove to the back roads. I led him back in the woods, and we sucked each other, before I mounted him and fucked his tight ass. It was incredible.”

As he started to describe it, it gave me a feeling of déjà vu. ..

Two years ago, I found myself on the same website, extremely horny and with some time to kill. It was an evening in May, and I felt an intense desire to have sex with an older, masculine man; perhaps the springtime had something to do with it. I hadn’t been with a guy in months, and really needed to release some stress and cut loose.

I got to chatting with a guy, who said he was free, but neither of us could host; I had straight roommates, while I suspected he was married, although he wouldn’t say, and I didn’t ask directly. He suggested we meet up at a pharmacy not too far from my house, and that from there he know some secluded spots. It was after dark, and great weather, if a bit chilly after the sun went down.

He got to the parking lot before I did, so I drove through slowly and he waved. I parked next to his SUV and hopped inside. He seemed as he had described himself: early forties, a masculine white guy, moustache, about the same height and weight as me.

He pulled out and headed down some back roads that I wasn’t familiar with. We chatted as he drove, and he rubbed my thigh, so I did the same. He squirmed a bit as I rubbed him, so that his rapidly growing bulge would brush against my hand. Quickly, I went from rubbing his thigh to his package itself, feeling it grow harder through his jeans, rubbing the outline of his dick.

We got to a straight part of the road (ironic, really), and he asked me to take the wheel; I did, and he used both hands to undo his pants and pull them down, letting his hard cock spring free; he was going commando. It was a beautiful cock, thick, about 7 ½ inches and hard as a rock, with trimmed pubes and nice balls underneath. He took the wheel back, and asked if I wanted to give some road head. I hadn’t in years, and decided to go for it.

I took off my glasses and my seatbelt, and lowered my face. He moved his seat back a bit, and groaned as my lips met his cock. Up close, it was even better; he had a masculine smell, but clean.

I licked him a few times, and then wrapped my lips around his cock and took it slowly into my mouth. I’ve been with men enough to know how to please, but deep-throating is beyond me; still, I gave it my best shot, and he drove with one hand on the wheel, and one hand pushing my head up and down. He moaned a bit, calling me baby, telling me he loved my mouth, asked if I loved his cock.

After a while doing this, he told me to stop, and he parked on the side of the road, where the shoulder was extra-wide. It looked like a walking trail was down a bit from where we parked, but it was hard to tell in the dark. He pulled up his pants, and got out, and I followed him. We went about fifteen feet into the woods, not really that far, but given the trees, the remote back road, and it being dark, I felt safe enough to play, but still exposed enough that it was extra hot.

He dropped his pants and asked me to get back to what I was doing, so I kneeled down and got to work. Without the steering wheel in the way, things were much better. I did my best to please him, looking up as I worked his dick, licking, stroking, sucking, rubbing that cock all over my face, letting him smack me with it.

I sucked on his balls, and smeared his pre-cum on my lips. He pulled me up after a time, grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth, his soft, wet tongue pushing right into mine. I was rock hard, and he felt me, and stripped off my pants and boxers. My cock, 6.5 inches, thick, cut, and hard, was free.

I wasn’t sure how this encounter was going to go, as we’d mostly discussed me sucking him, so I was pleasantly surprised when he took my whole cock into his mouth and started to give me a fantastic blowjob. I began to moan softly, and even more when he started to rub and finger my ass while he sucked me. I could tell that really turned him on, and we both loving it.

After sucking me for a time, he stood me up again, and turned me around, kissing my neck , pulling me close to him, and not unintentionally I’m sure, rubbing his wet, hard cock against my ass.

This was going farther than I expected, but I can’t say I was upset about it. I hadn’t been fucked by another man in a long time, and if he wanted me, then I wanted him to have me. As he kissed me and held me, he started to work his cock against me, and I knew what he wanted. He could tell I was getting turned on, and asked if I wanted his dick, to which I only moaned.

He pushed me forward a few steps to a tree, and told me to bend over and put my hands against it; as I did so, and exposed myself, he was rubbing spit on his cock. I was worried, as I knew I was going to be really tight, and he was wielding a thick cock, beautiful but probably too big to go in me without lubrication. Then again, unless I stopped him, he was going to try.

I let him give it a shot. I arched my back and tried to give him an angle, and he made contact, and began to push, but I was too tight. He spit on his hand and fingered me, and tried again, but still couldn’t get in.

I thought he was going to give up, but he tried one more time, and I felt him “pop” into me. I was expecting to feel quite a bit of pain, but to my surprise, it was just a sharp pinch, and then the usual fullness.

He moaned, telling me how tight I was, rubbing my shoulders, and slowly started giving me more, and more, until I felt his trimmed pubes up against me. It had started to lightly drizzle, a cool spring rain dropping on us as we fucked like animals.

He kissed my neck, calling me baby, asking if I liked him inside me. He knew I did, and bent me over so he could begin fucking me. Slowly at first, then faster, and harder, he really started to give it to me. Slap, slap, slap, our bodies coming together, those balls swinging into me, the bark digging into my hands, him grunting… it was hot, and happening so fast.

I wanted it to go on and on, but of course, all good things must end, and before I realized that I should really not let it get that far, he started ramming me and really grunting, and I knew what was going to happen: he was going to fill me with his cum. My whole life, the rare times I’d given in my urges and played with men, I’d been safe, even when I’d found a “regular” buddy.

For some reason, this time,I caved to my primal urges, and bucked myself against him, stroking my dick. I knew that I was going to make him cum, and that made me so hot that I started to cum myself, jets of cum blasted out of me, my legs started to buckle, and then he started to cum for me.

The animal noises he made were so hot as his cock pulsed deep, deep inside me, and he held it there, shuddering, cumming. He’d pushed himself all the way into me when he came, and stayed there for some time, stroking me and kissing me, before pulling out.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I kept myself clenched and pulled up my pants and boxers.

We got back in the SUV and chatted on the way back, and talked about meeting up again. I got back in my car, and drove him, acutely aware of a growing wet spot under my butt. I went home, said hi to the roommates, went right to the upstairs bathroom, and felt his seed come out of me, slowly. There was so much, I couldn’t believe it.

The encounter remained one of my favorites, a go-to when I jerked off. There was something about the whole thing that felt primal, the way I gave myself to him, how much I enjoyed knowing what my body was doing to him. I often hoped we’d connect again…

“That’s a hot story. You’ve changed your name on here a few times, haven’t you?”

“I have, why do you ask?”

“Did you meet this guy at a Walgreens?”

“Oh my God, was it you?”

What are the chances, right? We’re going to get together again next week…

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