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Russian Waitress

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I was already bored with my ‘date’ from the night before, the prototypical one-nighter with a nurse from Clifton Park who chain-smoked like a runaway locomotive.

As Apollo Creed once told Rocky Balboa,”Ain’t gonna be no rematch.” Rocky, of course, grunted back, “Don’t want one.” So, in all fairness, I’m sure the feeling was mutual. We both got what we wanted, that’s what makes a one-nighter a one-nighter, right?

However, I was hungry and the restaurant was right across the street from my timeshare. So, I figured I’d go through the motions and at least buy her some breakfast at Grandma’s, one of the many quaint dining establishments on the hillside overlooking scenic Lake George. Besides, the nurse had been whining since midnight that I had never fed her, so it was the least I could do to maintain some semblance of gentlemanly honor. And Grandma’s had the best breakfast on the hill. Hey, why not?

Also, due to the combination of meticulous planning for my week of rest and relaxation, and electronic dating sites, I already had lined up a rendezvous with another horny local this coming evening, so I was still in a relatively jolly mood. And it wasn’t like the nurse was a BAD fuck. Just, well, a little annoying.

What did Bryant Gumbel once ask and answer? “What’s the definition of eternity? The time between when you come and she leaves.”

Anyway, my morning brightened considerably when I saw our waitress. I couldn’t help but focus my eyes on her name badge, which coincidentally enough, was perched right on top of two of the nicest globes I have seen on a tall woman, even though the tits were semi-obscured in a loose-fitting matronly waitress outfit. Yvonne was her name, or so said the name plate, and I made it a point to refer to it a few dozen times during the course of our meal, just to be sure.

Yvonne was one of the thousands of Eastern European and Russian imports that are shipped to the Adirondack region each summer to try to service the influx of tourists that flood the area from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But, she was definitely the most memorable that I had come across. She stood perhaps six feet, even in flats. Golden hair tied back in a tight French braid. Flashing green eyes the color of the Baltic Sea. (And, did I mention those tits?) And a shameless ‘flirt-for-tips’ smile that would make a stripper take crib notes.

I left Yvonne a more than healthy gratuity, if one considers a seventy-five percent tip generous. This was not lost on my nurse companion, who remarked, “You’re leaving her a fifty? How much was the bill, twenty-eight bucks? Boy, I wish I had tits that big and firm.”

Me, too, nursey. Now, kiss, kiss, and buh-bye now. It’s been fun.

The following morning, as fate would have it, my new companion from night number two on my vacation was also famished after some vigorous nocturnal and pre-dawn romps. This woman was an attorney from Lake George Village named Susanne, and she was perhaps five years older than me, which I estimated made her perhaps twenty-five years older than Yvonne. Susanne knew her way around a cock, I had to give her that, and I didn’t at all rule out a rematch with Susy the Attorney as the week progressed. Time would tell.

I knew just the place for breakfast, conveniently enough. Yvonne saw me enter with a different acquaintance than the prior morning, and she gave me a knowing grin. I shrugged as she grabbed two menus and led us to a table on the porch, overlooking the lake. It was spectacular scenery, and I’m not talking about the panoramic view of the lake.

When Yvonne came back the second time, it wasn’t difficult to notice that she had unbuttoned at least one or two buttons on the blouse of her almost Amish-like waitress uniform. This observation was not lost on Susanne, either, who was by far old enough to be Yvonne’s mother. “Keep your eyes in your head, big boy,” she said in her best attorney stern-voiced castigation. “I’m the one who’s been sucking your cock all night, remember?”

I diverted my gaze from Yvonne’s ass as she went back to get Susanne more coffee. “Yes, counselor, how could I forget? You make very compelling oral arguments, I must admit.”

Duly satisfied with my compliments, Susanne excused herself to visit the ladies’ room. To my surprise, Yvonne took the opportunity to rush over while the proverbial coast was clear. She made a clucking sound with her tongue in that adorably seductive Russian accent. “Tsk, tsk, you’ve been a busy boy,” she teased, bending down to fill my cup even though I wasn’t drinking coffee. I didn’t stop her.

I smiled, sensing a pang of envy in Yvonne’s voice, and even imagining I detected a slight glimmer of lust in her eyes. “Yes, it’s been a fun first two days of my vacation. But I have an even better dinner date this evening.” I examined Yvonne’s eyes and did indeed see a flicker of disappointment.

That’s when I went for it. “You, Yvonne. I’d like you to be my dinner date this evening.” Not expecting this, Yvonne looked around anxiously to see if we were being watched.

I didn’t wait for an answer, I moved in with the all-in plunge. “See that blue house right there?” I pointed across Lake Shore Drive. “That’s number twenty-three. Join me on my patio tonight around six-thirty and I’ll grill us some steaks and seafood, just you and me, what do you say?”

Yvonne stepped back and blushed a bright Russian crimson. “No, no, I’m afraid I cannot do that,” she stammered nervously. Her eyes darted through the restaurant. She saw Susanne heading back to the table. I figured I had scared her off, my plan was too soon, too impetuous.

Instead, Yvonne’s next words made my week. “I have to work the dinner shift tonight. Um, I can be there at eight, would that be fine?” I smiled and slipped a fresh fifty into her palm just as Susanne approached. “Thank you, Yvonne, and, yes, everything was just fine.”

After some admonishing from Susanne regarding my shameless flirting with our waitress followed by a good-bye mid-morning romp in the sack with Susy (damn good fuck for an attorney, I must admit), I spent the remainder of the day taking a nap and headed to Price Chopper about five-thirty to see what they had in the way of fresh steak and seafood. Oh, and a side trip for some wine and a bottle of Stoli Elit, just in case.

I sat on my deck watching the sunset when I heard a voice from below which sounded something like, “Pri-VET? Hello?” I looked down onto the grass and saw Yvonne peering up, shading her eyes from the sunlight.

It dawned on me then that I didn’t even know where she lived, but it appeared that she had walked from wherever she was coming from. She was barefoot, holding a pair of red shoes in her hands. She wore a long red and white flowered sundress, which reached to just below the knee. Her locks were unburdened tonight from any French braid or ponytail, and the golden mane cascaded down her shoulders in flowing twirls and curls.

“Up here, Yvonne, you’ve found me!” I yelled, hurrying down the steps to escort her.

She stood there brushing the hair from her gorgeous face. “Yes, I’ve found you, but do you know I don’t even know for sure your name?” she asked in slightly fractured syntax.

I reached her and we embraced lightly and she gave me one of those double-cheek European pseudo-kisses. She frowned. “Is it John, is that what all your girlfriends call you?”

I smiled at her and took her by the hand to lead her to the deck. “Yes, it is John, and there are no other girlfriends tonight.” I turned to catch her straight at my legs. “What are you looking at?”

She blushed again. “You have very nice legs. Strong.” She flickered her eyelids at me. or was she squinting still? “I like.”

When we reached the deck, we took inventory of each other. Her sundress was almost transparent in the sunlight, and it was a button-down, the entire length. The top three and the bottom two buttons were undone, so that the dress revealed an ample amount of what appeared to be at least 36D cleavage, and the slit on her dress displayed skin on her left leg up to mid-thigh.

“You, dear Yvonne, are the one with the beautiful legs,” I said sincerely, hoping they would be wrapped around my head, ass and shoulders as the night progressed. There was that blush again.

I handed her a chilled glass of chardonnay. “I was afraid you wouldn’t show. I didn’t know if you liked older men. I’m forty-one.”

She raised the glass to mine and we ‘clinked’. “I do like older men. But you really don’t look that old. Only your girlfriends do,” she jabbed. Touche’, I thought. She continued, half smirking now.”I though that perhaps YOU did not like younger women.”

Yvonne looked me in the eyes as we raised the glasses to our respective lips. “Za vstrechi.” She said softly, seductively. “Lyubov.”

While I pondered the meaning of those toasts, I met her gaze. “So, just how old are you, Yvonne?”

She swirled the wine around between her full, puckered lips. She wore not a hint of make-up or lipstick, but her face was covergirl-pretty. I wondered what those lips would taste like.

“I turn twenty-two on Saturday, my last day in the states. I return to Russia to begin classes next week. It will be my final year, hopefully, at St. Petersburg State University. I’m studying biology.”

This was Monday, so I wondered silently how much time we might be able to share for the week’s duration, as I gestured towards the table on the patio, the plates already set, with a large fresh salad in a bowl in the middle. I held the back of a chair and motioned for her to sit. “It is my turn to wait on you this evening, my lovely guest. Relax and enjoy. Your every whim is my command.”

Yvonne caught on to the obvious double meaning in my remark. “Hmmm, anything? I’ll keep that in mind. And perhaps you’ll find that I, too, can be very generous when it comes to dispensing gratuities.” Now, that was thought-provoking.

For the next two hours, we talked like old friends and lovers, sharing life stories, backgrounds, history. Hers was a fascinating saga. Her mother was French and Russian, and Yvonne was named after her grandmother who was actually a native Parisian.

Her father, a Russian diplomat, met her mother while traveling to an international summit during the Cold War. It was viewed by both countries’ political connections as a somewhat risky marriage, so when she was very young, the family emigrated to Poland.

She grew up in Warsaw, was fluent in three languages, but because she was born in Russia, she maintained citizenship. When she was eighteen, she decided to move back to her motherland to pursue her studies. She was in America this summer as part of a work exchange program with State University of New York in nearby Albany.

I sat and absorbed her intently in the moonlight glimmering off of the lake, mesmerized. (Not so much from her story, but, boy, did I mention she had some GREAT tits!?!?)

The wine and time flew by, and before we knew it, we were halfway through a second bottle, and had consumed a delicious meal, if I do say so myself.

“Why don’t we take this bottle and bring it down to the shoreline?” I suggested. “There is a dock down there with a gazebo and some beach chairs.”

As we walked down the hill, I admired the view of Yvonne’s round, tight ass wiggling and bouncing slightly beneath the sheer material of the dress. The dress clung to her body sufficiently enough to make it rather apparent that there was an absence of any undergarments under the dress, which happens to be my favorite color. How sweet!

We reached the gazebo on the shoreline and Yvonne leaned over the railing to survey the lake in the moonlit darkness. She stood on her tip-toes and the lean, muscular curves of her calves became more pronounced. Not coincidentally, so did my erection.

I sat in silence until Yvonne joined me on the bench that encircled the inner perimeter of the gazebo. She lifted her feet up onto the bench and placed them on my lap, spreading her legs apart slightly. “Unnnh, all this walking and being on my feet all day,” she groaned. “Does this ‘waiting on me’ tonight include a foot massage, by chance?”

Yes, it did.

I rubbed the balls of her feet softly at first, and then slowly worked my fingers over each toe. Yvonne let out a soft sound that could probably best be described as a contented purr. “Do your toes ache?” I asked.

“Not any more, that feels wonderful,” she replied, almost inaudibly. The stillness of the environment caused almost any sound to echo off the lake and adjacent hillside, emphasizing the intimacy of the moment. “Good,” I whispered, placing her one foot directly onto my lap, so that there was no mistaking my arousal. “I would have hated to call the toe truck.”

She squinted at me, wrinkling her nose, making it obvious she didn’t get the lame attempt at a joke. But she did get the sensation that I was hard as the Russian winter. She sank her foot into my shaft and began to run her toes along the shaft. This emboldened me to caress my way northward on her lovely gams. I kneaded the taut muscles in her calves and she began to give me a subtle toe-job. No toe truck would be needed after all.

“So,” she began very quietly, hesitantly. “The two women these last two days…… had sex with them?” She already knew the answer. They weren’t at breakfast after a night of checkers.

“Yes,” I answered simply, offering no further information. She toe-jerked me a bit more urgently. My hand reached the back of her knee and raised her dress some, meeting no resistance. In fact, she lifted her ass a bit off of the bench to facilitate my manual administrations. “Does that bother you?” My hand was on her thigh now.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, parting her legs in an obvious invitation to proceed. “No. It….. how do you say? It turned me on. It made me want you more.”

I leaned my body upright on the bench and slid her legs over my own so that we were sitting facing each other, her legs outside of my own, but cradled on top. I began to unbutton the bottom buttons of her dress so that it essentially slid to her upper thighs. “Does this turn you on?” My right hand dipped between her legs, caressing the crevice between her leg and torso, just to the left of her pussy. I could feel the heat radiate from her. “Does it make you want me more?”

With her eyes still closed, she hissed, “Yesssss. And yesssssss.”

My middle finger slipped into her gash. It was wet, humid, steamy. Tight. She shuddered, and her eyelids fluttered. I flickered my finger upward, exploring her. I had to know the next question, for some reason. “When was the last time you had sex?” I slipped a second finger into her. Her tight cunt spasmed and convulsed, gripping the invaders, guiding them into her as if on a pulley.

I wasn’t expecting her answer, I admit. Nor did it disappoint me, either.

“With a man? Many months. Many months, perhaps six.”

Yvonne began to rock forward on my fingers now, essentially using my digits as a dildo. I could feel a thick nectar begin to ooze down onto the bench. I raised her dress to her navel and examined her pussy visually for the first time, watching it blossom and close as my fingers rhythmically churned in and out of her. I slid a finger upward in search of her g-spot. The next question was presumptive, based on the data that had already been proffered. “You’ve been with a woman?”

She arched her back. My thumb began to gently encircle the protruding labia around her clit, and I tugged on the flap ever so delicately. “Oooohhhhhhh…that feels good. Yes. A woman. My roommate and I… Olga……this summer…..well…we…ummmm….. we explore sometimes, experiment…..” She opened her eyes, her green eyes on fire. “It gets lonely. But I’ve wanted a man, I’ve yearned for a man.”

She began to breathe very quickly now, her face contorting. I fucked her in cadence with her rocking pelvis, three fingers now, my thumb pressing on the hard nub of her swollen clit, poking through the folds. I watched. It was intense. I felt like I was ready to blow my own load.

She continued to talk, rapidly. “I wanted a man to touch me, to teach me, a man with experience, but tender.” I felt small spurts of moisture rumble from within her young cunt now. My middle finger was deep within her tunnel, my index finger curled upward, my ring finger rubbed her bottom vaginal wall. And then……..

“Ooomppph, fffffuck……..” She tried to stifle her announcement of the powerful orgasm by burying her head in her shoulder, but it was too late. A small tsunami pulsed against my fingers and liquid shot out of the corners of her cunt that weren’t impaled on my hand.

It was like a faucet that had sprung a leak. I extracted my fingers and she grabbed my hand so that she could finish her release without the pressure of my fingers, and I saw her inner lips spew small bursts of white streams into the air, coating the hem of her dress, and splashing onto my own shorts. Her body writhed for a good forty-five seconds. She must have had about a dozen or more small orgasmic after-shocks. I leaned in to taste the sweet ejaculate. I had rarely witnessed anything so exotic, so erotic. After I suckled the flavors off of my saturated fingertips, I raised them to her mouth, and she finished the cleaning process eagerly.

She looked at me almost bashfully, seemingly embarrassed to be so exposed in the cool night air, her cunt still shimmering like the ripples of a pebble on the lake surface. But I had misinterpreted Yvonne’s look. She was far from finished with our outdoor nocturnal activity. Her eyes bore into mine and she massaged her twat with one hand, while the other reached out to grope for my engorged cock.

“Stand up,” she ordered firmly, a firmness that both surprised and excited me. She repeated her earlier words as she peeled down my zipper. “I’ve wanted a man. I’ve yearned for a man.”

Still sitting on the bench as I leaned over her to brace myself against the wooden walls, Yvonne watched wide-eyed as my cock slapped wildly against her cheek. She stroked my length, first with one hand, and then cupped my balls with the other, literally teeing up my cock and serving it on a plate. She licked the head as if consuming a melting ice cream cone. “You are quite a man. Big.” She lifted my cock against my belly and began to lick the underside of the shaft, flipping her golden hair out of her face with a pronounced twist of her neck.

“So very big. Quite a man. Not a boy.” She looked up at me with suddenly little-girl eyes, almost asking permission. “I want to suck your……” She hesitated. Then, finally, haltingly, “….penis…?”

She formed it in a question, not a declarative sentence. It wasn’t so much due to a language barrier as it was a coming-out statement by a young woman who was gaining the self-confidence to state her desires to an older man, though not yet confident enough to use more earthy terms. That would come in time, I mused. Because, fortunately, her immediate needs coincided nicely with my own.

I didn’t answer. None was necessary. Instead, I gripped my own dick and began to rub it all over her face as her neck craned like a kitten’s seeking a ray of sunlight. I pulled her long hair up in my palm and rolled it into a tight ball so that I could witness the oral assault and also to be able to encourage or discourage her techniques.

It’s called control. And it was just what Yvonne was seeking, too.

At times I grasped her head lightly, letting her gobble and nuzzle and suck in varying speeds on my throbbing, mature dick. At other intervals, I put both of her temples firmly in my palms and face-fucked her, my cock burrowing perhaps six inches or more down her throat. Initially, I was tentative with these maneuvers, but to my delight, the more fervently I guided my entire shaft into her mouth, the more Yvonne groaned and responded affirmatively to the directives, both manual and verbal.

“That’s it, my beautiful Russian lover, suck my cock. Take me deep in your hot mouth. Let me fuck that gorgeous face. Taste my cock. You love it, don’t you?” She gurgled her assent. “This is what you’ve needed, isn’t it? A long cock deep in your mouth, to taste my cum, for now, and later to feel me buried deep in your young, hot pussy, isn’t it?”

By this time, I had worked Yvonne into a frenzy, and it was no longer necessary for me to manipulate her head, it was swirling and swiveling furiously on my cock. What she lacked in technical expertise, she more than compensated for in youthful unbridled enthusiasm. If cocksucking was an Olympic event (and it should be!), even the nit-picky Russian judge would have to give her a ten for artistic expression.

She looked up at me with a wild rage and lust in her eye as she implored me with her eyes and hands and tongue and lips and mouth to cum, to cum, to cum all over her.

So I did.

I pulled out of her lips with a loud ‘pop’ that echoed in the darkness, and positioned her face right in front of my twitching member, holding it steady with one hand, gripping the back of her skull with the other. Her mouth opened expectantly like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

Even though I had just fucked Susy the attorney about twelve hours hence, the sex with the older woman was nothing like this experience with my young Russian cocksucking vixen. The seed exploded from my slit and shot into Yvonne’s mouth with fervor, blasting six heavy loads, and then slowly trickling down her chin and neck.

Yvonne made a show of slurping my semen in and out of her mouth, virtually gargling with cum, before swallowing the sticky juice with an exaggerated ‘gulp’. She smiled up at me, licking her lips, proud of herself, as well she should be. Hell, I was proud for her.

I picked her up by her arms as she wiped the remains of dribble from her face. “Let’s go back inside. I want to reciprocate.”

She scrunched her nose. “Reciprocate? What does that mean again?”

I took her by the hand, and raised her face to mine. We kissed, softly at first, and then hungrily, eagerly, passionately. I could taste myself on her tongue. The thought of my cum in this gorgeous twenty-one-year-old’s mouth kept my dick at full salute.

“You’re about to find out what ‘reciprocate’ means, Yvonne. But loosely translated, it means you’re going to cum. A lot.

She giggled and lowered her dress, trying unsuccessfully to smooth the wrinkles. “Mmmmm, I like this word ‘reciprocate’. Yes, let’s go.”

Once inside, Yvonne made a trip to the restroom to wash up, although I thought she looked even more alluring with a splattering of cum in her hair. But I wasn’t going to quibble. I stripped and waited for her on the king bed in the master bedroom, stroking my half-erect cock to prepare for the next session of our fledgling sexual curriculum.

For some reason, I wasn’t quite ready for the sight when she exited the washroom. There before me, stark naked, was the most stunning sample of the female anatomy I had ever seen. Given the fact that I had just brought her to a squirting orgasm that would have made a geyser envious, it hadn’t dawned on me yet that I still hadn’t seen her body.

And what a truly sensational body it was. Yvonne shook her head so that the blonde curls cascaded down her back instead of covering her magnificent breasts, which seemed to actually jut upward. Her erect nipples protruded from her bright pink areolas at least a half-inch. Her tummy, though tight, was not entirely flat but a bit rounded and softly feminine, which somehow made her hips appear even more sexy, like a portrait of an angelic Greek Goddess.

Or, when Yvonne smiled, the comparison finally hit me. Scarlett Johansson. That’s it. With her wide mouth, full lips, and illuminating smile, all contrasted by her long, thin nose, Yvonne was a ringer for the voluptuous actress. Only with a Russian accent, almost as a bonus.

As my eyes continued their descent down her magnificent torso to where her long legs met, perfectly framing the apex of the inverted “V” of her shaved mound, I didn’t realize that her own blazing eyes were locked onto my twitching cock, which had involuntarily achieved its full length, motivated by the delicacy before me.

“That….,” Yvonne said almost inaudibly, cocking her head towards the object of her desire which she had just had in her mouth no more than ten minutes ago, “….is huge.” Her accented words, combined with her lustful stare, caused my dick to reach the approximate thickness of granite. The fact that I had this twenty-one-year-old beauty mesmerized by my cock was enough to embolden me. I decided to see how much she truly desired to be controlled, and how obedient she would be. My guess was very.

“You are quite amazing yourself, Yvonne,” I said earnestly, now stroking my dick with one hand and cupping my balls with the other as she groaned in appreciation. “Touch yourself. Run your hands all over your gorgeous body.” Yvonne started to caress her hips and tummy with one hand while she rubbed her neck with the other, her eyes never leaving my cock, fixed on it like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Your breasts. Play with them. Touch your tits,” I commanded, now orchestrating her movements, like a conductor with a one-woman symphony. Yvonne did as instructed, taking both of her heavy globes in each hand and rubbing and kneading the soft flesh that I would soon savor.

“Pull on your nipples. Pinch them. Tug them.” Pre-cum leaked liberally from my slit now and she tweaked each nub between her thumb and index finger, evoking the now thimble-sized nipples to stretch and distend like taffy from her skin. Her eyes narrowed into slits, yet they never left my cock. She began to rock back and forth slowly, and emitted low guttural groans.

I had to ease the urgency with which I was rubbing myself, lest I would evoke my own release and thus nullify the task at hand. I slowed my self-indulgence to a leisurely pace that would keep me rock hard but not defeat the grander purpose. But as I took my hand off of my own gear shift, I ratcheted up the speed on Yvonne.

“Put them in your mouth, my beauty. Suck on your big, beautiful tits. Taste them. Lick your nipples. Let me watch you.”

On cue, Yvonne took each firm orb in one hand and lifted them as one to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out between her lips. I noticed the faint tan lines that barely covered the ridges of her nipples and wondered how tiny the bikini must have been to barely cover Yvonne’s young globes. My eyes lowered for just a moment to observe a similar minuscule patch that ended just above her pussy.

A man can only absorb so many tactile diversions, however, and Yvonne succeeded in bringing my focus back to the main attraction. “Like this?’ she asked, mouth full of 36D prime, while extending her tongue to lick around her left nipple, her golden locks brushing against the curve of her tit.

I now slathered the precum over my throbbing dick. “Yes, just like that. Now the other one,” I said calmly, my voice trying to serve as a hypnotic trance to further entice my Russian puppet on a string. She mimicked the action on her massive right tit. Lather, rinse, repeat. “Now turn around.”

While still massaging herself, Yvonne pirouetted in a one-eighty and began to dance and sway almost imperceptibly. Her full buttocks were separated in glorious symmetry by the long, deep cleft of her ass slit. She had a small tattoo of a rose on the top of her left cheek, which I intended on exploring in detail in my own private tribute to horticulture.

My cock and I admired the view for several long, peaceful seconds in silence while she wiggled her buttocks, causing them to ripple. It was an impressive performance by any measure, and I slapped my cock against my thigh in applause. “Now bend over. And hold onto your ankles, sweet one. I want to see within you.”

Though seemingly not fully understanding what I meant, as signified by the quizzical glance she gave me over her shoulder, Yvonne nonetheless complied willingly. She tossed her head back which allowed her hair to fall down onto her chest, bent at the waist, and placed both hands on her lower calves. She spread her legs and looked at me between them, her hair brushing against the carpet. Her swollen, glistening labia were covered with a glossy white coating of vaginal foam, and her little pink rosebud asshole winked at me just above.

Without waiting for direction, she improvised and reached two fingers of her left hand to separate the walls of her sopping pussy, gushing like a downspout after a storm. I liked this idea, so I added to the script. “Now spread your ass cheeks, Yvonne, my beauty. I want to see inside of all of you, inside of that beautiful little asshole of yours.”

She took her hands and pulled on each buttock and stretched them as far as anatomically possible, in a plausible x-rated imitation of Elastic Girl in the animated movie ‘The Incredibles’. It was a view that no lakeside chalet could ever emulate. Her wet pussy convulsed as her asshole opened and closed with each excited breath she took.

“Come closer to the bed,” I demanded politely, as I maneuvered myself down to the edge of the mattress, so that my face was lined up behind her. She scooted back a few steps, letting loose of her grip on her elastic ass, but now oozing her index finger into her slit while her middle finger ran small traces around the rim of her anus.

I rolled onto my back and reached over my head to grip her by the thighs and pull her on top of my face. She was still facing away from me, riding my mouth cowgirl-style, as my tongue immediately lapped at her fleshy cunt like a kitten with a bowl of milk. The direction was such that her asshole was directly over my nose, and I inhaled deeply, the musky aroma of her sex emanating from all of the pores in her pussy and asshole. I raised my hand and began to pull her butt down more tightly onto my face, so that I was essentially smothered in her cunt.

My visual vantage point was such that I could see the tattooed rose on her trembling ass, and I massaged her ass cheek as my tongue began its fervent assault on her pussy and anus. I had to maintain a firm grip on her inner thighs so that her bucking and writhing would not snap my craning neck. I decided that, as erotic as this position was, it was not rewarding enough to spend the duration of my life as a quadriplegic, although the stories in the post-op room would have been legendary. (“He broke his neck HOW????”) So, in an aerobic move that would have made Jane Fonda proud, I pushed Yvonne up off of my juice-covered face, and placed her so that her back was on my stomach, and I leaned up on my elbows and continued to eat her voraciously, never missing a beat.

Even Yvonne seemed impressed by this athletic move that I didn’t know I possessed (Mr. Incredible?), motivated only by the delectable young woman whose pussy was now virtually attached to my tongue. She looked up at me wild-eyed, wide-eyed, and pinched her nipples, muttering what surely sounded like a barrage of Russian obscenities.

Mainly to see how she would react, I slithered my tongue into the gaping pink hole of her anus. My curiosity was quickly sated when she let out a wail and a stream of hot, clear liquid shot from her slit like a gusher and hit me square between the eyes. The tangy liquid actually burned my eyes, rendering me momentarily sightless, when I felt another spurt erupt and splatter onto my forehead. I caught on down and lifted her ass in the air while wrapping my lips firmly on her clit, and her groan was marked by a third shot of ejaculate, this one spouting straight up into the air and landing ultimately on the top of my head.

I was caught in a blinding pussy gully-washed, and had no windshield wipers. I had to stop, the equivalent of pulling the car over onto the shoulder, to wipe my brow, When I could see again, Yvonne was thrashing wildly on the mattress, her cunt gaping and streaming small pools of cum that had puddled on her tummy. The mattress was now essentially a wading pool. There certainly wasn’t going to be any drought in Lake George for the foreseeable future, nor were we going to have to worry about a lack of lubrication for the next sequence of our session.

Releasing my grip on her hips, I helped her to sit up. “Go clean yourself up.” I smiled, pointing again to the bathroom. “I need to do the same. I might need a poncho if this keeps up.” Yvonne picked herself up and wobbled unsteadily down the hall to the bathroom, mumbling, “What is this…..’poncho’…you speak of?” I pondered if the Russian-English dictionary had a translation for poncho as I toweled myself off.

When she returned to the den, Yvonne saw that I was standing next to a large canvas chair next to the couch, raging hard-on in hand. I held my hand out to her and she placed her soft hand in mine as I helped her up onto the cushion of the chair.

Yvonne looked down at the chair and could see that it was turned away from the sofa. Holding her hand, I turned her body and moved her to stand in front of the chair. I placed her hand on one post of the wooden frame and she placed her other hand on the other post. Holding the two posts as if they were two cocks, Yvonne wrapped her fingers firmly around them. I nodded to her and she sat down on the canvas chair. Leaning forward, I kissed her naked breast and Yvonne leaned her body forward.

I sucked her tender nipple between my lips and biting down gently, flicked my tongue over the tip of her hardening nub. She gasped. I continued to tease her chest as my hands came down to rest on her satiny thighs. Yvonne slid her legs apart to make it easier for me to reach her still oozing pussy. I slipped my hands down under her thighs and pulled her forward. She got the idea and slid her ass to the very edge of the canvas seat. I glanced down at her open thighs and saw that she was in position.

I helped her to adjust herself in the chair as her long body draped over it. Her ass hung just off the edge of the chair on one side and she was virtually heaving in anticipation. Her creamy, white breasts were raised as her neck and head arched over the back of the chair and hung down, her beautiful blonde hair dangling down almost to the carpet.

“You’re going to have to tell me what you want now, Yvonne.” Her eyes were again riveted onto my cock, her need was obvious.

“I need you inside of me,” she whimpered almost bashfully.

Sliding my hands down her open thighs, I ran my hands over her knees and down to her slender ankles. Grasping her legs, I lifted her feet high into the air and then pulled her legs apart. Looking down at her beautiful gash, I eased her legs back over her body and then down over the arms of the wooden chair frame. I hooked her knees behind the two wooden posts that had once held the back of the chair and the Russian youngster’s thighs were raised and held open for my pleasure.

“You can do better than that,” I hissed, teasing her with my cocktip, just nudging the opening of her labia. “If you’re going to be my slut, you’ll have to talk like a slut, Yvonne.” I stepped back between her thighs and pulling the chair closer to me, I kicked a small stool out from the side of the sofa. As I stepped up onto the stool my cock pointed straight at the entrance to her tight love hole. I tapped her mons with my cockhead and Yvonne’s body rippled with desire. I could see her open thighs begin to shake as I teased her moist pussy lips with the tip of my shaft.

Her upper lip curled, causing quite the contrast between the angelic innocent face of an exchange student and a woman whose cock-deprived desperately craved to be ravaged. Any reticence that she might have harbored in using dirty talk was apparently being quickly vanquished.

“Give me that big fucking cock,” she growled huskily. The tone surprised me, yet further aroused me. There was no duplicity or subservience in her next succinct sentence.

“FUCK me!”, she yelled, emphasizing the verb in perfect English. No language barrier here.

Taking hold of the arms of the chair, I immediately began to ram hard into her open pussy, young, tight, like an oven. Yvonne’s body bounced and shook from the force of my penetrations as she continued to scream piercingly with sexual fulfillment. Untold pleasures rippled through her naked body and she told me later that she felt herself more simultaneously exposed and filled than she’d ever been in her life.

The sensation of having her legs held open by the frame of the chair added a new dimension to her sexual ecstasy as I felt her body respond to the forcefulness of our fucking. I withdrew my cock to let her release another burst of squirting cum, this time firing her moisture into the small patch of pubic hairs just above my cock. I dipped the tip in the pond and parried onward with my thrusting implement.

Taking hold of Yvonne’s ankles, I raised her hips high in the air. Her legs were long and sleek and as I traced my view back to her shining pussy, I licked my lips. I eased her legs back down so that they could wrap around me for leverage, and then reaching for her hands, helped her lift her body back up to a sitting position.

Once upright, Yvonne wrapped her arms around my head and practically smothered me to her breasts as I pumped my cock vigorously into her steamy vagina, now stretched as never before. I felt her legs come around my body and lock around my waist. I looked up at her and she lowered her face to mine and kissed me passionately. She sucked my tongue between her lips as her fingernails raked my back.

I surrendered to her passion for several minutes as she was all over me. What an ego-boosting experience, having a gorgeous twenty-one-year-old in this state of unbridled and unabashed bliss. When I placed my hands back down on her thighs, Yvonne reluctantly stopped but she knew I had something else in mind for her and she was eager for anything.

Lifting my face from her open mouth, I teased her chest for a moment and then pulled my cock from between Yvonne’s hungry pussy lips. She reached out to hold me as I stepped away but finally just let her body collapse once again over the chair. The arch in her body was truly spectacular and she looked fantastic.

It was not going to take me long to cum at this rate and I still had one more hole I wanted to fill.

I lowered my face to her open thighs and began to tease her intimate flesh with my tongue. Cum just oozed out of her holes and I licked her sweetness as my tongue caressed her clit once again, causing small trembles each time tongue tip met clit hood.

Taking her hand, I helped her off the chair and onto the stool. I turned her body around so she faced the chair and then I pressed her body forward. Yvonne intuitively understood and she pulled her body up onto the canvas chair seat. Her legs pressed against the soft material as her tits came just over the other edge of the canvas. She draped her arms over the chair and they hung down on either side of her head. I reached down to her ankles once again and pulled her legs apart and lifted her feet. In her upside down view, Yvonne could see her thighs spread open and my cock pointing straight at her face though too far away to do anything about.

The ‘en fuego’ youngster moaned as she felt my hands squeeze her firm asscheeks and then I lowered my tongue to her tight asshole. She had expected me to ravage her asshole once again and this time seemed even to look forward to it a little bit. Her body went rigid as my tongue touched her tight sphincter and she gasped as another mini-orgasm ripped through her beautiful, nubile body.

I spread her asscheeks wide apart and forced my tongue into her tightness. Yvonne’s body began to thrash about as I licked and probed her beautiful bright pink asshole. As I tongued her ass, my fingers dipped between her swollen labia and teased her pussy. Her body began to shake and buck as she was overwhelmed by the double assault on her femininity. I eased my fingers from her twat and began to probe and open her asshole with the lubrication provided by her spigot of a love hole.

Slowly her tight sphincter began to yield and I was able to press my finger inside. She was tight – so very tight. I pumped my finger into her ass and then tried to press another digit into her body. It took a little time and coaxing but I was finally able to get it in. As I kissed and teased her ass with my fingers and tongue, Yvonne’s open thighs shook with excitement. I decided not to rush her and so continued to caress her tight ass until she relaxed her muscles enough to let me easily probe her sweet ass. She was ready.

Pressing my thumb all the way into her open asshole, I eased my other thumb into her dripping pussy. I pumped both digits into her twin holes for a moment as I kicked the small stool back into position. At first, I moved my thumbs in unison but then I changed the rhythm and began to push one in as the other pulled out. Yvonne’s body continued to quake as she thoroughly enjoyed my dual digital manipulations. I felt her body surrender. She was REALLY ready.

“Have you had anal sex before?” I asked tentatively, wanting to know how much to tell her, since it can be an unpleasant experience for any woman, especially for the first time

Once again, though, Yvonne’s prior education never failed to impress me.

She grinned wickedly at me over her shoulder, any pretense of shyness long worn away, and uttered an infamous statement that should serve as detente for any countries in conflict. “I love it in my butt.”

Well, OK, then. I don’t know what they were teaching in Saint Petersburg, but I liked the curriculum.

My cock was fully at attention and it was time to ravage this sweet, young, not-so-virgin ass. My dick is considerably thicker and longer than my thumbs and I knew that she’d be plenty tight. Yvonne watched intently as I withdrew my finger from her open pussy and then positioned my head at the entrance to her hungry twat. I slid the tip into her pussy once more and took several thrusts to coat my rod with her warm, wet flow as my thumb remained buried in her tight asshole. She relished the feeling of using one of her holes lube to prepare for the penetration of the other.

Slowly easing out of her pussy, I slid my thumb out of her ass and aimed my cock at Yvonne’s open asshole. I pressed the tip between her asscheeks and she pressed her body back against it. I guided the tip to the small opening of her asshole and then slowly pressed forward. Her ass yielded slowly and she gasped as I filled her vice-like tunnel. I pushed slowly into her magnificent ass until I felt my hips press against her spread ass as I patiently but meticulously filled her sphincter to the hilt.

Once again I grasped the arms of the chair and slowly began to rock in and out of the most intimate spot of Yvonne’s fantastic body. She grunted and groaned as she felt my shaft thrust in and out of her tight ass. As I increased the rhythm of my penetrations, her body began to buck in tandem. She placed her hands firmly on the chair rungs and lifted her upper body. Her head flew back as she screamed with lust and thrust her ass back to meet every penetration, and I gripped her locks so roughly that her head snapped backwards as I screamed myself, erupting a heavy load of thick seed that I could feel swirling around her bowels as the sticky seed filled her tight chambers.

I picked her up and carried her to the mattress and placed her down in exhausted silence. We lay there together in a spooning position for a few moments, when finally Yvonne asked, her voice again quiet,”Did your other girlfriends this week let you have their asses?”

Nearly shocked at the inquiry, I could only whisper into her ear, “No. No, they didn’t.”

She exhaled a contented sigh. “Good. I like doing things that other women will not.”

She rolled over to face me. “I have to be at work at six. Could you drive me home? My roommate will worry about me if I don’t return home”. Oh, yes, Olga. I almost forgot about Olga. Talk about wanting to know more about THAT situation. She looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand, which indicated it was well past midnight.

We dressed, which took Yvonne about ten seconds to simply slip her dress over her head. I fully expected that this would be another one-nighter as we walked to my car in the driveway for the short drive up the hill, when she exclaimed. “I only work breakfast and lunch on Tuesdays. I’m finished at two. Could I come back tomorrow afternoon? Or do you have another date with one of your girlfriends?”

She hesitated, then dropped the bomb. “I have five days left here. I would like to learn much more from you.”

I smiled in the pre-dawn darkness. “If you’re OK with it, you’re my only girlfriend this week, darlin’.” She kissed me on the cheek.

I thought of an idea. “I could rent a boat if you like. Have you seen the entire lake?”

Almost squealing, she clapped her hands gleefully. ” Yes! That sounds like great fun!”

I remembered the almost non-existent wisps of tan lines on her tits and pussy. “You have a bikini, I presume?”

Her green eyes sparkled mischievously in the light of the dashboard. “Oh, yes, I have a very sexy bikini. You will like.”

Oh, did I ever. It was a very educational week.

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