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Friendly Foursome

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The guys are both dressed in button-up shirts, Ken’s is a deep purple color, you get to pick Mike’s, and jeans. The girls each have jeans and a rather low-cut shirt, mine is black, you get to pick yours, Steph. I’ll also be wearing a tight, black pushup bra and thong, but you don’t know that.

We pick you guys up and head out for the night. So we figure we’ll go have a nice steak dinner at Outback or Longhorn or some other steak place in Charleston, we’ll chat and catch up, have a few drinks, just have a great time all around.

Then we’ll catch a movie or something, a nice light-hearted romantic comedy, perhaps. We all get into the car, and we’re laughing and carrying on…the two of us are in the front seat, while you two get the back to yourselves.

My hand rests on Ken’s lap, grazing up and down, you two are cuddled up on each other…Ken starts to get hard, and we can see the outline of his cock through his jeans…you grab Mike’s dick through his pants, and start to rub it…we’re just casually carrying on conversation…Ken keeps driving until we get to Embassy Suites, then he and I get out of the car.

“Ummmm, what are we doing, guys?” you ask.

“Come on in, you’ll see, we just wanted to hang out and relax a bit more…we got room 316.” I say.

You two look at each other and Mike shrugs, so you follow us. We head up to our room. Ken opens the door and we go in. The living room of the suite is simple, with a nice couch, a table, a couple of lamps, and a television. On the table you see Ken’s tie collection, about 10 in all. The two of you settle down in the living room as we excuse ourselves for a moment. Turn on the TV, maybe pull up a nice porn movie or something.

“Hey guys, come on in here,” Ken calls from the bedroom.

As you walk in you see our toy collection lined up on the dresser, the king size bed takes up most of the room, with two chairs at the foot of the bed. Ken is sitting in the far one, I motion for Mike to sit in the nearer one. I hand them each a drink, “We’ll be right back, guys” I grab you by the hand and pull you to the side, whispering in your ear…

“I thought maybe we could tie them down, so the two of us could have some fun..” I gently nibble on your ear lobe, and you start to giggle. “You have to convince Mike that it’s okay,” I say. You nod eagerly and walk over to Mike, whispering something or other in his ear, he agrees fairly quickly. I bring in the ties, and we bind his hands behind the chair, and tie his legs to a chair leg each, so that his legs are slightly spread. You straddle his lap and kiss him deeply, then give him a peck on the forehead, as we move over and tie Ken to his chair in the same manner. I kiss him and give his cock a nice squeeze.

Then I reach behind your head and pull you into me for a deep kiss. Our tongues flirting with each other, slipping in and exploring each others’ mouths…deeper….I let out a soft moan as you bite my lower lip. I reach my hand up under your shirt, feeling the edges of your bra, running my hand over your breasts and stomach, I lean forward and kiss your neck as I whisper in your ear “you can do whatever you want to me.”

Your eyes snap open, and you shove me down onto the bed. You peel off your shirt, revealing your bra. I laugh and take off my shirt, tossing it to the side. You crawl up on top of me, shoving your tits into my face, as I kiss, suck, and savor them. I reach behind you and unclasp your bra, and toss it over onto Mike. Both of the men have raging hard-ons, throbbing in their jeans. I suck on your left nipple, then your right, as you arch your back and moan, mixed with a small giggle. I pull you in for a great kiss, then press your head down to my boobs. I reach under my back and undo my bra clasps, and toss it to Ken. As you tease me, I let out little gasps of pleasure, moans, writhing under you.

I roll you over and climb on top of you, kissing you. I unfasten your jeans, then mine, then go back to kissing you. Then I get off of you, and slide down my pants, bending over right in front of the boys, slowly revealing my ass in that tight thong. I invite you to do the same, revealing your cute little butt, and your underwear. The guys have a sharp intake of breath almost simultaneously.

“Oh, wow, Steph,” Ken says.

“I know, right, honey?” I respond.

I saunter over to the dresser, running my hands over all of our toys. I start tossing them onto the bed: my jackrabbit, a big thing of lube [just in case], the borrowed doubleheader, and my strap-on harness with the dildo of Ken’s cock. Then the anal beads as an after thought, with a sneaky smile. “Which one do we want to try first?” I ask.

“Hmmm, I think I want to try out the jackrabbit…” as a small smile crosses your face.

“Alright, whatever you want”

I take the jackrabbit and turn it on, the clit stimulator vibrating as the dick starts to rotate and writhe. I lay kisses all over your stomach and thighs, pulling down your panties, revealing your tight, pink pussy. I suck on the vibrator, getting it nice and wet, although it looks like you won’t need it. I ease it into you, letting the dildo rotate inside of you, pressing over every inch of your tight cunt. Then, it slides all the way in, the vibrating clit stimulator reaches your clit, sending a spasm of pleasure all through your body, which should have been brief, but it keeps on going. I leave the toy inside you, enjoying your facial expressions and your loud moans. You call my name as I suck at your tits. “How quickly do you cum, Steph, sweetie?”

“OHH, Tabitha!”

“How do you like the view, gentlemen?”

They’re slightly dumbstruck, only making low guttural growls of desire. “Umm, Tabitha? I think these pants are getting a little tight..” says Ken. As I nibble on your neck, the toy still pulsing inside you and on your clit. “What do you think, Steph, should we give the boys some space, to..umm..hang out?” “Ohhh, yes! Oh God, I’m gonna cum!! It feels soo good..” I love hearing you cum. I watch you spasm, shaking, thrashing around on the bed. I slide the vibrator out and let you bask in the after glow for a few minutes.

I hop off the bed and walk over to the boys, going over to Ken, kissing his neck, then say, “Alright boys, since you just couldn’t keep your cocks in your pants, we’re going to have to balance things out a bit, you have to be blindfolded now.” I bend over and slide my thong off right in his face. I take a tie and wrap it around Ken’s eyes, then I straddle his lap and start to unbutton his shirt, kissing down his chest, I feel his huge cock pressing against me, longing for release. I slide off of him and get down on my knees, unbuttoning his pants, tugging them down his legs. His dick is lifting the right leg of his boxers up, straining against the silk. I see that you have gotten up and blindfolded Mike and that you’re in the process of disrobing him as well. You look so hot kneeling in front of him, naked, freeing his big cock. As it comes out of his boxers, it looks soo nice, and I let out a little hiss. You look over and see me with Ken’s massive dong in my hands, and I see your eyes take it in for the first time in real life. I smile and say, “I think the boys are okay for now, shall we get back to business?”

Then I give Ken’s cock a quick suck, you know, just a few deep bobs to get him nice and wet and excited, and stand up. I notice you going to town on Mike’s big dick, slurping on it then sucking his balls while you jerk him. I walk over and get on the floor with you and pull you away for a long, deep kiss. I can taste his cock in your mouth, and you can probably taste Ken’s in mine. I pull away, “I want you so bad, right now.” I stick one of my fingers into your tight little pussy and start wriggling it just so. I feel your knees start to buckle and I giggle. We fall back onto the bed, my finger still inside you, exploring you. “I’m soo horny!” You climb on top of me and lower your pussy to my face, and lick my clit, in a perfect 69. I immediately start going to town, licking your pussy, flicking my tongue across your clit, fingering you, first just the one, then adding another. Licking your clit while I pound my fingers in and out of you, while your tongue dances across my clit. I feel your fingers pressing into my cunt, two fingers at once, and I throw my head back and let loose a loud moan. All the while we are moaning and gasping. “Do you like my fingers in your pussy, Steph?”

“OH yeah! How does my tongue feel on your clit, Tabitha? Are you a dirty little slut?”

“OH FUCK YES I AM!!” I feel the beginnings of my orgasm building, until it just flies out of me…my legs clench around your head and my tongue goes absolutely wild on your clit and as mine starts to decline you scream out yours. “I’M CUMMMINGG”

You climb off me. We lay there, shaking. We both came so hard. I’m panting, my orgasm just totaled my brain, and I can’t even think straight. When my head starts to clear, I sit up, and see you with the dildo strapped on, sticking proudly out from your crotch. “Are you going to be my good little slut and suck my cock?” you ask. “Oh, yeah….I think I can do that….” I crawl over to you on all fours, grasping that oh-so familiar dick, running my tongue up the bottom of the shaft, circling the head, sliding it into my mouth…all the while maintaining eye contact with you. I can tell you are getting turned on, your little wiggles and giggles, plus how wet the bottom of the harness is getting. “Do you like having your cock sucked, Stephanie?” I ask as I jerk your cock. “Oh yes, I do, but now I want to see what it’s like to fuck someone with my big, fat cock…”

“Oh hell yeah,” I reply, “how do you want me?” “Doggystyle.” I instantly get on all fours, showing you my pussy and ass, waiting for your cock. As you’re climbing into position, I shake my ass for you…then I feel a quick flash across it when you give me a nice spank…”ooooooh, more of that! Yes, Stephanie, smack my ass! Spank your naughty whore!” As you slide that big fake cock slowly into my tight little pussy, I moan, this is my favorite feeling in the world, feeling Ken’s huge dick enter me, I know it so well, every vein, and to have you piloting it is just amazing…I’m staring directly at our bound boys, each with a big, tasty cock throbbing at our sounds, but unable to do anything about it. I can’t take it, I push myself HARD back onto your cock, “FUCK ME!!!” Then you giggle, but you ram that thing home, oh god yes, you do. Fuck me, Stephanie, pound my pussy, give me that dick. Do you like being the man, fucking all the whores you can find? [I’m not saying that in the fantasy, but I want you to answer, hehe] God it feels so good, fuck me! “Oh sweet god Steph, fuck my pussy..OH AH, yes! Oh Shit! Fuck! Fuck! * MOAN *” “Yeah, slut, take my big dick, you like that fat cock inside of you, don’t you?”

“Oh Stephanie, fuck my please, harder! Give me that cock! POUND MY FUCKING PUSSY!” You get to the point where you are just slamming the dildo into my pussy, then you slide a finger into my ass. “Oh yes, fucking right!” I’m bucking against your dick and fingers, moaning, the guys don’t even know what to think. “Give me another finger, baby” You slide another one into my tight butt, it starts to send me over the edge, I can’t hold myself up any more. I’m shaking as you keep pounding your cock into me, just as fast and hard as before. “Okay, okay, I can’t take it anymore….oh god.” As you pull it out of me, I collapse onto the bed.

I roll over and look at you above me, that thick cock sticking out from you…literally dripping wet with my pussy juice. It needs cleaned off. I unfasten the dildo, then jump on top of you, pushing you down to the bed, I press it into your mouth. I lean down…”how does it taste?” “mmph” I pulse it in and out of your mouth, your saliva mixing with my pussy juice on that big ass dick. As I do this, I unfasten the harness and toss it to the side. “We’re gonna have some fun now” I pull the dildo from your mouth, and kiss you, slowly, teasingly, taunting your tongue with mine. Then you feel the head of the dong pressing into your pussy. “Oh my, aren’t we tight? Well Ken and I figured out how to solve that..” I press the cock deep into you, not too fast, but it is unyielding. I love the way your back arches as it fills you. “oh yeah, you like that don’t you slut? Why don’t you masturbate with it for me? Get on all fours like you’re getting it doggystyle, oh yeah…” You immediately obey, getting into position and gliding that cock in and out of yourself.

I sneak off the bed, and take the blindfold off of Mike, letting him see you like that, masturbating, covered in sweat and…other liquids….then I slide the blindfold back over his eyes and retie it. Then I do the same for Ken, letting him appreciate the view. I cover his eyes back up and walk over to you again, I pick up the anal beads, stick them in my mouth, roll them about with my tongue, then I pull them out one by one, nice and wet. Then I spread your tight ass cheeks, and give your little hole a few good licks, then press the beads slowly into your ass, each one a little bigger than the last. “ooooooooo” Once they’re all in I smack your tight ass and take the dildo from you, pushing it in deep, deep, then I fuck you with it, loving the tension in your legs, loving the sounds you make. I hope you like the way it feels inside of you, with your ass and pussy full at the same time, getting fucked while those beads stretch your ass. “Fucking take it.” I lower myself under you and lick your clit as I shove the dong into you. It sends you totally over the edge. “OH GOD!!! FUCK YES!!!” [<--That's what I hope you sound like, would love to hear what you actually sound like when you cum one day. Even if it is just a recording or over the phone. -Tabitha] As you cum I slide the anal beads out of your ass, with each pop adding a rush to your orgasm. One you're done cumming and bucking and thrashing and having among the best orgasms of your life :-D, and you can move again, we sit up against the headboard, leaning on each other, looking at our men, all tied up with two big cocks just hanging out, looking so nice and tasty. "What should we do about them?" I ask. "Well, I think by now they deserve a little bit of fun, don't you think?" "Yeah, don't they look great like that, though?" Their cocks are twitching as we talk about them. Damn, two cocks over eight inches long. Mike's is a bit longer and Ken's is thicker, but those are two big, tasty looking dicks. "So what are we gonna do for them? Do you want to untie them and fuck them or leave them tied up and just suck their cocks or maybe just give them a handjob?" "Hmmm, I don't know.....I've never seen his dick this hard before..." "Oh, that's because I slipped them each a half of a viagra in their drinks. I thought it would make for entertainment all night long." "WHAT?!" From all three of you. "Oh yeah, I want dicks that are gonna be really hard for a really long time." "well damn if it didn't work..." I quietly whisper to you" really know how to pick your guys....I was wondering how you might feel about sharing? Ken and I already decided that it would be okay to go oral only wife swap on this...." "ummm, hell yeah!" "So, shall we start by sharing your boy?" "Oh yes....should we let Ken watch?" "I hadn't really thought of that option, but yeah, sure, we can let him watch his wife be a horny little slut." We turn Ken's chair so that he is looking straight at Mike and unblindfold him. "How you doing baby?" "I'm hard as a fucking rock, because somebody was a very naughty girl and tied me down and gave me viagra. As soon as I get untied, somebody (then he looks at you) somebodies are going to be in for a spanking." "Well, if that's the case, we better make sure we deserve it, huh, Steph?" "Oh yes, but (whisper) let's surprise Mike. Leave him blindfolded for now." "No problem" "Are you ready for me to suck your cock, baby?" "Oh yeah, go on sweetie, take this thing off so I can watch you suck me off," Mike replies. "MMMM, not just yet." You get on your knees in front of him, taking your husband's cock in your hands, slowly stroking, you cup his balls with the other hand, rolling and squeezing. A soft moan escapes his mouth, his cock twitching in your hands. Then slowly you run your tongue up the underside of his shaft, flicking it off at the head. Then you slide your mouth up over the head of his cock, and down his cock, slowly taking it all into your mouth, as deep as you can go. God the way your soft lips slide over his big cock just drives me wild. I really want a taste. I nibble your neck as you slide back off his cock, then I slide my mouth over it. This is the only dick I've ever had in my mouth other than Ken's, and it's different. My tongue traces different veins on the way down, and I can take it all in my mouth without breaking my jaw. When I reach the base, I suck hard, contracting my throat around his dick, then I pull off, leaving his long dick sopping wet. Right then you whisper in his ear, "That's not me, baby." as you pull off his blindfold. His dick twitches, he hasn't had enough to cum yet, but that gave him a nice jolt. "MMM, you've got one tasty cock, Mike." I start jacking him furiously, using all the tricks you sent me in that first email. I work his cock like a pepper grinder, twisting my hands back and forth as I move them up and down his shaft. A good twist around his head, then I lean my mouth down and take one of his nuts into my mouth, gently suckling it, tugging it with my mouth. You kneel down beside me, and we kiss, just with Mike's cock in the middle...our tongues flirting about, touching one another as we slide up and down his cock. "Do you like having two girls suck your big dick, Mike." "Oh yes baby, suck it harder." I let you slide down his shaft, as I suck on his balls, one then the other, caressing them, tickling them. I get up and press my tits into his face, pulling his head down, making him suck on my nipples. "Oooo, yes, this is getting my pussy all wet." I reach down and play with your hair as you blow him. I come back down, alternating with you, one sucking his cock, the other focusing on his balls. I feel his cock begin to tremble, his balls tighten. We both know what is coming. I pull my mouth up off his cock and begin to stroke it quickly. You lift your head from his balls, smiling at me, you reach one hand in to play with his balls while I pump his huge rod, bringing him closer and closer to cumming. He says, "Oh god, oh god, holy fucking shit, get ready. I'm cummmmiinnngg." Then it bursts out of his cock, spraying both of us with thick, hot cum. His cock twitches and starts to go limp then almost immediately hardens again. I pull you towards me and lick his cum up off your chest and neck, getting every last drop, then I run my finger through some of it that is on me, gathering it, and you suck it off of my finger before getting the rest with your tongue. Your tongue feels so good lapping up your husbands cum off of my skin. You kiss me, and when your tongue explores me mouth I can taste his salty load on it. "ahem..." Ken's cock is's so swollen and thick, the viagra is making the veins in his dick even more noticeable. I crawl over to it and begin to worship it with my tongue, ever so slowly tracing each vein, teasing him. As I gently tease him, you kiss Mike and saunter over to Ken, then you walk in a circle around him, then you grab his chin, make him look you in the eyes and say "I am going to make you cum so hard you won't know your name." His cock jumps, the way it does when he's excited. You drop to your knees and notice a little bit of precum dribbling down the head and you lick it up. My tongue continues its slow journey all around his huge shaft, until I trace downwards and take one of his nuts into my mouth, tenderly grazing it with my teeth. I know what he likes. As soon as my tongue leaves his shaft, I see you lower your lips to his head, stretching your mouth, trying to take it all in, you slide down his member, but it grows thicker, about halfway down it just gets so thick that your mouth can't take it all in. His eyes are about to pop about of his skull watching you suck him. "MMM, look at you, Ken, you've wanted this one for a long time, haven't you?" "Oh yes," he replies. I place my hand on the back of your head, pushing you down further onto his cock, giving you encouragement, "Yeah, Steph, suck that fat cock, you like the way it stretches your mouth, don't you?" But I don't let you come up and reply, I keep you sucking that huge dong until you push yourself up off of it, with a little gasp, then I suck it, going deep, taking it all in, choking a little at the bottom, then Ken thrusts his cock deeper into my throat, and I pull up. His cock is sooo wet now, so I take it in my hands and work it, grinding it, stroking it, slowly at first, then faster. You crawl beneath and take his balls into your mouth again. You reach behind his sac and run your fingers through his crack, teasing him. He's almost ready to cum, so you sit up, you get the honors this time. You begin to pump his tool, exploring every inch of that thick rod with your hands. I reach under him and slip a finger into his ass, causing him to explode all over both of us, you giggle as he spurts rope after creamy rope of thick hot cum all over your tits and my face. It stays relatively hard, too, just like Mike's did. "yummy" "oh my, boys, how did that feel?" just smiles and happy silence in response. I untie Ken, who stands up, slips totally out of his shirt and pants, cock still standing straight out from him. He stretches and smiles lazily. I walk over and untie Mike, who does pretty much the same. Then Ken grabs me and throws me onto the bed. "I told you what was going to happen." Then Ken pushes me down on my back on the bed and shoves his cock inside of me. The surprise and force pushes me further into pleasure. Then Mike puts you on all fours above me, with your face staring directly into Ken's chest, as he slides his cock into your tight pussy. This puts his cock thrusting into your pussy right above my face, just inches away. And if you look down you can see Ken's dick pounding into me. The men fuck us and fuck us until we are screaming and cumming on their huge cocks, then you thrash and fall, placing your face right beside my cunt, with Ken never stopping, just continuing to shove his big dong right into my pussy. Oh yes! Then Mike pulls out and sprays his hot load all over the tattoo on your back, and you collapse onto me, putting your just fucked pussy right at my face, which is just too much of a temptation to resist. I start to flick my tongue across your clit, then I shove a few fingers into your pussy. After a few moments of that you and Ken come at the same time, you shuddering on my face as Ken pulls out and blasts a huge load which arches onto your face up all over your back and some into my face. We are both just covered in cum. Best feeling ever, right? I didn't realize it at first, but the boys weren't quite done. I see Ken toss Mike a bottle of lube, keeping on for himself and they start to lube up. Mike lays you down and lifts your legs up onto him, then he slowly slides his long, hard dick into your tight ass. I see your face completely transformed with pleasure. That's when I stop Ken and strap on the replica of him. "Hey, Stephanie, how would you like to see a man get fucked in the ass?" Ken laughs and smiles. "alright, Ken, get into position, and make sure Stephanie can see it all, doggystyle above her." He climbs up and settles onto his hands and knees directly above you, his fat cock hanging almost all the way down to your face, but not quite. It just overs there, massive and hard. You can't really focus on it too much, because hey, you're getting fucked in the ass. How do you like it? What are you screaming? Then you see me take up position behind him and slide that thoroughly lubed dildo ever so slowly into his ass. You see his cock get rock hard then go back to just pretty hard. I start to pick up speed as you finger yourself with Mike's cock thrusting hard into your ass. Ken's cock is just bobbing in your face, bouncing with each thrust. Ken is moaning hard, struggling to stay up on his arms, taking his own dick in his ass and all. Everyone is feeling sooo good, we are being so loud. Mike starts to get more frantic, pumping into your ass hard and ridiculously fast, you scream and as you rock forward, Ken's cock is right there in your face, so you slip it back into your mouth and suck hard, Mike screams and cums inside your ass, pumping that hot jizz deep inside of you, while your sucking pushes Ken over the edge and he pulls out of your mouth cumming some in your mouth and on your chin and your tits. Then we all fall over and pass the fuck out. You wake up to me sucking off Ken in the chair in the corner, and it all begins again.

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