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Hitting the Jackpot!

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“Bingo, bingo, big money bingo! What’s tonight?”

“Bingo!” yelled the crowd of families and couples around the pool bar.

“Oh Christ get me out of here!” muttered Julie from beneath her floppy sunhat. “I’m so bored!”

“We picked the wrong hotel didn’t we?” sighed her friend.

“The hotel’s gorgeous. It’s the resort that’s wrong.”

“Hmm…it looked closer to Ayia Napa in the brochure, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, and it looked lively. It certainly didn’t say it was a family resort.”

“We should sue for false advertising. This place has more in common with Abergavenny than Ayia Napa!”

Julie giggled. “Come on Cindy this is Cyprus; there must be single people out there somewhere, even in this resort.”

Cindy sat up and stretched. “You’re right. There’re probably hundreds of eligible men out there. We just haven’t found them yet. Let’s get ourselves dolled-up and go hunting. I don’t know about you but I want sex tonight. I’m gagging for it!”

“Me too,” nodded Julie. “I’m dying for some cock!”

Julie and Cindy were colleagues, single and overworked. Both of them struggled to fit any sort of social life around their long working hours and holidays were a much valued opportunity to let their hair down and pursue men. Sexually starved and desperate to remedy that both women were out to make the most of the ten day break they’d secured in Cyprus – sex had to be on the addenda! Four days in, however, their dogged search had gone unrewarded.

“Please let me find a man tonight – I need sex!” groaned Julie as she shaved her legs and plucked her eyebrows.

“A nice fat cock spurting over my tits!” mused Cindy from the bathtub.


“What? Don’t you like it on your tits? I do. I love the feel of it…all sticky and warm, and the look on their faces when they come…ooh, I love that.”

“I prefer my men to come inside me,” said Julie thoughtfully. “I like them to shoot as deep as they can, preferably from behind me.”

“Oh, nice!” Cindy agreed.

Julie stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. “Doesn’t happen very often.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while for me too,” sighed Cindy. “I haven’t had sex for a month.”

“A month? I’ve had nothing for over a year.”


Julie nodded sadly, “I’m totally sex starved.”

“Hmm, not quite totally,” corrected her friend. She gave Julie a knowing nod, “I saw you fingering yourself last night – that counts as sex you know.”

“Cindy!” gasped Julie, her face reddening.

“You looked hot, especially when you came.”

“Oh my God! Were you spying on me?

“I heard you moaning so I peeped. You got me turned on actually. I went back to my room for a little play with my vibrator and …”

“Cindy…stop right there!” gasped Julie.

“What? You’re hot. I came really hard…”

“Cindy…shush! You can’t talk about me like that,” Julie giggled. She looked at her friend quizzically, “you brought a vibrator on holiday?”

“Yes, why wouldn’t I? Don’t look at me like that – I happen to know you’ve got a whole arsenal of sex toys back at your flat.”

“Yes, but I didn’t bring any of mine on holiday. What if you’d been searched at customs?”

Cindy slapped her hand over her mouth. “Holy shit! Didn’t think of that!”

Julie laughed. “Get dressed, mad friend. And no more watching me masturbate!”

“Ow, spoil sport!” Cindy teased, She emerged from her bath soaking wet and naked. Twenty-seven year old blond-bombshell Cindy was physically perfect. Her skin was clear and soft, her face pretty and she had a figure to die for; firm D-cup breasts and an ass like a thoroughbred race horse. Julie couldn’t help running her eyes over Cindy’s curves as her friend dried herself slowly with a soft towel.

Julie looked back at her own reflection. “Perhaps I should have brought my vibrator,” she commented more to herself than Cindy.

“You can borrow mine if you like. Tell you what, I’ll use it on you.” Cindy’s eyes glinted devilishly.

“If I don’t get lucky tonight I might take you up on that,” Julie smirked.

“Deal. Looking forward to it.” Cindy winked at her friend as she sashayed away to her bedroom.

Julie watched her go. That backside of Cindy’s was truly something. She ran a hand over her own curves. At thirty-five Julie was seven years older than Cindy but didn’t look it. She wasn’t a voluptuous beauty like her younger friend but her excellent taste in clothing meant her slender figure was always flatteringly presented. Julie was very attractive. Her problem with men wasn’t because of a lack of looks, it was down to a lack of time. A whole a year without a single date or even a one-night stand hadn’t helped either. Her confidence had been shattered. That night, however, Julie had all the time in the world and a burning desire to find carnal gratification.

It was early in the evening when the two friends set out in pursuit of fun, excitement and a man for the night. They clattered down the tiled corridors of their apartment block in ridiculously high stilettoes and skimpy sundresses and charged out onto the streets. The resort was still bathed in sunshine and the temperatures soared. It was lovely. The friends donned their sunglasses, linked arms and tottered onwards. The hunt had begun!

The first bar they ventured into only had half a dozen people inside and the silver-haired barman watched the girls with interest as they approached.

“We’d like two cocktails,” said Cindy sweetly as she sat herself down next to the bar.

“Anything in particular?” smiled the bartender.

“Why don’t you choose for us?”

The barman nodded and immediately set to work mixing two elegant multi-coloured cocktails which he placed on the bar in front of the two friends.

“No cost monies for you,” he said in broken English when Cindy reached for her purse.

“Oh you’re a love, thank you,” Cindy purred.

The bar tender smiled. “You come back later, bring friends.”

“Ok, we will.”

“Cind, we haven’t got any friends,” muttered Julie.

“I know that. Ah, he’s a sweetheart isn’t he?”

“He’s too old for you and he’s wearing a wedding ring,” grunted Julie.

“I was only saying he’s sweat…”Cindy protested.

“I know that look.”

“I can like older men can’t I? They’re good in bed.”

“Not married ones.”

“Jeeze, Jules! Are you telling me you’ve never shagged a married man?”

Julie shook her head. “Have you?”

“Might have.”

Julie shot her friend a disapproving look.

“It happened once, ok? Anyway, his wife knew about it…she watched!”

“No!” gasped Julie. “You kept that quiet.”

Cindy giggled. “I know. It was a weird night. Come on, let’s take these outside.”

“Man hunting time?”

“Oh yes!” nodded Cindy.

The two girls took their drinks out to the pavement seating where they could watch the world go by and keep a look-out for potential prey.

“Family, couple, married man with three screaming brats,” sighed Julie.

“Oh look – hottie!” Cindy piped-up.


“There. Look!”

“Disqualified. He’s with that elderly couple.”

“Is he? Are you sure?”

“Yep. I think he’s their carer.”

“Damn! He’s so fit. Maybe he’ll come out on his own later.”

“Forget it Cind, he’s got commitments. We agreed we’d look for two single men with nothing better to do with their time than shag us, remember?”

Cindy groaned, “I don’t think they exist, Jules. I reckon every man on the planet went out and got married whilst we were stuck in the office working. There’s none left for us.”

“Wrong!” declared Julie, “Look! Now there’s a possibility.”


“There. See?”

“Oh yeah!” Cindy’s eyes fell upon a wondrous sight; two good looking men, both of them young, well dressed and seemingly unattached. “Do you think they’re a couple?” she whispered, lowering her sunglasses to get a better look.

“Not sure. Possibly.” Julie strained her eyes to see. Suddenly she caught her breath. “Cindy, look closer. Do you see?”

“Oh my goodness!” A devilish smirk kissed Cindy’s plump lips, “we’ve hit the jackpot Jules –TWINS!”

“IDENTICAL TWINS!” squealed Julie clasping her hands together with glee.

“Quick Jules, follow them!”

Julie and Cindy bolted across the road in hot pursuit of their quarry. They shadowed the two men, keeping close enough to get a better look at them.

“They’re gorgeous, don’t you think?” puffed Cindy breathlessly. “But where the hell are they going?”

“All the way to Ayia Napa I think!” Julie wheezed.

“Fuck I hope they stop soon, I’m knackered!”

“My feet are killing me! I hope to God neither of them have a foot fetish ‘cos mine are red raw and covered in blisters!”

Cindy pulled a sympathetic face. “Come on, chin up – work through the pain! Look at them, they’re worth the effort.”

“They’d better be!” Julie grimaced.

The two men were certainly good looking; tall and athletic with thick dark hair, defined cheek bones and strong jawlines. Both were similarly dressed in casual trousers and T-shirts. The clothing was designer as were their sunglasses and ‘man bags’.

The twins suddenly halted outside a swanky cocktail bar at the far end of the street. The establishment had alfresco seating set out around a circular bar which was manned by and army of smartly dressed cocktail waiters in pristine white suits. The tables around the bar were glass and the chairs black leather and chrome. The place looked classy and dreadfully expensive.

The twins took a moment to study the menu before allowing a petite waitress in a skimpy white dress to show them to a vacant table.

“Shit! We can’t go in there Jules,” whined Cindy, “we can’t afford it.”

Julie took hold of her shoulders and looked her in the eye. “Yes we can,” she said firmly.

“How? We’ll need to take out a second mortgage to before we can afford a drink in there.”

Julie took a deep breath. “I’ve got enough. Call it an investment. I need sex Cindy and I want them. Look at them.”

Cindy nodded. “Point taken. Ok, if you can buy the drinks let’s do it. Let’s go get’em!” She linked her arm through Julie’s and together they stepped bravely forwards.

Cindy and Julie were soon seated in the bar with posh drinks in front of them and the possibility of a night of debauchery within their sights. Now all they had to do was solve the problem of how to snare the twins.

“Why don’t we just ask to join them?” Cindy whispered.

“Too obvious.”

“What, we’d look desperate you mean?”


“Jules, we are desperate!”

Julie snickered. “I know! God, Cindy, look at the two of them. They’re stunning! Can you imagine having that in bed? Look at the muscles beneath those t-shirts and those thighs…”

Cindy’s eyes wandered over the twins, “Do you think we’d be able to tell them apart without their clothes on?”

“God I don’t know! We’ll have to mark them with lipstick or something.”

“Or fuck them both.”


Cindy’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head very deliberately.

“No, no way!”

“Oh Jules, imagine it, swapping half way through.”

Julie felt a little tingle down below. She quickly crossed her legs. “Cindy, that’s so wrong! I couldn’t do that.”

Cindy leaned towards her. “Yes you could. Think about it; first one fat, hot cock slipping inside you, filling you, stroking you, then the other taking its place. Two men fucking you… at the same time!” She drew a sharp breath, “maybe you could get one of them to fuck your cunt whilst you suck the other’s cock.”

“Oh God!” gasped Julie, her eyes wide. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Well there’s a first time for everything isn’t there?” She reached out her hand and gently caressed Julie’s hardened nipples with her long painted fingernails. “Ooh, you like the thought of fucking them both, don’t you? You’re turned on.”

Julie shuddered and slapped her hand away.

“Oh come on, you’re adventurous,” purred Cindy, “and I bet they’d be up for it.”

“With you maybe.”

“And you. Umm, I can see you thinking about it,” Cindy taunted.

“Oh my God, I am! Shit! You’re a bad influence on me Cindy Wallis.”

Cindy grinned. “You love it! Right then, how do we get them? Any ideas?”

Julie snorted, “how about tapping them on the shoulder and saying “excuse me, do you fancy a fuck?””

“With both of us.”

“Together!” giggled Julie.

“That’s the spirit Jules!”

Julie clicked her fingers. “I know what to do. Play along with me, ok? Here we go!”

Julie looked around for the ‘ladies’. She spotted it on the far side of the room behind the twins. Perfect, she’d have to walk past them to get to it. She got to her feet and sauntered towards the twins’ table. Once close, she tripped and fell to the ground with a sharp yelp. She lay in a heap on the ground grasping her ankle and groaning loudly.

Cindy immediately dashed to her friend’s assistance only to find her concerned looks met with a surreptitious wink and ‘injured’ Julie couldn’t hide her elation as she realised Cindy wasn’t the only one rushing to her aid…

“Are you ok,” said a silky male voice with an educated English accent.

“I’m fine,” cooed Julie looking up into the piercing blue eyes of one of the twins.

Cindy gave her a congratulatory nudge.

“Here, let me help you up,” said the twin holding out a hand.

Julie accepted it. She allowed herself to be pulled back onto her feet and dusted herself down. “Thank you. I’m such a klutz – fell off my shoes again! I’m always doing that, aren’t I Cindy?”

Cindy nodded her head. “Yeah, she’s dreadful, can’t take her anywhere without ending up in A&E!”

“I’m not that bad!” Julie protested.

“I’m Cindy, Julie’s friend,” mewed Cindy looked straight at the twin.

“Greg,” he beamed. His smile was even and brilliantly white.

“Nice to meet you Greg.” Cindy paused, “erm, who’s your friend?”


“Brother?” ventured Cindy as the other twin turned around.

“Twin brother, Drew.”

“Twins?” Cindy feigned surprise. “Well I never!”

Greg smiled at the two girls. He liked what he saw. Both girls had attractive faces and great figures. Cindy oozed sex appeal with her curvy hips and ample cleavage whilst Julie’s slender frame and long legs looked great in her tight fitting outfit. What’s more both girls smiled with a confidence that suggested a special night could be on offer.

Greg noted the signs and responded accordingly. “Would you two ladies care to join us? If your ankle’s ok, that is?” he added addressing Julie.

“My ankle’s fine, and yes, we’d love to join you,” Julie smiled. She batted her long dark eyelashes at Greg and pouted her lips without realising she was doing it.

“Shit, when did you become an accomplished tart?” muttered Cindy under her breath. “I love it!”

Julie snickered.

Greg pulled out chairs for the two friends. “Ladies, this is my brother, Drew.”

The other twin smiled politely. He had the exact same smile as Greg. Up-close the twins looked even more alike. They really were identical.

Cindy elbowed Julie in the ribs. “Can you tell them apart? I can’t.”

“Shush Cind!” Julie tittered. “They’ll hear you.”

“What would you two ladies like to drink?” Drew enquired. “A Cocktail? A beer perhaps?

“Anything, I’m easy,” Julie smiled.

“I’ll bet you are,” Greg winked.

Julie blushed. “That’s not what I…”

“I know, I’m teasing you,” smiled Greg. “Come on Drew, let’s get the beers in.”

The twins excused themselves and headed towards the bar.

Julie let out groan. “I can’t do this…God, Cindy, he thinks I’m stupid! First I fall over then I talk rubbish. I’m just humiliating myself.”

Cindy shrugged, “who cares? They’re identical twins, Jules…and gorgeous. I want them both. Think about it Jules, how exciting would it be to fuck the two of them! We could take it in turns or…uh? What the…?”

Julie had slapped her hand over Cindy’s mouth – Drew was standing behind them, listening. Julie’s face turned scarlet. “Sorry, we’re not usually like this,” she muttered apologetically.

Drew shrugged. “You’re on holiday. You can behave how you like. Isn’t that so Cindy?”

“Exactly and I feel like doing something naughty tonight,” Cindy announced without a hint of embarrassment.

Drew arched his eyebrow, “do you?”

“Yes I do!” Cindy responded, pouting her lips provocatively.

“Umm. Ah-ha, here comes my dear brother with the beers. There you go ladies.”

“Thank you,” smiled Cindy coquettishly. “How about a toast? To Cyprus; land of sun, sea…and sex?”

Drew clinked his beer against Cindy’s. “I like that toast,” he smiled.

Cindy took a sip of her drink and looked between the twins. “So, you two are totally identical?” she asked.

“Down to the last detail,” Drew confirmed.

“No distinguishing birth marks or anything? You’re identical naked?”

“Cindy!” gasped Julie.

Drew laughed. “Actually Cindy, we’re completely identical naked. You’ll never tell us apart without our clothes on.”

Greg snorted with laughter and looked away.

“What?” Cindy asked. “What’s so funny? Ooh, have you two been naughty? Did you swap identities and shag each other’s girlfriends or something?”

Drew pursed his lips, “something like that. Not sure I should tell.”

“Oh go on, I’m un-shockable. Give me the sordid details!”

“Well ok then. Greg and I went clubbing last week and I pulled this hot chick. She was up for sex so the three of us went back to her apartment. Greg and I took it in turns to fuck her.”

“You both fucked her? God, that’s so hot!” sighed Cindy wide eyed.

“After we’d finished,” continued Drew, “we both fell asleep in her apartment, on the sofa. We didn’t think anything of it until the morning when she started screaming at us!”

“Turns out,” said Greg, picking up the story, “she thought she’d spent all night fucking Drew. She had no idea I was there. She’d been pretty wasted at the club and didn’t remember taking two of us home, only him.”

“She was horrified when she realised she’d fucked both of us,” Drew snorted.

Cindy’s mouth was hanging open. “That’s outrageous!”

Drew shrugged.

“No, I mean her. What’s wrong with her? I’d be delighted to find out I’d fucked you both! Hell, I’d have you back in my bed for round two before you could blink – Ouch!”

Julie had kicked her under the table.

Cindy carried on unperturbed. “So you like to share? Sounds like fun.”

Drew leaned forward, close. “We love it.”

Cindy leaned forwards sending her beer bottle toppling over. Her drink spilled out all over the table. “Oh shit!” she cried, “sorry! Totally lost concentration there!”

Drew glanced at Greg and a subtle nod was exchanged.

“So, Cindy, how’d you like to do a bit of sharing with us tonight?”

Cindy froze. She’d got them! Now to seal the deal. “Drew, Greg,” she purred. “I’d love to fuck you both… at the same time if possible.”

Drew gave her a most lecherous smile.

“And your friend?” enquired Greg, “is she up for a little fun?”

Julie was red-faced and gripped her beer with a look of terror on her face. She was turned on as hell by the thought of sex with the twins but the reality terrified her.

“Well?” asked Greg softly. He reached out and took Julie’s hand.

Julie took a deep breath. She’d never taken part in a foursome or had sex with more than one man in a night. Her courage was waning but for the first time in over a year she had the offer of sex right in front of her, sex with a gorgeous man…well, two actually. No way was she letting a few nerves spoil that!

“What the hell! You only live once!” she declared bravely. “I’m in.”

Greg squeezed her hand and gave her and encouraging smile. “Fantastic.”

“Your place or ours?” asked Drew addressing practicalities.

“Ours!” Cindy insisted. “We have a fabulous apartment with two double bedrooms and a well-stocked mini-bar. It’s quite close.”

“Sold! Your place it is.” Drew took Cindy’s hand in his and rose to his feet. “Lead on my beautiful Cindy, lead on.”

Drew and Cindy left the bar first leaving Greg and Julie together. Greg’s hand remained entwined around Julie’s as they made their way back onto the street.

“Beautiful, isn’t it, this resort?” Greg commented.

Julie smiled, amused by his awkward attempt at small talk. “How long have you been here?” she asked.

“Two weeks already, we fly out tonight.”


“Well, tomorrow, technically. It’s a 2.00am flight.”

“So when’s your airport pick-up?”

“In a couple of hours. Is that a problem?”

“No, not really,” she said, trying to hide her disappointment.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound too happy?”

“It’s just a pity to rush things that’s all. Well Greg,” she sighed, “I hope you’re good ‘cos I expect at least one good orgasm before you leave me.”

“Oh I’m very good,” he boasted, “I’m going to have you screaming in no time!”

Now that’s what she wanted to hear. Julie stroked Greg’s hand with her thumb as a tiny drop of moisture seeped into her panties leaving them damp. Her pussy burned, longing to be touched. Greg was a good looking hot-blooded male – she wanted some of that. She ran her eyes over his body; firm, athletic…and, oh yes, a substantial bulge at the front of his shorts…

“Come on Jules, get a wriggle on!” screeched Cindy from up ahead. “Drew says they’re flying out tonight. We’ve got to be quick if we’re going to fuck ’em!”

Julie giggled. Cindy could be so crude. “Kiss me Greg,” she said to her partner.

“What was that? Kiss you?”

“Yes. I’m an old romantic and I want to be kissed before I spread my legs and let you stick your cock in me!”

“That’s romantic?” he laughed.

“I’m a little out of practice, sorry!”

Greg turned Julie around. He placed his hands gently around her neck and stroked the fine hairs at the base of her skull as he moved in and kissed her. Julie felt her loins tingle at the touch of his lips and her body began to quiver when the kiss became deeper, harder. She opened her mouth allowing Greg’s tongue to penetrate her. The wet slipperiness of his tongue on hers sent her hormones surging, intensifying her lusty desire to fuck. All romantic notions melted away replaced by carnal longing.

Greg pressed his body up against Julie’s, rubbing his stiff penis against her hot loins. “I want to stick this in you so badly,” he whispered. “I really need to fuck you.”

Julie’s hand encircled his swollen cock through the thin material of his trousers. Her pupils dilated with delight – he was huge! “I get you first, ok? Promise me?”

Greg’s eyes twinkled, “that depends if you can tell which one I am!”

“Oh I’ll know,” she breathed, giving his cock a firm stroke, “I’ll know!”

“Dirty slut!” called out Cindy. “I saw you copping a feel!”

Julie grinned. She was being dirty and she loved it! She stroked Greg’s confined erection once more before taking his hand in hers and continuing after Cindy and Drew.

The four lovers made it back to the girl’s apartment block and once inside Cindy immediately set about stripping off her clothing. She kicked off her heels, unzipped her dress and wiggled out of it like a snake shedding its skin. The boys stood transfixed as Cindy reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and freed her bountiful breasts. She caught their eyes as she ran her hands teasingly over her ample orbs, pushing them together and tweaking her nipples. Cindy giggled and beckoned to the boys.

“Your turn,” she breathed seductively.

Garments flew everywhere as the twins undressed. They moved around as their clothing came off, deliberately swapping places to confuse Cindy and Julie. Once naked each twin stepped forwards to kiss Cindy, their mouths lingering on her full lips, their hands fondling her breasts. With a lusty sigh Cindy pushed her thumbs beneath the sides of her panties and slid them to the ground. She ran her fingers delicately over her shaved mound then she took a step back to admire her two men. Her eyes drank in their naked bodies, smooth tanned skin and beautifully engorged cocks.

Cindy clapped her hands and squealed with delight. “OMG! You’re indistinguishable! I’ve no idea who’s who! Fuck it!” she shrieked. “You’re both gorgeous and you’re both HUGE! Do you want to fuck me together or take it in turns?”

“You can’t have them both,” Julie cut in forcefully. “That one’s mine.” She stepped forwards claiming a twin, her eyes glued to his prominent erection.

“I guess this one’s mine then!” Cindy shrugged taking the other twin’s hand and leading him towards her bedroom. “Come on tiger, show me your claws!”

Julie led her own twin into the other bedroom. “What are you waiting for?” she mewed. “Strip me and fuck me.”

Julie’s twin hesitated, watching her curiously. “Do you know who I am?” he asked.

Julie gave him a deliciously sexy smile, “you’re Greg. I’d recognise you anywhere.”

“Oh, you foxy minx, you can tell us apart.”

“Of course. Now help me get these clothes off, lay me down and fuck me.”

Greg reached around Julie’s back to unzip her dress. He pulled it off her, pausing to admire the smooth flesh beneath. He unhooked her bra and cupped her pert breasts.

“Gorgeous,” he breathed, “perfect.” His hands found her dark nipples and stroked them gently making Julie shudder with pleasure. With a soft moan Greg descended upon Julie’s breasts, sucking her hardened nipples into his mouth and flicking them with his wet tongue.

Julie let out a satisfied groan. It was happening…finally. Sex.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” mumbled Greg with his mouth full of tit.

“And you…you are going to fuck me right now!”

Julie could wait no longer; she needed to feel his cock inside her. She pushed him roughly backwards onto the bed and clambered on top of him, her cunt pulsating.

Greg lay back, a huge smile on his face and his enormous erection protruding vertically. “Come on then,” he beckoned.

Julie licked her lips. Her lover had quite the biggest cock she’d ever seen, and the only one she’d seen in quite a while. She experienced a momentary spasm deep inside her cunt and felt a squirt of hot juice dampening her panties. Time for action.

Julie pushed her long chestnut hair over one shoulder, deftly removed her panties and sat astride Greg. Keeping her eyes fixed on his she positioned herself over his throbbing penis. She watched his expression change as her moist slit made contact with his glistening cockhead. She watched Greg’s forehead crease and his eyes close as she eased her body downwards over his swollen tip. She paused, Greg’s cockhead was just inside her. With a wicked smile she clenched her cunt muscles tightly around it, then withdrew.

“Oh God don’t,” groaned Greg looking pained, “I want to fuck you! Sit on my cock and ride me! For fuck’s sake don’t tease!”

Julie stifled a giggle.

“Come on Julie…”

Julie took a deep breath and slid down onto Greg’s penis impaling herself so deeply she felt the tip collide with her cervix. Her cunt muscles contracted involuntarily, gripping Greg’s cock with a vicelike pressure which made him writhe with pleasure. Her ass cheeks landed on Greg’s loins and pushed down into him before she proceeded to push her pelvis forwards, stroking his buried penis, slowly at first then faster. Her liberally flowing juices lubricated her movements and squelched out over Greg’s penis and balls coating them with a shimmering film girl cum.

“OH GOD!” grunted Greg, “You’re so wet. I love that.”

Julie let out a groan of contentment as the long forgotten pleasures of sex consumed her. She threw back her head and ground a steady rhythm against Greg’s rigid cock, feeling its length stroke her slippery tunnel whilst his girth filled her completely. Even with her natural secretions flowing the friction burned with a fierce heat that sent waves of delirium crashing through her. The pace of her thrusts increased as her hormones raged and her desire built. Her orgasm was building fast.

Julie moved her hips backwards and forwards with ever more frantic movements. She bucked and twitched as she rode Greg’s cock with wild abandon. She felt Greg’s fingernails dig into her thighs as she drove herself onwards towards what promised to be an earth shattering orgasm. When it hit she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Yes, YES! Oh fuck — YES!”

“That’s it Julie, fuck me, yes, YES,” cried Greg with equal exuberance. He grabbed Julie’s ass and held on tight, forcing himself deeper inside her as she rocked her hips back and forth.

The bed banged against the wall as Julie and Greg fucked each other whilst on the opposing side of the thin partition thuds and cries of equal intensity came from Cindy and Drew. The second twin’s grunts could be heard above the melee and Cindy’s screeches of pleasure easily matched her horny friend’s. The unfortunate souls in the neighbouring apartments wouldn’t be getting any sleep in a hurry!

“I’m coming again!” yelled Julie loud enough to alert the entire apartment block.

“Me too this time,” panted Gregg through rasping breaths, “where do you want it?”

“Do it on my tits. I want to watch you explode,” gasped Julie recalling what Cindy had said earlier.

“Oh yes, that’s hot. On your beautiful tits. I’ll cover them with my cum.”

“Oh God, I’m coming!” shrieked Julie.

Her body became rigid as a powerful orgasm radiated outwards from her electrified loins. Julie felt her cunt contract tighter and tighter, clamping around Greg’s embedded cock. She squeezed it so tightly her lover cried out in pain!

“Fuck! Oh fuck!” Greg pushed Julie roughly backwards, dislodging her and sending her sprawling backwards onto the bed. “Oh God…I’m close.”

Greg crawled on top of Julie, his throbbing purple cock in his hand. He positioned himself over her breasts and stroked himself hard. He couldn’t hold back. With a loud grunt he climaxed and shot a thick rope of semen all over Julie prone body. Jizz flew everywhere! It showered Julie’s tits and abdomen but mostly fired upwards splattering her face.

Julie watched Greg’s face as he came, fascinated by his expression; pain, joy, intense relief. No wonder Cindy found it arousing to watch that – so did she. As for the sensation of hot cum landing on her skin…that was bliss. She let out a deeply gratified sigh.

“Oh God that was a close thing,” gasped Greg. “Fuck Julie, I nearly came inside you.” He looked down at his partner and burst out laughing. “Oh my God, I’m sorry. I seem to have missed your tits!”

Julie’s face glistened with globules of slippery white cum which ran slowly down her cheeks and nose. Grinned from ear to ear, she ran a finger over the sticky mess until it was covered in goo. She examined the finger then popped it into her mouth.

“Mmm, delicious!” she mewed.

“Dirty cow!” sang a voice from the doorway. Cindy was leaning against the doorframe, stark naked, her own skin shimmering with the residue of Drew’s cum. “Fucking hell you’re a hot bitch Jules. You’ve got jizz all over you!”

Drew appeared behind Cindy. He slid his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. “You should help your friend out,” he suggested, “go clean her up.”

“Umm,” purred Cindy, “I’d like that. Jules…?”

Julie locked eyes with her best friend and held her gaze. Her hormone saturated brain craved more sex and she didn’t care who provided it. Suddenly the thought of Cindy cleaning the cum off her skin whilst the boys watched felt like the sexiest thing in the world. The thought alone turned her on so much her already sensitive snatch contracted sharply sending a shuddering shock wave right through her. Julie gasped – if the mere idea of sexual contact with Cindy did that to her, what would the real thing be like? Cindy was gorgeous; so soft and sensual, and that long tongue of hers with the gold stud through the tip…Umm, so good. Julie quivered.

“Well Julie,” prompted Drew, “will give my brother a bit of girl on girl to get us hard again? Cindy’s up for it. She’s hot for you.”

Julie’s heart raced. “Are you?” she enquired of her friend.

Cindy’s eyes glinted. “I’ll give anything a go tonight Jules and yes, you turn me on. Jeez Jules, I never thought I’d say this but I’m desperate to lick you out.”

Julie caught her breath and shuddered. She felt electrified. Naughty thoughts filled her — dirty wicked thoughts…she ran her hands over her breasts and down between her thighs, parting them wide. “Go on then Cindy, lick me clean,” she breathed. “Then fuck me!”

Drew sat on the end of the bed with his brother watching in stunned silence as Cindy glided on top of Julie and began to lick her clean. Her tongue found Greg’s cum, every drop of it, and lapped it up bus she didn’t stop at that. Cindy’s long tongue pushed inside Julie’s mouth kissing her deeply. Both girls became lost in the passion of their new found intimacy and their soft groaning turned to writhing and screaming as Cindy’s fingers found Julie’s hypersensitive clit.

Julie lay back, unable to move as spasm after spasm of wickedly satisfying orgasms ripped through her convulsing body. Cindy moved down between her thighs, her expert tongue caressing Julie’s wet slit, intensifying the pleasure of her onslaught tenfold. Julie writhed uncontrollably as Cindy licked and sucked, lapping up Julies sweat juices and probing her tongue deep inside her honeyed slit.

Finally Julie could take it no more, the pleasure became overwhelming. She pushed Cindy away from her snatch, wrapped her arms around Cindy’s voluptuous curves and kissed her. The two friends locked lips and slammed their bodies against one another. Each fumbled for the other’s clit, and finding their target, began stroking. They came together, bucking and thrashing with ecstasy as their cunts contracted releasing wave after wave of sheer bliss through their sex starved bodies.

Once Cindy’s spasms had passed she crawled down the bed, gently prised Julie’s legs apart and began to gently lap up Julie’s freshly released orgasm juices. She ran her tongue lovingly over Julies hot slit. Julie submitted completely, luxuriating in Cindy’s heavenly attentions. She had never experienced pleasure quite like it. Men had gone down on her often enough but she’d found their rough tongues and stubbly skin rather uncomfortable. Cindy was different. She was soft, smooth and knew exactly how to touch Julie’s sensitive sexual parts in just the right way. Julie was in Elysium.

“Huh-hum. We’re still here you know,” said Greg’s faltering voice.

Cindy stopped attacking her friend’s cunt, licked her lips and pouted at the highly aroused boys. “Good enough show for you?” she teased.

Greg and Drew sat on the bed with shocked expressions on their faces and rock hard erections their hands. A soft squelching emanated from each twin as they stroked themselves hard and fast, their engorged cocks fully erect once more.

“Fucking hell!” gasped Drew. “How fucking hot are you two?!”

“I want a replay,” added Greg.

“Ow, sorry boys, no time for that. You’ve got a plane to catch, remember?”

“Oh we’ve got time,” Drew assured her.

Cindy moved in on Drew, kissing him hard on the mouth. “I want more cock,” she murmured. “Do you have time to give me that?”

“Oh God yes,” muttered Drew pushing his throbbing penis against her firm, sweat drenched body. “I need to fuck you again, right now.”

“Again?” Cindy raised an eyebrow. “Was it you who fucked me last time?”

“Yes of course, can’t you tell us apart?”

“Nope! But if it was you last time, I want him now,” she purred wriggling out of Drew’s grasp. She crawled along the bed on all fours towards Greg and climbed on top of him.

Julie looked on uncomfortably and watched with mounting jealousy as her friend positioned herself over Greg’s huge cock and impaled herself upon it. A lump grew in her throat as Cindy began to ride Greg, groaning lustily as his fat cock stroked her.

“Julie? Julie?”

Julie spun around. “Huh?”

“Will I do, or do you only want him?”

It was Drew, hugely engorged penis standing proud. “Well?”

“You’ll do. Fuck me,” she ordered pulling him down on top of her.

Drew’s hot cock pushed against her body, solid, pulsating. Julie took it between her fingers and began stroking, easing the foreskin back before running her hand down his shaft all the way to his heavy balls and back again.

“Oh Julie, do that with your mouth,” Drew groaned. “Suck my cock.”

Julie smiled. She could do that. She pushed Drew onto his back and knelt over him. Taking his cock in both hands she gently sucked it into her hungry mouth. Her lips slid over his glistening cockhead and her mouth sealed around it giving Drew maximum pressure and pleasure. He tasted delicious and his fat cock filled her gaping maw.

Drew’s response was instantaneous. Julie tasted the salty pre-cum and knew he was close to coming again. She moved her head back and forth stroking Drew’s cock as deeply as she could then she eased off the pressure, opened her mouth and ran her tongue slowly down his long shaft. Her hand cupped his balls and fondled them whilst her tongue lapped at his shaft. Drew’s pleasure escaped audibly with each hot lick.

Enough. He was going to come and Julie didn’t want that…yet.

“Fuck me,” she panted, crawling past the Cindy/Greg mound of flailing arms and legs towards the top of the bed. Julie grabbed a pillow, held it beneath her and presented her ass to Drew.

“Ooh, you like it from behind do you? Me too.”

Drew took hold of Julie’s hips, pressed his slimy cockhead against her wet lips and sank the entire length of his penis inside her in one heavenly stroke.

“Oh yes, you feel good,” Drew grunted as he pumped his penis in and out of Julie’s hot, wet tunnel. “You’re so tight, so good.”

The bed shook with the combined efforts of both couples as they fucked each other hard at either end of the bed.

“Switch!” gasped Greg. “Drew, switch.”

Cindy squealed with excitement and much to her own surprise Julie’s felt her adrenaline surge. Switch? That word used during sex was so wrong! Switch? Julie quivered, another orgasm threatened to erupt as the idea of switching partners filled her with devilish desire. It was so naughty, so sluttish. She’d already had sex with three people in one night and now she was going to swap partners mid-fuck! How wonderfully dirty!

“Do it!” she panted. “Switch, then switch again. Keep swapping ’till you come.”

“Go Julie!” Cindy yelped in delight. “Come on Drew, Greg, whoever the fuck you are, stick your fat cock in this!” Cindy grabbed the pillow next to Julie’s and raised her ass in the air. Her glistening slit was penetrated by Drew whilst his brother returned to Julie.

“Hello again,” he whispered in her ear as his cock pushed straight past her labia and slid smoothly inside her. “Do you want to be fucked here…or can we try something new?”

Greg withdrew his penis and pushed it up against Julie’s tightly closed ass hole. He pressed hard making Julie’s sphincter give a little.

Julie hesitated. She wasn’t sure. She’d had precious little experience of ass fucking and seemed to remember it hurt. She braced herself only to relax completely as Greg licked his fingers and gently stroked her ass sphincter into submission. The sensation felt good and the intimacy exhilarated her. She yelped as a finger slid smoothly inside her but the brief moment of pain was soon gone replaced by a delicious burning she found enormously arousing.

“Fuck my ass,” she growled. “Do it.” Julie wanted to be dirty, the filthier the better. “Fuck my ass and my pussy. Alternate them,” she rasped.

Greg bit down on her neck and grabbed her ass. “Dirty whore!” he moaned. “I like you!”

Julie had never felt so turned on and savoured every moment of the experience. She groaned with pleasure as she felt the squeeze of penetration as Greg’s pushed his huge cock hard against her sphincter, driving it past her tight opening. She panted as she felt the intrusion widening her hole. Slowly but surely Greg sank his entire length inside Julie’s tight ass hole, farther, deeper. She felt the burning as he withdrew and pushed again, faster this time, and harder. His firm cock filled her anus and stroked her so deeply. It was heavenly.

Julie reached for her cunt, longing to finger it as Greg thrust inside her ass but someone else got there first – a long finger caressed her, softly, gently. It was Cindy, lying beside her, fingering her clitoris whilst Greg’s cock continued to stroke her anus. The combined sensations were unbelievable. Julie began to buck, her body twitching as every nerves fibre within her seemed to fire simultaneously.


Julie cried out as Greg withdrew and Drew’s stiff cock took his place in her ass hole. Drew wasn’t as gentle as his sibling. He drove his cock forcefully into her tender ass and pumped her fiercely. Julie gasped for air as Drew fucked her hard, banging his balls against her smooth milky cheeks as she locked her arms against his thrusts.

Julie was in agony but the heady mix of pain and pleasure stimulated her like never before. “Yes Drew, yes! That’s it, fuck me hard!”

Beside her on the bed Cindy grunted as Greg’s penis pounded her soaking cunt. She turned her head towards Julie and the two girls exchanged looks which spoke of both blissful gratification and complete surprise. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined their night would end like this. It was too good to be true.

“I’m going to come,” panted Greg as he pummelled Cindy.

“Switch!” cried Julie.

Drew obediently withdrew and rolling aside switching place with his brother for the second time. He positioned himself over Cindy and thrust his penis deep inside her. Greg hovered over Julie’s ass his rigid cock purple with blood and another climax close.

“No more switching.” He begged. “I have to come.”

“Do it in my ass,” Julie commanded.

“And you are going to shoot your load in my mouth, you lucky boy!” Cindy chirped to Drew. She pushed Drew off her, rolled on top of him and lowered her mouth over his engorged penis not caring a jot that the glistening cock had just been up her friend’s ass!

Greg whimpered, “Julie, I’m close. I can’t hold back. Once I penetrate you I’m letting go.”

“Then do it. I want to feel you come in my ass.”

“Ok…this might be rougher than before.”

“Good. Do it.”

Greg stroked his cock against Julie’s puckered sphincter and pushed. He felt her opening give, easily this time, and quickly sank his whole length back inside her tight hole. “Oh yes!” he groaned. “Yes!”

“That’s it Greg, fuck my ass and let yourself go.”

Julie gripped her pillow and rode the pain as Greg’s cock stroked her anus hard and fast. He pulverized her until he climaxed, squirting his load of hot, sticky cream deep inside her anus. Julie let out a guttural moan from deep in her throat, a sound mimicked almost exactly by her lover. The two of them shared their orgasms, their bodies stiffening and quivering as pleasure shook them. Once the waves passed the two of them disengaged from one another and collapsed in a heap on top the bed. They lay side-by-side breathing hard, wet with sweat, and totally spent.

Drew’s orgasm happened immediately after his brother’s. His face contorted as Cindy licked and sucked, her expert tongue milking the cum from his burning cock. Cindy’s greedy mouth swallowed the lot then she set about cleaning his dripping cock whilst Drew collapsed backwards onto the bed next to Julie and Greg.

Only Cindy moved. She carefully cleaned Drew then crawled across him to get at Greg. She began cleaning him, winking at Julie as she worked. Then it was Julie’s turn. Julie breathed deeply and closed her eyes as Cindy’s soft, wet tongue tenderly cleaned her sore ass and cunt. Her tongue felt so good, so tender. She reached down to stroke her loving friend’s hair as she worked.

“You,” sighed Julie, “are insatiable! Aren’t you tired?”

“Nope. Are you?”

“Yes!” came three voices.

“And we’ve got to go,” Drew added quietly, almost apologetically.

Julie set out a stifled cry and reached for Greg. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. Neither spoke. Neither moved, but time had run out.

“I’m sorry,” repeated Drew prompting Julie and Greg to break apart.

Julie pushed herself to a sitting position. “It was fun,” she smiled bravely.

Greg nodded. “It was.”

The twins rolled off the bed and each walked a little stiffly towards the bathroom where they used the toilet, washed and re-emerged semi-dressed. There then followed a mad scramble to find their remaining clothing and rather hurried, somewhat awkward, goodbyes.

Cindy kissed both twins on the lips. “Take care Drew, and you Greg,” she purred, getting their names the wrong way round.

The twins smiled. “It was good to meet you sexy Cindy,” beamed Drew. “Very good.”

Cindy nodded and stepped away to give her friend some space.

Julie hugged Drew and kissed him on the cheek then grasped Greg. Words failed her. She’d always known her encounter with Greg would be brief but the swiftness with which their liaison was coming to an end pained her all the same.

It was Greg who broke their embrace. He planted a tiny kiss on Julie’s lips. “Goodbye Julie,” he whispered.

Nothing more was said. The twins let themselves out and were gone.

“Right then, bath time,” chirped Cindy. “I don’t know about you but I stink!”

“I’m quite clean actually,” Julie murmured distractedly.

Cindy tittered then let out a raucous laugh. “Did a good job did I”

Julie shook her head in bewilderment. “Fucking hell Cind, what the fuck happened tonight?!”

Cindy threw her arms up, “beats me!” she cried. “Good though, wasn’t it? And can I just say one thing to you Jules?”

“Go on then,” he friend grinned.

“YOU are the hottest woman on the planet!”

“Why thank you,” smirked Julie.

Cindy bit her lip, “Jules?”


“Any chance we could, you know, do that again sometime?”

Julie pulled a face. “I’m not sure I’m ever going to walk again let alone have sex!”

“Aw poor baby, well if you will offer a man your ass… actually Jules, I didn’t quite mean that.”

Julie’s eyes twinkled and her lips curled into the sauciest of smiles. “I know.”

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