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Hairy Luann

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Chapter One: Connecting

As soon as I saw her picture I was hooked. For many, or should I say most men, the plain looking woman staring back at them from the computer screen would have been passed by immediately in the search for a more classic beauty to be found elsewhere on the dating website I was skimming through.

As for me, I thought she was perfect. Hiding behind those glasses was a woman I thought was beautiful. I clicked on the picture to make it larger. Her thick dark eyebrows made her deep brown eyes look exotic to me, and her full red lips gave just a hint of a smirk breaking through in the corners of her mouth.

The picture showed her wearing a sleeveless top and sitting with her elbows on a picnic table, and while very little of what appeared to be a very slender body was visible, what I was able to see made a shiver run down my spine. I had to meet this girl, but that might be a bit of a problem.

She was 19 and a college student, and was interested in meeting men aged 18 to 55. As for me, at one time I had been all of those ages, but was now 58. I didn’t look it, and could pass for 5 to 10 years younger, and so my first inclination was to lie.

I chose not to, and instead wrote to the young woman, telling her exactly who I was. No point in starting a relationship with lies, I figured, and hoped that my honesty, along with the fact that I shared many of the interests she had listed; reading, writing, watching movies (especially foreign), and possessing a sense of humor that I felt was just as sarcastic and self-depreciating as hers seemed to be, might get me a meeting.

To my amazement, it did. She wrote that she found my honesty refreshing and my letter to her made her laugh as well, and she was willing to go to a movie with me. I tried for Friday night, but she suggested Saturday night would be better for her, and so I immediately agreed. We would meet at a coffee shop near the theater about an hour before the show. I had described myself pretty accurately and thoroughly, but suggested that to be sure we found each other, she should wear the blouse from the picture in her ad.

“You like that blouse?” she typed.

“Most definitely!” I replied, resisting the urge to type it in bold capital letters.

“I see…” was her reply.

I waited impatiently for Saturday evening to arrive, realizing in the back of my mind that while I had been truthful in everything I had told her about myself, I had neglected to tell her why her picture had caught my eye. This she would discover soon enough.

Chapter Two: Meeting Luann.

I spotted Luann immediately, sitting at a window seat in the coffee shop. She was wearing a black blazer and was idly stirring her coffee while glancing around the shop. In person she was even more plain than in her picture and I imagined that she managed to go through life unnoticed by the vast majority of people.

When I entered the shop, she looked up and a little smile appeared on her face. I must have described myself pretty well because it seemed that she knew I was the guy meeting her, and to my relief she didn’t bolt out the door as I approached her.

“You must be Bruce,” Luann said as she extended her hand.

“And you must be Luann,” I countered, hoping my damp palm wasn’t too obvious to her as we shook hands.

We spent the first few minutes awkwardly breaking the ice, although I confess to being the more nervous one. The idea of a man being intimidated by a girl a third his age was rather silly. Luann’s picture was an accurate one, her pleasant but plain features marred only by some very faint acne scars. In short, an ordinary looking girl whose looks did not send many guys into nervous idiots. Except me.

Luann was a delightful conversationalist however, and the time flew by, so much so that we would have easily missed the movie had she not been watching the clock. We hurried down the block and made it inside just as the coming attractions began.

It wasn’t very crowded and so we got ideal seats in the middle of the theatre. As I sat down I caught a glimpse of Luann taking off her blazer. There it was. The pink sleeveless blouse she wore in the photo. Luann sat down and smiled at me when she saw me looking at her.

“The blouse you said you liked,” she said with a smile, and I nodded while trying not to stare too obviously, and probably failing.

While the previews droned on I tried to look at Luann at every opportunity, and despite the lack of light I was able to see the outline of her breasts, small and high on her chest. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could make out the points of what seemed to be tiny nipples.

Nice, even if they were not what I had really been looking for, and then as if my wishing had made it happen, Luann put her right elbow on the arm of the chair between us. My heart began to race as I glanced down at her pale and slender arm just inches away from me. Even in the wildly changing illumination caused by the flickering images on the screen, I could see the fine hairs on her forearms. It was a vision so inviting that I fought the urge to reach out and touch her.

Instead, when the previews ended and the theater darkened as the feature started, I casually put my own elbow up next to hers, expecting Luann to pull her arm away as we touched. She didn’t, and I felt my cock surge as I felt her long, soft forearm hair brush against mine, causing me to let out what I hoped was an inaudible gasp.

As the movie went on, I moved my arm a little bit from time to time, enjoying the sensation her downy forearm hair produced against me. Luann didn’t move away, and occasionally it seemed that she was doing the same thing to me, although I knew that was probably just my imagination.

I don’t even remember what the movie was about, but I do know that I had an erection for almost the entire two hours, and it felt like my cock was glued to my boxers when the credits stopped rolling.

As the lights of the theater went up, I got a quick look at the shapely arm I had been toying with all that time. The long and fine dark brown hair that grew from just above her elbows to her wrists contrasted so starkly with her pale white skin, and as my eyes strayed further up, Luann stood up and slipped her blazer back on as she rose, denying me of a glimpse of what I really longed to see.

We walked out of the theater and out to the street, while I nervously tried to think of something for us to do besides going back to the coffee shop. Luckily Luann came to my rescue, and to my delight she mentioned that she lived close by. When she asked if I would like to come up to her apartment for a drink I jumped at the offer.

Chapter Three. Luann’s apartment.

Luann’s place was a tiny studio apartment on the second floor, and as I followed her up the stairs my heart was racing fast as my mind conjoured up images of what might soon happen.

It was odd to sit in the little love seat and be able to see her bed over on the other side of the room, but Luann soon returned from her kitchenette with a couple of glasses of wine to bring me back to earth.

We discussed the movie, and I faked it as best I could while Luann did most of the reviewing. I was sweating bullets as we sat with our knees touching, and I was hoping that Luann would be feeling warm soon as well and have the need to shed that blazer.

“What was your favorite part of the movie, Bruce?” Luann asked with a smile.

“Gee, that’s hard to say.” I said.

“One thing I hope you’re going to be is honest,” Luann said suddenly. “The reason I agreed to meet you was that you seemed to be an honest guy, and that’s very important to me. Even a woman as plain looking as I am can find a lying man anywhere.”

“I am honest,” I said.

“Okay then,” Luann said. “Tell me the real reason you wanted to meet me.”

“Well… you and I seemed to have many similar interests,” I began, and Luann cast me look that had more than a little doubt in it, so I continued. “And your picture – I was very attracted to the way you looked.”

“Because I’m such a ravishing beauty?” Luann asked with a smirk.

“No,” I admitted before going on. “I do find you very attractive however. Maybe I have a different opinion on what I consider appealing than many men, but do I know what I like.”

“Go on.”

“Well,” I said while searching for the right words. “Let’s just say I have a preference for women with a more… natural look about them.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” Luann said as a smile spread across her face. “Now tell me what your favorite part of the movie was.”

I tipped the glass of wine to my lips and drained it before setting it down on the coffee table, trickles of sweat going down my spine and the sides of my face, making my discomfort obvious.

“The best part of the movie,” I finally managed to get out before I had to clear my throat. “The best part was when your put your elbow on the arm of the chair between us.”

Luann leaned over and kissed me as I finished speaking. A long kiss on the lips that shocked me and took my breath away.

“Good,” Luann said. “My favorite part was when you put your arm next to mine and started to rub against me.”

Relief washed over me just then, along with a considerable bit of confusion.

“Do you take Viagra, Bruce?”

“Me? Uh, no.”

“Then the erection you’ve had for the last few hours is all you?”

“Well no,” I said sheepishly. “You’re responsible for that.”

“That’s sweet,” Luann said as she stood up. “We aren’t going to screw, at least not just yet. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. We can have some fun though, if you want.”

With that, Luann strolled over to the bed on the other side of the room, shedding her blazer as she did. Luann sat on the edge of her bed and motioned for me to join her, which I did with trembling legs.

Chapter Four. Following instructions.

I went over to Luann and began to sit down next to her but she told me to stay at the foot of the bed.

“Take off your clothes,” Luann said.

“Now?” I squeaked. “You mean, here?”

Luann nodded.

“There aren’t many other options in this place, and besides, I’m interested to see more of you too. You don’t have to, of course.”

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, feeling very uncomfortable about undressing in front of Luann like this. I was in good enough shape for a man my age, but 58 is still 58, and my body was starting to show it, and the light from that lamp was so bright!

“Ummm… nice!” Luann said huskily as my shirt came off. “I love a hairy chest.”

My hand ran idly through the mat of brown hair on my upper torso, becoming more grey with every passing day, while kicking my shoes off. My trembling fingers struggled with the belt buckle before it finally came undone, and my pants fell to the floor as the clasp was freed.

I was now standing naked except for my boxer shorts and socks, and my erection was straining the fabric of the boxers, the front of which were riddled with the stains my drooling cock had caused during the evening.

“They were clean a couple of hours ago,” I said with a crimson face as Luann visually surveyed the mess.

“I’m sure they were,” Luann giggled. “Save the boxers for last. Take your socks off before your show me your cock.”

“It’s not big,” I mumbled as I bent down to pull my socks off, my head spinning as I straightened back up. “Not big enough.”

“I’ll be the judge of that Bruce, not that I really care,” Luann said. “Let’s have a look.”

My hands grabbed the elastic of the boxers and tugged them down, exposing myself to Luann as my cock sprang up as the shorts came down.

I had shaved the hair around the base of my cock in an effort to make it look bigger than it was, but if Luann was disappointed in the 6 inches that was springing up and down in front of me, she kept it to herself.

“Nice package,” Luann cooed. “Love your balls, Bruce. That’s a heck of a pair you’ve got on you.”

“Thanks,” I croaked awkwardly as I stood naked in front of this woman who was virtually a stranger to me.

“When you first saw my picture, what did you do?”


“C’mon Bruce, be honest,” Luann said sharply. “When you first saw my picture, what did you do? Tell me. It’s alright.”

“I… I… I… masturbated.”

Luann’s whole body seemed to shudder as I said that, and her eyes got a glazed look to them as she stared at me.

“You jerked off while you looked at my picture?” Luann said while staring at my cock, which had a long strand of cum lazily dangling off the tip. “How many times?”

“A lot. Every… every time,” I said as if I was hypnotized and unable to tell Luann anything but the truth. “Each time I looked at your picture I couldn’t help myself. You were so sexy looking. I don’t usually do that… I mean…”

“Show me what you did,” Luann said. “Show me what you did while you looked at me.”

Mindlessly I grabbed my cock in my right fist and began slowly pumping the shaft, while my left hand reached down for my scrotum.

“That’s it!” Luann gasped as her thighs rubbed together. “Work those balls of yours. Tell me what you looked at when you jerked off. Were you looking at my little breasts?”

“No,” I gasped. “Not usually.”

“What then? Pull on your cock harder!”

“Can’t!” I pleaded. “I’ll cum.”

“Then what were you looking at?”

“The hair under your arms,” I grunted as my cock tingled. “The way you were sitting with your elbows on the table I could see you didn’t shave your armpits.”

“You like that, huh Bruce?” Luann whispered, and as she did she looked over to her side, where despite her arms being at her sides, a wisp of dark brown hair was peeking out from her armpit. Idly she reached over and grabbed the exposed hair between her fingers and slowly pulled on it while smiling up at me.

“Does this excite you?” Luann cooed as she twirled her armpit hair around her finger before raising her arm ever so slightly.

“Aaaaargh! NO!” I moaned, clenching my cock in a death grip, but it was too late.

My knees buckled as my cock began spurting wildly. Jet after jet of my seed sprayed out of me despite my best efforts. In a daze I looked at Luann, whose eyes widened at the sight of me ejaculating, and then suddenly she dove in front of me and pulled my hands away from my cock.

Expertly she took my cock into her mouth and let her lips slide all the way down to the base, just as the last ejaculation sputtered out of me, and my cock twitched happily in her warm and damp mouth.

After I went limp in Luann’s mouth, she got up off her knees and looked down at the mess I had made, both on the rug and on her slacks.

“Hop on the bed, Bruce,” Luann said as her tongue nabbed a drop of my seed from the corner of her mouth. “Now I’ll show you mine.”

Chapter Five. “Most guys would run about now.”

I gladly sat on the edge of the bed, still shaky from the after-effects of one of the most powerful orgasms in memory. Besides, I had been getting sore from trying to hold in my stomach while standing there naked.

I was having trouble believing what had just taken place here. Could that have been the usually modest me standing there naked in front of a girl a third my age? Not only that, jerking off on command while I gave away my hidden desires? How obvious my attraction to her must be!

“Are you alright, Bruce?” Luann was asking me, breaking me out of my daze. She was kneeling between my legs with her hands on my knees, and I nodded with a weak smile, which she returned.

I reached down and put my hands on Luann’s wrists before timidly sliding them lightly up her arms, a shiver running up my spine as my fingers made first contact with that soft hair. Luann did a little shiver herself as my hands slid up to her elbow, and the fine hair stood up straight as goose bumps formed in the wake.

“See, I like it too,” Luann admitted. “Hope you didn’t mind me putting you through that little show just now. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences and wanted to make sure you weren’t some freak looking for a cheap thrill at my expense.”

“Did… did I pass?”

“You sure did,” Luann said. “You came so good for me. You want to play some more?”

I nodded and Luann stood up in front of me.

“Would you like to undress me?” Luann asked, and when I said yes she stepped close to me.

“Might as well start with the slacks then, Bruce,” Luann said.

My fingers reached up and waged a brief battle with the button and Luann tried to help by lifting the bottom of her blouse a little, but while that made it easier to see what I was doing, it made it very distracting as well.

Her belly button was now exposed, and the pert little indention was adorable, but my eyes were drawn to the pencil thin streak of hairs that grew below it. When the button came loose I tugged down Luann’s slacks slowly, savoring each second.

The narrow trail of dark brown hair grew wider and wider, until by the time I reached the elastic of her pink panties it had fanned out into the top of her her bush. The hair was sparaying out the top and side elastic of the undies, as the panties were hopelessly unable to restrain the massive triangle.

My face moved close to her and I pulled the slacks down further, and I inhaled the musky aroma of her womanhood as I did, feeling a tingle in my loins as I looked at the mass of hair which was looming behind the fabric.

Luann’s slender thighs were sprinkled with a heavy down of hair, and as the slacks came down I saw that below her knees, Luann’s calves were coated with a thick coat of hair that went right to her socks. I had never seen this on a woman before; indeed I could not remember seeing ver many men with legs as hairy as hers, and I was a bit thrown off at first.

However, as Luann lifted each leg to allow me to get her slacks off, my hands slid over her legs, and the feel of the slightly coarse fur was not unpleasant, especially when it was attached to a pair of slender yet shapely legs. I slipped her socks off as well, and looked up at Luann, who was looking down at me with interest.

“Most guys would run about now,” Luann said ruefully.

“I’m not running anywhere,” I told her.

“I guess you aren’t!” Luann said with a start, and I saw she was looking down between my legs, where my erection was nearly back at full strength, bouncing around in front of me.

Chapter Six. The rest of Luann.

“Do you want to see the rest of me?” Luann said in a voice that was far less confident than it had been previously. The piercing eyes behind the glasses were more hopeful as she looked as me with a bit of uncertainty.

“Very much so,” I croaked, my eyes burning from the sweat that was rolling down my forehead.

Luann moved closer to me as I sat perched on the edge of her bed, and without a word straddled my legs, now sitting on my knees facing me.

“Am I too heavy?” Luann asked, and I assured her that I hardly felt her sitting on my thighs.

At 5’6″ and so slender, she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds soaking wet, which she was going to be if she stayed this close to me. I was sweating profusely, yet Luann remained cool as a cucumber.

“Do you want to unbutton my blouse?” Luann asked, and I nodded as I reached up for the tiny buttons.

My hands were trembling so much that I couldn’t get hold of the damn thing, and Luann brought her hands up to steady me.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes,” I squeaked. “It’s just that… well I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever been with and I’m a little – scared I guess.”

Luann’s eyes got a little misty at my words, and a little hint of a smile appeared in the corners of her mouth.

“You’re sweet.”

“I mean it you know,” I told her.

“I believe you Bruce,” Luann said. “You don’t know how good that makes me feel to hear that. All my life I’ve been comparing myself to other girls and…”

“To me you’re perfect,” I told her as I finally got the first button undone.

The other buttons came easier, until finally I reached the bottom and gently opened up the blouse, which Luann let fall off her shoulders with a gentle shrug.

I have to admit that my first reaction to seeing Luann’s breasts was one of shock, although I did my best to remain placid, not wanting her to think I was disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed, but I was taken aback.

Luann’s breasts were just modest little swells on her chest, barely visible depending on the angle I looked at them. Her nipples were also boyish, with aureolas the size of nickels and pegs not much larger than my own.

My initial reaction was one of shame, as I felt my cock jerk excitedly at the sight of Luann’s tiny breasts. The reasoning behind my initial feeling was for obvious reasons, but with every passing second I became more and more aroused. This teenager was no child, as the feeling of her hairy legs against mine reminded me. This 19 year old girl was a woman, and a woman that excited me tremendously.

I leaned over and bent down, covering her right bud with my mouth, and felt the pointy little nipple stiffen against my tongue as I swirled around it. I repeated that treatment with Luann’s left breast, and she let out little sighs as I did. Her right hand held my head next to her, and I longed to spin around and look at what I wanted to see most of all.

Instead I just raised my head and kissed Luann briefly on her full lips.

“They’re beautiful,” I said. “You’re beautiful.”

“Please don’t put it in me,” Luann said haltingly as she glanced down at my cock, which was fully engorged, twitching crazily as it grazed against Luann’s thick bush. “Not tonight at least.”

“I won’t,” I assured her, even though all it would have taken was a single thrust from where we were positioned. The hair that the head of my tool was rubbing against was very wet and left no doubt as to the location of her opening, no matter how much hair was around it.

“I think I know what you want,” Luann whispered.

With that Luann lifted her arms and stretched high, clasping her hands behind her head. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer as her arms came up, and my eyes devoured what that little internet picture had only hinted at.

With arms raised, the impossibly thick tufts of rich brown hair virtually exploded from their hiding places, the deep recesses overflowing with her dense fur.

Perhaps it was the fact that Luann was so slender that made it seem like an even more incredible sight, but I sat there stunned in wide-eyed wonder at the vision of the rich sprays of hair that reached far and wide in a volume I had never imagined possible.

“Do you just like to look?” Luann asked in a voice that made me think that she was trying to make me feel at ease. To let me know that not only it was alright if I wanted to do more than look, she was encouraging it.

My hand came slowly up and gently touched the dark brown forests, and the coarse texture of the growth made my fingers spring back a little. A neutral, not unpleasant aroma wafted from her armpits as my fingers stroked through the rich tufts, not of perfume but a natural scent that was a mix of soap and Luann. The irony of her armpits being relatively dry while sweat poured my body was not lost on me.

“Ticklish?” I asked, and when Luann shook her head in the negative I slid my fingers through the lush forests of fur. I heard Luann’s breath catch as my nails raked their way up and down her underarms.

I half expected Luann to be laughing at me, or giving me the look my ex-wife would bless me with when I would do something like this. A mocking glance that revealed the contempt she had for me and my fetish. A look that, as the years passed, eventually took all the enjoyment out of it for me.

Instead, Luann’s head was swaying on her shoulders, her eyes rolled back in her head as my fingers explored her treasures. I suddenly realized that Luann wasn’t just enduring this. She was enjoying it, and from the looks of it was enjoying it nearly as much as I was!

It was then that I leaned over to her right armpit and softly kissed the hair that sprouted out from it. A glance out of the corner of my eye found Luann still lost in the trance she was in, so I repeated it.

This time my face went deeper into the spray of hair, my lips parting to allow my tongue to probe into the furry recess. I heard Luann gasp at this, and suddenly I felt Luann’s other hand clutch the back of my head, pulling me into the lush forest as she wiggled on my lap and moaned.

This was like a dream coming to life before me. Luann was writhing on my lap and breathing heavily while her hand had hold of the hair on the back of my head, encouraging me to keep doing what I was doing.

For that I needed no encouragement. My mouth traveled up and down Luann’s underarm; my tongue toyes with the first few hairs that grew on the pale inside of her bicep, my lips kissed their way down through the thickly thatched hollow and down to where the hair finally started to thin out and then stop, down just below the forested recession. I licked, chewed, sucked and kissed without mercy while my fingers caressed and plucked Luann’s nipples and rubbed her tiny buds.

When Luann began squirming even wilder on my lip, I felt her hand come off the back of my head and reach down. Luann’s fingers grasped my cock as she slid closer to me. For an instant I thought that she was going to put me inside of her, but instead she brought the tip of my dick to the top of her pussy, where she began rubbing it all over her clit.

I fought to keep from cumming myself as Luann screamed out, bucking insanely on my lap while spraying my crotch with her orgasm, and I kept my face buried under her arm as I tried to ignore the sounds she was making that I found so erotic.

Chapter Seven: “How do you want to cum?”

“So nice! So good!” Luann gasped as she smothered me with kisses, her orgasm finally waning after she contorted wildly on my lap for the longest time. “Thank you… thank you… thank you!!!”

I accepted the show of affection with delight, because although Luann was the one that orgasmed, I had indeed enjoyed what I was doing just as much.

“Thank you Luann,” I answered. “You’re amazing.”

Luann smiled as she put her arms around my neck and hugged me before glancing down between our legs.

“You didn’t cum?” Luann asked as she looked at my erection swaying inches away from Luann’s bush.

“I wasn’t sure if.. you know,” I replied.

“How do you want to cum, Bruce?” Luann whispered as she nibbled on my earlobe. “Anyway you want, except fucking that is. Have any favorites, or fantasies?”

I hesitated for a moment, and then whispered in Luann’s ear. To say I was pleased when she smiled and nodded would be an understatement to say the least.

Working my way up to the headboard, I tried to arrange myself into a comfortable position. Luann grabbed a pillow from beside the bed and had me lay on top of it.

“Comfy?” Luann asked, as I wiggled around for a second.

“Very!” I proclaimed.

“This way you’ll be able to watch,” Luann explained. “You did want to see, didn’t you?”


Luann crawled down between my legs and grabbed my balls, which dangled just beyond the pillow. She bent over and I could feel her take them into her mouth, one after the other, making a loud popping noise after letting each nut out.

“Beautiful balls on you, Bruce,” Luann said as she gave my cock a quick lick.

Luann then grabbed my cock around the base with her right hand, smiling a smile that was not mocking or condesending, and slowly lifted her left arm, placing her hand behind her head. Luann leaned over into my crotch and guided my cock into her armpit, sliding the crown slowly along the entire length of her underarm.

“Ooooohh!” I groaned as my entire body spasmed for the sensation of the sensitive head of my penis being raked through the dense, coarse jungle of hair.

“Like that, huh Bruce?” Luann said as her head rolled on her shoulders. “Me too babe. Not as nice as your tongue, but still nice though. Can’t believe how hard your cock is!”

I closed my eyes and fought back the urge to orgasm, as Luann began working my cock up and down her armpit, using the crown much like a roll-on deodorant. The rough texture of her pit hair felt exquisite against the head of my dick, which disappeared completely in the forest.

“Don’t want you to cum yet,” Luann said, and I felt her lips back on my balls, licking them for a second before resuming her earlier position.

Somewhat in control, I watched as Luann went back to rubbing my cock under her arm. I noticed a thin string of pre-cum that my drooling dick was leaving in the fur at the exact moment Luann spotted it.

Luann pulled my dick away and craned her neck over, trying to lick the seed and actually capturing a tiny bit of it before her tongue returned to her mouth.

“Yum!” Luann said as she climbed out from between my legs and came along side of me.

For a minute I feared that it was over, but Luann had other ideas. Leaning over me, she put my cock under her arm and then brought her arm down onto me. I looked down to see the tip of my cock peeking out from under her arm, surrounded by the protruding hair.

Slowly, Luann began rocking her upper torso. My cock slid deep under her arm as she moved closer to me, and then poked way out when she moved away. Although she only moving a few inches each way, the feeling of my cock burrowing through the coarse fur was indescribable.

“Mmmmm… that feels nice,” Luann said as she squeezed down tighter on me. “Gee, you can even see my little titties when I’m in the position.

It made me feel bad when Luann put herself down like she did, especially since I thought her breasts looked very nice. So they were really small? So what? The more I looked at them, the more I liked them, and her.

I was making all sorts of weird noises as I struggled to maintain control of myself. The feelings combined with the visual display was testing my willpower, and it must have been obvious that I was going to lose the battle eventually.

“You want to cum yet Bruce?” Luann cooed as she looked over at the head of dick sticking out from under her arm.

“Don’t want to,” I grunted. “But…”

“I know babe,” Luann said, grabbing my cock and lifting her arm back up. “But you look like you’re going to burst. Your face is beet red.”

Luann lifted her arm and resumed rubbing my cock through her armpit, this time with a lot more pressure. I felt my orgasm surge through me like an electric shock, and then I was cumming. Probably not with the absurd load of cum I had let loose with earlier, but the sensation was the same.

My cock kept spasming in Luann’s hand, the ropes of cum squirting into the spray of hair, making it look like garland on a tree, and even after my semen stopped flowing, the tingling sensations continued until I fell backward on the bed.

Luann squeezed the last drops out of me before letting go of my dick and looking over at the mess I had made of her underarm. She leaned over and tried to grab a dangling strand with her tongue. Luann couldn’t quite reach, but the sight of her licking her pit hair was exciting enough for me.

She climbed up and cuddled next to me, and I held her tight as I rested my eyes for a minute, letting the evening replay in my mind until I dropped off.

Chapter Eight: Midnight Confessions.

I awoke with a start, as the very unfamiliar sensation of waking up with a hairy leg on top of mine was not something I was used to. Lifting Luann’s leg up as gently as I could, I went to the bathroom and relieved myself before hurrying back to bed.

It was two in the morning, and I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be staying the night or not, but as the street light leaking through the window shades allowed me a glorious view of Luann’s naked body, I climbed back in and waited to get thrown out.

It didn’t take long for me to get restless, and soon I had my hand on Luann’s hip. From there I began sliding my hand down Luann’s fuzzy thigh, stopping briefly when she suddenly stirred, before continuing my innocent touching.

I had never seen a woman with leg hair before, and had never fantasized about one either. I’ll also admit that I had been taken aback when I first saw Luann’s legs, but as the evening went on I became more and more comfortable with the sight and feel.

I let my fingers lightly trace the trail of hair that extended from her magnificent bush to her navel and then continued upwards, gently massaging her little buds, avoiding her nipples which seemed very sensitive.

Luann twitched suddenly and repositioned herself on the bed, her arm sliding up on the pillow, which afforded me the opportunity to cradle my head in the crook of her arm. The wild spray of her armpit hair just inches from my face, I inhaled deeply, taking in the musky odor of her as my cock began to stiffen again against Luann’s thigh.

It was about that time that I happened to look over at Luann, and it was a shock to see her staring at me, watching me taking liberties with her as I thought she was sleeping.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked sheepishly.

“Since you got up.”


“About what?” Luann asked. “It was sweet watching you. It’s very nice to have someone enjoy me like you do, because that’s not something I’m used to. I usually repel people.”

“Well, people are idiots,” I offered before changing the subject. “When did you decide to stop – you know – shaving your body hair?”

“I never completely stopped. The back door I keep clear, for hygiene. I also pluck the hairs that pop up around my alleged breasts when they appear from time to time.”

“Please stop that,” I asked her.


“They way you keep putting down yourself about the size of your breasts,” I said as I ran my finger around the perimeter of her petite aureola. “I’ve never seen breasts like yours, and I think they’re very sexy.”

“Really,” I added when Luann gave me an upraised eyebrow. “Do you mind me playing with them like this?” I asked as I ran my hand over the little swell.

“It’s alright,” Luann said. “I like the other things you did to me a lot more.”

“You mean like this?” I asked before kissing her from her rib cage to her bicep, returning to those hairy hollows that had such a hold on me.

“Yes,” Luann said as her body shuddered. “I’m very sensitive there. When I look at your face buried in my armpit like that, and saw you being so excited and intense looking, it was really very stimulating to me.”

“Oh, I thought you were humoring me.”

“No way Bruce,” Luann said. “Once I became comfortable with the way I am I began to enjoy myself a lot more. Why would you say that?”

“My wife… ex-wife,” I said correcting myself. “She was like that.”

“Want to tell me about it?” Luann asked. “I love stories.”

“Well, when we first got married, I asked her if she would stop shaving under her arms and she did. That was great, although she didn’t like me to do – you know – the stuff I did to you. She said it was gross.”

“Bummer,” Luann threw in.

“I didn’t think it was gross, but I loved her, and it wasn’t that big a deal to me. Then she started shaving in the summer. Again, I had no problem with it, because I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. I imagine that you get a lot of wise-ass comments from jerks.”

“You think?” Luann said with a laugh.

“Anyway, it got so that she was making comments all the time about it, telling me how disgusting she felt walking around with hair under her arms even when she was all covered up in winter. Finally, I just told her to do what she wanted, because she had taken all the fun out of it for me anyway.

Then came the final straw for me, when we were at a party, and somebody started talking about that singer, Paula Cole, and all about how she showed up at some award show with hair under her arms. My beloved wife, who had a few drinks in her, announces loudly to everyone about how it was lucky that her husband hadn’t seen that because she’d have been stuck cleaning drool off the TV screen.”

“Oh geez,” Luann said, propping herself up on her elbow.

“Somebody asks my wife what she meant, and she goes on this rant about how I love hairy women, and that I used to beg her to not shave. She’s going on and on about how weird she thought that was, and that she finally put her foot down and said no more! All the time, these people are roaring with laughter, and I’m standing there feeling two foot tall.

What made it worse was that one of the guys laughing the loudest was somebody I considered a friend. Somebody who, when those old Madonna photos came out in that magazine, told me that he jerked off when he looked at them. Somebody who, back when I told him that my wife didn’t shave her armpits, was babbling about how lucky I was and wished his wife wouldn’t shave either.”

“Figures,” Luann said.

“After that evening, I knew it was over,” I said in closing. “I couldn’t believe how she had violated my trust in her like that, and making me feel so guilty about something so innocuous as armpit hair. I endured another few months, but for all intents and purposes our marriage ended that night. And here I am.”

“I’m glad you are,” Luann said. “In answer to your initial question, while growing up I did what every girl is supposed to do. I shaved my legs and armpits religiously, even though after a while it seemed futile because the hair grew so fast that by noon I had five o’clock shadow.

By the time I got out of high school, I was resigned to the fact that I would still be a pimply, flat chested girl no matter what I did with my body hair, so I just decided to let it go. Let people talk, I figure, because they were talking anyway. It wasn’t like the boys were lining up around me anyway.

Funny thing was that after that, my complexion started to clear, my blood pressure went down to normal and I wasn’t suffering from my skin being raw from constantly shaving. I’m still not a beauty queen and never will be one, but I’ve discovered that some people find me attractive and desirable. Like you, for instance.”

“That’s for sure,” I admitted.

“That’s why I put that picture in my ad,” Luann continued. “Guys that see it and are turned off don’t have to waste their time or mine because you can see what you’re getting into right from the start. Guys that like the way I look for whatever reason, can also see. For the most part, it’s worked out well.”

“You’ve met other men?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ve occassionally dated another man that I met through the website. It seems that I attract older men, because he’s about your age.”

“Another child of the 60’s no doubt,” I mumbled, instantly hating my competition.

“Is that it? I guess I was born too late,” Luann mused.

“It’s not you,” I answered. “It’s the world’s problem. Fashion changes and all that, but I love the courage it takes for a woman to be herself. There’s nothing more erotic to me that a woman unashamed to be a woman.”

“You certainly do say the right things,” Luann said. “And you walk the walk too.”

“Does that mean you’ll see me again?”

“Of course!” Luann said. “If you want to that is. Look, I know there probably won’t be anything serious to come of this, and with school and everything I’m not ready for a serious relationship, but I had a wonderful time tonight.”

“Me too,” I said, sliding my hand down Luann’s stomach, tracing the treasure trail that led from her navel to something I had yet to taste, and as I reached that abundant bush Luann giggled.

“Maybe I’m going to have a wonderful morning too,” Luann said as my fingers raked through her lush pubic hair.

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