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Enjoying the Nature

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I sat, transfixed by the passing scenery. The colors were magnificent. Early fall had to be my favorite time of year. There was something about all the seasons that I loved, but the colors of fall made everything look so magical. The repetitive rhythm as the train sang across the rail seemed to put me in almost a transitory state.

But my mind rambled from thought to thought and as was often the case since I’d finally decided to take this trip, my mind drifted back a year. Back to the old farmhouse and that beautiful summer day.

I’d gone riding. There were so many trails I hadn’t explored since I was a kid and one spot in particular. It was my favorite, totally secluded and right by the beach. As a teenager I used to pack some snacks, a novel and towel and off I’d go. It was kind of like my refuge. One that I could escape to and no one knew of its existence. I used to skinny dip and then lay out in the nude, embracing the sun like a long lost friend. I’d often fallen asleep then awake just before sunset and take off for home. Well, of course for old time sake I’d done just that. I spread out my blanket, stripped off and dove in the water. It was so cooling to my hot sweaty body. I loved to swim nude. The feeling of the water on my uninhibited body never failed to arouse me somewhat. I laughed when I realized it still had the same effect.

I emerged from the water, not bothering to towel off, and laid out on the blanket. As was often the case as a young lady too, the warmth of the sun stirred in me a familiar need to satisfy myself. My hands, almost instinctively, began to caress my breasts. One gentle tugging on my nipples… one traveling down across my stomach. Stopping at my mound and spreading my lips just enough to allow my long, slender fingers the access to my clit.

Closing my eyes my favorite fantasy played again in my mind. It was one of encountering another woman. One that many women have but few dare to discuss, as if it was taboo. As I envisioned my friend licking my hot pussy, my fingers moved in little circles on my clit and my moistness flowed freely. In my mind, the lady licked and fingered me eagerly and my fingers increased their speed and pressure. I could feel the heat spreading throughout my entire body. Beads of sweat appeared on me foreheads and I squeezed and tugged at my breasts with even more vigor. Now my hand worked furiously, the intensity grew, my back arching I exploded, my body convulsing and quivering as the waves of delight shook my entire being.

Sighing deeply, my breathing gradually slowing to normal. I laid there for a while enjoying the total relaxation all orgasms ultimately provided. Then I stood and once more dove in the water. I’d almost forgotten just how special my secret place had been to me. While I swam I remembered how, as a kid, I’d been able to escape many of life’s turbulence simply by slipping away to this heaven. Hearing a noise behind me, I spun around in the water to see a woman standing on the shore.

“I’m sorry” the woman said, “I hadn’t intended to startle you.” Taken back for a moment at having her space invaded, then I found my voice and managed a “Hello. I hadn’t realized anyone else knew of this place.”

“Well, actually, I too thought I was the only one. I guess we were both wrong. I’m Jane by the way.”

“I’m Vicky. I grew up around here and came back for a visit. Thought I’d check out what used to be my favorite spot as a kid.”

“Well, Vicky, very glad to meet you. Mind if I join you for a swim?”

“Not at all, so long as you don’t mind…. I’m skinny-dipping. Something else I enjoyed as a kid.,” I said, somewhat excited at the prospect of Jane joining me.

“I too prefer to swim in the buff. So if you don’t mind, neither do I”

“Not at all” I said, hoping the increasing excitement wasn’t evident in the tone of her voice.

Jane removed her shorts and tee. She wore no bra or panties and I was pleased to see her slender figure. She actually looked to be built quite like myself except for one very obvious difference. Her breasts were very full and round, and not the least bit saggy.

Jane dove in the water and swam out to me. We swam and talked. Telling each a little about us. After awhile, a comfortable silence fell upon us. I decided quite quickly that I liked Jane. She was the kind of woman who immediately put you at ease and I was sure that Jane decided the same about me. When we had both decided we’d swum enough, I invited Jane to lay out on my blanket with me. We laid side by side, not talking but just enjoying the quiet calm, sun and heat.

What Jane had said next, startled me slightly. She said that she had been there for some time that she had actually been there when I first laid out on the blanket. I could feel the heat of embarrassment rise to my face. Not sure at first what to say, I finally decided we were both human and made light of my self-indulgence. What came next was an even bigger surprise. Jane asked if she could touch me the way I had done to myself. My mind reeling, flashing instantly to my fantasy, I was not quite sure if I wanted to make it a reality. But then Jane’s hand gently touched my breast and my nipples instantly came alive. A small, almost inaudible moan escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and decided not to analyze.

The touch of Jane’s fingers was so unlike any I’d felt before. I ‘d enjoyed a woman’s touch many times but it was absolutely different. The smoothness of her skin and delicate stroking was electrifying. It felt as though my entire body was under a spell. In my fantasies, I had envisioned being touched just as Jane was doing now, but I could never have fantasized how totally encompassing the feeling would be. Jane turned her body into mine, her leg draped over my thigh. Our entire bodies were touching now and it was such an erotic feeling for me. Jane began to kiss my neck. Her lips were soft and moist and easily made my inner being come alive. Jane manipulated my nipples between her fingers. She then began a journey down, using her mouth to taste and caress, what seemed to me like, every inch of my body.

My breathing deepened and my moans became more audible. Jane, too, was moaning now it almost a purring, a sound of total contentment and ecstasy. I began touching Jane’s body now too, marveling in its beauty. There was an unexplainable comfort to us being together. Not taboo at all. As Jane’s teeth caught my right nipple I became increasingly aware that it was not going to take much to make me cum. I was sure I’d already saturated the blanket. Then I felt Jane’s fingers stroking my wet rose and trying to find their way inside me. I raised my right leg up and pulled my knee to my chest trying to help her. This time the sound that escaped my lips was easily heard. Jane was fingering me in soft, slow moves.

I don’t know how long it took but, when I gently pushed her head down, Jane nestled herself between my legs using her hands to slowly open them. The sun was bright and warm. I could feel its warmth caress on my smooth moist skin that rarely felt the sun. A glorious feeling was going through my mind and body as I yielded to all the sensations. With one finger Jane traced the soft outer lips of my secret garden applying gentle pressure to spread them open even further. Jane felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach as she gazed upon the sight of the moist lips inviting her touch. Now more fingers were inside me, tracing their way down the delicate folds to the warmth that enticed me to dip deep inside this. She did moving the fingers inside me, caressing the inner walls while her thumb positioned itself on the tip of my swelling clit and lightly tickled it back and forth. I was losing myself in the slow gentle pressure of Jane’s fingers, the waves of pleasure were taking me over and my hips were moving in time to Jane’s manipulation of my sweet wet box.

Jane moved herself slowly up my body continuing the caresses between my thighs. She kissed and licked her way to my breasts, taking turns holding each nipple between her soft lips she drew them in, sucking and flicking at the hard nipples that seemed to be reaching out for her touch. I was moaning softly and my whole body was now caught in the ecstasy of this fantasy coming true. My hands reached for Jane’s breasts, feeling the hard nipples across my palms I stroked them. Soon I was pinching and rolling them between my fingers while Jane’s tongue made love to one breast, then the other. For Jane, breasts, and nipples in particular turned her on so much. She lost herself in these beautiful nipples, gently sucking, licking and flicking at them. I squirmed with desire under Jane’s touch, and Jane delighted in this.

She looked up at my face and deep into my eyes. She whispered to me how she ached to have me…now totally. This sent a new shiver through me that surprised me and I drew Jane into a deep passionate kiss. Our bodies now entwined in each other moving in perfect harmony together. Jane could feel my button swelling as her thumb and fingers continued to stroke and tickle at it. The moans were coming from both. Jane could feel her own wetness saturating her pussy, making the desire to taste mine overwhelming now.

Her tongue trailed down my neck and shoulders, leaving a wet path for the sun to absorb in my warm skin. “Ooh God” I thought…suddenly the words came to my lips, letting Jane hear the intensity of pleasure in me. Jane smiled up at me softly as she reached the wet mound before her. With both hands Jane’s fingers separated the lips, fully opening before her the pink moistness glistening in the bright sun, now she herself groaned with pleasure. The tip of her tongue touched my center and the sweet liquid was finally hers to take. She licked at the silky lips, getting lost in the feeling of my beautiful hot body. Her tongue stroked the center up and down firmly enough that I could feel it also gently tugging on my clit, so sensitive now. This was driving me mad… my clit twitched and ached for Jane’s tongue to claim it as her own. Jane could feel the desire taking over me as my back arched and the most sensuous groans she’d ever heard came again and again from my lips. Finally she gave in and wrapped her lips around the swollen button. I gasped as a strong wave ran through my whole body instantly and I trembled under the feeling of Jane’s lips sucking the sweet clit in further and further. My hips were now off the blanket, my body moving in the most sensuous rhythm. Jane caught my breath, feeling my own orgasm coming…needing this woman totally…this stranger…this beautiful lover. Her tongue moved around my clit in circles, flicking it back and forth, then sucking it in…only to release it ever so slowly… enjoying the groans this caused.

Her fingers were deep inside me…she worked them in and out slow at first and now with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against my clit…now totally exposed from it’s hood…erect and pick. Her free hand made its way to the nipples which felt like rubber now and pulled on them…My fingers were there too…pulling and tugging at them feverishly, our fingers entwined together to send the sweetest waves of pleasure through us both. With just the tip of her tongue now she licked at the tip of my clit…the sensations were so intense. At this point my groans became very loud, my body was rocking…I was grinding my pussy into Jane’s face which was covered with the sweet love juices flowing like a river.

Jane continued to lap at the hard clit until my body convulsed and went into one orgasm after another. My body was totally taken away…and I was lost in them. Slowly my body reached the last most intense climax I ever had…and I laid open, drunk in the feeling. Jane moved up to my lips…covering them with hers, kissing me tenderly… letting her tongue slip past my lips so I could taste myself in Jane’s mouth. I kissed her eagerly in return, loving the sweet taste and the thought of it being another woman’s mouth this deliciousness was coming from that was mine. We laid back in the sun…cradled in one other’s arms without saying a word. I loved the feel of this woman’s body pressed against mine.

When we got up it was dusk…the sky a warm intense orange. We looked at each other, smiled and kissed again. Holding each other we wondered how we could possibly say goodbye now. The feelings that we’d known each other always were going through us both. Jane asked if I was hungry, her cabin was just a short walk. I accepted the invitation to dinner and we got up to start our way to the cabin.

“By the way,” Jane said with a coy smile “Have you made hotel reservation anywhere yet?”

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