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Erotic Lesbian Massage Experience

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“Wrap your legs round my back” he grunted as he fucked me.

I did as he asked. It was a little better for the penetration was deeper, but I knew that I was still a long way from an orgasm.

This hadn’t happened in our twenty three year-long marriage until a few months ago, but this was now the third or fourth time my husband was having difficulty making me cum.

“Let me do this Cat” he whispered reaching behind him and grabbing my legs just beneath my knees. He hauled them up and dangled my ankles over his shoulders. He resumed ramming his cock deeper, faster and harder into my under-lubricated cunt. It was uncomfortable. “Any good?”

“No not really. Are you near?”

“Yes very.”

“Then cum, don’t worry about me you just do it.”

We didn’t talk about it afterwards. But then we had never discussed sex much, we just did it. Even then, in the last few years as his business travel and work hours had increased so the frequency of our sex decreased. I sometimes wondered if he was getting it elsewhere, but I doubted it. Richard is a ‘proper’ person, he’s respectable and does things by the book, after all he is a lawyer. In fact he is a very successful corporate lawyer with a leading law firm that has offices in New York and London. He has overall responsibility for all international mergers and acquisitions. It is that which takes him to New York at least once a month.

“Oh yes, yes, oh God” I groaned as Richard fucked me from behind a couple of weeks later

I was on all fours kneeling beside our bed. I was naked. My full breasts were dangling down, he was buried in me fucking me doggy style, squeezing my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples as I feigned an orgasm. It was the first time in my married life I had done that.


Over the next couple of months I was home alone frequently. There was nothing unusual about that, but it was starting to get at me. I was bored and lonely for my two children were both away at university. I was also bored with my marriage, bored with life in general and bored with my husband. When he was home we argued more than we ever had.

“Isn’t there anyone else in your fucking law firm who could go to New York now and then?” Is an example of the sort of remark that I threw out to start yet another row.

I knew our marriage was in serious trouble. I had big doubts that we would survive as a couple unless something significant changed in our relationship. Just what that ‘something’ was I didn’t know.

I was seriously contemplating an affair or trying to find a toy boy or fuckbuddy, but I knew that would be messy. I didn’t want to have the guilt trips, make excuses and start telling the endless lies that affairs always necessitate. My thinking was that if my husband wouldn’t ‘service’ me then I would find another way and that might suffice thus, avoiding a break-up. Tortuous logic I know, but that is the type of thinking that extreme sexual frustration induces.

“Mmmmm yes she’s lovely” I said to a friend who was talking about Nichole Kidman.

“I think she’s gorgeous, I could so easily fuck her” Pauline who I had known for several years said casually.

“What?” I said incredulously.

She smiled. “Only joking Cat, after all I’m a happily married woman aren’t I?” She said standing up and looking at me over her shoulder as she went out to play a round of golf.

“It looks lovely madam” the sales assistant in the boutique dress shop said looking me up and down.

I was on a shopping trip in Harpenden, a town near to St Albans where we live for some outfits I was going to take with me on a trip to Los Angeles with Richard. His firm was opening an office there and we would be staying for ten days. We would be attending a number of events including the formal opening and the associated dinners and lunches as well as sunbathing and, of course, shopping on Rodeo!

“You don’t think it’s a little tight on me do you?”

“Er no not really” she replied standing behind me as we both looked into the full length mirror.

“Not round here?” I asked running my fingers across my boobs.

“Well yes it is, but then you are nicely full there madam aren’t you?” She asked placing her fingertips softly on the material covering the outsides of my breasts in the pale lemon, low cut, tightly fitted dress.

I felt a surge of something and suddenly realised that it was arousal. I looked at her in the mirror. She was older than me, probably in her early fifties. She was short and very slim, her figure was almost that of a young man or, boy even. She had an attractive, without being beautiful face, big eyes, thin lips and a rather prominent nose. Her hair was dark and short, again almost a masculine look.

I smiled at her in the mirror.

“Yes and they make buying dresses so difficult.”

“Well we’ll just have to try harder won’t we? We can’t have these not looking their best can we?”

I gulped as she held my gaze her fingertips still resting on the sides of my boobs.

‘Fuck she’s coming onto me’ suddenly hit me. I panicked.

“I think I’ll leave it” I hurriedly told her.

“What the dress?”


“We do have a couple of others similar to that, madam” she went on.

“Perhaps another time?”

I got out of there quickly and drove home. ‘What the hell’s happening to me?’ I asked myself later that evening after I had been to the gym. I undressed dropped the singlet, cropped lycra pants, thong and sports bra onto the floor. Naked I went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I was horrendously frustrated. I needed sex, I wanted to be held and then fucked, but I had no one. No one that is than myself. So I held my breasts, I squeezed them and pinched my nipples. I fumbled between my legs gradually dropping to the granite tiled floor. It was cold to my naked bum and back, but that didn’t stop me lying on it, raising my knees, opening my legs and plunging my fingers on both hands onto my clit and up my cunt. As I fucked myself I was horrified to realise that in my mind it was the sales assistant who was holding me, kissing me, caressing me and yes, fucking me.

It was at the end of a long day. We had played twenty seven holes of golf, had dinner and prize giving and now twenty or so of us lady golfers were sitting around drinking. I had no reason to hurry home for as usual Richard was away. I was sitting on the outside terrace with Pauline, the married lady who had said she would like to fuck Nichole Kidman. We were alone on the large terrace and she was smoking a cigarette. We were both slightly pissed.

“Did I shock you the other day Cat?”


“About Nichole Kidman.”

“Actually yes you did.”

“Well couldn’t you?”

“Couldn’t I what?”

“Oh I don’t know” Pauline replied shaking her head so that her long black hair shimmered in the moonlight as she took a large sip of her vodka and water and then lit another cigarette from the stub of the previous one.

“What do you mean?” I pushed now quite interested.

“You remember what I said don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Well I didn’t really mean just that.”

“So what did you mean?”

“Look I don’t want this to sound like a come one, but have you ever messed around with other women?”

“You mean sexually?”


“No I haven’t.”

“Never?” She asked tipping her head back and blowing smoke into the air as I sipped my white wine.

“Are you curious?”

“Well actually I am becoming so as I get older.”

“Again don’t this the wrong way, but you really should try it.”

Smiling I said. “Is that an invitation?”

She looked at me her dark eyes sparkling and smiling replied. “I have a strict rule Cat, never fuck my friends.”

For the rest of the evening I couldn’t get my mind off what Pauline had said. She had been so open and matter of fact about it. We’d chatted a little more as she smoked her third Marlboro Light. I was interested, but was loathe to show that too much so I didn’t ask many questions, even though I wanted to. She told me that it had started a few years ago.

“The silly bugger” she laughed talking about her husband. “Persuaded me to try swinging.”

“What wife swapping?”

“Yes but the husbands, I quickly found out often don’t just swap their wife with another bloke, they swap with the wife as well.”

“What you went with the other bloke’s wife?”

“Yes and it was fantastic.”

“I see.”

Over the next couple of weeks before we left for LA, I seemed to be seeing bi or lesbian happenings all over the place, there were even lesbian kisses in two of the soaps I watch. I read about it, saw stuff on the net and had a female trainer at the gym, who was rumoured to be gay, try it on with me.


“I have to go up to Sacremento for a couple of nights, you’ll be ok won’t you?” Richard informed me after we had been in LA a couple of days and we’d conducted the ‘grand opening’ of the new office.

“Well I get used to it at home so I guess there’s not much fucking difference here is there?” I snorted feeling pissed off at him.

Had I have known he was going to leave me to my own devices I probably wouldn’t have bothered coming with him. That said, staying at l’ermitage in Beverly Hills with the pool on the roof and the fabulous service was something special so I thought sod it I’ll just enjoy myself.

I was on the internet surfing around seeing what to do in LA when I drifted off the straight and narrow. I had, for some time, thought that one way to relieve my frustration yet avoid the tackiness and potential disaster of an affair would be to try a male escort. I knew they would have them in LA and that’s what I was looking for in a half-hearted way; I didn’t think I would go through with it even if I found any. I am pretty sure that it was more out of interest than with any real intent, but as I was visiting sites one screamed out at me. It was simply called: Erotic Lesbian Massage Experience.

I could not resist entering the site and read with huge interest and mounting excitement what it was all about. Actually there wasn’t that much to learn for, essentially, it offered what it said on the tin, which I assumed was being massaged to an orgasm by a woman.

The rest of the morning as I sat by the pool listening to my iPod I couldn’t get the thought of that out of my mind. It seemed the perfect solution to my curiousity and maybe the ideal introduction to bisexual fun.

“You stay as long as you like” the woman said when I called and asked for details.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, I usually only have one client a day, occasionally two.”

“So what happens?” I asked full of even more curiosity.

“Precisely what we say in the ad” the pleasant voice with a slight European, possibly German or Scandinavian accent said down the phone. “You will have the most wonderful series of erotic massages and experiences.”

“By whom?”

“My girls and me, I’m Amelia. I’m if you want the madam.”

“I have never had such an experience.”

“I know, you couldn’t have because you haven’t been to me.”

I smiled.

I was able to have an appointment the next day and agreed with Amelia that I would be there at noon.

“You can have lunch, tea, dinner, you can drink what you like and of course we have a variety of other pleasurable things you can ingest, one way or the other” she told me adding when I asked how much it was. “One thousand cash.” Fortunately I had with me the debit card on my personal bank account the details of which Richard never saw, so getting the cash was not an issue.

The rest of that day, that evening and night and all the next morning I was a bag of nerves and several times I decided that I wouldn’t go.

I started getting ready around ten. It felt as though I was going on a date, not that I had been on one since my affair a few years ago. I showered and washed my shoulder length, ash blonde hair. I painted my toe and finger nails with a smooth, white varnish and pampered my body with moisturising lotion. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking as I stared at my naked body that shortly another woman would, at the least be seeing exactly what I was now. Thanks to the regime of hard tennis and gym work I’d gone through after the children were born my stomach was pretty flat and my, what I have always thought are my best feature, legs were still slim and fortunately there was not one sign of cellulite. My waist was only a few inches larger than before the children and I carried hardly any excess baggage on my hips or bum. My boobs had a slight sag, but cupping each one and lifting them I felt that was fair game for a forty year old and, after all they were an ample C cup.

‘Not a bad package overall’ I mused as I looked through my underwear drawer. I had brought quite a lot with me and had already raided Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret indulging myself in one of my hobbies, sexy underwear. I was never quite sure why I bothered wearing underwear to be undressed in for no one ever undressed me.

I chose black. After all it was to be ‘an erotic massage, a lesbian one’ I thought, my heart starting to pound as I pulled the lacy, boy shorts up my legs. I snuggled them into place forming a slash of black round my hips. I liked myself just in panties and I often worked around the house or writing my erotic stories like that. The bra was sheer and my areola and nipples were clearly on view through the black lace net. The extraordinarily expensive, yet fabulously flimsy garment hid nothing worth looking at yet gave my ample sized tits just that tad of support they now needed. The bra was cut acutely across each boob barely covering the edges of my areola. I felt I looked good. It was a sexy persona I projected when I slipped the strappy, high heeled sandles on my feet. ‘Now what on top?’ I rather ridiculously wondered. But I wanted to look my best. I wore a simple, black silk dress. Unfitted it was above the knee, but high at the neck. It clung to my boobs and fell down from them. It had silver buttons all the way up the front. I left four undone so that all who looked would see the deepness of my cleavage.

Picking up my oversized bag and mobile phone I was ready for my excursion into lesbian sex.

Richard had left me the rental car and I was about to take that when I suddenly thought that I might need to drink to loosen my inhibitions so I got a cab from outside the hotel. I gave him the address and we were soon on the Santa Monica Freeway. The apartment complex where Amelia had her place was on 17th Street and Pico near to the Corsair Stadium. In spite of my considerable foreboding and extreme nervousness the time whizzed by and I was soon in the elevator to the top floor of the smart building. I nearly turned back into the elevator, but somehow managed to get to the door and ring the bell.

The door was opened and I saw a Eastern looking girl. “Missus Rogers” she asked? I almost said no for I had momentarily forgotten I hadn’t used my real name.

“Oh yes, yes I am.”

“Please come in” she said opening the door wide. I saw that there were two girls and I guessed they were Thai. They were both on the short side, around five feet three or so and very slim with lustrous, black shoulder length hair. They looked so alike that I found myself wondering if they might be sisters.

They were dressed identically in white, silk cheong sams that had high mandarin collars and ended above mid-thigh with slit up to their hip bones strongly hinting that they were not wearing panties

They ushered me inside a beautifully furnished hallway and showed me to a small room to one side.

Introducing themselves in their broken English as Leah and Mai, they explained that they were Amelia’s assistants and they would be helping me with my ‘massage experience.’

“What exactly is the experience?” I asked

They explained that Amelia would see me later, but first I had ‘to be prepared.’

“How do you mean prepared?”

“We bathe you then Kirchen massage you, then you lerax and wait for Amelia.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Please Missus Logers trust us, it will be wonderful for you. Now come we bathe you. Please to undress here and put the robe on” one of them, I never really worked which was which, told me.

The other said. “When ready come through this door” and opened a door through which both of them vanished.

I panicked and nearly left, but reconciled ‘in for a penny ….’ so I started to undress. Smiling ruefully that no one was going to see my sexy undies I was quickly naked. Shivering with a combination of expectation, arousal and curiosity as to how I would feel being bathed by the two girls I slid into the oyster coloured, shorty, satin dressing robe. It had no buttons, just a tie round the waist.

I went into the room as they had instructed and they greeted me by placing their hands together as if praying.

“Welcome Missus Katlene we now bathe you” one of them said softly. “Come” she went on opening a door in the corner of the room and leading me into a fairly large, dimly lit wet room. A shower was running at one end of the room and at the other there was a sunken bath that could easily have held six people. It was empty.

“Please the robe” one said.

My fingers were literally shaking as I undid the tie and slowly, feeling very embarrassed I removed it.

“Ah lovely.”

I looked at them and saw they were smiling and that relaxed me a little. Hardly moving they both lifted their hands, fiddled with the collar of their dresses, pulled on them and then let the dresses somehow slither down their slim bodies. They were not wearing panties. They had perfect figures I thought. Lean, tight and pert they looked delightful. They had small, probably A cup breasts with brown nipples that I saw were erect. Looking down, I saw mine were too.

“Please here” one said indicating a place by the wall near to the shower. I went and stood there my back to the wall. “No turn please.”

I had no idea what this was all about, but I did as they asked.

“Lean against the wall please with your hands.” I put my hands against the wall and leaned forward as they asked. I felt one of them grip my legs by my knees and gently ease them apart. The hands then rested on my hips and pulled me backwards until my arms were straight in front of me. Even though nothing overtly sexual had happened I was feeling slightly aroused, but then I had never been with two naked women in a bathroom before.

I felt warm water being poured on my back just beneath my shoulders. Due to the angle of my body it ran down my back, over my waist onto my bottom and down my legs; that in itself felt surprisingly erotic. I then felt something else being poured onto my back. A sponge or something similar was run across my shoulders and down my spine. I couldn’t really see what was going on, but worked out that one of them was doing the pouring of the warm water and what I assumed was a liquid soap or lotion as the other sponged me. It was lovely.

The sponge covered every square millimetre of my back gradually moving downwards until it had passed my waist. It then focused on the two cheeks of my bottom for some time. Still the water and soap kept being dribbled onto me. The sponge stopped. I waited hoping it would return and then it did, but on my ankle. Now it worked its way slowly upwards. Over my calf muscles, past my knees and up the back and insides of thighs. I was becoming more and more aroused as the sponge continually went nearer and nearer to my pussy and the crease in my butt, but it didn’t touch either of those erogenous areas and, I realised, that disappointed me.

“Turn please” one of them told me.

I did as they asked. I saw that one of them had a contraption that looked like a watering can in one hand and a hosepipe in the other. That explained the water and lotion.

“Lean back against the wall please. The large, rectangular shaped, pale blue tiles felt cold on my back, but that soon passed as the one with the hose squirted the warm water onto my shoulders and upper chest. The water streamed down my body and onto my breasts with my hardened nipples producing little shelves from which the water tumbled like waterfalls. My entire front was soon soaked and the girl poured the lotion from the can onto my chest. The other girl moved very close to me and ran the sponge across my chest just beneath my chin. As she did so her wrist and lower arm brushed against the swell of my boobs and my nipples. That sent such strong surges of sexual desire through me that I shuddered and let out a low moan. It struck me then that I really was starting my erotic lesbian massage and I hadn’t even been massaged yet!

They completed ‘washing’ and soaping me in what was the most exciting shower I had ever experienced and that includes the times when we were younger when Richard would fuck me in our shower, and bath come to that; antics and days that are long gone.

Whilst neither of them actually touched any intimate part of my body the natural sponge visited everywhere and stimulated my breasts and nipples, my clit and pussy and my thighs and butt. The sensations from that and the mere fact of being naked with two highly attractive young women inevitably got to me. I didn’t quite cum, but as they dried me my entire body was tingling and it would have taken very little to tip me over the edge.

They gave me a thin robe similar to those used in hospitals that it did up at the back with ties. I slipped it on and one of them loosely tied it. They led me out of the wet room, down a corridor and into a room that was clearly for massage. It was beautifully appointed with deep carpets, a rich, dark wood wardrobe and vanity unit with a very modern sink along one wall and a credenza along the other. On the various surfaces there were bowls and bottles, various sized towels and other massage paraphernalia. To my eyes, though the room was dominated by one object, the massage table. Slightly wider than others I had seen at the various spas I had visited it sat beckoning me right in the middle of the room. As I stared at it, it was as if it was speaking to me and saying ‘I am where you will lose your lesbian virginity.’

The Thai girls, if that’s what they were poured me some water in a crystal glass which I sipped as they bowed and clasped their hands together between their naked breasts and backed out of the room with one of them saying. “Please wait.”

I wandered round the room drinking the lemon tasting water for no more than two minutes before the door opened. I was surprised that it wasn’t Amelia, but instead it was a tall, quite muscular woman, probably in her thirties who entered. She had short, blonde hair and was wearing a white, micro skirt with a tight, black singlet. She was very flat chested, but had toned bulging muscles on her arms.

“Hi I am Kirchen and I am to massage you now” she said in a thick accent that could have been Eastern European, maybe Russia I thought recognising the guttural tones from my holidays in Europe where everywhere seems to be inundated with Russians.

“I thought Amelia was going to do that?” I asked feeling a little confused and very disappointed.

“Yes she will later.”

Feeling relieved I replied. “Oh good, thanks.”

“Please to lie on your front.”

I did as she asked and felt her undo the ties at the back of the robe. I lie there for a moment and then felt her lay a large warm towel across the top of my body and then a second across me round my waist and legs. She reached under it and taking hold of the robe said. “Please lift up a little.”

By me doing that a couple of times she managed to pull the robe off the table with my body still covered.

After pouring warm oil onto her hands and me, she then started to massage my back. It was a quite hard, deep massage that matched up to those I’d had in some very expensive spas around the world. She rolled the top towel down to do my back then replaced it and uncovered each leg in turn as she massaged those. After doing each calf muscle she worked on my upper legs sliding upwards and then sweeping downwards with more pressure as she followed the massage dictum of always working away from the heart. She was good.

In one particular way it was the strangest massage I’d ever had.

As her hands slid up my thighs I half expected them to keep going and touch my pussy.

As she turned me over I was surprised at the care she took not to look at my nakedness.

As she massaged my front I was amazed and again a little disappointed that she hardly touched my breasts and not once did she fully uncover them. My nipples were rock hard and were aching for her touch.

As she massaged the front of my legs I was willing them to keep going and caress my pussy lips, I even opened my legs to encourage her.

But nothing happened. And in some ways that made it all the more erotic for not once did she do anything that was out of order or wouldn’t happen in a straight spa.

My body, though, was tingling both with expectancy and with the vibrancy of the massage. I felt great.

“You rest now. Drink some water” she said handing me a tumbler. I sat up and as I did the towel fell away from my breast. I looked up at her and saw her eyes were locked on it. I knew that the nipple was erect. She also looked up and our eyes met. I felt a surge of excitement as we stared at each other. I felt sure that she would do something, I felt equally sure that I wanted her to and I felt completely sure that if she did I wouldn’t object. I watched her hand reaching out towards me. I visualised the sensation I would gain as it touched me and I imagined the feelings I would get as she squeezed the soft, pliable flesh of my aching tit. As her hand got closer I tore my gaze away from hers and slightly arched my back in preparation for her caressing my breast. I closed my eyes almost shivering with the expectancy and anticipation of my first real lesbian experience. I wondered whether she would kiss me or pull both the large dark blue towels away from me thus, baring my tingling body to her scorching gaze and perhaps searching fingers and hands. Both my mind and most certainly my body were ready; they were tuned in, primed and available to this woman’s advances.

I was amazed at how disappointed I felt when Kirchen’s hand didn’t cup my breast, when she didn’t kiss me or remove the towels and strip me naked. The feeling of deflation as she rearranged the towel round my body and, putting her hand on my shoulder pushed me down.

“You rest, Amelia will be here soon” she said huskily as she moved to the top of the table behind my head and out of view. I felt her placing another towel over my head and a smaller, very warm one with smell of mint over my eyes.

I felt tired. Hard, deep massages do that, they are supposed to make you tired and after them you should drink lots of water and rest. The warmth of the room and the towels, the feeling of comfort from being covered from head to foot, my nakedness under the towels, the combination of aromas, the haunting classical, piano music, the tingling from the massage and the prospect of Amelia being with me soon all combined to create an amazing atmosphere. Although feeling hugely excited I also felt tired and extremely relaxed; I may well have dozed off.

I was awakened by feeling firstly the soles of my feet being gently massaged.

“Amelia?” I muttered as came to my senses and fully awake.

“Yes Cat I am here” I heard in the unmistakeable accent. It didn’t come from by my feet, though, but from behind my head.

Amelia removed the towel that was covering my eyes and the other one on my head. I couldn’t see her, but as I looked down my body I saw that it was the two Thai girls massaging my feet. They moved out from behind the massage table smiled at me and bowed their heads. They were now wearing black silk cheong sams with some silver markings on them. Again they were high at the collar and ended mid- thigh with long slashes upwards almost to their waists; again it looked as though neither could be wearing panties. The dresses were as tight as they possibly could be at the top and the girls small breasts were outlined and emphasised by the thin, clinging silk. They excited me.

“We will all be attending to all of your needs” Amelia cooed from behind my head. I still couldn’t see her.

The girls continued with my feet as Amelia gently started massaging the crown of my head.

“Are you happy so far Cat?” She asked as her fingers ran across my scalp.

“Yes it’s been lovely thank you.”

“And darling it will get much, much better, I promise” she whispered as her fingertips glided across my forehead ran along my eyebrows and stroked my eyelids. She softly, gently and so patiently massaged or caressed every part of my face. Her fingers stroked my cheeks and nose, ran round my chin, up the sides of my face and onto and then inside my ears. Every part of my head was now tingling. I had no idea that there were so many sexually sensitive places on a person’s head and face.

“Nice?” She asked as her fingers massaged my scalp again.

“Mmmmm, it’s lovely.”

Her hands unhurriedly made their way down my face until they reached my mouth. They ran along my top lip and then my lower. Involuntarily, or maybe she helped, I slightly parted my lips. Her fingers ran round them inside. She used both hands with the fingers on one stroking my lips and those on the other going inside onto my teeth and gums.

I was gasping with the amazing sensations she was giving me and with the way they combined with the feelings from the girl’s hands that were now stroking rather than massaging my feet and ankles. I opened my mouth further. Amelia pushed her fingers inside right onto my tongue.

“Suck me darling” she whispered as she moved the two fingers further in and then almost out of my mouth in the sort of motions and rhythm that I might adopt when sucking a man’s cock. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and taking hold of her wrist.

“Yes help me baby” she sighed. “Help me fuck your mouth.”

She pumped her fingers deeply in and then almost out of my mouth rubbing firmly across my lips that I closed round it. It was an incredible feeling made even more so by her lilting tone and words.

“You like to have your mouth fucked Cat?”

“Mmmmm yes.”

“You want more?”


You want my surrogate cock to fuck your surrogate cunt?”

“Oh God yes” I groaned now sucking quite hard on her fingers.

I felt as though I was going to cum. ‘But surely I can’t just from this’ I thought.

It rapidly got worse, or better. As Amelia’s fingers slid in and out of my mouth I saw her for the first time, but I couldn’t make out her features as her face was upside down for she was bending forward over my face. Her tongue followed the route that previously her fingers had travelled: along my forehead, over each eyebrow and eyelid, across my cheeks, nose and chin and onto my lips. She couldn’t kiss me properly as she had her fingers in my mouth so instead she licked all along my upper lip. It was heady stuff indeed. She removed her fingers and then in that upside down position with the two Thai girls still working on my feet and ankles her lips closed over mine. She kissed me open-mouthed. Her tongue slid into my mouth and found mine. They duelled with each other. She sucked the tip of my tongue then each of my lips in turn.

I forgot she was a woman and that I was paying for this lesbian experience. I forgot that ostensibly I was straight. I forgot that I was married and I forgot about all life outside of this small world in which I now lived. Amelia, the two Thai girls, the massage table and my body was my world; nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

I started to cum.

They all quickly realised that. Amelia removed her mouth from mine, which was just as well for I was fighting for air and the girls held my hands. They pressed them against their breasts outside their tops. The feel of their small tits and hard nipples through the silk was fantastic. Mouth open and eyes closed I writhed a little on the table as I felt at first, rather than saw, Amelia lean even further forward and run her hands down my body outside the towel. They grasped my breasts just as hers inside a silk top slid across my face. That did it and my orgasm broke. Amelia squeezed and rubbed my breasts, writhed her, what seemed to be, full boobs against my face and the two girls pushed their bodies more firmly against my hands.

I was moaning and gasping as the full weight of the orgasm roared through my mind and body.

“Yes Cat, yes” Amelia whispered cupping and squeezing my breasts. “Cum for me, cum for Amelia” she went on pulling the towels off my body and dropping them on the floor. I revelled in my nakedness and thrilled myself by flaunting my body at them.

I needed no more ncouragement for I was in the full throes of a very, very strong climax.

At last it abated and feeling slightly embarrassed I opened my eyes.

“Hi lovely” Amelia who was sitting on the edge of the bed still squeezing my breasts said as the girls let go of my hands and moved out of my sight. “Hello I’m Amelia” she smiled.

She was gorgeous. Probably quite tall, but that was hard to tell as she was sitting and was based largely on the length of the golden tanned legs stretching out from the white, tight dress she was wearing. The hem had ridden well up her to die for legs and was only just covering her pussy and panties if indeed she was wearing any. She stood up and smiling shook my hand.

“Welcome to my lesbian pleasure palace darling, you are so utterly gorgeous.”

As she stood up the dress fell back into place and I saw that the hem was mid-thigh and that the top was quite low cut with several buttons undone. She was slim round the hips and waist, but had full boobs that looked to be about the same size as mine. The dress fitted her like a glove and the silk clung to her breasts, emphasising their fullness, and her nipples showing their excitement and hardness. I thought to myself that if I was to lose my lesbian virginity then she was the sort of woman to lose it to, but then I giggled for I had just lost it!

As well as having a voluptuously rounded figure with very feminine curves in just the right places and seemingly carrying no excess weight, Amelia was also beautiful. Her face was dominated by her large blue, perfectly almond shaped eyes with long, dark eyelashes and her full lips which surrounded what was probably a slightly too large, but nevertheless attractive and very sexy mouth; a smaller version of Carly Simon I thought.

“Thank you” was all I could gasp for I was still out of breath from the exertions of my powerful orgasm.

“You are very welcome, what can we get you?”

“How do you mean?”

“Drink, food, alcohol, hash, coke anything?”

“No I’m fine” I replied.

I was scared of drugs, wasn’t hungry and it was too early for me to start drinking. I had been down that route and had almost become overly dependent on booze in the afternoons a year or so ago and I had found it tough stopping day time drinking.

“Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes, what’s next?”

She smiled as she placed her hand on the towel on my breast.

“What would you like next?”

I didn’t know what to say so I stayed silent.

“Would you like me to massage you?” She asked gently squeezing my breast.

It was all matter of fact, but hugely intimate and very erotic. My throat was dry and I struggled to speak and the rather inane. “Yes please” came out very huskily.

“Turn over for me” she said turning away to the credenza and picking up the oil.

Returning to the side of the table she said with a lilt in her voice. “I don’t think we need these any more do you Cat?”


“The towels.”


“Younenjoyed being naked didn’t you?”

“Er yes, yes I did” I mumbled.

“You have a beautiful figure Cat” she said running what I guessed what were the back of her fingers up the back of my leg and onto my bottom. Her hand rested right on the fullness of my cheek. She squeezed it gently and then tapped it sharply. “Mmmm very nice.”

She slowly worked on both of my lower legs, my shoulders, arms and the small of my back.

There was absolutely no pretence of this being a massage. It was a caress. Her touch was so light it was like a feather, it was silky, smooth, gentle, soft and so very, very sexy.

“Now this” she whispered running her hands and fingers up the back of my legs. She wiggled them along the crease where they were pressed together, then removed them and I felt them on my ankles. With no further hesitation or ceremony she suddenly pulled them open making me gasp with surprise. I knew I was totally exposed. I knew that she would be able to see my cunt lips, the crease in my bum and the hole between the cheeks. And that excited me. I realised I wanted her to look at me, that I welcomed it and that I was pleasuring myself by flaunting myself at her.

“Oh God” I sighed as my body jerked when, without any preamble she ran her fingers along the crease between the cheeks of my bum. She pressed right on my hole and momentarily I thought she was going to finger-fuck my arse, but she didn’t. Instead she slid her fingers downwards, out of the crease and between my legs so they were on the wetness of my sex. My body jerked again. It felt lovely.

“Yes?” She asked.

“Mmmm” I grunted as she ran her finger along the crease between the lips of my cunt then round them and to the front and found my clit.

She rubbed me there sending spasms of wonderful sensations through me. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I would cum again and I was pleased about that. I wanted to be made to cum again. I was feeling insatiable and all considerations of modesty, morality and sexuality were swept from my consciousness. I recognised that I was here for one reason and one reason only, my sexual satisfaction and that that would be from lesbian experiences. That didn’t worry or concern me any more.

“Oh yes” I groaned when I felt her fingers slide into me.

“Cum again baby” she whispered as she finger-fucked me both up my cunt and on my clit. It took only moments for my second orgasm to crash over me.

“Rest again Cat, take some time by yourself” Amelia whispered lying a large towel over me. “I’ll be back in a short while.”

I felt fantastic. Tired for sure, relieved and excited certainly, but mostly, I guess, I felt light-headed with the realisation that I was starting to satisfy the curiosity I had developed about lesbian sex. True I hadn’t done anything to another woman yet and I wasn’t at all sure that was on the agenda here. Furthermore, I wasn’t totally sure that I wanted to do anything for I wasn’t convinced I was ready for that just yet. Turning onto my back I thought ‘sod it’ and decided simply to go with the flow and wondered what was going to happen next.

“Come with us” one of the Thai girls said a few minutes or an hour later, I had no idea.

We went back to the wet room and this time they bathed me.

“Can we get you anything?” One of the Thai girls asked when we returned to the massage room. “Some wine perhaps?”

“Yes I think I would like a glass please.”

“White or red?”

“White please.”

As she shuffled off presumably to get the wine the other girl asked.

“Please come into the lounge” as she held my ‘hospital’ gown up in front of her hiding me from my gaze as I slid off the table. I smiled at the incongruity of the pair of them having washed me when I was naked and had watched me cum, yet now hid my naked body from their gaze.

“Hi Cat” Amelia greeted me as the Thai girl gave me the wine.

Amelia patted the place next to her on a smoky pink coloured, overstuffed four-seater sofa. I sat down and turned so we were half-facing each other. Our bare knees almost touching for both my robe and her dress had ridden well up our legs. It seemed rather silly to even think about adjusting mine and Amelia did nothing. This room was also dimly lit with haunting classical music, a Bach violin concerto I think, playing softly in the background and it had the same sweet aroma as the massage room.

“Are you enjoying it so far?”

“Very much so” I replied realising we were talking almost as if it was a hairdressing appointment we were discussing and not me having continual lesbian sex.

“There’s lot more to come if you’re up for it” she said her eyes sparkling as she leaned forward and picked up her glass. As if by another force my eyes were dragged to the front of her dress that was gaping. I could see right down it and I ogled her full breasts and the edges of her nipples that came into my view. She looked up suddenly and caught me looking. She smiled. I smiled back.

“Ok?” She whispered.

“Yes” I replied amazing myself that I was talking so openly to another woman about her breasts.

“You like my breasts Cat?”

“Yes” I stammered. “They look beautiful.”

“They are very similar in size and shape to yours Cat.”

“Are they?” I asked feeling a little embarrassed wondering where this was leading.

“Yes they are full and ripe just like yours are” she replied, her fingers going to the buttons at the neckline of her dress. I watched in amazement as holding my gaze she slowly undid them one by one. She pulled the dress apart so that both of her gorgeous breasts were completely exposed to my gaze. My first reaction was how her nipples stuck out so much. ‘Was that arousal’ I wondered feeling my own excitement rising as I looked at her boobs. Amelia cupped her breasts and pushed them together.

“You like?”

Gulping I managed a hoarse. “Yes.”

She leaned forward.

“You really do Cat?”

“Yes Amelia I do.”

“Touch them Cat, touch my breasts.”

My hand involuntarily reached out and I softly touched her right breast just above her darkish areola and erect nipple. Arching her back, she pushed them towards me and more firmly against my hand.

“Cup them for me.”

Although the feeling on my hands was not that different to when I cupped my own breasts the ‘feelings’ in my brain and body were totally different. ‘I’m touching another woman’s breasts’ I thought as Amelia wiggled her body.

“Squeeze them” she whispered.

It felt fantastic. I cupped and squeezed her lovely boobs, I stroked and rubbed them.

“Yes Cat, yes” she sighed. “Pinch my nipples.”

I pinched both at the same time. They had the same ‘rubbery’ feel as mine, but the sensations that roared through me were so different to those I got when I pinched my breasts.

“You like this?” She asked our eyes meeting.

“Yes” I gulped. “I do.”

“Come” she suddenly said standing up.

I almost giggled at the double entendre.

“Sorry” she said smiling when she realised. “I mean stand up.”

I did.

“Turn round.”

I did and I felt her undo the ties at the back of the robe.

“Turn back.”

I faced her and stared into her eyes as she slowly eased the robe away from me and dropped it onto the settee. I stood before her naked.

“Are you ready for the next stage Cat?”

“Yes Amelia” I replied as I looked at her. She was still wearing the dress with the top rolled down so that her breasts were bare. They really were magnificent for they must have been at least C and perhaps even D cup size and there was no sign whatsoever of them sagging.

“You know this is more than just massage don’t you?”

Thinking to myself that as I had been made to cum at least three times that was bloody obvious.

“I’m not quite sure what you mean Amelia.”

“I mean that we see our service as being more than massaging women like you to an orgasm.”

Still having no idea what she was on a bout I merely nodded. I was, though, beginning to feel a little awkward standing there naked with her topless wondering what was going to happen next.

“We see what we do as helping women find their true sexuality Cat. It’s not just about sexual release.”

“Oh I see” I stammered as Amelia came closer to me and took my hand. For a moment I thought she was going to kiss me, but she didn’t and instead whispered.

“Come on the others will be waiting” she says. “But hold on a moment” she adds as we get near to the door. Looking straight at me she bent down and pushed her dress down and off her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties. I gulped when I saw that she was totally bald. It looked lovely.

We went into the massage room. The two Thai girls and Kirchen were already in the room when the naked Amelia and I walked in. The Thai girls were also naked and Kirchen was topless wearing just a black micro skirt; she had great legs. She had hardly any swell to her breasts, but she had extremely prominent, very dark coloured almost brown nipples.

“On the table Cat” Amelia ordered. “On your back please.”

I then had the most erotic experience I’d ever had. I was massaged by the four girls. The Thai girls focused on my feet and legs, Kirchen on my middle and Amelia on the upper part of my body.

The Thai girls touch was light and concentrated on my inner thighs. They fluttered up and down the inside of each of my thighs persuading them further apart until my legs were open about as far as they could be. I was acutely aware that would expose my cunt and that both of them and Kirchen would be able see it in all its glistening glory.

Kirchen didn’t massage me in the firm way she had earlier. Her touch was almost as soft as the Thai girls as she slithered her hands and fingers all over my waist and stomach working downward towards my pubic mound. My mind kept visualising the moment when the four hands moving upwards would meet the two coming downwards. I wondered where that would be?

And Amelia, oh yes Amelia. She was standing naked at the head of the table. I couldn’t see her but her hands were on my face, shoulders and upper chest sending such thrills through my body. And then she started to massage, well caress really, in the most incredible way. Starting with her hands resting lightly on my collar bones she slowly and lightly slid them downwards. Onto my breasts, over my nipples, down the bottoms of each boob, onto my lower chest, across my waist, onto my stomach and down almost onto my mound where her and Kirchen’s caresses became undistinguishable. Tremendous sensations were coming from everywhere, but especially from Amelia for of course to reach my waist and beyond she had to lean forward over me. And of course for her to do that she had to bend almost ninety degrees at the waist. And of course as she did that so her full breasts firstly dangled over my face and then brushed against it. The feel of the soft flesh of her breasts and the slightly firmer sensation of her clearly hardened nipples on the sensitive skin of my face was incredible. Up and down my face they slithered. Caressing my forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and lips they sent such tremors through me as I realised I was being massaged by a pair of tits.

I was so aroused by this that I started to gasp and moan. Her reaction was immediate and so erotic. Lifting the top of her body a little she brushed her erect nipples all over my face as she squeezed, stroked, rubbed and gently pinched my tits. She rubbed one of her nipples along my lips and then left it dangling right there. It was like forbidden fruit. It was tempting me and inviting me. It was being so suggestive and ultimately so persuasive. She knew exactly what she wanted, but did I know what I wanted and what I should or would do. As that bud tantalisingly caressed my lower lip I felt Kirchen rubbing me right on my mound. Slowly and inexorably it was going nearer and nearer to my clit as at the same time the two Thai girls’ fingers slithered further and further up my thighs that were now, almost lewdly spread as wide as I could get them. For some inexplicable reason I raised my knees

“Kiss them” I heard Amelia whisper as Kirchen touched my clit. “Suck my nipples Cat.”

There was no hesitation now. I had crossed most of the bridges that before today had been such attractive opportunities, but still barriers. This was yet another, but I tore it down with one lick of my tongue. The feeling as that slid across her nipple was marvellous. I felt Kirchen hold my wrist. She pulled my hand and pushed it up her short skirt and between her legs right onto her wetness.

I felt Amelia push downwards so that the half acorn shaped lump of pink, rubbery flesh slid between my lips. I parted my teeth and took it between then. Biting softly I sucked on her teat.

It was delicious and such a fucking turn on I started to cum. But that was fine, it was justified and natural. After all I now had Amelia squeezing and pinching my tits and nipples, the two Thai girls stroking my cunt lips and pushing their fingers inside me and Kirchen rubbing my clit. On top of all that my fingers had slid up Kirchen and I was now greedily sucking Amelia’s wonderful breasts.

I was I realised being fucked by four women in what truly was an erotic lesbian massage experience.

Amelia surely had helped me find my sexuality.

I had three more massages and god knows how many orgasms before leaving at around ten that evening. Before I left I asked Amelia if I could arrange another appointment.

“You may darling, but I also do offer an escort service, maybe you would prefer to use that?”

“How does it work?”

“We meet, maybe have lunch or dinner then we go to bed and have wonderful sex. Would you like that?”

It took me no time at all to say that I would. Amelia smiled.

“So darling you have had your erotic lesbian massage experience and now you will have your erotic lesbian experience won’t you?”

Smiling back as she kissed me goodbye I replied.

“Yes Amelia I will.”

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