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Kelly & Robin

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My girlfriend Kelly is 23, and her roommate Robin is a girl she works with. Robin is 21 and works with Kelly at the local video store.

Anyway, they met at work, and not long after decided to share an apartment. I knew Robin through a friend of a friend, and she introduced me to Kelly. Robin is about 5’4″ and has a nice shapely build. She has very large breasts, which at her age ride high on her rib cage.

She has long red hair, and not nearly as many freckles as a lot of other red heads. She naturally is the target of tons of questions about whether or not she is a ‘natural’ redhead, which any of us who’ve known her for years know that she is. Kelly is a petite little minx, brown hair and blue eyes, and a smile that lights up a room. She is very energetic, and has a great build. Her hips are wider than Robin’s and although her breasts are smaller, on her 4’11” frame, they actually look larger.

Robin thought that Kelly and I would make a great match and she hooked us up with one another. We immediately started dating and were soon a very steady thing. Inside only a few months, I was sleeping over about five nights a week, and we were having sex two or three times a day while I was staying there.

Kelly’s bedroom was the smaller of the two in the apartment, and was filled with all of her post-college furniture. The room was packed, and as a lot of small apartments go, there wasn’t much option on how to set things up. We ended up with her single bed against the same wall that Robin had her bed against in her room. Naturally, whenever Kelly and I were having sex, if Robin was in her room, she heard everything. And I mean EVERY THING.

It wasn’t too long either, until Robin said something to Kelly. She wasn’t being mean about it, but she wasn’t seeing anyone at the time either, so it was getting a little frustrating to hear us going at it for hours almost every night while she was stuck alone in the next room.

We tried to keep it down, and we even moved the bed a few inches from the wall so we wouldn’t smack into it with our bodies, and so the headboard wasn’t making so much noise hitting the wall.

It was a Saturday, I remember, when we had just gotten back from a little ‘shopping’ excursion. Kelly and I had discovered that we really enjoyed picking up dirty magazines, and reading the stories in them. That would get us all hot and bothered, and then we’d talk a bit about our fantasies and all the wild stuff we wanted to eventually try, and then we’d end up going at it like rabbits for a while.

We were sitting on the bed, still in the reading phase, when Robin got home. Since things hadn’t heated up yet, we still had the bedroom door open, and Robin stopped at the entrance, and leaned on the door jamb with her bag from work slung over her shoulder.

“What are you two up to?” She asked, seeing the pile of magazines spread out on the bedsheet.

“Reading porn,” I smiled, and flipped the magazine around to show Robin a picture of a busty redheaded girl on her knees sucking some well endowed black man’s penis.

Robin feigned embarrassment at the coincidence, smiling and blushing slightly.

“What’s the matter Robin,” I asked. “Look familiar?”

“Cut it out, asshole.” Kelly slapped me on the thigh as she said this. “Don’t listen to him Robin. He’s a dick.”

“Yeah, I know.” Robin answered, and flipped me the bird.

“So you wanna join us reading some stories?” Kelly asked.

Robin cocked her head to the side, looking at the single bed we were sitting on. A slight frown crossed her face.

“There doesn’t look to be all that much room for three people on that bed.” She answered. But I’ve got a double, if you want to bring all your reading materials over to my room.”

“Sure,” Kelly answered, and started to scoot off the bed, making to push all the magazines into a pile so we could put them back in the bag.

“Hold on.” Robin answered. “I still need a shower. Just give me ten minutes, and then I’ll be ready. Don’t start without me.”

“Ok.” Kelly answered.

Robin trotted off to her room, and a minute later we heard the shower in her private bathroom running.

“What are you doing?” I asked. I was a little uncomfortable at the thought that I’d be sitting in Robin’s room with a boner, reading and listening to stories, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it with another person there in front of us. Hell, I wouldn’t even be able to play with Kelly’s tits, or rub my own dick.

“Oh relax,” Kelly answered. “The least we can do is share some of our porn. We’re always banging away in here, and she has to listen to it, and she’d never go out and buy something like this on her own. Let her get into it and have some fun too. Then we can excuse ourselves and leave the magazines behind. This way, she’ll have something to read and look at while we’re going at it.”

“Alright,” I answered, “But as soon as it gets too much, we’re coming back in here. I’m not going to walk around with a boner all day and not do anything about it. I don’t care if she asks us to rent a movie or get a pizza afterward, we aren’t doing anything else tonight if we don’t come back in here.”

“Fine fine, geeze, you really are an asshole, do you know that?” Kelly, finished getting all the mags back into the bag, and motioned for me to get up off the bed. I did and she quick straightened things up while she sent me into the kitchen to pop us all a couple of beers.

By the time I got back, I could hear that Robin’s shower was no longer running, and I didn’t go all the way into Kelly’s bedroom, I just waited, leaning on the door frame as Robin had earlier, holding three open tall boys, and waiting for Kelly to get herself together.

She came to the door, and as she did, I heard Robin’s bedroom door open. She was dressed like a girl who had just gotten out of the shower, very sexy and erotic looking without trying. Her long red hair was matted from the water of the shower, only somewhat dried with a towel. She had run a brush through it quickly, and pulled it back into a pony tail with a scrunchy. She had a faded gray sports tee-shirt on with her old high-school mascot on it. The shirt was fraying at the collar and the ends of the sleeves, and had a hole in it just about where her belly button was, though not quite big enough for me to see it. The shirt was twisted slightly on her body, as if she had rushed and put it on while she was still a little wet. The best part was her breasts. Totally unfettered by a bra, they floated high on her chest, large, and round. Her nipples were soft yet, having just taken a hot shower, but they showed signs that they were begining to crinkle and tighten up with excitement as she stood there.

Below she was wearing a pair of red short cut gym shorts, probably also from her high school days. The legs of the shorts couldn’t have come down further than an inch to an inch and a half below her crotch, and she had them pulled up kind of tightly to her crotch. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed to me there was the slightest definition of her labia visible in the shape of her shorts around her crotch. It didn’t look like she was wearing underwear with that kind of detail visible. I wasn’t able to giver her a good stare, as she only stood still for a moment, before backing up to let us in. My dick had begun to stir in my shorts though, at the sight of her, and I decided that it was probably best that she had begun moving and that I could feel Kelly coming around behind me, and grabbing one of the beers from my hand. In her other hand was the bag of magazines.

Kelly passed me nonchalantly and went into the room, scouting out her spot on the far side of the bed. I handed Robin a beer as I entered, and she let her hand linger on mine as she took it, giving me a “thanks,” in a voice that was uncharacteristically husky for her.

I had wanted to sit next to Kelly, so I climbed onto the bed after her, and Robin followed me, putting me in the middle. Each of the girls had a nightstand on their side, so they had someplace to set their beers. I didn’t and, being a typical guy, put the bottle between my legs. I figured it would be good to keep the cold bottle up against my dick like a cold shower. Maybe it would keep me from embarrassing myself.

Robin immediately started laughing and pointing at my crotch. It looked like the beer bottle sticking up was my dick. Kelly laughed too, and immediately rolled over and jammed her face into my crotch and engulfed the beer bottle in her mouth. She began moving her head up and down moaning all the while and I was immediately embarrassed, as I felt my cock begin to stir again in my shorts. She slid her head up and down a few more times, then clamped down on the bottle, lifting it out from between my legs with her mouth. Without ever touching the bottle with her hands, she tilted back her head until the bottle was upside down in the air, and sticking in her throat. Robin and I watched her throat muscles move back and forth as she drank several gulps of beer from the bottle this way, then brought her head back down, and placed the beer right back where it had been; between my legs.

Kelly came up off the bottle, with a loud smacking of her lips, and a smile like the Cheshire cat. “Salty.” She smiled. “And very foamy head.” We all laughed.

“OK, Robin,” Kelly said. “Your turn,” and she pointed at the bottle.

Robin looked back and forth, between us, with a shocked expression, and just a little nervous.

“It’s OK Robin, he’s got his pants on, and trust me, he won’t poke your eye out with it or anything. It isn’t nearly big enough.” Kelly pinched my arm just a little as she said this.

Finally Robin shrugged and thrust her face into my lap. I immediately went tense. Every muscle in my body wanted to thrust into her face, to hold her head right were it was so I could grind my crotch into her mouth. Kelly, holding my arm, felt me tense up a bit, and just smiled.

Robin began bobbing her head up and down on my beer bottle like she was sucking my cock, and just before she went to pull the bottle up from between my legs, I got an idea and closed them just a little bit. With just the pressure of her lips and mouth, she couldn’t break the grip my inner thighs had on the bottle, and she had to continue pulling and sucking, trying to get the bottle up. I realized that all this extra attention, plus the frustrated moans she was letting out, were just working to get me more excited, so I released the bottle, and up she came with it in her mouth.

In a similar fashion to Kelly, Robin brought her head back, and let the beer bottle drain into her throat. It was very sexy watching her throat muscles work at swallowing the contents of the bottle, and I stared as she drank gulp after gulp. Finally, she stopped and swung her head down, this time, removing the bottle from her mouth by hand. She gave it back to me, over half empty, with a big smile.

“Great.” I said “Now I’ve got no beer left.” I had only been kidding around, but immediately, Robin pushed forward and kissed me right on the lips. I was surprised, but not totally shocked. Robin and I had been friends for years, and often greeted each other with a kiss. It didn’t even bother Kelly in the past when we had. But then, Robin thrust her tongue into my mouth, and once she had a good lock on me, and my mouth was open, she shot a stream of still cold beer between my lips, along with her tongue. I had quickly figured this was coming, and I swallowed the beer as she sent it into my mouth.

“There, crybaby,” Kelly said as the kiss between me and her roommate ended. “Now you’ve got some beer.”

I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen next, and had figured something was about to start, when Kelly produced a magazine, smiling, and said, “Story Time!”

We each took turns reading a story. First Kelly read a story about a woman who got caught in the laundry room by another guy in her building. She had been leaning into the dryer, getting off on the vibrations when he walked in on her. They exchanged a few words, and then ended up screwing, the woman naked and sitting on the clothes dryer while they did it.

Kelly and Robin laughed about some of the Neanderthal tenants in the building and how they wouldn’t screw any of those guys if they were the last people on earth. Robin also admitted that when she was living at home she would sometimes get off on the dryer in her parents’ basement, and she recommended it highly to Kelly.

Robin read the next story, which was about an office romance of sorts. In the story a woman had insisted on getting into the all male office football pool, not knowing that the person with the absolute worst record for the season had to set his wife up with the season’s winner. It had been an office tradition, and when the woman lost for the season, she found that she was the prize. The story went from the outrageous to the absurd when the woman decided to take on all the members of the office pool, and finding in the end, that she loved nothing more in the world than being gang banged by the men she worked with. The story ended with the woman vowing to lose the pool every year from then on.

Finally it was my turn to read a story, and Kelly handed me the magazine, and told me which one to read. It was a longer story, with a pictorial. It was about a fellow who had just moved in to a new condominium complex and ended up coming on to a hot babe in the swimming pool, only to find out that the woman had a husband who like watching her fool around with other men. The three of them ended up having several threesomes, and the article went on for pages with pictures breaking up the text.

They were typical porno mag photos too, of men with semi-erect penises, almost but not quite making contact with the mouth or genitals of the women models. No penetration, as usual, but I made sure to stop at each picture, like a kindergarten teacher reading a book to her class. At each photo, I turned the magazine, and showed the picture to each of Kelly and Robin, explaining what was going on in each one, as if they really were kids.

“See, Robin?” I said, “She’s sucking her boyfriend, and the new guy is getting ready to fuck her doggy style. Isn’t that neat?”

We all got our laughs out of it, but I noticed that when I turned to Robin to show her the pictures that her nipples now were erect, and that, while she was lying on her side, she was nearly constantly rubbing her thighs together. Her breathing had become a litte bit heavier, and instead of joking and commenting back about the pictures, she was just nodding and saying “uh-huh.”

Likewise, Kelly had begun to reach this state, but was being a little more bold. Slightly obstructed from Robin’s view, and lying back more, Kelly had slipped her right hand up under her shirt and was slowly pulling and twisting her right nipple from under her shirt.

Seeing this, I turned to Kelly and whispered. “Maybe it’s time for us to be going now.”

“Why?” Kelly asked She was barely making eye contact. Her attention was split between playing with her nipple, and restraining herself from doing more.

“Cause you’re just about ready to jump out of your clothes, and I’ve got a raging hard on.”

“Hey. No fair.” Robin said. She hit my thigh similarly to the way Kelly had earlier, but after she did, she kept her hand on my leg. “You have to read loud enough for me to hear.”

“I wasn’t reading Robin. Sorry.” I answered.

“Then what were you talking about?” Robin asked.

“Tim says he’s got a raging hard-on.” Kelly answered past me, just a little louder than she had needed to.

It wasn’t wholly accurate, though. When the girls had been reading the story, I had been more aroused, but while I was concentrating on reading, I hadn’t been as excited. I was semi-erect, but definitely not raging. I had only given Kelly that answer to try to get her moving.

“Well, it doesn’t look like he’s got a raging erection.” Robin said. “He was harder when I was drinking beer from his crotch.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t look all that hard.” Kelly agreed. “Let’s take a look.”

With that, Kelly reached out to my shorts, and grabbed the top, and began pulling them down, along with my boxers. For the briefest moment I considered being self conscious and trying to stop her, but I held on to the magazine and decided that if Kelly wanted to show my cock to Robin, then I’d let her. I even lifted my hips up a little, and as I did, Robin grabbed my shorts on the side closest to her, and began pulling them down too.

In a flash, my shorts and boxers were down around my knees. Robin worked them the rest of the way down to my ankles and I kicked out of them. Kelly already had a grip on my cock by this point.

“Definitely not raging.” Kelly clucked at me.

“But he’s starting to get harder,” Robin noticed.

Kelly had begun slowly sliding her hand up and down my cock, getting me harder and harder. The head of my penis was already slick with precum, arousal from listening to all of the stories.

While Kelly’s hand slid up and down, Robin watched intently as I began to grow more and more erect. Kelly sat up at this point, and looked at Robin.

“Keep him going for a second, would you?” She asked, and then looked at me. “Keep reading, Mr. Raging Hardon. I want to hear how the story ends.” I started reading and while I did, Kelly began taking off her shirt.

Robin had grabbed my penis when Kelly asked her to, and the rush of a totally unfamiliar hand sent a jolt through me and brought me much closer to the point of raging erection. Her hand circled the slick head of my cock, working my precum back into my skin, and lubricating the rest of the head, as well as Robin’s hand.

Kelly finished taking her shirt off, and I started reading again, with just the slightest quiver in my voice. Once Kelly had her shirt off, she reached out and began lightly scratching at my balls with her fingernails, something she knew I loved. Robin kept a slow steady rhythm on my cock, up and down with her hand while Kelly played with my balls and her own tits, alternating her free hand from one nipple to the other and back again.

It was getting difficult to read while all of this was going on, and as Robin kept the slow pace on my cock, Kelly leaned forward to Robin and grabbed Robin’s tee-shirt at the bottom and began lifting. Robin had to let go of my dick to get the shirt all the way off, but quickly put her hand back, once she was topless. Her breasts were just as magnificent and round, and gravity defying as I had hoped they would be. With nice sized nipples that were neither too large nor too small. She had that pale white skin that looked like cream the way fair haired girls do, and her hair came down her front not quite to her nipples, but framed her breasts perfectly as she quickly undid her ponytail with her free hand.

I got another smack on the thigh, and Kelly drew my attention away from Robin’s breasts. “Keep reading, boner boy.” I went back to reading the story, and enjoying the slow hand job I was getting from Robin.

At this point Kelly had gotten bored with my balls, and had started playing with Robin’s nipples, pinching and twisting them lightly, then she leaned forward, and stuck her mouth on Robin’s left breast, licking lightly at first then swallowing the whole nipple into her mouth. Robin must have been enjoying this, as her pace on my cock began to increase as Kelly continued to suck on Robin’s nipple.

Knowing me as well as she did, Kelly could tell that I was beginning to get close to orgasm. She pulled back from Robin and asked, “why don’t you take the first load?”

Robin stopped jerking and looked shocked and scared back at Kelly. “Um,” was all she was able to answer.

“You know,” Kelly said. “Blow him. I want to see him cum on your face.”

Robin had become much more pale by this point than I had ever thought she could become, and she removed her hand from my dick.

“Kelly, I don’t think she does that.” I had stopped reading when the hand job stopped, and I was watching Robin. I had seen that look on a girl’s face before when she was confronted with dick sucking for the first time.

“Well, it isn’t that I don’t do it. I mean, I might. I, well, I just haven’t yet.” Robin answered tentatively. She was becoming flushed and embarrassed.

“That changes everything then,” Robin said, and grabbed the magazine from me, throwing it off the bed. “This is no longer just some fantasy Robin, this is a teaching exercise. You don’t need Tim reading and distracting you. Hey, penis man, lie down, shut up, and close your eyes. She doesn’t need to be made self conscious about this, so you can’t watch. Just lie there, be hard, and let us know when you’re going to cum. And one more thing,” Kelly explained, as I had begun to slide down the bed further. “You say one word besides ‘I’m cumming,’ and this whole thing stops.”

I knew Kelly well enough to know that was no idle threat. We had done some wild things in the past where the only words you were allowed were your safety word, and ‘I’m cumming.’ I laid down, got comfortable, and threw an arm across my face, closing my eyes beneath.

It was at this point that Kelly’s demeanor changed again.

“Ok Robin, let’s start slow.” She began. “You’ve given hand jobs before, right?”

Robin nodded.

“To completion?” Kelly asked. “You made the guy cum, right?” Kelly wanted to be thorough.

Robin nodded again.

“Did you ever taste the guy’s load?” Kelly asked.

Robin answered quickly, “No.”

“Ok. That’s ok. Don’t worry about it.” Kelly had taken my cock in hand, and had begun stroking it again slowly, just to keep me hard while she talked to Robin. “All you really have to do,” Kelly explained, “is think of a cock like it’s a guy’s finger. It’s just skin, and the skin is connected to the rest of his body, so it really isn’t any different than having his finger in your mouth.”

“But it’s his dick,” Robin argued. “He pees out of it. That’s kind of disgusting.”

“It is,” Kelly answered. I could feel her lean forward for a moment, and then I felt Robin’s hand on my dick again. Kelly must have reached out and put it there for her. “But you just have to not think about that. Plus the benefits are worth it. A lot of guys won’t eat you if you don’t give head, and wait till you see how much control you have over a guy when his nuts are in your mouth, or you’re taking him deep. It’s the real reason men buy women jewelry.”

Robin laughed at that a little, but Kelly was ready to start the lesson proper.

“Now Robin,” explained Kelly. “You should start by giving the head a little kiss.” Robin leaned forward and kissed the head of my dick.

“Good, now, kiss the sides and down the shaft to his balls.” Robin twisted her head and planted delicate, dry kisses down the shaft of my cock, to the base and around my balls. Then she slowly traveled up the other side of my cock, continuing the light kisses. Her lips were soft, and very warm, and my cock jiggled in her hands just a little from excitement, every time I felt her face, or nose or lips brush against me. I could feel her hair wisping around my legs, across my crotch and belly and it tickled and made me even harder.

“Great. That wasn’t so bad was it?” Kelly asked.

Robin didn’t answer, she simply kept kissing my dick, up and down, along the sides, up to the head and back down again. When she got to the bottom, she planted several kisses on my ball sack and then continued her way back up the shaft again.

“Now let’s get a little wet with it,” Kelly encouraged. “Get your tongue involved. Lick it.”

Robin opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, licking the head of my dick as she moved up toward the head again. Her tongue was hot and wet, and it made me quiver as I felt it dampening my cockshaft and head. She licked slowly, tentatively up and down, and let her tongue circle around and around my head, then at Kelly’s goading, up to my piss slit, and she squirmed her tongue around as if she wanted to put it inside. I let out a low moan, which I fought to suppress, lest Kelly call the whole thing off. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to keep my composure while this cocksucking amateur learned her way around a dick with mine as her first.

Robin had been moving slowly, licking and kissing my cock head all over. I found out later that it was around this point that Kelly gently grabbed Robin’s head and slowly, gently pushed her head down on my cock. robin opened her mouth and let my dick slide in. She kept her tongue up against the shaft and heated me with the warm wetness of her mouth. Kelly was guiding her head up and down, slowly moving her in a steady rhythm. I heard Kelly whisper the word “Suck.” and it was at this point that Robin began to form a suction on my dick.

It felt absolutely wonderful, though she didn’t have a good seal on it, and as she came up her lips would slurp and stutter across my cock, making lots of noise. Kelly instructed her to suck harder, and when Robin began to suck more, the noise abated.

Robin went on this way for about two minutes and then Kelly brought her head up off my cock.

“Now,” she explained. “If you’re going to get him off just sucking, you’re either going to have to go fast and suck hard, like a vacuum cleaner or a whore, or you can make love to his dick with your mouth. Suck for a while, jack him a little with your hand, then run your tongue up and down the sides a little. Lick his balls a big and then go back to sucking. This works great because it gives your jaw a break, and if you keep jacking him the whole time, you’ll just keep getting him closer.

Robin started alternating her techniques, sucking for a minute, jacking while licking the head, then going down to my balls, only to return to sucking a few moments later.

I was beginning to get closer, and my breathing was getting heavier. My balls had started to tighten up, getting ready to shoot, and Kelly noticed this and showed Robin.

“Good,” Kelly explained. “Now you’ve got him close. Start picking up the pace, alternate more, jack faster, suck harder. But save your jaws for near the end.”

Robin was taking to this very skillfully. Her technique, though still not perfect, was improving, and it would definitely be enough to get me off. I started breathing even harder, and was thrusting just a little bit trying to synchronize my hips with her motions. The friction of her lips was getting faster, and hotter, and she was really moving at this point. I could help myself, and was now leaving out small moans every time her head dropped deep into my lap to take my cock into her mouth. She was moving faster and faster, and she was either really getting good at this, or Kelly was moving her head for her.

I let out a really deep groan, and whispered through my teeth, “I’m cumming.” Kelly knew this meant I was close… I usually give her three or four warnings before actually shooting.

Robin seemed to hesitate, and it was then I was sure that Kelly had Robin’s head in her hands and was controlling her. The motion began again quickly, and Kelly told Robin, “don’t worry, it just means he’s close.”

At this point, every stroke of her hot wet mouth brought a moan from my lips, and each moan got deeper and louder.

“I’m cumming.” I told them again. Kelly had Robin’s head going even faster at this point, and Robin was beginning to make slurping noises again as she tired.

“Keep sucking him Robin,” Kelly instructed.

The motion was getting faster, and there was no way that I could hold back. I clenched my thighs tight and moaned again, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Robin’s head pulled up quickly off my cock, but not far from it. Kelly was still controlling the situation.

“Jack him Robin, get your hand going. And lick the head. Don’t put it all the way in your mouth, just lick the end, and let him cum on your face.”

Hearing Robin tell another girl to let me cum on her face was just about the last I could handle. I began to buck and jerk, and my legs tensed even more as the hot white sperm began shooting from the end of my dick. I spasmed and spasmed and I could hear Kelly cooing in delight as she saw my cum splatter on Robin’s face. It felt like I shot a million times, though I know it was more like five or six serious shots. Finally, the spasms began to subside, and as they did, the licking and jacking slowed down. After just a few seconds, I was lying there panting hard, and keeping my eyes covered.

“You can look now,” Kelly told me. I opened my eyes and checked out Robin’s face. I had done a remarkable job of painting her face white, she was gobbed with cum on her cheeks, and lips, and some of it in her bright red hair. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She was just covered in my cum and Kelly was scooping it up off Robin’s cheeks and sticking her finger in Robin’s mouth, letting her taste my sperm. I started getting hard again, just watching the two of them like this, but, well, if you want to know about that, email me!

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