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Two Daiquiris

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Thanks for reading this story! It’s my first one so feel free to leave criticism in the comments. I’ve wanted to write erotica for a long time and I finally put a story together.

This is a shorter story. I’ve got plans to continue it so stay tuned!


Julie woke suddenly, her cell phone shrieking the new La Roux song. It was one of the few songs obnoxious enough to wake her up in the mornings. She flailed her legs and kicked off the her light summer blanket, pulled the wedgie out of her boyshorts and planted her feet on the floor.

She quickly moved to the other side of her small room and turned off the song. Today was going to be a fun day. As she got herself ready she ran through her plans .

She would eat some breakfast with her Mom first. Carol was a great mother and really looked after her daughter. For a woman of 49 she was in fantastic shape. Her auburn hair hadn’t faded at all and she kept herself toned by going to the gym in Mission Valley often. She wanted to always set a great example for her daughter and Julie had followed suit. For breakfast they would have some strawberries and yogurt with some oatmeal depending on how warm the Southern California morning was.

Julie loved her mom but she was really looking forward to hanging out with her friend Kristin. Kristin, like Julie, had just graduated and they were both going to attend Meza College in the fall. They had decided to head down to the beach areas to people watch and tan.

Julie absolutely had to pick out the perfect bikini to hang out with Kristin. Kristin was fashionable and Julie wanted to show her that she knew how to dress too. She finally settled on a black top with small white dots tied across with 3 pink bows and tied around the top of her neck. She loved the way it held up her 34Cs and she couldn’t resist trying it on before stepping in the shower. It was sexy and her light brown eyes lit up when saw herself. She had a smattering of freckles on the tops of her cheeks, just enough to be cute but not too many to look constantly filthy. She had gotten some hints of red in her hair from her mother but her dads dirty blonde was the dominant gene. She let her hair grow until it was about an inch above her nipples when she stood up straight. After taking a steaming shower she walked down the hall into the living room where her mom was already up and serving breakfast.

“Oh baby. You look delicious in that top!” her mom exclaimed. ” It’s not too risque for a girl your age and those pink bows are adorable.” Julie gave her mom a tight hug before they settled down to strawberries and oatmeal. The forecast was 80*F and looked to be another perfect day.

“You like it? I choose it to hang out with Kristin today.”

“Uhoh she might be jealous!” her mom teased and pinched Julie’s arm across the small breakfast table. They spent the breakfast making some small talk and then her mom was off to work at her hotel.

Julie spent some time reading magazines until she heard the doorbell’s kitty katty ring meow.

“Are you serious that’s your doorbell?!” She heard a bright laugh from outside. “It’s ridiculous! I love it!”

“Hey baby!” Julie said as she opened the door. Kristin stood there smiling in some pink daisy dukes and a pink top. Julie smiled back thinking to herself how great it was that they would match but that she would be dressed better. Kristin was a little more tan but her tits were a little smaller. The girls hugged passionatly and then the door was locked and they were driving towards the I-8 in Kristin’s white Ford Escort. They cranked the radio and laughed and caught up and gossiped about what their friends were doing over the summer.

“It’s so crazy did you hear about Amanda?” Kristin yelled over the music as she swerved around a minivan sporting a Piolin sticker. Julie yelled that she hadn’t .” Well she got knocked up by Chris. Chris Jones! But here’s the crazy thing! She’s dating Syrus!!!”

“What!!” Julie squealed? “Syrus as in the girl from Song?”

“Yea! Chris wants to keep the kid but she’s not so sure.”

“O.M.G. I have to call Syrus tonight. I had no idea either of them were into girls.” Julie yelled as the song switched. They girls exchanged a glance during the pause in music and burst out laughing again. Today was going to be a great day.

As they talked about Amanda and cheer, Julie began thinking about Syrus. Both girls were very attractive. She couldn’t think why they would date. Julie had always thought about being with another girl although it hadn’t happened yet she couldn’t imagine actually dating one. She liked having a nice firm cock sliding in and out of her too much to ever consider giving it up entirely. Especialy Chris Jones. He had a nice sized cock and knew how to use it. Like the first time she had let him part her tight lips and ground into her trimmed mound. She started getting moist just thinking about Chris’ cock again.

” Have you ever been with a girl?” Kristin asked knocking Julie out of her reverie.

“What?! No!” Julie exclaimed. Then with a silly grin that she lowered her voice and said “but oh baby I love your titties.” She reached aroudn Kristins arm on the wheel and gave her friends tit and firm squeez.

“You bitch!” her friend exclaimed in mock indignation. She made no move to take Julies had away though.

” Oh you whore I think you like it!” Julie stuck her tongue out and the leaned further and grabbed her friends other tit. She was slightly startled as she felt Kristins nipples stiffern under her touch. Julie felt her own arousal start up as she realized she was actually turning her friend on. She started to knead the tit beneath the thin fabric. ” oh look at the tit popping up!” She joked.

“Sit down bitch you’re going to make me crash!” Kristin started grabbing at Julies top trying to pull it down! “you’re going to flash the whole freeway!”

Julie sat back but the girls kept grabbing and swatting until they reached the beach.

The suns rays came down hot and they hurried to find a spot on the sand where they could put their tan lotion on and lay out. Julie helped massage the sun tan oil into her friends back. Teasingly sliding her slick fingers under her bottoms and down the backs of her legs.

“Hey, I already got there.” Kristin lifted her head from her towel and looked back, grinning. “I think you just like me ass.” She lifted her ass and shook it in Julies face. Julie gave it a firm smack.

“It your turn to do me.” She said as she flopped down onto her own towel. She felt Kristins palms massage deep into her muscles and move down to the small of her back. She felt Kristin pause and then suddenly a hand quickly snuck down and gave her right ass check a slippery squeeze and then it was gone. Julie didn’t react other than to moan a little bit. She could beat Kristin at that game. Then the hands were down between her thighs working down towarrds her knees and breifly working into her calfs and then quickly back up to her thighs. Apparently Kristin wasn’t done. Her hands worked higher, and Julie felt her pussy start to moisten. She was actually getting really turned on by this! Suddnely she a finger press hard into her tingling slit and then quickly slid up her taint. She gasped. And looked over to where Kristin had plopped back down to her own towel. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Gotchya back.” She said and then quickly looked away.

“You’re a punk.” Julie said to relieve some of the tension. Kristin laughed and took the opportunity to change the conversation to the people walking by. But soon enough the hot summer sun soothed them and the conversation dwindeled again.

Julie began day dreaming, enjoying the way the heat massaged her smooth skin. She watched a group of guys throwing a football around in the waves. People jogged by frequently and in the far distance she could see a couple sail boats racing, their jibs tightened trying to eek out as much power from the soft wind as they could.

Julies mind began to drift and she imaged that her and Kristin were out on a yacht looking in at the crowded beach. The captain would come over and give her a peach and lime daiquiri. And then a drink to Kristin. Something with an olive in it. Ofcourse the captain would be hers. He’d lean in and kiss her softly on the cheek and then she’d turn to kiss him on his lips. She could feel his unshaven face pushing into hers and taste whiskey on his tongue. She opened her eyes for a moment and saw Kristin flipping over.

“Babe you should probably turn too.” Kristin said. So Julie turned over, feeling like she was turning over on a cloud. The warm sun beat on her back and she imagined her captain massaging her shoulders. He led her to the bow of the ship where she lay down on a leather couch. Kristin moved over and began helping, applying some sun tan to her back.

“Babe you have to get it all over.” Her captain said . And she felt his sea hardened fingers unclasp the top of her bra. She could feel herself getting moist and she rocked back and forth enjoying the feel of his hands working her relaxing muscles going lower and lower. She felt Kristins hands soft and smooth working lower and lower.

“You guys are trying to get me naked!?” she said and looked back to see Kristin holding her captains cock while she tongued his face. Her top was open and the captain was roughly massaging her nipples. Dammit.

“Why do my day dream always go sour”she asked herself.She looked back over at Kristin laying serene on her towel. She glanced back and Julie saw her wink through her sunglasses. She winked back.

Julie always felt like Kristin had one upped her a little bit with guys. Maybe it was coming out a little bit, with the sun hypnotizing her. She decided to go back to her day dream and make it right. In her dream she stood up, topless, letting her breasts glow in the warm sunlight. She walked towards her Captain and grabbed his face and kissed him hard. In her minds eye she saw Kristin go down and begin slurping his cock. The captain broke his kiss with Julie and pulled his pants all the way down to allow Kristin better access. Then with his hand on Kristins head he began kissing Julie again and she felt him moan into her mouth. He slowly started moving their heads lower until he pushed her head on par with Kristins and they took turns greedily tonguing his engorged head. Julie took control after a few moments and looked at Kristin. In her mind she told her ‘watch this babe.’ and swallowed the captains cock all the way to his balls. She felt them move and then the captain exploded down her throat. She moaned loudly.

“Hey!” Kristin said, in real life, jarring Julie yet again. “What are you thinking about you whore?”

“Oh nothing. and don’t call me a whore, bitch.” Julie said, playfully pushing her friend into the sand.

They joked around a little more and then went into the ocean to splash in the waves before going home.

On the way home Kristin asked Julie “hey so really what were dreaming about on the beach?” Julie wasn’t sure how to answer and so she bit her lip and looked back at Kristin. Kristin saw right through her though and took a wild guess. “You were thinking about fucking me!” and she burst into giggles.

“No! Whatever” Julie exclaimed and she craned her next to look out the road and stop from blushing. “That wasn’t it at all. Fine I’ll tell you. I was dreaming about fucking a captain on a yacht.” She felt tense, unsure how her freind would react to her sharing her dream. Kristin apparently thought she was sleeping and that was fine with her.

“That’s pretty hot.” Kristin agreed.

“But…” Julie trailed off and glanced back over at Kristin who glanced away from the road back to her friend intently. “Well you were there too.” She bit her lip again and then looked back at her friend.

“oh yea?” Kristin asked. “like how?” She leaned closer to the middle of the car keeping one hand on her steering wheel.

“Well, first we were just hanging out, but then the captain gave me a massage. oh, and we were drinking daiquiris.”

“oooh I love daiquirs” Kristin said, sounding as though she had tried all the drinks in the world and decided that daiquiris were by far the best.

“And then… well you started making out with him!”

“What?! Gosh you must think I’m a bitch or something.” Kristin slapped Juilies arm.

“Well I couldn’t let that go so I started making out with him. Then we were all kind of making out and we ah… went down on him.”

Kristin looked completely entranced by the story. Not at all what Julie thought her reaction would be. “So both of us? like? sucked his cock?” Kristin grimaced trying to suppress a giggle. “Actually that’s kind of hot.” She said finally.


“Ya. Totally. I mean it couldn’t be just anybody though. Like it would have to be like someone good though.”

“Like a captain.” Julie said. He freind agreed.

“So is that it?” Kristin asked. “you’ve got me all turned on actually.” Kristin looked bashful. Julie thought she’d never see her like that so she took advantage to try to tease Kristin back.

“Yea I can tell! Look how wet your pussy is!” She started to reach to poke at it but then reached for the chap stick in the center console instead.

“Shut up!” Kristin said “So what, you’re the one that was moaning on the beach and wiggling your sexy ass all around! I bet you’re just saying that cause YOUR pussy’s so wet!” The mood was fun and flitatious again and Julie started to feel a little more comfortable after sharing her private thoughts.

She put the chapstick on and then licked her lips and looked back across the seat “I bet your nipples are all hard too! Look at them poking through the fabric!”

They turned off the freeway and continued joking until they got back to Julies house.

“Hey my moms not home. What time do you have to be back?” Julie asked.

“Oh whenever. Let’s hang out for a bit.” Kristin responded. Kristin turned her car off and motioned for Julie to get out of the car.

The girls walked inside. Julie couldn’t help but stare at Kristin’s ass as she strutted up the path to the door, almost like she’s wearing heels or something. Julie wondered if Kristin was doing that on purpose.

Once inside Julie offered Kristin a drink. “Have anything for daquiris?” Kristin joked, crinkling up her nose in a cute smile.

“Oh you would looove a dairquri wouldn’t you?” Julie said. “But my mom doesn’t really drink so we don’t have much alcohol.”

“Hmm you should check! We wont have a lot just a little bit. It’s been so hooot outside baby we deserve a little something.” Kristin pleaded lounging on the couch in the small living room. “C’monnnn.”

Julie sighed and got a stool to check the liquor cabinet that was over the fridge. There were a few mostly empty bottles and one that was half full of a vodka called Grey Kettle. She shook her head. Being popular was harder than she thought. She was mostly a good girl and hadn’t really stolen alcohol before. She poured some into two glasses of cranberry juice and then took the bottle to the tap to refill it with some water.

“Alright, here’s you’re daiquiribaby.” Julie said, overemphasizing the word “daiquiri” and sitting down next to Kristen on the couch.

“Thanks Love.” Kristin took a long draught and then exclaimed in a fake southern accent “oh my I do declare, this is the best daiquiri I’ve ever tasted.” She put her hand on Julies thigh. “Give my compliments to the bartender would you.”

“Oh you should talk to him, he’s a very dashing fellow.” Julie played along in a conspiritorial voice. The girls burst out laughing and continued drinking.

“This pretty strong.” Kirstin said finally. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

Julie didn’t know why she did what she did next but something compelled her. The way Kristin was staring at her in her small bikini top with her nipples poking away at the fabric. The painted nails of her right hand drawn lightly over her left breast in expression of false indignation. Her dirty blonde hair curleing down do her tits, her puffy lips pouting and glistening from her last drink. Her big brown eyes staring at her expectantly. Julie looked back down to her friends pouty lips and then back to her big doe eyes and held them there. Then she scooted closer and then leaned in and kissed Kristin on the lips.

She could taste cranberry and the sharp flavor of vodka. She felt Kristin startle and start to pull away uncertain. But they both stayed put for a few seconds. Then Julie slowly kissed her top lip and then her bottom lip and then pulled back. She was feeling exhilirated. What the hell had she just done! Her tits felt like there were about to burst her top and she knew without looking her pussy was slobbering a wet spot all over her cute black bottoms. She was looking at her friends frozen expression. Her hand still resting on her tit.

“mmm. You bitch.” Kristin said. ” I think you got me.” Kristin leaned forward with her knees on the couch and placed her hand on Julie’s thigh and kissed her hard. After a few seconds she broke off. “If you tell anyone we kissed I’ll kill you.” Kristin said.

“Likewise” Julie’s pussy was almost on fire. She couldn’t believe what she was doing but she didn’t care anymore. She wanted Kristin to touch her there but she wasn’t sure if her friend would go that far. She wasn’t sure she would go that far! Kristin was still leaning close and their faces were inches apart. Kristin licked her lips and that was all Julie needed. This time the girls were at each other. Their tounges were twirling and feeding the fire in Julies pussy. She reached up and squeezed Kristins full tits and her freind leaned in further and let out a moan.

“Heeeey,” she said before Julie slipped her hand inside her friends top and began pinching her rock hard nipple. “Oh gooood. fuck. that feels really good. ” Kristin moaned sounding almost surprised. She leaned in and starting licking and biting her friends neck. Julie let out a soft moan. She always loved having her neck worshipped and while she continued twisting Kristins tits she could feel a wetness sliding up and down her neck and then soft teeth squeezing her sun kissed skin.

Julie was burning alive. She reached out with one hand down her friends stomach and felt it tense. She had brief sense that maybe she was going too far. She hestitated and then reached under Kristins tight pink daisy dukes and felt her unshaved mound. She reached a little further and slid a finger through her friends slit. It was silky wet and sticky and suddnely Julie was aware of the strong smell of young girl sex. She felt her hips raise and hump the air as her finger came back. Then she felt a hand on her hand.

“Hey!” Kristin put a hand on top of the one on her soaking pussy. She looked a little worried but the lust in her eyes was obvious. “I’ve never… mmmm. You’re a lesbian. bitch.” She moaned and closed her eyes and slowly started sliding her pussy over her friends wet finger. Julie was going crazy watching her friend get off. She could feel Kristins engorged clit sliding up and down her finger and the smell was pushing her over the edge. Kristin had just called her a lesbian though. What was going on? Was she going to tell everyone at school that she’d seducued her? She wasn’t in school anymore though.

As all these thoughts were flying through her head Kristin leaned in and said “Put one in me.”

“What?” Julie asked shocked.

“Uh. oh Um nothing.” Kristin started to take her hand off of the one pressed against her slit. “I think …..we’ve… uh… taken this……. a …little too far.” Kristin slowly stuttered but her eyes were begging for it. Julie could tell Kristin was just as horny as she was. She leaned in and kissed Kristin again and then slide one finger upinside her friends sopping wet cunt.

Kristin shuddered, moaning into Julies kiss and involuntarily ground her sex onto Julies finger. Julie slowly sucked on Kristins tongue pulling it out of her mouth and then released with a soft slurpy pop. Kristin gasped and raised her head, pressing back harder into her friends hand. She ground her sloppy cunt on her friends finger like she was trying to get off, that’s when Julie realized she was going to make her friend come.

“Oh fuck.” Kristin barely squeezed out the words. Julie felt her friends hole slowly get tighter and tighter until Kristin was bucking and grinding into Julies knuckles pressed firm against her clit. Her tits were boucning around and as Kristin climxed Julie used her free hand to pull her friends sweat slick body closer. “Oh fuck. mmmmmmmm.” Kristin moaned as she came down from the ectasy wracking her body. Kristins face turned flush red and she slowly dropped her head down letting her hair hang to brush against Julie’s thighs. All Julie could see was the top of her friends dirty blonde head. She realized her hand was still tucked into her friends panties and slid it out.

Kristin raised her head back up to Julie, her cheeks still a reddened, but she had a slight grin on her face. “That was really fucking hot, actually.” Julie let out a sigh of relief. Her pussy was still burning a hole in her crotch and she needed Kristin to do something, anything, about it.

“You were going a little crazy there.” Julie smirked and then raised her cum soaked hand up between them. It glistened as she turned it showing Kristin how wet her finger was. She noticed that her fingertip had started to look like when she took bathes that were too long. Kristin stared it at wide eyed.

“Mmm looks like I enjoyed that.” She said with a mischevious look in her eyes. Then she leaned forward and wrapped her lips all around Julies finger down to the knuckle. Julie felt Kristins tongue swirling around her finger and then Kristin looked up deep into her eyes as she slurped the finger clean.

“It’s your turn slut.” She said and leaned in again frenching Julies face with a burning passion. Julie could faintly taste her friends sexy pussy as they swapped her come back and forth. The girls bodies were slick with sweat and Kristin slowly slid down the couch keeping her body close. Her knees finally touched the carpet of the floor and she looked up at Julie. Then with she carrsessed Julies thighs all the way to her damp pussy.

“You’re fucking soaking wet….” Kristin said her mouth opened in awe. She ran one finger up and down her friends black bottoms feeling the slick sex in the fabric.

“ahhh.” Julies hips thrust forward. Kristin bit her lip and then hooked a finger around Julies bottoms and pushed them to the side exposing Julies bright pink lips.

“Damn your pussy’s so fucking hot right now. It smells really good.” Kristin slowly managed to say. She licked her lips.

“Just fuck me already!” Julie said gasping and straining not to just grab her friends hand and shove the whole thing deep inside her. Kristin grinned and then pressed a finger up into Julies slit. Julie felt her moistened cunt greedily suck Kristins finger inside, contracting and bursting. She felt like she’d been waiting for this forever. She struggled agasint the couch feeling lighting run up her spin, pinching her hard nipples and frying her brain.

Kristin slid a second finger inside her and Julie started panting. Kristins head was so close as she leaned in over the couch watching fascinted as her friends burning pussy clamped down on her fingers. Kristin reached up and tweaked her own nipples with her free hand and moaned. “Damn. Julie. You’re so fucking… gh… fuck.” Julie barely heard her as her eyes started to roll back in her head, she could feel her orgasm building as waves of pleasure cascaded up through her pelvis shaking her whole body.

Suddenly she felt something firm press into her click and then sharp wetness slide up her slit, soft hair tickling high along her thighs. She looked down and saw Kristins head buried in her cunt, her cute little nose rubbing up and down her clit as Kristin rocked her face up and down along her pussy. It was too much, Julie felt her thighs clamp hard around Kristins face, vaguely aware of her hands flying to the back of Kristins head trying to shove her deeper inside her. Pleasure exploded through her in tidal waves undulating through her skin and piercing her deeper and tighter than she knew her muscles could clench and spasm. Her friends tongue continued slurping as her nectar poured out.

Julie gasped for air as she started to come down, her skin was tingling and she stopped staring at the cieliing. Her muscles began relaxing and she slowly pulled Kristins hair and moved her head away . Kristin looked up at her breathless friend. They didn’t say anything for a few moments. Julie broke the silence, still feeling out of breath. “I think we’re bi-” She finally said.

Kristin giggled and said “Yea. I think so.”

The sound of heels clicking on the concrete outside the front door shattered the girls moment. They stared wide eyed at each other for a moment. They heard keys jangling.

“Oh shit! My mom’s home early!” The girls frantically looked around for anything they should hide, while adjusting their clothing back in place. “My room!” The girls dashed down the hallway to Julies room and closed the door right as they heard the front door creak open.

“We left the glasses on the table!” Kristin hissed. Julie stared at her friend wide eyed. What had she just gotten herself into?

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