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His Very First Time

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Fucking is all about play. It should be enjoyable and I am willing to try anything at least once. That is why we have our code word. If either one of us is ever uncomfortable with the way that play is progressing, we can say the code word and everything stops.

With that in mind, I decided to introduce something new to our play. I love to have my ass fucked and my lover is willing to comply anytime I suggest it.

He will initiate it as often as I do. It’s a regular part of our lovemaking. But I have never brought up the possibility of anal play for him. Would he be interested? It’s time to find out!

My lover absolutely adores my silky mouth enveloping his cock and so as I am giving him his favorite appetizer to fucking, I caress his balls and slowly move my hand back towards his ass. I am paying special attention to his response as the last thing I want to do is ruin the mood. I want to get fucked tonight!

I keep sucking and licking while my finger begins to tease his puckered anus. He seems to be getting more turned on so I continue. I wonder what would happen if my fingers slips in that ring. I stop sucking for just a bit to wet my finger.

“Do you like me playing around there, Lover?” I innocently ask.

“You don’t have to do that, Baby, but you don’t have to stop either,” he responds as his hands pull my mouth back toward his cock.

I return to devouring his meat and I apply a steady pressure to his asshole with my wet finger. There is a great deal of resistance, but as soon as the tip penetrates the outer ring, his hips buck against me and he immediately shoots a load of cum in my mouth.

I leave my finger in place, moving it only slightly as he recovers from his explosive orgasm. I ask, “Would you like me to continue, or have you had enough?”

“Baby, can we talk for a second?” he asks.

“Sure!” and I remove my finger and fall into his arms. I have no idea where this will lead, but I am intrigued.

He begins, “I know you love to have your ass fucked and I love doing that! I have always wanted to ask for you to play with my ass and even fuck me with a dildo, but I didn’t know what you would think. Baby, this is my deepest secret. Would you do that?”

I was so excited that he said that. “Yes, Lover!! I would love to do that. I would be your first, you could be my ass-fucking whore!”

He immediately buried his hard cock in my ass and we both came so hard. We decided to act on this newfound adventure in the morning as I fell asleep in his arms.

The next day, we went to the adult store for our sexy purchase. We have a wonderful assortment of toys that we enjoy greatly that have been purchased online. This purchase though, we wanted to do in person. I love to look at toys and talk about the possibilities, but today we were on a mission. We were purchasing a dildo and harness. I couldn’t wait to fuck his ass from behind. I knew he was getting hard just thinking about it.

We looked at the inventory, found a very nice specimen, and a harness that would allow me to explore his nether regions. I paid for our toys and met him in the car. I knew he would be so hard by now and he was in the car, stroking the dick. I quickly got in and headed home. I knew what we both wanted.

As soon as we were in the door, he grabbed me, kissing me, and started to undress me.

“Stop, now we are playing my way!” I commanded. “You will come with me.”

I took him to the bedroom and I began undressing him, telling him what will happen next. “You will go into the shower and you will clean every inch of your body. Please pay special attention to the areas I will be most interested in. You will not be disappointed, Lover!”

As he spent time under the spray of water, I prepared our newest toy and strapped on the harness. When he exited the shower, I was standing there with the cock ready. He looked at this sight as his excitement increased.

“Come into my boudoir, Lover! I would love to play with your ass today. Now get down on your hands and knees and prepare to be fucked.” Even as I say the words, my juices are flowing!

He does exactly what I ask, his ass in the air. I can’t resist! I part his ass checks and kiss his puckered bud. I lick around and over it. His hips gyrate from pleasure as I probe his ass with my tongue. The sighs escaping from his lips are pure music to my ears. I know he will use the code word if he wants to stop, but it appears he is so ready for more.

I lube his ass to prepare for my entry. His cock is so hard, dripping pre-cum, and yearning for release! I press the tip of the dildo against the opening of his ass, knowing that I must proceed slowly.

“Oooh, my Lover! I’m going to fuck your hot ass. Do you want it? Will you be my ass-fucking whore?” I ask.

He grunts and moans as I press the very tip of the dildo past the sphincter ring. I reach under him to stroke his balls and grasp the base of his cock as I push steadily into his ass. The pressure of the forward motion pushes the base of the dildo against my clit and I am sure I’m going to cum! The sight of my Lover with a dildo in his ass, writhing in pleasure at my control, is enough to make me cum! I know he is so close to shooting cum everywhere! “Oh Lover, do you love your ass getting fucked? Do you want to cum? Cum for me, Lover!” I slowly begin to stroke the dildo in and out of his ass. For good measure, I slap his ass and fuck him hard.

He meets my strokes and he starts to scream, “I’m cumming, oh god, Teresa, I’m cumming!” He keeps bucking against the dildo, taking it deeper into his ass, shoot cum everywhere! My orgasm meets his as I am so hot watching his pleasure! I pull out of his ass and he lies down on the bed, exhausted from his incredible orgasm.

“Was it everything you hoped it would be, my virgin whore,” I ask.

“Oh yes!” he softly replies. “Can we do it again?”

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