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The Gang’s All Here

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It’s difficult to meet gay men in the burbs, so when I discovered a gay social club on the internet I decided to check it out. The group meets in a church basement in a nearby town. Only a few men were in the room when I arrived at seven.

A good-looking older guy approached me. “Hi. I’m Steve. Welcome to the group,” he said.

“I’m Phil,” I said as we shook hands. His hand was soft and warm but he had a firm grip.

Steve introduced me to the others. They all seemed glad to see me.

There was no formal program. Everybody just hung out, chatting, drinking coffee or tea, and socializing. No one looked gay, that is, there was no flamboyant behavior, no wrist dangling.

By eight several men had come in and a few others left. I chatted with a couple of guys who looked interesting, but nothing came of it. I was thinking about leaving when Steve came over to me.

“Phil, a few guys are coming to my place for drinks after this. Would you like to join us?” He touched my arm and I thought I saw interest in his eyes.

“Yeah. Sounds like fun, but I can’t stay long. I have to work tomorrow.”

“That’s all right. Have a quick drink with us.”

Steve’s home was nearby. I followed him in my car with the others behind us to a quiet residential street. The houses were typical suburban colonials and split-levels. Steve’s was sand-colored with brown shutters and red front door. He opened the door and stood aside to let me and three other guys enter his spacious living room. He led us to the kitchen.

“I have beer, white wine, and Scotch, bourbon, I think there’s some vodka.”

Jerry, a beefy guy about the same age as Steve said, “Let me have a beer, please.”

Steve looked at me with a smile. “What’s your pleasure, Phil?”

“Bourbon, please. With water,” I said.

Everybody got drinks and settled in. Steve and I were talking about the neighborhood when I noticed Jerry and Paul, a good-looking blond guy, leave the room. Nobody else seemed to notice. Steve, me, Sam, and Dave were sitting at the table. Steve made me a second drink.

I’m not a big drinker and two bourbons had me light-headed.

Steve invited us to move to the family room at the rear of the house. “Let’s go see what the others are up to,” he said, grinning.

The family room was nearly dark, with only a table lamp glowing. A big-screen television dominated one end of the room. A sectional sofa, a love seat, and two easy chairs were arranged around the center. Jerry and Paul were on the floor in the middle, naked, sucking each other in the sixty-nine position.

“Oh, my!” Steve said, “Mind if we watch?”

Jerry took Paul’s dick out of his mouth and said, “Not at all. Why don’t you join us.”

Sam sat on the sofa and watched them. Dave took a seat in a chair and untied his shoes. The heavy breathing, gagging, and slurping of the pair on the floor stained the air and the room felt warm. Dave was out of his clothes. He lay on the floor watching the sixty-nine couple and stroked himself.

“Anybody want to help?” he said, looking up at the rest of us.

I put my drink on an end table and knelt on the carpet next to him. I took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly. He lay back and closed his eyes. Steve sat on the sofa and watched us.

Dave had a nice rod. It was about average size and rock hard. I bent forward and put my mouth on it. He moaned. I began to suck the head, and gradually took it deeper in my mouth. By then I was very excited. Jerry came in Paul’s mouth with a long grunt, and Paul began jerking his own cock. Jerry put his head on the floor and opened his mouth and Paul shot his load into it.

I was busy with Dave’s cock and didn’t notice when the others stripped. I was the only one still dressed. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth so I finished him by hand. His cock was wet with my spit and his precum and he came in long spurts that landed on his naked chest and stomach.

Steve touched my shoulder and said, “Take off your clothes.”

I did. Steve was tall and slim. His half-hard cock was long and slim too. I became more aroused just staring at it. I knelt in front of him and pulled his cock gently. It reacted to my touch immediately. It swelled and stiffened in my hand. He sat on the love seat and leaned back. I kneeled between his legs and sucked his cock into my mouth. I moved my head back and forth while stroking it and fondling his balls. As soon as his cock was fully erect I pushed my head down on it and it slid down my throat. He moved his hips and fucked my throat and a wave of desire for more overwhelmed me.

I took his cock out of my throat and continued stroking him as I said, “Do you want to fuck me?” I was aware that the others had been quietly watching us. I figured I was the new guy and they were anxious to see what I was about. I looked at Steve, imploring with my eyes.

His face was flushed and glistened with sweat. “Of course. Here or in the bedroom?”

“Here,” Dave said.

“Yeah, here,” Paul chimed in with the others, all apparently anxious to watch me get fucked.

Steve got up and opened a drawer in an end table. He came back with a tube of lube. He took my arm and helped me stand and led me to the end of the sofa. He bent me over the arm of the sofa and pushed my chest down on the seat. My heart raced as he spread lube between my ass cheeks and penetrated me with a finger. He pushed two fingers in and I gasped.

“God, I’m getting hard again,” Dave said as he stared at my quivering ass.

Before I caught my breath Steve was inserting his long slim dick into my ass. I shivered with pleasure as he slid back and forth, slowly driving deeper into me. Then it popped through my inner tight spot and I couldn’t stop moaning and groaning.

“You got him, Steve,” Jerry said. “Give it to him!” His voice was low and gravelly.

The others made comments but I was too far gone to pay attention. I was howling and someone laughed. It was Sam. He put one knee on the sofa and lifted my chin and put his stiff cock in my face. Crazy with the cock thrusting in and out of my ass, I grabbed Sam’s cock and sucked it eagerly.

Steve groaned and shot a hot load into my ass. My hole twitched as he pulled out. Almost immediately Dave leaned over me and touched my shoulder. “May I?” he said.

I had Sam’s cock halfway down my throat. I looked sideways at Dave and nodded. My ass was loose and wet and Dave slid in easily. He began pounding me hard, driving my head into Sam’s belly.

Dave came in my ass and Sam came in my throat, so deep I didn’t taste his cum. I lay draped over the arm of the couch, so turned on I expected to explode any second without even touching my cock.

Jerry was sitting on the loveseat stroking his cock. It looked as long as Steve’s and twice as thick.

“Want some of this?” Jerry said.

I couldn’t believe I wanted more. I’m not usually a total cum slut. But I wanted that giant ramrod up my ass. I got to my feet and went over to Jerry.

Without a word I turned my back to him and lowered my slack hole onto his cock. It was huge. I wiggled and bent my knees and tried to work it in me. With some help from Jerry, who pushed as I focused on opening wide, we got the big head in. I took a deep breath and sat back and the enormous cock slammed in and filled me. I felt like my ass would split.

Jerry put his hands under my thighs and lifted my ass up and down, plunging deep into me. Paul kneeled in front of us and began sucking my cock. I came in buckets and he swallowed every drop. Jerry continued to fuck me hard. My half hard cock bounced up and down and every thrust sent a wave of sensation from my ass to the top of my head.

Jerry busted his nut in my ass with a grunt. I rose on shaky legs, crossed the room, and threw myself face down on the sofa. Sam grabbed my hips and pulled me off the cushions until I was kneeling on the carpet. “I want to fuck you, too,” he whispered in my ear.

He didn’t wait for my answer. I let him push my thighs wide apart and spread my cheeks and he shoved his cock into my ass. After Jerry, Sam’s dick felt like about as large as a finger. He pumped me fast and hard. I clenched his cock tight and he came quick with a yelp.

“Anyone else?” I croaked.

Paul said, “Guess I’ll make it a full house.” Soon he was fucking me, slow and easy. I relaxed with my upper body on the sofa. After all the others, it felt nice. I was hard again and I reached down and stroked my cock and had another orgasm. My groan sent Paul over the edge and he came too. He held me for few moments with his dick still in me. “Thank you,” he whispered before getting off of me.

The room smelled of cum. I was washed out. I was satisfied. I didn’t want any more sex. I wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep right then and there. The others were getting dressed as I stood.

“Do you want to clean up?” Steve asked. My ass was dripping and cum and lube were running down my thighs. He pointed me to the powder room. I cleaned my ass with toilet paper and washed my hands. By the time I returned to the family room, the others had gone.

“You okay?” Steve said.

“Yeah. Just tired,” I said.

“We always invite new men back here to get to know them,” he said.

“I guess everyone got to know me, at least in the biblical sense.”

He laughed. “You were great. I think you surprised everyone.”

“So I passed the test?”

“Oh, yes. With an A-plus.” He grinned at me and his blue eyes twinkled. “You coming to the next meeting?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.”

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