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Happy Birthday

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This weekend is my birthday. The BIG 4 0. A few months ago I found out about this club a couple hours away that fulfills fantasies. So as a present to myself I booked myself for this weekend. I chose the public display fantasy. I wanted to make sure I would never forget my 40th birthday.

Part of the fantasy package was a night at a beautiful hotel, a full massage and a personal guide through my whole experience. The guide would be there solely for me and will always have my best interests in mind. As part of the tour there was an interview. We discussed what I wanted and what I expected as well as what my limits were. I was to be in total control and no one would ever go past my limits or have me do anything I was uncomfortable with. I was very confident I would be in a safe environment. This was going to be awesome!!

I slept in for my birthday and had a late breakfast. I tried to relax in my room but I was so excited for my evening to begin I could not sit still. Finally, I received a call from the front desk. My car had arrived and was waiting for me at the front door. I walked out of the hotel to find the most gorgeous man standing beside the car. I was so nervous I didn’t say one word the way to the club. Once we reached our destination, as he was helping me out of the car, he smiled at me as he firmly held my hand. “Try to relax ma’am. My name is Travis. I am here for you and only you. I will be by your side the whole evening to ensure that today is your best birthday ever.” I couldn’t help but smile at him.

First I am taken to a private room for my full body massage. I removed my clothes and laid face down on the table. To my surprise Travis was my masseuse as well as my driver and personal guide. The massage was just what I needed to relax. Soft soothing music and warm oil rubbed all over me. Travis even had me roll over facing up. His hands were so firm. They felt so good. He was never inappropriate. He was very professional with the massage. I would have thought he would have lingered in a few spots but he never did. He was all about giving me a true massage. I was so turned on by the time the massage was complete. Travis said it was time for him to help me get dressed in the outfit he chose specifically for me. (He actually helped me get dressed. It was so erotic.)

My outfit was sexy as hell!! I would have never chosen it to wear. Luckily tonight is about no regrets. There were black stockings that stopped at the top of my thighs attached to a black leather garter. A thin black leather thong and a black leather corset that laced up the back. My tits were sitting up high and my nipples were barely hidden beneath the leather. On my feet were a pair of leather heeled boots that stopped just below the tops of my stockings. And last but not least leather cuffs for my wrists and neck. There was a small chain attached to the neck cuff. Just as he put the collar around my neck he said ” And now your night begins. You are mine to protect and mine to satisfy. ” I could not stop smiling!

Walking in front of me, with the chain in his hand, he leads me out of the room towards a door at the end of a long hallway. I could hear music. I hesitated at the door but he gently tugged at the chain and winked at me.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” he announced as we walked into the dimly lit room “Tonight I would like for you to meet my new pet. Seems she is a little shy. I could use your help in bringing her out of her shell.” Travis then walks me up to the platform in the middle of the room. There is a bench and a pole. He leads me to the pole. He stands me in front of it and attaches my wrist cuffs to the pole above my head. A crowd started to form around me. “Feel free to show my pet all sorts of love. Touch her wherever and as much as you’d like. Just please, no penetration. ”

I started to breath quickly in short breaths. I guess I looked a little panicked. Travis looked calmly into my eyes “I am right here my pet. Would you like me to blindfold you at first? Maybe not seeing all the face will calm you.” I shook my head yes. I agreed with him. Maybe not seeing all the people would make it easier.

Once the blindfold was on I took a few deep breaths. At first the touches were quick and fleeting. I could feel my body relaxing as the touches got longer and more personal. I felt hands down at my feet moving up the insides of my thighs. There were hands rubbing across my stomach and up my side then down my arms and up to my neck. I heard Travis whispering in my ear. He was asking if he could take off my boots so they could touch my legs. I shook my head yes.

I could hear comments about my tits. How it looked as if they were about to pop out of the top of my corset. Someone asked Travis if my nipples looked as delicious as the rest of my body. Suddenly my tits were pulled free from my outfit. Immediately I felt hands on them. I am not sure how many hands were on my tits. They were rubbing a squeezing them. I felt hands go up my arms then as they came back down nails dragged down my skin. Oh my!! I was being felt up by a woman! Then her hands were on my tits. She grabbed handfuls of my tits squeezing them. Then she began to twist on my nipples. I let out a soft moan. She asked if I had ever had a woman’s hands on me. Travis spoke up “Please talk to me not my pet. And no she has never had a woman touch her. She seems to like it very much though. Please continue…” Then someone started sucking my nipples. I could only guess it was her. I began to arch my body making my tits more available to the mouth devouring them. It felt so damn good!!

My corset fell to the floor. I could feel hands all over my body. Rubbing my legs, my stomach, my ass and my tits. Then a few of the hands were replaced by tongues and lips. People were actually licking and kissing my skin! By now they had to hear my moans. I just knew I was going to have my orgasm right there where I stood.

I seemed to lose track of time. Travis announced it was time to switch things up a bit. People seem to vanish from around me. He began to rub my arms to make sure I was not uncomfortable. He asked if I would like to remain blind folded. I said yes please. Not being able to see seemed to make my sense of touch so much more intense. It really seemed to add to my excitement. He gently guided me forward a few steps to the bench. He had me kneel down then lean my body forward to lay across the bench. He placed my hands on these handles then attached the cuffs again. He moved my tits so they would hang free from the bench. Then he spread my legs and strapped them to the legs of the bench. Rubbing his hands on my ass he told everyone I was ready for some more love.

They began touching me again. Mouths and hands all over me. They spoke of how my tits looks so delicious hanging there and how plump my ass was. It felt like someone was milking my tits. Pulling and squeezing. It didn’t hurt but I definitely felt the pressure from their hands. Then it was like I had a baby sucking my nipple for milk. My pussy was pulsing!! I began to move around a little.

Travis leaned in to whisper in my ear. ” Are you ok my pet?” I said yes but that I needed something from him. So quickly he asked everyone for a moment alone with me. He removed the blindfold but left me strapped to the bench. I asked him if it was possible to change my fantasy after it had already started. That is was going so well and I was turned on so much I wanted my pussy to be touched and even fingered. He smiled. He said this was my night. He was here to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Great! I told Travis I still wanted to be blindfolded and that anyone could touch my pussy but only he could finger me, that is if he wanted to.

“Ladies and Gentlemen you guys are great! It seems my pet has begun to loosen up quite a bit. She has stated that you all have made her plump little pussy soaking wet and she would like to share in her delight.” The crowd began to gather back around as he replaced the blindfold. The touching resumed. This time I felt my panties being tugged on. They were pulling them to the side to see my pussy. Travis pulled them tight against my pussy and said he would be glad to cut those off for everyone. And just like that my thong was gone. I felt just a few fingers just lightly brush against my lips. Then a male voice said for someone to hold those lips open to show off that wet clit while he held my ass cheeks back. I felt a hand along with long fingernails on my pussy lips. It was her again. I almost had an orgasm right then!!

I had never been on display like that before. Never had two sets of eyes on my body at once much less a whole group of them. It was so exciting being the center of everyone’s attention!! Then someone asked Travis if they could taste my pussy. Travis asked me if I was ok with that. I shook my head as I said yes. He said “Yes, my pet’s pussy is yours for the tasting but nothing goes inside her pussy but a tongue.”

I lost count of my orgasms!!! It drove me wild having hands and mouths all over my body all the while having who knows how many people eating my pussy. I could feel there was a puddle on the bench beneath me. My pussy was dripping from cum.

I think Travis knew my body was just about spent. He asked that everyone finish up then step back leaving just one person to finish sucking my clit. Travis whispered in my ear, “That’s the fourth different female that has held open those soaking wet pussy lips and sucked on that gorgeous swollen clit of yours. ” My body shook as she brought me to one last orgasm.

When she finished I remained in my position still blindfolded. I don’t think I could have moved if I had to. Travis told me this next part was the most important part. He began to massage me again. He told he to relax and keep breathing steady. He wanted me to take time to let all my memories of tonight soak in. Just as he had all through the night, he kept telling me how beautiful I was. He said he was proud of me for putting so much trust in him and for being so uninhibited. His touch and his voice was so relaxing. My heart was not racing anymore and my breathing seemed to slow down considerably.

Then it all came rushing back to me. I was still on display and fully restrained. There was still a crowd in the room. I was just wearing a pair of stocking and a garter and being massaged by a gorgeous man. I began to moan and even let his name slip from my lips. I was moving underneath his hands. Travis took the hint. I felt his breath on my neck as he was leaning over me. “Tell me what you want my sweet. Remember, tonight is your night!” Quickly without hesitation I said “I want to be yours. Make me yours Travis. No limits. No regrets.” He asked if I was sure. I told him I was positive I needed him inside me now. I told him I only turned 40 once.

I stayed blindfolded and bent over the stool. I felt the head of his dick against my mouth pushing for me to open up for him. He was huge. I could not fit all of him in my mouth but I damn sure tried. He called for a female volunteer to come eat my pussy once more. He said he needed someone to get it good and wet for him so he could fuck his pet after he got his dick sucked. I was surprised and yet turned on even more by his frankness. After a couple minutes he told the woman to come up there and suck my tits while he got a turn to eat the pussy every one else had a turn at. She attacked my tits like a hungry baby. Sucking and pulling. Damn it felt so good!!

I felt Travis behind me. His hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart as his thumbs held my lips open. My clit had to be swollen and dripping with cum. He blew a warm breath on my clit. I clenched my muscles. He laughed a deep sexy laugh. “Oh don’t clench up on me now my pet. Loosen up and let’s squirt some juices.” I told him I couldn’t, that I didn’t know how to squirt. Pushing a finger inside me he said it was time to learn then. Between her on my tits and Travis fingering my pussy I was going crazy. He kept talking to me. I never though I’d like dirty talk so much. I could tell I was getting close to cumming. He told her to stop with my tits and he stopped fingering me. Then he started back working on my pussy. He said he was going to tease me a few times when I was really close then finally push me into my final release. She never went back to my tits. This was all about me and Travis now.

There different times he worked me up to almost having my orgasm then stopped. He said this next time was going to be it. To just breath slow and let it flow then when he tells me to push down with my pussy. He reminded me of everything that had happened today. All the people still watching him finger my wet pussy. He confessed that he got hard earlier when he was giving me my body massage. He also said he has had a constant hard as a rock hard on since the first person laid their hands on me. He got quite then. Just the music playing as he was working his finger in and out of me. I told him I thought I was getting close. Quickly and by surprise he pushed two fingers inside me. “Damn what a tight pussy.” He began pushing on my G spot as he began to lick and nibble on my ass. We both could feel my pussy getting wetter. This was it. He began to bark orders at me “Come now damnit! Do it now! Squirt that juice baby!” Then I felt a short series of stings on my ass. He was spanking me!!! That was all it took! I screamed at the top of my lungs as I squirted all over him and his hand.

Once I stopped squirting and my body stopped trembling he whispered to me as he rubbed my back. He said I was unbelievable. He removed the blindfold. I told him I just needed one more thing then I would be happier than I had ever been. He looked puzzled. I told him I needed him to fuck me. Right here. Right now. No regrets!!

He smiled and said it was my night to get exactly what I wanted.

You know I thought that Earth shattering squirting experience could never be topped but having him fucking me doggy style while still be restrained all the while being watched by a crowd of people was even better.

I cannot wait until next year’s birthday!!

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