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The Need

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He poured the warm oil across her shoulders and it slid down the curve towards the small of her back, drawn to the crease over her spine. Gooseflesh rose out of pure sensual bliss.

That and the thoughts that sliding oil inspired: What if his hands, now warm and large and resting over her shoulder blades, thumbs turned inward, were to continue downward, the thumbs meeting in the center, the hands coming together as her waist narrowed before….

She gasped involuntarily. Just thinking of the ride of his hands up, outward over the flaring swell of hips and ass, the thumbs still in that crease now deepening between the rounded globes, forcing them apart so that the oil now sluiced deeper, and she moaned without thought as its warm slick caress met her needing hole.

She noticed the catch in his breath, and then realized self-consciously that she had moaned through the daydream. She checked her thoughts briefly. Briefly because he was too close, with his masculine scent, and his own breathing seeming to deepen. She thought she could almost feel the thump of his heart in the atmosphere surrounding them. The same pulse which would flow through his organ and spread outward from it into her flesh wherever he touched her with it. Oh, how she wanted to feel it forced deeply into her bowels, so far as to lift and push her forward off the table and still she wanted to grind back against it and intensify the tingling stretch of her sphincter around him, to deepen the pleasure of his flaring cockhead throbbing deep in her belly, growing with every thrust, sharp sensations of pleasure as he filled her, used his muscles to push into her.

Her muscles were so very tense, it seemed he could make no headway with unknotting them. His comment brought another wave of gooseflesh, “Relax for me…” She could not force herself to let go. Every nerve wanted to be overwrought with sensation in order to take its vacation, her lungs screamed for the gasps of orgasm wrenched out of her in ecstasy, her mind hummed with want. Common sense told her it wasn’t likely he wanted the same thing she did. Most would be more than happy to make love to her, to fuck her, but very few wanted or desired release the way she did.

It was either a dominance issue or something a little kinky that they weren’t sure enough about to be good at. Something about her didn’t have patience to teach them, either. Many of them enjoyed it, but nothing like she did. It was more than a kinky foray or diversion. It was what great sex was about and she craved it to achieve that unbelievable high of orgasms that wiped away all consciousness, left her feeling more awake, senses renewed.

She writhed on the table, a slow dance orchestrated by his hands. She let her sinewy muscles slide through them, though he urged her to relax again, it was not relaxation she was here for, anymore.

“I can’t….” Her voice was low, husky, with an edge of unmistakable need.

“What?” He seemed genuinely puzzled. Or perhaps he was just caught a little off guard.

She didn’t hesitate, “I’m getting so aroused is all.” Punctuated that with a derisive giggle, shaking her head and laying it back down on her folded arms, turned to one side so that he could see her contented smile and perhaps perceive the calculating glint beneath thick dark, lowered lashes.

His hands spread apart over her back, his fingertips now caressing her sides, upward until they tickled the side of each breast now pressed against the table and bulging out a little with the pressure. She took a breath audibly, of the increasingly hotter, damper air, and raised her head a little, leaving her deep pink lips parted for a time before she exhaled in a wanton sigh.

Peeking at him, she saw where his eyes were with a deep satisfaction, and shifted her hips for his benefit, letting the upper thighs part so he could see between the firm mounds to the glistening treasures between and just below. He seemed every bit as warm as she, a reddening across his cheeks and now labored breathing told her she was on the right track with her body language.

“Oh….yes,” she whispered feverishly and drew her knees up a little to lift her ass and looked over her shoulder to catch his eyes and to unmistakably invite him to make love to her.

By now she needed release, in any form, though what she hungered for she also hoped for: that he would fuck her ass til she was weak with sated drunkenness. She was good at insinuation; she had to be, for she wasn’t one who easily communicated vocally, having a deep shy streak. This wasn’t the ideal situation, when her mind was so lost in the din of clamoring desire, words were elusive and the concnetration tended to detract from the experiences, but still better than leaving the question unasked. Those that couldn’t read the text need not apply anyhow. She chuckled deep in her throat, a husky sound, and whispered, “Now…please.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Ever since that glaring white towel had slid down to contrast those perfectly golden cheeks he’d been nursing a hard-on that was getting downright painful. The way she moved and the way his eyes devoured what she displayed was nearly as good as the act of sex itself. Her first request had been without voice, and he could hardly believe his luck, but also unwilling to push it.

He flicked aside that towel which had settled down in the creases behind her knees, anyway, and slid out of his slacks and shorts in one quick motion, glad for slip on shoes. His shirt went over his head even more quickly.

Taking her chestnut hair aside, he kissed her cheek near her ear and whispered, “Mmmm…shall we move to the bed in the corner?”

She nodded her ascent and he gathered her up easily, taking her to the bed and at the same time drinking in details he’d missed before because of that towel’s presence. Her breasts were perfectly rounded cones and fit his hand easily. Their golden paleness ended in upturned, rose-colored, dainty nipples, the areola was outlined in tiny round bumps where the creamy flesh met the flushed pink of those tantalizing morsels. He laid her tenderly on the bed, his cock an awkward bar between them. She reached for it and stroked her fingertips up the underside in a manner that was both soothing and encouraging, and stole away every thought about anything except how it would feel to sink that rod into her.

As she reclined, her body conveyed a desire for him as well as the gift of her body to him. His fingers trailed down over her body taking in curves both soft and less so, where ribs showed beneath smooth skin, where a hipbone protruded maddeningly, delightfully…then disappeared again as she shifted and spread her thighs to show him the shaven pussy, the thick outer lips parted to allow him to glimpse the glistening pink petals within, and hinting at the ripening bud above them. Her juices flowed and coated the entire region, perfuming her inner thighs with that heady scent. He buried his face there and lapped in worship, his tongue parting her labia to meet her clit with the tip of his tongue and stroke the underside, encouraging it up and out so he could wrap his lips around it and suckle at it.

Her legs trembled as she lifted her pussy to meet his mouth and his hands slid beneath her to support her, to cradle her ass and bring her to him so he could feed. His cock leapt and strained at its skin in response to her taste, the feel, the smell of her, the sound and sight of her arousal.

“Yes….yes…..yeee-eeee–eeeessssss,” she moaned, then thrust her hips sharply and flooded his mouth with her nectar and his tongue plunged into her to feel the pulsating grip of her muscles, his lips sealed around her opening in a lust-hungry kiss. He wanted to swallow her and in turn for her to swallow him. He was driven out of his mind with this need to be inside her and to have her inside him.

His cock had never felt so hard and he knew he would play hell holding off his orgasm when at last he did achieve that goal of being inside her. He doubted very much it would take him long to recover, though.

She started to relax as her climax subsided, and she let her body slacken. She took this opportunity to turn herself, and rise to her knees, her fingers stroking her blossoming pussy. This position parted her ass cheeks and drove him crazy. Which hole…the soft, cushiony and juicy succulence of her tender little pussy, or that tight, darker pink hole now above it, so tightly clenched. He was filled with a desire to tease it open and gently tease her until she couldn’t think straight then give her his cock, slowly at first….

“Ummmm…ohhhh I want…” She hesitated and he listened, watching raptly as her back arched, further tempting him. The tiny, nearly indiscernible opening was now so perfectly displayed, her ass cheeks so firm and gently sloping that there was very little of them to impede his full penetration of her with his eight inches of cock.

Her whisper came with difficulty, though she need not have bothered, “Fuck my ass…”

He bent his head, his hands cradling her hips and guiding her back, his tongue reaching, swiping over the puckered flower, then lower to her cunt and laving her crack with her own slick juices, letting them mingle with the oil he’d earlier spread over her. Each time his tongue made contact with her little hole and the wrinkles around it, she jumped a little, her nerves were so tightly strung. His training as a masseuse was almost superfluous to his training as a lover. She wanted this like she wanted nothing else, and so, he found, did he.

Her smell was indescribable, her taste glorious. His fingers slid, two at a time into the hot, tight opening of her pussy, which clenched around them with the angle of her hips. No, it was her ass she needed attention for and this is which she displayed so perfectly. She moved up and back on his fingers while his lips and mouth teased and probed her ass. His tongue prodded the target and she sighed moaningly.

He removed his fingers from her pussy and let them join his tongue, his index finger tracing over the ridges around the now swelling sphincter opening. He pulled back to look with fascination as it seemed to blossom itself, as her pussy had, and the deepening rosy blush the pink flesh took on the more he stroked it. She had relaxed, but still no opening appeared. He blew on her, first cool, then warm, and delivered a few well placed licks and puckered kisses, sucking at the little rosebud.

He reached for the bottle of oil beside the table, glad for its rounded, pointing tip. He let a few drops fall onto her hole and her hips bucked in response. His fingertip circled then pressed inward through the grip and clench of those muscles. She cried out and buried her face in her arms and the pillows she’d gathered there, muffling herself as she came again for him. He pushed in and dilated her, then withdrew the finger as the oil needed replenishing. This time when he withdrew his finger, there was the tiniest opening. He brought the little bottle up again and let it rest at the hole, she now watching over her shoulder, her lower lip caught between her teeth, breath hissing softly through them.

Ever so carefully, he let the tip pass through the hole and squeezed gently to fill her with a little of the oil.

She watched, in disbelieving ecstasy and anticipation, feeling the warm oil fill the outer part of her sphincter and slowly feeling it ooze more deeply into her. She closed her eyes as her mind raced ahead to how this would feel, and luxuriated in this novel approach to her favorite sexual activity. Soft moans escaped her lips as the waves of arousal heightened, which was as a sound at her core, growing louder, drowning out everything else.

He pulled the bottle away and let it continue drizzling oil through her crease, his hands cupping around the shaft of his cock to catch the oil he then lavished on it. Her eyes drank in his cock with the knowledge that it would soon be buried to the hilt in her ass. It could hardly happen fast enough yet she tried hard to savor every millisecond because this was going to be extraordinary. It already had been.

He guided his cock to her ass, and let the head slip through the oil, let her feel the broad, throbbing tip as it slid through her crack and over her anus. She was moaning heatedly, and thrusting backwards insistently when he felt the give of her hole and pressed, slowly, watching the spongy-hard head disappear into the impossibly tight hole, the ring snapping closed tautly behind it. He hesitated here and listened to and felt her; she was already building to another orgasm. He tugged back a little, and groaned himself at the tight grip, the corklike fit disallowing his retreat without some effort on his part.

She pushed back a little, and moaned…his cock was as if it were sculpted from finest marble enrobed in a thin, hot coating of some silken liquid; hard, yet gliding slickly at the same time. It felt so huge and stretched her so widely. She looked back and her orgasm was complete as she saw the first few inches disappearing into her ass even as she felt this same event.

Bright stars exploded behind her eyes as he pulled back again to use his flared cockhead to tug at her sphincter from within, stretching the opening out, her constricting, orgasming muscles gripping him so firmly, the oil her enemy now. She didn’t want to let him out of her, wanted nothing more than having his cock buried so deeply in her ass again and again and never ending. This felt so right…she pushed back, fighting the hands on her hips that steadied her. “Easy, baby…I’m close and I want to do this right…” He soothed her.

She didn’t care, though. Her hunger outweighed her common sense that this could last and last, and she used her muscles to suckle at him with her sphincter and bowels, to tug and urge him deeper into her. It was more than he could resist, and he pushed back into her, the oil giving a hot gliding ease to the motion. He curved himself upward inside her and watched her squirm, feeling her insides grip him.

At first it seemed he would bottom out quickly, a few inches from full penetration, but as he held his cock in her, she opened more deeply to him and his cock slid in against the gentle but insistent pressure and her shift of position, something about the way she arched her back and he fit so perfectly into her. He gave a few sharp jabs of his hips, upward and inward, which she matched. He knew by the way she had ceased to breathe regularly that he’d found that place she needed him. Her gasps were intermittent and punctuated often with moans and whimpering screams of pleasure. It was enough just to be in her ass like this, without the deep stroking, with the slightest movement or none at all. The undulating walls of her fuckhole were enough…more than enough. His fingers dug into her hips, his back arched towards her, his own ass muscles clenching, trembling as he fought to hold back the orgasm now boiling in his balls. Harshly, he thrust into her and pulled her back onto him as the first blast forced its way past the band of muscles gripping the base of his cock then exploded deep in her belly, filling her with his spreading heat.

He barely heard her cries but certainly heard her pleas for him to fill her with his cum and the way things felt, there was an endless reserve in there for this girl. She was cumming around him, her contractions of ecstasy were milking every last drop from him. As the intensity subsided, he stroked his cock out and into her, enjoying the new sensation of his cum lubricating her. Her moans changed to satisfied ones and she told him, “God I love to feel you cum in my ass…”

He never really lost his erection, but slowed a little in response to the intensified sensations. The tight grip of her was almost unbearable. It relaxed, fluttering, after she came, and she collapsed beneath him to the bed to rest, but insisted that his cock stay in her, a request he was more than happy to oblige. His balls felt less heavy and he knew this time his endurance would come closer to doing her justice. They lay a while, each anticipating the next round, his fingers stroking her damp hair back from her flushed cheek, pleased with the knowledge that he was responsible for that rosy stain. Something about pleasuring a woman like this made a man feel invincible, immortal and worthy all at once. Never more a man than now, with a beautiful woman genuinely pleased lying with him. She gave off a heady afterglow that was unmistakable when one had experienced such a thing. There was no faking this.

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