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Getting the Grade

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She walked into his office knowing what this meeting was about. Earlier that day, Sarah had received an email from one of her professors wanting to discuss an important topic. While the email didn’t specify what the topic was, Sarah knew her last paper was below standards. She had just started dating someone and, while she knew she shouldn’t, Sarah was putting less effort into her school work and more into her new relationship.

She knew a poor grade on this assignment would jeopardize her educational career and she was ready to work hard to make it right. She was going to buckle down and complete whatever her professor assigned her in order to bring up her grade.

As she entered, Sarah took in her surroundings. It was a large office, walls lined with large bookshelves and diagrams of the human body. In one corner was a couch and small coffee table for more casual meetings. Directly in front of her was a massive oak desk cluttered with papers and knickknacks. Behind the desk sat Sarah’s professor, Dr. Brian Harris.

Dr. Harris was a genius. He had made countless contributions to medical science and developed a new method to treat patients with degenerative muscular diseases. He had been offered many jobs at a variety of prestigious universities but ultimately chose this one partially because of its reputation but mostly because of its perks. He was given a hefty salary, large office, access to any equipment he needed and as many grad students as he wanted. Making it all more impressive, Dr. Harris was the youngest professor at the university. Being only a few years older than most of his students and very good looking, Brian had a reputation for sleeping with some of his pupils. The university knew about his extracurricular activities but chose to ignore them. With all the potential Dr. Harris had, the university wanted to do anything they could to keep him on staff, even if it meant dismissing some accusations from female students.

Sarah knew of his reputation but found it hard to believe the university would cover up something so scandalous. Never the less, Dr. Harris was a man and Sarah came prepared. Hoping to influence her professor’s decision, Sarah chose her clothes carefully. She picked out a white blouse with buttons up the front that could be undone to show a bit of cleavage while still remaining professional. She paired with it a sleek black skirt that began high on her waste but stopped mid thigh. Combined with her 3 inch heels, Sarah looked professional but definitely turned heads walking through the building. Taking a seat across from Dr. Harris, Sarah definitely caught his attention. She was in a happy relationship so she wasn’t going to sleep with him but it’s hard for a man to disagree with a beautiful woman.

“Mrs. Walker, I think you know why you are here,” he began. “This last paper of yours was an absolute joke.” He tossed the paper across his desk and it landed on Sarah’s lap. “If this is the quality of work you are capable of, I don’t know if there is a place for you at this institution. This is the type I would expect from high school students, not a 20-something grad student.” Sarah diverted her eyes as she began to tear up from his berating. “I don’t know what to do with you.”

“Please give me another chance, Dr. Harris; I’ll do whatever you ask. I can’t get kicked out of school. My parents will kill me.” Sarah pleaded while trying to hold back the tears. “I’ll do anything.”

This was not going at all like she had planned. Completely embarrassed and made to feel as tiny as an ant in front of her professor, all Sarah could think about was leaving as soon as possible. She didn’t want to be in this office a minute longer than she had to.

“Here is what we will do,” started Dr. Harris. “I will give you one week to rewrite this paper. If after one week this isn’t the best paper you ever wrote, I will send my recommendation to the school board to drop you from the university. Understand?”

“Oh yes, Dr. Harris. I understand completely,” Sarah stammered as she stood up and headed towards the door. “Thank you so much! I won’t let you down.”

“Not so fast Mrs. Walker.”

Sarah stopped at the door wishing she could just open it and leave.

“I have given you a chance to make up for your mistakes but that doesn’t mean we are through. You still need to be punished for getting yourself into this situation,” Said Dr. Harris. “Lock the door.”

Sarah’s eyes widened as she turned the lock on the handle of the large wooden door.

“Turn around,” ordered Dr. Harris as he stood up and walked around his desk. “Do you know happens to girls who misbehave?”

“I don’t know” said Sarah meekly.

“I think you do” encouraged Dr. Harris looking down on Sarah like a hungry dog looks at a scared kitten.

“I promise I don’t,” Sarah replied.

“They get spanked,” he said with a smile. “Girls who misbehave get spanked.” Dr. Harris turned a chair to face Sarah and sat down. “Now, are you going to accept your punishment or do I need to make a call to the school board?”

A thousand thoughts ran through Sarah’s head. She didn’t want to get spanked but she needed to stay in school. What if her boyfriend found out? What if Dr. Harris kicked her out anyway? There was no way to know but in the end she had to risk it.

Sarah timidly walked towards her professor. “Good choice,” began Dr. Harris. “Lay down across my lap, Sarah.” She complied; her arms and head hanging down on one side of his lap and her legs on the other. Her skirt pulled tight against her ass in this bent over position. “I don’t want you making any noise. I’m going to continue spanking you until I feel you are properly punished. If I hear any sound out of your mouth it will only get worse for you. Do you understand?”

Sarah nodded her head hoping her professor would be gentle.

SMACK! Even though she knew what was about to happen, the first hit took her off guard. Without meaning to she let out a yelp. “What did I tell you about staying quiet?” Dr. Harris scolded while lifting up the back of her skirt, exposing her white lace panties. “Now it’s going to hurt even more. Keep your mouth shut!”

SMACK! Sarah was better prepared for this hit and managed to stay quiet. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her ass burned from the repeated abuse. SMACK! She didn’t know how much more she could take. SMACK! Tears streamed down her face. SMACK! As much as she hated it and hated to admit, the spanking was making her pussy wet. Sarah was angry at her body for betraying her. Bent over the knee of her professor, ass red under her panties from the beating, Sarah felt a wet spot begin to form in her panties. Dr. Harris must have noticed it as well because his paused from the spanking and began to rub is hand over her warm ass.

“It seems as if our naughty girl is enjoying herself,” he said sliding his hand between her legs to feel the wetness in her panties.

“Please stop!” begged Sarah reaching back to try and block his hand.


“Obviously you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut,” boomed Dr. Harris. “I guess we will just have to find something to fill it,” he continued pulling down Sarah’s panties with one hand while holding her down with the other. Sarah squirmed and kicked but in her compromised position there wasn’t much she could do.

Dr. Harris balled her damp lace panties and pressed them against her lips. “Open,” he commanded. Sarah shook her head. “Now!” he demanded as he angrily pressed them harder against her lips. Again Sarah shook her head in refusal.

Sarah let out a gasp has she felt 2 fingers dive deep into her dripping pussy. The gasp was all Dr. Harris needed to stuff the gag in his student’s mouth. Sarah could taste herself as her tongue pressed against the wet spot in her panties. Keeping his hand over her mouth, Dr. Harris resumed his assault on the helpless grad student’s pussy. His fingers slid in and out of her easily, coating his hand in her juices.

“I knew you were enjoying this, you little slut,” he said as he pulled out his dripping fingers and again smacked Sarah’s rosy pink ass.

As she squirmed, Sarah quickly realized the spanking was having a similar effect on Dr. Harris. She could feel his hardening cock pressing through his pants into her stomach. It was difficult to tell from her position but Dr. Harris was much larger than her boyfriend. His cock continued to grow as her alternated between fingering and spanking his student. Each smack made Sarah’s ass burn and become a more red. But her ass wasn’t the only thing on fire. Her pussy was aching with desire as Dr. Harris continued to fondle her.

Keeping one hand covering her mouth, Dr. Harris used his other hand to grasp Sarah’s hair and pull her to her feet. He spun her around so she was backed up against his desk. “I hope you can now see what happens when you disobey me. You are to keep your panties in your mouth and follow my instructions silently and without hesitation. Understand?” Dr. Harris directed.

Sarah nodded and kept her mouth shut has he removed is hands from her mouth and hair.

“Good,” he said, “I want you to remove your shirt.”

Sarah’s eyes widened but she stayed quiet. Slowly she brought her hands to the top button of her blouse. As she began to unbutton, she regretted her clothing choice. Underneath her thin white blouse was a white satin and lace bra that matched the panties stuffed in her mouth.

One by one Sarah undid the buttons, each one exposing more and more of her chest and stomach. Once the last button was undone, Sarah let her blouse fall to the floor at her feet. Standing in front of her professor in only a bra, skirt and heels, Sarah felt very exposed.

Dr. Harris smiled as he gave her his next instruction, “Lift your skirt and spread your legs. I want to see my naughty girl’s wet pussy.”

Spreading her legs, she gripped the front of her skirt with one hand and lifted, exposing her shaved pussy. Sarah was horrified when she felt the wetness in her pussy begin to drip down her leg. Her face turned as red as her abused ass. Dr. Harris reached forward and slid his hand over her wet hole. Sarah stood there unable to move as a shutter ran through her. Her professor’s hands probed her wet slit and rubbed her needy clit. She couldn’t believe how aroused she had become being forced to expose herself.

“Now turn around and show me your hot ass,” He demanded. Sarah complied reluctantly as he grabbed her by the hair and pinned her against the desk. Handprints were clearly visible on the poor student’s bottom. She could feel the outline of his hard cock pressing between her cheeks. He forced her head down until her breasts and head were pressed against his hard desk. Unable to move Sarah could only listen as he unzipped his pants and removed his raging cock.

Gently his massive rod parted Sarah’s wet lips and slipped deep into her pussy. A muffled moan escaped her panty filled mouth. Slowly at first, Dr. Harris fucked his student. In and out, each time reaching deeper and stretching her tight pussy open more. As Sarah began to accept the giant intruder inside of her, Dr. Harris picked up speed, slamming his body into the young coed. Thrust after thrust he pounded his cock into her warm wet pussy. Every time he buried himself into her, he would press against her ass, reminding Sarah of the spanking she just received. He pulled back on Sarah’s hair as her thighs slammed into the edge of the desk. She would surely have a bruise to explain to her boyfriend after being rammed into the desk repeatedly.

Sarah gripped the desk as she felt the first of her orgasms swell up inside of her. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as waves of pleasure washed over her. Sarah’s orgasm only encouraged him to fuck her harder.

After her third orgasm, Dr. Harris pulled Sarah to her feet by her hair. Weak from exhaustion, she immediately collapsed to her knees in front of his desk. Just because Sarah was done didn’t mean Dr. Harris was. Before she could realize what was happening, Dr. Harris removed the panties and forced his slick wet cock into Sarah’s mouth. Again she tasted her own juices on her tongue. Filling her entire mouth, Dr. Harris pressed on sliding back into the poor girl’s throat. Sarah instinctively tried to pull away but found her head was pinned between his cock and the equally hard oak desk.

Sarah gagged as he fucked her mouth and throat with the same energy and force as he had just fucked her pussy. She did the best she could to breathe through her nose as he relentlessly filled her throat with his massive cock.

Soon Dr. Harris let out a moan and Sarah gripped his thighs as he shot stream after stream of hot cum down her throat. Not giving her a choice, he forced her to swallow his massive load. As he withdrew himself from her throat, Sarah could taste his semen on his cock as it brushed over her tongue.

She sat on the ground, propped up against the desk trying to process what had just happened. On the floor of her professor’s office she sat half naked in a puddle of her own juices, tears running down her face, ass and pussy aching, her stomach full of her professors cum. Was staying in school really worth all of this? How was she going to explain the bruises on her thighs to her boyfriend?

Dr. Harris threw Sarah her blouse and told her to get dressed. Weakly she put the shirt back on and began to look around the room for her panties.

“I will be keeping these,” said Dr. Harris, holding her wet balled up panties in his hand.

Slowly Sarah stood on weak knees, grabbed her essay and walked to the door. Each step she took, she could feel her pussy leaking down her leg. It was going to be a long walk home. On the way home Sarah realized every time she worked on her paper this week, she would be reminded of what just occurred. Hopefully she would be able to finish her paper without getting too turned on.

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