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Harvest’s Over

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I grew up in a very small farming community. It was understood that when kids were old enough to get jobs, we would go to work. At age 14, I started working summer vacations in a grain elevator, a warehouse where area farmers bring their harvested grain to be stored.

The harvest lasted from late July until early September, and the daily temperatures were consistently hovering around one hundred degrees.

Working in the elevator was hot, dirty work, and because of the machinery involved in moving grain, there was always the risk of becoming entangled. Consequently, I always wore very tight fitting jeans and tee-shirts that had no loose cloth to be snagged in the gears and belts. It was very physical labor. There was no need to go to a gym to get in shape; the work took care of that. My six-foot frame was well-muscled and hard as a rock, and because my work also involved outside maintenance, I was well-tanned. The hormone gods had generously given me very dark and moderately thick hair on my arms, chest, and legs, and under my arms and around my pubes. Anyway, after finishing my junior year at college, I returned home to work again in the elevator.

Now, as I said, all the kids were expected to work, and that included the girls. One girl in particular, Dori Hamilton, had caught my eye ever since we’d been in high school together. She had come home after her freshman year at college and had once again driven farm truck for her parents, Eileen and Dave Hamilton. Dori’s figure had filled out nicely, and I was looking forward to her several daily visits bringing truckloads of grain into the elevator. Seeing the five-foot Dori driving a twenty-ton farm truck with precision and skill into the elevator was usually the high point of the day.

Though I knew Dori pretty well from school, I had only seen her parents a few times. They lived on their farm and didn’t come to town often. I knew them well enough to speak to them, but that was about it.

On one late September day toward the end of August, I opened up the elevator promptly at 7 a.m., and there sat the Hamilton’s truck. Since there was still dew on the ground and there was still the overnight chill I the air, I knew the grain must have been cut the night before. The morning sun was hitting the windshield, but I saw the silhouette of a woman inside, so I assumed it was Dori. I waved her to drive on in onto the scales while I walked to the switch room to start the machinery.

When I returned to weigh the truck, the woman standing at the scales was not Dori but her mother, Eileen. She was perhaps an inch taller than Dori, certainly a more mature and fuller figure at age 40, and she was wearing tight jeans and a long-sleeved flannel shirt over what looked like a white tee-shirt.

She saw my surprise and spoke first.

“Good morning, Dan. Bet you were expecting to see Dori.”

She continued to take in all of my body, and it was beginning to make me a bit uneasy. She seemed to be paying a lot of attention to the bulge in my jeans just below my belt.

“Mmmmm. I can see why Dori doesn’t mind driving truck now.”

I felt myself blushing, and she obviously noticed it.

“Sorry, Dan. I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she spoke somewhat unconvincingly. “But you are a nice looking and very masculine young man. What girl wouldn’t be attracted to your muscles? And being so tanned and with so much hair on your arms, well…” her voice trailed off.

Now I was blushing, not just because of her bluntness, but also because the tone of her voice was generating an erection.

I tried to get my mind back on business.

“All right, Eileen, lets get you unloaded and on your way. By the way, where is Dori today?”

“We’ve given her today off to go do some back-to-school shopping. You’ll be stuck with me all day,” she said.

I have to admit that I was disappointed. I had the hots for Dori, so it was disappointing that I would not be seeing her that day.

I unloaded the truck and sent Dori’s mother on her way. It would be another two or three hours before the grain would be dry enough to cut, so I busied myself with greasing the machinery and doing other maintenance around the elevator. Since it was September, harvest in our area was nearly over, so there would be relatively few trucks bringing in grain.

By 10 a.m. the late summer sun had heated up the outside temperature to about eighty degrees. The inside of the sheet metal grain elevators was probably closer to 120 degrees near the top where I was working on the machinery, so I had worked up a sweat that had my already tight clothing looking as if it had been painted on.

At about 10:30 I heard the rumble of a truck coming into the elevator, so I went back to the scales. Eileen was already out of the truck and standing at the scales waiting for me. She had taken off her outer flannel shirt as the day grew hotter and now wore only a sleeveless tank tee shirt with narrow shoulder straps. Like my own white sleeved tee, her?s was sweat-drenched. I could clearly see the outline of her bra beneath it. But what really caught my eye were her very exposed, dark bushy armpits and the comparatively large amount of dark hair on her forearms. I became instantly hard, a fact which did not escape her attention.

“Hi, Dan. We’ve only got one more load and then we’re done,” she said, her eyes spending more time on my erection than looking at my face.

“Okay, Eileen,” I stammered, “Well, you’re all weighed. Go ahead and hoist ‘er up.”

I dumped the truck and shoveled it out as quickly as I could, weighed the truck empty, and bid her good morning. As she took the weigh slip from my hand, she ran her hand slowly up and down over the hair on my forearm. Her touch felt like and electric jolt. She didn’t say anything after that, just smiled as she looked into my eyes, got in the truck, and left.

Several other farmers brought loads in during the day, and they were all finished with harvest. About 3 p.m. that afternoon, I saw the Hamilton’s truck pulling in. Out jumped Eileen. This time, I could clearly see that she had removed her bra. Her tee shirt, still wet with sweat, was nearly transparent. Here was a woman in her 40’s with a teen-aged son and a daughter just turned 20, yet her breasts were astonishingly firm and erect.

She smiled approvingly as I stared unashamedly.

“Last load, Dan,” she said.

“Great,” I replied. “I can close up just as soon as I get you load into the bins, then.”

“Is everyone else done for the year, too?” she asked.

“Yep, you’re the straggler,” I laughed.

“Well, after you’re done, why don’t you come on out to the house and join us for a beer down by the river? If you want, bring your swimming trunks and you can jump in and wash off the dust and dirt.”

“Hey, thanks,” I answered enthusiastically. “I should be there by about 4:30. Is that okay?”

“That’ll be just right. Now, let’s get unloaded so I can get out of here,” she said.

After unloading her truck, she started to get back in the cab, but before she did, she turned and said, “Now don?t be too long.” Then she looked at the tent in my crotch and said, “But… maybe you already are.” Then she laughed and left.

As soon as the grain was in the bin, I closed up the elevator, jumped in my car, and headed home to get into my swimsuit. Then I drove to the Hamilton farm. There was a note on the front door:

“Dan: Down by the river. Follow the path down from the back of the house.”

I followed the path for about a quarter mile and ended up at the river.

“Dan! Over here!” I recognized Eileen’s voice and saw her head in the grass near the river.

“Hi, Eileen. Where is everyone?” Eileen and I were the only ones there.

“I tried to call you at the elevator, but you had already left. Tom, Doug and Dori had a chance to go over and custom cut for the Lindley’s over in Lincoln County. They’ll finish up tonight and be back tomorrow.”

“Oh, well, I probably ought to get going then,” I said.

?Nonsense! Here, have a beer.”

She tossed a can of Coors to me. As I caught it, she stood up, and I saw that she was wearing only a brief two-piece swimsuit. Not exactly a mini-bikini, but it certainly did nothing to hide her very considerable womanly charms. She no longer had the figure of her 20 year old daughter, but her mature figure was definitely attractive. What really caught my eye was the amount of her body hair. Arms, pits, legs, and of course, peeping around the material covering her pubes. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Am I making you nervous?” she asked playfully.

“Well, a little,” I replied, my mouth getting a little drier. I took a gulp of the beer. My erection was once again raging beneath my pants.

“Well, then, take off your clothes and jump in the lake. I’ve already been in. The water’s great.”

“No, I don’t think I’d better do that just now,” I said honestly.

“Why? Because of your hard-on? Don?t be silly. Just do it.”

I felt her eyes riveted on me as I removed each article of clothing. Once I was down to the small swimsuit with the large bulge, her eyes roamed up and down my body.

“Am I doing that to you, Dan?” she asked with mocking innocense, all the while her eyes fixed on my crotch. The tip of my cock was trying very hard to peek out the top of the waistband.

“Afraid so,” I mumbled somewhat shyly.

“Nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of from what I can see,” she said appreciatively. “Jump in the river and wash off that harvest dirt, then come back up here and finish your beer. We?ll talk.”

It felt good to get in the water and get rid of the daily grime. The slight coolness of the water helped reduce my erection slightly. At least its tip was no longer peeking out over the top of the swim trunks! I got out of the water and walked back to where I had put the beer. Eileen was there waiting for me.

“Dan, I’m a little surprised that I was able to turn you on that way,” she said. “I mean, my body is nowhere near as sexy as Dori’s, and I’m sure you have no trouble getting any girl you want. But I’m curious. What was it that got you so magnificently hard?”

I had to think about it for a while. She was right, after all. She didn’t have a bad figure. In fact, it was quite toned. And her face was attractive enough even though it was somewhat tanned and weathered from all the outdoor work on the farm. As I thought, my eyes drifted over her body, and I knew at once that it was her body hair. But I wasn’t quite sure how to tell her without being offensive.

“Eileen, if I tell you the truth, will you promise not to get mad at me?”

“I can?t imagine that you could say anything that would get me mad. After all, that monster erection is the supreme compliment.”

“Well…,” I paused, stammered, and finally spit it out. “It’s the hair on your body. You’ve got a great body, and with all that hair, it really turns me on.”

There, I?d come right out and said it.

She looked very surprised. “I’m glad,” she said. “Most men find body hair on a woman to be unattractive. But I work hard every day on the farm, and I don?t really have time to shave or remove it with ointments. Besides, during this time of the year when it’s so hot and sticky, if I shaved, the sensitive skin and sweat and dust would make me break out like I had the measles. Obviously I shower every day to keep clean, but it’s just impractical and frankly unnecessary to pay much attention to my legs and underarms. Why do you think it arouses you so much?” she asked in a way suggesting she knew the answer.

“I don?t know. Maybe it means I like strong, assertive women.”

“Or masculine women,” she added.

“I’m not gay,” I said very defensively.

She laughed out loud.

“No, I know you’re not. Believe me, I can tell just by looking at you, or at least at one part of you, that you?re not gay. What I meant was, maybe you think that women with body hair are sexually aggressive. So, Dan, have you ever fantasized about sex with a hairy woman??

“Oh…,” I trailed off without answering her directly.

“Dan, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, different people are aroused by different things. Personally, I find it very sexually exciting when a man or a woman is aroused by my body hair. It gives me a feeling of sexual strength and power. So…would you like to feel my hair, Dan?” she asked with a hint of seduction in her voice. “Go ahead. See what it feels like.”

I put down the beer and walked over to her. She was sitting on the riverbank. I was a little nervous, okay, a lot nervous, so I ran my hand up and down her arm. After I’d done that a couple times, she said, “It’s coarser on my legs, Dan. Try there.”

I moved between her legs and began to stroke her calves with both my hands. The coarseness of her hair excited me and sent a shiver up my back. The goose bumps that followed caused my own thick body hair to seem to stand up. She noticed. I continued to move my hands up to her thighs as I sat astraddle her legs. She placed her hands on my own hairy legs and began to stroke them up and down. I was becoming so aroused that I involuntarily scooted my body closer to hers so that now I was straddling her thighs and facing her. She began to run her hands over my chest.

Now we were both breathing noticeably harder, both becoming highly aroused.

In a flash she reached around my back and pulled me down on top of her. She entangled her fingers in the thick hair on my head and pulled my lips to hers in a crushing kiss. I felt her tongue probing my mouth, and I exploded in youthful lust. We interlocked our hairy legs and began rubbing them together, feeling the hirsute abrasion and firing our sexual desires even more.

She was breathing very hard when we broke our kiss. I grabbed her wrists and held them above her head with one hand. Then I buried my face in one of her armpits. She cried out as I licked, then pulled on the hair with my tightened lips. Her body tensed with arousal, and I felt her grinding her mons against my still-covered cock.

With my free hand, I clasped the top of her two-piece swimsuit and pulled it free of her body. Her white breasts exploded free with taut, erect nipples, a few delicate strands of hair surrounding her areola begging for my tongue. My mouth became a blur of motion over her breasts.

“Oh, Dan,” she cried breathily, “Bite them. Pull on my tits. Mmmmm, easy, baby, yes, like that.”

She continued to excite me with her hairy legs, working them up and down over mine, then grinding her pussy against me. I continued to satiate myself on her breasts, but found myself being drawn back to her pits again. She was beginning to perspire very lightly, and the sensual smell and taste of her pits obliterated any restraint I might have shown. I licked up and down inside her dark, thick pits until their hair was matted with my own saliva. Then I licked feverishly inside her upper arms, into her pits, down her upper ribs and back to her breasts. Her moans and whimpers revealed her pleasure at having a man excited by her sensual arms and pits.

My oral caresses gave her newfound strength, and she broke the grip I had on her wrists. She embedded her fingernails in my back and dragged them down, scratching me, until she reached my swim trunks. I felt her thumbs go into the waistband and try to pull them down, but because of the entanglement of our legs, she could not. With great difficulty I forced myself to sit upright, her hands still gripping the sides of my trunks.

I looked into her eyes and saw a forest fire of sexual lust taking in the hair on my chest. I slowly stood up, which allowed her to pull my trunks down and free my raging erection. It stood out, red, dark, long, and thick from my black pubic hair. It throbbed up and down as she looked at it hungrily.

Now standing over her, I stepped out of my own trunks and reached down toward the bottom of her bikini. I was entranced by the dark hair emerging from its sides and running downward inside her muscled thighs and upward toward her belly. I knelt again between her legs and ran my hands over her still-covered womanhood, feeling the sponginess of the hair beneath, fingertip caressing the hair along the sides and up her belly. I could see a line of wetness moistening the front of the suit, and I knew that she was wet with desire for me.

Still lying on her back, she tried in vain to reach for my cock, but it was too far away. She started to better position herself to reach it, but I moved slightly backward. Then, in one hurried motion, I reached down, seized the bottom of her swimsuit, and pulled it toward her ankles. At the same time I used the bottom to lift both her legs so that they rested on my shoulders as her suit bottom went flying. Her ankles were alongside my head now, forcing her to lie back. I held her legs on my shoulders as I began to run her hairy calves with my face. The feeling of her hairy legs against my face was pure ecstasy! I kissed and licked the dark hair on her calves and ran my hands over it. She could see the effect of that on my cock which had begin to throb faster.

I had to taste and feel all of her, so I kissed my way up her calves to her knees, then slowly, tantalizingly up the inside of her thighs.

She was laying back on the grass now, her head thrashing from side to side in wanton sexual arousal as my tongue kissed her lusciously hairy legs and worked its way toward her now-red and puffy out lips emerging from her dark bush. She pinched her nipples with her fingertips and screamed in lustful sounds but not words. She ran her own hands into her pits and began pulling on the hair with ferocity. Clearly the pleasurable pain of pulling her own pit hair excited her even more.

My kisses were now inside her thighs directly below her hairy bush, and I could smell her juices and feel their humid heat wafting from the dark pubes. I was already crazy with lust, as was she, and we could not have stopped even if we had wanted to. I wound my arms around the outside of her taut thighs and entangled my fingers in her mons hair. It was thick, wet, and crinkly. Her wetness glistened on its blackness in the afternoon sunlight, and I began to lick it ferociously. My own guttural sounds erupted from my mouth and vibrated against her outer lips as my mouth covered them. I began working my tongue through the hair guarding her opening, trying desperately to seek out the source of her wetness. Now her legs were locked behind my back, and she was moving them up and down over my rips as if they were stroking a giant cock. The hairy scratching on my body from her legs was indescribably sexual and sensual, and I felt as if I would pass out at any moment.

I focused on the beauty of her womanhood, and with my fingers I began to very lightly ease the hair and hood back from her clitoris. It eased its way out slowly, revealing itself to my tongue. Though my mouth was dry with desire, I used my tongue to capture some of her own pussy?s wetness on my tongue, then paint it over her clit. Her body began to heave and buck instantly, her legs tightened even more around my body, and she grabbed my head with her hands and pulled my face tighter into her hairy pussy. I was in heaven. We continued like that until finally we were both close to climaxing.

As Eileen felt her own orgasm building, she screamed out to me.

“Fuck me now, you hairy animal! Drive that thick hard cock into my hairy pussy and make me yours, you beast! Give it to me, you sonofabitch! Fuck me with that hairy cock! Bite my tits! Bury your face in my pits and bite me, you young horny stud! Drive those hairy hips into my pussy and make me cum!”

Over and over she cried out. Her cries inflamed my own desires. I pulled my face away from her pussy and slid my hairy chest slowly over her mons as my face drew closer to her chest. Again she screamed loudly as my chest hair assaulted her clit. Her legs squeezed even tighter now, and I felt as if I were in a vice. My lips pulled hard on her now-elongated and steel-hard nipples. A red flush crossed her white chest as I buried my face once again in her pits, now drenched with sweat.

I felt her hands now surrounding my cock, guiding it to her opening. With all my restraint, I resisted pushing it in, just allowing her to paint its tip over her outer lips and her clit.

I could feel my own orgasm coming as the sexual power of her armpit hair and the taste and smell of her overpowered me.

With supreme strength, I lifted my upper body away from hers so I could look directly into her face.

He facial and shoulder muscles were tense with desire. Her eyes were closed as her orgasm approached.

I felt the tip of my dark red, hard cock at her opening and could wait no longer. In one thrust, I was inside her.

Her eyes opened wide as the pleasurable pain of my quick entry reached her brain.

“Pump me hard, you motherfucker,” she cried out. “Harder! Harder! Deeper, you sonofabitch. Oh, God! Yes, yes, harder, harder Dan!”

Over and over again I thrust, harder and harder. Now her own body heaved upward with each downward thrust. Her hairy legs squeezed and rubbed my ribs raw, and the pain from their abrasion drove me wild with lust.

“Faster! Faster! I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. “Cum with me, lover! Use that hairy cock to fill me with your cum! C’mon motherfucker! Harder! Harder! Harder!”

I felt her pussy’s muscles grabbing me as if they had fingers, stroking me. With each thrust of my hips my own pubic hair tangled with hers. Finally, my own words spewed forth.

“I’m fucking you hard, you horny bitch! You want it hard; you’ll get it hard! You want it deeper; you’ll get it deeper! You like it hard and rough, don’t you horny hairy mother?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she yelled. She stared into my eyes with steely lust. Her breaths came hard in and out of her mouth with each thrust. “Give it to me harder! Deeper, deeper, you motherfucker! You know you want to fuck me hard, you young stud, so do it!”

Then our bodies lurched together again and again until we both exploded in what seemed like an unending orgasm. I felt my own coming from deep inside my body, surging almost painfully out of my cock and against her warm, wet muscular vaginal walls. Over and over she thrust upward, crying out primally for even more satisfaction and satiation.

Finally, we were finished. I collapsed on top of her, burying my face once again in her pits, licking up every drop of her, feeling the last vestiges of her vaginal orgasm clasping at my cock. We were breathing hard, and with every breath, my nostrils filled with the sexual scent of her pits, our fluids. She continued to massage my own hairy legs with hers as we fought to catch our breath. I kissed her on her lips, letting her taste herself. Then I rolled off.

We lay in the grass by the river for several more minutes until we had regained some of our strength.

“God, almighty,” she hissed. “I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

I could not speak, I was so spent. Sweat was covering both our bodies.

“Lover,” she said, “I think we?d better get into the river and wash ourselves off.”

I took her hand and led her to the river. We immersed ourselves several times until we felt cleansed, then emerged and walked back to the towels.

As we began to towel each other off, she leaned down and kissed my still-elongated but flaccid cock. As she kissed, it began to harden again.

She looked up into my eyes, the fire of desire burning brightly again.

“Don’t tell me you?re ready to go again so soon?” she said. Then she began to stroke it with her hands. As my manhood hardened and stood out from my black pubic hair, she took it into her mouth and began to caress it with her tongue. She reached around with her hands and cupped my butt cheeks, briefly, then ran her hands down over my hairy thighs, up and down and around.

“Keep that up, and I will be,” I said, my voice already getting deeper and thicker.

“Ummm. Don’t let me stop you from doing whatever you feel like doing,” she encouraged.

With that, I lifted her to her feet and kissed her deeply, our naked bodies pushing hard and rubbing hard against each other.

I placed my hands on her arms and turned her around so that my cock was resting comfortably in her butt crack but not penetrating her. She moaned as the increasing heat and hardness from my erection burned into her skin. Then I pulled her arms over her head and instructed her to clasp her hands. I ran my hands up her arms to bring her hands together. She complied, and I ran my hands back down to her furry pits. I began to use my fingertips to caress the inside of her pits, to weave their way through her lush hair.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned. “Do that some more. That feels so good. You’re making me all wet again. Ummmmm! Oh, lover, my pits must be as sensitive as my pussy. Don’t stop. Keep going!” While I continued to stroke her pits as if they were her pussy, she pushed her ass harder against my cock.

I brought my lips closer to her ear so she could hear.

“You like having your pits touched, don’t you Eileen?” I rasped. “Tell me you do, and I’ll keep going.”

“Yes, you hairy, hot stud, I love it. It makes me feel sooooo sexy, so desirable. Am I desirable, Dan?”

“Eileen, I could lick and suck your hairy body all day and all night until you couldn?t cum any more. Do you want me to do that?”

“God yes, don?t stop. Rub those huge hairy balls of yours against me. Make me scream for you. Make me cum again. Make me! Force me!”

With that, I wrapped my arms around her in a way that captured her arms above her head. I buried my face in her pit and began to lick and suck wildly.

She immediately reacted and thrust her ass against me.

“Ohhhhhh, God, that feels so good. You like making me feel good, don’t you Dan? It excites you, doesn’t it, you hairy stallion? Do you see what you’ve done to me? You’ve made me wet, and my tits are sticking up like they never have before. Keep licking and sucking my pits, Dan. I’m almost ready to cum again!”

With that I pushed her gently downward so that she was on all fours on the ground. I knelt behind her and pushed my chest against her back. I moved one hand back to her pit and the other to her breast and pinched her now very hard and surprisingly long nipple. Her sounds excited me even more, and she pushed upward against my cock that was sandwiched between our bodies.

“Ohhh, Dan, fuck me from behind like a big hairy horse! Please, do it from behind. Ram that hard long rod of yours deep inside me. Don’t wait. I can’t wait much longer! I need to feel you inside me so badly,” she cried out.

I raised my hips slightly to free my hardness from its imprisonment between our bodies. Then I positioned myself so that it was between her legs. She reached back with one hand to grasp it and guide it through her hairy mons to her opening again. I moved first one and then both of my hands back to her pits and began to rub and pull on the wet hair.

She gave a long, hard pull on my cock, and I thrust myself into her. The combination of my hands in her pits, stroking them as if they were her pussy, and my cock inside her drove her wild, and she began thrusting her hips with incredible speed backward against me.

My head was close to hers now. We were both grunting like the rutting animals in the woods we were!

Her words, her sounds, her heavy hard breathing seemed to make me stronger. With one hand still in her armpit, I moved my other hand down over her belly and sought her clit. The moment I touched it, she screamed with sexual excitement.

“Harder, you stud! Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!” she kept crying out. “Fill me up with your cum. Coat my pussy hair with it, you young motherfucker. Drive it in hard, Goddammit! Do it! Do it!”

I was pumping as hard as I could against her, each of my thrusts lifting her slightly off the ground. Suddenly she sat upright, my cock still inside her, and clasped her arms behind my head. We continued to fuck, me in back, her in front in a kneeling position. I kept one hand on her pussy, fingering her clit and stroking her pussy hair, while the other hand was nestled firmly in her hairy pit.

“I’m cumming, baby!” I screamed into her ear. “Can you feel me inside you? Do you like that, you hairy mother!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she cried. “Cum inside me. Plow me hard with that horsecock. I’m cumming now!” she exploded.

I felt my own cum spewing outward in surprising quantity and spurting into her. As I filled her, my hand felt my own cum flowing out alongside my cock and into her pussy hair. I used my hand to spread it all over and around her thick hair. Its warmth and wetness seemed to cause her to thrust and vibrate even more wildly. Our bodies, my front to her back, gyrated wildly, abrasively, rubbing ourselves together as if we could generate yet another explosive orgasm.

As our energy subsided, I pulled out of her but continued to run my cum-covered hands over her pussy and leg hair. How I wanted to prolong my own excitement as well as hers. Eventually, though, we were both completely spent. When our strength returned, we once again went to the river and bathed. This time, when we came out and dried each other off, we just laid in the grass and rested.

Finally, she spoke.

“So, Dan,” she chided, “I guess you were turned on by my body hair!”

“Eileen, it’s going to be days before I can ever get another hard-on, thanks to you,” I said gratefully.

“Well, when you do, why don’t you give me a call? I’d like to have you all to myself, but I’m sure you’re going to find a younger girl sooner or later. And when you do, even if it turns out to be Dori, how about letting me know when you bring her down here to the river?” She winked.

My look of astonishment caused her to laugh as she said, “Yes, I like to watch, too!”

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