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Getting Pumped Up

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Chapter 1

My wife and I have maintained a few friends from college and two of them just had a baby a couple of months ago. So, we boxed up a bunch of clothes and things we had stored from when our baby was little and I took them to work, to drop them off as they live nearby my office.

One of the things was a baby gate that I offered to install as the new father was away traveling and I left work in the early afternoon and went over to Amy and Rob’s house.

Not wanting to possibly wake the baby, I knocked a few times and when no one came, I rapped a bit louder.

Then I heard Amy ask who it was and after I’d told her, the door swung open and she asked me in.

“Oh, hi, Alex, come in, come in, I’m running behind as usual these days, come into the living room.”

I was a bit surprised, the former, always looking perfectly-together, Amy was now a bit disheveled, her shirt open, a heavy towel around her breasts, as she led me in.

“I was just pumping some breast milk, I’ll bet you remember those days, right?” she said with a bit of a frustrated laugh.

“Well, actually, I don’t. Joan always did it when I was at work.”

“Oh, then here’s your chance,” and she sat down and was set to resume where she was when I knocked.

“Look, Amy, I can come back later, it’s fine, you need the time right now.”

“Oh, come on, Alex, you’ve seen tits before,” and she lowered the towel from her swollen breasts. Well, truthfully, Amy is a very attractive woman and her breasts, always in perfect proportion to her body size, were now the envy of porn stars across the world. They were large, and really, quite full and beautiful.

On the coffee table were all the accoutrements, the breast pump, bottles, caps, one half-filled bottle, I asked her where they wanted the gate installed and she pointed to the bottom of the stairs just in the hallway by the living room. So I picked up my toolkit and the fence and began attaching it to the bottom of the stairwell as Amy resumed pumping out her breast milk.

I was finished in just a couple of minutes and went back in to say goodbye.

“Oh, stay a bit, Alex, at least until I finish this, your company is nice.”

Well, her breasts were nice so I did sit across and we talked for a bit.

“I’ll be glad when I don’t have to do this any more,” she said as she shifted a bit and I got a better view causing my cock to harden. “Problem is, after a while, my nipples get so sore.”

“Yeah, I remember, Betty saying the same thing when she was doing this.”

“I can see that it has the same effect on you as it has on Rob,” and she nods to my crotch.

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry, Amy, I really am.”

“Not me, it’s nice to know I still have an effect on a man after I’ve had a baby,” she said as she stopped the machine and moved the device to her other breast.

It was sexy, it was nice, I really didn’t want to leave.

“So, Alex, do you like watching?”

“Actually, I do. Thanks. I may have to lock my office door when I get back to work,” I said with a grin.

“And will you be thinking of me, Alex, when you do it?”

“It’s going to be hard to concentrate on anything until I do it.”

“So, do you sit in your chair behind your desk, or what? You’ve done it before?”

“Yeah, a few times. The window is frosted glass so I don’t think anyone has see in, at least I sure hope they can’t.”

As soon as I had said that, she replied, “You can do it right here, if you want.”

What would you say or do? Come on, think about it. I was immediately overcome with nervousness and excitement all rolled together.

I decided the best thing I could do was handle her question lightly, so I replied, “So, you don’t mind if I masturbate right here while you pump?” trying to grin.

“Well, I think it’s safer to do it here, go ahead.”

I sat there, really not sure if I should, then, she smiled and said, “Go for it, Alex, enjoy yourself. I’m a big girl, don’t worry.”

Now, just what is the next step, what move do I make now? So, I slowly rubbed the bulge in my pants to kind of work into things a bit slowly and then unbuckled my belt, zipped down my fly and slid my pants off.

Her eyes were on me the whole time. I rubbed across my boxers, then took them and pulled them to the floor and sat there across from her, my cock wavering slightly as she watched.

I leaned back in the chair and began to stroke slowly up and down, up and down. Amy turned a bit to see better, I think, smiling at me as I pleasured myself, sexed-up by her lovely, large breasts.

“Feel good, Alex?”

“Mmm, yes, it really does, very nice.”

“Am I helping?”

“Oh, Amy, you’re helping a lot, a whole lot.”

She was just a few feet away watching me as I took long, slow strokes the length of my cock.

“You look happy.”

“Your idea of me doing it here was great, Amy, it really helps looking at you, you’re so beautiful. So sexy.”

“Well, I haven’t felt sexy in a while, thank you. I’m glad I can make you nice and hard.”

“Mmm, Amy, you make me really hard, just watch when I cum and see how you make my cock feel. Mmm, I’d love to see your pussy,” and I kept stroking up and down.

She looked at me as she widened her legs and rubbed up and down the inseam of her sweatpants a few times, then she lifted up and pulled the back of her pants down, then the front and right off onto the floor.

Then she started rubbing along her pussy under her white panties as she watched me.

“Mmm,” she groaned, “Mmm, yes, mmm.”

“God, you look so sexy, Amy, pull your panties aside so I can see, see your pussy.”

Yes, things had heated up quite a lot since all this started so innocently. Now we were both getting off in front of each other.

She looked right at me as she pulled her panties aside and revealed her black bush surrounding the pretty pink lips so moist with desire. She put one foot up on the sofa and spread open to slide a finger up inside her.

“You have such a pretty pussy, Amy, you make me so hard, oh, I’m gonna cum pretty soon. I’d love to cum all over your pretty pussy.”

We both sat there pleasuring ourselves, me slowly stroking my cock up and down as Amy finger-fucked herself with two wet fingers in and out over and over. The wetness of her pussy made slurping sounds I could even hear over the pumping of her breast.

“Are you close, Alex? I sure am,” and I told her I was really close.

“Here, get up close so you can cum on my pussy,” and she pulled her panties off, then widened her legs. I moved off my chair and knelt right between her legs and stroked those wonderful-feeling final movements when ropes of white, sticky semen came flying out the end of my cock landing on Amy’s pussy lips and inner thighs.

As I was groaning and cumming, she had her hand back down rubbing all my cum on the swollen pink lips of her pussy and began to buck and moan having her own orgasm. It was so hot-looking, I just knew that watching her was going to keep me hard for a long time.

The only sound was the breast pump running as we looked at each other smiling at our own happy and satisfied feelings.

“Oh, wow, Alex, that was a bit unexpected. But, I really feel good. I needed that and it looked like you did too,” she said as she turned off the machine and took it off her breast.

She was basically sitting there naked as she lay back and brought up her feet onto the edge of the sofa cushion with her legs spread wide as she pulled her labia open, looking at me across from her. It was one of the hottest, sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

“That was fun, Alex, I liked that,” and she ran her finger around the lips to her pussy, spreading her wetness, just glistening and so arousing. I was hard again.

“Amy, you’ve got me hard again, this is unbelievable.”

“Well, you can always jack-off again. I like watching you. I can do it again, too. You like watching me, don’t you?”

So, we both went at it again, it took me longer, of course, but she did ask me to move over her so I could cum on her pussy again. It was incredible.

After, she got up and went and brought a towel back for us to clean up all my cum. I really wanted to touch her, to take her in my arms but just didn’t dare. This was as far as I thought it should go, much farther than I ever dreamed.

We got ourselves put back together, I was late already, though, happy and really turned-on by being with Amy, both of us naked. As she walked me to the door, I suggested that I might drop some more things off another time and she said she’s like that. She actually said that she’d really like that.

Then a week or so later, Betty told me that she had talked with Amy and had another box of things for her and her baby if I could take them by. I immediately got hard. Of course, I calmly said I’d be happy to.

So, I arranged for a long lunch and went to Amy’s. Knocking on the door, my head was full of all the various possibilities that might happen as she swung the door open and Amy stood there smiling, asking me in and she was rather more collected this time, dressed in a very skimpy pair of shorts and a t-shirt. This time I hadn’t caught her in the middle of pumping breast milk for the baby.

She led me into the living room and I sat down the box of baby clothes and supplies. The breast pump was on the coffee table and I think she saw me look at it.

“Oh, I’m about to pump some breast milk if you’d like to stay, Alex.”

Yes, I wanted to jump and shout but I remained cool and said, “Um, sure, if you don’t mind. It was sure a big turn-on the last time.”

“Great, let me just use the bathroom real quick and I’ll be right back.”

Again, I sat across from her and wanted to just play it as cool as I could so I just sat there waiting for her to come back. I really wanted to get naked and start masturbating but, well, this seemed right.

She came back and sat down.

“Don’t let me stop you, Amy, do what you need to do,” and I watched as she calmly pulled the t-shirt off and sat there a few seconds. Oh, she was beautiful, those full, plump breasts were gorgeous.

She started to reach down for the pump’s suction cup when I asked her, “Do you mind if I help?”

She looked a bit surprised but said, “Sure,” and I came over and sat down next to her as she started talking me through the process of attaching the cup and tubing to her left breast.

I took her soft breast in my hand, caressed it for a few seconds, then led her breast into the cup and turned it on. With the pump taking over, I moved my hand to her other breast and began slowly, tenderly massaging it. She looked up at me, both of us knowing this was more than collecting milk for her baby, this was sex between the two of us.

I rolled her nipple between my fingers and watched as a few drops of milk fell from it to her leg.

“Oh, sorry,” I offered and she told me, “It’s okay, it’s normal for one to leak while the other is being pumped. You can taste it if you want.”

Now I don’t know why I found that to be arousing but my cock instantly got harder, one of the mysteries of life, I guess.

I just didn’t know how to reply, this wasn’t something I’d planned on, it’s not a fetish I’d ever had, though I had plenty of others, no, it just caught me off-guard. But, to suck her nipple? How could I turn that down?

Chapter 2

“Sure, I’ll try it,” and I bent down and licked around her nipple alternating with a few light kisses around the areola surrounding her very erect nipple. Then I pressed my lips to her hard nipple and felt the warm milk seeping out. I wiped it off with my tongue, tasting a mother’s milk for the first time in memory. Warm, sweet, surprisingly erotic.

I didn’t really know how hard to suck or really exactly what to do so I opened my mouth more and took in more of Amy’s breast and began to softly suck.

“Mmm, mmm,” Amy moaned as she gazed down at me. The softness of her breast against my mouth and cheek was wonderful. Every so often, I would remove my lips and lick around her nipples then go back to sucking.

I was in a rather uncomfortable position and Amy suggested that I lay down and put my head in her lap which I did.

We both smiled and laughed a bit as I shifted around to nurse from the lovely breast of my wife’s best friend from college as it gently touched my face. She leaned slightly and took a nipple and led it to my lips for me to suck. The pump was sucking the left one as I was sucking the right one.

As I sucked, my hand drifted down and began stroking the lump in my pants.

“Are you going to do your cock for me again, Alex?” she whispered.

“Mmm, whatever you want,” I mumbled as I reached down to unbuckle my belt and slide my pants down, then my briefs. I took my cock in hand and began slowly stroking up and down as I contentedly sucked.

“Does that feel good?”

Around her nipple, I mumbled, “It feels really good, you turn me on so much.”

Then the pump turned off.

“Time to switch,” she said and I sat up as she took the cup off, wiped herself off and she handed me the cup to put on the other breast. Just then the phone rang. She picked it up off the table next to the pump as I heard her say, “Hello…Oh, hi, sweetie.”

It had to be Rob, Amy’s husband. She gave me a coy look and put her finger over her mouth for me to stay quiet. Here I am, laying in my friend’s wife’s lap, my pants pulled down, jacking-off while I lay under her naked tits as she talks to him. Talk about strange.

But it actually turned-me on, emboldened me, so I got up and took all my clothes off as she watched, smiling as she talked with Rob. I knelt on the floor in front of her and began kissing her knees and legs, yes, I’d decided to up the ante.

My hands were running up and down her legs as I kissed them while she chatted with her husband. Then, I started running her hands up her thighs, along the sides, the tops, then along the upper part of her inner thighs, my fingers grazing the ragged hem of her shorts. As I rubbed up her thighs, I moved my fingers up under her shorts just for a second each time.

Her eyes were on mine as we looked at each other, knowing what was happening, not stopping any of it. I moved my hands up onto her stomach and rubbed up and down, dragging down the top of her shorts as I went, rubbing into the thin pelt of pubic hair that was now exposed. I was sure there were no panties under her shorts, just her, lovely her.

She again motioned for me to remain quiet as I continued rubbing up and down her thighs, now grazing my fingertips up under and onto her pussy lips. I took the side of her shorts along the inseam and pulled them aside, exposing her pussy as my fingers ran up and down in her wet furrow.

She continued talking with her husband as we gazed at each other. Then, she widened her knees and I pressed a finger up into her and began moving it in and out. We were both so hot.

I got up and sat on the sofa next to her and reached over between her legs as she opened them so I could reinsert my finger inside. I moved my finger slowly , not wanting to make her moan. Amy had turned sideways on the sofa and I sat facing her, probing my finger in and out of her as she conversed as normally as she could with her husband. She held her eyes closed and was biting her lip as she listened, then commented every once in a while.

“Sure, fine, that’s good, We can just call them tomorrow and see if they can help us. Yes, fine,”

She was sodden with juices and I just didn’t want to wait any longer, so I took hold of the top of her shorts and pulled them as she lifted her butt up to help get them off.

Now she sat sideways on the sofa facing me, her knees up and wide apart, her wet pussy open to me, her full breasts laying back on her chest as she rested back on the upholstered arm of the sofa, smiling at me as I finger-fucked her as she talked with Rob. I pulled my finger out and began to circle her clit with my finger tip as I started stroking my cock again.

As she was answering a question, she reached out and pulled my hand away and put her hand around my cock and began masturbating me. There was something about her being on the phone that just gave us more leeway in what we were doing.

I motioned for her to stand up, which she did. I then leaned back on the sofa right behind her with my cock in the air and took hold of her hips and guided her backward as I held my cock steady. She obviously knew what I was doing and what we were doing as I watched her pussy lips part around my cock as she sat back over me and slowly descended taking me up inside her as she sat.

It was incredible that while she was talking with her husband, she was lowering herself on my hard cock, taking me inside her pussy. She sat back on me, taking all of me up into her. I didn’t dare move, the feeling was so good, but if I’d moved, I just don’t know what would have happened.

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” she said into the phone as I felt her pussy muscles contract and relax around me. I didn’t want to make any moves that would possibly give away anything that might have been happening on our end.

“Well, look, gotta go and finish pumping, okay. Right, okay, hon. see y’a later,” and she ended the call and put the phone back on the table. As she leaned forward, her pussy came up off my cock about half way. Then she sat back down on me, turned her head to me and said, “You naughty boy, you,” she said with a smile as she put her hands on my knees and began pushing herself up and down.

“Oh, Amy, you feel so good.”

She leaned forward to put her hands on the coffee table and I lifted her up by her hips so I was standing up behind her while she was bent over the table. I was thrusting in and out of her as she moaned. My hands gripped her hips as we went on and I looked down at her swaying breasts as they dripped her milk onto the glass top of the table, leaving splash marks back and forth.

“Oh, oh, oh, god, Alex, oh, mmm, so good, yes, oh, you feel so good. Oh, don’t stop, just fuck me and fuck me. Oh, this is so hot,” she moaned as I fucked her from behind just as she and I both wanted.

Amy was fucking back on me as I shoved into her, we were just out of control, our bodies just took over.

“UHH, UHH, UHH, oh, mmm, oh, oh, so good, feels so good,” she groaned as she shuddered under me. I knew that that I was close, really close.

“Mmm, Amy, I’m about to cum. Should I pull out? Are you safe?”

“Go ahead, it’s okay, I want your cum, mmm. Fill me up, Alex, shoot me full,” and that wonderful, glorious feeling of release just washed over me as I arched back while we both pushed ourselves together, my cum spewing deeply into Amy as she moaned, “Mmm, oh, I want this, yes, mmm.”

We were pressed together, almost fused to one another, her pussy contracting around me, it was wonderful.

“Oh, Alex, this was incredible. I just never, well, maybe I did kind of expect something to happen like this after the last time.”

She pulled off me and turned as we embraced and kissed.

“I can’t believe you pulled me down on your lap when I was on the phone with Rob. It was all I could do to keep from saying anything as your cock went in. Omigod, that was unbelievable. And pretty wonderful, I might add,” as she kissed me again.

“I have got to clean up, I’ve got milk running down the front of my legs and your cum running out of me, too. Be right back,” and she trotted off and in a few minutes came back with a towel wrapped around her breasts and one for me to clean up my cock and abdomen where our juices were still wet.

She sat down on the sofa, picked up the cup to apply it to her breast and said, “Now, where were we?” as she grinned at me. “I’m just too tired to get dressed,” and the pump started up and began to pull milk out of her breast as the other slowly dripped onto the towel.

I got dressed and gave her a hug and a soft kiss as the pump chugged away and walked to the front door. I looked back and there she was on the sofa, naked, the pump sucking her breast, as she smiled at me.

That might have been the only time that Amy and I had sex but I promised her I just wouldn’t say more.

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