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“Hi Jim” I heard a call from behind me. Turning I saw an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Well hello stranger, where the hell have you been, It’s been at least two years.” There stood Ralph, an old buddy that I used to hang with. My ex and I had been real tight with Ralph and Sandy for several years but had lost touch after I got transferred to another state with my company.

I had nice memories of them and the parties we had there. We had lived next door to them for three years and had gone back and forth visiting, playing cards, and having cookouts on weekends. We made a gate in the privacy fence to make it easy. They were a fun couple and we always enjoyed being with them.

Ralph was almost 6′, med build, blond hair cut short. Sandy was a pixie, short 5’2″. Slim but big boobs for her size, shoulder length dark hair.

Sally and I we an average couple, mid thirties, she 5’7″, short bottle blond hair , a bit plump, heavy sensitive tits. I was 6′, 200 lbs. We both worked, me in insurance sales. Sally as a private secretary in an office in town.

We had joked, flirted and told dirty jokes, teased and groped a tit once in a while but nothing serious ever happened between us until they had a pool installed in their back yard. The first weekend after it was put in they invited us for a swim to break it in.

Arriving pool side we found them both already in the cool, refreshing looking water.

“Come on in.” Sandy called. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

I dove in, going deep under. The water felt great, cool on this hot summer morning. While under water I could see Sandy’s shape off to one side. Swimming toward her, planning to dunk her. As I got close I got the shock of my life. She was naked. I could see all of her from her nice titties down to her shaved pussy. I was surprised but swam closer to see more, there was a lot to see. Her tits seemed to be even larger naked, nipples sticking out hard. Bald pussy, lips protruding.

She must have known that I was there because as I got closer she spread her legs as if to show me more. I reached out and placed my hand on her pussy. Getting no attempt to stop me from her I rose up beside her, my hand still clasping her pussy.

“Hi neighbor, been waiting for you. You like where you have your hand?”

“Yea, well sure I do, why not, you feel nice but where’s Ralph? What’s going on? I asked her.

“Well we decided that this was to be a nudist pool, no suits allowed. Everyone has to swim naked here with us, so that means you have to take yours off.” Saying that she pulled my suit down to my knees and took hold of my swiftly hardening cock. “Sally too, Ralph is telling her now.”

“Where is Sally? What will she say about all this?” I asked. “She’ll kill me if we get caught like this.” I looked around and saw her at the other end of the pool with Ralph.

She was standing close to Ralph, her back to me. They looked as if they were talking. Sally turned her head to see me with Sandy, then reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. It floated free in the water leaving her breasts fully exposed to Ralph’s gaze. Then, still watching me she took his hands and raised them to her tits letting him fondle her.

Sally was smiling as she leaned back in his arms and waved the bottoms of her suit at me. She was naked and in the arms of our neighbor who was naked too. Where was this going?

“We have been flirting and teasing for a long time now.” Sandy told me. “Ralph and I figured that it might be fun to go a bit further.”

I turned back. “What? How far do you two want to go? What do you want?”

Sandy looked me in the eye and said. “All the way if you both want to. We would like to make love with you, a swap, switch partners, you fuck me while Ralph fucks her.”

“Hay, we’ve never done anything like that, are you sure? I don’t think Sally would do that, what do you think?”

Sandy took hold of my, now hard cock and said. “Look at them now. What do you think?”

Turning to look I saw that Sally was astride Ralph, her legs wrapped around his waist. They were moving back and forth. He was fucking her right there in the water. We had joked and teased about people swapping after reading some stories and got hot talking about how it would be but never really thought about swinging ourselves. Looks like we were going to now. “OK, what’s sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander. Where should we start? What do you want first?”

Sandy climbed up to the side of the pool, opened her legs, using her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy. Told me. “Start here, eat me, suck my sweet cunt. I want your tongue in me.”

She was in perfect position with legs wide, I could see the pink, moist inner part of her. It looked inviting. I moved in and inhaled the aroma. My tongue tasted her, nice. Flicking the small clit with my tongue caused her to gasp and wrap her legs tight around my neck. I teased and sucked at her, loving the taste. This was the first time in years that I had a different woman than my wife and I was going to enjoy her.

Almost forgotten was Sally and Ralph until I felt a bump on my side. It was them.

Ralph boosted himself up to the pool edge next to Sandy as Sally moved between his legs and holding his still hard cock guided it to her waiting mouth. Sally loved to suck cock and she would do mine every chance she had. Milking me till I could cum no more, swallowing every drop.

I knew he was in for a fantastic treat but I was busy at his wife, licking her to several very loud climaxes. She was a screamer. Not done yet Sandy had me come up with her. Moving to the grass I laid on my back so she could sit astride me. Lowering her pussy to my cock, slowly allowing it to engulf me. Sliding in to her hot, slippery, velvet box I almost came but forced myself to hold off, she deserved a good fuck and I wanted to last as long as I could.

Her pussy felt so good wrapped around me. I was harder than ever, maybe this was what was needed, new pussy. A few minutes later thrusting up to meet her body as she fiercely rode me I could feel the seed in my balls getting ready to spurt. “Here it cums, take my spunk, take it.” I cried as I gave her what she wanted. As I finished she climaxed again.

I must have dozed off for a while, waking to Sally kissing me. “Wake up lover, wake up and join the party. It’s time for some lunch and I’m starved from all this excessive exercise. Lets get some food.”

Sandy had made some sandwiches and brought out cold beer. Still naked we all sat at the picnic table to eat. No sense in getting dressed now. “Well, I guess we have to talk.” Ralph said after we finished eating. “We have some explaining to do, to let you know how this happened.”

I told him. “It really doesn’t matter now, that its happened. “What now? Do we just forget or continue? Have you got anything to say Sally?”

“Hon, it was fun. I enjoyed making out with Ralph.” Sally said. “He surprised me in the pool when I swam over to him and saw that he was naked. When I asked why, he told me that no suits were allowed in their pool and Sandy was telling you the same. Looking, I saw you with her and knew that things were going to happen. I always wondered what it would be like to fuck with Ralph, now I could find out. I took off my suit, took hold of his nice cock and aimed it to my pussy. The rest as they say is history. but I don’t want us to have problems. You seemed to like what you were doing with Sandy. Would you want to do more? I wouldn’t mind if we did.”

“OK.” Said Sandy. “Here’s how we came up with this. Ralph and I have read stories and watched videos of people swinging. We both love a lot of sex and thought it would be fun to swap with another couple. We never did this before and didn’t know how to meet anyone. You were the logical choice, we have a lot of other fun together, so we decided to seduce you. You both were great.”

“Great, we were fantastic.” Sally piped up. “And so were you, now lets have some more fuckin fun fucking.” She continued with. “My dream is to have two men at once, you two want to do me?”

Ralph and I moved to her side and pulled her to the ground. “Which end do you want?” Ralph asked me. “You fuck her.” I told him. “I’ll get a blow job.”

We moved into place, me at her head, as Ralph leaned over her with his cock in hand guiding it to her wide open slit. He slid in easy, her pussy gratefully accepting him. Watching as my friend sunk his cock into my wife my cock got even harder from the erotic sight. It was exciting me to see her get fucked.

I felt a hand on me, pulling on my cock. Looking down at Sally’s face, she had her mouth open, pulling my manhood to her lips. This is what she wanted, two men, one at each end, to give her pleasure. Pleasure was what she was getting. A stiff cock thrusting hard and deep in her hot pussy and another tickling her tonsils. Sally twisted and groaned in desire as she climaxed time after time while her two lovers worked on her.

I shot my load of cum first. Her mouth always did wonders for me and watching another mans cock fucking her was sexy enough to finish me. Ralph kept pounding her cunt harder and harder. I wondered how long he could keep going, when he shuddered, thrust one last time and unloaded his cum deep inside her.

When Ralph rolled off Sally, pulling his softening prick out, Sandy was there to suck him. She cleaned the last bit of cum from his now deflated cock. Finishing him she moved to Sally saying. “I’ve always thought to try this.” Lowering her mouth to Sally’s dripping pussy she licked at the cum her hubby had just deposited there. “Tastes better with extra flavor.” She licked and sucked until she cleaned it all. “Wow, I liked that.”

In the next several hours we indulged ourselves in every thing we could think of in sexy combinations. One of the best was a daisy chain, I was eating Sandy while she was sucking Ralph, who was tonguing Sally, as she sucked my cock. When us two men petered out the girls lapped each other. They even tried to get us to suck each others cocks, but we were chicken.

Finally deciding to go home we dragged our way, all fucked out. Flopping on our bed we dosed off at once. Several hours later I woke, rising up I looked at Sally lying beside me. She looked contented, a smile on her face. She had certainly enjoyed herself today, I have never seen her so sluttish, she always was a hot woman but after today, WOW! Now what, will the fun continue with our sexy neighbors?

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