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The Weeknight

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Part 1

I started to ask her if she really wanted to go. Her answer was “yes”, before I even finished the question. She freely admitted that she was an addict. Her previous means of satisfying the need had been running her ragged. She tried to take care of it during her lunch hour, but there was never enough time to get as much as she felt she wanted (needed?). She found herself making multiple appointments, and it just wasn’t working.

“They always want to talk…either before or after…and I don’t have that kind of time. Frankly, I don’t even WANT to talk to them. If I could just jump in the car, get what I need and be on my way, I’d be a much happier woman.”

I had told her, a few days earlier, there was a way to solve this problem. I knew a place where she could get as much as she wanted. Doing it her way, she could get maybe two in an hour’s time. Doing it my way, there was no telling how much could get done in that period. She said that she was going to take me up on my offer. In fact, as an experiment, she had set aside a block of three hours on a weeknight that would serve as a test period. If I was right, she would have something “special” for me. If I was wrong, there was really no penalty. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was a short drive, less than 15 minutes. She seemed to be quivering with anticipation, or something. I asked her what was wrong.

“I need to warm up.”

Then she reached over and started unzipping my pants. My dick was semi-erect, as it always was in her presence, and she had a bit of difficulty fishing it out. She leaned over, having a bit of a problem avoiding the steering wheel, and drove my dick straight to the back of her throat. She slammed my cock into the back of her throat several times before I heard her start moaning in frustration. She was trying to get her tongue down to my balls, but the logistics of the front seat were not helping her. She sat up suddenly, moaning and biting her bottom lip.

“This is NOT working for me.”

I understood her problem. She wanted to be face fucked and it wasn’t possible while I was driving. I asked her if she wanted me to pull over, but she said no.

“Just get me there fast.”

She tucked me away, with no little difficulty, and zipped me up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her sitting there with three fingers jammed into her mouth. She was massaging her own soft palate and moaning. I knew she was frustrated, because she was not able to get the same feeling that she’d get from a cock in her throat. I pressed the pedal to the floor, knowing that I should get her there as quickly as possible.

It was euphemistically called an adult bookstore. In reality, it was just a peep show. The owner believed in maximizing profits and minimizing expenses, so the staff doubled as cashiers and janitors, which meant that the place was rarely cleaned. The area was filled with video tapes and DVD’s of all kinds. Almost every fetish allowed by law was covered, and I was sure that with a few bucks slid under the table (so to speak), you could get whatever else you desired. I approached the counter and motioned to one of the men there. A Black man in his mid thirties. He eyed my companion and smiled.

“What can I do for you, bro?”

“We came to hang out for a while. What’s the charge?”

“Single men is eight bucks. Women is free.”

“What about a couple?”

“That depends…”

“On what?”

“Your lady friend here looking for something?”

“Yeah…she is…”

I looked over at her, and she was biting her lip again. She didn’t look particularly nervous, just kind of anxious.

“She in business? Because we could get into a shitload of trouble if the undercovers are around.”

“She’s here for pleasure, not business. Wants to swallow as much cock as she can get…no charge.”

“Those are the magic words tonight, my man. Go have fun. No charge for special ladies and their escorts. I’ll probably see you back there.” He pointed to a door towards the rear of the store. As we approached it, he buzzed us through.

It seemed totally dark at first. She grabbed my arm, suddenly panicked by the sudden blindness. It took my eyes a few seconds to adjust. There were booths lining the walls on both sides. There seemed to be dozens of them. Most of the doors were closed, with a red light over each closed doors. Through the open doors of the empty booths, we could see that each booth contained a movie screen. There were men milling around all over the place, and as soon as they saw her, eyes seemed to light up. Her eyes adjusted quickly. She scanned the area quickly, taking in the lay of the place. She spotted a nearby booth that was unoccupied. She whispered into my ear.

“Is that what you were talking about?” I nodded, and then walked over to the open door. There were holes in both walls. Just what we were looking for. I ushered her in and closed the door behind us. She immediately slipped out of the one piece dress and hooked it onto the door latch, not wanting it to get stained on the sticky floor. She inhaled deeply.

“Smells like cum in here.” She licked her lips as she said it. That was the reason she had come here. She was on a cum hunt…and was not about to miss any.

“So…what do we do?”, she asked.

“What comes to mind first?”

Part 2

She immediately started to undo my pants and pulled them down my legs. I had, of course, gone commando so she would not be impeded. She bent at the waist and took my dick deep into her mouth. I grabbed her hair in both hands and started forcing my cock into her throat as deep as I could. She was moaning and making gagging noises, and I could feel her throat contracting around the head as her lips suctioned me. It was only a few seconds before she fell to her knees. She backed off my dick and looked down.

“The floor is wet and sticky…”

“Lots of cum down there…”

“I know. I kind of like that…”, she said.

I pulled her back to my dick and her mouth opened wide. She wanted it at the back of her throat. She wanted it banging against the back of her throat…and that’s what I gave her. As I stroked her face, I could hear moaning over the loud music. I could see an eye at the hole behind her. I pulled her hair until she relinquished my dick, her mouth still hanging open.

“Turn around. Somebody’s got something for you.”

She faced the hole, and saw the man staring at her naked body. The eye disappeared and was replaced by a pink cock head.

“Oh, shit.”, she whispered. Then she dove for it, taking it fully into her mouth. I watched from behind, the arch of her back and the fullness of her ass burned into my memory for all time. Her hands were on the wall and she was working the small dick as best she could, moaning and twisting her head all the while. It couldn’t have taken more than 30 seconds. I heard a groan come from the other side of the wall. Her body stiffened…then she pulled back from the hole. She turned to face me, mouth open. there was cum dripping from her mouth, down onto her chest. She let it spill out onto her breasts and moaned…smiling. Then she turned back to the hole and said “thank you” to her anonymous donor. She turned to me.

“I like this place…a lot.” She licked her lips, catching the last drop and swallowing it. I motioned to the wall, seeing another cock slide through. No doubt, the word of a willing female mouth had gotten around quickly and she was going to be busy for a while. She looked at it for a second then turned back to me.

“I’ve got something special for you. We made a deal so you might as well have it now. I might be too tired later.”

With that, she bent over and started acquainting herself with the new dick in the hole. She was thrusting on it so hard that I thought she might have banged her face against the wall, but I heard no banging. Just her moaning and the wet sloppy sounds of the face fucking. Her ass, round, full and jiggling wonderfully was pointed right towards me. I stepped behind her and opened her cheeks. Her pussy was glistening in the semi darkness, the only light being from the constantly playing video machine. Above her pussy, I could see her tiny asshole opening and closing as she worked on the dick coming through the hole in the wall, her second of the evening. She reached back with both hands, no easy feat with a dick in her mouth, and spread her ass cheeks wide. Time for me to collect my reward.

My dick was hard as a rock, and I placed the head directly against her puckered asshole, pushing firmly against it. I heard her breathing pattern change, as she tried to relax herself further. Without a lube, it would be a difficult entry…and that was my reward. As I pushed into her, she was pushed further down on the cock in her mouth. I could hear her slobbering and swallowing. Her asshole started spasming around me, and she was moaning with her face planted firmly against the hole in the wall. The guy must have been cumming, because she certainly was! the spasms were impeding my progress somewhat, so I leaned into her as much as I could. Each time her asshole unclenched, I was able to fit another inch into her. Her hands returned to the wall, and she started pushing herself back against me, having removed her face from the hole.

“Oh god…oh shit….OH FUCK!”

As she spoke, there was cum dripping from her mouth, and I could hear it hitting the floor with loud plopping noises. I grabbed both ass cheeks, trying to steady myself slightly. I didn’t want to shove it all in at once. I needed to feel it slip in slowly, wanting the dry walls to become accustomed to my girth. After all, I didn’t want to injure her…just hurt her.

Since she was now standing, when the next cock came through the hole, she had to brace herself against the wall with her hands, and bend deep to reach it. It could not have been a comfortable position, especially with a prick buried in your bowels, but she was a trooper. Over her shoulder, I could see her licking it and savoring the dripping pre-cum. It was dark, thick and fairly long. She looked back at me.

“It’s a big one. I want it deep in my throat. Fuck me hard…push me down on it. Fuck my asshole deep and make this cock go down my throat.”

I dug my fingers into her asscheeks and slammed into her ass. Her mouth opened wide, as if to scream, but it was cut off quickly. I had slammed into her hard enough to make that big dick go right into her throat. This time, I heard the thud as she hit the wall, unable to stop herself. She was making mewing and moaning noises, unable to breath easily. Each time I drew back, she was able to take a breath, but it got cut off quickly when I drove back into her ass. She was grunting with each downstroke I gave her, forcing the other dick even deeper into her throat. I started the slow, deep, hard strokes that I knew would force me over the edge eventually. By the light of the vid screen I could see as I pulled all the way back, until only the head remained inside her ass…and then slammed back into her. She was pinned against the hole now, and her legs were quivering. Since she wasn’t moving, the brother on the other side must have commenced slam fucking her throat, and it was getting to her. I could feel her spasming again, her asscheeks seemed to actually open and close by themselves, her asshole clenching me in a tight, fleshy grip. Grunting, moaning and the occasional “mmmm hmmm” were the only sounds that she made. The woman on the vid was screaming at the top of her lungs, what with getting viciously cornholed and all, so I turned the volume as low as possible. I preferred what was going on inside the booth.

Her hands were trying to grip the flat surface of the plaster wall, and I could see her making scratch marks in it. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened, and it was as if my dick was in a velvet vice. I could move neither forward nor back, and I was trapped to the hilt in her. She started spasming, and it was like getting the world’s best hand job…only not. Her grunting had turned into a near constant mantra of hmmmm… mmm… hmmmm… MMM… HMMMM” and what might have been coughing or gagging. He was emptying his balls into her throat, and it must have been a huge load. It seemed like it was taking forever, and I could do nothing but stay where I was and take in the scene. Finally, I could hear her raspy breathing. Apparently, the cock had been removed from her throat. I felt her ass muscles slowly relinquish the grip on me.

“You OK?”

“”God…shit…unh…keep fucking me…shit…shit…fuck my ass…he came all the way down my throat…all the way down…god…shit…loved that…lots of it…shit….fuck me faster…shit…he came soooo hard….shit…fuck my ass faster…god…I came sooo hard…shit….unh…unh..fuck it…FUCK IT…I want you to come on me…need to feel it on my face….need it…”

I was fucking her asshole as hard as I could, slapping against the cheeks with every stroke. I could feel her squeezing it on every in stroke. The head of my dick felt like it was burning…like it was going to blow off. I was close to cumming, but wanted to maintain enough control to pull it out and spray her face. It wasn’t going to be easy…but when is something truly worthwhile ever easy?

“Want it…need it…tell me when…unh unh…mmmm hmmm…yeah…fuck it hard…like that … yeah…fuck it hard…cum for me…my face…cum in my face…come on…come on…”

I drove hard into her ass, feeling the build up coming to a head. I yanked it out of her ass, grabbed her by the hair and spun her around quickly…stroking my dick in front of her face. She closed her eyes tight and gripped my thighs.

“Yeah…yeah…come on…do it…gimmee…GIMMEE…FUCK…GIMMEE!!!”

As I stroked, it started to shoot from me. The first blast went straight onto her forehead and dripped down her nose to the floor. After that, they came in quick order…hard, short blasts that made a forceful sound when they hit her skin. In seconds, her entire face was coated. After the last dribble, she took me into her mouth and sucked me in deeply.

“mmmm…thank you. That was good.”

There came a rather sudden knock at the door. Feeling kinda silly, I asked who it was.

“The manager.”

Her head jerked towards the door, then me. She had that “oh shit” look in her eyes. I winked at her, not feeling the need for words at that moment, and opened the door. It was the brother that we met at the front counter.

“I’m Erik. Thought I’d come back and see how things were going…”

“Bullshit, Erik. You came back to see if you could get your knob polished.” He shot back a conspiratorial grin.

“Well…yeah…that, too…if the lady doesn’t mind.”

Part 3

I turned to her and she smiled as she spoke.

“What’s in it for me, Erik?”

“Uhhh…well…I dunno…what do you want?”

“A chair would be nice.”

His grin was unbelievable wide, showing sparkling teeth against his dark skin.

“No problem!. Ummm…do you need a towel or wet cloth or something? I can get it for you.”

“No, thanks. I’m good like this. Maybe before we leave…”

He was gone in a flash, forgetting to close the door. Outside, quite a large crowd had grown. They were all trying to peer in and get a glimpse of her. She pushed the door fully open, and turned her back to me. She ground her ass against my bare, wet dick, knowing the reaction she would get. I felt myself starting to get hard again. She rubbed in tight circles until she had it fully erect.

“In my pussy this time. I want to watch them for a few minutes.”

I pushed it in with one stroke, bottoming out quickly. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face up so they could see her, and she them. A few of them had their cocks out, and there was a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. I knew she would never remember the faces, or even really see them. That was not what she cared about. What matter most to her were the cocks and what they could do for her. As they stroked themselves, they had no idea how much pleasure they were giving her. She loved the sight of a hard dick being stroked by it’s owner. In less than a minute, one of them began to cum, and she leaned as close to it as she could without uncoupling. His first shot carried across the distance between them and landed on her already wet cheek. I felt her contract as soon as it hit her skin. The rest of it fell to the floor in an ever decreasing arc. She made a noise that I knew was regret. She felt it was wasted.

His cumming had set off a minor chain reaction. The ones that were jerking off starting becoming more apparent that they were very close. She started moaning and mumbling.

“Yeah…uh huh…yeah…do it…come here…gimmee…gimmee…want it…” She stuck out her tongue. One of them shot out of the crowd and stepped right in front of her grunting. She took the little cockhead into her mouth, but then opened wide. He started squirting. Some of it went down her throat, but as his jerking became more frenzied his aim failed. A lot of it went onto her face and chest.


Before he was through, another had stepped up. This one never tried to reach her mouth. Her hair and face were splattered with the little droplets. She took a finger and gathered some up for a taste.


Erik parted the crowd, coming through with the chair. He entered the booth and closed the door behind him. She uncoupled from me and sat heavily. She was at a perfect height to take my dick into her mouth. As usual, she took it straight back into her throat. There was cum dripping from her face. I pulled myself from her mouth and smeared the cum over her face with my bare hand, making her shudder, then wiped the residue onto her breasts. She moaned and turned toward Erik. Her profile was glistening from the smeared cum. He took out his cock quickly, maybe about seven inches and coal black…like it’s owner. It was dripping from the tip, and she licked it leisurely for a few seconds. Then she went straight down on it. He grimaced for a second, and I thought I could see his hips jerk. Nice guy, I thought, trying to be a gentleman.

“No need to hold back, man. Fuck her mouth like it’s pussy.”

“Are you serious?”

“Just do it, man. Trust me.”

He started to move his hips slowly back and forth, and she started to moan. A big grin broke out on his face.

“Oh shit! She got a clit in her throat like that bitch in the movie or something?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions, man. Just face fuck her. That’s what she’s here for.”

He reached out and took her head between his hands. He gave her a serious single thrust, testing the waters. She moaned.


His smile grew wider, and his grip tightened. He started sawing his cock in and out of her mouth with intent. She placed her hands on his thighs and seemed to be urging him on through touch. His expression became deadly serious as he now started to drive into her mouth. She continued moaning her approval, also making little grunting noises when he actually hit the palate.

I could see in his face both fascination and concentration, no doubt wondering exactly how far he could take this situation…and for how long. He must have had a piece of chewing gum in his mouth, because he was chewing furiously. He fucked her mouth and chewed at about the same pace. He seemed to be trying to hold out as long as he could, but I could tell he was not going to be in there for very much longer. He was sweating like a pig, and had her head in a vice like grip. His hips were a near total blur. He stopped suddenly, pulling her face all the way into his crotch. His mouth opened wide, and he threw his head back, the wad of gum slipping out and falling to the floor. She was making gurgling noises as the cum slid down her throat, digging her fingers into his thighs so hard I thought she might rip his pants. She released his cock slowly, drawing the last few drops from him. His body relaxed, and the smile returned to his face. He took his time fastening his pants, a pensive look on his face.

“You guys are welcome here anytime…no charge. The owner won’t mind too much, it’s good for business to have someone like her as a regular. It’s good for everybody. I wouldn’t suggest that you let her come alone, though. Wouldn’t want shit to get crazy. Well…not too crazy.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem. She’s too smart to travel alone.”

“AH HEM!! Can you stop talking about me like I’m not here, please?”

He and I started laughing almost immediately. He spoke in mid laugh.

“Damn, sorry, Miss Lady. You know how we get after we got our nuts emptied. All common sense go out the damn window.”

“I’ll forgive you this time. But, only because you know how to treat a woman. Thanks for not pulling out my hair. And…no…I do not have a clit in my throat…exactly.”

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