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Dog Days

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I am a retired man in my 60’s, and I live in a suburban neighborhood of a small west-coast city. I live with my best friend Ralph. No, not what you think.

Ralph is my dog. He is a lab mix, about 60 pounds, and a real rascal.

I take Ralph on a walk twice a day to the Neighborhood Park, where dogs are allowed if they are on a leash, and well behaved. The park is full of people with their kids, and some other people with dogs.

I noticed a young woman there often with her little Terrier. She looked to be in her thirties, and she is very attractive. Her dog is cute, too.

I nodded a greeting her way several times and eventually she gave me a slight smile in return. I imagine she thought of me as “that old guy.”

I have lived alone for years, ever since my last marriage broke up. I do not get a lot, as they say, and my sex life is pretty much Internet porn. There is no rejection with masturbation.

The woman with the Terrier had my attention, though. I wondered what her sex life was like. She was very nice looking, so I was sure she was hooked up.

I asked one of the older ladies in the Park about her. There is a gossip network around here that is amazing. I was told that she lives alone, and no one sees her except when she is out with her dog.

On one chance meeting, I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Bob”

“I’m Janice” she answered.

Our dogs introduced themselves, with sniffing and tail wagging.

We had a little more small talk, about how we both live close to the Park, and we both walk our dogs here. After some awkward silence, we went on our separate way.

I really wanted to say a lot more, about how I would like to perform some biologically obscene acts on her. I could imagine the two of us in some of the scenes in the porn that I entertain myself with.

Porn distorts reality, I guess. I sometimes think I should just ask a woman for sex. I know men and women are different (duh) but if a reasonably attractive woman asked if she could suck my cock, I would say “Yes!”

If I asked a woman if I could lick her pussy, all hell would break loose. Most women would be offended, insulted, and call the Police. Why?

I guess I have become a dirty old man.

One day in the Park, I once again came face to face with the mystery woman. She was wearing her usual shorts and a tee-shirt type of top. My mind immediately started to undress her.

We both had our dogs on a leash, but that didn’t stop Ralph. He tried to sniff the Terriers butt, and she snapped at him. It is a friendly gesture among dogs, but this little bitch acted like a female human, and almost bit Ralph.

I apologized, and said “He is fixed, but he doesn’t act like it.”

She understood, and said, “He is just being a dog.”

That is when Ralph really became obnoxious. He put his nose right up into the woman’s crotch, and took several deep sniffs! He had his nose buried in the crack of her vagina!

She backed away, and I jerked Ralph back with his leash.

Now I really apologized, and her face turned bright red.

I desperately wanted to say something, anything, to try to hook up with her. I didn’t want to ask her out for a drink, or dinner, or a date of any kind.

But why couldn’t I just say what was on my mind?

After a little more small talk, I thought, what the hell, just do it!

I said “He only did what I was wishing I could do.”

I thought, OK, she would either scream, or slap me, or just walk away. She did the latter, and I thought, at least I would not be arrested.

I should have known better. A woman will just not accept an outright offer of sex from a virtual stranger.

Now all of my fantasies about her would have to end. I had screwed up a relationship long before it started.

Several days later I saw her on the other side of the Park with the Terrier, and when she saw me, she started walking straight towards me. I thought “Oh no, here it comes!”

When she got close enough to me, she asked me “Did you mean what you said?”

“What, when?” I said, acting like a fool.

“The other day, when your dog sniffed me”

What a wonderful surprise! I said, “Yes, I certainly did!”

She had a questioning look on her face, so I repeated it. “I most certainly did!”

She was silent, so I spoke up. I went directly to what I wanted to say, with no more suggestive comments. I got right to the point.

I said, “I would love it if you would just let me give you an orgasm orally.”

“I would not ask for anything more, and I would not do anything you didn’t want me to do.”

She was still silent, so I continued “I would even leave all my clothes on if you want me too.”

After a painfully long silence, she said, “OK.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I didn’t want to give her a chance to change her mind. I suggested that we go to my house, but she said she wanted to go home. Her house was only two blocks away, and we walked there with our dogs in tow.

There was more awkward silence as we walked, but I kept reminding myself, she did say “OK”.

We arrived at her small, very neat ranch style house, and she let us in the front door, dogs and all. I learned that her Terrier’s name was Lucy when Janice called her and put her in the back hall. Ralph went right in too, without being invited.

We stood face to face, a few feet apart. Janice looked down at the floor, and was even more nervous than I was. I stepped close to her, and put my arms around her, but she turned away when I tried to kiss her.

Still looking down, she took my hand and led me into her bedroom. Without a word, she took off her shorts and her panties, and sat on the edge of her bed. I stared to undress, but I remembered all of the promises I had made, and I left my underwear on.

I was glad I had a brightly colored pair of briefs on, and not some old-man underwear. I moved closer to her and just stood there, admiring her. She was beautiful, naked from the waist down.

I am not ashamed of how I look naked. Some of my friends say I look more like I am 50 than in my 60’s. I still play tennis two or three times a week and I get lots of exercise walking my buddy Ralph.

I got on my knees in front of her, and I gently moved her legs apart. Her pussy was now in plain view, and it was perfect. She had a neat little patch of hair that she didn’t trim or shave. It looked like she had a small pink flower between her legs.

I moved right in, and kissed her right on her vaginal lips. I gave her clit some flicks with the tip of my tongue, and she finally started to react. She lay back on the bed, and spread her legs up and out. I really went to work, and licked and kissed her pussy until she had a thunderous orgasm.

She was not vocal, which was fine with me. I don’t like screamers. She thrashed and flailed around, and then she was quiet. I just kept my mouth on her pussy, not licking or moving in any way. After a few moments, I stood up.

She sat up on the edge of the bed again. I intended to live up to my promise, so I bent down to retrieve my pants. She reached out and took my arm, and said “Not yet”. I was puzzled, so I just stood there in my underwear, looking at her.

My cock apparently didn’t feel like it was part of the promise, and it was very hard. It was making a long, thick bulge in my briefs, and Janice was staring at it. She carefully, cautiously reached out and touched it.

She felt how hard my cock was, and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that to you.” She carefully felt the entire length of my cock, and gently fondled my balls. “It doesn’t seem fair.”

I was still determined to live up to my agreement, but she surprised me. She put her hands in the waistband of my briefs, and pulled them down. My cock sprang forward, happy to be free. Without any fabric in the way, her elegant, feminine hands explored my cock and balls.

She tentatively kissed the head of my cock, and licked it. I could not wait any longer, and I pushed it into her mouth. She didn’t seem to know what to do with it, so I cradled her face with both hands, and started to slide it in and out.

I was literally fucking her in the mouth, and it was wonderful! She didn’t object, she just held still and let my cock slide in and out. She had her eyes closed, and she just put a little pressure on my cock with her lips.

I didn’t last more than a minute or two, and I started to come. When the first spurt went into her mouth, her eyes opened up in surprise! She pulled back away from me, with my cock a few inches from her face. I continued to come, and it went all over her face and hair.

I stood there breathing hard, with a stringy gob of cum dangling from the head of my cock. There was a matching string dangling from the tip of her nose. She had a curious look on her face, as if she didn’t know what to do with the mouthful of cum she had.

It would have been very un-ladylike to spit it out, so she swallowed it with a gulp. She made a face, and I asked “Didn’t you like that?”

Janice said, “I’m not sure.”

I said, “Well, we have to be sure”, so I scooped up some cum from her face and nose, and put it in her mouth.

She swallowed that too, and then she took my cock back in her mouth and sucked it clean. I guess she decided that she liked it.

We both got dressed, and said goodnight. I told her I would be in the Park the next day, and I hoped to see her there. I got Ralph out of the back hall, and made my way home.

She was not in the Park the next day, or the next. I was disappointed, to say the least. I hoped I had not ruined it by going too far.

On the third day, she showed up, and we had a repeat performance. This time, she was not so tentative about it. She wanted to suck me off first, and she pulled my briefs down, and fondled my cock. She seemed more like a young girl satisfying her curiosity than a thirty-something woman. She inspected my cock as if it was the first one she had seen.

This time I didn’t have to fuck her mouth, she seemed to know what to do. But she sucked it so hard it was uncomfortable, and I had to tell her so. I had to teach her, as if she was an innocent teenager.

She slid my cock in and out of her mouth, and when I started to come, she eagerly accepted it. As my cum spurted into her mouth, she gently sucked and swallowed it.

Now it was her turn, and I believe I did an expert job of eating her pussy. She had another explosive orgasm. We held each other for a while, and then to my surprise she sucked me off again. This was getting better and better.

We settled into a routine. Every couple of days, we would meet in the Park when she got home from her job, and she took Lucy for her walk. We would walk the dogs together, they would romp and play and have a good time.

Then we would go to her house. There was a routine there as well. The dogs were now best friends, and they would lie down together. We would too, and Janice would perform on me first. She had developed what I can only call a craving for my semen. When she sensed that I was about to come, she got more excited that I did. She wouldn’t spill a drop.

I would go down on her, and she had learned to love that as well. I could make her come in less than a minute. However, whenever I attempted to put my finger into her, she stopped me. I was puzzled, but I went along with her demands.

She would suck me off again, “For dessert” she said, and then we would just relax together in her bed. We would talk about anything and everything.

After many of these pillow talk sessions, I began to understand her. She told me that her stepfather had molested her when she was twelve. He had forced his penis into her unready and unwilling vagina, and it was traumatic. She screamed, and fought him off, and he couldn’t finish the act.

As a teenage girl, her dates would get upset when they tried to finger-fuck her as part of their petting. She would always refuse. Soon she didn’t have any dates. As a young woman in her twenties, her dates expected actual sex, which she emphatically refused. Again, soon she didn’t have any dates.

She obviously had a fear bordering on panic about penetration.

When she and I met, she was 33, and in the peak years of a woman’s sex drive. But she was unwilling and unable to do anything about it. Along came me, with my somewhat crude and very direct proposition, and she accepted it.

I have wondered if she trusted me because of my sincere promises to only orally please her, or because she thought I was a safe choice due to my age.

One scary thought is since our age difference is about the same as between her and her stepfather, am I “completing” his act in her subconscious?

At some deep level, does she regret the fact that she didn’t let him finish fucking her? I better forget about being an amateur psychologist.

I was determined to do something about the situation, for my sake as well as hers. I would gently touch her vagina when I was licking her clit, but she continued to object. Once, I reached back and lightly touched her anus, and her objection was not as strong.

My plan came together. Each time I touched her anus, I penetrated it a little further. She slowly came to accept it. Finally one night, I pushed my middle finger all the way up her asshole. I kissed her as I did it, and she looked at me affectionately.

Janice whispered, “Do you want to fuck me that way? Is that what you want?”

I answered that I certainly did. She asked me if I had ever done it before. I answered “At my age, there isn’t much I haven’t done!”

As I waited for her answer, she was deep in thought. She was mentally measuring the size of two things, my cock and her asshole.

Jan said, “I am afraid it might hurt me.” I told her that I had a way that would calm her fear. “You can be the one putting it in. I will not push unless you ask me to.”

I could see the wheels of thought spinning in her head, and she finally said, “OK”.

“But do not rush me!”

I asked if she had anything for lubrication, and she went to the bathroom and came back with some Vaseline. Not as good as the new sexual lubes, but it would have to do. I took some on my finger, and applied it to her asshole, up in it as far as I could.

She took a face down position, and spread her legs as far as she could. I moved up over her, and supported myself so that I was not crushing her. She reached back and took my cock in her hand. She gripped it hard, and put the tip up against her asshole. With a quick, hard push, she put the tip in. One more quick push, and it went in a little more.

It was only in a little past the head. Her technique reminded me of a woman giving herself an enema. It was very clinical, as if she was pushing a strange, alien object up her ass.

But then, I sensed a change in her. She caressed my cock, and lightly played with my balls.

It was very obvious that she was becoming aroused. She gave my cock a little push, just to test how it would feel if she took more of it in her.

Jan said, “Is it OK if it goes in further?” I thought she was asking if it was OK with me, and I replied “Hell yes, Jan. I want it all the way in you!”

She said “No, that is not what I meant. Will it injure me in any way if it goes in deeper?”

“Jan, hundreds of millions of women do it this way all the time. You will not end up in the hospital!”

“Just keep doing what you were doing. Take your time!”

Jan said “OK, I will. But I am going to go very slow. I have never done this, you know.”

She put a firm grip on my cock again, and began to push it in. I restrained myself, and let her do it at her pace. She would back up on it and take a little more in, and then she would wiggle it and push some more in with her hand.

It didn’t seem now like she was inserting an enema tube up her ass. She clearly knew it was my cock, the cock she had learned to love.

When it was almost all the way in, she took her hand away, and I pushed the rest of it in. I pressed up hard against the silky, smooth cheeks of her fine ass. We both held still for a while, and listened to each other breathe.

She had started this with the attitude that she was doing it for me, as a favor. Now it was clear that she wanted it as much as I did. She had found a way to be fucked without having a panic attack. She had conquered her fear of penetration, at least as far as her asshole was concerned.

Her asshole was tight, just as you would expect from a virgin. Obviously, her criminal stepfather had not raped her there.

I had hardly moved, I was just enjoying the feeling of my cock embedded in her asshole. As for Jan, she was breathing hard, and also murmuring words I could barely hear. I picked out a few things, like “big”, and “in me” and “fill me”.

Jan asked “Are you going to cum in me?” I answered yes. She said “Will I feel it?”. I said I hoped so.

I fucked her with the slowest, most careful strokes I could. I tried to make it last, but very soon I shot a huge load of cum up into her. I was glad that she hadn’t done me orally first, and there were several big spurts.

With each squirt, she said “Oh!” So as I grunted in rapid succession, she said “Oh! Oh! Oh!” I guess she felt it!

She was completely submissive, and there was no sign of any fear or concern. She did not have an orgasm, but I took care of that in our usual way.

That night I went home completely satisfied.

After that night, we had a third act in our routine. I would let her choose what to do first, and it was almost always anal sex. After that we would go into her bathroom, and she would carefully and lovingly wash my cock. She wanted to make sure it was very clean, because next she was going to take it in her mouth. Then I licked her pussy “for dessert”.

She got into some extreme positions to take it in the ass. She would get on her knees, doggy-style (sorry, Ralph. Not for you!). She would reach back and spread her butt cheeks, to get them out of the way. She wanted every fraction of an inch up her asshole. She would push back against me to make sure she had it all.

On occasion, she would lie on her back with her butt right at the edge of the bed, and pull her legs up as far as possible. I would get into position standing up, and she would stare down at my stiff cock, anticipating the feeling of it going up her ass. She couldn’t see her asshole, but she could watch as my cock disappeared into her.

We can also see the expression on each others face, and the look in our eyes.

She once told me that she liked the idea of me pumping cum in her ass, and then in her mouth. She hoped the two ejaculations would meet somehow in her stomach. Not realistic, but a nice thought.

Janice was releasing all of the pent-up sexual energy and desire that she had kept bottled up all of her life. I am the lucky man that is on the receiving end of her passion.

I still hope to get past her anxiety about vaginal penetration, but what’s the hurry?

Here I am, having a hot affair with a woman half my age. She was technically a virgin for our first time, at her age! Plenty of oral sex, both giving and receiving, and I get to fuck her beautiful ass as well.

I frequently pet Ralph, and tell him “Thank you!”

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