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Before the Show

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You rush in the door bringing cold air and your own sensual heat at the same time. You’re running late and our friends will be here any minute so we can head up to the comedy club for a free show tonight. I’m sitting on the couch waiting for you modestly dressed, hair and make-up done and ready to go, looking every bit the part of the wholesome girl-next-door.

‘Ha! If they only knew!’ You think to yourself.

I’ve been teasing you all day with dirty emails and stories about how I want your cock up my ass and you plan to make me put my money where my mouth is right now. You lean over me to pull down the blinds behind my head, pressing your raging erection into my face. I take the hint and undo your pants tugging out your rock hard cock and gently licking the tip.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!” you groan. “That’s right you dirty bitch, get that cock nice and wet. You know where it’s going.”

I moan softly around the head of your huge dick. Just hearing you say that makes my pussy start to drip in anticipation. I shove your stiff rod down my throat as far as it can go and burry my face in your pubic hair. I gag a bit when your rod hits the back of my throat, coating your cock in saliva. I feel your hands in my hair, holding me there, pressing yourself deeper into my throat, so deep I can’t breathe and I absolutely love it! Slowly you pull out, just enough for me to fill my lungs with oxygen and then quickly, roughly you shove yourself back in. You begin to fuck my face with a hard steady rhythm, sliding in and out of my throat, bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm. You grip my head tightly using my mouth like a hot wet cunt. I can feel your cock begin to swell filling my mouth even more. Suddenly you stop, ripping your slick hard dick from my lips with a wet pop.

You tug me upwards, spin me around and yank my pants and underwear down my thighs in one fluid motion. You spin me around again so I’m facing the couch and push me over. I lean my elbows on the cushions, bent at the waist with my ass up in the air I begin to wiggle and sway enticingly. I’m up for a bit of a tease before we have to go and I hope I’ll make you so hard that all you’ll be able to think about while we’re at the club is how much you want my ass.

I feel your breath on my cheeks and then your tongue slips between my wet little slit and starting at my center you lick back and up slowly teasingly making your way to my tight little back hole.

“Ooooooooohhhh! God that feels good” I groan into the couch cushions.

Your tongue pokes and prods my little hole pressing in and out tempting and teasing, tricking me into opening and preparing me for you cock. I can feel my hole grasping at your tongue, pulsing and trying to pull you inside me. My cunt is soaked and pussy juice is coating my thighs. You slide your fingers into my dripping pussy, gathering the slick liquid and stroking backwards towards my ass. You remove your tongue and I feel a finger find its way inside, pressing slowly past the tight ring of muscle, stretching me open and lubricating me with my own arousal. I groan again and turn my head. Glancing at the clock my heart skips a beat. Our friends are due to be here any second. In fact they’re late already.

I squirm around and try to stand up. We don’t have time for this right now. Suddenly your left hand pins me by the back of the neck.

“Honey, let me up. We can’t do this right now- everyone’s going to be here, like, now!”

Your only response is to shove another finger into my tight ass and to bite my right ass cheek.

I’m momentarily silenced by the incredible feeling of your two fingers probing my ass. I begin to pant as I feel my orgasm swelling deep within.

“I’m serious, Babe.” I gasp as you pinch my clit with your other hand. “They’ll be knocking on the door any second!” I manage to blurt out before succumbing to the mind blowing bliss you you’re causing. I try to speak again but only gibberish escapes.

You look at me with what I can only describe as a gleefully evil stare.

“Let them wait.” You reply and proceed to spit on my asshole. “I’ve waited all day long to have your ass and I’m going to take it. Right. Now.”

“Oh GOD!” I scream as you begin to ram your fingers in and out of me hard and rough, lubricating me with my pussy juice and your spit.

I hear the belt buckle of your pants and then the woosh of fabric as your jeans hit the floor and I know you’re going to take my ass now regardless of the fact that our friends could walk in at any minute. The tip of your cock nudges my ass cheeks apart and presses into my tight rear passage. It hurts a bit as you squeeze your huge head past my opening and into my ass but we both like the pain. As your head pops in you grab my hips and thrust hard, shoving the rest of your massive cock all the way into my bowels. You grunt and I gasp as being so suddenly and forcefully filled. I feel your cock pulsing inside me, ready to fill my ass with your come. You reach around me with your right hand and find my swollen clit. I gasp again as you tug on it and deftly manipulate me towards orgasm. I begin to ram myself back on your pole, impaling myself on your cock.

“Yesssssssssss! That’s it baby, fuck yourself with my cock, fill that ass with my cock you dirty whore!”

I feel it start deep in my belly, that thundering, tingling sensation and then my pussy starts to convulse, my ass clenches down on your cock and I come hard, screaming so loud I’m sure the neighbors can hear, let alone our friends who may be waiting to knock on the door. The feeling of my body squeezing down on your cock is too much for you and you begin to squirt rope after rope of come into my ass, coating my insides, filling me and claiming my ass as your own. You come so long and so hard in my ass you can barely stand by the time you’re done. But looking at me bent over with my ass perched up in the air, your come leaking out of my asshole, you know you’re not finished.

“Stay there, don’t move.” you tell me.

I hear you go up the stairs just as the doorbell rings. I look after you in a panic hoping you’ve gone to get something to clean us up with.

“Uh, just a minute!” I yell towards the door. “We’ll be right out!” I scream, hoping they can hear and don’t try to come in. The door’s not locked.

Just then you come bounding down the stairs, clean and put together. You walk over to me and I feel the cold metallic tip of a butt plug against my well used asshole. You push and it slides in easily, settling comfortably inside me. You lightly slap my cheek and pull up my pants.

“Let’s go!” you say to me. “We’re gonna be late.”

I glare at you.

“Oh I’m not done with that ass yet, sweetheart. You’re going to keep that plug in tonight while we’re at the show. Knowing that you have a plug in your come filled ass and that it will be stretched and open for me to use when we get home is going to kill me!” You grin, grab my hand and head towards the door.

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