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Party Time

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Even though Halloween had passed, my girl friend wanted to drag me to a party in the city, at a private lesbian club she is a member at. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a party – and partying with a bunch of girls is right up my alley – but going attached to Reenie. We aren’t lovers as much as we are fuck buddies.

We didn’t really hit it off in the friendship department, but physically we both decided that sex together was a hell of a lot better than masturbation.

For several reasons my interest in girls is kept pretty private. Partly work, partly family, here in my home town I tend to keep that side of me quiet. For that reason I was figuring my time here would be pretty dry, and then I met Reenie at work. Reen and I are complete opposites. She’s short, I am tall, she’s a physical fitness teacher, I am into computers, she’s gay and I am bi. In temperament we are opposites as well. I tend to be more daring and volatile; she’s quiet, but equally as determined as I am. She is also drop-dead gorgeous! Heart-shaped face and a beautifully proportioned athletic body, blondish hair. I am much taller, also athletic with slightly wider hips than bust. Together we look like Mutt and Jeff, but we fit together well, physically. Emotionally we didn’t hit it off at all. There is just something there. While she’s incredible in bed, it’s like nothing really touches her. I don’t know what it is, but like I said, fuck buddies, not lovers. For whatever reason — it works for us.

The week before Halloween Reenie mentions this party. She has this idea about going as a big game hunter with me as her captive cat. Yea, right! I am not going anywhere as her anything! She seems to accept that but still presses me to attend the party. I figure what the hell, I can always do with a good time and being in an anonymous crowd in the city would let me let my hair down a bit.

First bone of contention is Renee’s idea of a costume. Now I am not naive, but a cat’s tail doesn’t have an inflatable plug which goes you-know-where — no effin’ way. I mean I have a great cat suit and not only am I not cutting it for this thing, the idea of walking and dancing with this thing in me didn’t sound like fun. Reenie acted all hurt when I declined, but I made it up to her later that afternoon. I can’t believe she brought that thing to work to show me. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of toys, and my rear is certainly not virginal, but you try dancing with something like that! I dare you! The second problem was her wanting me to wear a collar and leash. She talked me into the chain collar, but no leash. I wasn’t going as her captive or even her property. I was going to party and didn’t want anyone to think she had any rights on me.

Friday rolls around, I pack my costume, with my more typical tail, and after work, meet Reen at her place and we change and head into the city. She’s all done up in a great silk blouse, crossed bandoliers and a gun belt, Wellington boots and a screwy looking pith helmet. She looked great, except for the helmet. Mine was wilder. A black body-hugging cat suit with a v-neck to show what cleavage I have, an open-front vest striped in two shades of black, one slightly sparkly, laced high-heeled sandals, and a bendable tail done in a tight spiral, hair all blown out and a combination ears and partial face mask. I will admit looking damn hot. Oh, I may not have mentioned it, I am not exactly modest!

Reenie kept touching me all the way into the city. By the time we got there I was debating just finding a hotel room, but Reen wasn’t going to miss this party. She warned me that things could get pretty wild and that I shouldn’t be shocked. Reenie and I don’t know each other all that well, but I doubt anything that happens would be all that shocking. I’ve been in some wild clubs before including a party in a club in San Fran where the doors were closed and locked at 1AM and nobody left before noon the next day. Now that was a party!

We arrive a little later than planned, so we head right to the party instead of getting a hotel room. The club is close to the downtown area in part of the city I didn’t know. It looked like an old brownstone building, but apparently all the floors were part of the club. The windows were dark; I thought we were in the wrong place. Reen explained that the windows are doubled covered on the inside for both sound and light privacy. The buildings on each side are owned by the club and rented as apartments to members. This way there are never any problems about late parties and noise. The whole arrangement whistled up thoughts of some serious money. Who owns three brownstones in this city? The real estate prices are unreal!

We enter the main entrance and a tall Viking of a female welcomes us and addresses Reenie by name. Reen intros me and I am amazed at the strength of her grip and the dazzle of her smile. Her name is Ing (pronounced Inj) and she says she’s been looking forward to meeting me ever since Reenie told her about me. I am not used to looking eye to eye with most women, but Ing was exactly my height, even considering our heels. Reenie starts laughing and we both look at her, still clasping hands.

“You two look like the image and the negative of a photograph,” she says.

Thinking about it, she was right. Ing is my height, blonde – almost white hair, dressed as a white cat, in a similar cut, but white cat suit with white high heeled sandals. We laugh and Ing pulls me close for a second. “Save me a dance later!” she whispers to me, her voice sending a chill of anticipation up my spine.

Reen tugs my arm to drags me deeper into the building towards the noise that is obviously a party. “I didn’t know Ing would be dressed as a cat, but I am glad she was, you two looked amazing together.” she says while laughing.

We enter another set of doors and into Wonderland. The rest of the first floor of the brownstone was wide open except for some structural columns. The room was brightly lit with lots of mirrors all around the room. It must have been almost 10,000 square feet. The center clears for dancing, small tables scattered around, two small bars and there was an all-girl band playing nice music perfect for dancing. My hips were already moving as I looked around the room at everything. Such a beautiful sight and no sign of any testosterone as far as the eye can see! OK, I know I am bi, but right now guys aren’t an interest. I have no problems with them, just no looking for another no-brainer with a penis attached. The ceiling was at least 12 feet, and the walls covered in all types of mirrors, there must have been over a hundred of them. The room was full but not crowded. Small groups of women gathered at various points, quite a few on the dance floor. No a collection of supermodels, but an interesting group of women.

There is one thing I have always loved about a lesbian bar, the lack of a meat market attitude I have seen all too often. I hate walking into a bar and seeing every male head turn. I really hate to see guys looking through or past their girlfriends/wives to checkout whoever just walked in. I used to chalk it up to just curiosity, I mean I like to see who walks into a room, but I never interrupt a conversation to do it. Well I wasn’t overwhelmingly aware of it until I walked into a girl bar in San Fran and damn few heads turned. It’s funny; at first I thought there was something wrong with me :-). As time went on I realized that in most bars it’s the guys who seem to keep their radar on all the time. In a girl club, you will get checked out eventually, but rarely as rudely as guys do it. I know, just whining, but it’s a pleasant change!

Reenie starts dragging me deeper into the room. Her target is a small group sitting at a table. I hear someone call her name as I shrug off her hand to make my own approach. There are three women sitting at a table for 6. One is a delightfully plump red-head, a slender blond with a very introspective look on her face, and another blond with a very nice face, but more athletic a figure. The red-head jumped up and rushed Reenie, giving her a bone-breaking hug. The red-head was heavy, but incredibly light on her feet. Reenie returned the hug and gestured to me to catch up.

The red-head turned her green eyes to me and I realized that I was looking at an older copy of Reenie. “Brooke, meet my sister Regina.” she said. She pronounced it with a long ‘I’, like vagina. Regina smiled 1000 watts at me and held out her hand. “The name’s Reggie. Renee is the only one who still calls me Regina.”

I smile and take her hand. “Hi, I’m Brooke.” She nods knowingly and it makes me wonder what kind of billing Reenie gave me. Reggie tugs me to a chair and quickly introduces me to the two blondes. Ann and Beth, but I am not sure which is which. A waitress appears and takes our drink order while I sit back and enjoy the atmosphere while Reen and Reggie get caught up. One of the blondes keeps peeking at me through her hair. I can’t figure out if she is Ann or Beth, but I am not worried about it yet.

The band strikes up one of my favorite songs and my hips start moving on their own. Reggie notices and asks me to dance. Who am I to turn a dance down and we head out to some slow music. She holds me, and starts leading. I pull her a little closer so we can chat. I ask her what lies Reenie has been telling and she chatters in my ear the whole song about things apparently Reenie has said. Let’s just say Reenie exaggerates. The dance was nice and Reggie kisses me almost chastely and leads me back to the table.

For a wild party, things were pretty tame, in fact, kind of dull. The music was wonderful, and the drinks were not typical house brands. There was finger food galore, including my weaknesses of shrimp and crab. For some reason I caught an air of anticipation, but I wasn’t catching any reason for it. I just decided to go with the flow and enjoy myself, letting things happen.

Two hours later and about 10 dances with different girls, I was starting to get a little antsy. I mean 10 different girls and they all hold me like I am their kid sister and offer simple kisses, or worse, kissy noises near my cheek. I was getting a little tired of it when Ing stalked into the room and closed the big double-doors from the entryway. I glanced at my watch and realized it was 10PM already. The band stopped in mid-note and we all watched as Ing made a big production about locking the door with a large brass key.

Applause broke out and the lights dimmed quickly. Hmmm maybe I had spoken too soon?

The lights lowered and 6 dancers came out from a side door. The music slowed as the six began a wonderfully erotic dance. It took my breath away as the girls danced a subtle but highly suggestive dance. Their hands wandering all over their bodies as they all but masturbated in front of us. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as they got closer to each table, leaving an article of clothing on each one. This was not a simple striptease, no – this was a work of sexual art that had me clenching my thighs together and holding the arms of my chair so I wouldn’t reach out and try and touch one of these angels.

One by one they moved around the room, weaving a spell around all of us. An incredibly limber blonde left some gossamer fabric on our table as she went around us, touching each of us lightly. Her fingers left a trail of fire on my neck as my breath was stolen completely away. All six dancers stopped in the center of the room simultaneously. Six beautiful nude women who had taken part of our souls with them stopped with their arms high in triumph. The music ended suddenly and the lights went completely out. After a long pause tremendous applause rang out from an appreciative audience.

While everyone was clapping I reached out and captured the cloth on the table. Bringing it to my face I could smell a light scent of perfume, sweat, and a touch of feminine arousal. The lights came back up and I had the blonde dancer’s panties as my prize. The evening was improving. Hot breath on my neck startled me. “You can return them for a private introduction with her, or keep them as a souvenir.” Ing whispered in my ear. Her hand touched my shoulder as her teeth grazed across the back of my neck, sending more chills down to the core of my being. I moaned into the panties still held to my face.

I turned my head quickly and Ing had Houdini’ed on me. When I turned back everyone was looking and starting to snicker at me. I thrust the panties down into my lap, but the damage was done. They started laughing. I think it was the obvious moan that got them. Trying to salvage as much dignity as I could, I looked back at the dance floor, but the dancers had disappeared now as well.

Refusing the look at my tablemates, who were still laughing, I spied a small sign and beat a quick retreat to the loo. Struggling out of the cat suit, I sit down to take a moment and collect myself. I just remembered why I hate this suit; it’s perfectly sheer with just enough material in strategic places to be able to wear it in public. The only problem is that ingress and egress is through the neck. Makes it tough, but the effect is well worth it. Rowing, weights, volleyball, bicycling, and treadmill work wonders for the body. I already warned you, modest I am not. Sitting there also made me realize that my house key, car key, ID, and money are tucked in two small pouches tucked in the leg cuff of the cat suit and the sandal ties hold them in place. In other words, no purse, so what in the hell am I going to do with the panties? They crunch up nice and small, but not that small! Even with the embarrassment, I had no plans to let go of my prize!

Pulling the cat suit back to my waist and stepping out of the stall to get more elbow room to fight my way back in. Lo and behold, guess who is standing at the mirror, Ing. Damn she moves silently. She is touching up her hair when I come out and I freeze. Ing looked at me hanging out there. OK, so my A and a smidgen cup size titties can’t really be called hanging, but dammit a cat suit looks like hell unless it’s pulled all the way up. Ing smiled, “Maneuvering room, right?”

“Hell yes!” I reply conspiringly. She moved behind me and started helping by tugging the fabric up. Unable to talk, I stand there like an idiot as she helps me back into my suit. Once I was all back in, She presses against my back and reaches around, cupping my breasts. Again, the hot breath stroked my ear, “Wait for me and you can help me back into mine.”

Just before she pulls away, I open my eyes. I hadn’t realized they had closed. I see an image I will never forget. Her skin was almost translucent, her makeup accentuating her paleness. Contrasting was my olive skin and darker makeup. Her white, lace covered hands holding my breasts, with my black covered hands on her wrists. Reenie was right, the perfect reverse image. We were absolutely striking together.

She broke away and entered the stall while I waited, brushing my hair. In my mind’s eye I could still see her behind me. My hand brushed against my own breast and I could feel the nipple as hard as a pebble. I heard her finish and turned as she came out. My mouth fell open; she was carrying her sandals and suit. She was naked and magnificent. From the tips of her white painted toenails to the perfect cut of her white/blonde hair, she was incredible! She realized how awestruck I was, so she turned slowly. Well toned back and arms, narrow waist, nice hips and the world’s most perfect ass on top of long, well-shaped legs. Wow!

Clearing her throat, she held up her suit. Smiling, I take it from her while she was still turned away from me; I steal a page from her book and plant a kiss on the nape of her neck. I thrill at the shiver that goes through her. She turns and scoots up on the vanity, lifting one leg toward me. I can now see her every charm and see her totally hairless mons showing evident signs of sexual arousal. I realized how turned on I was by how wet I was becoming.

Without a word, I kneel at her feet and start slipping the legging on one foot. Taking the time to run my hands over her skin, before and after as I worked the suit slowly up her body. I was in heaven, exploring her, discovering her sensitive spots. Her feet were warm to the touch, sensitive, but not ticklish. Behind the knee caused her to clench her teeth and inhale. She was ticklish inside her thighs, and it seemed to take me forever to get the fabric to lay smooth on her thighs. She got off the vanity and faced the mirror, her suit still below her hips. From behind, I press a gentle kiss right at the base of her spine, which elicited a low growl from one of us; I am not sure who. Working the material over her hips and ass was pure bliss for me. Her skin was smooth and firm, my hands taking every liberty. Once I reached her waist, I reached around and smoothed the fit over her mound. She was as hot as I was, and probably as wet. The slightly thicker material prevented her moisture from showing, but the skin tight fit made her arousal apparent even in her reflection. In the mirror she was watching my black-clad hand rubbing her sex firmly. Every move of my hand caused her to shift her ass against me. I met her eyes as her hand covered mine stopping its motion.

“Our first orgasm”, she said breathlessly, “isn’t going to happen in the bathroom.” I pause at the implication as her strong hands pull mine off. I almost fight her, but the word “first” stilled my hand. I push myself away and we both stand there regaining our composure. The image in the mirror was priceless; she put her hands on the vanity for support, breathing like she had actually cum. Her face flushed with excitement and with the effort it took to stop. I was leaning against the edge of the stall, equally breathing hard. Our eyes shining as she stands up to pull up her suit. I step over to help and, with only one cupping of each breast, I worked the suit over them, I behaved myself.

We spent a few minutes calming down, fixing our hair. Ing picked up my prize panties and rolled them into a tiny cylinder. She tucked then between my breasts, with a little edge of material showing. Smiling she suggested we rejoin the party. The party was certainly not the same one I left. The band was swinging, the room was packed, and the dancing was furious. Before we entered the fray, I grabbed Ing’s arm and asked her what was up. She briefly explained, “A few times anti-gay zealots crashed the party and ruined things. We lock the door at 10PM to guests and the games begin.”

“So where did all these people come from?” I asked. “They came over from the upstairs and from the adjoining buildings. We own all three and have connecting doors upstairs.” she answered with pride. For a moment I was stunned at everything — the architecture, the planning, and most of all, the expense. I tried to grab Ing once more but she outdistanced me in the crowd. I wanted to ask her, “Who was we?” but I couldn’t catch her before she was lost in the crowd.

Entering the throng, I was struck by the rave-like atmosphere in the room. It felt like a jolt of adrenaline. The crowd was packed in, almost body to body, and almost everyone was dancing wildly. A cute little brunette grab my hands and dragged me deeper, I started feeling hands touching me from every direction. The little brunette put my hands on her hips and we started dancing. The hands were more . . . you know it’s hard to describe. The hands were soft touches and strokes, non-threatening and relaxing, but at the same time sensual and exciting. The brunette kissed me, teasing my lips with her tongue as someone else pressed their breasts against my back. She disappears right in front of me to be replaced by a taller brunette who also kissed me. I realized the whole crowd was dancing and kissing and touching. I wasn’t being singled out. I started getting with the program and kissing who ever appeared in front of me while letting my hands wander across the women around me. I have to tell you that kissing is a definite turn-on for me. I started catching some of the women and drawing them into a deeper, more sensual kisses. Tongues started tangling, and then the woman would fade out to be replaced by another, who felt and tasted different, but equally delightful. Every nerve ending was on fire when Reenie kissed me, somehow I knew it was her, how I have no idea. My eyes were closed as I went from women to woman. Reenie tasted familiar, so I opened my eyes and there she was. Her blouse was open to the waist, her ammo belts were gone, and her hat was hanging on a band down her back. She smiled at me. Almost screaming she asked, “You OK?” “Yea”, I yelled back as a red-head grabbed and kissed her and then Ing flashed like a bright light in front of me.

Her arms went to my shoulders as my hands took her hips. The world seemed to part around us as I noticed no more hands. They could have been grabbing at me for all I know, but my entire being was focused a few inches away as Ing and I danced together. We didn’t do more than that, but it was liked we were linked. Our eyes never broke contact as our bodies knew exactly what to do. The music slowed; at least it did to me as we slowly moved together. Hip to hip, breast to breast, we moved like one person as there seemed to be more space around us. Our arms went around each other at the same time and our heads rested on each other’s shoulder at the same instant.

The music changed and we adjust automatically. Now each of us had pushed one leg a little deeper so we were closer entwined, my thigh was pressing against her sex as hers was against mine. Our matching height worked perfectly as we each lowered one hand to the small of the other’s back and helped provide the leverage to keep us glued together.

Once again I heard that growl, but I still couldn’t tell which of us had made it. The music changed again to something very rhythmic, almost primal. Each beat coincided with Ing and I pressing our sexes against the other’s thigh. I was aflame, mesmerized, and lost to her touch, her scent, and her body. Like mirror images, we were making love in the middle of that dance floor.

My body started peaking as the music went faster and faster. As one Ing and I threw our heads back and screamed a primal scream. Still in beat with the frenzied music we started pushing ourselves slightly apart, then pulling and slamming ourselves together as we started orgasming. The world evaporated as we slid slowly down to the floor, locked together. The music stopped and not a sound penetrated my brain as we laid there like death.

We recovered slowly and I realized that two of the earlier dancers were helping us to our feet. As I looked around I expected to see a room full of women all over the floor. Instead what I saw was worse. As Ing and I clung to each other, being helped up by the two of the dancers, every damn one of the other guests were around the dance floor watching us. Some bitch started applauding, which started the whole crowd. Cheers, applause, whistles, god I was so embarrassed and blushed, which made my tan skin darker, Ing’s face was almost scarlet. To my amazement, she took my hand and pulled me into a theatrical bow. She whispered that if we stay embarrassed-we would never live it down.

So when we rose from our bow, I grabbed her into a hug and whispered, “The next time, we stay in the fucking bathroom!” The lovely Ing blushed even deeper.

We suffered through our bows, as Ing told me to rest for a bit, she had something to do and would be right back. She glanced at the dancer next to me who nodded. The dancer took me off to the side where I could see that many of the tables and chairs had been replaced by a wide variety of beanbag furniture and huge pillows. I gratefully sank into a large leather beanbag chair, curling up like the cat I was dressed as. Slowly I recovered and the brain started working again.

Looking up I saw the dancer kneeling patiently. Again I couldn’t help again noticing how pretty she was. “What’s your name?”

“If it pleases Mistress, this one is addressed as ‘Adea’,” she replied looking down at her knees.

Now this is a game which doesn’t excite me at all. “Look at me,” I demanded. Adea looked up. “My name is Brooke, and I am not your mistress!” I said angrily. My stomach started churning at the very idea of slavery or servitude.

Adea shrank back as she saw my expression, and then she leaned forward to talk, finally in the first person. “Brooke, don’t ruin this for me. I am not some play actor or slave girl. I fell on tough times and the best way out was to become her servant, more like a maid. She doesn’t degrade me or take advantage of me. In return I get room, board, a salary, and I take care of a wonderful woman who I love. Please accept that.”

“And the dancing?”

“Oh, that. I do that because I love it, and I am amply compensated for it. When my year is up I’ll be back on my feet financially, all debts paid, and I will still come here as often as I can.”

Surprised as well as ashamed at my reaction, I asked her for the identity of her mistress, and her reply was of course, “Milady Ing”

For some reason, I didn’t like knowing that, but I wasn’t going to jump to conclusions. Besides, Adea starting massaging my legs, something I was willing to give her a million years to stop doing that.

I started glancing around the room, but being so low to the ground I could only see immediately around me. The women had started pairing off, and in some cases more than pairs. I saw one of the girls I had an earlier dance with checking for one girl’s tonsils — with her tongue. I caught sight of Reen caught between two auburn beauties and certainly was enjoying herself.

“See what you started?” Adea said smiling.

“Who me?” I replied with my best innocent look. When she snorted I figured she wasn’t buying it.

“I don’t think you understand. This action usually happens later and upstairs. In addition, the Mistress NEVER behaves like that. Before I lose the chance to tell you — it was amazing!”

As she says that, she opens my legs and starts massaging my inner thighs and places a few gentle kisses on my legs. The look on her face was far from servile as her nails start scratch at my skin through the suit. She was so gentle that while arousing, it was also relaxing. She moves to one side and motions me to turn over. As I roll over onto my belly, my eyes rested on an enticing sight. Just a few feet in front of me, two girls discovered a couple of toys and were playing hard. As Adea massaged my legs and my ass in long enticing strokes, one of the girls had straddled the other, but while facing away from her. This meant she was facing me. When she saw me watching, she widened her thighs and lifted the edge of her skirt. I could watch one end of a strap-on working deeper into her as she pressed down on it. Very nice!

Adea shifted to one side then got up. When she straddled me again, this time below my hips, her hands were more insistent and she kept working the heel of her hands deeper in the muscles of my ass. Her thumbs push much deeper, making me start to wish I was naked. Some comic once referred to pantyhose as a sexual deterrent, he should’ve tried a cat suit!

Watching the two women in front of me and feeling pretty Adea’s hands on me was starting to rev my engine a bit. The girl facing me was starting to get into it. She kept watching me and once in a while would flash me. When I licked my lips unconsciously, she slipped on hand under her skirt and brought it back out with a nicely glistening index finger. With a sly look, she offers me her finger, but I was too far away and not willing to move just yet. Not letting it go to waste, she licks and sucks her finger like it was a cock. She lifts her skirt again, offering me a longer peek, and holds her hand as if offering her cunt for my feasting. I snap my teeth at her and smile. She goes back to what she was doing with a vengeance.

I think she was getting close to an orgasm because she started to lose her balance, breaking her rhythm.

“Adea, would you offer this lady a hand?” I ask.

“It would be a pleasure,” She replies. Adea enters my field of vision and kneels next to the struggling lady, offering her a shoulder for support. Adea also immediately starts stroking the lady’s breasts, adding to her pleasure.

As I smile at Adea, it suddenly dawns on my obviously not all here brain that there is still someone straddling my legs and massaging my ass. I try to turn over and am rewarding with a slap on my bottom. Just as quickly I feel them leaning over and pressing their body against my back. Immediately I am enveloped in her scent, a combination of perfume and woman that was uniquely Ing. Her low chuckle in my ear as she kisses my neck tells me she enjoyed her little joke. “I have returned,” she says in an imitation of a man’s voice. When I laugh, I can almost feel her pleasure that I got the joke.

“Hmmmm,” I hear her say. “Beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and a nice ass.” I blush at her compliments which was funny because I was thinking similar thoughts about her. I lay there unsure of what to say when she started doing something I had seen in a movie, a massage using her own body. Rising to her knees, she presses her breasts to the back of my thighs, pushing upward; she presses against me and rubs her body over my ass and up my back. Our suits relieved some of the friction and made us slide together like we were covered in oil. She kept doing it, nice and slow and firm. I started pushing up against her. What a turn-on, combined with the view in front of me.

Adea was holding up the skirt, once again giving me a clear view as the girl orgasms wonderfully hard. Oh now that looked quite wet and delicious. She slides off and Adea lays her on the floor. The other girl starts to get up, but a whisper from Adea lays her back down. She, Adea, quickly kneels between the open legs of the just thoroughly fucked girl and plants a deep kiss right on her sex. Adea rises and comes over to me with her face covered in juices. She kisses me deeply and lets me lick her face clean. Smiling, she holds a quick whisper fest with Ing, apparently successfully because with a squeal of pleasure she bounds back to the strap-on equipped girl and throws herself over her, facing away from me she impales herself on that large toy in one move. Wow!

She bent over to give Ing and I a great perspective. That was a view worth writing home about.!I hope Reenie is having as much fun.

Asserting myself finally, I twist and pull Ing down next to me. We curl our legs together and are content to lie there together and watch Adea. Ing whispers to me, “A little popcorn and this would be watching a great porno.”

I bury my face in her chest to muffle my laugh so I don’t distract them. Unable to resist, I retort “Quick get paper and a pen and we can judge her after her dismount” Ing almost lost it. I think you can hurt yourself swallowing a laugh like that.

“You are dangerous.” She says while shaking a finger at me. As I try and bite her finger, a squeal from Adea draws her attention.

While she is looking at Adea, I study her. I was struck by her beauty again. Wonderful skin, and naturally light skin. I bet she is very careful with the sun. Her gold eyes didn’t look real. Her make-up highlighted her paleness. She had very distinct features, not mannish but lots of character. She definitely didn’t have the phony prettiness of a model, but the more classic beauty found in very few women. I guessed her age about 35, tops 38, but she could easily pass for her mid-twenties because of how smooth her skin was.

She caught me looking at her and before she could make a comment, I kissed her. I was just planning a little kiss, to keep her from talking, but I think we were both surprised by the sheer electricity. Her eyes closed at the contact of my lips, mine opened wide for an instant, and then closed as her tasty tongue slipped between my lips. I told you before that good kissing was a turn-on, well great kissing is practically orgasmic. It was like she made me feel that I was the center of her universe.

I doubt I’m explaining it right, but you know how you can tell when the person kissing you isn’t fully there mentally? It’s like that old joke about what is a wife thinking about while making love with her husband, “You know it’s time to repaint the ceiling.” I know, bad joke, but the point is that you can tell when someone is distracted. You can also tell when someone is totally focused on you. If you can understand that, then you can understand what kissing Ing is like.

For the second time tonight the rest of the universe took a back seat as I got lost in Ing. She tasted of some unidentifiable spice. Her tongue explored me fully and mine rose up and joined hers in almost a dance. I felt dizzy as we shared our breath as we kissed.

Slowly I could feel myself rolling onto my back. It wasn’t Ing pushing me; it was me falling over with Ing following me. She was on top of me in a gentle motion. My legs opened and wrapped around her, my arms around her moving on her back. Her hands were around me, holding me so tight that our mouths never lost contact. For a third time I heard a growl, only this time I could feel the vibrations.

Ing lifted her face from mine, I followed her as far as my neck would allow when the forever kiss broke apart. Our eyes opened and locked together as we stared at each other in wonder. Ing shifted position slightly which caused her hip to push directly on my sweet and horny little pussy. Caught off guard, I inhaled sharply and arched my head back on the bean bag. Ing took this and started raining kisses and bites on my neck. My legs tightened around her in responses. Her very touch gave me goose bumps, and she seemed intent on tasting each little bump.

She pushed her body lower, causing my legs to be wrapped around her waist. The pressure of her sliding down was exquisite, and then she started making a meal of my titties, just as if the material wasn’t even there. I could feel the suction as she tried to nurse from my nipples, her teeth made me cry out with pleasure, her hands squeezed, rubbed, and gently pinched so perfectly.

She left her hands on my breasts as she trailed kisses lower and lower. Shifting, I placed my legs on her shoulders and she brought her face to my pussy, inhaling like she was testing a fine wine. Damn this cat suit, Right now I wanted nothing more than to be naked for her to feast upon me.

She pressed her mouth to me, and it almost felt as if the suit wasn’t there. She knew exactly how much pressure to use. Her tongue stiff as she licked me hard and her mouth kept sucking at me. I started losing my head when she pulled the material as tight as possible and she ran her teeth over my clit. I couldn’t stop myself, it was like an explosion. I know I screamed, my arms beat down on the chair and my hands, like claws, clutched at the leather as if my life depended on it. It wouldn’t stop; wave after wave took control of me until I collapsed at the point of unconsciousness.

I came back to life for the second time that evening (morning?) in Ing’s arms as she cradled me. She knew I was awake, but didn’t open my eyes.

“Brooke, baby, peek-a-boo.”

“Nope,” I replied languidly

“How come, love?” she asked

“Because the last time I did that, there was a crowd around us applauding like we were the entertainment.”

Ing chuckled deep in her throat, sounding like a kitty. “Open those beautiful eyes, baby, no one is watching.”

I noticed that it sounded way too quiet, which aroused my own pussy-like curiosity. I open my eyes and focus on her face; she had a smile even Julia Roberts would kill for. What made it even better was that I knew that smile was all mine.

Looking around brought a new surprise. The room was nearly empty. Looking up at my lover, I cocked an eyebrow.

She smiled, “I chased them all up to the next floor.”

Scrunching my forehead, “Who are you that you can just shoo a bunch of girls out of the room?” Even the band was gone. I paused “Before we go anywhere, tell me about Adea.” I said this as a flat statement, but Ing could sense my disapproval. She hesitated, so I continued. “Ing, in the past I learned that D/s wasn’t my cup of tea. I also found that getting involved doesn’t bode well. I am not against those who live that lifestyle, but I won’t get involved again.”

Now she started laughing, “Dominate Adea, yea right. That minx would eat them for a light snack.”

Now it was my turn to be confused. She could tell and decided to explain. “Much of what is between Adea and I is private, but apparently she told you enough to, shall we say, pique your interest. Adea was a guest of a former member of this club who out of desperation, not criminal intent, ripped me off of something valuable. My own friends caught her and offered her to me instead of the police.” Ing was looking at me intently, as if gauging how much to tell me.

“To make a long story short, she offered herself as my slave to make amends. The last thing I needed was either the police snooping around or my own slave. So I hired her as a maid for a year. I took care of all her other troubles, gave her a place to live, and a steady paycheck. She is also free to take other paying jobs, like dancing here, as long as she stays straight with me.”

“And the third person speech?” I asked

“I hired a maid for the club, what I got a personal body servant who fulfills her obligations in her own way. I didn’t ask her to play that role; she did that on her own.” Ing sighed, “She spoils me rotten, and I love it. I am going to miss her when our agreement is up.” I smiled at Ing, and she grinned back. “I have gotten so used to having her taking care of me that when she goes I may have to hire a new maid.” She looked at me slyly, “Looking for a new job, Brooke?”

Slapping her hip I snort most unladylike, “You can’t afford me.”

She looked at me quizzically for a second and then smiled. “I’m glad of that!”

For some reason, I thought I had missed something in the conversation. She grinned, and said, “Come on, we need to change.”

Puzzled she opens her arms and gestures down her body. Evidence of our activities made a mess of her suit. Looking down, I realized how I looked. The crotch showed wetness and dried stains from my orgasms. I was a mess. “Crap, my other clothes are in Reen’s car. I can’t go outside like this.”

Ing cracks a smile, “Let’s go up to my apartment, I know most of my stuff will fit you.” A mischievous grin appeared, “Or maybe something even better.

She got up and pulled me with her. As I turned to the stairs, she directed me toward the mirror covered wall. “We’ll take the lift. No way am I facing the horde looking like this.” The ‘horde’ was an apt description for the crowd that applauded our first ‘dance’. Since she said it smiling, I knew exactly how she meant it. She pulls a key from a small hidden pocket under her beautiful bosom, and inserts it into an almost unnoticeable slit. The mirror moved aside, revealing a small, but luxuriously appointed elevator. We entered, and she hit the top of six buttons.

“Six floors?”

“Actually only five levels. There is this floor, at ground level, two levels below us and two above. The first basement level is split between the garage which opens the rear door of this elevator, and storage, which uses this door”, indicating the door we entered through. “The lowest level is mine for special storage. You’ve seen the first floor. Level two is the play floor. You’ll see more of that later. The top floor and roof is my private living space. The stairs can reach it, but the guests know enough not to invade my space.”

Intrigued yet again by this Scandinavian goddess, the elevator opens on . . . well to call this an apartment just doesn’t do it justice. Twelve foot ceilings, hardwood floors, almost ankle-deep rugs scattered around, incredible! The colors were relaxing, the furniture looked so inviting, and the artwork was just beautiful. I can’t think of a more perfect living space!

Ignoring my obvious shock, she says, “Shower is this way.” She steps ahead and starts working the suit off her arms. Contrary to some males’ opinion, there is nothing sexy about putting on or taking off a cat suit. Except for the obvious bennie of seeing Ing naked again, watching her pull her arms out and pushing the fabric to her waist was more like watching a gymnast. If you ever wear one like this, whatever you do, don’t roll it down to your waist. Gathering the material like that makes it too dense to stretch over your hips. Trust me on this, I speak from experience.

Ing turns at a door and gestures me through it. “Why aren’t you getting out of that suit?” she asked.

“I figured you would shower first . . .” I never finished my sentence as I stepped through the door and beheld a shower large enough for 12 or 15 people. Four large shower heads in the center, seats, and an array of other heads and nozzles that looked indecent. You could throw a party in there. “Hi, Alice I think I entered Wonderland.” The shower was running, and pretty Adea was waiting for us. Not able to speak I start stripping off the suit. Lesson number 2 on wearing a cat suit, orgasming is a bad idea. Dried juices and pubic hair don’t mix. Ouch!

Ing precedes me into the shower; I am two steps behind her, and Adea right on my tail. I don’t care if you are male or female, if you ever turn down the chance to shower between two such attractive and sexy people — just kill yourself if you say no. You will regret it the rest of your life.

The water fell in the center of the shower enclosure — just calling it a shower doesn’t do it justice. Four people could fit under the spray. From all four sides warm water mist sprayed, preventing you from feeling chilled when you weren’t under the spray. From a luxury point of view, it was amazing. But when Ing took me in her arms under the spray and kissed me while Adea pressed her body against my back, amazing didn’t begin to describe it.

I guess as the ‘guest’ I went first. After getting all wet — from the water, you horny reader 🙂 I sat on a stool and Adea shampooed my hair. Her touch spoke of long practice. I could get used to this! The cleaning went very quickly, and watching Adea take care of Ing was a pleasure. What was a nice surprise was when Ing started washing Adea. I jumped in to help, which gave me plenty of time to soap and explore her body. You can’t beat a dancer’s body for physical perfection. Some hidden control stopped the flow of water, leaving us in the mist. Adea stood there, a woman in her prime, but overshadowed by the presence of Ing.

Ing came and kissed me once again, then sat me down on another small stool. The mist turned to a warm flow of air as Adea started brushing my hair. The attention was a bit overwhelming, but it didn’t take long to get comfortable. By the time Adea was done, I was all dry. Ing and I swapped places and once again I got to watch Adea take care of Ing.

To myself I thought, “Yes, the love there is easy to see. I bet Ing won’t see the last of Adea, even when their current agreement is up. I’m not sure Ing realizes that she loves Adea as much as Adea loves her.”

For a moment a cloud touched me as I remember the last person to look at me like that. Oh how I miss Tracey so, but that’s another story. OK, enough cloudiness, time to bask in the glow. I cleared my throat, “Now about clothing?”

Both Ing and Adea smiled at that thought. “Uh Oh, I sense major league sneakiness here.”

“No, not sneakiness, just a surprise.”, said Ing, turning to Adea, “How long?”

“She setting up now, she’ll be ready in about an hour. She’s steamed because she prefers to know about stuff ahead of time.” stated Adea. Ing laughed a husky chuckle as I just got more confused.

“Come on, we have a bit before our ‘clothing’ is ready. I don’t know about you, but an hour’s cat nap would suit me perfectly.” she purred.

I followed her into what had to be her bedroom, with a bed you could play football on. Taking her advice, I crawled to the middle of the bed, and asked,” I got mine, where are you two going to sleep?”

Getting pounced on by two naked women is the only way to get ready to sleep. Nothing but a few preliminaries, snuggling together like a basket of kittens, a little tickling, arms hold gently. Resting my eyes as I relish in the wonderful feeling, being pressed between two warm bodies, I did something seriously out of character and I fell asleep.

I woke up surprisingly slowly, with a delicious feeling of my right breast being sucked on gently. I thought I was dreaming. Opening my eyes, I found that I had shifted in my sleep and was curled up almost around Adea. I could feel Ing behind me as Adea kept sucking. My arms touched her head, and she started sucking on my nipple harder. Ing shifted and I felt her hands on my ass, teasing me.

“You’re right, that woke her up.” snickered Ing.

I pushed my bottom toward her and raised my knee, giving her more access. She didn’t disappoint me and soon her fingers were running from my waist, down my ass, over my asshole and teasing my labia. Mmmmm! Adea leaned up and kissed me, penetrating with her tongue as she moved and started grinding her pussy against my knee. Her hand slipped down my belly and she slid a finger inside me. Ing was rimming me with a fingertip, and a timing that took my breath away, popped her fingertip into my anus at the same instant Adea’s index finger entered my cunt. Adea started attacking my breast as Ing was raking her teeth and lips across my back and neck.

I started flooding juices as Ing’s finger pushed deep and started fucking me. The tag teaming continued as Adea found the rhythm. I would press my ass back and Ing would fuck me deep. Coming forward would allow Adea’s now two fingers to test the depths of my pussy as Ing pulled out. All the while Adea was stretching and pulling at my right breast with the suction from her sucking.

Wanting more I start pushing back and forth faster. Ing says “Should we stop?” to Adea. To which I growl. Adea responds with, “She might kill us.”

I try to nod at them but I was struggling to just keep up. Adea pressed three fingers, filling me, while Ing managed to use two fingers and a twisting motion that was partly painful, but immensely satisfying.

My voice was reduced to grunts as they were playing me like a tennis ball, back and forth, harder and faster. Adea’s thumb hit my clit and I was over the top. Arching my back and letting out a scream of bliss, I orgasmed hard for the third time and sank back to the mattress. My eyes focused on Adea licking her whole hand as Ing’s warmth left my back. I felt oddly empty as a stinging slap on my hip got my attention. Tossing me a towel, Ing says “Time to get dressed and rejoin the party.”

It took the two of them pulling me off of the acre-sized bed onto a cold wood floor. “Come on, you’re going to love this.”

My curiosity finally overcame my desire to throw Ing back on the bed and I followed them into some sort of sitting room. In it was an older lady with a scowl on her face. She looked at us as I looked at her equipment. Now I got the gag. Seeing an airbrush setup told me my next set of clothing was going to be body paint.

Ing got right up on a pedestal and the artist got to work without a word.

“She’s just annoyed because Ing pulled her from the party for this.” Adea explained. While I watched, the artist was recreating Ing’s cat suit in a brilliant white paint. “It’s not exactly paint, “Adea was telling me, “But kind of a cross between body paint, liquid latex, and a few other things. It’s extremely thin, but tougher than the liquid latex. It’s also breathable, so if you wanted, you could be completely covered with no ill effects.”

Intrigued, I look close as the artist works. If some of the poses were undignified, to allow the ‘paint’ to dry, the elegance of the finished product was incredible. It was almost too white, bright enough to hurt you eyes, and something gave it a shimmering affect. This cat suit went from her long neck and ended at her wrists and ankles. It took about ten minutes to dry and once the artist gave her the OK, Ing did a few quick stretches that not only showed off the suit, but her own flexibility. I was amazed, it clung like skin.

Adea led me to the pedestal for my painting. The artist studied my body and said something to Adea. Adea jumped and scampered out of the room. “That has to go.” she said pointing at my crotch. Just then Adea came back with shaving paraphernalia. Apparently pubes and the paint are a poor mix.

I reached for it, Adea pulled it back, “Please allow me.” Looking at the earnest look on her face, I was about to acquiesce, when Ing interrupted.

“Nope, you have to get dressed,” she says to Adea, “I will do the honors.”

Slightly crestfallen, Adea looks down at the floor. Ing lifts up her chin and kisses her with such tenderness, she couldn’t remain disappointed. Ing leads me to another room while Adea steps up on then pedestal.

Ing sits me down and asks me to open my legs. She kneels down, between my legs and applies a warm, wet towel to my mound. I shaved the other night, so there was only a little tuft of hair right at the top of my slit. “If you keep rubbing that cloth like that, I’m cum again.” I say.

Ing laughs, “Now that wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it?”

“No, but I can’t get to your pussy.” I reply.

“Of course you can.”

At my puzzled look she pulls me up and we switch places. She spreads those wonderful legs and I can see why the artist spent so much time between her legs. The paint ended right in the center of the first fold of her labia. When she stands, it looks like it covers it completely. Opening her legs opened everything up in front of me.

Scooting forward, I run a finger over her labia. She sighed, but didn’t stop me. Pressing my advantage, I explored the edge of the paint gently, watching her pussy begin to respond. I lean in and inhale her scent, delicious, almost spicy with a touch of — fruitiness. She sits up taller, I think about to tell me to stop, when I flick my tongue and press the hood of her clit. She cries out and then sits back, opening her legs wider. Taking that as an invitation, I press my face to her sex and run my tongue up and down as deep as I can. Strawberries, that’s the taste.

Running my tongue up and down, I explore each fold of skin, tasting and teasing. She was a delight. Every touch caused her to react; a deep taste and she tightened and gasped. Her lips swelled and she became nice and wet. Her scent revolved around me, like a fine wine.

Looking up while I licked around her clit, her hands were massaging her breasts with such force, I am amazed the paint didn’t tear. Slipping my tongue in deep, I started rubbing her clit with my finger. With a small scream, her thighs tightened around my head as her hands seized me and pulled my face hard against hot pussy. Her taste changed slightly, becoming muskier, more flavor-rich. Her body spasmed at the start of her orgasm and I tasted a veritable flood. I kept licking and sucking it up as she rode several waves against my face.

Calming down, she looked at me with a radiant smile. She pulled me up against her, kissing and licking my face.

Suddenly applause broke out from the doorway. The artist and Adea were watching, frowning and smiling, respectively. Adea was now a cat as well, but never on earth had such a cat existed. Patterns of black and white covered her from her neck to her toes. She twirled, showing the impression of a tail up her back. Her hair gave the impression of cat’s ears and her makeup made her look like a member of the Broadway play ‘Cats’.

I could only make appreciative noises as the disagreeable artist stalked across the room. Looking between my legs, she snorts disgustingly. Gesturing Ing up and me to the seat, she applies a light layer of cream and in a few quick strokes of the razor I was as hairless as the day I was born. “Clean her up, but no oil and no funny business. I want to get this over with.”

She leaves and both Ing and Adea start laughing. “She not always like this, but I pulled her away from a pair of twins in the party. She’s annoyed with me, not you.”

Shrugging, because it really wasn’t too important to me, I marveled at Area’s artwork as Ing again cleaned me up. I was extremely aroused, but I was also excited at seeing myself painted up. Standing and being painted was no big deal. The paint went on like a cool breeze. The only need was to hold certain poses to allow it to dry. She painted me in a pure black. I had never seen a black so perfect. Mixed in the substance was a fine black powder that caught the light and seemed to glow black. The artist was working between my legs, which aroused me even more. She used a cloth to keep me from getting the paint wet before it dried properly. When she was almost done, she actually talked to me. “This concoction is my own design. It’s almost as tough as your skin, extremely pliant and stretchable.” She handed me a dried piece to show me.

“So how does it come off?” I asked

“You’re not even dry yet, and you want to know how to get it off.”, she said, finally she showed a tiny smile. “You can peel it off, but you just have to pull a section very, very thin and it will rip, it will peel easily then. I use the airbrush to apply it in one piece. You can also wash with a special soap. The film is soluble to it.”

“It’s amazing, thank you!”

She finally melted and really smiled. As she held my hand getting off the pedestal, she kissed me and sent me into another room where Adea was finalizing Ing’s make-up. As before, the make-up accentuated her pale coloring, but now it was almost theatrical. Her face and hair made her look like a snow cat. Beautiful! Adea started on me and the transformation was complete. I was the black cat of legend, the perfect familiar to any witch or warlock. Ing and I truly looked like exact opposites, where Adea looked like a combination of us both. Individually, we were striking; together we looked like littermates, a feline tour-de-force.

Now it was time for us to rejoin the party, in style!

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