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Can’t You Read My Mind?

Category: Fetish
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Damn it! Just reach over and touch me. I wish you could read my mind. You would be shocked at what I am thinking right now. You think you need to go slow with me. I have been hurt in the past. Right now I just want to feel you pounding that huge joystick into my hot waiting canal. If you put your hand between my legs you would feel the wetness that begs for you to control me, take me, hurt me as you pound me with your cock. I am so hot, so hot.

I can picture you shoving me back; ripping my panties off; shoving two fingers deep into my snatch. Feeling how ready I am for you. “Take that bitch” you growl “do you get it that I am in control? You will do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.”

You drive into me in one stroke. I come so hard I push you out. You shove your cock back in with no mercy. You pull out of me and grab me by my hair and shove your cock into my month. I can taste my wetness and it fuels my desire. You grab my hair on either side of my head and use it to pull my face to you and push it away fucking my face. You fuck my face hard, forcing me to swallow your cock with each thrust. You cannot see my lust increase as you force your cock into my mouth and down my throat . . . . .

You just sit there talking about your day and how you . . . What? Oh, no I am sorry I did not hear the question. My day was good. I have been thinking about you all day. No, I was not worried about having dinner with you. Coffee? I could make some at my house if that is ok with you. What do you mean you may not be able to control your self? Really? Wow, I never knew you thought about me that way. Yes, I am ready. Let’s go.

Come on in. Sorry about the mess. I am still unpacking boxes. I have been living out of my bedroom since I moved in last month. Help unpacking? Yes. I could use some help. I cannot believe how your eyes change color. Don’t ask just kiss me. I have been waiting so long.

As he kissed me his whole being seemed to change. As if he sensed what I wanted and how I wanted it. He pushed me against the wall. Taking my hands he moved them up above my head and held tight with one hand. His other hand was torturing me. Gliding slowly down my side until he reached the hem of my skirt he sent shivers up and down my spine. His hand went under my skirt and skimmed my panties. I shuddered. He moved my panties to the side and shoved two fingers into my snatch. I sucked in my breath as he whispered into my ear. “You like it when I hold you? Control you? I thought I needed to go slow, but I will give you what you want. ”

Yes, this is what I want. Maybe he did know how to read my mind. He let go of my hands and started shoving me to my knees while pulling at his zipper. Oh, I cannot wait. Give me your cock now. Removing his hands from my shoulders he told me to pull his cock out of his pants. I trembled as I did his bidding. It was beautiful, smooth, soft and hard all at the same time and very, very impressive. He was watching my face knowingly.

He slid his hands into my curls pulling my face toward his cock. He told me to suck. As I took him into my mouth he started to move back and forth. He was pushing deeper with each thrust until he was fully thrusting into my mount and forcing his cock even deeper down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and as I protested he pushed me toward the bed and told me to strip. If I was a good girl he would give me what I wanted. And believe me I wanted. I stripped so fast that I tore my shirt. He told me that I would be punished for ruining a good piece of clothing. I creamed right then and there.

He pulled me over his lap and rubbed his hands over my ass. Without warning his hand came down hard on my ass. I jumped and squealed at the same time. He hit my ass again and again. Alternating between hard and medium slaps. It was like he was trying to keep me off guard, on edge. After a few minutes he alternated between slaps and shoving his fingers into my dripping snatch. He called me a slut, said that I deserved to be punished for teasing him.

He pulled me up by my arm and sat me on his lap. He worshipped my breasts. Laved kisses all over and sucked hard on the nipples which stood at attention for him. He commented on how long my nipples were. Owch, that hurts. He laughed and alternately licked and sucked hard till my nipples were sore.

“Get on your hands and knees. NOW!” He scared me a little when he grabbed my ass and pushed at my anus. I struggled to move him lower. He laughed and plunged into my snatch. Yes, yes, give me that hard cock. Pound it into me. Yes, slap my ass, slap my ass.

I wanted it to last a long time. I felt something cool on my ass, between my cheeks. His finger slid up and down then into my anus. One finger, then two. Pretty soon he was driving three fingers in and out of my anus. I didn’t know how much more I could take. As he pulled his fingers all he way out he replaced them with his cock. I had never had anyone with so much length or girth in my nether hole. I felt as though I was being split apart while at the same time moving at train speed to an orgasm.

When he slid three fingers into my snatch I lost it. I started screaming and bucking. I screamed at him to fuck me harder fill me with his come. I wanted to feel it gush into me. He kept fucking me with his cock and fingers. Pretty soon I started to calm down. He was still fucking my holes. He asked me if I felt full. I told me yes, but give me more. He laughed and pulled his cock out of me. It was still standing at attention seemingly unaffected by the last half hours activities. I felt the final spurt of come on my thigh and knew he had come in my anus. He told me to stay put and not to move. He retreated to the bathroom to clean up.

As he got back on the bed I started to move around to suck on his cock. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted to taste my juices on him. He held me in place and stated fucking my snatch with his fingers. Three fingers thrusting in and out. I felt him slide a forth in and I could feel his thumb hitting my clit. He was telling me to relax and to let my body relax. How could I relax with four fingers sawing in and out of me? I felt his hand shift and it seemed to narrow. I started to feel more pressure. I thought to myself he is trying to put his fist in me. I have never done that before. I did not think it could be done. I started to struggle.

Holding me in place he told me to spread my legs more and to push against his fingers. A sharp pain was followed by the most intense orgasm I could imagine. His hand was inside of me. His whole hand! All I could think about was how I was never going to be able to feel a cock going in and out because I would be so stretched out. He started to move his fist slowly pushing in a little more with each thrust.

It didn’t take long for him to take my mind off of the after affects and back on to the feeling of fullness. The more he moved his fist in and out the better it felt. I started to back up on his fist. He started inserting a few fingers into my anus. It felt as if little fingers of lightning were running from my anus to my snatch. It was incredible. I screamed for him to fuck me with his fist. Harder, deeper, don’t stop. He was pulling his fist out and pushing it back in. It felt incredible especially with him still finger fucking my anus. The orgasm took my by surprise.

I must have passed out. I was lying on my stomach and when I looked around he was no where to be found. I just about had another orgasm thinking about what had happened. No one had ever taken me to that place before, no one. With out a word he slid back into bed and pulled me to him. I did not want to break the spell so I kept silent. He felt so good lying next to me.

What did you say? Oh, I must have been day dreaming again. Coffee? I could make some at my house, if that is ok with you.

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