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Workman’s Blues

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There was a storm that went through my development a few days ago. Some siding came off the house, so I phoned a local guy to stop out and replace the pieces that had blown off. When I got home around 2 pm, Ray the siding guy, was still at it. He was up on the ladder placing the last of the siding back where it belonged.

I was standing down below looking up at Ray. As we talked a bit, I could see Ray was wearing no underwear under his cut-off shorts. The tip of his cock was peeking out at me. Ray definitely had a long rod. After Ray finished his work, he climbed down the ladder. He was soaking wet from sweating. I could smell his man scent, and I was beginning to get turned on.

Ray was certainly well built. His t-shirt was tight upon his chest and his legs looked as if he worked out with weights. We both stepped into my garage as Ray was preparing the bill. I asked him if he was thirsty. Ray said yes, so I ran up to the kitchen and brought back two beers.

As we stood there talking, I asked Ray if he worked out at all.

Ray said, “Yes, I like to think of myself as a bodybuilder.”

I am basically thin, with no bulging muscles to speak of, other than my cock. I am roughly eight inches long with average thickness. Ray then asked me if I had ever seen a bodybuilding contest before. I replied I hadn’t.

Ray then proceeded to pull his shirt off and flex for me! He was certainly muscular, I had to admit he was turning me on with his show. Ray then pulled off his work boots, then lastly he undid his shorts, letting them fall to the garage floor.

There stood Ray, totally nude! I didn’t know what to say. My eyes were certainly glued to his cock. He made me look like a boy, with his huge pecker staring back at me.

“What do you think?” Ray questioned me.

“Very impressive Ray,” I answered back.

Show me what you look like, Joe,” Ray was wanting me to strip down.

I told him I looked nothing like he did, but Ray was insistent. He began to unbutton my shirt and pulled it and my pants off of me. He reached inside the waistband of my underwear and slid them off of me.

There we stood, both naked and semi-erect from the looks of things. Ray went over and closed the garage door shut. He flipped the lights on and walked back to me.

Then the excitement began. Ray brought his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. Our bodies were touching and our cocks were rubbing hard against each other. I placed my arms around Ray’s neck, then we kissed. it was a hard, erotic kiss. Our mouths were glued together and his tongue found my tongue.

Ray brought his hands down to my asscheeks. He was now kneading and pulling my cheeks apart. I could now feel his stiff member pushing against my stomach.

“Ray, let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” I told him. We separated and I led him upstairs and down the hall to my bedroom. Ray collapsed on top of me where we continued our kissing and sucking. Ray was biting and sucking my nipples now. This kind of action always got my cock so hard. This time was no different.

Ray then slowly worked his way down. He paused to look directly at my hardness. He took my cock in his big paw, and then brought his lips over top of my mushroom head. He inhaled me, is the best way to describe it. He sucked all the way down to my pubic patch, then backed off.

Ray kept this up until I could no longer hold back. I blasted a big wad of cream down his throat. Ray never broke stride. he kept sucking and drinking my load. He took every drop I had, letting me feed his belly with my cum load.

We both needed to catch our first wind right then. Ray lay next to me for a few minutes.

“Joe, I want your ass.”

Those were the next words I heard from Ray. I had no idea if I could manage Ray’s cock, but I wanted to try. I got up on all fours for him, lowering my chest and pushing my ass up to Ray. Ray got in behind me. He started by rubbing his immense cock head up and down my crack.

I can’t begin to tell you what a turn-on this was. I was waiting for the moment of truth. Slowly, Ray pushed into me. He was holding my hips now, guiding me. Inch by inch, I felt like a huge log was splitting my ass. The pain was agonizing, but I told him to keep feeding me his cock.

In and out, Ray began to drive into me. His strokes got faster and he had more of his cock pushed into me. Slowly I was able to shove back and meet his thrusts. His seed-filled balls were smacking my ass. Normally I am not very vocal in bed, but today I was pleading with Ray to fuck me harder. I wanted every thick inch he possessed in my asshole.

Ray rammed me, he took me like I was his bitch. I could literally feel his cock hitting my stomach, he was hung like a bull! I begged Ray to breed me. I wanted to feel all his hot seed in me.

Ray then let out a loud roar, and blasted me with his love lotion. I felt his scalding wads of fuck seed hitting deep inside me. I arched my back even more to accomodate Ray’s cock.

Ray slammed into me until he was completely out of cum. After many minutes, his cock slipped out of me and we fell onto the bed, exhausted from lovemaking.

As we talked, Ray told me that his usual partners were bodybuilders, but today he was so horny from all the work. Ray had seen me looking at his penis as he was on the ladder. Ray decided to act on his feelings and strip for me.

Ray told me he was versatile as far as his sex partners were concerned. After we recovered, I took my turn and fucked Ray’s ass. His ass muscles were the hardest I ever encountered. I had to drive my cock in hard, in order to feed him my shaft.

Ray loved my cock pounding past his prostate. He was also very vocal in bed. I made Ray beg me to fuck him. He was craving my long dick, so I gave him what he wanted. I had enough cum still left in me. Ray squeezed me so hard that I washed his insides out with my white cum.

I have to say the Ray was easily the best lover I had ever had. Our meetings didn’t stop with that afternoon adventure. I will be saving those tales for another time.

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Bob wrote

O fuck so very hot the both of you ending up breeding one another after very steamy striping for each other YUM. Write more cannot get enough of these two men.