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You Get My Vote

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The idea for this story was inspired by memories of another story I read a long time ago, the title and author of which I cannot remember. But at least some credit should go to that forgotten writer, and so to him/her, thank you.


‘Oakland Drive’. Becky’s heart sank as she heard the words and as a sheet of paper bearing the names and house numbers, and any known political affiliations, of the residents, was thrust into her hand.

‘But the houses there are massive and they’re all miles apart.’ She had protested without success.

‘You’ve got young legs, you’ll survive.’ She had been told, wondering morosely how young her legs would feel after having slogged up and down the long winding drives in the heat of a summer’s day. She already did as much exercise in the gym as she needed to keep her lithe frame fit and healthy without that.

Oakland Drive was not natural territory for her party. Wealthy and conservative, the residents were almost inevitably right wing and were not shy of making their feelings known to what they considered left wing softies. Never mind, everyone had to be canvassed if her candidate was to stand a chance of being elected and, having volunteered, she could hardly complain about being given a job that she knew somebody would have to do. It was her first election, having only reached eighteen a few months before, and she was determined to do her bit for democracy, and so she had forced a smile and set about what she expected would be a thankless task.

Now she stood at the start of a winding drive while contemplating calling on the sprawling single story edifice that stood at the other end of it. She already knew who lived here, the sheet in her hand informed her that it was Brian and Janet Ellison, and that information did nothing to put her at ease. She also knew that Mr Ellison was away, his business visit to China in search of sales had been trumpeted by the local newspaper, but Mrs Ellison was a daunting prospect in her own right.

Becky had never met her, but she had seen her on the television news, a tall, slim, elegant lady of indeterminate middle age, her long prematurely silver hair at odds with an upright carriage and unlined face. In the program she had been putting news reporters, local business men and the chairman of the local council, all firmly in their place over the need for better car parking facilities in the city centre. She was not a woman to be approached lightly with opposing views and so it seemed likely to Becky that she’d be sent away with a flea well and truly buried in her ear.

Oh well, she might as well get it over with. Becky trudged up the seemingly endless drive with some apprehension, blaming the heat and the sun for the sweat that she could feel breaking out but knowing the fault really lay with her nerves. But at least the effort was not to be all for nothing, for the red ‘E’ Type Jaguar that Mrs Ellison was famous for driving was parked in front of the house, confirming that at least she was at home and a second call would not be necessary.

She pushed the doorbell, hearing it ring somewhere in the depths of the house, and waited. Nothing. She pushed it again, listening for any sign of life and hearing none. Perhaps whoever was at home was sunbathing out by the pool; it was the right sort of day for it and there just had to be a pool. Becky hesitated, then plucked up her courage and began the trek around the side of the house, hoping that she would not be castigated for disturbing them.

The pool was large and deep, a genuine swimming pool rather than a show piece, but again nobody was to be seen, although an abandoned half empty glass beside a sunlounger and towel showed that someone had been there very recently. Becky looked around, her eyes taking in a sweep of empty lawn behind the pool that ran up the slope, ending in a flowering hedge and a gate onto a small orchard. In for a penny, in for a pound, Becky set off across the lawn, determined not to abandon her quest and thinking maybe that Mrs Ellison could be in the orchard. It was just the place to get out of the sun if swimming in the pool wasn’t inviting enough.

She was right. As she got nearer she could make out a mass of tumbling silver hair through a thin part of the hedge. Mrs Ellison was indeed taking refuge under a tree; leaning back and relaxing with her eyes closed in sleep. Becky now faced a dilemma, should she leave her resting target and slink away undetected, or take the risk and disturb her? She’d got a job to do and she’d come this far, and so she took her life in her hands and decided to wake the sleeper if she could do it ostensibly by accident.

But then, as soon as she reached the gateway and got her first clear view she realised she’d got it very wrong. Janet Ellison was only a few yards away against the first apple tree, but she was naked and her eyes weren’t closed in sleep but rather in passion. Becky stood at the gateway and watched, one hand over her mouth in total shock, the other gripping the top of the gatepost for support, unable to move, scared to continue but equally powerless to turn away. Here was probably the most erotic and sensual sight she had ever seen, a woman gently masturbating in front of her, carried away on a sea of pleasure and totally unaware that she had company, and Becky hadn’t a clue what to do except stand and stare.

Mrs Ellison was beautiful and somehow contrived still to be elegant even at such a moment. She was leaning back against the wide trunk of the old apple tree, soft, blemish free skin against rough bark, her knees raised a little and parted just enough. The pale hair falling over her shoulders framed a small face with high cheek bones and a finely sculptured nose above full pink lips and a gently pointed chin. Tiny lines around her eyes the only giveaway for her age other than her hair. Her body was slim and well defined, her breasts, although small, were full enough to be interesting with only the very first sign of sag, and they were tipped with the most beautiful long pink nipples. She was teasing them with one hand, caressing them with tender fingertips, gently circling and stroking, coaxing them into hard little peaks and making tiny pleasure noises as she played.

Her other hand lay over the gentle curve of her mature stomach to dip between her legs, unhurriedly rubbing and fondling her smoothly shaven mound. Long slim fingers touched and caressed her labia, parting them to stroke either side of her opening as if keeping the final goal until later.

Becky couldn’t help it, she felt her body begin to respond, her own nipples hardening inside her top, then, as she saw the fingers sink between the labia, delving and searching, she gasped, quietly but audibly, freezing instantly in alarm at the prospect of discovery. But it seemed she had escaped detection for Mrs Ellison, her eyes still closed, played on, two of her fingers now rubbing at the little button of her clitoris, pressing her labia open and showing the rest of her slit, pink and moist.

Then the busy fingers ventured down, creeping steadily towards their objective before sinking together into the cleft of her pussy, one finding the entrance and disappearing inside her vagina, only to emerge again, slick and shining, before returning into her depths, pushing, playing, her legs parting further, her hips thrusting in counterplay, inviting the finger ever deeper. At first the thrusts were slow and gentle, but soon they became urgent and forceful, the second finger joining the first and showing wet and slippery as her juices flowed, trickling from her in a discernable little rivulet. Her hand became smeared in wetness, passing some of it on to the soft skin of her inner thighs, making her excitement all the more obvious. There was no way that Becky could move now. She was riveted to the spot, scared and breathless but aroused and held by a sight such as she had never seen before; careless now of discovery if that was the price to pay for her voyeurism.

The other hand now left the little breasts with their hardened nipples and crept down, over the abdomen, resting briefly on a hip before tracing the path where leg met body until it joined its partner between the two limbs. Mrs Ellison sighed, a long soft sigh of pure ecstasy as fingers joined fingers, exploring and probing her cleft so that a third finger could play with her clitoris as the others thrust into her. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out to wipe along each lip in such a lascivious movement that it had Becky’s pussy throbbing in its turn.

The fingers not exploring her vagina and clitoris now played around Mrs Ellison’s pouting labia, stroking the puffy swollen lips as her rhythmic thrusts brought them into contact. She was teasing herself, quickening her pace until she began to whimper with need, and then slowing until the fingers barely moved, entering her tunnel slowly but inexorably while her clit was caressed so softly as to be hardly touched at all, before arousal took over all over again and her plunges and massage became urgent once more. Becky gazed in complete admiration, stimulated beyond reason by the sight, her reason for calling completely forgotten. Her only thought now was self criticism because she daren’t touch herself while watching this wonderfully erotic display.

Meanwhile Mrs Ellison was getting close to finishing, her thighs were opening and closing around her hands as if to press them more firmly to her, and the skin of her belly was rippling and fluttering under the sensations that were now clearly surging through her. Her head went back, her lips parting to emit little sharp gasps and the muscles of her neck stretched taut and rigid. Now her fingers were moving more quickly, rubbing hard and hurriedly at her clit while at the same time she stabbed her vagina with the two others, the thrusts not so deep but rapid, as if she was unable to move quickly enough. Then she arched her back, shoulders pressing into the tree, heels pushing hard at the grass so that she lifted herself towards her delving fingers, little staccato sounds now coming from her until a long hissing sigh replaced them and she collapsed back against the tree trunk, shaking and shuddering under the force of her orgasm.

She lay there visibly trembling, her chest heaving and making her pert breasts rise and fall seductively even after her fervour, and with her hands lying limp between her open legs. Becky stood and looked, knowing her discovery was almost inevitable but still unable to move, even when Janet Ellison’s head turned slowly towards her and her eyes came open, to stare directly and knowingly into hers.

‘I knew someone was there, I just didn’t want to know who.’ Her voice was throaty after her orgasm.

‘I’m sorry Mrs Ellison….’

‘Janet, my name is Janet.’

‘Janet.’ Becky nodded. ‘But I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have stayed. I should have left when I saw what you were….’ She stopped, her face blazing red with shame.

‘That’s all right.’ Janet Ellison smiled fleetingly. ‘It made it better for me.’

‘I still should have left you alone, Mrs Ellison. It would have been more respectful.’

‘And so would calling me by the name I’ve requested.’ She tilted her head questioningly at Becky. ‘Wouldn’t it?’

‘Yes Janet. Sorry.’ Becky’s mind was in a whirl, this was not what she had expected at all.’

‘You’re forgiven. Now forget the Mrs Ellison bit, just remember I’m called Janet. And yes, you did make me come harder by being there.’

Becky noticed that she made no mention of embarrassment, or of any discomfort the intrusion must have caused, in fact Janet still lounged with her legs apart, her pussy covered only by her hands. She wondered what to do now, but then Janet spoke again.

‘You’re supporting the wrong side around here.’ She said, indicating the rosette that Becky wore to indicate her allegiance. The raised hand revealed her still shiny pussy and Becky couldn’t avoid staring, feeling an unexpected and unwanted response between her own legs and then dragging her eyes away.

‘But can I give you a leaflet?’ She asked, only too aware of the absurdity of her question.

‘Where do you think I would put it?’

There were several interpretations of that question and Becky felt her face flame again as her eyes were once more drawn to Janet’s sex.

‘No, not there,’ Janet laughed, a tinkling, unashamed laugh that took the discomfiture from Becky’s expression and substituted a smile of her own.

Janet rose gracefully to her feet and crossed the few yards that separated the two women to stand uncomfortably close, blue eyes looking under lowered lids into Becky’s brown ones.

‘You’re a very pretty girl.’ Her hand was unexpectedly laid softly on Becky’s forearm sending tingle of erotic excitement through her.

The effect was so immediate that Becky wondered what was happening. She instantly felt that wonderful tingling irritation between her legs, along with the expectant tightening of her breasts and the swelling of her nipples. She shouldn’t feel like that, shouldn’t respond like that to the touch of a woman, especially one so much older than herself. Okay, so she’d just watched this admittedly attractive woman at play, but she was straight, ramrod straight. She’d never felt like that before, never. Well, actually that wasn’t quite true. She’d had a crush on a school prefect at one time that had resulted in her exploring her own pussy as she had wanted to do with the older girl, but that was all. Just that one innocent little time, and now she had got turned on like a light switch. Other than that one occasion she was entirely straight and she couldn’t understand the effect of Janet’s touch, or maybe, she realised, she simply couldn’t allow herself to understand it.

Janet Ellison’s fingers traced the skin on her arm, making her shiver as they made their way past her elbow to the edge of the short sleeve of her top, where they veered away across the material to the political rosette pinned to her front.

‘You’ll not make many friends around here wearing that.’ Janet’s voice seemed to come from far away.

Now her fingers were playing with the rosette, undoing its pin and then letting it fall to the ground, unheeded, unwanted, before they gently outlined the breast beneath it, her nail buzzing against the material of Becky’s top and then briefly circling the nipple, the rigid nipple that was standing proud and proclaiming her excitement, and moving on up to her neck, softly trailing around and behind, under her ear and down beneath her chin, fingertips just in tender contact with her skin. Becky stood and let it happen, a little awed by who was doing it, frozen to the spot, unable to register anything except the fact that her breath was coming faster.

For some moments they stood like that in tableau, Janet ignoring her own nudity as she caressed Becky’s neck, her other hand now resting quietly unnoticed on Becky’s hip, affirming the contact without restraining her. All the while Becky stood still, her own hands by her side, one pointlessly clutching the election leaflets while the other was balled by nervousness into a loose fist, her mind still racing as it tried to make sense of what was happening.

‘What are you doing?’ Becky asked, her voice sounding distant and husky.

‘It’s all right; nothing will happen that you don’t want to.’

Becky nodded, accepting Janet’s assurance even though she knew the truth that lay behind it. The truth that said that there was nothing she didn’t want to happen. Not really.

Janet’s hand dropped back to her breast, the fingers now deliberately stroking and massaging the soft flesh through her tee-shirt, looking into her eyes as if challenging Becky to say this was something she didn’t want. But of course she couldn’t, the hardness of her nipples, the sensation of swelling and dampness between her legs, all combining to deny her. Of course she wanted it, and more. Janet sensed that this was the moment, the moment to make her move, and she came closer, standing full square in front of Becky. Then, still stroking her breast with the one hand, the other moved to behind Becky’s head and gently, slowly and gently, pulled her towards her, opening her mouth in an unmistakable signal as she did so.

The first kiss was little more than lips grazing against lips before Janet pulled away to survey the younger girl’s face, making sure she had not misinterpreted the signs. But Becky’s mouth had followed Janet’s for a moment as she withdrew, unmistakeably wanting the kiss to continue. Janet smiled, a smile almost of triumph that flitted across her face so quickly that it was gone before it was noticed. She was aroused, still wet between the legs, still wanting more than just the single self induced orgasm of a few minutes before. Her mouth moved forward again, this time pressing firmly onto Becky’s.

Becky was in a state of confusion, the strangeness of kissing another woman had somehow heightened her arousal so much that was her body was aching for release and yet her mind was still rebelling against the idea of contact with someone of her own sex and who was not even of her own generation, It was bewildering, but she could do little about it. Even as Janet kissed her she found herself pushing hard onto the other woman’s lips, her own opening in invitation to a tongue that had entered with eagerness, meeting hers and letting the two dance around each other, exchanging saliva as they flitted in and out of each other’s mouths.

Janet’s hand was now on her back, running up and down her spine and sending shivers of delight along its length. Becky passively enjoyed it, until, with a tiny moan she surrendered entirely and her own hands went around Janet, scattering leaflets everywhere, holding her, feeling the soft warmth of her naked skin, letting her hands run the length of the older woman’s back from the nape of her neck to the first curve of her bottom.

Almost immediately Janet responded. She released Becky’s breast and, using both hands, she began to tug at Becky’s top, pulling it loose from her slacks and then working it up her body, all the while maintaining the kiss, the kiss that said everything was all right. Eventually of course, the kiss had to break to allow the tee-shirt past, but instantly their lips parted Becky raised her arms high, wanting the top removed so that they could continue. Janet smiled and complied, hurrying the top over Becky’s head, reaching high as she tugged it urgently along her arms and away, letting it fall carelessly to the grass.

Now the two women came together, embracing tightly, not kissing this time but resting their faces on each other’s shoulders as they touched and stroked, hands running up and down each other’s backs, each writhing slightly against the other to feel the soft flesh of their breasts press one on the other, firm breast on firm breast, hard nipple on hard nipple.


Janet finally broke away to take Becky by the hand and lead her the few yards away from the gateway where they both still stood to the dappled shade and soft grass beneath the apple tree that had been the site of her earlier pleasure. There they kissed again, not an urgent, exultant kiss this time, but a slower, deeper meeting of mouths that allowed tongues to explore properly and let each woman delight in the sensations. Now one of Janet’s hands worked its way around to the front, slipping between their two bodies to cup Becky’s breast, fingers finding and rolling her nipple, fondling and massaging her flesh. Becky moaned softly into Janet’s mouth, her own hands gripping at her shoulders as if scared that she would move away.

It seemed like only seconds before Janet’s hand moved from Becky’s breast, making her want to protest, to reach and pull it back, but then she realised that it was heading south, travelling smoothly over her skin until it reached the waistband of her slacks. She automatically pulled her stomach back a little, giving Janet room between them while maintaining the wonderful sensation of breast against breast, her heart leaping as she felt fingers fumbling with her slacks, and then racing as the pressure around her waist slackened when the fastening was released.

Janet’s hand now moved on, pushing at Becky’s slacks, widening the opening, scrabbling their way down until they were on top of her pubic mound, only her tiny cotton panties between her most personal of flesh and that questing hand. Becky pulled her mouth from Janet’s, her breath coming too quickly for a kiss to be comfortable, and rested it on her shoulder, gently nuzzling the older woman’s neck as she waited for the next touch. Long slim fingers inched their way down, over the mound, hooking a little to find their way between Becky’s thighs, thighs that seemed to part of their own accord to allow access. She felt the tips briefly press against her swollen clitoris before they worked their way further down her into her slacks, almost pressing the cotton material of her panties into her. God, how she wished Janet had found her way under them. It would come, she knew it would come, but she was impatient, her mind wanting every sensation at once, her body wanting everything done to her that one woman could do to another, even though she wasn’t too sure what that might be.

‘Yes.’ She whispered into Janet’s ear, hoping that the word would be correctly interpreted.

‘Yes.’ Janet responded, the reply sounding a bit like a question.

Becky nodded into Janet’s neck and waited, standing still and tense to see what would happen.

There was another instant of panic when Janet’s hand was pulled from her slacks, but then it joined the other and both were on the waistband, easing them over her hips and down her thighs. Becky was conscious of Janet’s face passing close to her crotch as she pushed them down, wondering, half hoping, if Janet would catch a whiff of her arousal, and then half scared that it would be too strong to be pleasant. She couldn’t help it, she knew that she was wet through, fully turned on. But Janet seemed not to notice, she knelt before Becky and lifted each foot in turn to ease her shoes off and the slacks over her feet with no sign of anything untoward. Becky placed a hand on Janet’s shoulder to steady herself, gazing down in awed anticipation as the woman reached for her panties, pulling them down and off before tossing them carelessly to one side as if to say they wouldn’t be needed anymore.

Now Janet’s face was straight in front of her pussy and Becky held her breath. Would she do it? They were both naked now and anything was possible. Becky didn’t even want to think exactly what she wanted in case the thought pushed away the possibility.

But then Janet rose to her feet and an unexpected fleeting disappointment swept through Becky as she stood before her and as an arm reached around her to pull her back into a kiss, a normal mouth on mouth kiss. Only a very short time before even this from a woman would have seemed way over the top, but now she wanted everything and kissing those lips was not really enough. In compensation however, they were both now totally without any clothes to get in the way and Becky could feel the warmth of Janet’s skin the whole length of her body. Her arms went around Janet just as Janet’s did around her and the two women stood close, pressing themselves onto each other and enjoying the feel of skin on skin as they kissed.

Becky pressed her pubes against Janet, trying to feel the other woman’s mound through the pad of her pubic hair, wanting to know the full extent of their intimacy. Janet moaned quietly into the kiss and pushed herself forward, parting her legs slightly and adjusting her position to allow Becky’s thigh to find its way between hers and her own to push between Becky’s, each pressing and squirming against the other and bringing home the exquisite eroticism of their embrace. Becky could feel the smooth skin of Janet’s pussy against the top of her thigh, the hairless flesh beautifully warm and moist against her own skin. She wanted to touch it, but before she could muster the courage she felt Janet’s hand sliding down her back, over the top curves of her bottom and around her hip, gently but firmly making its way down her front until the fingertips were exploring her pubes, this time without the hindrance of her panties.

Becky parted her thighs, breaking the kiss as she readjusted her position to entice Janet to explore further, and then gasping with pleasure as fingertips found their way over her mound and onto her slit. Janet bent slightly to reach further, her fingers walking over Becky’s pussy, reaching for her entrance and finding it wet and open ready to receive her. She paused and looked up at Becky expectantly, her silver hair swinging seductively across her face.

‘Oh.’ Becky gasped in delight at the prospect of being touched there by a woman. ‘Yes, do it.’

Janet smiled at Becky before bending a little more and kissing the top curves of her breasts as she unhesitatingly thrust two fingers deep into her slippery passage. She moved again as Becky spread her thighs even wider, taking Becky’s nipple into her mouth, nibbling and sucking it while the flat of her hand slithered along the young woman’s pussy, pushing between her labia so that the heel rubbed on her clit even as her fingers pistoned in and out.

Becky was panting with excitement, overwhelmed by the sensations she was feeling as she draped herself over Janet’s shoulder, staring along her bent back but without really looking, her eyes unfocussed as her mind tried to cope with the absolute ecstasy she was experiencing. Already she could feel the first signs of a climax building deep in her pelvis. Janet’s thrusts quickened, becoming more urgent and more vigorous as if she understood what was happening and was determined that Becky’s orgasm would be as powerful as possible.

When it came it came suddenly, exploding inside her with wave after wave of pure pleasure racing outwards from her pussy, flooding her body and turning her muscles to water. She jerked and shuddered, inadvertently wrenching her nipple from between Janet’s lips, the brief pain only adding to her enjoyment.

The orgasm was fierce but brief, leaving her panting and wobbly, her mouth hanging open, her eyes staring into nothingness but closing briefly when aftershocks tore through her from little movements of the fingers still buried inside her. She could feel herself trembling, her body spent and weak from the violence of her climax, and she was clinging to Janet to prevent herself from collapsing altogether.

‘Good?’ Janet enquired, smiling contentedly when Becky could only nod mutely in reply.

She disentangled herself gently, withdrawing sopping wet fingers and putting her arm around Becky so that she could lower them both gently onto the grass. Becky let herself be placed on her back, still panting and drained, only her arm moving to encircle Janet’s shoulder as if determined that the older woman would not move away.

Not that Janet had any intention of doing so, she propped herself on one elbow beside Becky and began to draw soft circles around her nipple with one fingernail of the other hand, saying nothing but just smiling quietly until Becky had got herself together once more.

‘My God.’ Becky whispered eventually. ‘That was awesome.’

‘I’m glad.’ Janet replied softly.

For a few minutes longer they lay silently together, Becky regaining her breath and getting her head around what had happened while Janet traced little circles over her skin. It was nice to feel a woman touching her so tenderly and so erotically, so different to a man’s touch, nice but strange. Somehow she didn’t feel wrong about lying naked in the dappled shade, gazing up at the sunshine filtering through the apple leaves and just enjoying the feel of Janet’s fingertips. This was the way to enjoy her post orgasmic lethargy she told herself, wondering at the same time if there was any more to come or if that was to be it. She wanted to ask but just didn’t have the nerve this still rather intimidating older woman.

But then, as Becky had rather hoped that she would, Janet took the initiative by rolling onto her back and then reaching over to take Becky’s hand and place it softly but firmly on her own breast, pulling Becky onto her side and partly on top of her as she did so. She squeezed it onto the soft flesh and smiled seductively in an unmistakeable invitation. Becky was surprised for a moment, but then the smile reassured her and she began to squeeze and massage the firm breast, feeling the already engorged nipple harden further under her touch. All the while Janet’s hand remained over Becky’s, providing gentle pressure and the unspoken encouragement that allowed Becky to enjoy this very new sensation.

Not that Janet remained silent. Soon she was making tiny little pleasure sounds, little whimpers that revealed how her arousal was growing. Then her hand pressed more firmly on Becky’s, making her grip on the soft breast tighten until she knew it must be hurting. But Janet only pressed harder still, squirming and wriggling under the pressure. It was exciting and exhilarating for Becky to be able to do this to a woman she had so recently been in awe of, but now her problem was that she didn’t know how to proceed. She badly wanted to make Janet come, just as she had with her, but she didn’t know how to go about it.

Once again Janet took the lead, moving things along determinedly, taking Becky’s hand from her breast and pushing it down her body at the same time threading her own arm under Becky’s shoulders to guide her head towards the newly uncovered nipple. Becky moaned with delight as she understood what was required of her, eagerly letting her mouth be steered to the miniature button of Janet’s nipple and her hand to the smoothly shaven curve of her mound.

Happy now that they both wanted the same thing she wriggled down a little to make herself more comfortable, so that her lips closed more easily around the nipple without stretching her neck. It was another new sensation, and a beautiful one, the feeling of soft breast flesh that moved and gave as she suckled on the hard little nubbin at its peak. She was so captivated by the idea of kissing and sucking Janet’s breast that for a moment she even forgot that her hand lay a fingertip distance from the most amazing sensation of all, until Janet’s urgent hand around her wrist reminded her.

Now she had moved she could reach over Janet’s mons and onto her pussy, but before she did she shuffled slightly further closer, determined to take things as far as she was allowed. She had felt her own pussy many times, but now she wanted to feel the wet warmth of another woman’s love tunnel and she wanted to be able to reach as far in as her fingers would go. Without realising it she actually held her breath in tentative anticipation, still not convinced that she was permitted to play with that most intimate part of the other woman. She held her mouth motionless on Janet’s breast as her fingers crept almost shyly onto the soft folds of her pussy, but then Janet sighed quietly and relaxed back, just draping the nearest arm slackly over Becky’s shoulder with the other resting by her side, almost as if to say that whatever she wanted to do was fine.

Reassured, Becky released her breath and resumed licking and sucking on Janet’s nipple, at the same time letting her fingers lightly examine the unfamiliar pussy. Every time before when she had touched and explored a pussy it had been her own and there had been the simultaneous corresponding sensation of being touched, but this time there was no such thing. Now she could roam around without distraction, investigate, relish, enjoy, her fingertips stroking labia, parting them, gliding along between them, finding and touching the little protuberance that she knew was Janet’s clitoris, if only from the gasp that her touch elicited. She could feel her excitement growing again, the pounding of her heart sounding loud in her ears and the need rising inside her to simply ram her fingers deep into Janet. She resisted, savouring the thought, feeling her own pussy open again, wetness flowing at the thought of what she was going to do. She was more in control now, at least for the moment, and remembering her earlier episode with her prefect, unable then to do anything about it, but suddenly realising how much she had wanted to and now could.

She opened her mouth wider, enclosing as much of Janet’s breast as she could, licking the flesh, running her tongue around and over the swollen nipple, marvelling at the wonderful feeling she got from kissing another woman’s breast. Now she could resist no longer and her fingers tiptoed downwards, along Janet’s slit, leaving her clit behind to seek their goal. It was not hard to find, Janet was soaking wet, her entrance running with a tiny stream of juices. Becky paused, partly from nerves, but mainly to take pleasure in the joy of what she was about to do. She stayed still, two fingers resting at the very opening to Janet’s body, just feeling the wetness and the heat of her vagina. Janet squirmed beneath her, her hips lifting, pushing herself at Becky, impatient to be entered.

Becky waited no longer, her fingers moved as if of their own accord and slid all the way into Janet’s passage, the wet warmth enclosing them. When playing with herself she could never reach this far in and she enjoyed the sensation of wriggling them right inside Janet, hearing the woman moan long and deep and feel the walls of her vagina contract, her hips once more rising and pushing against the probing fingers. She began to finger fuck Janet, a little uneasily at first, but as Janet responded she pushed in and out more quickly, more firmly, and as deep as she could reach. Soon she had set up a rapid rhythm, her fingers slamming into the slippery tunnel, creating wet noises that added to the eroticism. Janet was writhing and squirming, trying to get Becky to enter further, faster, harder, making little noises of her own. Her arm was no longer just draped over Becky’s shoulder, it was holding her tight, fingers digging into Becky’s flesh as she felt an orgasm approaching. But if Janet was becoming more turned on, then so was Becky, she too could feel that wonderful sensation inside her that forewarned of the possibility of another orgasm, and this from the eroticism of the situation without Janet touching her at all. She wondered anxiously if she could hold off long enough to bring Janet to orgasm before she had to surrender to her own climax.

But once again Janet changed things. She was out of control, driven by the fabulous feeling between her legs, enjoying the younger woman’s attentions but wanting to take it to its ultimate conclusion. Abruptly, without warning, she twisted out from beneath Becky, leaving her partner shocked and momentarily disappointed. But Becky needn’t have worried, Janet pivoted around, threading her leg between Becky’s and thrusting it up behind her back to push herself up between Becky’s thighs like two pairs of interlocking scissors. All of a sudden Becky understood and cried out with delight. She opened her legs to allow Janet to move up between them until their pussies almost met, each with a leg along the other’s spine and the second bent before them.

For a moment they both paused and looked at each other along the lengths of their intertwined bodies and then, as if by arrangement, they simultaneously grabbed each others knee and pulled, hauling their bodies together so that their labia slapped into each other with bruising force. Becky cried out at the contact, the ultimate thrill of feeling Janet’s lower lips pressed against her own and mixed with just a little hurt had brought her instantly to within a hairs breadth of orgasm. She looked wide eyed across at Janet, propped on one elbow and smiling back with delight and groaning. They grinned at each other, writhing and pulling at each others legs to increase the pressure. Their pussies flared open, soft tender flesh pressed against soft tender flesh, clitoris on clitoris, juices running and intermingling, squashing and squelching as they rubbed themselves frantically on each other.

Becky felt her orgasm explode within her and heard someone scream, realising without embarrassment that it was her own voice she heard letting rip with all the passion and pleasure she felt. Both women were now beyond control, rubbing and pulling frantically, both under the control of their orgasms, riding the crests of wave after wave of pure ecstasy until at last it was dying down and they lay shuddering and whimpering as each diminishing wave passed through them, each less extreme, less powerful than the one preceding.

Afterwards they lay quiet, still interlocked, sweating and trembling in the dappled shade, both breathing heavily but smiling happily at each other until Janet eventually broke the silence.

‘My god, girl. I don’t think much of your politics, but you sure as hell get my vote.’

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