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Getting Caught Isn’t All Bad

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I didn’t hear the garage door open so I barely had enough time to hide my hard-on and zip up my pants before the Marek’s opened the door. What I didn’t have time for was to stop the VCR. When they came in, they were greeted by the sounds of fucking coming from their widescreen TV and their “Debbie Does Dallas” video that I had found stashed behind all the other tapes.

It was my senior year in high school and I hadn’t watched the Marek’s kids in years, but they were desperate when they called me. Their regular sitter cancelled last minute and they had a wedding to attend. Since they lived just next door and I had nothing better to do I figured no big deal, they were pretty nice people and I could always use the money.

The evening went just like I remembered it, put the kids to sleep then sit around doing nothing. It was in a fit of boredom that I opened their entertainment center and was looking for a movie to watch. As I dug through the stacks of videos I came to a bunch in the back that looked very interesting. Stuck between some blank tapes was five or six XXX rated tapes. I had no idea the Marek’s were into that sort of thing but it certainly ended my boredom.

The tape I pulled out looked like an old one from the 70s but I didn’t care, it was porn and I was 18! So I put it in the VCR and sat back on their couch to enjoy the show. It didn’t take long at all – It started in a shower with four girls and a bunch of guys sneaking in and banging away. I couldn’t help but pull out my cock and start stroking to the hot scene I was watching. I knew I had some time and the movie was just getting started so I was going slow, moving my hand up and back just enough to get my cock hard and throbbing.

It was somewhere near the middle of the tape that they surprised me by coming home early. A girl was on the phone talking to her boyfriend, sliding a candle into her pussy using it like a makeshift dildo. I’d never seen anything like it and got totally engrossed in the scene, which was probably why I didn’t hear them come in until it was almost too late.

The tape was still playing while we just stared at each other in shock. No one spoke for a while and all you could hear is the whimpering of the girl fucking herself with the candle. Mr. Marek was the first one who spoke.

“I’m really too drunk to give a shit. I’m going upstairs. You deal with this honey.”

He went upstairs, leaving me and his wife looking at the TV; which had now switched to the candle girl laying on her side and getting fucked by her boss. I was terrified. They were good friends with my parents and I was sure she was going to bust me. I was expecting a lecture when she took off her coat and sat down on the couch. The fact that she hadn’t said anything yet was really beginning to worry me. She had a look on her face like she was trying to make up her mind about something. I was screwed. I just knew it.

Despite my terror, I couldn’t help but notice that Mrs. Marek looked pretty hot. She always seemed moderately attractive, but tonight she really looked good. The dress she had on for the wedding was tight and black with thin straps over her shoulders that looked barely able to contain her fairly large breasts. It was pretty short and sitting on the couch made it hike up even higher exposing her thighs nearly to her panties.

She shifted a little on the couch and I thought I was busted for looking up her dress, but she wasn’t watching me at all. She was watching the porn on the TV. It was obviously something she and her husband enjoyed; it was their tape after all. Her next move caught me completely off guard. She lifted her ass off the couch, reached under her dress and slid her panties completely off. I was in shock, but my cock that had gone soft from their surprise return had suddenly woke up again and was straining to bust open my jeans. She smiled at my obvious reaction then finally spoke.

“This is a pretty good movie. My favorite scene is coming up next and I thought we could enjoy it together.”

I didn’t know what to do but I wasn’t about to take my eyes off her when she spread her legs exposing a very full set of pussy lips. I could see the wisps of hair peeking out under her fingers as she started rubbing it in wide circles with her left hand. Each circle parted the puffy outer lips then one of her fingers disappeared between them. She visibly shuddered as her finger slid inside her moistening pussy.

“In this scene, two girls are washing their neighbor’s car and he ends up fucking one of them. What I like about it is that she begs for him to fuck her in the ass. So why don’t you let your cock out and rub it like you were so we can both enjoy the show.”

My cock was already becoming quite uncomfortable pressing against my jeans and besides being a once-in-a-lifetime moment I didn’t plan on blowing, I figured if I did what she asked I might not get in trouble. So I lay back, unzipped my jeans and pulled the waistband of my boxers. Mrs. Marek smiled and licked her lips, which instinctively caused my cock to twitch. She continued intensely rubbing her pussy while she pulled down the top of her dress exposing her swollen nipple over the sheer fabric of her dress.

I was extremely nervous and very cautiously stroked my cock. Between my hot neighbor fingering herself next to me and both of us watching the guy on the screen get a blow-job from the two young girls, I knew it would be very easy to lose control. I watched the screen as the guy told one of the girls to get on her knees. She did and he got in close behind her while her friend massaged the girl’s ass, spreading her cheeks while the guy readied his cock behind her. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Mrs. Marek turn around and kneel on the couch, pushing her ass out like the girl on the screen as she continued to rub at her pussy.

“Fuck me in the ass” I heard. I couldn’t tell at first if it was coming from the TV or Mrs. Marek.

“Fuck me in the ass” I heard again and this time I was sure it came from Mrs. Marek.

“Do me like the slut in the movie. Watch how he makes her tight hole all slick with her own juices. Do that to me and fuck me in the ass!” I watched and I saw him rubbing his cock head over the girl’s pussy, sliding it up and back over her puckered ass, making it very wet and slippery just before pushing his cock in deep.

It was amazing listening to the girl begging to be fucked in the ass while Mrs. Marek was next to me wanting the same treatment. I stood to remove my jeans and stepped over behind Mrs. Marek. I began sliding my cock and fingers over her soaking wet pussy up and up to her ass. She definitely had enough juices to completely cover her ass hole. Even still, when I tried her ass was so tight my finger would barely penetrate. But she told me to keep going making sure everything was good and wet.

While I was playing with her ass, she reached out to slather even more of her juices over my cock that was hovering between her legs. It was really hard not to pump my cock in her hand, but I had never fucked anybody in the ass before and was not about to lose my chance. She obviously thought I was lubed up enough because she pushed my cock up the crack of her ass and started begging me to put it in.

“Fuck me in the ass” she kept saying. I could hear the girl on the screen whose cries and pleads Mrs. Marek was imitating. I positioned myself right over her puckered hole and pushed forward. It was amazingly tight. I kept pushing slowly but firmly, trying to push past her tight opening. Her moans intensified as the pressure of my cock slowly opened her ass. I had to grasp my shaft to keep it straight until I was more than half way up her ass. I could feel every muscle gripping and pulling on my cock as I kept pushing.

When I was finally all the way in I felt her relax, then start to push back against me. Rocking her hips back and forth with my cock buried deep to the hilt. I could only imagine how we looked: Debbie Does Dallas playing on the TV, her drunken husband upstairs and me thrusting and fucking her ass while she fingered her pussy. I pulled way back keeping only the head of my cock inside her and slid forward with a little more force. Deeper and faster with each thrust, eventually pumping her ass hard, pushing her into the couch letting my balls slap forward into her wet pussy.

Mrs. Marek’s head was turned to the side so she could watch the porn while she fingered herself and I pounded my cock in and out of her ass. I glanced over quickly and saw the guy had pulled out to shoot his cum all over the girl’s back. I was ready to cum and decided to do the same. I pushed in one last time, holding it there letting the pressure build up deep in my balls. Mrs. Marek must have sensed what was happening because she was now begging for me to cum all over her.

Just as the first wave was about to over take me, I pulled out. Almost instantly a hot gooey jet of cum shot out and splattered high on her ass, landing forward on her black dress. After the first, stream after stream shot out showering her upturned ass and spread pussy with jets of thick cum. I grabbed my shaft and pumped out as much as I could, milking my cock and spurting cum all over her. By the time I was done, cum was running down her ass, pussy and thighs staining her couch.

I was completely spent and fell back on the couch exhausted. Mrs. Marek stayed on her knees running her hands all over her ass massaging my cum into her skin and still fingering her pussy. I lay there catching my breath watching her finish. Her fingers causing her body to convulse in a shuddering orgasm. She buried her head into the couch pillows to muffle a long scream as she herself burst in orgasm, her sticky ass trembling with each wave. When she finally let out a long breath relaxing from her orgasm, she told me that I would have to walk home tonight, but they would definitely call me to babysit again.

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