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Carol and Tammy

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Carol could see the crotch of the girl clearly, sitting at a small table in the ice cream store where she was enjoying a butterscotch sundae. The girl was perhaps five feet away, sitting and talking with another girl. Carol knew the girl slightly because she lived in the same suburban neighbourhood, and Carol had seen her walking by her house occasionally.

Her name was Tammy; Carol learned when one of the girl’s friends had said her name when she laughed at something the girl said.

Carol watched the girl closely, and soon realized she was fully aware of her exposure. Not only aware, but intentionally making it obvious. She would laugh and giggle and squirm in the small white chair, spreading her knees in a way that would, to some, appear accidental in her exuberance. But Carol had seen those sparkling eyes peek at her from time to time.

Tammy was a beautiful girl, slender with honey-blonde hair and creamy skin. Her personality was bubbly and outgoing. She was a typical California girl, perhaps a bit more. She was well tanned, and her body was exquisite.

At the moment, she wore a very tight light-blue T-shirt. Her small, but succulent breasts were molded, outlined by the garment, and from the way her nipples protruded, Carol knew very well that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were sweetly shaped. The skirt she wore must have come from the sixties, it was so short. But then, if any girl had the body for a micro skin, it was Tammy. Her legs were long, slender, inviting to the eye. The golden colour of them testified to her love of sunshine.

Gazing toward Tammy, Carol saw the girl pretend to lose her balance on the chair. One leg shot out, and the whole of Tammy’s crotch became blatantly visible. The crotch of her panties seemed as tight as her T-shirt, Carol thought. Her panties were a pale green.

Carol found herself gazing steadily into Tammy’s dark eyes. There was heat in those eyes, she realized, and she wondered if Tammy was really the tease she appeared to be. Those eyes were unashamed, quite bold. Tammy moved the pink tip of her tongue over her full lips.

Carol shuddered and turned her eyes down, finishing her ice cream, stood up, and walked to her car. When Carol got home she appreciated the fact that the house was comfortably cool. She poured herself a glass of wine, and was sipping it and twisting the dial on the radio when the door bell rang. Going to the door, puzzling over who it could be, she opened it to find the girl she had been admiring standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Why, hello, Tammy,” she said, surprised to see the girl. “What brings you to my doorstep?”

Tammy replied that she had noticed Carol staring at her and was curious why an older woman would look at her like that. Carol blushed, but felt a tingle as she realized that the young girl had actually noticed her and was interested in her. She invited Tammy in and offered her a glass of wine, which the girl accepted. Carol realized that she shouldn’t be offering wine to a minor, but from the eager way Tammy accepted the glass and took a sip, she knew this was not the girl’s first taste of the fruit of the vine.

Carol felt strangeness within her, warmth that was at the same time alien and exciting. Tammy sat on the couch, her legs were crossed, the creamy thighs revealed. Carol joined her on the couch, and once again they gazed boldly at each other.

“You like me?” Tammy asked in a whispery voice.

“Of course I like you, honey,” Carol replied. “I think you’re lovely,” her voice oddly throaty.

“I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlour, Carol,” Tammy said with that disturbing voice, her dark eyes bold as ever.

Carol jumped. Tammy had placed her palm on one of Carol’s knees. She dropped her eyes down, looking at it, and shivering. The hand felt unusually hot, as if it were searing her flesh.

“You liked what you saw,” Tammy said, making it a statement, and at the same time sliding her hand past Carol’s knee.

Carol felt herself trembling with a desire that was strange, a heat that grew inside her. She watched Tammy’s hand move higher, caressing in circles on her thigh now. There was an increase in her breathing rate, and she heard the sound of Tammy’s breath.

Tammy then took Carol’s hand and drew it toward her golden thigh. As her palm was placed halfway up that thigh, Carol felt a sudden lurching between her own legs. Her cunt had swelled and was moist now, her clit throbbing. Tammy was holding her wrist, moving her palm up and down the thigh.

Carol saw the crotch of those tight panties again, and heard the girl’s soft sigh. Tammy released her wrist, but Carol left her hand on that hot thigh, moving it slowly by herself now. They continued looking into each other’s eyes, and Carol moved her hand higher. She felt the tight panties with the tips of her fingers, and Tammy uncrossed her legs and spread them widely, leaning against the back of the couch.

“I like to be touched,” Tammy said in a low voice. “You want to touch me, don’t you, Carol? The way you looked at me in the ice cream parlour, I know you want to touch me.”

Carol couldn’t seem to stop herself. Her fingers moved slowly about the crotch of Tammy’s panties, finding them moist. She traced the puffy lips, and then dragged her finger up and down the slit of her pussy. Tammy mewled and twisted her ass provocatively. Carol’s palm cupped Tammy’s wet mound.

She felt the heat of that succulent sex burning into her hand, and she rubbed it gently, lightly. Tammy whimpered with pleasure and began to grind her pussy slowly against Carol’s hand. Carol was not thinking of anything, only of the delight she felt at touching this sweet, youthful mound of Venus.

Tammy lifted her hips, pushing her crotch more tightly into Carol’s hand, mewling softly. “Mmmmm, you touch me so good, Carol. I love being touched this way.”

Tammy sprawled back, her arms lifted above her head, that honey-blonde hair fanning out around that sweet face. Carol moved off the couch and knelt between Tammy’s spread thighs, gazing hotly between them. She ran her hands; both of them now, up and down those creamy smooth thighs, feeling the trembling heat of that skin. She shoved the short skirt to Tammy’s hips, and stared at the slight bulge of the girl’s cunt.

Before she knew it, Carol was leaning over, kissing just above a dimpled knee. Tammy was twisting her little ass about in pleasure, gurgling with delight. As she slipped her tongue out and began to lick at Tammy’s thigh, Carol felt her own pussy pulsing in a fiery desire.

With her tongue lapping slowly along one thigh, she kept fondling the other. She found her lips gliding higher and higher on Tammy’s thigh. Then she was licking the soft, sensitive flesh only a few inches from that bubbling cunt. Shifting her face, Carol licked at the other thigh, her eyes closed with this ecstasy she was feeling.

Her tongue went up and down the girl’s creamy thighs, licking mostly along the inner surfaces where it was most sensitive. Her hands moved up and down the outside, and over Tammy’s rounded hips. Tammy was cooing and writhing her hips about, arching her pussy up.

The fresh, clean scent of Tammy’s cunt was sweet to Carol’s senses, and she gazed for a moment at the bulge of that gorgeous pubic mound. Again she stroked a fingertip up and down the crotch of the girl’s tight panties.

A growl came from Carol’s throat. She shoved her mouth to Tammy’s crotch, sucking at her moist panties. She pulled at the panties with her teeth, and then lapped her tongue up and down, tasting the wetness of that delicious cunt through the thin panties.

“Ooooo,” Tammy moaned. “Mmmm … ohhh, yes, Carol!”

Carol felt Tammy’s hands on her cheeks, trying to guide her lips and tongue. She felt the girl press her cunt into her mouth, and she began to lick with swift movements at those thin panties. Tammy lifted her thighs and pressed them against Carol’s face. The satiny feel of Tammy’s thighs on her face sent a tremble of intense desire rumbling about her body, and she whimpered into the girl’s cunt.

Carol’s hands moved under the teenager’s lifted ass. She cupped Tammy’s ass cheeks, finding them tight and firm and fitting perfectly in her palms. Then she was tasting the wetness of Tammy’s sweet pussy.

The girl pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her pussy to Carol’s tongue and lips. Carol did not hesitate; she began to lick her tongue up and down the puffy cunt lips, tasting the sugary sweetness of this delightful girl.

She twisted her tongue about Tammy’s throbbing little clit, then closed her hot lips on it, sucking hard. Tammy shoved her cunt harder in to Carol’s face and began to grind.

“Oooo, inside me,” Tammy was pleading. “Ohhh, Carol, put your tongue inside me!”

Carol’s tongue shot into Tammy’s cunt, feeling the honeyed cunt lips tighten. She thrust her tongue in and out, feeling Tammy’s cunt flex about it. She sucked at the seeping pussy juices, swallowing as her mouth filled. The slippery sweetness was delicious to Carol, and she plunged her tongue in and out like a cock, fucking Tammy’s cunt almost frantically, digging her fingers into that tight little ass. Tammy turned and twisted, tossing her crotch up and down, rubbing her cunt into Carol’s face with frenzied motions.

“Ahhh, lick me, Carol,” Tammy moaned in a sobbing, soft voice, grinding excitedly, “Oooo, lick me, lick me!”

Carol was now on her knees, her ass in the air, her face buried tightly into Tammy’s crotch, sucking and licking that sweet cunt. She waggled her ass when spasms of pleasure rippled through her cunt. She dug her fingers hard into the firm cheeks of Tammy’s ass, trying to shove her face as tightly as she could into the steaming cunt. Her tongue fucked in and out of those tight lips, lapping about the rigid, throbbing petals of flesh. She was moaning softly as she sucked and licked Tammy’s cunt.

Tammy, with her finger hooked into her panties to hold the crotch far to one side, pressed the back of Carol’s head with the other hand, grinding her cunt ecstatically against the woman’s sucking, licking mouth. Her hot thighs scissored about Carol’s head. Waves of gentle orgasms were going off between Carol’s thighs, her cunt convulsing in liquid heat. Wet sounds filled the living room as her tongue lapped furiously at Tammy’s tasty cunt.

She buried her tongue as deep as she could into the sugary, syrupy pussy, flicking it against the satiny cunt walls, feeling Tammy’s clit convulsing against her upper lip. Carol was thrilled to feel Tammy’s succulent cunt lips squeezing her tongue as she fucked it in and out. The sounds of Tammy’s sobbing voice as she came excited Carol as much as eating this pussy did.

“Oh, God!” Tammy was whimpering. “Oh, God … Oh, God! I’m cumming, Carol! Oooooo, I’m cumming … so good … so beautiful!”

Carol held the girl’s twisting little ass tightly, feeling her ass cheeks flex in her hands as she fucked her tongue in and out of the spasming cunt. Her own pussy was going through a series of orgasms. Her body shook her upturned ass waving about as she came.

Carol held her mouth against Tammy’s cunt, feeling the girl starting to relax, her body going limp. She gently let Tammy’s ass down, and then pulled her hands away. She lowered her own ass and sat back, her legs straight out before her. She was still shaking from the pleasure. Her cheeks and chin were wet from Tammy’s cunt, and her lips felt slightly puffy, bruised.

She watched with heavy, unfocused eyes as Tammy lay where she was, legs still spread. The crotch of her panties seemed pulled to one side by some invisible fingers. Carol saw the pale blonde pubic hair, the pink lips of that sweet cunt, and the tip of Tammy’s clit.

Finally Tammy struggled up, crossing her legs again in front of her. Her dark eyes were sparkling and she was smiling happily.

“I knew you wanted to lick me, Carol,” she said in her soft, whispery voice. “I knew you would lick me when I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlour.” That was more than Carol knew.

“I came to see you because I knew what you wanted, and I knew I wanted it just as much as you did.”

Carol shivered, seeing those bold eyes, wondering how a girl so young could see and understand so much. She had felt excitement seeing Tammy’s panties in the ice cream parlour, of course, but … eating her cunt? She had not intended to lick the young girl’s pussy, not on a conscious level, anyway.

After sitting quietly like that, Tammy on the couch, Carol on the floor, Tammy bounced to her feet. “I’d like to come back again some time if you will let me.”

Before Carol could reply, Tammy was gone.

Carol washed her face in her bathroom. She looked into the mirror, seeing a beautiful face there. She had never eaten pussy before, yet she had willingly licked Tammy’s cunt. She had found the young girl irresistible, and she had shoved her face into that sweet cunt–not just eagerly, but hungrily.

There had been something about Tammy that Carol had been unable to understand, an attraction she had never felt for a girl in her entire life. She wasn’t sorry she had sucked that pussy, though–not a bit.

Carol had lovely dark hair, hair that shimmered in the sunlight. Her eyes, also dark, had a slight slant to them. She had full, sensual lips, and her neck was long. Her skin was unblemished, creamy the way Tammy’s was. Carol threw her shoulders back and looked critically at her breasts. Nothing wrong with those, she thought. There was nothing wrong with any part of her body. She could stand next to Tammy any day, although there was about fifteen years’ difference in their ages.

Carol lifted her skirt to her waist and looked at herself. She was wearing pantyhose, but no panties. The dark curls of her cunt showed clearly through the garment. Her hips were rounded– her thighs straight and full, yet slim. She twisted her neck and peered over her shoulder. Her ass was very shapely, still as firm as it had been when she was Tammy’s age. The ass cheeks were full, rounded in an enticing way. Smoothing her skirt, she thought there was certainly nothing wrong with what she had. All the goodies were in place.

Carol hoped it wouldn’t be too long before her doorbell rang again and it would be that precious little piece of pussy she had just so lovingly tasted.

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