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V Breaks M In

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M is standing in front of the bed in a motel room. He is standing before her, naked except for a black blindfold , totally uncertain of what is to happen to him today. V is whispering to him while circling him, slowly, occasionally reaching out and caressing his tense waiting body. He has done what he had to get ready for her, to ease his anxiety about what might be coming.

V whispers to him, slowly, sensuously:

V: Well, my waiting studboy, the time has finally come, and since you’ve kept me waiting so long … too long … I may have to torture you for the teasing you’ve put me through. Before you say anything, I want you to know that you are not to speak until I ask for a response. You may make sounds like moans , but no speaking unless I have tell you to or speak to your directly. Is that clear?

M: Yes, it is.

V: OK, let’s get down to it then, shall we? I’m here to free you, to help you become more sensitive, more sensual, and to understand what your cock has felt like buried in a woman’s ass. All that pleasure, you’ve been giving to women, you need to experience now, take it in, feel it. In the long run, it will make you a much better lover. And it will also get me off , studboy!!!!

V is now behind M and reaches around him with both hands, sliding them over his chest. He feels her skin against his, her breasts pressing against his back, nipples all hard and wanting. She caresses his chest and then grinds her hairless mound against his ass. She slides her hands up to his pecs and stands on her toes to reach his ear. She whispers in his ear as she caresses his nipples, lightly grabbing them,”Mmm, I am so going to love breaking you in, my sweet lover.”

Her touch on his nipples send through his body a mild electric shock which makes him involuntarily push his naked ass into her hips. He’s not entirely sure what she means, what she wants from him ultimately, but her lush body and soft sensual exciting touch have him humming to himself already, awaiting the unknown.

V: OK baby lover. Lay back onto the bed. Give yourself over to me. You are now my little bitch. When I’m done with you, you’ll have done things you never dreamt you could, but always knew deep down inside that you wanted.

With that, V lays M back onto the bed and onto the soft pillows.

She whispers, with a harsher tone in her voice,

V: Put your hands over your head on the pillow and don’t move them until I tell you to, my little cumslut.

She slides down his body, her lips, a light and gentle tease on him, just passing over his lips. Each time he tries to reciprocate, to kiss her back, she pulls back.

V: Oh no, my cumslut. You are not allowed to do anything unless you are asked to. So stay still!

He lies there, blindfolded, his body starting to twitch in places with the unknown. She slides downward with her nipples grazing his body, her lips making a trail down his abdomen , going towards his throbbing cock, and yet missing it, teasing it, making it all the harder. She moves until she is straddling his waist, her wet pussy just above him. He loves her scent. She has a small crop in her hand , but he doesn’t know that. He feels something flutter over his nipples.

V: I know you want me to caress your nipples. You are so turned on when they are played with, aren’t you , my little slut? You may beg your mistress to do so…now.

M: Please mistress. Touch my nipples. Please give them pleasure. I beg you. You know I need that, I crave it.

V: You want to be my bitch baby, don’t you? Still straddling M, V slides the whip tether ends up and down his chest, she pushes the whip end into his nipple, jiggling it some, making the nipple all hard and tight. He moans in pleasure. She moves to his other nipple. The pressure makes his cock strain, full of cum , just wanting to spurt. Pre cum drips from the tip.

V: You want to feel them in my mouth don’t you, your hard little nips, tucked between my lips and tongue? Beg me for that.

M: You know I do mistress. Please, please take my wanting nipple. Please suck it, please!

But V then moves her hips back, sliding her hot, wet pussy down his stomach, and she parts M’s legs, crouching between them, her heat at his balls, her fingers start to play.

V: Oh, you have such nice, hard little nips now. They need your mistress’s attention, don’t they, my little bitch??

V then leans forward and kisses one nipple, while continuing to pinch and twist gently on the other one. She kisses it first, then sucks it between her lips, applying suction to it. Once she has a good hold on it, she takes it between her teeth, gently at first, and then applies pressure, biting it slightly less than gently. His cock throbs with each pull.

V: That is good, baby bitch. Oh, we’re going to have such good fun with those little pleasure buttons of yours, controlling you with them.

V then slides down, licking M’s chest lightly along the way. She takes his hard cock in her hand, rubs the precum over her lips and makes a growling sound in the direction of M’s blindfolded face. She then takes the head of his cock between her lips, letting it rest there for a minute , feeling it jump a bit then slides down the length of it.

M gasps at the sudden feelings of warmth and wetness surrounding his cock. V loves sucking on a cock that’s sooo hard, so she can make it harder and ready to burst with her expert mouth. She pulls the entire cock into her mouth and as it grows even bigger, she relaxes her throat and takes it in.

M groans and gasps. As if to make the pleasure more unbearable, V reaches up with both hands and resumes pinching and slowly twisting M’s nipples. He is in heaven.

M feels one of V’s hands leave his wanting excited nipple. Her hand gently plays with his ball sac and holds his balls, fondling them gently. She then slides her fingers lower. His knees go up almost involuntarily. He wants this, knows what is coming but is a little fearful still. Before he can even make a sound, he feels the tip of her lubed finger caressing his ass, rubbing it gently. He is almost twitching, it feels so hot and new to him.

She plays with the outside of his tight hole for some time, slipping her finger in a little occasionally but really taking her time to lube up his ass and get it ready for more. That feeling was is delicious, he doesn’t have the presence of mind to feel anything but excited about the fact that her finger is now sliding all the way into his tight asshole.

V: (moaning in pleasure) Oh yes, my sweet lover. You are loving this, aren’t you? You want me to put it all of the way in your ass? Ask me for it now, my hot little bitch.

M starts squirming it feels so good. He doesn’t know what he wants at this point.

M: Yes Mistress. Please give me what I want. Please fuck my ass with your fingers!

He doesn’t even think about asking for this, and yet he knows with certainty that he wants it, he wants to feel it. She slips her finger all the way in his ass now, almost plunging the lubed finger in, then she stops and wriggles the tip against what he doesn’t realize is the button of his prostate gland. He has never felt that sensation before and he is almost crying out now, it is so intense and such pure pleasure.

M feels V’s finger withdraw a little bit, but then he feels it joined by another. V slides in two fingers now. His ass initially resists this new intrusion but he now knows he wants more.

V: You want me in your ass, don’t you my little cumslut?

M sighs and V can feel his ass open up a bit.

M: Yes mistress. I will do whatever you desire….and I will desire it too.

V: Oh yeah, now you’re learning. Yes, that’s it, just relax it and let me slide my fingers in and give you nothing but pleasure.

Once she feels M’s ass open up and relax all the way, she continues to make him moan with her fingers, the stroking almost like a little cock in his ass. She then bends and takes his cock in her mouth again. This is almost unbearable as his cock jerks in her mouth, wanting to spurt his load in her mouth. But he holds back.

She moves her hand over to her toy bag on the nightstand and she pulls out a red buttplug. She adds lube to it and he waits for the small dildo. As she rubs the plug on his ass, it starts to slide in. It is getting wider the farther she pushes it and he loves it.

V: You want this don’t you baby? Tell your mistress how good it is.

M: I do, Mistress. I do want whatever you can do to my ass.

All of a sudden, his ass contracts around a smaller part of the object and M realizes V has inserted the butt plug fully in his ass. V resumes sucking him and reaches up to play with his nipples again.

He is so close to cumming.

V gets him up, guides M to a standing position a few feet away from the end of the bed, with him kneeling over it, butt plug still in his ass.

V: Tell me how it feels. Oh wait, just looking at your throbbing hard-on I can tell it feels good. And it looks so fucking hot to see that plug all the way in your ass. Time for you to do some work.

V then pulls M back up onto the bed on his all fours and guides him to her nipples .

V: Let’s see how good your tongues is lover. Mmm, yes, suck my sweet nipples. Yes, that’s nice. Oh, that’s nice the way you’re teasing my nipples. . They’re soo nice and hard for you. . Mmm, now bite it very gently. Mmmm, you take direction so well , my little bitch.

V then puts one hand the top of M’s head and pushes him downward. Once his still-blindfolded face reaches her smooth pussy, she brings his head down. He can smell her sweet pussy juices, and wants to lick her tastycake.

V: Do you want to eat my pussy?

He does and begins to move up to her treasure, guided by her sure grip in his hair.

V: Mmm, yes, that’s nice. Do you like how smooth my pussy is for you?

Before M can answer, V pulls his face harder to her soft wet pussy and grabs the back of his head, bringing him into her more. He laps up her juices like an eager boy, then wants to taste more of her so slides down her pussy, lower, lower. She opens up her legs more for him as he plunges lower still.

. V: Yes! That’s so hot baby. Oh yes, stick your tongue in there, that’s right, fuck my asshole with your tongue!!!

He brings his tongue back into her pussy. It’s so nice and wet now. H e continues to lap up her juices, while putting his tongue on her clit then using a vibrating motion of his tongue to make her squirm, more and more. M then takes a little initiative of his own and slips 2 fingers into her pussy until her finds her G-spot while he continues to lick and nibble on her clit.

V is practically growling now with the oncoming orgasm.

V: Oh … I’m … going …to… cum!

He slides a finger into her ass as his other finger slides back into her pussy.

V: Oh my God YES!

V pulls his head into her pussy so hard he knows his lips will be bruised. V’s body bucks and shakes. He loves it so much he can feel his hard cock twitching, wishing it were in one of her two pulsating holes.

After her waves of orgasm subside, V gets up from the bed. She then comes back and scoots up between M’s legs. M places his hands above his head on the pillow without having been asked.

V: You’re doing well so far. Bring your legs up, I want to check and see how your little ass is doing. Still have that butt plug?

V grabs the base of the plug and wiggles and slides it a bit.

V: Feel good?

As M is about to respond, V sucks his cock into her mouth in one motion, all the way down to the base. He has never had so much of his cock in a woman’s mouth before. For all he’s heard about deep throat, he never imagined it feeling so great. Just as he feels his cock swelling to even greater hardness, V takes the plug out.

V pushes M ‘s hips upwards a little and he lifts up. She puts the pillow under his ass. He is wide open for her now. M can’t see, but he realizes that V is trying to press some kind of toy into his ass again. He feels it pushing against his hole, and he feels his ass giving way, wanting it in . He takes in a big, deep breath and feels the sturdy strap-on cock enter his ass.

V: This is no wider than the wide part of that plug you had in all this while. You need to take it.

As she says this, she leans towards him and the 7 inch strap-on dildo she has on starts to work its way in and out of M’s ass. As he feels her pumping, he realizes what’s happening. M is both a little panicked by this as well as excited beyond belief. He knows that for this to succeed, he has to relax. He has counseled so many women to relax in just this sort of circumstance before, but he never had to contemplate doing it himself. Holy shit! I’m getting ass fucked. Holy shit! I’m getting ass fucked. Holy shit! I’m getting ass fucked!

V stops the dildo’s forward motion and gives M a chance to get used to the feeling. She then applies very slight but firm pressure forward and as M’s ass relaxes, the dildo continues its way in, slow and steady. M groans deeply but he knows this is exactly how he would be doing this if he were the fuckor and not the fuckee. Without thinking, M brings his arms down so he can hold his legs up and give V better access and a better angle.

Once V gets the full 7 inches into M’s ass, she holds still for a second to see how M is doing.

V: You’re really loving this aren’t you my boy? You’re turning out to be a natural at this. You don’t even have to tell me how much you love this.

V then withdraws a few inches and begins pumping in and out slowly but methodically. Every so often she changes the pace and length of her strokes, and sometimes she rams her cock home very hard. Each time she does, M moans with pleasure begging her not to stop. After a few minutes of fucking, she pushes all the way in and just stops.

V: What’s the matter baby? Want some more?

M just nods, but that’s not enough for V.

V: Tell me! Tell me what you want.

M: Fuck me! Fuck my ass, oh God, fuck my ass. I love this!

V: That’s right, we’re turning you into our little ass whore. We’re going to make your ass so soft and pliable it will be just like a pussy. And you’re going to get so good at this you’ll be able to take my bigger cock whenever I want you to. Now you’ve got to learn some technique. I’m going to pull out a little bit, and when I stop, I want you to tighten your ass around my cock.

V does the same thing again twice more, the second time when just the head of the dildo is in M’s ass.

And with a mighty thrust, V pushes the entire strap on dildo all the way back in M’s waiting ass. Once in, she holds it hard against his butt cheeks.

M groans in pleasure. V wiggles a little back and forth and M thinks he has died and gone to heaven. No wonder so many of his past lady friends got so hot from ass fucking.

She starts to fuck him soooo hard again and M realizes that she is working towards cumming which makes him soo hot.

V: Yes, that’s it my little ass whore, my little bitch. I’m going to fuck you so well, so hard, and so often your asshole is going to turn into MY pussy!!!!!!

And just then V cums, a loud, hard, screaming cum. After her orgasm subsides, she catches her breath and her eyes seem to focus again.

V: You made me cum, you sweet little bitch. I’m going to have to do this to you more often. But now, you have to cum. While I continue to fuck you, I want you to jerk off for me. Pull your cock for me until you shoot. Got it?

As he jerks his hard cock, his breathing begins to deepen and accelerate, V knows he was close.

V: That’s it. Cum for me. Cum hard. I want to see you catch all of your hot cum in your hand my cumslut. Do it…now. CUM!

And cum hard he does. He can feel his asshole spasming around her big dildo with each squirt of cum. He catches almost all of it, although some hits him on his stomach and chest.

As soon as he is done, V gives one last, hard thrust way up into M’s ass, sort of a good-bye thrust. She then pulls out, slowly and gently. Once she is out of his ass, she quickly sheds her harness and lay down next to the heavily panting M.

V: You know what I want you to do now don’t you? Don’t you? Come on, you know what I want.

And without being told, M licks up all his own cum. He has never tasted cum before and is shocked at how salty and bitter it is. So this is what he had had so many women consume into whose mouths he had cum before. He even scoops up the cum from his stomach and chest and licks his fingers clean, finding it an erotic turn on, soo hot.

When he is done, V leans over and kissed him hard, her tongue sneaking between his lips so she can taste the remnants of his cum. He loves this. She pulls off his blindfold.

V: My little cumslut, you’re a quick learner. You’ll do well. Just wait til you see what I have in store for you for our next session.

He is getting a little scared … and excited just thinking about the possibilities.

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