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Beside me she breathed, and giggled, and glanced over at me sideways. Her cheeks were flushed and a light sheen of sweat made her shine – her shoulders, her clavicle, her breasts with their rose-tipped nipples.

I saw her stomach muscles contract as he slid deeper into her, and her fingers found mine, and my body tingled. My chest, my stomach tingled as her fingertips sought my palm and pressed down.

I watched her hand clutching mine, saw her body begin to slide back and forth on the bed as he pushed into her, watched her small breasts rising as she arched her back to draw him further into her. And she held my hand, and I looked at her, and her eyes were on mine. I lost my breath for just a moment as we gazed at each other.

The colour in her cheeks rose and she half-closed her eyes but didn’t take them off of me, and all I could see was her. I leaned over and kissed her, pulling her bottom lip gently with my teeth – oh god, it was the most beautiful thing. She kissed me back, moving her hand from mine to the back of my head, pulling me in. I could feel her body moving and she kissed me rhythmically, in time with his thrusts, and sucked my lip into her mouth as she moaned. All I could feel was her. All I wanted was her.

I pushed myself up with my arms and lowered myself down on top of her without breaking our kiss. I had to swing my legs around his body to position myself on top of her, and I felt her breasts beneath mine, moved my body down to brush my nipples on hers. I pressed down to her, pressing my stomach to hers, arching my back to keep my hips out of the way of his thrusts. She was twining her tongue with mine, pulling at my lips, and her hands were in my hair to keep me close, keep my mouth on hers. Then her hands were traveling, down my sides, my back, to my hips and ass. She caressed me, and everywhere her hands moved I got shivers, my skin standing at attention, recognizing her magic.

I moved my lips to her cheeks, jaw, then neck, and heard her cry out, her body tensing and then relaxing. I licked at her earlobe and a breathy moan escaped her, so I pulled at it with my teeth and her fingers pressed into my hips. And then I felt him, felt his cock pushing at my entrance. I was wet, so wet, and my ass was high in the air, and he slid in with almost no resistance. I heard her say something, and then he thrust into me hard.

I moaned – my body was ready, I could feel her beneath me warm and slick. My teeth pressed into her neck and I felt her hands pulling at me, spreading me open, as he laid into me, and then: “Kiss me, kiss me,” so I did. I pushed my mouth at hers and felt myself slamming into her as he slammed into me, and she kept spreading me open, and licking at my lips and moaning into my mouth.

His cock pushed against my inner walls and she stopped kissing me long enough to say, “Fuck him, fuck him, you’re so hot,” and I thrust my hips back against him to take him deeper. I cried out then, into her skin, and she grasped me tight by the hips, and he fucked me, and I thrust back into him, hard. I could feel her hand worming between our bodies and I knew she was playing with herself, rubbing her clit with the wetness seeping from between her lips. I gazed at her, and she looked back at me, and all of a sudden I could feel my orgasm building – those bright eyes, green, full of lust, gazing into mine. “I’m going to come,” I told her, breathy, and hearing, he slammed into me forcefully, and she said “Yes, yes, yes, come for me, I love you, I love you,” and I did. I bit into her shoulder lightly as my cunt clenched around him, and he pulled out, and I collapsed into her.

We kissed, gently, lightly, and she stroked my hair until my shudders stopped; and then I kissed her, lips, jaw, neck, shoulder, breast, nipple, hip, until my lips met her clit, and then I loved her, loved her until she begged for my fingers, until she soaked my hand, until she shuddered to orgasm and told me again that she loved me.

And that is the story of my falling in love with my best friend, one lazy Sunday afternoon after a mimosa-filled brunch with her boyfriend.

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