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Old Mr Harris Takes Control

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Stacey walked down the dull corridors of Green Ridge Retirement Home with her head in the clouds. Stacey was a 21 year old nursing student, and let’s just say that maintaining her long blond hair and amazing figure wasn’t all she had to worry about.

Currently in her 2nd year of college, Stacey was in serious debt, and had no time to get a job because she spent most of her time here at the retirement home volunteering.

She knew there was no way she could give that up, as it was one of the only things keeping her in college because her grades weren’t particularly up to scratch. It wasn’t that she didn’t try, she just wasn’t an academic type. Stacey did love caring for people though, and it was the good nature and will that Stacey demonstrated in extracurricular activities such as this that maintained her school’s faith in her.

Today was a particularly bad day for Stacey, that morning she had received an angry phone call from her landlord about her overdue rent. He said that if she didn’t fork up the money by the end of the week then she was out. She was trying not to let the fact that she just didn’t have the money phase her, it was bound to turn up somewhere she told herself. And it turned out on this day she was right.

She walked in to room 59, Mr Harris. She spent a lot of time caring fro Mr Harris. Well, when you say caring. He was a perfectly able old man, sometimes she wondered if he was fitter than she was. But he liked to have someone to talk to, he didn’t have any family that came to visit him, so Stacey always made an effort to go and see him.

“Good morning Mr Harris!” she beamed, trying to put on a brave face.

“Why Hello Stacey! What a lovely surprise, how are you today?” he always said the same thing, it made her smile. He was sat in his usual armchair next to the window, in a white vest and a pair of boxers.

“Oh I’m ok” she said plainly.

“You don’t sound too sure sweetheart, why don’t you tell me about it?” he said nicely. Mr Harris new all about her debt problems, they’d talked about it before when he asked her about school.

“No that’s ok, same old same old really. Rent I can’t pay, you know how it is” she said, walking over to the window with a damp cloth. Mr Harris spent a lot of time sitting in his large armchair by the window, and he liked to have his windows shiny.

Mr Harris Sighed. “What if I told you there was a way for you to earn $1000 today?” He said calmly.

Stacey turned around to see him brandishing a handful of notes. “Mr Harris! I can’t take money off you!” she giggled at his kind offer, and returned to cleaning the window. She was having trouble reaching the top pane.

Mr Harris watched hungrily as Stacey’s dress rode up her thighs as she reached to clean the window. The armchair he was sitting in, positioned at the window, made is so that her pussy was just inches away from his face when she cleaned the window. “No Stacey you misunderstand me.” He continued “You’d have to earn it”. And with that he stroked his hand across her ass. She jumped and flung her head around to look at him. He kept his face perfectly calm, as always.

“MR HARRISON!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t act innocent Stacey, I’m an old man with loads of money who isn’t getting any and you’re a young girl desperate for money with a hot young pussy to offer, you can’t pretend that the idea never entered your mind!”.

He was right, the idea had crossed her mind. The men in the retirement home frequently propositioned the young nurses working there, she had been warned about it and been subject to it a few times. Some nights when she lay awake at night she considered it. She had been offered $400 once, and she had very nearly taken him up on it. Mr Harris was offering her $1000, but she couldn’t seriously go through with it could she?

“The colour on your face tells me I’m right. So what do you say Stacey? one fuck, $1000 cash in hand. No one would ever know, you can pretend it never even happened. I’ll get what I want and you’ll get what you want. Clean deal.”

She stared at him. How could he be so calm about it all? He did make it sound terribly tempting. That kind of money would keep her afloat for a long time, long enough for her to stop worrying and start putting more time into her studies. And like he said, she could pretend it never happened, she’d never admit it to anyone. Not even herself.

“Do we have a deal?” he whispered. She thought for a moment, then nodded. A smile instantly graced Mr Harris’s face. “Lock the door Stacey” he instructed. She strutted over to the door and secured it, putting a chair against it just to be sure, before kicking her shoes off, and walking tensely back to the armchair.

“Turn around and pull down your panties” he instructed huskily. She did as she was told, bending at the waist with her ass facing him. She worked her white panties down her strong, slim thighs and over her knees until they hit the floor. She knew from this angle, and because of the length of her dress, he must have full view of her expertly trimmed pussy, and she gasped as she felt one of his old fingers probing at her slit. She tensed, and she knew he must have felt it because he spun her around by the hips and pulled her closer to the armchair.

Hesitantly, she placed her thighs on either side of his lap in the wide armchair, and reluctantly lowered her now bare pussy onto his crotch, thankful for her dress covering it. But Mr Harris was already unbuttoning it, and she watched as her white lace bra sprung from the confines of her unflattering uniform. She looked away as the buttons sprung open all the way down her flat stomach before revealing her small bush, spread wide across his lap. She never liked the shaved look, so she left a very small triangle of hair on her mound, pointing towards her slit. She cringed as Mr Harris looked at her and smirked. “All for me?” he whispered.

So she was sat on top of and old man in a white shirt and boxers, her bare pussy straddled across his hungry lap and her bra-clad 34D’s pushed up in his face. To her dismay she felt him unclasping her lacy white bra and throwing it to the side as her heavy tits bounced free. He wasted no time in immediately taking her nipple into his eager mouth, expertly suckling and flicking it with his warm tongue. He alternated between each nipple, whilst kneading the other with his thin fingers, twisting and pulling them. She was ashamed to admit that she was beginning to feel a familiar tingling sensation. Oh god… Could she go through with this?

As though he had anticipated that thought, she felt his free arm move behind her back and pull her further onto him, in doing so he moved her pussy directly over his now stirring cock. She was getting increasingly worked up by the treatment he was giving her poor nipples, but was determined not to react. She felt his suckling momentarily stop as he let out the excited moan “Oh yeah, make some noise for granddad!”

She grimaced, disgusted. He wanted encouragement for his onslaught on her poor young body? And Granddad? What kind of sick fetish was that? This old man was even more of a perv than she had thought.

Her thoughts were immediately silenced by the hard sting of his hand against her ass. She gasped in shock, and not wanting to feel his harsh slap again started to indulge him. “mmmmmmmmm….. oh yeah…..mmmmmmmm”.

He stopped sucking and moved both hands to her tits and started kneading them. “Yeah?” he moaned, question in his voice.

“Oh yeah!” she encouraged, “You suck my…..tities?” she cringed, both at how unnatural the latter had sounded and at that fact she was saying it.

“Call me Granddad!” He taunted, punctuating with a hard thwack on her ass again, saying he meant business. She hesitated before moaning half heartedly “Oh yeah! You work my tities Granddad!”.

No sooner had she called him it than he was hurriedly forcing his boxers down his lap, and she gasped in horror as his monstrous cock sprung between them. The thick purple head led down what must have been an 8 inch shaft, nestled in a cushion of grew fuzz. Now she knew she couldn’t go through with it. She would have to get out of it quickly, make some excuse, she just couldn’t do it. But by the time these thoughts had started swimming through her mind; Mr Harris had already lifted her up and positioned his stiff rod at the entrance of her plump Juicy pussy.

She tried desperately to resist, just as the thick, throbbing head plunged into the depths of her hot snatch. She gasped, horrified, and sat with her mouth agape as she slid inch-by-inch down his long thick cock. Mr Harris had let out a triumphant roar upon entering her, one that had lasted until her stuffed pussy rested back down on his grey fuzzy balls. She let out a stifled moan as she perched back on his lap and became shamefully aware of the situation she was now in. She was straddled across an old man in a white vest with his boxers around his ankles and her young, tight pussy was completely stuffed by his huge throbbing member. The distance from the seat her knees were rested on and the length of his cock meant that she couldn’t physically lift herself off of his rod, she was stuck.

She realised with horror that she was going to have to fuck him. Why the hell had she agreed to it in the first place? He was a pervy old man, regardless how much money he had offered. If she had just said no… But she realised that thoughts like this weren’t making her predicament any better. She would have to fuck him, but she would make it as quick as possible.

She closed her eyes and started to bounce up and down on his cock at a frenzied pace, her tities were bouncing heavily on her chest and her clit was rubbing furiously against his skin, she could feel herself getting worked up, but better to just get it over with surely? She could feel Mr Harris starting to get worked up and was fucking back. She was going to be off the hook! But to her complete dismay, she felt his stern hands clasping over her hips and slowing her pace considerably. “Slow down princess… ugghhh… we’ve got time!” he moaned raggedly.

She rolled her eyes furiously as he balanced her ass in his hands and moved her up and down on his rod so slowly that she could feel every inch of him rubbing against her inner walls. He was not going to let her get away easily. She tried to speed it up, but his firm grasp on her would just slow her down even more. He appeared to be savouring every moment of her humiliation. She watched him as he started hungrily at her tities, taking them into his mouth every so often. He was moaning like an animal and squeezing her ass rhythmically.

Watching his reactions to their fucking was making it seem even more real to her, the cock she was bouncing involuntarily on was his, and he was the one making her so wet, the one she was trying to hide her pleasure from.

Then, she felt him poking one of his long withered fingers into her ass. She gasped, and tried desperately to wriggle forward and eject his finger, but in doing so she grazed her clit against him. He laughed wickedly at her reaction and started furiously finger-fucking her ass. It didn’t hurt as much as she expected it to, but god was it humiliating. “Oh yeah, such a tight ass!” he moaned, still fucking her pussy at a pace she would sure neither of them would ever cum at. He alternated between burying his thick rod in her pussy and probing his finger deep into her ass. She bucked high on his cock, trying to remove his finger, but he just let her fall straight back down onto his full cock and to the hilt of his finger.

She had never felt so completely full before, and was terrified when she felt him trying to probe another finger into her ass. He worked it in there and at this point, he himself picked up the pace. She was getting really worked up at being fucked both in the pussy and the ass. So much so that she was actually starting to enjoy it. He must have seen her biting her lip though because he spanked her ass hard “Grandpa wants to hear you squeal!” he taunted, and she immediately started to let out her furious moans and groans. How dare he make her enjoy this so much? “Oh Grandpa! Yeah fuck my pussy!” she started bouncing hard and fast on him, feeling her orgasm starting, but to her fury he stopped and pulled his fingers out of her ass. “What the…?” she gasped angrily.

“Stop rushing it bitch!” he hissed smacking her ass again. He lifted her totally off of his cock, and she groaned at the emptiness of her pussy. Cheeky Fuck! This was possibly the slowest, most humiliating fuck she’d ever had. She needn’t have worried for long though, he ordered her to perch over his cock with her back to him, her ass in his face. She did as she was told, and moaned loudly as he plunged back into her pussy from behind. This time though, the position had changed totally, her legs dangled off the armchair, but she couldn’t reach the floor, and her ass was on his lap, so she had no leverage at all. She was being completely skewered by his hot rod. He started to rock her back and forth, and the weight applied by her body meant that every pump of his head ground against her G-spot. She moaned deeply as the fucking became completely out of her control.

“Please! Harder! Fuck me harder!” she moaned, shame filling her face. He sniggered behind her, still going at his infuriatingly slow pace.

“This will teach you, who are your granddad?” he hissed, clearly trying to humiliate her further. When she didn’t answer out of sheer shame, he moved his hand around her front and started to rub at her clit, slowly of course.

“Granddad, Granddad Please!” She moaned tears of frustration glazing her eyes.

“Please what?” he said rubbing her clit between his finger tips, and thrusting a little harder.

“Please fuck my young tight pussy faster, shove that monster up in my pussy and shoot your load in my hot slit Granddad!” desperation was laced in her voice, she had no idea where her words were coming from, and she just knew she needed to come.

“Well, seen as you asked so nicely…” He said sweetly. Then, unleashing an animal lust, he began thrusting in and out of her at a manic pace. Stacey bent forward, allowing him deeper access to her juicy snatch. Each thrust grazed at her G-Spot and she felt her orgasm returning, the walls of her pussy beginning to twitch and milk at his stiff rod. She threw her head back up as her orgasm waved over her, sending her into a state of ecstasy. She lay back on his sweaty shoulder, sweat dripping off her own head, in a sex comma.

Completely satisfied, Stacey began to come around to what was still happening. Mr Harrison was still pumping in and out of her spent pussy… Surely the work of Viagra? Then she realised that he hadn’t cum yet. Shit! He was going to cum in her pussy!

She lifted herself from her haze and panicked. This old man was about to dump his loud in her young pussy, what if she got pregnant? She used birth control… but still, the thought of his jizz dripping out of her made her feel slightly sick.

“Not. In. My. Pussy.” She managed to grunt as she sat upright and the blow of his thrusts began to hit her G-Spot again.

“Fuck yes in your pussy! I’m going to shoot my load in your hot slit, remember?” he sniggered, picking up the pace. Fuck had she really said that? She was bouncing up and down on his cock again, trying desperately not to cry. She didn’t want this perv Cumming in her.

“Please No!” She cried, trying to Position her G-spot away from his pumping cock.

“I think I know what you need” he jeered, and she felt him push her forward, like she had done earlier, increasing the pressure on her G-spot and allowing him deeper access. She tried to fight back up, but he pushed and then she felt his fingers in her ass, this time 3 of them.

“Nooooooooooooooo!” She bellowed, as he finger-fucked her ass again. She wriggled and squirmed, only increasing the intensities in her pussy. He reached in front of her and started rubbing her clit too. “Oh god! Please. Not. In. My. Pussy. Granddad.” she panted. But he only seemed to pump harder. To her dismay she could feel another orgasm building, only this time she really didn’t want it. She tried desperately to lift herself up again, but by now Mr Harris was holding her down as he forced his rod in to the hilt and almost all the way back out. Tears of desperation and frustration poured down her face as orgasm #2 hit her, and she slid reluctantly into a haze of light headedness. Not too light headed to ignore the feeling of Mr Harris blasting his seed into her pussy though and she cried miserably as he continued to fuck her until his dick went limp.

He lay back, panting and gasping for breath, finally letting her sit back up when he pulled his dick out of her sopping wet snatch. She immediately leapt off his lap and started to pull on her panties. He looked up at her proudly. “Was it good for you too?” he said coolly.

She stared at him hatefully “You’re fucking sick!” she snapped, buttoning up her dress, completely forgetting about her bra.

He sniggered. “Money’s on the table”.

“Fuck You” she hissed, before stomping over and snatching it from the side table and storming out. He giggled to himself when he saw the juices dripping down her thighs.

Then, looking up at the top of his wardrobe to the bleeping red light of the video camera, he giggled a bit more. Yes… he thought. Fuck me indeed.

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