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Professor Angela O’Neil removed her glasses to rub tiredly at her eyes. Continuing a ritual she had already completed many times this afternoon, she turned her head to glance out the tiny window. It was fully dark now, the only light coming from the campus lights reflecting off the thick blanket of snow. Dark and dreary when she arrived in the morning, dark and dreary when she finally left for the day. Much as she hated to admit it, Winter was beginning to wear on her.

Sighing, she completed her ritual by glancing at the clock and finally brightened slightly. Only five minutes left in her office hours and then she could get out of this tiny office and go home to her tiny apartment.

Maybe she’d pick up some take-out someplace and scarf it down before slipping into a nice hot bath to ease her tension and take a break from grading these Freshman essays on Plato. Oh, how she wished the school would give her a TA to lighten her load a bit, but why would they when they seemed to consider her little more than a glorified TA herself. They wouldn’t even have hired her if the profs in her department hadn’t flatly refused to take on any more undergrad classes. Oh well, at least it was work, and not many universities were hiring these days, especially not in the Philosophy department. Better to relocate halfway across the country to a place where Winter apparently never ended (even if the college wouldn’t help pay her moving expenses) than to be out of a job with no prospects. If she could get a couple years out of it, it would look good on her resume.

Awoken from her reverie by a knock at the door, she suppressed a scowl and forced what she hoped was a cheery smile onto her face as she called out, “Come in.”

The door opened, and in walked a girl she recognized from her Introduction to Philosophy class, the essays for which she was currently grading. One of the few bright spots to that class, actually, as she actually seemed interested in the subject and, judging by her writing, was capable of at least a bit of original thought. At least ninety percent of her students only seemed interested in getting their Philosophy requirement out of the way with as little work as possible. She was wearing her usual navy blue wool pea coat, and a pair of short black leather boots, but she must have been wearing a miniskirt underneath to show no trace of a hem below the line of her coat. Angela shivered, thinking of the weather. No way was fashion THAT important, no matter how pretty the petite young blonde was. Now that she thought about it, that was another reason this girl was a bright spot in her class. Now what was her name…

“Ah, Cathy! How nice to see you. I’m afraid I was just about to pack it in for the day. If you’re looking for your score on your essay, I’m afraid I haven’t finished grading them yet. If you have any other questions or concerns, maybe you could save them for tomorrow?” She kept up her smile, but hoped Cathy wouldn’t take it as an invitation to stay.

The girl shut the door behind her – not a good sign – before rushing to explain, a little nervously it seemed. “I’m so sorry to come so late, Professor O’Neil, but I actually did it on purpose. You see, I do have a question, but it’s not really about class. It’s more of a hypothetical question that’s been bothering me for some time and I didn’t want to use up your office hours in case someone had something really important to talk to you about. So… is it all right if I ask, or do you really need to leave right this second?”

It was at this moment that Angela O’Neil had to forcibly remind herself of why she wanted to become a teacher in the first place: To make a difference in the lives of her students, at least the ones open to it. Besides, Cathy looked so cute and eager, biting her lower lip nervously, shifting her weight from foot to foot, her shoulder length hair done up in a simple ponytail, the snow still melting off her boots. She must’ve just come from her dorm. “Of course. Anything to help.” She gestured at the room’s only other chair next to her desk. Please, sit and ask me your question. Hypotheticals are always interesting, philosophically speaking.” She hoped she was a good liar.

“Actually I think I’d better stand for this…” Cathy seemed to be getting more rather than less nervous for some reason, and was visibly reddening, even in the relatively weak glow of Angela’s desk lamp. She turned her back before continuing, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as she apparently fiddled with the front of her coat, probably fidgeting with the buttons. “Okay, here goes. What would you do if one of your students came to you and…” She visibly straightened her backbone, steeling herself. What ever was this girl so tormented about? “…asked you to give her a spanking?”

With this she turned around to face her professor once again, letting her coat come open and shrugging it off her shoulders in one smooth motion to fall to the floor at her feet. As it turned out, she wasn’t wearing the miniskirt Angela had assumed. She was naked.

She was also clean shaven, and Professor O’Neil found herself staring dazedly at the little pink cleft between her legs for a long moment before managing to shake herself back to reality – if this actually was reality. It seemed far too bizarre to be true. She forced herself to meet Cathy’s eyes again without lingering too long on the way up her lithe body, her small, perky breasts’ nipples fully erect from what must’ve been a terribly cold walk from the dorms to her office here in the Humanities building. Her tired and shocked brain struggled for words, but she finally managed, “Is this some kind of joke?”

Cathy said nothing, but simply shook her head very seriously before once again turning her back, very deliberately widening her stance so her feet were just a bit further than shoulder-width apart and then, keeping her knees locked perfectly straight, bent over at the waist, slowly unzipping the zippers on the sides of her boots and pausing, giving her professor an unimpeded view of her legs, ass, and once again, that perfectly formed pussy peeking out at her. Finally she straightened up again as gracefully as she had bent (The girl must’ve had some ballet, Angela mused idly) and turned back to face her once more, stepping out of her boots as she did so, then very deliberately clasping her hands behind her back, lifting her chin up almost challengingly as she stood, now wearing absolutely nothing.

“You realize I would be fired instantly for this kind of… I suppose ‘fraternization’ hardly begins to cover it.” She was proud of herself for managing to keep her tone level and her eyes locked on Cathy’s. She searched the girl’s face for the slightest hint that this was some sort of a joke or possibly a sorority hazing, but could see only nervousness, resolve and, yes, a definite eagerness, even though the last was tempered by an obvious shyness. No trace of any kind of eye-rolling embarrassed giggling which would indicate anyone had put her up to this as a prank.

“I thought you would probably say that, and I racked my brain for something to reassure you. All I can say is that I want this. I’ve wanted this since the first time I walked into your class and saw you sitting there, so poised and beautiful and… perfect. Like some kind of Greek goddess or something.” She trailed off, the blush caused by her gushing statement affecting her whole body in what Angela couldn’t help but consider a most adorable way. Finally she managed to gush out in a rush of words, “All I can do is promise you that I’m serious, and that this isn’t some ploy to get a better grade or something stupid like that. I’m already doing well in your class and I would never give you any less than my best work. You can even lower my grade if you want. I just…” she finally finished, more quietly, “…want to be yours is all.”

Ms. O’Neil was finally beginning to get her bearings now. She allowed the faint trace of a smile to once again play across her lips as she reached for her glasses, slipping them on. She knew that this lent her a rather severe look, combined with her raven black hair pulled back tightly away from her face and gathered at the back of her head, but if the girl was really serious about this, her severity was exactly what she wanted, and undoubtedly a big part of what attracted her in the first place. Leaning back in her desk chair to regard the girl with a new frankness, she allowed her eyes roam freely and obviously over her student’s form before speaking, letting a slight purr into her voice as she finally asked, “And just what, pray tell, do you think you’d be getting out of this? Besides a sore bottom, I mean.”

Cathy was both strangely calm and obviously passionate in her reply. “What I’d get, every day I walked into your class, would be the knowledge that you would see me, not as a student, but as a squirming, needy, desperate girl, yelping at every strike of your palm against my bare flesh, but more eager every time for the next blow to fall. To get wetter and wetter every time you made glancing eye contact with me in the middle of a lecture, and to know that YOU knew how you were driving me crazy with each and every one of those looks. To know that you’d see me cross my legs tightly and know that it was the only way I could keep from having a noisy orgasm right there in class. To dream every day that this would be the day you’d look at me as the class was filing out and say, ‘Cathy, I’d like to see you in my office after class.’ and know you were going to have me strip just as bare as this and spank me until I had to walk funny the rest of the day.”

The professor had to admit, this proposal definitely had its charms, and to be honest, it had been far too long. She raised an eyebrow, her voice now definitely teasing. “Oh? And is that all you’d want from me? Just one spanking after another? Wouldn’t that get a little boring after a while?”

Cathy shook her head fast. “Oh no! Not if you were doing it!” She suddenly became shy again and looked away. “I mean, I hope that wouldn’t be ALL you’d do, but I don’t want to be too forward or anything.”

Angela couldn’t help but laugh, leaning forward in her chair until it finally subsided enough for her to sputter out, “Oh yes, by all means strip naked in my office and ask me to spank you, but under no circumstances should you be FORWARD.” She once again dissolved in giggles.

Cathy looked embarrassed at first, but finally couldn’t help but grin. “I guess that is a bit of an odd place to draw the line, isn’t it?”

The professor’s brown eyes were twinkling as she replied, “Maybe just a bit.” Her attitude became even more teasing as she continued, cocking her head to the side. “So what are some of these other things you’d like me to do? I simply must know.”

Cathy managed to match her gaze, but her voice was quiet and shy again. “I guess I hoped you’d kind of… play with me. You know, like I was your own personal toy or something. Use me in whatever ways made you happy. Make me beg for your touch, and when you touch me, make me shiver and moan. Use my tongue, fingers, and everything else I have to bring you pleasure, and then punish me, whether I please you or not, in any way you can think of.”

Professor O’Neil nodded as she sat up straight in her chair, adopting a formal tone. “Then I believe I have an answer to your ‘hypothetical question.'” Cathy’e eyes got very wide and she nodded eagerly, waiting for her pronouncement. “If a student of mine were to come to me, strip naked, and ask me to give her a spanking, I would have to say no.”

She stood uncomprehending for a moment, stunned, before her face fell. Her face got red and she was clearly on the verge of tears when she finally was able to speak. “I understand, professor, and I apologize for wasting your time. If you want, I’ll be happy to drop out of your class first thing tomorrow so that it won’t be awkward seeing me after I’ve made a fool of myself.” She turned to leave, and even managed to grab the doorknob before suddenly remembering she was nude, then started to clumsily reach for both her coat and boots at the same time, nearly falling as she did.

“STOP!” Professor O’Neil didn’t shout, but the forcefulness of her tone brooked neither defiance nor dissent. When Cathy was able to stand still once again, she continued more quietly, “I said I’d say no if she asked me. If she begged me, I might very well have a different response.” Then she calmly waited for her student to comprehend what she had just said.

It didn’t take long for looks of understanding and, almost immediately, hope to come to her face, and with none of the grace she had displayed in taking off her boots, she fell to her knees at Angela’s feet, hands clasped in supplication. Despite her eagerness, she had the presence of mind to spread her knees apart as far as they would go, leaving her sex openly on display for the object of her worship to enjoy. “She may be inexperienced, but she’s obviously at least read some stories on the internet about how this is supposed to go,” she thought, nodding in silent approval as she waited for the girl to speak.

“Please, please, please, I beg of you. Bend me over and show me no mercy as you deliver blow after blow to my deserving bottom. You cannot spank me long or hard enough to show me how unworthy I am, but I ask that you please try. Make me cry out, not for mercy, but only to continue, harder and faster. Make my bottom glow in whatever shade of red most pleases you. I humbly beg you to continue until you are satisfied, however long that may take. Then when you are finished, I ask, although I have no right, that you use me in whatever way will please you, no matter how shameful and humiliating it may be. These things I humbly beg of you.”

Angela O’Neil smiled with obvious approval and even pride at this supplication. “Then rise, my little toy, lay your pretty body across my lap, and prepare yourself for the punishment for which you have asked so politely. How could I refuse such heartfelt pleas, especially when it would be a shame to let such a pretty ass walk out of here without brightening its color a bit. Nothing like a cold Winter’s day for rosy cheeks, eh?”

She turned her chair in the tiny office so that she would be able to get a full backswing with her hand and not hit anything. As she did, she watched Cathy rising, the grin on her face seemingly about to split her head from ear to ear, practically bouncing in eager anticipation. The Professor put her hands at her sides, suddenly grateful that the school was too cheap to give her an office chair with arms and looked at the girl, nodding her silent instruction. The eager student wasted no time, bending her slim frame over Angela’s waiting lap and then wriggling, trying to get comfortable. Sternly, she issued instructions. “Move forward, head down and ass up. Put the palms of your hands flat on the floor and don’t move them from their spots. Legs spread as far as you can while still keeping your tiptoes on the carpet – I want to be able to see and touch between your thighs at any time without having to tell you again. Keep those knees straight and no kicking, no matter how much it hurts. Do you understand me?”

A slightly muffled, but obviously eager “Yes, Mistress” came from below as she wriggled into position, and she immediately corrected her sharply. “I’m not your Mistress yet, and I never will be if you don’t please me. This might turn into nothing more than a bit of random fun with a spoiled little girl who’s playing at being a real grown-up. If you must address me, address me as Ms. O’Neil, but You do not have to punctuate every sentence that way. Leave that for the insecure Mistresses who are constantly afraid their sub will start to think she’s in charge if she doesn’t say ‘Yes, Mistress’ at the end of every response. Do you understand me?”

Cathy paused, obviously unsure of the correct response to that, finally settling on a simple, “I understand.”

“Good.” Angela smiled as she brought her arms up, placing her left hand firmly between the girl’s shoulder blades to steady her or hold her in place as needed. With her right, she began to softly caress her student’s upturned backside, running it over each cheek in turn, cupping underneath before running it down the back of one thigh and then up the other, murmuring, “And such a pretty, round ass it is, too. It’s going to look so lovely after I turn it nice and red, just like a nice, ripe apple.” She noticed Cathy’s legs were quivering, but she was doing a good job keeping her knees straight so far. “Why, Cathy, you’re shivering. Can that be just from my touch? I mean, I would demand nothing less, but still, it’s gratifying to see such a visible effect. Shall we see what other effects my touch is having?” Cathy could only moan softly in reply.

Angela took her left hand off the girl’s back for the moment to join the right on her ass. Teasingly, she began, “You know, I enjoyed the view you gave me when you bent over to take off your boots, naughty girl, but I’ve been looking forward to getting a closer look ever since then, and now’s my chance.” She took one cheek in each hand, letting her fingers ease into her ass crack slightly before suddenly spreading her wide, making her gasp. “Ooh, and such a pretty little bung hole you have too, my dear, just as I suspected you would from how pretty, pink, and perfect your pussy appeared. I must admit I’m a little jealous. Tell me, is it sensitive, too? If someone were to bend you over and tease your little asshole with the tip of her tongue, would you come just as quickly as if she were tickling your clit with it?” With this, Cathy’s legs began to shake in earnest, although she was clearly doing her best to keep her toes pressed to the carpet. She started to moan, mostly wordlessly, but a number of hoarse “Please… please”s could definitely be made out.

Continuing to hold the poor girl’s ass open, she went on. “I believe I’ll take that as a yes, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Now, we come to the question of just how much all this has been turning you on. Despite your apparent eagerness, I suppose it’s just possible that you’ve been lying to me. Fortunately, I know of one certain method to know for sure.” With this, she let her right hand slip down and inward, letting her index finger slide lightly over her taint until it came to the narrow slit of her vagina, the pad pressing just slightly inward as it passed over, but stopping well before approaching the clit. She cried out in mock surprise, “Why, you’re so wet! It’s practically running out of your pussy! I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been dripping all over my carpet.” She began making tiny circles with her fingertip against the vaginal opening, coating it liberally with her student’s juices as she shuddered and moaned in her lap. “Is all this juice for me? I’d better have a taste test.” She raised her finger to her lips, licking it carefully clean before inserting it in her mouth, sucking as she gave out a long, “Mmmmmmmmmm…” Finally pulling it out with a kissing sound. “So tasty you are. Sweet just like honey, cliche though it is. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather skip the spanking and just have me eat out that tasty pussy of yours? And maybe check out the sensitivity of that pretty little asshole of yours? I bet I could make you come three times in five minutes, as worked up as you are right now.”

Despite Cathy’s obvious ecstasy, the immediately began shaking her head so hard Angela could feel her rocking slightly from side to side. “No, PLEASE! I NEED my spanking! Please, please make me sorry for being such a bad girl. PLEASE!”

Oh, this girl was good. “That’s the right answer, little girl. You came here for a spanking and I mean to give you one you’ll never forget.” She replaced her left hand on Cathy’s back and resumes caressing her bottom with her right. “Now, it’s time for your final instructions, so I need to know you’re paying attention. Are you listening to me?”

“The response came immediately. “”Yes, Ms. O’Neil, I’m listening. Please tell me how I can serve you.”

“Excellent. Now, just as you begged, I’m going to give you your spanking, and make no mistake, it’s going to sting. Some people have an idea that spankings are just a few pats to the tushie, barely enough to make the skin pink for fifteen minutes, but I can assure you, when I’m done, your bottom will be red, hot and stinging. In fact, I’m going to do my very best to make sure that sitting will be a chore for you all day tomorrow. This is no game. It’s not for everyone, and you may decide in the middle that it’s not the sexy fun time you dreamed of, but I won’t stop until it’s time to stop, whether you’re struggling and weeping your eyes out or not. If, when it’s over, you decide you didn’t love it, just walk out that door and as far as I’m concerned it will be like this evening never happened, but you will never know my touch again, is that perfectly clear?”

“I promise I won’t disappoint you. Please, spank me. Show me what it means to be your dirty plaything.”

Angela expected no other response, but still she smiled proudly. She said nothing more, but merely pressed her left hand more firmly against the blonde girl’s back as she brought back her right hand, then brought it forward as hard and fast as she could. It was always best to make a strong first impression. It connected with a loud SMACK against her right cheek and, in spite of herself, Cathy made an audible squeak and kicked up her right leg. “I told you to keep those toes of yours PLANTed,” she said firmly, punctuating the first syllable of “planted” with her second blow, almost as hard as the first, this time to the left cheek. Instead of kicking this time, though, she practically slammed her foot back down to the carpet, pressing both so firmly to the floor that her hamstrings quivered. The Professor paused momentarily to admire her handiwork, caressing the two prominent handprints. “There now, we’ve truly begun. Now we just need to make sure the whole area gets covered just like that, and then start to work on deepening the color.”

Cathy made no response other than a soft moan, so she began in earnest. This was far from the first bottom Angela had worked like this, and she went about her business like a professional, first getting into a rhythm and then suddenly breaking it, making her victim tense and cry out even when no blow fell, then reprimanding her, “Don’t anticipate! If you yelp when you’re not hit, how will I know you’re appreciating it when a blow actually lands?” She worked around both cheeks evenly, although not in any discernible pattern, and when she landed the first blow to the back of the student’s right thigh, she was rewarded with another sharp yelp. She smiled to herself. So many first-timers thought they were only getting a sore bottom out of the process, they never thought about how sensitive the backs of their thighs could be. She paused for a moment, unable to resist teasing. “That’s right, little girl, those thighs of yours are going to be as red as ripe strawberries as well. And just imagine, you wore such a short coat out tonight. True, it’s dark out now, but once you get back to your nice, brightly-lit dorm, everyone will be able to see what you’ve been up to. Won’t they be jealous? Now, would you rather I stopped slapping your thighs and just concentrated on your pretty ass so that you won’t have to be humiliated by everyone who sees you from behind admiring my handiwork?”

“N-no, please… harder. Humiliate me, I deserve it. Make me walk home naked so everyone can see I belong to you.”

Angela didn’t correct her presumption. Enthusiasm was always a good trait in a prospective sub. “Hmm, an interesting thought. Maybe I’ll just have to do that. It could be very entertaining. At the very least it would liven up the campus and give everyone something juicy to gossip about.”

Obviously an inexperienced girl could never keep up the kind of discipline needed to keep her knees locked straight under this kind of assault, but Angela didn’t make a big deal of it, merely pushing her legs back down when she kicked. She redoubled her attentions on the backs of Cathy’s thighs, spanking all the way down to her knees. Hearing her response, she knew the girl would enjoy the humiliation she felt, and in actuality, anyone who did see her would just think she had been sitting on a cold metal bench or something. There wasn’t any real, major danger that someone would know exactly how she had been spending her evening. The Professor never ignored her student’s ass, however, saving her choicest blows for heating up her twin globes red-hot.

As she began to hear sobs and sniffles coming from her victim, however, she knew it was time to bring things to a close. She didn’t cease immediately, but slowed her pace and lightened her blows, beginning to caress her ass and thighs between each smack and savoring the heat coming off her tortured flesh, then running her short fingernails over the mounds of her cheeks, enjoying the momentary contrast of white streaks against a red background. Finally she paused and asked, “So, have you had enough?”

The response came back instantly, and just as she knew it would. “No! Please! More! Harder! Please…”

She chuckled to herself as she lightly patted the girl’s poor backside. “Time for a new lesson. When your potential Mistress-to-be tells you that you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. Understood? Good. Now stand up and then take that chair you refused to sit in, turn it around so it’s facing away from me, and bend yourself over it, legs spread as wide as they’ll go. I want to admire my work and see if I’ve lost my touch from lack of practice.”

As Cathy stood, Angela noticed that her eyes were red. She had stopped just in time. Crying, even when punishment was something you desperately wanted, was a sure sign that a sub had had enough. An obvious sign, maybe, but it was surprising how many Mistresses would happily ignore it to prove their power.

The student dutifully did as she was told, although her movements were a bit slow, as one might expect. She placed the chair and pressed her belly to the back, once again spreading her legs so that she had to stand on tiptoes, pressing the palms of her hands hard against the chair seat for balance. Then she waited silently.

Ms. O’Neil stared. Even bright red and obviously stinging, the girl’s ass was magnificent and – she leaned forward, face close enough to feel the heat radiating – yes, her pussy was still practically dripping with her arousal. Not just from earlier, either. She had smeared the original buildup away with her finger when she tasted her nectar the first time and there was clearly a new dollop just about ready to drip down on the floor. Once again, this girl was more than making up for her inexperience with enthusiasm. She smiled with a slightly wicked thought. She had intended to just give the girl her spanking and send her on her way, giving her the opportunity to decide that if this was all there was to this kind of relationship, it wasn’t worth continuing, but that seemed unnecessarily cruel. Besides, she suddenly realized she wanted to keep this girl if she could. She refused to admit it even to herself, but she’d been lonely since she arrived here in this strange city, and she hadn’t really had the chance to make new friends, let alone lovers. As was her habit, she made up her mind quickly and with no regrets.

“Stand and turn, Cathy.”

She did as she was bid instantly, her eyes searching her teacher’s face looking for, what, approval? Or maybe something more. Whatever the case, Ms. O’Neil left her no time to ponder. She snapped her fingers and pointed at the blotter on her desk, saying simply, “Sit and spread.”

Again, the girl did as she was told without complaint, although she did noticeably wince when she sat down on the hard, unyielding desk. Obediently, she leaned back against the wall behind her and once more spread her thighs, planting her feet on the corners of the little desk as best she was able. Angela made firm eye contact before she spoke. “Okay, you’ve handled your punishment. Let’s see if you handle being rewarded equally well.”

She immediately objected, but was disciplined enough not to move. “Please, I haven’t earned any reward! I don’t deserve it!”

“Of course you haven’t, and don’t. That’s not the point. Your Mistress will choose to mete out punishment and rewards as she sees fit, and you must learn to accept them both with gratitude and without complaint. Now, you don’t have to stay perfectly still, but keep your movements to no more than appreciative wiggles and shivers.”

Immediately, she adjusted her desk lamp to shine directly into the girl’s crotch and leaned in close to truly admire it. True, she had seen glimpses ever since the girl had first dropped her coat, but getting the first close-enough-to-kiss view was always special to her and she drank in the sight. Her outer petals were pink and perfectly formed, and there was a minimum of inner labial tissue to obstruct view, finger, or tongue, as the case may be. Just a pair of low ridges running from her slit up to form the clitoral hood, and this was where things got interesting. Her hood poked out just beyond her labia, and she hoped that meant what she thought it meant.

Without a word, she reached out with two thumbs and gently pulled up and pushed outward to reveal the secret treasure hidden inside the hood. Both she and Cathy moaned at the same moment and she giggled. Sure enough, her clit was a tiny little pebble of joy, not so big as to be unsightly, but exactly the right size to wrap one’s lips around and stroke with one’s tongue until the shudders of an orgasm overtook her, and beyond. She looked up into Cathy’s face with a teasing grin. “Now let’s see if you’re as ready to pop as I think you are.”

She leaned in even closer and, without touching any part of her except for the two digits holding her hood back, pursed her lips and blew a long, steady stream of air directly at her clit.

The effect was gratifying. Cathy made a strangled moan and started rotating her hips wildly as if to work up more friction against the very air itself. Angela giggled again. “Oh, this is going to be fun. I love a girl with a sensitive clit, and we seem to have you worked up until you couldn’t take more than about two licks before you explode. Now tell me honestly, would you rather I went back to spanking you like you insisted earlier, or should I give you those two licks your clit is screaming for?”

Cathy bit her lip, clearly in anguish. She wanted to be the perfect sub to this woman she was obsessed over and take more of the punishment she had begged for, which was all her teacher had originally offered, but Angela had clearly read her correctly. Her entire body was screaming for the sweet relief the Professor’s tongue promised. Fortunately, Ms. O’Neil had no intention of giving her that choice, really. Cruelty at this point would only be cruelty to them both. With only a mocking smile, she leaned forward, wrapped her lips around the little nub, and began slowly but insistently to slide her tongue back and forth, round and round. There was no point in trying to prolong it at this point. The girl was so close she could’ve finished her by continuing to breathe on her. Only the fact that she had paused to offer the girl that impossible choice kept her from detonating instantly, but a few expert licks soon had her back on track, and she quickly came, just as violently as Ms. ONeil could have hoped, throwing her head back against the wall hard enough to make and audible “clunk” as her teeth clenched and her eyes squeezed tightly shut, thrashing side to side, but keeping her feet planted and her legs spread just as the older woman had instructed her.

Angela kept tonguing, but slower and slower as the girl came down, getting a shiver and gasp in response to every swipe of her tongue. This was very good news. Apparently she was blessed with a clit that gained sensitivity post-climax. Those were always fun for gentle torments. Getting a girl to beg her to STOP licking her was always amusing.

Tonight was not the time for that, however. She leaned back and pushed her chair away from her desk, smiling at her student. “You’ve done well, little girl. Better than I could’ve expected. I’m proud of you.” Noting that Cathy still hadn’t moved, she released her. “You can get up now. I think you’ve had enough for one day.”

Still panting and shuddering, Cathy did as she was told, but immediately dropped to her knees and began crawling between her teacher’s legs, ducking her head to try to get it under her skirt. Angela immediately grabbed hold of Cathy’s ponytail and yanked sharply, eliciting a sharp “Eek!” followed by “Please, let me thank you for all you’ve done for me. I know I don’t deserve it, but let me give you what pleasure I can.”

Not releasing the ponytail, she shook her head, clucking her tongue in mock disappointment. “No no no, little girl. You still have a lot to learn, and the first thing is never to touch your Mistress without permission. Enthusiasm is one thing, but disobedience is something else. Do you understand?”

The girl dutifully lowered her eyes and said, “I understand. I’m sorry, Ms. O’Neil. Please forgive me?”

“I will this once, because you have pleased me and because it’s our first time together. You know, orgasm denial is a rather popular punishment among Dommes, but I’ve never really understood it. How much more cruel is it to deny a sub what she TRULY wants: the opportunity to serve her Mistress, especially after her Mistress has given her a mind-blowing orgasm of her own? Next time, after my tongue has tested out that theory about your little bunghole’s sensitivity, I MIGHT let you show your appreciation and show me what you know about pleasing women with your own tongue, but only if you are VERY good. Do you understand me?”

Cathy smiled and nodded as best as she could with her hair still gripped in Angela’s fist. “I understand. Thank you. For everything.”

The Professor released her, saying simply, “Now put on your clothes and get out of my sight. I’ve wasted too much time on you already.” Cathy quickly gathered her coat and shrugged unto it, tottering a bit unsteadily as she struggle to get her boots on without sitting – obviously a bit sore for that still.

She turned to open the door, but hesitated, turning back once more, biting her lower lip in that cute way she had when she was nervous. “Do… do you have any instructions for me?”

Angela snorted. “What, like ‘no touching yourself. Your pussy belongs only to me now?’ No, that’s stupid. Touch yourself all you want. You’ll need something to distract yourself from the sting in your bottom for a while. Just make sure that when you do, you think only of me, the things I’ve done to you, and the things I have yet to do to you.”

“Oh, I promise. I haven’t thought of anyone but you since the first day of class. That won’t change now.”

“Good, now like I told you before, get out, and I’ll see you in class tomorrow. And I WILL be thinking of your moans every time I look at you. Oh, and if you’re an extra good girl, I might just dig my riding crop out of storage one of these days to give you a set of stripes instead of just a pretty, but otherwise somewhat boring coating of red”

Cathy shivered and wriggled under her coat, grinning, but said nothing more, merely opening the door, slipping out, and shutting it behind her.

When she was gone, Ms. O’Neil leaned back in her chair, a contented smile on her face. She glanced again at the clock and sighed. So much time taken, and she still had to get home, eat, and finish grading those papers. On the one hand, Cathy turned out to be far better stress relief than the hot bath she had planned, but on the other, she still desperately needed that bath, both to wash away the residue of her arousal, which she could feel in the way her panties squished when she moved, and to give herself a different kind of relief. One thing was for sure, one particular part of her anatomy was going to be VERY clean by the time her soapy fingers were ready to stop washing it.

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