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Wife Buys A Toy!

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The day my wife asked me about her using a strap on kind of got my attention and not really in a great way. Like most guys the thought of something like that just never entered my head. I asked her where she got the idea thinking it was the HBO series Real sex but she just told me it was something she had thought about from time to time. I think back on it and I realize she was testing the waters. She would often grab my but while I was shaving in the morning or sometimes slide a finger between my cheeks making me jump a bit in surprise.

She would even slide her fingers along my crack while giving me head. I have to admit sometimes the teasing was pretty nice. Honestly though being a straight male the thought of her using something on me like a strap on wasn’t the manliest thing I had in mind. I am a type “A” personality who does enjoy some fem-dom play but like I said that idea never really entered my head. Since the day she brought it up though I have to admit my curiosity was sparked, I started watching a few videos of strap on play and prostate massage. I figured she has indulged my fetish for pantyhose and feet maybe this was something she liked that I could do for her.

One day I got a call from her, she was on her way home from work and that she had a surprise for me. She said she stopped at the adult book store and bought something. I figured it was some kind of restraint or maybe another vibrator, I had looked into getting her a new one. Well needless to say and hour later I was standing in our room kind of shocked looking at the prostate massager she had purchased. Holy shit was it gigantic at first glance about the size of a Louisville slugger. “What the hell is that?”

“It’s a prostate massager, I have been watching videos on my phone and it looks like fun. I want to give you an intense orgasm and thought this would be a good way.”

“Uh well in case you haven’t noticed my orgasms with you are pretty intense as they are!”

“Well I also thought it would be fun!”

We left it in the drawer and while we were having sex that night it didn’t come out or up in conversation but I won’t lie that gigantic thing was in the back of my head. That’s how things went on for a while regular fun and some nylon foot worship on my part loss of oral sex for her a little light bondage with her tied to the bed at times mutual masturbation you know the normal Ward and June Cleaver stuff that most people enjoy! But again it was always there in the back of my head; she did this on purpose to torture me mentally like all wives do. She knows that with a pair of pantyhose and heels on she can get me to do just about anything, hell I even told her this in the past. Hope she forgot!

I am in the back room watching TV, she’s in the front doing the same usually we watch together but tonight it’s a war movie for me. Its late the kids are asleep and I am close, laying almost horizontal in the recliner I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. She throws her leg across me placing her foot on the arm rest so that I am looking up at her. She has on a silky red floor length nightie slit all the way up to heaven, black sheer thigh highs and black pumps. She has one hand under her nightie rubbing her sweet pussy. “I want to play”.

Sitting up immediately in the recliner my face is now right where she want it, lifting her nightie I lean in and smell her sex. She is hot and already wet gently moving in I place light kisses on her lips flicking my tongue out to have a taste! She is holding the back of my head with one hand and keeping her balance with the other on the back of the chair. One foot on the floor the other still on the arm of the chair as she bends her knee slightly and pulls my face into her pussy. Thrusting my tongue into her as far as it will go she holds me in place. I slide down in the chair a bit to get better access to her pussy as I kiss and lick her. I love how her pussy tastes when she’s excited and would lick her until I pass out if she would let me. I am sliding my hands up and down both her nylon covered legs, I love this feeling and she knows it. I am holding her right foot behind the ankle and she works her foot out giving me a little access to her sole. Moving my hand to the top of her foot I slip my fingers under her foot gently rubbing her sole when she forces her foot back onto her shoe.

I sensed what she was feeling and focused my attention on her clit. Flicking my tongue back and forth softly just how she likes it I know I am winding her up for a nice orgasm. I stop and move my attention down her pussy, I get a soft moan of frustration and I know I am getting to her. She tries to move her clit back into position but I don’t let her, lifting up a bit she takes her right foot and steps hard on my cock. The sole of her pump resting on my shaft, thank god I had shorts on or she would have rubbed me raw grinding her foot on me. Taking the hint I move back to her clit and continue flicking softly then harder as it builds. Reaching down and forcing my face into her I know she is cumming and I hold her clit between my lips and lick it harder. She’s flooding me with her cum and I hold her as best as I can feeling her legs give a bit. Pushing me away she moves back a bit, after she cums her clit is way too sensitive and doesn’t like it when I keep going. Now gently placing her foot on my cock again and lightly teasing me. “I’ll be in the bedroom.”

I shut everything down and went into the bedroom my erection pulling me the whole way, When I closed the door she was softly lit by the bathroom light laying on the bed still dressed to kill and I was naked in a flash. She sat up and slid off, “Get on the bed” I did as I was asked and lay on my back with my legs hanging off eth side as she stood between them. She grabbed my cock and holding tightly started to lick the head. Taking me all the way in she twisted her hand as she pulled back up. She then focused her attention on the head of my cock using her tongue she teased and probed my slit while she squeezed the base of my cock making it throb even harder. For some reason I started to like it when she would grab and squeeze my cock hard and I asked her to stop as she was about to make me cum.

“Isn’t that the point?”

“I want this to last and enjoy you for a while.”

“Well I have other plans, slide all the way onto the bed.”

I did so and she climbed up like a cat between my legs and then knelt beside me for a brief second before swinging her leg over my head and sitting on my chest facing my feet. I could feel how wet and hot her pussy was and I started to stroke her legs again feeling her sexy hosiery and then down to her shoes. She leaned forward taking my cock in her hand and I thought we were about to 69 but she didn’t move. I felt the cool lube on my balls as she fondled them and then my cock which was now just oozing pre cum.

“Put your feet up and spread your legs.”

When I didn’t move fast enough she grabbed my balls and squeezed harder than ever. “NOW” this got me moving real fast. Once in position she continued teasing my balls and moving further down into my crack and before I knew it a finger was in my ass. I started to protest a bit but she again grabbed the boys hard.

“Honey I…” Never got to finish the sentence, she slid back fast and sat on my face covering my mouth with her ass. This was new and who was I to argue right. I slid my tongue out to her ass but instead of approval I was told to stop. I felt her raise up a bit and then she was off my face and reaching down sliding her 6″ blue vibrator into her pussy. Holy shit this was heaven here she was masturbating right over my face. A few seconds later she pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth,” Hold this, don’t let it drop.”

Sliding back up she resumed her massage of my balls and ass crack and I felt it, something different being rubbed along my cock and balls. When she turned it on I almost came and she knew it. I suddenly realized what it was and knew what was going to happen. I felt more lube on my ass and the tip of the prostate massager at my ass.

“I want to do this so you had better relax and let it happen or I will force it in.”

Trying my best to do as she asked I felt it sliding in. This toy is small about 6 inches long and tapered; it gets wider as it goes up. Nothing huge but again for the first time it was a monster and she twisted it slowly working it in and out with each thrust going deeper. I felt like I was about to split in half, the fear I might enjoy this was running full force through my head when all of a sudden she had it all the way in and switched it on! My whole body went into a spasm almost like an electrical shock shot through me. “Easy baby, lay back and enjoy”

Problem was I think I was starting to and before I knew it she switched it off and pulled it out! I couldn’t describe the feeling I had like I was empty or something was missing. She slid off me and moved to lie next to me. “Look” pointing to my cock I could see that there was an amount of pre cum on my stomach like never before. She reached up and took the vibrator out of my mouth and started to rub it into my pre cum. Bringing it to her lips sucking it clean and repeating until it was all either rubbed into my skin or eaten by her. She shifted and pulled off her nightie and was now back laying next to me in her thigh highs and heels. Guiding me she made me pull my left leg into the air giving her access to me. She lay there with her head propped up by her left arm like she was reading a book and with her right she placed the toy back against my opening. When I started to speak she moved her right foot up and placed the heel of her shoe into my mouth. I instinctively held it with my teeth and she pulled her foot out. Knocking it away she placed her foot across my mouth with her knee resting on my chest. I kissed and worshipped her nylon covered foot and she knew I wouldn’t say another word.

Pushing her toy back into me she established a steady rhythm and before I knew what was happening I was starting to enjoy it. She could tell by the soft moans she heard and felt on her foot. With all the things going on the sensation overload was getting to be too much for me. Her nylon covered foot on my face, feeling her hosiery on my chest and now being fucked in my ass by her toy was bringing me to the point of no return. Sensing this she increased her speed and then slid it all the way into me and hit the button. The moment it started to vibrate inside me I exploded and cum flew everywhere. I was shot it on her leg and the foot on my face, pulse after pulse exploded out of me like never before. I was soaked in my own cum and she was still torturing me by starting to pump in and out of me again.

‘This is so hot, I can’t believe how much you came.”

I couldn’t say word; the ability to speak had left me. Leaving the toy inside me vibrating away she used her foot to smear my juices all over my face and then into my mouth.

“Wow that so hot watching you lick your cum off my foot”

I couldn’t control myself it was like I was just doing whatever she thought without saying. If tasting myself on her foot and sucking it out of her nylon was what she wanted then that’s what I did. I was spent but she was ready for more and moved up straddling my face again. She scooped up my cum on my stomach and smeared it into her pussy before lowering it onto my mouth. She pulled the toy from me and rode my face to another orgasm. AS She collapsed on me I felt her toy again. “Ready to go again?”

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