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The Workout Bench

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Ah my beautiful slave,

Here we are – one of our favorite places – you astride the workout bench dressed in your tight black corset – breasts pushed up for my pleasure – nipples with their clamps on – pretty gold chain dangling between them with your clit clamp and chain attached to your nipple chain.

Your hands cuffed to the lat pull-down bar with the fur-lined cuffs – hands gripping the handle. Your leather collar in place – lovingly locked in place with the little gold padlock. Such a beautiful collar you have, my pet – with your MASTER’s name spelled out in tiny diamonds.

I stand before you – my staff hardening with the thought of what is to come. Your downcast eyes widen when you notice how huge it is getting. I tilt your chin – forcing you to look into my eyes. Easing my cock forward – you anticipate what is about to happen – you open your mouth – I slip my mushroom cap into your opening, past your Scarlet Red lipsticked whore’s lips – past your teeth into that hot cavity – as you lick the sensitive underside ever so gently – sucking softly as though you were a newborn baby taking sustenance from his mother’s swollen teat while asleep – softly sucking the mushroom cap making it swell – making my cock harden further.

My ball strap and cock ring are in place – enhancing my erection – forcing it to a harder level than ever before. I push forward – fucking your hot mouth – until I reach the back of your throat. Feeling you begin to gag, I stroke your cheek – telling you to relax – breathe through your nose – relax. I push farther – feeling my mushroom cap enter your throat – farther than I have ever been before.

I withdraw then push ahead again – gaining momentum – driving my cock farther down your lovely throat until my cock is fully embedded – your nose rubbing against my pubic hair. Your lovely throat begins its gag reflex again – the feeling of milking my hard cock. My ball sack tightens as my cock begins to swell – I cum – deep into your throat – I cum. So much that, even though my cock is buried so deep, some cum still manages to escape out of your mouth – running down your chin – dropping onto the bench – mixing with your essence that has flooded the bench already.

I ease my cock from your mouth. Time for your blindfold, my pet. Once in place – you feel me sit astride the workout bench. Your senses are so alert that you feel my heat – telling you that I am seated facing you. What is to come? The suspense is making you tremble – a tremor I liken to that of a thoroughbred mare anticipating the attentions of her mate. Anticipations that she is about to be mounted and thoroughly fucked.

I lift your knees and slide toward you – your steamy cunt has leaked a copious quantity of juice all over the bench making it slippery. Higher I lift your knees – sliding my hands beneath your firm butt – raising you off the bench so that I might get underneath you. Holding you this way – I slide farther under you – until my huge purple shaft – that has not lost one iota of its rigidity – is directly against your opening. Lowering you slowly – my shaft begins to enter you. I lower you further – until your velvet sheath has fully engulfed my hardness. You moan in pleasure and your body trembles anew.

Do not cum yet, my pet – not until your MASTER desires it. I release your butt and allow your legs to dangle across mine as is naturally. Lying there, I feel your pussy clench and unclench – wanting to cum – desperately wanting to cum. Not yet – my pet – not yet. Your MASTER desires further pleasure from you. I’m glad I have already given you a measure of my cum – this way I can last a long time, my pet.

I stroke your thighs as your pussy continues its milking action – God! You are so hot! You want to cum and I’m not ready to satisfy your urges. Not yet – my pet – not yet. I lie back on the bench so that I may observe your hardening clit and – to remove the pressure from it that might make you cum too soon. You groan your displeasure of my having deprived you of that which you desire.

I lean forward and remove your blindfold – telling you to look at me as I lie back again. Your hot eyes seek mine – those eyes so full of lust that my little cum slut slave is about to burst. Staring into your eyes – I mutter those precious words you have been waiting for, “Cum for me, pet. Cum for me. Show your devotion to your MASTER and cum for me”.

Your body begins to shake – the tremors coursing throughout your sex is milking my hard cock rapidly now – squeezing it so tight I feel as if it is about to fall off. You begin to cum. As you continue to shake – hands clasping the lat pull down bar – pressing all 200 lb. as you enter into your orgasm. You didn’t know your own strength, did you, my pet? To lift such weight.

Your moans turn into shrieks – long and loud are they as your orgasm consumes you – head tossing from side to side – desperately wanting to rub your hard clit against something. I reach out a hand and finger your hard clit – sending you into another spasm of orgasms. Pulling on your chains – elongating your pretty nipples – pulling your tits from your body – pulling your clit – stretching you – they feel as though I am going to remove them completely. Flipping your clit again and again – keeping your body shaking with orgasms.

By now your body as developed a fine patina – a sheen of perspiration – dripping off your chin – running down your body – mingling with the juices of ours – making the bench more slippery by the minute.

Finally I can take no more, my pet. Your hot little cavity has done its work upon my hard cock – the milking action – the rising and lowering as you fucked my hard cock in the throes of your orgasm has overtaken me – I begin to cum – twice in less than 30 minutes – I feel I will be exhausted for the rest of the night. Several spurts of cum deep into your being and my poor cock begins to soften. The ball strap and cock ring can do just so much and their time has passed.

It is a chore – this lifting of you off my cock so that I may slide out from under your beautiful body. My massive cum has sapped my energy and it is difficult to remove you off me. Anticipating my lack of energy, you place your beautiful feet on the floor and rise up – allowing me to slide out from under you. You are a wonder, my pet – and you know me so well.

I find your favorite vibrator – the one most in my likeness – and insert it into your sopping cunt. I turn it on. Then I place your blindfold back covering your beautiful eyes. Putting a ball gag in your mouth completes the outfit for now. Turning the vibrator on low – I go to shower. Time to get ready to go out to dinner.

I check on you to insure you are all right and leave. Leaving you there – on the workout bench – hands cuffed – blindfolded and ball gag in place – vibrator working on your cunt – juices flowing freely soaking the carpet beneath the bench. I fear we will need to replace that carpet, my pet.

I was only gone an hour. When I returned – I came straight to you to see how you are. Your tight little body is slumped – vibrator off – batteries drained, most likely – copious juices covering the bench and carpet beneath. You have out done yourself, my pet.

I begin to remove your accouterments, taking great pleasure in your stirrings. Every thing removed from you except for your black corset – I help you rise. Leaning your beautiful body against me, I guide you into our bedroom and through into the bath.

Seating you on the edge of the Garden Tub – I begin filling it before I remove your corset. Your eyes, though dazed, gaze at me in loving respect. I have allowed you your most desired fantasy – blindfolded, gagged, tied and a vibrator stuffed into your cunt – allowing you to orgasm until you literally passed out.

We smile at each other. You begin to lower your eyes and I tilt your chin to me. Kissing your Scarlet red whores lips I tell you that there is no need for that tonight. I allow you to fully gaze upon the body of your MASTER because you have pleased him so well today.

Easing you into the hot soapy water – I go to undress – to join you. First to the kitchen to get that chilled bottle of Merlot that is you favorite wine. Returning with the wine, glasses and some cheese – all on a tray – it is your MASTER that will serve you tonight, my pet. It is your MASTER that will do your bidding. At least until daybreak.

Washing your pretty body – your MASTER has gained a new respect for you, my pet. You keep your body well toned to do your MASTERS bidding – your muscular thighs – so tight and trimmed – yet without that “muscle-bound” look. Your firm breasts without a hint of sag. Your tight little butt just begging to be fucked. That reminds me. I haven’t been there yet tonight. And, wouldn’t you know it – my cock is beginning to swell!

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